Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer Best Seller

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1. Simple Houseware Mount Kitchen Organizer

Simple Houseware Mount Kitchen Organizer

Sturdy gallon storage bags can be put up on your counter, table or refrigerator shelf to simplify filling and storing. Food Wrap and Foil can be stored in a store. You can save your space by wall or door mounted. It's dimensions are 12''L X 4.2''D X 8.25''H.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤What did I do there? Yeah, so anyway. We have limited places to randomly mount these. It would be difficult to put them inside the cabinet doors because they are too thin. I used the plastic hooks that I bought. You go after you clean the wood well with alcohol. No issues have been months now. Sorry about the sideways pictures, how's your neck?

👤We had a similar thing for 20 years, but it was starting to fall apart. I finally decided to check out Amazon after years of wanting to get a replacement. Instructions for assembly and installation were included in the original, sealed packaging. The new one was installed in less than five minutes. They include two sets of screws, one short set, and one longer set if you want to install it on a wall or closet door. It fits the cabinet door very well, and is very sturdy. I'm very happy.

👤The holder is good for wraps. It took 5 minutes to install. The screws and anchors were used with a cabinet door.

👤I like that I can pull the bags through the holes without having to remove the boxes from the rack. We have thin kitchen cabinet doors where we wanted to use them, so there was no way to use a short screw. I put the piece where the screws would have gone over the hooks and improvised. They can't go anywhere and are holding on. I bought a second one for the rest of my kitchen wrap.

👤The lighter weight of these do the job. The metal wires are not as thick as others, but they do the job. You can remove a bag without having to take the box out.

👤Some people used command hooks to hang cupboard doors instead of using screws, according to reviews. The command hook method only worked if the organizers were empty. I did not put the screws all the way through. I used fat, double sided sticky tape to take up the rest of the space that the screw would have taken. You can't see the tape behind the metal tab. If you want to fit the foil or plastic wrap boxes, you have to hang it low, but it won't fit the longest ones which are longer than the opening of my cupboard.

👤This item was what I was looking for to maximize the space in my pantry. I have been using it to store packages of bags of different sizes inside the door. It is easy to remove bags from the rack without having to remove the whole package. I pull them out of the way. I plan to use the unused space on the inside of my pantry door by ordering at least one more.

👤The rack is great for organizing my cling wrap, foil, and Ziploc bags, which were always a mess on the shelf. It's holding up really well now that I can reach things easily. Kicking myself for not doing it a long time ago. The screws were too long, and they would have been visible on the outside of the cabinet if they had stuck out through the other side of the door. My husband mounted the board to the cabinet after he saw it. I wouldn't have measured the screws and would have made a mess of my cabinets. I'm very happy with the purchase and would do it again. I may order another one soon because I'm considering using it for something else.

2. Ziplock Organizer Dispenser Compatible Sandwich

Ziplock Organizer Dispenser Compatible Sandwich

Their bamboo box is fully assembled and easy to use, it is 12.75 x 12 x 3 inches and has a patent pending. Ready for something you never knew you needed? I can't tell you how nice it is to look in my drawer and see this instead of the random, half-torn boxes shoved in there. There's something very pleasing to see this nice and tidy organize every time you need to make breakfast. Hang it on the wall or put it in a drawer. If you want to place the organizer on a wall or side of your kitchen cabinet, the back panel has holes made for that. Units come assembled so you don't have to do anything, just fill your bags and dig out the right size. The box is a perfect size and holds the standard amount of bags in each section. It's easy to organize your storage bags. It is necessary to have all your bags in one place. There is a full standard size box in each slot. 30 days return policy guarantee against any product defects guarantee is included in the after-sale service. Feel free to contact them with any questions. You will have a great shopping experience. Click "add to cart" to make your drawer neat again.

Brand: Losvio

👤The opening is roughly cut and unfinished. It isn't possible to use it as it is. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to sand it myself or just send it back and order a different one, because the edges will still have broken chunks. Really disappointing. I was not trying to order a project.

👤If a drug dealer uses cheap ass baggies, they should get five stars. A normal person that now owns a piece of wood that you can't fit into baggies is not worth the time money or headaches.

👤I bought this product because it was all one unit and it fit my drawers perfectly. I realized it wouldn't fit in quart or gallon bags. My quart bags don't fit because the snack, sandwich, and quart slots are all the same size. Same with gallon. This is not a good use of money. I keep it because I use the quart slot for quarts and extra sandwich bags in the quart slot. I am thoroughly disappointed for the money.

👤I have bought different ones. The one being returned is this one. It is difficult to get the bags in the holes. I bought the other brand for easy use. This one is very well made but needs some tweaking. The seller contacted me to say that their design had been changed. That is great customer service. There is a new word for it.

👤As I opened it, I had to glue it together. The bottom of the bag was not secured to the top. I love the idea, but the price was too much for me.

👤The picture and description describe something that I would like to have, but it is not. The wood is cheap, not finished, and it is difficult to put in the plastic bags without tearing them. My husband had to sand the openings because the cut edges were not straight and made it hard to put the bags in the organizers. He sealed the wood to make it easier to put the storage bags in place. The organizers are not deep enough to hold a full box of storage bags. I could have saved a lot of money if my husband had made this with nicer wood using scraps. The quality and workmanship of the organizers is over priced.

👤I really like this item. It keeps my zip lock bags organized and it fits in my drawer very nicely. This will make a great gift for my daughter.

👤Excellent quality. It works perfectly with older kitchen cabinets.

3. CRAKTH Organizer Dispenser Suitable Sandwich

CRAKTH Organizer Dispenser Suitable Sandwich

It is more versatile than rigid bins. The ziplock bag organization. Keep your kitchen tidy by storing the plastic bags in your drawer by category. It's comparable with most zip lock bags. Most brands of sandwich bags, quart bags, snack bags, gallon bags can be neatly stored in the organizer. You can put it on the kitchen countertop or storage shelf if you measure the size of the drawer in advance. The bamboo is made of renewable bamboo and the surface is sealed with paint. The product is easy to use. Put the bag in the box according to the display on the label. The product is easy to use. Put the bag in the box according to the display on the label.

Brand: Crakth

👤See the picture for what I received. The quality and material was terrible.

👤Don't buy it. You won't get what you see advertised. It's a bulid, a type of set up and cheap wood. I wouldn't give them anything because it needed something to proceed. Very shady sellers. I'm very disappointed.

👤It gets the job done, but I thought I was paying for a better piece. What I received is not what was advertised. It is a shady business practice.

👤I like that the slots are labeled with the bag sizes etched in the wood and the box is nicely made. I used to wedge the boxes of bags into my drawer. I have no problem with quart size bags. The quart bags are a little cramped for the slot. It would be perfect if you had a regular press to seal bags. I have to remember not to buy the bags with the tops. A photo of my box was included. The quart size could be a little bigger.

👤The item looked nothing like the pictures. It was a waste of time ordering and then returning it.

👤Our baggie drawer was a mess, the cardboard boxes they come in fall apart before we run out of baggies. I've tried to find a storage solution for them before, but couldn't find anything from the "organization store". The wooden divider looks beautiful, is hand made, and keeps all the baggies organized and separated, allowing for more usable space in that drawer. It works great and holds a lot of baggies.

👤The pieces shown are not the ones shown in the description. It was like heavy cardboard.

👤This is a great way to organize. The only complaint I have is that the quart bags do not fit. The quart size bags are too big to squeeze in a gallon. The sandwich, snack, and quart sizes all have the same space. I will either have to deal with it this way or switch to non- zipper bags.

4. Hefty Slider Plastic Storage Gallon

Hefty Slider Plastic Storage Gallon

Two tote bags can fit into one tote bag. So you know, the clicks are closed. The patented MaxLock Track ensures your food is being kept fresh; just listen for the click of the extra-strong seal on these gallon bags. Their design makes it easy to open and close these bags with one simple motion. Sturdy gallon storage bags can be put up on your counter, table or refrigerator shelf to simplify filling and storing. Sturdy gallon storage bags can be put up on your counter, table or refrigerator shelf to simplify filling and storing.

Brand: Hefty

👤These bags are great for most things. They are sturdy, easy to seal, and keep things in them well. Don't buy them if you intend to use them to store powdered contents. The bag will be useless if the smallest part of the powder gets caught in the sealant track. I have had this happen with cocoanut flour and baking soda. I have thrown out six bags.

👤I have used these for a long time and really like them, but I am not a fan of their recent stand and fill. The space is decreased. I use these for a lot of things, including food storage and clothing, and would much prefer that they go back to their original design.

👤I don't like the flat bottom design. I feel like I get less storage capacity out of them. These bags are not as tall as the ones with the straight seal on the bottom. It makes a big difference when I wash several heads of romaine lettuce and then try to get the entire length of the leaves into the bag. I use gallon bags for storing freezer meals and this design is not good for the way I freeze them, which is flat and stacked. If you are looking for more round storage, these may be a good option. The other leading brand is a little thicker. I don't trust the zip top as much as the manual one. The rest of mine will be used for dry storage.

👤I bought a Mega Pack of Hefty Storage. The bags have gotten thinner over the years. I started using this box a few months ago. Over 10 bags have been found to be faulty from the box. I didn't keep track of how many I threw away because I thought it was my mistake. I realized it was not me after a while. The top may not have been sealed properly. The hole has a clean edge. It wasn't fused to the pink part of the plastic. I can't return the box because it was already past the date I opened it. I hope the company caught this issue because having holes in food storage bags is the most aweful kind of defect to have.

👤I was excited to get easier to use bags with the zip up, because I got these on a deal. They work about 60 percent of the time. I pull out 3 bags and only one of them has a zip or the bag doesn't seal. If the bags don't close/work, they aren't worth buying even if they are on sale. Hefty needs to do better quality control. I regret buying so many of them on sale because they are lower quality than the ziploc bags.

👤When I ran out of plastic bags, I went on line to find them. I decided to purchase this product after I found it on Amazon. The delivery service was great, receiving it in one day. I use the storage bags a lot for saving food and other items. They were easy to use and durable. The rating was 5 stars. Truncale is the author of martial art and warrior haiku.

5. Lifewit Capacity Organizer Reinforced Comforters

Lifewit Capacity Organizer Reinforced Comforters

The load-bearing capacity of the handle is doubled because it is sewn with two layers of thick fabric. Adding strength is accomplished by using reinforced seams. Each bag has a capacity of 90L and measures 23.6 x 16.9 x 13.7 in. It is large enough for all of your belongings. Premium Material: The organizers are made from three-ply, odorless, high-quality, non-woven fabric which protects and promotes air flow. The sturdy Zipper has a hard to be broken #5 steel zippers which can be used for a longer period of time. Two-way zippers allow it to slide along the bag's closure, no matter how full it is. The storage bag set is a good choice for university dormitory, attic, bedroom use and can be used for closet or cloakroom. The fabric bags are easy to fold away into a drawer or cabinet to save space.

Brand: Lifewit

👤These are great storage bags. These were purchased to organize a messy linen closet. I have been able to store 2 standard size and 2 king size pillows in one bag. That alone has saved a lot of space. I am very happy with this purchase. I keep looking for ways to use them. They are lifesavers. If you found this review helpful, please let Amazon know.

👤There are bags with mouse droppings and leaf pieces in them. Need to move this weekend. It's not possible to return for a refund in time. It is unacceptable.

👤I have a clothes storage for my wife. She likes it. It was big and had a lot of space to spare. She can move around with light weight. She doesn't need to worry about where she can keep her clothes and blankets anymore. Excellent item for family. There are three in order. I think I need to give her more.

👤The product is so good that it fits everything you need to put in there. It's easy to open and it has a clear plastic in front for you to see what's in there. The shipping is fast.

👤I was excited to use this but when I got to the storage bag, there was a rip. I was very disappointed in this. How am I supposed to feel safe if there is a hole? This review was originally a 1 star. I changed it to 5 because Ann, a customer service manager, reached out to me via email and offered to give me another product for free. I received the product two days later without any problems. I appreciated the effort. I'm happy with the replacements and I would like to thank you for the professional customer service.

👤We had to pack our winter stuff in boxes. We got these bags from amzon. The bags are large enough to hold both king and small size quilts. The bag has a transparent side wall that makes it easy to identify things inside. It was easy for us to not clean dust after summer because we could avoid it by closing it with zip. We kept our winter stuff in our wardrobe to save space.

👤I ordered 3 sets of these, thinking they would be good quality, based on reviews. The bags were opened before being sealed with packing tape and the other bag was brand new. I found out quickly that someone might have returned one of them because of a broken zippers. I went to the brand new bag to find the same issue-broken zippers. All I can tell you is to be careful with each one. The bags were given a 1 star because the fabric seems durable, but the manufacturer needs to put more durable zippers in them. I'll be looking for a different brand.

👤I'm happy with the quality of these. The lining in the inside is very durable and resistant to tearing, which is a big plus compared to the large bulky Rubbermaid bins. I have room for 2 king and 2 twin comforters, but I also have room for throw pillows or a blanket. If you're looking for a storage solution, I would recommend these.

6. Ziploc 727132 Flexible Totes Jumbo

Ziploc 727132 Flexible Totes Jumbo

The basement, garage, attic, truck, and RV are some of the areas that can be organized. You can squeeze them under beds, into closets, or onto shelves with these large Ziploc Totes. The plastic is strong enough for everyday use. The handles are easy to close. Two tote bags can fit into one tote bag.

Brand: Ziploc

👤These are great for organizing towels, sheets, and clothes in a closet. I agree with a lot of other reviews that complain about the open mesh in the top of the tote. I don't care if it's water tight, but I don't want the possibility of bad smells, dust, or insects getting into my items. You can fix this yourself if you don't mind killing some time. I sewed the mesh shut. I'm happy with the results, but wish it were made like this.

👤I wanted to like it for its function. Ziplock keeps things fresh and air tight. I don't understand why they would design this tote with mesh. The top fabric woven mesh can be accessed by air, bugs, dust, water, and god. It seems pointless. I bought this for the bed comforters because of the size, but the mesh thing makes the whole concept off for me. I will see if I can return it. Bumber:

👤I like the storage containers and storage bags of Ziploc, so I tried this Flexible Tote. It is not waterproof. The tote has a section under it that is not visible from the outside. Also, note: This is not a plastic bag's seal, this is a real one. The tote is not suitable for storing clothing or linens in places that are humid or prone to flooding, such as a damp basement or garage. The tote has a lot of room for large items. It is too large to fit in a suitcase, so don't use it in anything smaller than a steamer trunk. It is not a "tote" in the common meaning of the word. The tote is too large to carry more than a short distance and there are small plastic handles on each end. This item is not waterproof. There are better solutions for storage.

👤The bags are made of strong plastic. I wanted to store blankets, winter clothes, etc. in the basement. I didn't know these wouldn't be waterproof, bug proof or dust proof. They thought it would be a good idea to have a mesh strip on the sides of the tote. The mesh has rendered them useless.

👤They are a flexible plastic and are moderately sturdy. They are great for storing things at home. I got them for work to help keep my sheets protected. There is a band of mesh under the zippers that I was disappointed to find. This doesn't work for me at work. I wanted others to be aware of that feature in case it was important to them, but I don't know if it was in the product description or not. It seems to be a decent product. I'll use mine at home.

👤It's a perfect size for storing outdoor decorations. I like that they are not static. If you want an air tight bag, these are not for you.

👤These are not air tight because of the mesh. The clear plastic shown in the pictures is not blue. I bought these for yarn storage, but it's impractical because it changes the hue of the yarn. Each time I open the bag, I have to see the real color. If you're looking for a blue tinted flexible storage option, this will work, but I'm not happy with this purchase.

7. PurpleWares Food Storage Bag Holders

PurpleWares Food Storage Bag Holders

It's dimensions are 12''L X 4.2''D X 8.25''H. Finally! The ziplock bag storage organizers are specifically made for baggies. There are no more broken boxes in your kitchen drawer. The set comes with a gallon box, a quart box, a sandwich box and a snack box. It is comparable with most brands. It's compatible with bags from Hefty, Glad, Up&Up, and GreatValue. Not compatible with quart bags. The laser enlarges. Laser engraved letters will last a lifetime. There was no rubbing of letters. There were no peeling labels. There are slight color variations at the engraved letters due to the nature of bamboo material. No scalpel required! Storage boxes are fully assembled. No glue, no hassle! Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Don't put it in a dishwasher or microwave. If the product isn't sold by PurpleWares, please don't purchase it. If the product isn't sold by PurpleWares, please don't purchase it.

Brand: Purplewares

👤When I got this product, I was so excited that I waited three weeks to get it, but when I got it, they didn't send the snack size box, and I had to shove the quart size bags into the box. I would have liked the set they showed.

👤Absolutely love the organizers. After getting them less than 10 minutes ago, I dumped out the contents of the drawer to start organizing. Good quality. The blue ziploc freezer bags did not fit in the organizers. That wasn't a deal breaker for me. I love this product.

👤Such a great purchase! I hated this drawer in the kitchen and it was a little pricey. The bags are in their correct place and my drawer closes perfectly. The boxes fit in a box. I like it.

👤I was excited to have an over organized drawer after I received my order. I jumped on the bandwagon and bit the bullet. I received a set that had a broken gallon storage container and I had to get it back together. It was known to be sub-par but still delivered to a customer. There is no recourse for me to contact the seller. There is still a lot of broken up about this. That's all.

👤I absolutely adore these. It's a must for kitchen organization with great quality and perfect size. The price is worth it. I forgot to take pictures after I got it. The product is out of stock. They would make great gifts and I hope they get more soon. I love these, I cannot stress this enough.

👤I ran across the post on social media and immediately wanted them. They were not available for purchase when I ordered them. I searched for a similar product and couldn't find anything, so I thought they stopped selling them. I missed them! The MFG was just waiting for more when I contacted them. When they got back in stock, I ordered them. They are better looking than the flimsy cardboard boxes and keep our drawer nice and tidy. I was very happy with the purchase. This plays well to me because I am a bit of an organizer.

👤It was perfect. This is an organizers dream. The drawer looks nice and tidy. It was pleasing to the eye. This is what organizers want.

👤I follow a designer named Farahjmerhi who always has amazing tips for design and organization that are doable. She suggested that they be found on Amazon and they are so amazing for anyone who loves being organized. Didn't know these existed, but making kids lunches and the boxes being too big, getting ripped, plastic everywhere, etc. These keep the different sizes organized. I ordered the other items she said were good because they had a built-in cutter for the wax, aluminimum, and plastic. Makes this working mom happy with her kids.

8. Ziploc Space Bag 5 Count

Ziploc Space Bag 5 Count

If the product isn't sold by PurpleWares, please don't purchase it. It's ideal for storing clothing or bedding. Depending on the items placed in the bag, volume can be reduced by up to 75%. Filled jackets and comforters will be more effective than blankets and sweaters. Airtight, waterproof, and reuse. It protects against odors. It is more versatile than rigid bins. It is more versatile than rigid bins.

Brand: Ziploc

👤3 of the 5 bags kept their compression after a month, the other two didn't make the cut. I thought that the Jumbo Tote could fit under a bed. It's useless since there's nothing sturdy about it to hold the bags. I don't know how the one in the picture looks. stacking them neatly in the tote is almost impossible because I have yet to seal a bag that is completely smooth and flat. Want to read my rant about space saving bags? I had to pack up 6 closets of clothes and put them in storage. I thought that I would be smart and use the space bags to store it all more efficiently, use less space and keep everything safe from anything that could happen in 6 months. I carefully calculated the amount of space I would need to easily store all of the stuff after I purchased a couple different brands of bags. I thought it would take me just a few days to pack, but it has taken me almost a full time job in the last month. I've come to the conclusion that no space bags work 100% of the time, after spending a lot of time and money buying space saver bags from a variety of manufacturers. 85% of the time. Some don't keep air out at all, some keep it out for a short while, some keep it out until you reuse the bag. I tried out a lot of the bags I bought. The bags worked as promised. It wasn't any one brand or size. The expensive name brand bags were not as reliable as the cheaper off brands. I tried all sizes of hanging bags, and just about every brand available on Amazon and Wal-mart that had at least a 3 star rating, and/or a 60 percent satisfaction rate. I have never seen a brand of bags that has received a consistent 4 or 5 star rating. The amount of items pictured in the "before" being compressed is more than the amount of items you can fit in a bag, especially if you try to keep the items within the allotted space. The hanging bag pictures are a joke. The vacuum-needed bags tend to work better than the hand-compressed, but generally only for larger items. Has anyone successfully used the little included hand pump instead of a vacuum? The hand-compressed worked well for smaller items. It is not easy to get a replacement for a bag that is guaranteed. Most of the bags look the same, but they don't have the manufacturer's name on them. It's difficult to tell which brand they are when they don't work. 99% of the time, the blame for poor performance was placed on me, if you were able to identify the brand, and lucky to reach the company. I must have mishandled them or sealed them badly. I was required to return the entire set for a replacement or refund by 2 of the companies, even though I told them that some of the bags worked and were being used. Only one brand sent me replacement bags. I thought the ones I returned worked as well as the ones I left. Some worked and some didn't. I have 2 jumbo bags full of the bags that didn't work. There are many different brands and sizes. All of the space/storage bags are extremely overpriced to warrant such consistently inconsistent quality, no matter who makes or sells them. If they were a lot cheaper, I wouldn't care as much if they didn't work. I sealed the bags 2 weeks ago. The lid on one of the bins popped off. Hmm... I wonder how many of the bags inside the tub have expanded. There were 4 compressed bags that went from flat to fat in this bin. I have to check 6 more bins before I move them to storage. I'm glad I started early because they need to be in storage by the end of the month.

9. SpaceAid Storage Organizer Compatible Sandwich

SpaceAid Storage Organizer Compatible Sandwich

The product is easy to use. Put the bag in the box according to the display on the label. The bag holder is designed for your food storage bags organization. Not compatible with quart size bag is compatible with most bags. The drawer contents can be identified instantly with the labels on the box, or you can use the labels to keep the clean look of the bamboo holder. Multiple boxes offer you a variety of combinations to organize plastic bags, which can fit in different sizes to meet your needs. Their bamboo box is fully assembled and easy to use, it is 12.75 x 12 x 3 inches and has a patent pending. Their bamboo box is fully assembled and easy to use, it is 12.75 x 12 x 3 inches and has a patent pending.

Brand: Spaceaid

👤Another seller can't measure and can't even try their product before they decide to sell it. It does not fit quart size bags, the interior width of the smaller three bag containers is only 7 1/4′′ wide, that is for the brand ziploc, hefty and 3 store brands...I can't. I have bought bag organizers for the past five years and they are all the same. I think they all copied each other and didn't bother to see if it worked, so they are selling the same useless organizer that could be easily fixed, if they cared about selling a product that worked instead of just caring about money.

👤The bags don't fit. This product is overpriced and the measurements are not correct.

👤I bought this to organize my kitchen drawer. The pros are 1. It fits bags of various sizes as promised. 2. It comes with preprinted labels that I didn't find until I created my own. 3. It has holes in the back that can be wall mounted. 4. It feels sturdy. It saves space by allowing you to get rid of empty commercial cardboard paper box dispensers. The cons are 1. It took me about 20 minutes to get the drawer back into position 2, because it's hard to slide it in and out. The bags don't come out quickly.

👤This does not fit all of the bags.

👤I ordered a bag divider from another seller on Amazon and was completely disappointed with the quality. I find SpaceAid many months later. I decided to try out their bamboo dividers because they are so life changing. Wowzers! Love it! You can hang it, stand it or put it in a drawer. It is the storage solution I have been dreaming of. All with stickers. Love it!

👤The corner of the bag storage organizer was not properly fastened together and was separated. I got some sticky glue on my hand. This manufacturer won't recommend or buy from them again.

👤I didn't like that it was broken.

👤I bought the product at the same time as the wrap nest product. The wrap neat product feels like bamboo and has lots of labels. The product feels cheap and I didn't have any labels on it. I tried to force the pieces to stay together. I'm trying to decide if I should glue the small inner pieces down and buy a label maker or return the product and try another manufacturer. I am really disappointed.

10. Ziploc 65645 Jumbo Big Bags

Ziploc 65645 Jumbo Big Bags

The Double Zipper Seal on the bottom of the bags ensures stability and security. Heavy-duty plastic and flexible shape. There is no BPA free. Convenient built-in handles. It protects against pests and dust. It works in places where storage boxes can't.

Brand: Ziploc

👤I wanted to keep the contents air and water tight. I need to use two of them, so I removed two from the box and went to open the first one, the bag was barely sticking to it. It was separated from the bag with very little effort. I opened the second one more carefully, but the zip was easily separated from the bag. This product was not useful to me. A large amount of money.

👤I haven't purchased any of these bags in years. They are great for storing bulky items. I use a lot of wool in fleece and yarn, so I can keep the fluff in closets or chests, and the wool moths are kept out. The plastic used to be thick, but since last buying one, the company has cut corners. A gallon storage bag is not much thicker. I'm not sure if they will protect my wool, and I'm afraid they will get punctured by something, like a cardboard box or my fingernail. I was willing to pay more for their previous high quality, durable plastic because they've doubled in price since I last purchased. I'm not happy.

👤The cost of these things makes one cringe, but there is no real replacement for them when they are needed. One of my main uses for the jumbo-sized bags is to zip tight a standard paper file box, because they are large enough to allow you to fully enclose it. I use them when storing electronics items that I am not planning to use for a while and want to keep the humidity off them. Three of them are in a pack. They seal very well. If you pull the zip right off the plastic, it will be useless, so be careful when opening them. Pull from the center, and it will open without damage. These are very good quality bags and they are great for protecting anything against the elements. Five stars, even though I wish they were less expensive.

👤I had high hopes for this product, but they are useless since they won't stay sealed with anything. We bought multiple boxes of these in different sizes before our journey began, because we have been traveling full-time for the last 18 months. Our plan was to use these to keep the dogs hair-free while they are in transit. When you put something in them and then sit them down, the zipper pops open. We've tried filling them with less than full, and only putting light items in them. Even with just one small set of sheets, the zippers are still open. If you want an open carrying vessel, these are fine, but if you actually want to protect the contents, these are useless. I like the 2 gallon Ziplocs as they are very durable and always stay sealed.

👤We used to own many of these to store seasonal items in the basement. They have been great. It is easy to pack and carry. We purchased more to help with the move. What a difference, and not in a good way. They are thinner and not as durable. We would rather have a Rubbermaid tub than something like this. I loved them before. Hate them now. I can't recommend them because they would make good single use totes.


What is the best product for ziplock bag storage organizer best seller?

Ziplock bag storage organizer best seller products from Simple Houseware. In this article about ziplock bag storage organizer best seller you can see why people choose the product. Losvio and Crakth are also good brands to look for when you are finding ziplock bag storage organizer best seller.

What are the best brands for ziplock bag storage organizer best seller?

Simple Houseware, Losvio and Crakth are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ziplock bag storage organizer best seller. Find the detail in this article. Hefty, Lifewit and Ziploc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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