Xbox One Controller Best Skin

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1. Protective Xbox One Controller Camouflage Compatible

Protective Xbox One Controller Camouflage Compatible

Studded shaped grip surface makes it easier to hold the controller and protects it from damage and dirt. There is only one Silicone skin that is compatible with the Microsoft Official Stereo Headset Adapter. It's easy to put on and take off for controllers, it's better on the Xbox One S and X controller. There are 4 different types of thumb grips and a dust proof plug that protects the earphone port and theusb port from dust. The package contains 1 x Silicone cover and 8 x thumb grips.

Brand: 9cdeer

👤This fit my controller perfectly. It looks the same in person as it does online. The rubber grips feel like a little hand massage and aren't distraction. When I bought it, I didn't notice that it had multiple thumbstick options. My boyfriend and I are partial to the largest size.

👤The product arrived on time and contained everything that was advertised. You have two sets of grips, one resembles the controller, but they do not offer the same grip as the originals. They would if they were tighter. The bigger set makes the analogs change into some sort of joysticks which is useful when playing fighting games. The controller's skin is a cool design, however it has some flaws, the first being that it doesn't adhere well to the controller since it's just loose. The other flaw is that when you put the skin on it makes the buttons sink lower and causes you to miss button presses because you have to push the button further down than usual. It's a decent buy, but it could use some improvements to become an excellent buy.

👤I would have given it a 5 star rating, but one of the buttons wasn't right. This grip is slightly different from the standard one and matches up with the newer version of the xbox one controller. The grip fit perfectly on my controller. The design of the standard controller has a large bar around the button, but the bluetooth one has a small bar. The controller's buttons arealigned but the grip matches up. I don't recommend using the grip for the standard one.

👤The colors are bright. I bought a blue item. Button covers do not fit well. I have to keep adjusting my grip as the main cover slides. The rubber feels weird and sweaty. It's loose on the bottom and covers part of the battery compartment, which is an annoyance to try and slide back to get the battery cover off, replace batteries and get cover back on without pinching it. You need 3 hands.

👤The cover is thin but works well when taken off. The grips make it easier to keep your grip. This makes playing or crunching down on enemies more comfortable. It doesn't make you better, but it does help with gaming control. Get your game on!

👤It looks very attractive. It is very comfortable. This product is great for people with larger hands as it bulks the controller up a bit. The set has some aggressive bumps that improved my precision instantly. Highly recommended value.

👤This cover is great. The material is high quality. The blue and black look amazing. The cover is comfortable and works perfectly on my controller. The sticks cover is just as comfortable. The price is frightening.

👤It was so loose that you couldn't play with it. I bought it as a present and it's past its return date so it's not that expensive, but still. You expect a product to be intended for it even if you spend a lot of money.

2. YoRHa Printing Rubber Silicone Controller Dollar

YoRHa Printing Rubber Silicone Controller Dollar

Medical grade Silicone made controller grip skin protects controller from dust. Water Transfer Printing Technology Camouflage on controller, more fashion looking to personalize. It prevents any damage to your controller from shocks, scratches, dust, dirt and more. It's very easy to install and remove, it fits the controller perfectly. Pro thumb grips x 8 are included in the package, with normal and extra height types for all games.

Brand: Yorha

👤I like this. I am very thankful. My puppy decided that my controller was a chew toy. It made the controller uncomfortable to handle. I was going to have to spend 70 dollars on a new controller. I found this while looking at new ones. It made my controller more comfortable to hold. I can't tell what's underneath it. I like that it has grips on the back. It was a pleasant surprise. I don't have that issue, I saw some reviews that said it fit in with theirs. It's very snug. I will be getting one for my undamaged black remote to jazz it up.

👤I feel good about these, they are easy to install, feel good in your hand, and fit the controller like a glove. One major flaw is that the controller won't charge with skin on and just set it on the charging dock, it's annoying to me, I have to remove the battery or remove the skin to use the charging dock, I hate that.

👤Over the years, I have given controller covers to my friends on the Xbox. This is the next best thing if the cost is too steep for a custom controller. We didn't want to spend money on an air brushed controller because my daughter loves changing hers. We've gone through many controllers in our home and some of you can relate to that. These are an alternative and very colorful. They act as a skin for the controller. It's a great gift for the fans of the console.

👤I feel good about these, they are easy to install, feel good in your hand, and fit the controller like a glove. One major flaw is that the controller won't charge with skin on and just set it on the charging dock, it's annoying to me, I have to remove the battery or remove the skin to use the charging dock, I hate that.

👤This cover is great for my controller. The controller was easy to put on. It shows no signs of wear and tear after 3 months of use. Love it. My boys are not happy with their pops because I am gaming in style.

👤The cover was getting loose and interfering with the buttons. I am so glad I tried it, even though there are mixed reviews. It fits perfectly. It is thin enough that it doesn't interfere with movement or buttons, and thick enough that it has a comfortable grip. I like the floral design. The cover/sleeve is a great addition to my arsenal of Pwning the noobs and making foul mouthed 12 year olds cry on XBOX Live. The additional thumb grips are not garbage.

👤My friends love that these are different designs and that they are the same scheme. I bought three of them, and each one had its own set of grips, which was really cool. The fourth player didn't want a case just grips so he used the packs that came with them. Each pack has 5 sets of grips. One set is a cute red/blue paw print and I immediately chose to use that as my first set out of my grip pack. The one with the skin and paw prints is mine.

3. YoRHa Printing Rubber Silicone Controller Flowers

YoRHa Printing Rubber Silicone Controller Flowers

Medical grade Silicone made controller grip skin protects controller from dust. Water Transfer Printing Technology Camouflage on controller, more fashion looking to personalize. It prevents any damage to your controller from shocks, scratches, dust, dirt and more. It's very easy to install and remove, it fits the controller perfectly. Pro thumb grips x 8 are included in the package, with normal and extra height types for all games.

Brand: Yorha

👤I wanted a grip that would help me hold the controller better, and I purchased this. I have a controller that has a Silicone skin on it. This one was short. It is very thin and slick. If you want it for looks, it would be good, but don't expect it to give you extra grip.

👤This is great. It fits my controller perfectly. The black and blue of the pattern looks great on the controller. It took me about 2 minutes to get used to the new feeling. It's what I imagined. The thumb stick covers are very nice. If you plan on taking it on and off frequently, be aware that the cover is a little thin, so it can tear easily. It was stuck in the battery cover. It's in a small place now. It's a great product for the price and is exactly what I ordered.

👤We could tell the controllers apart. The second person got the red. He kept it on for 2 days. He said the skin was to blame for the loss. It is nice to look at. I'm looking at it on the floor, under the desk, and on the controller.

👤I gave it a 3 stars because there was a black hair stuck to the skin when I opened the package. It was like it melted on there, so I was a bit uneasy at first, but then I realized it was mine. I had to remove it. It was very comfortable once I did that.

👤The controller cover has done me well so far, it has a nice grip and feel, but it stretches out a little bit overtime, the only flaw I have seen with it is that. It starts not fitting the buttons well. I'm pretty sure all of them do that. I can't complain.

👤The skin on my controller is great. I was worried that it would interfere with game play, but I have had no issues. The smaller thumbstick covers are very good. I highly recommend.

👤Absolutely love this controller skin! The controller fits perfectly, and the finger molds add to the non-slip grip. If you are debating which brand to buy. I bought another one for my boyfriend in the yellow skull color.

👤Very cool looking. The wireless charging station is interfered with by the skin. I have to mess with the skin a bit each time so it charges. It can be quite annoying.

👤The controller cover is easy to slip on, it's very comfortable in your hand, and the look is amazing. The cover extends to the back of the controller so you have to remove it to charge your batteries.

👤The product arrived quickly and without any issues. The pattern is perfect. It fits the controller well, but it is a bit flimsy in some places, you just need to be extra careful, the material is very thin. I am very happy and will be ordering again.

👤I know you get what you pay for, but there are cheaper covers, so I thought this would be better quality. There is a The cut outs for the buttons don't match up and can't be used to charge the dock easily. Definitely won't buy from the supplier again.

4. Controller BRHE Anti Slip Protector Accessories

Controller BRHE Anti Slip Protector Accessories

Each pack has 1x top middle bar and 1x shoulder buttons. The Chinese Dragon design is very cool. Silicone water transfer printing is used for the Microsoft XBOX one controller. The hand feel is comfortable. You will get long- lasting protection for your video game accessories. The EnhANCED GRIP is a non-slip surface and high quality material that makes you enjoy a better gaming experience. Full coverage This ultra-thin skin covers your gamepad and protects it from scratches, shocks, and debris while giving you easy access to all buttons, controls and ports. Protection from shocks and scratches is whatPERFECT PROTECTION is for. This Silicone skin case is for the Xbox one controller. Protect your controller. It's easy to remove and install, it doesn't interfere with most controller chargers. Silicone skin is easy to remove and can be washed.

Brand: Brhe

👤My 9 year old is a fornite junkie, but who's right? This is perfect because he was complaining about his hands slipping.

👤The controller has a nice skin. There is a rubber that is stretched over the controller. No messing with anything. Very easy. The material stays on. The little round button looking pieces are a nice touch. They stretch over the buttons.

👤The skin was great, except for the joystick covers. The controller's ability was hampered by the joystick/thumb, and they had to take them off. The skin is one of the best I have had.

👤It covers my battery a little. Love the design and fit.

👤My kid really likes the little thumb covers. The skin does not hug the controller. The cord is very loose at the top. The whole controller is not covered because the back is out. Will keep because of the control freak thumb things.

👤The top is a little flimsy between the LB and theRB. It feels different at 1st because the buttons are almost flush with the skin. The skin is pretty sick.

👤There was a sleeve stretched over the controller. Everything fit perfectly. The buttons are close to being flush with the height of A,B, X, Y buttons, but it is thicker than expected. It doesn't really affect controller use unless you're using it for intense gaming. The sleeve is very soft and feels nice.

👤I like this brand because it's sturdy and comfortable on my controller. If you're looking for a good skin cover, I will highly recommend you to other players.

👤I didn't return it because it looked cool, but it was for the ''enhanced'' controller, the ones with programable buttons, and it didn't fit my controller.

👤It is exactly as described, smooth texture and fits the controller perfectly.

👤It's a perfect gift for the boyfriend.

👤Die Hlle ziehen bei den Controller. Man Angst, das ding reit. Alles ist geblieben. Material ist fllt, so wie an den Fingern. There is a problem with the Akkudeckel des xbox controllers. Man ist die Hlle etwas, die man den Akkudeckel raus- und bekommt.

👤Imposible, demasiado gordo, es casi del tamao de los botones, es horrible. No lo usas y quieres, porque aun asi es plstico, pero bueno protege.

5. EXtremeRate PlayVital Anti Slip Controller Protective

EXtremeRate PlayVital Anti Slip Controller Protective

Pro thumb grips x 8 are included in the package, with normal and extra height types for all games. The case for the S/X controller is high quality. A variety of styles and colors are available. The grip skin has a design with a samurai edition. The lines are designed to have a great visual impact. More comfort for long gaming sessions with thick palm grips. If you want to get the installation guide for the PlayVital Silicone cover for the Xbox Series X/S, you need to search "PlayVital Silicone cover for Xbox Series X/S" on Youtube. The rubber cover skin for the controller is cut precisely to provide all around protection against scratches, dirt, falling, spilling and grease. There are not included thumb grip caps, controller, and other parts. This product is not compatible with the controller.

Brand: Extremerate

👤It fits the controller well. It is thin and mostly discreet. When I stretched it over the controller to put it on, I was hoping it wouldn't tear. It didn't tear as hard as I had to pull and stretch it. I like the way it feels in my hands. If I drop it, I hope it will protect it. I bought this to protect it from future drops or falls because I have done it a few times already without any damage. If you use the tips for the top of your sticks on mine, I will give it 4 stars and not 5. You can feel the stick on the skin with the tips of the sticks. This is a very small thing. I would only deduct a half star for it if I could. I would get 5 stars if I didn't use the rubber tips.

👤Overall, it's not a terrible product but there are some major flaws that caused me to return it. The thumbstick grips rub against the controller's grip-cover, which causes friction when pushing the sticks all the way up/down/right. The range you can push the sticks in is reduced and the speed at which you can rotation them is slowed. It is causing a reduction in performance and no amount of practicing with this grip will change that. 2. My product had a horrible smell. I washed it with soap and water and it still clings to it. After only 15 minutes of playing, my hands smelled the same way as they did when I tried playing with it. It was really unpleasant. The added comfort and style did not matter because the CONS are bad enough that I realized this product was a greater disservice to play with than it could ever be a benefit. I don't recommend this product and you should look elsewhere.

👤It works great. A thin layer of grip and thickness adds to the feel of the controller. The thumb knobbins are an added bonus. I have used other ones for years and they feel better. It was worth the price. It works around all buttons. No impedance at all. Absolutely recommend.

👤It protects the controller and makes it look cool. I thought it would add grip to it. It makes it slippery. They need to make a rubber one. Silicon is slippery and doesn't add any grip.

👤You can't use the back buttons with the skin. I searched for a controller cover for an elite series 2 controller on Amazon and found one that was the highest reviewed. I didn't read it carefully because it doesn't say "elite" in the description. I don't know why this was the top result when I searched for "xbox one elite 2 controller silicone skin." I cut the skin around the buttons. We will see if it works when Call of Duty Vanguard comes out.

👤I'm not crazy about the color. It's not that different from the pictures, but it looks more like a skin- pink color than a sakura pink. It was difficult to get on. I was afraid it would rip the cover. It fit securely and didn't interfere with any of the buttons. The control stick covers are too small. I couldn't get them to fit. I think this cover made me sweat. I like grips because they feel nice and add a bit of bulk to the controller, not to prevent sweating, and I never had an issue with sweaty hands while playing. Don't buy this if you want to keep your hands from sweating. The skin is silky smooth, but I wish it had more texture. The ridges/lines where your hands go are decoration, they don't add traction. This skin did cover the edge of my control, which was a bit sharp. It made the controller better to hold. If you can find grips from RDS for the Pro Controller, I would recommend them over the other brands I have used.

6. Transfer Printing Camouflage Silicone Microsoft Controller

Transfer Printing Camouflage Silicone Microsoft Controller

Silicone made controller cover for XBOX ONE X and XBOX ONE S. Water Transfer Printing Technology Camouflage is on the controller of the XBOX ONE X and XBOX ONE S. It prevents any damage to the controller from scratches, shocks, and more grip. It's very easy to install and remove, it fits the controllers perfectly. Pro thumb grips x 8 are included in the package, with normal and extra height types for all games.

Brand: Yorha

👤It took me a while to get used to controller skins. These feel flimsy to me. The batteries block the cover entrance. The two negatives are there. These are easy to put on. They feel like they will tear as you install them. They didn't cry. They keep orange fingers from staining your controller. These are the way to go if you like keeping your gear looking nice. They have black rubber covers. A low profile and taller version. There are four styles included. $60 per controller... What happened to 2 controllers? Wait, that was PONG that did that... Or Atari? These are for your controllers. It's safe to play gaming. It's a good thing.

👤I bought these for my son. They were easy to put on, but they move a bit on the controller. The front of the controller is a bit baggy because the back isn't solid, so you can access the battery area. Over time, I hope they will shrink and form to a controller. My son loves the feel of the cover. We took the covers off because he didn't like them. He likes the look of the skins. We will see how they handle a pre-teen.

👤The controller cover fell and looked great. The product is good but there are some flaws. The silicone is very soft. There is some coverage issues around the top where the cover has a slight lift off the controller. It isn't an issue, but it is there. The controller is still good. The controller can be charged with the cove on.

👤I have experience with Yorha controller skins. It was a nice and tight form. There is a I ordered a 2 pack and they sent it twice. I feel a little guilty to be honest. Do you want them back? I think so. I figured I'd ask anyway because I feel like the effort it would take to return them isn't worth it. Either way, a great product.

👤The covers are of good quality but not great. The fit is good, but they stretch out a bit when you put them on. They came back into shape after sitting down. The reason I bought them was to get a better, more comfortable grip, and the reason they are Silicone is that it is very smooth and slippery. I expected the covers to be thicker, but in some places the Silicone is not as thick as a heavy rubber glove, which makes it difficult to fit. The buttons are great with different sizes and shapes, and I like them very much. I would return the product if it weren't for the covers. I'll probably take the control cover off and use the joystick covers.

👤I got the two pack one fit well and I think it's usable for the time being, but the other one was too big for the controller and I didn't like covering up buttons. The controllers are the same as the xbox1 non elites. If you are a gambling type of person, go for it, but don't be surprised if you get something baggier than a babies diaper.

7. Transfer Printing Camouflage Silicone Microsoft Controller

Transfer Printing Camouflage Silicone Microsoft Controller

Silicone made controller cover for XBOX ONE X and XBOX ONE S. Water Transfer Printing Technology Camouflage is on the controller of the XBOX ONE X and XBOX ONE S. It prevents any damage to the controller from scratches, shocks, and more grip. It's very easy to install and remove, it fits the controllers perfectly. Pro thumb grips x 8 are included in the package, with normal and extra height types for all games.

Brand: Yorha

👤I was hesitant about buying this. I was looking for something that would keep my controller dry. My hands are sweaty. It must be too hardcore. I looked up a few things on Amazon and this one stood out to me. I was unsure if Silicone would be anti sweat proof, but it sounded like it would work. I wanted until it got here, because I realized this might get in the way of my hitting buttons, after I purchased it. Not expecting much. I put it on my controller and it fit like a glove. There is very little movement in this skin. I've been impressed so far. It does what I wanted it to do, that's not the best part. There is no sweat on my controller. I would order this again. There are little finger cut outs on the back of the skin, that I didn't realize from the pictures. At first, I didn't like them, but I like them now and the controller stays in place.

👤This is a great grip. I wanted a different colour for my controller but didn't want to do the work of replacing the shells. I put it on because of a review that said it ripped when they put it on. It's most likely. It looks great. The textured button risers that I use feel great and were very form fitting.

👤The skin feels nice and I like the joystick topper/extender thing. I didn't press so hard on them because the cover/extenders helped my hands hurt less. The big ones fell off of my joysticks a few times. The skin was losing its elasticity and was sliding around with my gaming. It got me killed a few times before I took it off. This product is good for your controller to work well at all times.

👤I used this to make my controller have a cool design. The xbox button cutout on the case was lowered so it felt uncomfortable when I tried pressing it. The design was the only thing I liked about the skin. I could not find a purple one. This one is not high-quality. The material went back down after I pulled the cutout up. I had to take off the battery covering piece to change my batteries. I have to remove the skin to change my batteries. When I plugged in my headphones, it made weird sounds on the mic. It was like there were parts of the skin on top of the buttons. I would rather have a good scratch than a cheap one.

👤The material used to make the controller skin seems to be durable so far. My hands don't get sweaty or slip on it, and it doesn't collect dust or get dirty. There are pros and cons. You will almost lose the feeling of where the buttons begin and end if you line it up wrong. A semi-flush seam is created between the cover and buttons. I had to fix it. I got used to it and purchased the purple camo design. It was more of a purple than the picture showed. It's not a huge issue, but still worth noting. You may have issues with other designs. There is a headset attachment on the controller. Before adding the cover, take this off and put the attachment back on. This way the cover fits better. It should have been obvious to me to do this, but now you won't have the same brain.

8. MXRC Anti Slip Customize Camouflage Controller

MXRC Anti Slip Customize Camouflage Controller

Pro thumb grips x 8 are included in the package, with normal and extra height types for all games. XBOX ONE CONTROLLER It was designed for XBOX ONE, especially for XBOX ONE S, XBOX ONE X Controller with access to all controls and ports. Please note. Not included is the controller. There is an add compensated grip. Silicone covers are very comfortable in your hands, even after a long time of gaming. Water Transfer Printing Tech has a variety of patents looking to modify your controller cooler. Protection: No more worry about the damage to your controller. The XBOX ONE 8 thumb grips are compatible only with XBOX ONE.

Brand: Mxrc

👤Where have these skins been hiding? They are awesome! The XBOX one controller is very nice to hold. The thumb grips are amazing. These skins are great. I would recommend anyone to play a game. You will never play without them. I will purchase more controllers. No more getting wet in your hands. There is perfect. We love them.

👤These Silicone Skins are very comfortable. They fit well, they are a little loose around the battery pack, but they don't interfere with the game. It has a good feel to it. The thumbstick grips fit me well. I use thumbstick grips a lot and they are some of the best I've had. They sell similar ones on an ad on Facebook, one for around $15 plus shipping. These are the same ones. This one has two. Excellent shipping speed. I will be looking at if they have any more of these skins.

👤Nice upgrade. I received 2 complete covers and thumb stick mod low profile and tall risers for thumb sticks, but I could have used a little more snug fit. It is a great value and a quick appearance improvement. $7.00 per controller with skin and thumbstick mod is what I am pleased with.

👤The colors are more vibrant in the advertisement photo, but overall I'm satisfied, some of the product did not line up with the charging port, but I can manage. The cover on the switch slips off occasionally but it is manageable. If you're not picky about your products, you would recommend. Thanks.

👤They're made from quality material. I assumed that the design was wrapped around the back of the skins, not that they are white. I haven't tried the grips yet, but they seem pretty good.

👤It's important to be careful when taking off, don't stretch to much in the line areas, and it's also important to be careful when taking off. The fit is great and the colors are great.

👤I bought this for my 10 year old and it ripped when she put it on her remote. The other is still being used. This may have been an issue of user use. Cute way to style your remotes.

👤The cover doesn't fit perfectly and goes over buttons. Awesome buy!

9. Xbox One Controller Anti Slip Protective Thumbstick

Xbox One Controller Anti Slip Protective Thumbstick

Silicone skin case cover for Microsoft XBOX One X and One S Controller provides superior grip and protection. Sweaty hands are no longer afraid. When your hands get sweaty or warm, using FDA-Passed Silicone is a good idea. The non-slip design provides better grip. The rubber grip cover is easy to install and remove. There are 4 pairs of matching thumb grips.

Brand: Chinfai

👤The case covers up half your LB/RB bumpers, making them rather uncomfortable to use. An exacto knife cuts through rubber. I took pictures of the before and after places where I cut part of the skin to expose the bumpers. I don't see why the grip should be removed now. It comes with 4 sets of thumbstick grips.

👤The product functioned as advertised. It made it easier to grasp the controller, even though it wasn't as effective as some of the competitors. The controller looks very nice, it's easy to hold, and the buttons are covered by the skin. If you pull on it, it won't slide around. There are pros and cons. The side grips are not as effective as their competitors. There's no danger of it slipping from your grasp. * It was a bit difficult to fit the controller into it. * The thumbstick covers are the biggest problem with this product. They look nice, but they slip off. - It's not just one cover or a couple of pairs, it's every single one. It's easy to install over the thumbstick, but it's even easier to grip the cover when you move the thumbstick. I'm thinking of looking for separate covers because it's getting annoying. I'm going to have to label this a merely OK product because of the weak side grips and lackluster thumbstick covers.

👤I was a bit hesitant about buying it since I had seen all the negative reviews, but I was happy to find the price was right and I was happy that I did. The handle grips on the skin are very comfortable and feel great in the hands. It works well on my xbox one S controller, but it's necessary to make it compatible with other controllers which are a little bigger than the one I have, so it's a little loose in the middle. The Silicone grip cover protects the buttons from dust and other things. The way the cover was made seems to have two versions of the controller, one that covers theRB/LB buttons and the other that has openings for it. I'm fine with it since I know where the buttons are and it adds an extra layer of protection to my controller. The thumb grips are a nice bonus and I have tried them all. They all seem to be comfortable, and they stay tight in their thumbsticks, and don't come off while gaming. I'm very happy with my purchase. It's a good thing.

👤The controller grip is amazing. If I could, I would give it 6 stars. It fits my controller. It looks great and feels like a controller. The comments about the buttons are not correct. It covers the buttons. The joy stick covers are the only area that will be specific to a player. There are 3 different types. All of these are personal preferences. I don't play with them. I use the regular controller. That is a personal preference and should not affect the quality and hands down best controller grip cover I have ever owned.

10. EXtremeRate Custom Button Stickers Controller

EXtremeRate Custom Button Stickers Controller

It's perfect for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and the controller. It is easy to install and remove. There is no sticky leaves. You can get installation video guide by searching for it. The sticker size will be smaller than the outside of the logo button because it is pasted inside. Personalize the controller. Your controller can be custom with cool colors. Customers must be handy with controller modifications to install home button stickers. There are 8 different colors, 5 pieces of each color, 40 pieces of stickers in total.

Brand: Extremerate

👤If you are really inexperienced with mod, the sticker is for the led, not the button, which is a little secret. You have to open it and put it inside. It came with tools because of that. Please know what you are buying and what you will have to do to get what you want out of your modification before you give feedback about the sticker size. Understanding what you are working with is important. This product is better than I had anticipated. It was supposed to be a button cover, but then I realized it was not. I am happy to know the intent of the stickers because over time a button sticker would wear and come off. If you open the controller and replace the sticker, your light will stay your color of choice. Thank you. The color options are advertised. It was easy to install, but it took a lot of work to do it, so I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. Again, be careful, beware first timers. This is not for your button, but inside the controller, so please read the reviews and understand. Take it to someone with experience who can help you modify your controller if you are not sure about it. Thank you for the stickers, and happy shopping all. I have invested in everything you have to offer and I have been happy with it. I will recommend you to other people and give you pictures.

👤They were difficult to install. It turned out to be cool.

👤I don't understand why some reviewers think this product is garbage. I think some thought it was to go over the home button. You have to disassemble the controller and put it on the light. It works well for this purpose.

👤Get this! It looks like it has a blue light, but it's just a sticker on the guide button. The picture doesn't do it justice. BUY IT. You won't be disappointed. Just open the controller and put the stick on the guide button. They have all the tools. Not hard at all!

👤I made my fiancĂ©e a controller for Christmas. If you follow the instructions in the video, the install will be easy. The light kit came with controller screws and all the hand tools needed for the install, as well as a variety of extra colors, so I can use my controller and our spare parts as well. Only being able to give 5 stars does not do this product justice. The aux port is not welded to the controller so it will fall out during assembly.

👤I got this product on friday and I love it. I will have to say something. The generic black and white xbox one controller has a different button than the custom one, as you can see in the picture. Since you don't have a back to stick, it's going to be harder to use these stickers. The stick should stay in place if you gently press it. If you want to change the custom controller, it's going to be more difficult, but I am happy with my product.

11. Controller RALAN Silicone Protector Compatible

Controller RALAN Silicone Protector Compatible

The XBOX ONE 8 thumb grips are compatible only with XBOX ONE. The Pink XONES controller cover is made of 100% silicone material and has a soft touch. There are 1x controller skins and 6 pink caps grips included in the pack, choose the type to fit you controller, and so on. This Silicone Skin for XBOX ONES is easy to install and remove, it fits the controller perfectly, it wouldn't affect the function. The Anti-slip Silicone friction provides a high experience, it prevents slipping, and it is comfortable to hold. The service is the best. If you're not happy with the Silicone Skin Controller, they'll make it right for you and give you a refund. It's a guarantee that your satisfaction is not an option.

Brand: Ralan

👤Don't Hesitate! It is very beautiful.

👤It was very easy to put on the controller. The material is not very sticky like other Silicon covers. The cut outs line up nicely with buttons, but you have to be careful to plug in the cable. I docked a star because I have a 4 year old who struggles with this. Otherwise great!

👤I was worried about buying this because it seemed too good for the price, but it's so cute! The grips are cute and easy to install. The paw print and fruit grips fit nicely, but the black and pink skull ones are too big for the xbox controller, so be careful. The thick cover helps with sweaty hands.

👤I was a bit scared at first because I've always thought controller skins would mess with how I grip it, but my friend talked me into it and I'm in love with it. It's so cute and it comes with extra thumb grips, it hugs the controller nicely and doesn't slide around. It feels great to make a controller cuter. It's worth it. I need more skins.

👤I love this skin. It looks great over my controller. My go tos are the grapefruit slices.

👤It doesn't glow as bright as it could. The button caps are a little hard to put on, but it's very comfortable once you get it all on. If it didn't fit loose and it glowed brighter, I would give it more stars.

👤I love it because when I play intense games my hands get sweaty and the joy sticks ain't slippery anymore.

👤The controller my granddaughter wanted for her birthday was no longer manufactured. She said she wanted this when we saw it while searching. She loves it! She wants more colors.

👤The controller fits perfectly, the thumb stick caps are nice, but one of the caps had a small black mark on it, but the order comes with 5 others so it wasn't a problem, very happy overall.

👤The thumb stick covers are great.

👤Schnelle Abwicklung is a Produkt.


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