Rain Boots for Women Best Seller

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1. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Wide Cordovan

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Wide Cordovan

The shaft is high from the arch. The platform is 1.0 inches in length. The technology is advanced. The Columbia Women'sNewton Ridge Plus waterproof hiking boot has a lightweight, durable, and high energy return, as well as an advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement on rough ground. There areANDY features. The waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction of this boot makes it comfortable and worry-free to savesay' There are adjusted features. The lace-up closure on theNewton Ridge Plus waterproof hiking boot makes it easy to fit.

Brand: Columbia

👤The boot fit perfectly. I ordered an 8.5 and took them to work the next day with no blisters. They are waterproof. Good grip on them. I read a lot of reviews before buying these boots, but they did not meet my expectations. The boots get very hot with a little sunlight. I often have to put water on your feet to cool them down because they feel as if they are burning. There's lots of prickly pear and cholla on San Clemente Island, where I work as a field biologist. The cholla went through my boots. It was very painful. This is the only pair of boots I have with me on the island. I have to suffer with them until I get off.

👤I should have been more careful with the reviews. I came back to look at the negative comments again and can now see warnings everywhere. The step crease in the top of the boot rubs the skin off of my big toe, which is caused by the folds down of the step crease. I've never had an issue with any other shoe or boot, but it seems like a common complaint for this boot. I tried the boot on and it took me a mile or two to get used to it, and then the pain kicked in and it didn't stop. I was wearing socks that were specifically designed for hiking. Had to raise it to two stars because these would have been perfect for me. They're strong, lightweight and great ankle support. I wish I could have been one of the lucky ones.

👤I took a few steps with these boots and they hurt so much that I took them back off. The way the boots are sewn has to bend at the spot where the pic is marked. I wear socks that hurt. My bare feet measure 1 3/4" from their bend point to the end of my foot, while the toe is 1 1/4" from the bend point. The boots need to measure 2 1/4" in that area. The area of the boot is too short. I said I was 'fit as expected' because the boots felt great standing in them, but actually walking. The reviews show that this is an old complaint from some women.

👤These are amazing pantyhose and you can't go wrong with them. The boots were resistant to all types of weather and water on my road trip. We went to Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and the Grand Canyon. We went through a lot of water, dessert, rain, and mud, and these boots held it together. The locals said the weather was great, even though we were freezing our butt off already, and that the cold weather and storms were late this year. These boots were lightweight and did not need to be broken in. A friend of mine had some HiTech hiking boots and she said the Columbia boots were a lot lighter than hers. They were very comfortable and easy to walk in. If I went a half size up and walked through the river, it kept my feet dry. I think it would keep you dry, but remember, only as far as the shoe goes, will it keep you dry. They have also got great grip. We were on wet stones, gravelly and sand covered rocks that made it easy to slip or fall, and they worked amazingly.

2. TENGTA Unisex Waterproof Garden Footwear

TENGTA Unisex Waterproof Garden Footwear

The shaft is from the arch. There are some things that need to be done. Make sure you purchase based on the size chart. Pick the foot length you want and measure it. It's easy on and off for quick outdoor work or play. The exterior is waterproof and easy to clean, and the lining is stretchy and warm in cold weather. The design of the boots can work well at grassy sandy areas, while keeping feet dry and clean. It's perfect for both men and women, and it's suitable for gardening, mowing, digging, kneeling, farming, camping, car washing or walking the dog.

Brand: Tengta

👤The sole is thin and the uppers are very flexible with a neoprene-like consistency and, consequently, provide the shoes offer little support. It's not suitable for smooth terrain. Think of them as outlet-mall quality. They are fine for what they are, but a weak substitute for the real thing. It's cute for the beach or car wash, but not for the garden. They are a half size large.

👤These are great for working in the garden or anywhere that is wet. The grip soles are waterproof. I wore them all day to shop at garden centers. It's a great replacement for those "gum" shoes that are sold at high end stores. I keep mine in the garage so I can walk down to the end of my driveway to pick up the paper whenever I want. Great protection.

👤The weather since November has been terrible. It's either raining or snowing. My snow boots are not up to the job. I wanted to take the puppy out quickly. These do the trick. They are easy to slip into and out of and have a good grip on them. They keep my feet dry. It is recommended.

👤My wet, soggy, snow melt filled yard is currently under a layer of ice, and I just received these, so I will put them to the test. They handled the dogs well and provided sure footing, despite the fact that they slipped on and off easily. The rubber grips the ice well, and is aided by the aggressive tread. I can't comment on staying dry. Even with a size 13, they are light. I can't see going far in them, they're not made for that. These are perfect for those quick trips out in the muck when there is a wet, muddy, or snowy yard. The smell of model plane glue is strong.

👤I will be buying another pair of these. I need to keep my feet dry at work. I expected to sacrifice comfort for dry feet, but they had support and all day comfort. I love these!

👤I ordered them for my husband. He likes to work in the garden. He finds them quite comfortable and the fit was true. He really likes them, but he would like them to be a little bit higher.

👤Beau chewed them up. I wear them for any jobs I do in the yard. One day, I wore them to work. It was very comfortable. It's a good idea to wear socks because it's a bit larger than expected. When unsure of ordering down.

👤These are easy to slip on and should be perfect for running outside or into the garage for quick errand. I am not sure how they will perform when bending in the garden or washing cars, I have not done much more than that so far. I am satisfied so far. I love them and have had them for a while. It's easy to throw on and off for a big guy. I use them when working in the rain or shine. They are comfortable all day. They hold up to any kind of work. The shoe is great for fishing.

3. Skechers Pond Lil Puddles Mid Quilted Waterproof

Skechers Pond Lil Puddles Mid Quilted Waterproof

The shaft is high from the arch. The rubber is waterproof. Parka nylon fabric and synthetic upper. 3M treated upper.

Brand: Skechers

👤The shoes I bought were cheaper than the duck boots. I thought they would do well at less than half the price. They came in the mail, but they are not made well. There is a small hole in the rubber top that may make the boots not waterproof. The inside of one boot is not fitted correctly. They're very comfortable. Definitely bigger. I got a 10 because I wore a 9.5. They fit well. I don't like the height on these boots. They are cut off at an odd place just above the ankle. They should be taller. For comfort, I would say 5 stars. I would say 2. They're cute, but they need to be taller.

👤If you are going to wear socks with them, I would order a half size up.

👤I got these for my wife because she loves them and she is a postal carrier. She wears an 8 1/2 but half sizes weren't available. She said they fit perfectly. She tells me that they are very comfortable and keep her feet dry.

👤Not a bad shoe, but more for fashion than practicality. The gray rubber had some scratches in the first week. The rubber on the bottom is waterproof, but the shoe as a whole is not. They are cute for a light rainy day, just steer clear of puddles. They are comfortable and easy to slip on.

👤When I saw these cute boots, I had to try them. They fit nicely and are comfortable. I like that they are not stiff. I can wear them out shopping because they are flexible.

👤I thought they would be warmer. I wanted them for cold mornings when I work. They were not so warm. They are advanced wellys. Not insulated. I bought a sheepskin insert and they are great. I bought a different pair of boots for the cold, but these will work great for rain and the mild cold. They have already been worn three times. I like them a lot.

👤The soles are very thin and should have been taken into account by others. It would need an insert to be more comfortable. Others have said to size up. I went with an 8 because I am a 7.5. I bought this and a pair from Mishansha. The Sketchers were returned because they didn't have thick lining all the way to the toe box, which will make them cold. There are two more The wedge heel on the Sketchers isn't strong enough to wear well. A reviewer posted a photo of the heel all worn and showing a grid frame and holes. I tried pressing in on the heels and felt some pain. There are 3 more The sole of Mishansha has better traction than the Sketchers.

👤The boots are just as I expected. They look great. I will put my inserts in them so I can feel the rock I step on. I don't have thick socks, but these fit fine. They fit nicely and I have received a lot of praise.

4. Colorxy Fashion Elastic Chelsea Waterproof

Colorxy Fashion Elastic Chelsea Waterproof

The shaft is from the arch. Classic round-toe chelsea rain boot, which complies human feet construction, waterproof synthetic upper features a matt design, stylish silhouette, adding some flair to your outfits. The women's rain boots are lightweight and soft, so you can walk without feeling constrained. Colorxy womens black ankle rain boots can meet your expectations. This casual chelsea ankle rain boots are very efficient at keeping your feet warm and dry when you are in the rain or snow. IOPTMAL TRACTION - The waterproof short rainboot has an anti-slip rubber sole and is designed to help you stay on your feet in slippery conditions. Pull-on style, deep elastic goring on sides and pull-on loop at back are easy to wear.

Brand: Colorxy

👤My feet are very weird. I am tall and have wide feet. I usually fit between an 11 and a 13 in women's shoes. Since most places don't carry my size, I'm more often stuck with ugly shoes and not many options. I own running shoes, hiking boots, and flip-flops. That's all. I was worried when I opened my delivery to find that I was not in the size I ordered. They fit well. It's good for my feet. I can already tell that my toe will rub on the top of the shoe, but I expect it to stop after a few wears. I don't like the seam down the center of the shoe, but it is a $25 shoe, so I can't be picky. I'll be adding insufficiencies. My feet would start to ache if I walked for more than a mile in these shoes. On to function. I put a glass of water on them and they stayed dry. This may be my first winter with dry feet. I like them all. If you size up shoes due to their width, choose your normal size. They're wide.

👤These are great for the price. I have a wide foot. I was worried that there would be a seam line going down the middle, but the pair I received don't. The tab in the back is not a loop and it is difficult to pull them over your foot.

👤I have trouble finding rain boots that fit me because my feet swell up. I wore them all day and didn't hurt or bother me at all, they are amazing. They look great. These rain boots are worth every dollar spent for me. The only downside to it is that the PU smells but all the chemicals used to process it make it smell bad, who is going to smell your shoes? This is a small thing for me, but I mention it to people.

👤Oh my gosh! These are amazing. I ordered these because they couldn't fit any more perfect, and I wear an 8.5 in most shoes, so that's what I ordered. I have been wearing these for the last week because of the rain in Houston. There was no rubbing on my feet. I wear ankle socks and they don't try to slide down. They are easy to ride and comfortable. They don't slide on my foot. No leaking! It's perfectly secure in the water and mud. It's easy to clean.

👤I love the rain boots. I was looking for a pair of rain boots that were not too tacky or bright colored so that I could wear them all day. I was cautiously optimistic when I found these. I'm happy I bought them. They are what I was looking for. They're cute, but rubber to keep rain off my feet. You can tell they're rubber rain boots if you look closely, but at a glance they look like normal ankle boots. The inside sole is made of soft fabric, so it's not like gross rubber feeling on your feet. I wear a 7.5 and it fits perfectly with a little extra room for thick socks. These rain boots are very good.

5. Columbia Waterproof Leather Stratus Regular

Columbia Waterproof Leather Stratus Regular

Leather, Suede, and mesh. The shaft is from the arch. The technology is advanced. A seam-sealed construction and their TECHLITE lightweight midsole make theNewton Ridge Plus waterproof hiking boot long- lasting and comfortable. DURABLE HIKING: The women's boot is inspired by classic mountaineering. A hiker that provides traction and comfort. The Columbia hiking boot will deliver years of comfortable service. The reaction is all terrain. Their signature Omni-GRIP traction rubber is non-marking and provides high grip across a wide variety of terrain.

Brand: Columbia

👤I read through the reviews and didn't know if I should size up or not. I only ever did that for my Nike free run 5, where I ended up getting a size 10. Being a prime member, I love the free returns. I will be going with the 9.5. I have a big toe on the top of my boot, and I feel a lot of pressure. I think that the extra room will make it better for camping in Iceland. The shoe is very stylish in person. Will update my other review once I return from my trip. The boots are amazing. There was no need for time to break in. I wear high socks when it rubs against my ankle. I am only a moderate hiker, but I am still very happy with the quality, style, and price. I would purchase again.

👤I don't just go to Amazon and give out 5 star reviews. I wanted to let someone who is looking for a pair of comfy, cute hiking boots know that these are the ones you want. I usually wear a 10. I decided to go up a half size after reading the reviews. They fit well. It was very comfortable. If the shoe is submerged and the water enters from the opening for your foot to go in, these shoes are not water proof. Feet are completely dry. It is like magic! They get a little dirty. If you watch the video, you can see a spot of dirt on the left toe that was already there before I dipped my foot in the water.

👤I ordered a bigger size than usual. The width of the shoe was sufficient for my feet. They are snug. They should fit like a glove after I break them in. The blue pair and the top of the boots are very close to a "hunter's orange" and "peach" color. The blue/leather part of the shoe is accurate. It's like a blue color. Even though it is soft on the outside, the leather is supportive. I will update my review after I hike 17 miles on these shoes this weekend. Okay my final review... I love these shoes. They kept my feet dry and the boots dried quickly. I left them outside of my tent. The boots were never drenched, just the normal splashing through puddles and dumped in a river. I used a microfiber cloth and wet boots to clean them up. I took off the boots after a long day of hiking, but my feet were never sore. They kept my feet warm, but not in the way fur-lined boots would keep my feet warm. When I took off my boots and socks at the end of the day they were a little damp. There was no sweaty foot smell. I never felt like my footing was going to slip because of the tread pattern on these boots.

👤I was very pleased with the boots when I first got them. They were comfortable and kept my feet dry as I walked through the pastures. I noticed this morning that one foot was starting to feel wet near my toes, because I had finished doing chores. I took off my boots when I got inside and it was wet. I could feel a hole in the waterproof liner of the boot. A waterproof liner should last for a while. Don't get these boots if you need them to keep your feet dry.

6. Sloggers Waterproof Chickens Daffodil 5016CDY08

Sloggers Waterproof Chickens Daffodil 5016CDY08

Sloggers' exclusive "All-Day-Comfort Insole For Maximum Comfort" is included. Excellent traction can be achieved with heavy-duty lu tread. The Sloggers Half Sizer Insole (Style 330Bk, Asin B000Kma9X6) is a perfect fit for Whole Sizes Only. There is a height of 10 and a width of 15. For Replacement Insoles, order direct from Sloggers, and for hose off or wipe with wet cloth.

Brand: Sloggers

👤In the northeast, the need for waterproof footwear is always present. In the spring and fall, it is necessary to use a waterproof boot to keep feet dry in the early morning and seasonal rains. Many boots have not made it through a single season. Some were too tight for my large calves, others were weird for the foot bed, and still others were just right for sweaty feet. I buy a new pair every season because the previous pair is not good enough. The USA made feature is a big plus, but also the choice of pattern from plain to playful to stylish let's the wearer express herself without sacrificing comfort. I can't speak to their durability yet because they are in their first season. The rubber boots I thought would wear like iron are brittle and split in stress areas, like where the ball of the foot flexes, so they haven't survived my farm. I can wear these boots all day if I need to, because they are soft, flexible, and lightweight. I have a lot of shoes, but I only wear a pair of boots like these Sloggers that I can only say are good so far.

👤The size of the boots is small and the company will not allow me to return them or buy the correct size, even though they are good quality. I am stuck with boots that are too small for me. A waste of money.

👤I bought a 10 because I want to wear fuzzy socks in the fall. Fit like a charm. I had the most comfortable footwear. These boots don't affect my feet at all. Excellent arch support. It was a relief when I put these boots on after working 6 hours on my feet. I bought them 8 months ago. I have worked on concrete, mud, slick grass, gravel, and poop. There is always great traction on my feet. The boots look great with a quick rinse. The little tab on the back of the shoe is very easy to remove. I can fit my boot cut jeans inside the boot. The top of the boots don't hurt my legs. I wore bare feet all summer. I had two roosters that were not like the red that would kick me in the boot.

👤I was very excited about these boots. When I first wore them, my chickens had to check them out. I ordered a bigger size than I wear in shoes, but they were still snug. They began splitting right across the toes after 3 months after purchasing them. I was disappointed that they are not cheap, but they are made cheaply.

👤These are great! They have a fabric lining on them so they don't stick to your ankle, and they're cute! I'm happy that they're a bit shorter than I thought. These are very good knock arounds. I ordered a 9 because I wear an 8 1/2 and the fit is right with the insoles in.

👤Awesome boots! The pattern is actually fabric and they are clear gel material. My daughter had a similar pair of rubber boots, and they lasted her years, even though they were regular style. I have gotten a lot of praise. The crazy chicken ladies are always asking about my boots. The calf is too small, but I have thick calves. You can also order a bigger size. I ordered a 10.

7. UGG Classic Clear Mini Black

UGG Classic Clear Mini Black

The faux shearling is enclosed by a molded upper. 7mm UGGpure wool lining.

Brand: Ugg

👤The delivery was late and the box was damaged. The boot is soft plastic and I thought it would be harder for it to be durable. I can't say I don't like it, but there is a line down the front and back where the material is sealed together. I can not say I do. It doesn't make the boots look bad, but it would look better without the line going straight down the center. They are water proof and great for rainy days in the fall and winter. The line down the center and softer feel of the material are the only things that I don't like. I can say that the comfort and warmth you know about uggs is there, as a person who does buy regular uggs. I am a little curious about how long it will last. I don't think they're worth $150, I think they're worth $110 to $200. I mentioned that I don't like the delivery and the box damage is the reason for 2 stars off. The box protects the footwear for a long time. It is important to me that I cannot speak for anyone else. I will register my uggs for a limited warranty because I can't say I would buy again. I think you ladies should do the same.

👤The boots are ugly. Very large and heavy. It was almost like moon boots.

👤I don't like these shoes. Everyone said they were ugly. I thought they were cute. I ordered them. I regret it. They look big. I can barely fit my foot through the opening after ordering a size up. I was wearing all black and they looked like they had a blue tint. The fur on the inside is not the same as the classic uggs. I feel like this is cheaper than the soft one. There was a faux fur tag. I went to the grocery store after the rain and the boots fogged up and it seemed like water got inside the plastic.

👤You would have to know my history to love them. I'm in poor health. I have had two heart attacks and my Diabetes is crazy. I get pain from the heels of my feet. My first UGGs were a few months ago. After reading all the reviews for about six months, I bought the pink slipper. My check is small. I felt the pain in my feet. So after buying those slippers. Oh my goodness. About 80 percent of the pain went away. I was very happy. I am here again. I need a rain boot or something. The pink ones were marked down. I like pink. I love yelling more. The pink ones were more expensive. wow. I bought them at a lower price. My first message was from Amazon. I paid for them, but they aren't available right now. I thought. The price was perfect for me, so I'll wait. Yes, anyhow. I got a size 7 because I am large. I bought a long shoe horn to get them on. The fluff is thick and cozy, so I wear thin socks. I hope they last a long time. I wonder if the heel part will eventually tear when I pull them off. It was perfect for me. My feet don't hurt anymore because I love them. The yellow ones are marked down. When I bought the pink ones, I came back to look at them. The price went up again. So. I guess you have to catch a mark quickly.

8. TideWe Multi Season Waterproof Neoprene Realtree

TideWe Multi Season Waterproof Neoprene Realtree

If you don't know the size CHART, choose the right size. The waterproof and anti-slip design of the rain boots features 6mm neoprene uppers and a natural rubber material. The rubber soles have a deep tread that provides traction in rough terrain. The neoprene uppers are comfortable and flexible so they can be used with your foot movements. With a simple, easy to install mesh, your feet will remain cool with outstanding air circulation and temperature regulation. TideWe put in a steel shank between the boot and the insole to provide added support. Extra protection on the toe and heel of the boot is offered by the reinforced rubber shell. The pull-on and kick tab make it easy to get out the door. TideThey's rubber boots are great for flooded areas, snow, mud and more. TideThey's rain boots will fit your needs whether you are working, hunting, fishing, camping or even playing in the rain. The comfort rating is (-4F - 68F)/.

Brand: Tidewe

👤These boots are very comfortable. They have a great cushion. We walked across the bean field and into the woods. They did a great job. The feet were kept completely dry through the stream. The boots are great and the price is great. Very happy with them!

👤Love! I wanted something easy to take off and keep my feet dry, and this fits all of that. I originally ordered a size 9 but found it to be a little too small for me. My daughter could use them, so I didn't return them. I ordered a size 10 and it was what I was looking for. They are bigger for easier on and off. I can't walk out of them, they still provide comfort and support, even though they are large on me.

👤I love these boots! We live on a homestead in Vermont and they seem very comfortable, even if I am not doing much. I have had other boots and I liked the ones from Mucks the most. When I removed my boots at the end of the day, my feet hurt as I walked across the floor. Not with these boots! These boots work for me, I am a heavy walker and not very graceful. I purchased in September, so I can't talk about the cold yet. They seemed to run a little small, so I increased my size. It's nice to remove my boots and not cringe when my soles touch the floor. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I wear a 7. I bought the size w7 by size chart and it should be about 9in. My picture shows that it's inside measurement is a full inch bigger than the size chart states. They were also oily? The box picture can be seen. I don't know if that's from the black part of the making process. There is dirt inside one boot and the top mint color has black on both boots, so I might have received a return pair. The last picture shows how the size chart is not perfect, as I show my husband's 11 mucks on the right and my 9 on the left. I'd put these at a size 8 instead of 7 according to the brand size chart and the comparisons I've shown. I think wearing thick socks will be fine if you need heavy mud and outdoor chores, but don't need them to slip. The real tree name is upside down on one. It's sturdy enough in workmanship, don't drop anything on toe, sole tread spacing looks like it will rinse muck out easily, seem quite bendable overall in shaft and footbed. I hope they hold up for the cost as I get about 2 years out of my cheaper boots before they are gone. We'll see if these soles look good. The style in muck brand is heavier in weight.

👤I ordered a 7 but the fit was too loose and I wore a 6 1/2 with a high arch. I felt like I was going to break my ankle. The way my foot sits feels great after I got a 6. It was a bit tight around the arch at first, but the cushion stretches high up my calf to my shin, which is amazing. I need what I need. A little added arch can't fix the arch support. It's not easy to get off because they are a bit difficult to get off and I'm not in the best shape, but I prefer it this way because it means nothing can fall in between. I found a boot. I roll the top down when I have to take them off. If they don't last my wear and tear, I'll update.

9. Planone Waterproof Shoes,Anti Slipping Comfortable Insoles,Stylish

Planone Waterproof Shoes%EF%BC%8CAnti Slipping Comfortable Insoles%EF%BC%8CStylish

The sole is made of synthetic rubber. The shaft is from the arch. The platform is around 1.1 The cotton/ polyvinyl lining is comfortable. Ultra-comfort and maximum shock absorption are achieved by triple-layers of insoles. It is suitable for outdoor activities. A few buyers find sizes tighter, so consider a half size up. Light, modern design with synthetic PVC for a comfortable fit.

Brand: Planone

👤I ordered 1/2 size up because she loved the color and I gave this as a gift. It was used in the Philippines during typhoons. My aunts feet were kept dry as she waded through the floods. She wore socks to keep her warm. She was so happy to have these boots that she thought they were ridiculous.

👤Disappointed. The first time I wore these, the pull strap broke. I could have dealt with that. I can not deal with wet feet. I wore them to get my hair done. I didn't go through any standing water. They are really cute and I was excited to get them. There is a rain boot that does not keep your feet dry. No thank you.

👤The boots were gorgeous, but I was disappointed that one broke. The boot was pulled on by a broken loop. They are cheap to make. Walmart has better rain boots for less than half the price. These should be Skip these.

👤These are some of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I feel like that's what it says, but I'm not a man of few words. I'm not sure if I'd wear the soles in ice, but they protect me from slipping in water. I stay away from ice in general because I'm clumsy. The foot bed has enough cushion to keep your feet from getting sore after a while. I think they're on the narrow side, which works for me because I have narrow feet. The toe box is small so I recommend ordering half a size up. I'm taller than some other mud boots and they hit mid-calf, so those who are verically challenged might find them at or just below the knee. They're cute. They look cheap and cartoonish. I think they're cute. These aren't the boots that you're going to wear to the local Walmart for. They remind me of the go-go boots that I wore back in the day. I want to see how well they hold up. If they suddenly fall apart and leave me with wet feet, I'll update.

👤I like these boots and I'm happy that they fit perfectly, but when I removed them from the box, I noticed a small brown sheer on the one of the boots and the back of the boots was rusty. I'm ok with the boots if they keep me dry from the rain and I can walk into puddles.

👤The quality was good. It was too large. I returned the item, do I speak to how it holds up over time? I would downsize if you are a half size.

👤Kiddo wanted black tall boots like Ariana Grande. I didn't want those over the knee boots for a child, but tall rainboots. She loves wearing them every single day, for long walks, bike riding, dancing and once in the actual rain. I think they are very comfortable because of the constant wearing. Win.

👤The color is exactly like the picture, but I haven't yet worn them outside. They fit perfectly. The inside is very comfortable. They came in a good package. Highly recommended! Really can't beat it for the price.

10. Dr Martens Bonny Black Medium

Dr Martens Bonny Black Medium

The shaft is from the arch. The Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole is Feautres. It is a classic and durable construction. Extra tough nylon.

Brand: Dr. Martens

👤I liked the fit and look of the boot, and it seemed to be well made. The sole split on one boot and deteriorated on the other, making them no longer waterproof on the bottom. When I contacted Doc Marten's customer service, they told me that the boots were normal wear and tear and that I should send in pictures of them from all angles. When I pressed them, they suggested that I look for a cobbler, which we don't really have in the post-WWII U.S., and that I should look for a company that makes soles that are close in quality to their sole that cracked. I've never had shoes that cost this much or last this long. The boot and QC problems happen, but they wouldn't back it up, which was really disappointing. This will be my last pair of doc.

👤I am a 20 year old, 65 year old and 31 year old. I like to think I am old fashioned but young at heart. I listen to a lot of oldies and classics and wear regular jeans and tee shirts. I started looking to replace some Sketcher Bruisers that were no longer in use. I expanded my search because sketchers seem to be expensive. The new era style of cuffing and pegging your pants was the focus of a lot of everything I found. That is not me. I ran across a doctor. I have never had a pair of Dr Martens because they have always been expensive, but I have heard good things. I decided to give them a shot because of the attractive price and style. Thanks Prime for always delivering, they came in the mail today. I liked the look and fit. I ordered a US10. I usually wear a small dress. The boots fit perfectly, they feel great, and they look great. I like the material and the stitching. The rubbery bottom is of great quality. As I wear these boots, I will update the review. Hopefully they will last through the winter and into the spring. I think they would be good riding boots.

👤Buying boots with out trying them on is like buying a car without a test driving or pre arranged marriage. This time the gambled paid, these docs are kind to my feet and made out of something you would see in ancient aliens, so baffling it blew the hosts hair out of his skull. It is resistant to paint and mother in law's. I ordered a half size bigger because of complaints, but I rationalized by putting inserts in if the feet change size, and I would check out the web. These boots are not for typing.

👤These are not your dad's Doc Martens. These are some of the new imported nylon/synthetic styles that have come out in recent years. The sole is made of amber gum with yellow stitching. The upper is made of nylon. My normal size is 11W. The boots fit well out of the box, they don't have much of a break in period, so just wear them around a day or so before. You are golden. The only thing I had to do was add a heel insert to give it a little more comfort. It makes them slightly more comfortable. These look great with jeans or shorts. I wore them all weekend at Dragoncon and got many nice comments on how they looked.

11. Hisea Hunting Insulated Waterproof Neoprene

Hisea Hunting Insulated Waterproof Neoprene

Excellent arch support is provided by the lightweight, cushioning EVA midsoles. Slip-resistant, self-cleaning, and durable molded outsoles give great stability. The 5mm neoprene boots are waterproof and keep feet dry and warm. Breathable mesh lining keeps your feet dryer than normal boots. The comfort rating was from 14 F/ 10C to 86 F/30 C. A completely sealed rubber shell extends above the ankle, and there is support for additional protection in the toe areas. Pick the right size after reading the size chart. One-year quality assurance is backed by HISEA.

Brand: Hisea

👤If you are going to read a review, this is the one. I freeze! I get miserable quickly. I love to hunt. I have tried every kind of boots, but they don't work for me. I know it's cold in Minnesota. My toes are frozen when I drive to work. I've tried wool socks and battery operated socks. My feet will turn purple and cut my hunt short. I've been to the doctor who thinks there must be something wrong with my feet. Nope! Let's try these, they don't cost much for fall hunting for ducks. It's amazing! They have been lifesavers so far. It was -32. On the other day, there was no cold toes. I'm not kidding! These boots fit over my athletic calves. No blisters when wearing them. I wear them everywhere. Yes, even with my coat! I wear a size 6 and had no issues with the size.

👤I am sad at the lack of quality control and craftsmanship in these boots. I bought 7, 7.5 and 8 to make sure I got the fit I needed, then I would return what is not worn. I usually wear a 7.5 or an 8 depending on shoe type, but I know that boots can run true to size to a little large. I know how to find all-weather boots and shoes in Montana. I decided to try these out because they were a tad more feminine than what I currently wear, which is a man's black rubber boot. These boots are great. Two of the three pairs were made well. I put on a pair of shoes, stood in the shower, and then ran water over my leg for 5 minutes on the upper part of the boot. The water was repelled by the rubber and neoprene. I have bigger legs, but not skinny. 13-15" in diameter. I can definitely feel the circulation being cut off because the neoprene stretches to where they look flattering and not too tight. I don't think that thin calves would cause this issue. I've never felt a rubber like that in my life. It was soft! It is so soft that it gives pause. Time will tell. They seem to hold up to any task I put them through. Jeep off-roading, mountain hiking, fishing, muddin' and campfire adventures are available. I have wide feet and they are rare because they are very comfy. They are not heavy for how clunky they are. I can't wait to try them out in the mountains or on the lake. What is my complaint? The one pair of boots that I decided fit me the best is the 7.5, my normal sz., and the one pair of boots that I have a craftsmanship issue with. The inside of the seam is coming undone. The glue pulls the seam apart. This is not acceptable. Who can wear boots with the seam already coming loose? Before you wear these boots, I would like you to look over every part, including the inside seams on both the front and back. The boot has a tag on it that says it comes with a lifetime warranty, and when I contacted the seller, they were very apologetic, and told me to keep the initial pair. Hope this helps. Good luck and shop! The seller was very nice and accommodating and sent me a replacement pair. The inside seam is reinforced along the seam with very durable stitching. It was very well-made. I have three pairs of pink and black that don't have the reinforced sewn seam.


What is the best product for rain boots for women best seller?

Rain boots for women best seller products from Columbia. In this article about rain boots for women best seller you can see why people choose the product. Tengta and Skechers are also good brands to look for when you are finding rain boots for women best seller.

What are the best brands for rain boots for women best seller?

Columbia, Tengta and Skechers are some of the best brands that chosen by people for rain boots for women best seller. Find the detail in this article. Colorxy, Sloggers and Ugg are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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