Wooden Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Best Sellers

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1. DUMMA Education Learning Lighting Birthday

DUMMA Education Learning Lighting Birthday

Learning how to push and pull small cars can help improve your ability. A baby toy with building blocks can help kids identify colors and animal shapes. The music and light make your baby crawl. The musical baby toy is perfect for moving around. Pull the organ button on the 5 cute stereoscopic squares and they can be turned into 5 fun and beautiful color animals. A great toy for hand-eye coordination and also to teach colors for young children. The musical car baby toys 12 to 18 months get a real car start sound. The baby can feel the fun of the chasing game when the bus turns automatically with the light flashing brightly. Baby toys with high quality and environmental material meet kids needs. The kids will listen to cute animal sounds and music when they play the block game. This musical baby toy is a great gift for boys, girls,preschoolers and toddlers. You will not believe how much this bus can do. What a great gift, what are you waiting for? You can join the shopping cart.

Brand: Dumma

👤I was completely disappointed in the size of the package I received. The picture is very deceiving if you read the description completely. I feel like this has about 18 months in description, but these little animal shapes with pieces that could snap off and become a possible choking hazard for a small child, is also in that description. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my granddaughter that will turn one, but it doesn't have batteries, so I don't know what it does. I'm considering sending it back. I will not be giving her the shapes if I keep. Will update.

👤The bus can fit in your hand. There is no near size shown in the picture. Very disappointed!

👤The bus is not as big as it appears. It looks like it is half the size of your baby. I am very disappointed that I had to pay for this false advertising.

👤My 18 month old loves this. It is the perfect size for her and there are lots of fun things to play with. Great product!

👤It's easy to handle a lot of bright colors. There will be lots of fun with this toy.

👤A lot smaller in person than in the picture. It was kind of disappointing.

👤Younger toddlers could be at risk from small parts.

👤My grandson loved this. It is easy to use.

2. KIDWILL Hammering Pounding Educational Xylophone

KIDWILL Hammering Pounding Educational Xylophone

The 3rd generation plush fabric is pill-free and stain- resistant. Baking soda powder can be used to remove stains. The PP cotton is soft in the summer. Solid wood and Medium Density Fiber are not heavy to rock. The material used for toys safety standards is strict. It's a good rocking horse nursery or rocking chair for a kid. A multifunctional toy set includes a pounding bench, musical xylophone, and number maze puzzle. Hit the pegs on the bench and the hamsters will show their naughty smiles. Two hammers &mallets with number maze puzzles in the other side allows two or more kids to share joy together. The pounding act strengthens arm muscles. The 8-note xylophone playing encourages musical development. Number maze puzzles help with number recognition. Made with high quality wood, it is sturdy and smooth. Water-based paint was used. Children are protected when babies play. This unique learning toy is fully tested to meet the highest standards and will be an excellent toy for preschool baby toddler boys and girls. A great gift idea for kids birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more is the Perfectly designed for small hands to grasp and touch. What do you get? The toy is heavy. 2*Hammer; 2*Mallet.

Brand: Kidwill

👤The toy was disappointing. I got it for my son and I wouldn't give it to him. The first thing I noticed when I opened the shipping box was that there was a warning not to give it to anyone under 3 years old, as some pieces may be a choking hazard. I found many other problems when I looked at the toy. There was a piece of glue on one of the hammers that had dried. The glue on the toy was indicative of the quality, but it wasn't a problem. The frame of the plywood had a long hole that could cause splinters. I picked up a mallet to go up the scale, but the notes were wrong. It was a bunch of random noises. He will learn from that that he hates music. It will cost me more to return it than I paid, but there is no value here. It is going to the trash. The seller went out of his way to reply to my review. He is willing to give us a refund and he appears to be very sincere, as he says he has changed the manufacturer to ensure better quality. I have raised the rating here from 1 star to 2 and will add more details as they arise. The seller offered me a partial refund if I took down the review. I explained in several emails that I would leave the review up but add details of the customer service I received. I thought the review would be positive because of my overall experience, even though I still have some issues with the product. They tried to bribe me to not review the toy. I have changed the rating back to 1 star.

👤I was not expecting this toy to be so cool. It has 2 hammers and 2 mallets. Two kids can use it at the same time. The maze is a challenge for the kids. Overall, it's a nice design.

👤A sturdy toy. I have a hammer toy that is a little more expensive, but I prefer this one because of the multiple fidget plays that keep my LO busy. My 2.5 year old toddler loves the xylophone more than the hammer, as shown in the video. She doesn't like the numbered buttons. It's good to have multiple things to do in a single toy.

👤My grandson loves playing whack-a-mole. The moving numbers are a challenge for his fine motor skills, so we play them together, which is fun for me. He thinks the xylophone is a symphony and uses a mallet in each hand to play it. I like the smooth edges and fine crafting of this toy. I like that this toy is made of wood, and that it is a good solid toy for him.

👤We love this toy. One of the toys the baby plays with all day long. The sticks were used to play the xylophone. She is too old for that. When she is more coordinated and less likely to put her own eye out, they will most likely be given to her. One of the sliding counting wood disks came cracked in half, but she has a wooden kitchen spoon that does the job for now. It is possible to glue and tighten it. Not a big deal for me to return it. I would have returned for another one if I had given it to me.

3. BEST LEARNING Learning Cube Educational

BEST LEARNING Learning Cube Educational

Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They want their customers to be happy. The Family Choice, Mom's Choice Gold Metal, Academics' Choice, and Creative Child preferred choice and product of the year awards were all winners. The educational and interactive cube does a great job of engaging, stimulating and rewarding their curiosity with essential sights, sounds, songs and knowledge. An interactive cube is a learning toy with a different function button on each side. The best Christmas gift ideas. For little infants and toddlers. Sings the alphabet, numbers and color song. There are different colors of lights. Including alphabet, numbers, animals, colors, creativity and imagination, music, logical thinking, motor functions and dexterity are included. Risk-free, fun, and engaging! The batteries are for babies, toddlers and early learners of 6 months to 3 years old.

Brand: Best Learning

👤I like it. My 11 month old son loves it. This was his first time doing it.

👤The toy is cheap. I was expecting more than $30. I liked the functions, songs, and colors on it, and so did my two year old, even though I wasn't impressed with how cheap it appeared. The toy started leaking battery acid after only two months of use. How dangerous! I realized there was a problem before my son got battery acid. It wasn't exposed to extreme heat or cold because it was kept with all of his toys. For this price, I would suggest that you go with one of the Vtech learning cubes. The vtech ones are put together much better, are more durable, and offer more functions, and as an added bonus, they are less expensive. The company gave me a full refund after I left a review. I was pleasantly surprised by their excellent customer service.

👤I got this toy for my 1.5 year old and he has been playing with it. She likes the music the most. She likes to dance around the cube with all the songs playing. She gets excited about the songs. The songs are a little fast paced for a young child, but I think she could keep up as she gets older. She can count with it until 3, but it goes to 10 and then sings a number song, so I think it will help her learn her numbers. I wish the cube said which animal it was because she likes animal sounds. It will start playing a song if it sits untouched for a few minutes. I would recommend this toy for babies who are sitting up and touching things to toddlers who enjoy music, lights and sounds.

👤The item was not good. We left it in the box for a while because we got this early. The toy doesn't work when the baby is old. We bought brand new batteries after we tried the batteries included and they didn't work. The return window is closed now, so we have lost out on money, even though we would have liked to plan ahead and buy things now.

👤My 9 month old loves pushing buttons and this cube has a lot of fun options for him. He loves the purple one because it plays songs and I sing along with him. Since he has yet to learn his numbers, ABC's and animal sounds, this cube will grow with him, but he loves listening to them right now. I like how this toy can teach him.

👤One light didn't work and this toy was great. The company made up for it. We sent the toy back and received a new mushroom garden toy as an apology for the hassle.

👤They need to make the square more durable by making it a soft plastic/vinyl. It doesn't break very easily. My son loves it and it's very educational, you can't go wrong if you have both of those covered. Hopefully it stays. So far, so good, I would say the top 5 toys. It could be the #1 if they made it more durable.

4. Melissa Doug Deluxe Pounding Wooden

Melissa Doug Deluxe Pounding Wooden

After 45 seconds of being inactive, the toy will automatically turn off. A classic percussion toy. The mallet is a classic pounding toy and has a design twist. They play peekaboo on the bench, taking turns showing their friendly smiles as the pegs on the bench go up and down. Helping to develop fine motor skills. The pounding bench is a great learning toy that helps children practice fine motor skills. The action of the pegs helps children name the colors and provides an effective, hands-on, screen-free play option. The timber contruction isdurable. The mallet is made from high-quality materials. Solid wood is used to make the components of the built-in pegs. A great gift for 2 to 4 years. The toy is a great gift for kids 2 to 4 years of age. The learning experience can be further enriched by adding the Wooden Latches Board. For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤The lead is made in china. My son had elevated lead levels at his check up. The paint on the hammer was tested and it was clear. I thought that the brand was good.

👤I'm torn about reviewing this toy. The toy is well-made and will not break unless subjected to a lot of violence. It builds motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, and even thinking skills, as deciding which colors should be up or down or evenly matched in height requires some intricate choice and physical application. The toy is great. But. . You are giving your child a toy. Not a hollow plastic hammer. No, no. The god of thunder would approve of this weapon. The two wooden pieces held up well. The head of the hammer is sculpted to allow attacks from many different angles. Great for the toy. It's not good if your child decides to go a-viking during a playgroup, family get-together, or school function. The hammer can kill the mightiest of troll and throws well. Or TVs. Or PC's. Or grandma. So. . The weapon that comes with the toy is the reason I take a star off. Maybe it should have been fastened with a cable. It's not cool that parents have to think for you. We love her. Our idea of fun is not having our toddler sent to the hospital. Go for it if your child is kind and non-violent. Great gift! If your little one is a conqueror of lands reincarnated into this tiny body, please be careful with the hammer.

👤I generally love all the dog andMelissa toys. They are great products. I had been thinking about getting a peg-pounding device for a while and thought it was a good idea since my son is currently intent on "fixing" everything in the house by beating them with plastic wrench and screwdrivers. I've seen many toys where the pegs are easy to hit and it's hard for the child to learn how to pound it down. The mechanism that keeps the pegs attached to the bench at least creates a little resistance, making it "just right", was a great idea when I decided to purchase the toy. I am an older parent and the little one doesn't understand that I have to go further to get the toys that end up under the couch, the cabinets, the radiators, etc. I was looking forward to having this device with me all the time. We get the toy. When you pound down a peg on one side, the other pokes it's little face up. I panicked when I experienced the toy. He was not going to enjoy this. You can't pound all of the pegs down. How is he going to get over his anger? Will this toy be thrown across the room and cause damage? Is it dooming him to a life of suffering? Is it possible to give him hope for the future? Any chance of success? Time will tell. He absolutely loves it, he gets to pound down four colored pegs and then there are four more colors to pound. He calls it his "work tool bench" and as soon as he wakes up he wants to play with it. I let him go to another room. It's too much for me.

5. TOLOLO Montessori Educational Learning Recognition

TOLOLO Montessori Educational Learning Recognition

Outstanding toys for 1 2 3 years old boy, light weight, easy to carry, great as a toddler travel toy, are ideal for Best Kids Gifts. A toy car for 1 years old is perfect as a preschool toy, teaching aids, Birthday gifts, Valentine gifts, toddler Easter gifts, Christmas gifts, and Thanksgiving Day gifts for 1 2 3 years old boys and girls. The wooden sorting and stacking puzzle has 16 pieces and contains blocks of 4 colors and 4 geometric shapes. A great shape sorter Montessori toy for 1 2 3 year old boys and girls is a great way to teach your baby numbers, colors, and shapes. Product size is 5.3*5.3*2.3 in and shape pieces are 2*2 in. The toddler Montessori toy is small enough for 1-2 toddlers but not big enough to cause a problem. Montessori toys can help your child's brain development by helping them to learn shape and geometry, build color recognition, and exercise their space concept. A great educational toy for 1 2 3 year old boys and girls helps to give your child a workout while they play it. They insist on using high-quality crafts to make safe and delicate products for toddlers. The test was approved by the two organizations. The wooden toy is made from natural pine wood with non-toxic water-based paint, and they have sealed varnish on the surface, to reduce the risk of wood chips and smell, and the smooth edge won't hurt your boys and girls' skin. The shape sorter toy is a great gift for toddlers. It's a great choice as travel toys. The bright colors, geometric shapes, and engaging design will make your child happy. The wooden puzzles fit nicely into their small hands. The stacking toy is a perfect gift for young children. Pick your shape sorter harvest, invite parents or childhood friends, start usingHappiness Harvest Time as a matching game. Sometimes you need a wooden preschool board. It is nice to have a wooden puzzle educational toy that allows imagination. Your baby will spend a lot of time playing on them.

Brand: Tololo

👤It was much smaller than I expected. The description should have been better. It's definitely not for a year to small. I have been giving for almost 3 years now. It will help with shapes and colors.

👤This product is very small and a choking hazard for even a 3 year old, and they make it seem like it is a descent size, but it is not. The price was over priced for the size. Save money and time by going with a similar item.

👤My 18 month old daughter is a little advanced for her age, but she quickly grasped the idea of the 1 peg, and understands the other pieces, but she doesn't have the dexterity yet. I'm sure it will come quickly. I am very pleased with the purchase and I expect to have it for a long time. I wouldn't just give it to a child, but I would supervise the use.

👤My daughter loves to play. This is a very high quality toy that is very similar to a toy we have. It works great with all the toys she already has. We will buy from this brand again.

👤I know it has a picture with dimensions, but I didn't read them. I took the picture of the boy with the toy. It was not as large as I wanted. It's my fault that I didn't pay attention, but I'm not sure many people would notice a picture of a child playing with it that makes it look bigger.

👤My baby loves it! It works perfectly because it is easy to take when we are on the go. She likes to sort the shapes. Great find!

👤It's a great Montessori toy. It is a lovely piece that has a lot of sensory activities. I'm glad I bought this.

👤It was bought for my grandson. Some of the shapes could be a hazard to him. Would not recommend it.

6. Hape Pound Bench Slide Xylophone

Hape Pound Bench Slide Xylophone

John Deere product is officially licensed. Musical instruments are multi functional. The kids xylophone can be used in many ways. The kids can play with balls or they can pull out a keyboard and play a solo. The fine motor skills development. Promotes dexterity, hand eye coordination, manipulation, arm movement, cause and effect. Secular musicality. The toys for toddlers encourage musical development and exploration. Child safety: The paint is water-based and has non-toxic finishes. The winner of the Cribsie Award of favorite first musical toy is 12 months to 3 years old.

Brand: Hape

👤The baby was too young when we got her, but now she loves it! The xylophone is replaceable. It's two toys in one. This toy is very good. It's sturdy, safe, and well-made. If you find my review helpful, please mark it. Thank you so much!

👤This toy cost us an expensive visit to the ER and could have a negative effect on our daughter's well-being. My daughter took a sharp toothpick from the splintered toy. We don't know if she vomited it all or if she had abdominal pain. Foreign bodies can cause infections. I am very disappointed in the lack of safety in the products sold by the company. Do not buy!

👤The instrument is colorful and well made, but it is not in tune with the child's musical tastes. This was an oversight. The Hape toys are all 5 star.

👤I played the xylophone and it was like a nice toy. Not in tune. It was very disturbing. I contacted the company to see if there was an isolated incident, but they never replied. A reasonably priced toy can be used to make a xylophone. Fisher Price has been doing it for a long time. There are other nice ones out there too. Beware.

👤I bought this thinking it would grow with him. It's out of tune. I will return it.

👤My daughter loved this toy and it encourages imaginative play with music. I had to take away the balls because my then 18 month old got a ball in her mouth. It was poking out far enough that I was able to pull it out. The answer was that the kid's mouth has to be huge for this to happen, but that's not the case. The base is useless without the balls. I don't like leaving negative reviews. Safety is important.

👤We like this toy. We expected it to be the same. Bright colors and beautiful music. Almost all of the bad reviews stated that it sounded horrible, so I almost didn't buy it. I could have gone by and not bought the toy. I like the idea of having the balls drop and produce sound. I don't want to teach my baby music with this, so let's give it a try. I bought this because it is a wonderful toy. At least ours is not out of tune. The balls were hard to push through the holes. A baby can't do it.

👤My son likes this toy. He doesn't know what a mallet is, but he likes pushing the balls through with his hands. He likes to hold the xylophone. He will get many months of enjoyment from this product. The xylophone should be checked regularly to make sure it is tight. Great purchase. I put a can of snacks next to it for reference.

👤Avete un parente o un amico. vi ha regalato. Avete maledetto infinite. I prodotto per voi per ripagarlo con la stessa moneta. Per scalfire, il giusto state ancora pagando. I bimbi, a farti venire attacchi cardiaci.

7. Spunky Kinder Wooden Kids Activity

Spunky Kinder Wooden Kids Activity

Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school. Best gifts for one year old boy and gifts for 2 year old boy come in cute blue packaging and are included with toddler activity play cube, bonus stacking cups and essential words board book. The wooden toys are perfect for a one year old boy. An ideal choice for holiday and a 1st birthday boy gifts, it is educational, fun, safe and parent approved. The fun learning toys for 1 and 2 year olds are designed to promote counting and math skills while also developing color, pattern and shape recognition in an engaging, fun and interactive way. The Play ideas e-book will help you teach and have fun with your baby. The boy toddler toys will be passed down and become the favorite learning toys for older kids. There is aLIGHT and COMPACT. The bead cube's top and bottom can be played separately. The top flips over and fits inside the box for easy storage. The wooden toy is portable and excellent for toddler travel. The activity cube has a size of 7.08 x d and h. Sturdy wooden construction, premium craftsmanship, painted with water based non-toxic paint, makes it a good choice for educational toys for 2 year olds and 1 year olds. The toddler toys have passed the highest toy safety standards. A group of parents and teachers voted on the top 10 wooden toys for one year olds. 5 TOYS IN 1 is a collection of activities. The baby development toy will keep your toddler busy for hours. It includes a wooden bead maze, a learning clock, and a shape sorter. You can get all of the toys in one place. Save money and reduce the amount of stuff.

Brand: Toyventive

👤The activity block was fun for my son to play with. The blocks are dangerous. My 15 month old son had a block in his mouth. Don't buy the blocks if you have a child. He likes the toy more than the danger.

👤The screws came off when my daughter dismantled the clock. I found a screw in her mouth. A one year old shouldn't be able to take it apart so quickly. It's a safety hazard!

👤I was looking for a simple toy set to give my friend's daughter. This set is perfect. It fits together nicely for compact storage and keeps her entertained.

👤My daughter was 14 months when I bought this. She is 21 months old and still playing with it, although she is dragging it around but it seems to hold up to it. I would recommend someone to get a small activity cube to start with. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a big clounky one that takes up a lot of space. I like that you can store it inside when you child is grown up, and that the top can be flipped over for good storage. The top bead maze part can be used on a table. There are so many uses. It comes with a set of cups and a book. It is made of wood. If you have a younger child who is still putting toys in their mouth, it's a problem. Is it possible that a small wood chip came off of one of the shapes my daughter was playing with? She is a chewer so it isn't the fault of the seller, just be cautious with this for your little one. Don't leave your child with it. This isn't good enough for a knock off of a star. I think this thing is adorable and I have been playing with it.

👤This purchase was very disappointing. It is not as large as expected. Shapes fall to the floor when you put them in the shape holes because it doesn't have a bottom. You can't keep the shapes inside the box. It's not convenient. My toddler seems to like it, so I give it two stars. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤My daughter is one year old. All of it! She plays with it everyday after her 1st birthday. She likes to look at the book and the different pictures make her happy. I can see that she wants to learn and explore, but I can not understand her yet, but this whole package has helped with that desire. It is fascinating to watch her play with the different pieces, and see her little wheels spinning as she tries to figure it out.

👤My son is 2 years old and he loves this toy. It keeps him entertained while I clean up the house, and it has helped him learn and improve on letters and numbers. This toy has been the best learning tool so far because we have been working on colors a lot. He loves the silly face on the clock. The best part is that we don't lose the pieces that go with it because they are inside the box. This is a toy that all mothers should have.

8. VTech Chomp and Count Dino

VTech Chomp and Count Dino

The handle should be grabbed to encourage motor skill development. As you feed the dinosaur toy, it recognizes eight brightly colored food pieces and provides fun responses. Baby learning toy dinosaur introduces colors, foods, shapes and counting. The early learning center has over 130 songs, sounds and phrases, and kids can answer questions with the correct food pieces. 5 shape buttons teach shapes and numbers, or spin a spinning disc to play sing-along songs, and pull toy interacts as it is pulled or pushed along. The baby toy comes with volume control and auto shut-off and is for toddlers 1 to 3 years old.

Brand: Vtech

👤I bought this because it was cute. It is useless and not entertaining. The coins were stuck in the mouths of my grandsons. Since day one, it has not been touched. VTech sucks you in because it looks cute, but all of their toys are the same. Music, shapes, colors and ABCs are annoying. They are geared for a period of 12 to 36 months. ABCs? What colors? Really? This is not special. If you pay a little more, you can get something that kids want to play with. I will not buy Vtech again. If you have to sell it at a garage sale for $1, it's not economical.

👤I bought this and similar items for my granddaughter. The disks can't be dropped easily into the slot. It is hard to push the whole way in if the child gets it aligned in an awkward angle. Getting the disks out of the trap door is difficult. The sound is not interesting. They also make a coin bank which is sold by Amazon and works great, but has no issues. I think that version is very good. Skip this one.

👤My pastor's grandson is 2 years old. He loves dinosaurs. I bought some small individual dinosaurs that came in a box and they were also by VTECH. I have been completely satisfied with the quality of their toys. The Chomp and Count is very difficult. It does letters. There are different pictures on the chips that represent what you want him to eat. When you pick up a banana chip, he will tell you its nutrition value. The chips are big enough that they are safe and don't hurt when you step on them. You can turn off the volume when you get tired of him singing. I think they should make the string around his neck longer. I would have to be older than this little boy to pull him around as he has little wheels on the bottom. He had trouble holding onto the short string. This toy is good.

👤The toy is great and our daughter loves playing with it, but it keeps making noise for 20 minutes after she's finished. It's the most annoying toy we've ever bought. It's like the thing is in motion. VTech toys do annoying things, but this takes the cake.

👤When you put the orange carrot coin in the Dino's mouth, he will say brown potato. It was more than one time thing. It said the wrong name on the coins. I tried to figure it out. I disconnected the batteries when I changed them out three times. It is a great idea, but it is complete trash. A good review here will most likely not be used by anyone. It doesn't mean it's good just because it turns on. I own a daycare and bought this for my kids. I was glad I didn't give this as a gift as planned and bought one for daycare as well because it was bad first.

9. Montessori Learning Educational Christmas Birthday

Montessori Learning Educational Christmas Birthday

If you have a problem with this board, please contact them. These animal wooden puzzles are made of high quality environmental wood. Toddler puzzles are perfect for toddlers because they are smooth and won't hurt the kid's delicate skin. The wooden toddler puzzles contain 6 pack of animal jigsaws, which help boys and girls aged 1 2 3 to develop toddler's patience, imagination, concentration, colors and shapes recognition. Each animal wooden puzzle is 5.8 x 5.8 x 0.4 in. Toddler puzzles are thick enough for your kids to pick up and place easily. The toddler puzzles are too large for toddlers to swallow, so don't worry. There are great gifts. When your child plays with wooden puzzles, you can join him. Bright and beautiful colors and cute animal shapes can attract your child's attention, and can encourage sensory stimulation and brain development. Wooden toddler puzzles are great gifts for girls and boys. If you have a problem with these wooden puzzles toddler toys, please contact them.

Brand: Bekayshad

👤I bought this for a friend's son who just turned 1 because it says it is appropriate for ages 1 to 3. The box clearly states it is for ages 1-8. I told the mother that I didn't have time to buy another gift before the party and that she might have to put it back. She said it would be fine. The puzzles are cute, but if you are ordering for a younger child, they should have adult supervision, as most of the pieces are small enough to not cause issues.

👤I gave these to my grandson for his first birthday. My son's daddy was able to do simple puzzles at that age, so I'm hoping my grandson will too. The puzzles are cute, but the advertisement says they are for ages 1-2. The box says they are for ages 3 and up. Younger toddlers would like the pictures and colors, and some would be able to put the pieces together. The pieces are large enough and sturdy enough that I think they'd be okay for a young child. The age recommendation discrepancy is what determines my rating.

👤My 1 year old granddaughter is very interested in learning how to play with wooden puzzles. She likes the visual and is learning to place the pieces below. It will be too confusing for a toddler to have all of the pieces in one place. When she gets older, it's a challenge.

👤I am a degreed early childhood educator and owning a state licensed, professional NAEYC accredited preschool for 18 years, and I was concerned that they would market this for 1 year old's. It is not appropriate for toddlers or younger. If it can fit in a toilet paper tube, it's too small and a choking hazard. I looked at the sizes of the pieces after I received it. I'm putting this in a closet to make it safe for my children's generation to play with these puzzles. They are great puzzles, but should not be advertised as appropriate for under 3. Safety is the top priority.

👤We were impressed with the puzzles. They are heavy pieces which are perfect for a toddler who is just as likely to try to bite a piece as a piece in a puzzle. These will last a long time and look new in a few years when the little brother is ready to play. Would definitely do it again.

👤My granddaughter loves puzzles. She loves handling the pieces and isn't able to put the puzzles together yet. The colors are bright and happy. As she grows she will be using the pieces in age appropriate ways and this is a great value.

👤The puzzles are challenging. It is easy for a younger child. The age should be 3 or older. The pieces are small enough for a child to eat them. I took the feet of the owl and frog from the play area. The package says a year.

👤There are some puzzles from the dollar spot at Target. My kids love them in their quiet bags. I thought I would get a few more for variety. I was very impressed with the quality of this pack. They were wrapped individually and put in a box. They are very sturdy and well made once we unwrapped them. Even though they are simple, my 3 year old was still challenged putting them together. Definitely recommend!

10. SHIERDU Elephant Desktop Hitting Hamster

SHIERDU Elephant Desktop Hitting Hamster

As a parent, you want the best for your child. The wooden puzzle is made of non-toxic wood and has food grade water paint. The ideal gifts are for boys and girls. Their differences are hammer wandering game, digital track maze, gear rotation, toddler drag toy car, and castanets. The items were combined with a cartoon bus. The baby will be more interested in these designs. Children's perception of colors is stimulated by bright and rich colors. When children are addicted to various games on the elephant bus, they also exercise refined motor skills, hand-eye coordination, rapid reaction skills, and logical thinking skills, and can well promote muscle development and healthy growth. The elephant bus shows their attention to detail. Your baby can play with up to 12 stakes and 2 hammers. Stars, lights, mice, elephants, donuts, numbers, and other items are on the bus. Children will have many joys in communication and interaction. A pounding bench made of high-quality wood, non-toxic water-based paint, stable and environmentally friendly. Round corners and no burrs are ensured by a multi-layer process. Little enlightenment toys will make your baby happy. If the child's age is no longer suitable for it, you can either donate it or give it to a child of the right age, because it will not be damaged and look worn-out. A very good gift for children aged 1-2. Give it to boys or girls as a birthday or Christmas gift and they will love you more.

Brand: Shierdu

👤It seems sturdy, but it is much smaller than the pictures suggest. I placed it next to a coffee mug for scale and it was barely bigger than the mug. The pull string is cheap and disappointing. I was disappointed that there was Chinese writing on the box. I had expected to be able to read the box.

👤I thought this toy would be good for my 1 year old Grand Baby, but as you can see some of the little animals are missing, and this toy is way smaller than the add shows, I think it's not a good idea. This product is cheap and not quality enough to sell in the USA.

👤It was odd to receive this toy. I have never had a toy delivered with a piece of paper. It was a nice thought, but on the edge of the curve it was a little rough. I had to use the sand paper on it. Maybe it was my fault or maybe the wood isn't as durable as you think, but a little chip of wood did splinter off while being sanded. It's easy to fix. The toy is fun. My 9 month old will enjoy it. I know he won't get a splinter on a rough edge now.

👤The quality seemed nice, but it was smaller than I expected. The mother requested wooden toys that didn't take batteries for the 1 year old gift. I saw that it was for ages 1-8 after receiving it. I told the mother because I didn't know if there was a risk. She couldn't find anything that was easy to pull off. The mom, baby, and his siblings all seemed to like it.

👤The toy is very well made, aside from the pull string that comes with it. I removed the plastic pieces from the string because I was afraid my baby would swallow them. The manufacturer thought that string was enough to pull the toy. Otherwise it is great.

👤I got this for my youngest birthday. She and our 2.5 year old love it. Highly recommended.

👤I thought it would be smaller, but it is. It's great for working on fine motor skills since my child would much rather do gross motor skill lessons all day. Gets him to focus on one motor skill. For 15 month old, mallets are safe. I cut off the string because it was not necessary.

👤The corner of the gift was damaged when it was in a box with no protection. I have to give him a damaged gift because it came a day before the party. The package says it is for ages 36+, but it is definitely a toy for younger children.

11. TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Toys

TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Toys

Their light up toys will make any birthday party, Christmas celebration, indoor soccer game, or other special event a big deal. There are five sides of activity. The activity cube toy for 1 and 2 year olds is fun to play with. The activity cube has five different game-plays which make children more interested in them, including rainbow spinning gear, turning wheel, color counting beads and a bead maze. The colored beads in the transparent ball will beat if the ball is pulled on the elephant's trunk. There is an educational learning toy that encourages different kinds of play. The activity cube toy has lots of educational activities to help your baby learn. The learning toys with vibrant colors encourage them to explore the fun, exercise baby's fine hand movements, promote their math enlightenment and improve the brain development. A gift for a one year old. The activity cube was designed for enriching children's capacities in the safest possible ways. It has a smooth edge and is safe for your toddler. It has passed the American tests and is in compliance with toy safety standards. You only want the best toy for your kids. A great gift. If you are looking for a fun and educational gift for your toddler, this activity cube toy is an ideal choice. This perfect baby gift allows toddler to concentrate on for a long time, and will be a hit with any toddler and approved of by parents. It's a great gift for boys and girls who are just starting to learn. A nice box is not a suitable gift for a 1 year old boy and girl. They want to make every customer happy, toddler's safety and customer's satisfaction is their main concern. They were hit up by PLZ for any reason.

Brand: Top Bright

👤I've been looking for an activity cube and this one is what I've been looking for. It is made of wood and plastic. Wooden toys are more durable than plastic ones. This one has both. I like the color of this toy. Most of the toys we have are red, green, blue, pink, and orange. All colors. The cube is in mint. My daughter likes pulling the ball. She likes it.

👤This is not a bad toy. It looks nicer on Amazon than it does in person. The size issue has been noted by other reviewers. The size of the toy is appropriate for a one year old who is still in the'sit-up' stage. It may seem too small for an older child or toddler. It is 10 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 11 feet tall. The elephant's trunk has a bead maze on top. This toy is not an electronic toy with bells and whistles. This will be a blessing for some. If you're looking for that kind of toy, this is not it. The ball and rope at the base of the trunk is hard to pull, as other reviewers have noted. Our grandson will not be able to pull this on his own. It's a challenge for grandma and grandpa as well. You get the feeling that something will eventually break when you have to grip the toy and pull it away. The barrel is hard to spin. It is a poor design and a complete failure. It should not be here. There is a bead maze on top. The designers intended it to be an option for alternative play. The execution is questionable. The bead maze is not secured to the elephant. The maze is wobbly and can easily be knocked off the elephant. I think I received one that was returned by the previous owner. The box seemed to have been opened before it was torn. The toy was consistent with previous use. I would have returned this to Amazon if I had looked closer. It is not a complete loss. The little one still enjoys it. For the price, you can get more bang for your buck with almost any other similar product on Amazon.

👤They love the elephant activity cube. The child can interact with the cube by using the bright colors, different activities, and moving pieces. The review has an option for power.

👤I bought this for my 9 month old granddaughter. She loves it and is always entertained by the moving parts.

👤This toy was perfect for my child. My baby went straight to it. My baby can play with an elephant. The little gears on the back, the beads on the top, or the pulling of the ball make the small balls spin around. This is a good toy for motor skills. This would be a great gift. I had to wipe it down after opening the box. There was something around the beads. I'm pretty sure it came from the metal wires, so I wasn't too worried about it. It was wiped off right away. I would definitely recommend this toy.


What is the best product for wooden toys for 1 year old boys best sellers?

Wooden toys for 1 year old boys best sellers products from Dumma. In this article about wooden toys for 1 year old boys best sellers you can see why people choose the product. Kidwill and Best Learning are also good brands to look for when you are finding wooden toys for 1 year old boys best sellers.

What are the best brands for wooden toys for 1 year old boys best sellers?

Dumma, Kidwill and Best Learning are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wooden toys for 1 year old boys best sellers. Find the detail in this article. Melissa & Doug, Tololo and Hape are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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