Microphone Cord Xlr to 1/4 8 Ft. At Best Buy and Walmart

Microphone 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Tisino Female Balanced Interconnect Quarter

Tisino Female Balanced Interconnect Quarter

The Balanced XLR cable is designed to convert a balanced output to a balanced input. Speaker leads are used to carry the audio signal from the mixer to the speaker. They are used for stage and studio audio applications. A high strength aluminum alloy die-cast housing, Gold plated connections, and 20 AWG Oxygen-free copper core deliver pristine sound. The multi-layers of shielding minimize signal interference and ensure the transmission stable. The heavy duty Balanced audio cables use impedance balanced lines to reduce noise and increase range, and they are connected to a plug ring.

Brand: Tisino

👤This cable will solve your problem if you only have a microphone jack and you don't have a TRS output. The audio path through this cable will remain balanced. When I used it, there was no noise or interference. Good value for money. I would trust this cable to be used in a live environment.

👤Mogami is one of the higher quality audio cables I own. I am very happy with the quality of the cables, but it is a matter of whether they will last. I ordered more after I was so happy with my first order. They are more affordable than Mogami, and so far they seem to be worth it. If you want something more sturdy than cheap cables, it is worth the investment. I stopped buying cheap cables because I would have to replace them within a couple years. It is difficult to pay that much money for cables.

👤The audio cable looks to be a great item. The cables work well. I think it was a good purchase, but I don't know if they will hold up for the long haul. It was delivered fast and well packaged.

👤I know you can get more expensive studio cables, but they do a great job for the money with good materials and good sound quality.

👤I find myself put off by the negative reviews on Amazon. You are close to buying an item that has 4.5 stars, but you see one-star reviews that make it sound terrible. You skip the purchase if you're not sure if it's a scam. I bought this item and it worked for me without a hitch, that's what my review says. There is a I'm trying to make up for low reviews that didn't reflect my experience if I've left this. I might give a more in-depth review with photos later.

👤This is being used on a keyboard with an SM58 mic. The mic sounds great. There was no noise from the cable. I'll buy from this company again.

👤I wanted to use my pedal board to run vocals. It worked well for that. It is nice that it is a trs to XLR as it helps convert the signal with balance. The phantom power needed to run the mic didn't seem to be conveyed by the condenser mic. It may be possible because I didn't experiment too much with it. It seems built well.

👤The reviews were good, but I hadn't heard of this brand before. I bought a few of them. They connect the audio interface to the monitor. The system is working. I can't imagine them failing due to wear since they just have to lay there.

👤It does not work. I have thrown away the packaging and the plastic bag after opening the item. I couldn't return the item. What a waste.

👤It doesn't work, I brought it for my microphone and if the cable is fully in it won't work, so I have to keep it half way in and half way out.

2. Monoprice 8 Channel Snake 26AWG Cable

Monoprice 8 Channel Snake 26AWG Cable

The conductors have aluminum foil shielding. There are eight balanced mono or unbalanced stereo lines. There are two ends of a male plug on one end and another end on the other end. Monoprice's rugged design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices.

Brand: Monoprice

👤I needed this product to run multi tracks in live performances. I quickly saw the cables after opening the box. I noticed that some of the heads of the output were missing when I tried out the product. I couldn't use them. I needed all the outputs to run separate tracks. The rubber ends were ripped. This was the first time I used it. The interface that I used for the cables would lose signal if I tried to use it again. I did not have that issue because I used different cables. The cable patch failed me completely and affected my performance.

👤Everything works on this snake. I think it may go bad eventually because there is nothing that makes the build quality stand out. I think it would be a bit more durable if it were nuetriks. You get what you pay for. I needed a quick fix. Sound quality seems unaffected.

👤There were no issues from the snakes when I bought one of the 10ft and two 3ft. I got one at a significant discount buying used but they are worth it for the quality. I have never had an issue with Mono cablingprice.

👤I bought a pair of these for my console, which means I can use it as a monitor desk or front of house, depending on the gig. The price of these cables made this purchase a no-brainer.

👤An 8 channel snake for $20! The cable works perfectly to bring the tracks from my Tascam 8-track into my DAW interface. It's perfect - I love it! It's a good thing.

👤The cables work well to connect our new brain to the sound system.

👤It's a great buy for the quality of the product.

👤The work is good for my needs.

👤This was perfect for my audio interface. The trs and xlr side seem solid. The colors are useful, but wish it was all black, so it didn't stand out as much.

👤The quality is really good for the price, and I'm using it to run aux out from the mixer to run to a wired ear monitor.

👤Well built cables. The color coding is clear. I would expect balanced audio to be run from a sound board to an audio interface unit. There were no noise issues.

👤The item was damaged when it arrived. I would have liked it better if it had arrived fully functional. It is a good price and decent quality that can be installed once and left in place. Will purchase again when I need more patching.

👤I use these with a Focusrite and am very satisfied.

3. Monoprice 104752 Premier Male Female

Monoprice 104752 Premier Male Female

The new permier series cables are of the highest quality. impedance balanced lines are used to reduce noise. Balanced cables have a Shield to provide additional resistance to interference. It prevents ground loop issues. Their tradition is to bring the highest quality cables at the best prices. These cables are made with heavy gauge wires and gold plated connections.

Brand: Monoprice

👤I feel cheated by Monoprice. I bought these cables from Monoprice because of their reputation, but they are not any better than cheap Chinese cables. The cables are marked 16ga but are actually 24ga. When assembled with fake wiring, the heavy duty and well made connectors are worthless. Why are you still selling fake cables a year later? I rebuilt the 3 cables with real rated wire and won't ask for a refund. Anyone who trusts Monoprice after this will fall for a company that has no problem with fake products.

👤It needs to be gender neutral. My wife was upset when she saw the package because she assumed there was only two genders. If you had gender neutral packaging in gender neutral descriptions, the problems with the misgendering caused in my marriage could have been avoided.

👤I agree with the other reviewers that Monoprice is not telling the whole truth when it comes to representing 16ga awg wire. They are in a thick rubber sheath. Junk. They went back to Amazon.

👤I bought a pair of Stage Right cables a few years ago as backups and finally needed them. One of the cables has an issue that happens right out of the sealed packaging. There is a lifetime warranty picture CLEAR. The cables are on the product page. I need to contact Monoprice directly since it's their warranty since Amazon won't honor it over chat. Monoprice won't honor it because it was fulfilled by Amazon and I need to contact Amazon for a warranty replacement. I reach back out to Amazon and get the same answer. I'm overreacting now that there's a negative review on their product and I missed a point of contact. Yes, sure. The buyer will give up on trying to get a company to follow through on warranty claims and shift the blame to them because they can't find a specific email contact for Monoprice purchases. There is no plausible deniability for Monoprice when they are called out. Absolutely not.

👤The first thing that comes to your mind is expensive. When you purchase something that works and works well, these are reasonably priced. These are far larger and superior wire than most cables out there, and some buyer's complain that they are not 16 gage, that's right, these are far larger and superior wire than most cables out there, and some buyer's complain that they are not 16 gage You don't need 10 gage wire on an XLR cable for Christ's sake,nor is it to be used as a towing cable. You could look long and hard for other cables that won't work as well as these. Different cables for different applications. I recommend these because they are made from quality materials. This review doesn't condone false or misleading product information.

👤I didn't cut my wire open or anything, my mic is just low, no matter if I get close and I can hear myself in the speakers and headphones, they record low on audacity and my livestreams. I needed a short cord quickly. I got 2 out of 3. I went and bought a mic that was more powerful than my condenser mic and I was able to hear phantom power and gains. I don't ask for refunds because I can't go through the hassle of shipping it back, it's a trap.

4. Tisino Microphone Female Unbalanced Interconnect

Tisino Microphone Female Unbalanced Interconnect

The microphone cable can be used to connect a high quality microphone to a mixer or guitar amplifier. A high strength aluminum alloy die-cast housing, Gold plated connections, and Oxygen-free copper core deliver pristine sound. The jack plug is a high quality metal type with shielding and anti stress spring, but it cannot fit for phone and couputer. The multi-layers of shielding minimize signal interference and ensure the transmission stable. The cable is compatible with the microphone.

Brand: Tisino

👤We're really sad that our mic stopped working. I went to Amazon to find what I was looking for. The cord had good reviews. Our mics are about 8 years old. I was a little skeptical, but it worked out perfectly. It was a good fit. It's even better than the other cord. I got the 15 foot cord but haven't measured it. Now we can see karaoke together, we were very happy with our purchase.

👤I use this for my acoustic bass guitar which has a PA type plug, but I also use it for my bass amplifier. This was very cheap and well made, so it was perfect. I can't rate the sound quality because of an issue with the guitar's electronics. I might update this after I fix it.

👤These worked well but were too short so I ordered a longer one. The sound is great and the price is great. Highly recommend.

👤These are good products. I just received them and can't review them. The sound is good. They are being used for microphones. I am very happy. Would recommend.

👤The microphone cable works great in the karaoke machine I use it with. The packaging was of high quality. I would recommend a friend to purchase from me again.

👤I needed a patch cord for a mic. This one is built to protect it from the elements. It works for me and was delivered quickly.

👤It works as expected. My dog chewed up our last one and this worked perfectly. You can use this to connect a microphone to our karaoke machine.

👤I had a cord until my gig last night. I had to cancel my gig because the sleeve broke into several pieces inside my keyboard. All of my cords are not made in pieces as this one is and I highly suggest you purchase something else. I have broken parts that need to be repaired.

👤It's a good value and fills the bill admirably.

👤Does the job and is sturdy.

👤It was a bit of wire. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone that uses a DJ sound system, it looks flimsy. It is more ideal for a studio or something like that.

👤It works with sm57, but it would be better if the volume was higher.

👤Didn't use it because it was too big. If I can't use it, size doesn't matter.

5. DISINO Y Splitter Unbalanced Quarter Adapter

DISINO Y Splitter Unbalanced Quarter Adapter

The Disino unbalanced dual XLR Female to 6.35mm Stereo cable is used to connect two microphones with mono XLR outputs to a stereo jack input. The easy connection is 6.35mm. The treads on the jacks are easy to grip for frequent unplugging. The distance to the split point is 50 cm. The right and left channels have the same red and blue plugs. A clear, smooth-flowing optimal signal can be offered by the Professional Quality:24k Gold-Plated Connectors. The copper shell blocks any interference which ensures minimum signal loss transfer. Excellent Sound: 20 AWG 4N Oxygen Free Copper with shielding, foil shielding and metal braid shield eliminate interference, deliver pristine sound, noise shielding, No hum, no noise, crystal clear music. It is a great choice for a music lover. The outer diameter of the cable is 6.0mm, which is high durability. The braid is thick. Cotton Yarn wrap is environment friendly and improves high Frequency response.

Brand: Disino

👤I've been looking for a cable like this for a long time and have been unable to find one. The cable works great to connect a digital stage box to a multichannel headphone amplifier. You can run headphones extension cables to a musician from there. The color coding of the cables is important for this purpose. Good quality cable. I wish I had gotten the 5' version instead of the 3' because it would have given me more flexibility, but I was able to get the 3' cables to work and the system worked perfectly. These cables are a must have for setting up a stereo wired IEM system.

👤This will work to wire your 2 mono XLR outputs into the HA8000. The input is from the TRS. You just need a balanced version of the XLR to TRS to use the PM1 in ear monitor. You need unbalanced input and output for mono.

👤The channels cancel each other out. Only one side can be used. I didn't use these until I realized they don't work and I can't get my money back. Make sure you check them right away if you purchase these.

👤The channels are no longer on each other. I was in a pinch and had to use one side.

👤The cable connected my mixer to the guitar amplifier. The cable gave me the ability to use my hacky setup the way I want to. Thank god for the unique cables. It could be good to use a traditional powered speaker. I would buy it again.

👤Awesome service, product, and fast shipping.

👤This jumper is perfect.

6. GLS Audio Patch Cable Cords

GLS Audio Patch Cable Cords

The cable is compatible with a microphone, PA mixing board, guitar amplifier, and other equipment with a 3-pin XLR connection. The heavy duty flexible rubber jacket is made of rubber. The metal 3 Pin Male XLR has a 1/4" end. The rubber booty has a strain relief. The copper conductors and shield are both high grade. High quality noise free performance.

Brand: Gls Audio

👤I was looking for an affordable solution that would allow me to place the speakers further apart. My current configuration is a DAC with L/R output and two cables from AQ. The location of the volume knob was too far away from the setup, which has worked for years. I wanted to simplify it while also removing unnecessary sources. I wanted the old XLR cables to be 25 feet long. Buying long cables from the same brand would make them more expensive than the monitors themselves. There is a The solution is the output through 6.3mm. The Stereo to L/R is 6.3mm to the 25 foot cables. Works well! Great cables.

👤I bought two of these at the same time to use them to send stereo audio from my effects rig to my speakers. I bought the cables after buying the speakers. I didn't understand why I only had one speaker to output sound. I was too busy practicing to think about it. A mono powered speaker is all that is needed for practicing. It became painfully clear when I was using one of the cables to run from a soundboard to my speaker as a monitor at a paid gig. A guitar player in the band had a spare speaker cable and it worked perfectly out of the board to the monitor. I was able to conclude that one of the cables I bought was broken as soon as it was put together. I can't recommend them as a result.

👤I got this male to a small cord so I could use it with my new pedal. The picture on the back of the box was the only directions that came with the pedal. I bought some patch cords just in case I needed them to connect the HS2 to other devices. I haven't used it yet, but I am using the same patch cord from GLS, and I love it! I was able to enjoy my new toys immediately.

👤The cables are thrown into a bag. The end of this one is already loose. It does work well, but it's not durable. If you're not as hard on equipment as I am, then this is for you.

👤It arrived early. It was tried out at a church gathering. It worked well without any issues. Excellent quality was present. Can't beat the great. The price.

👤I was not sure if this product would work for what I was going to use it for, but it did, and I am so proud of it. I used this cable to connect my keyboard to a snake box. The cord is strong. Both ends are secure. It seems like a steal for the price.

👤I have a lot of GLS cables. My mixer needed this one. They come with cables to keep them tidy when not in use. This brand is very good.

👤Great cables. When you unwrap, throw around, re-wrap, and throw them in a crate with 400 plus miles of other cables, you find out how well they're built. I have to say that. I've been using INRDeals

7. AmazonBasics Male Female Microphone Cable

AmazonBasics Male Female Microphone Cable

For studio recording and live sound, the male and female microphone cables are used. 3 PIN CONNECTORS: The Zinc alloy 3-pin is nickeling. The metal housing and flexible jacket aredurable and flexible. There is no transmission that is CLEAR. All copper conductors have inner copper shielding. Plug and play design allows you to use PA systems, speakers, and other sound equipment. 10 foot cable is in the box.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The cable is a great price and positively a great cable. AmazonBasics makes good stuff. I've bought multiple otherUSB cords from them, and I've bought Amazon Basics XLR cables for the second time. The cable management straps on each cord are what I like about it. Relief at both ends. The cord is solid. The e945 clicked on very reassuringly. There are additional thoughts. There was no gold connection. Who needs them? I need to know if the gold connectors sound better with your Monster cables. 2. Amazon is branding itself. People are complaining about something. Some people will complain. The guys make a good product. Give them a chance to see for themselves the quality of products that can be had for a bargain.

👤I wasn't expecting this cable to be professional grade. There is a nice insulated copper wiring and a proper screw on XLR connection on the connectors. The inner signal conductors have shrink tubing over them. The assembly is a bit shoddy. The large jacket was stripped and the inner conductors' jackets were cut. Some of the solder joints were a bit sloppy. I was able to re-solder the bad connections, but didn't bother to fix the damaged jacketing. It works well and isn't very loud.

👤The cable seems decent. It has two attached ties. The solder joints are covered by insulators and the shielding is made of braided copper. Time will tell if it can endure heavy usage. This is a back-up cable for me, as I usually connect my mics with a wireless network. If you want to buy more insurance against premature failure, you should probably keep a spare.

👤I think of AmazonBasics as a no frills brand. I was surprised to see the AmazonBasics cable when I was looking for a shorter cable. I didn't think there was enough sale volume to warrant carrying them under their brand. The product images looked good. The cables aren't colored, but you can use some tape at the ends. The cable has a decent amount of insulation. It's less heavy duty than most XLR cables, but it's still good enough for my needs. If you want to tape these directly to the stage, you will want something heavier. They are ideal for on-camera, in-rack, and on-table applications. The thing that made me notice the cables in the photos was that they were encased in metal. It's not necessary, but I really like the extraDurability on the highest wear part of an item that is used all of the time. I don't have to worry about having trashed the end of my audio rigging if I have a clumsy moment. That leads me to my last observation. It is usually used in professional setups, which favor locking connections. The tab on the male end of the cable worked well with everything I tried. The release on the female end was not perfect. The plastic that held my cables and devices in place was not a gasket. When a large amount of force was applied, a few of the ones that fit only clicked. It's not comfortable to use the lock release if you need a lot of force to release the clip. I thought I should mention it because it's not a dealbreaker for me. If you need a good quality cable with good durability, and you don't have to use it unguarded on a floor surface, this should be good for you. Highly recommended.

8. Female CableCreation 5 PACK Microphone Adapter

Female CableCreation 5 PACK Microphone Adapter

The Professional Series XLR Plugs have a sturdy die-cast shell. It is designed to change an output into a input. The housing is attractive and durable. Shielding for low RF and EMI noise is easy to assemble. The package includes a female to female connection.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤I wanted to use the extra inputs from my snake box as outputs. These were what I needed. I attached them to the male ends that were supposed to be the inputs to the mix board, and now I can plug them into the output ports. I could have bought a whole new box and ran another 75ft of cable. There is a If there was a loss of signal or sound quality, it's not a big deal because of the overall savings of cost and time.

👤When my interface changed, I use these to convert the gender on some custom built XML-M to XLM-F. Saved a lot over getting new cables. Well built and pre-wired. Sound quality? There's a problem if you can hear them. There are no problems here! The price is correct. What's not to love?

👤Just got these in and found that one of the pins was mis-wired. It wasn't a big deal to open it and swap the wires. The price is smokin' compared with Switchcraft which costs just under $10 each. I work in a sports arena and theater that gets a lot of use. I'll post a follow-up after I'm more familiar with them.

👤I've been using this type of adapter for a long time and have always thought they were larger than they needed to be. I thought they were unattractive. These are not the same. It was tight and right. Clean and Lean! I bought a 5 pack of them and am going to buy another to keep them around. They disappear when you play as much as I do. A real musician is André Berry.

👤The size is great. These are usually about an inch longer and don't fit where I need them to. Hope they last a while and can't find any real issues. The five pack is cheap because it costs less to buy 1 or two by yourself. I only needed two. The cost of return is not worth the trouble. I'll put the extras in a spare parts bin and take the others on the road.

👤The original package was missing. Only four came with the order, which was open inside of the package. There is a description on the bag and on the site. The second package had all 5. All high quality for live use. The seller offered to send a package for free. They do customers well.

👤Great product. I need them for that. They are cheaper than the name brand ones, but they work better for our connections than the name brand ones.

👤These are dropped, drenched, smashed, rolled around in crates, sandy and dirty and otherwise mistreated and they always work when you need them. No complaints at all.

👤Five times over, it converts male to female. It's fine.

👤I only have a 3.5mm male to female swap for my home made amplifier because I have a Mackie mixer with dual male output. I was lucky to find these XLR gender changers because I couldn't get a dual female to male 3.5mm on time. I got them quickly and they work well. Did not add static to the output. I wouldn't have ordered these, but I am glad to have them in my audio box.

9. GLS Audio 25ft Cable Cords

GLS Audio 25ft Cable Cords

The heavy duty flexible rubber jacket is made of rubber. The metal 3 Pin Female XLR has a 1/4" end. The rubber booty has a strain relief. The copper conductor and shield is high grade. High quality noise free performance.

Brand: Gls Audio

👤I bought this cable for my grandma, who I take to an elderly group. I got this because their audio cable was cutting out. It works well with no cutting out and is long. The old cable was not long enough for their purpose. They had to pick up the small amplifier and take it closer to the people in the back because they couldn't get the mic around long enough. That is no longer an issue with this.

👤The sound quality of the cables is very good. The 25 foot length is convenient. They came with strips for cable management. There have been no problems with the equipment. Sound is clear and loud. The cable is thick. It feels sturdy and doesn't bend. It is a good product.

👤I am remodeling my home office. I needed a longer cable for what I was doing. I use this to connect my bass amplifier to my mixer. The signal was unamplified and needed 5 more feet of cable. My bass amplifier is on one side of a doorway, the desk where the mixer is on the other, and I am running the cable over the door. This cable is used to connect a guitar amplifier to a mixer. The guitar amplifier is on top of the bass amplifier. The item arrived quickly and the packaging was much smaller than I had expected. They used a smaller diameter cable. This could be too high of expectations. This not amplified power cabling. I am used to using instruments and cables with larger diameter, so they tend to be larger in diameter. This not bad for a jacketed cable, but on the thin side. The mic cables are much thicker than my Silicone jacketed cables. I have only used it for one night so far, so I can't attest to its longevity, but if there was going to be noise from electric motors or structure wiring, it would have happened by now. I think it's so good, but I think it has the potential to go down further due to the diameter of the cable. It works great for now, but I worry about longevity.

👤The microphone I ordered a few months ago didn't come with a cord, so I tried to use an old one I found in the back of the church storage room. I decided to spend the money and get a static for myself because I was fed up with the 'hit and miss' static. I am not an expert on this type of equipment, but I have been very satisfied with this purchase. The quality sound I'm getting is a result of this cord. Very happy.

👤I have never tried GLS before, but I was very impressed with it after receiving it. Quality parts and well protected. I can't believe these are so cheap. There was a lot of bang for the buck. I'm a fan of GLS Audio.

👤The cable seems to be very strong. Sturdy construction and zero noise. The price was reasonable. I would purchase this item again if needed. I received an email from GLS customer service a few weeks after the purchase that stated that if I had any questions or problems with the cable, they would get back to me within 24 hours. Someone who stands behind their products has that mark. This was my first order of a product from GLS, it will not be my last.

10. SiYear Splitter Microphone Converter Adapter

SiYear Splitter Microphone Converter Adapter

It is possible to connect microphones with a 1/2 inch jack to a camera with the 6.35mm cable. It's suitable for mic, mixer, amplifier, sound card, KTV, home theater and other environments. The male to male plug and the gold-plated connection are the ones used. Left and right channels are input for the male adapter. The plug is gold- plated and has red and green channels. Oxygen-Free Copper conductors are used for enhanced signal clarity. OFC spiral shields are used for RFI rejection. The package has a dual 6.35mm (1/2inch)TS to the male 3 pin audio cable.

Brand: Siyear

👤There are two standard plug tips to the common post. You can change it by removing the plug and soldering the wires to the bottom post, or you can use a soldering iron and separate the wires at the post. You cut the ground cross-connect that was previously grounded out. "Voila" L&R is going to one stereo XLR connector with two standard plugs. I use this for wired IEMs on my floor effects unit.

👤The person who wired my audio area crossed my wires. When I first tried these cables, I noticed that everything sounded bad. I called an expert to analyze. He found the problem and stopped the noise. I was working on a project and found these cables plugged in again. I used these cables to diagnose my problems. I am very sorry for my review. I was wrong. The problem was mine. The cables look great.

👤You're only getting half the sound if you plug your single 1/4" plug into your keyboard or mixer. Any patches with chorus will sound tinny. My guitar patch sounded thin. I was thinking that I might have to buy a second speaker to get my sound back. I didn't want to do that. I bought a dual 1/4"-to-XLR cable, and it made a huge difference. I can enjoy the same sound quality in my headphones, without the added cost and space requirements of a second powered speaker and stand.

👤The 2M version of this cable-dual male is called the XLR male. The barrels and cable seem to be of good quality. I use it to send my line out signal to where I need it to go in my studio. It was delivered to me on a Sunday. Awesome. So far, so good. Should anything go wrong in this review, I will update it. This review is helpful.

👤It's cheaper than a DI box for keyboards.

👤We needed a dual 1/4" to XLR cable to go from our mixing console's output to our 70v amplifier. The construction seems better than an average cable because of the colors, and it's easy to direct novices where to insert it. I wish I had bought a longer cable for my application, but it connects to additional cables when I need them. It was a good purchase.

👤The keyboard was connected to the sound system. It worked just like it should have.

👤This is what the doctor ordered for hooking up a computer, phone, and tablets to a PA sound board. Works well.

👤It works well and is made to last.

👤Good quality, reasonable price, does the job.

👤Ho cercato alla questo tipo di cavo e devo dire. I will jack all theuscita della mia tastiera Korg M1 due to soddisfatto perch. Soddisfatto per la cura della consegna.

👤I bought this a few months ago and didn't think much of it until someone asked me about it. I sent them the link to the product. It is advertised as being 2 meters long. It is not. It is approximately 42” long. I need to order a longer one. I need the cable to go all the way to the floor from a piece of equipment that is 48” off the ground. It works. The length was the wrong one.

11. Cable Matters 2 Pack Microphone Feet

Cable Matters 2 Pack Microphone Feet

The microphone cord is designed for microphones and other professional recording, mixing, and lighting equipment. Two-pack microphone cables are convenient and cost-effective, and can be used on a set of microphones or on different systems. Balanced mic cable is made with copper conductors that are oxygen-free and has a soft jacket. The copper braided shielding of the mic cables provides a high cancellation of noise and hum. The molded strain relief and grip treads increase the strength of the metal connection. The mic cord can be used with equipment with 3-pin XLR connections, such as shotgun microphones, studio harmonizers, mixing boards, patch bays, and speaker systems.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤I am giving this product a 1 star, but it should work for audio applications. The cable is made well. Why is it the 1 star? specifications are everything in my business and I am an engineer. If a supplier tells you one thing, you lose confidence in everything they say. In my hobby, I usually build my own cables because I need wires larger than 22 AWG, which seems standard for audio cables. The Cable Matters use 16 AWG in their cables. The wire gage shows the size of the copper part of the wire. 16 AWG is larger than 22 AWG. When I got the cables, I compared the internal wires to a piece of 22 AWG wire. In size, it's really similar. I compared it to a piece of 16 AWG. Since a larger wire wouldn't make a difference to a microphone, and would simply add weight and bulk, it makes sense that this is a standard audio cable. That is not what they advertised. I gave the item a 1 star because I dislike fake specifications, but what else did they get wrong?

👤I had a head-to-head with a very high end cord, a couple random XLR cords, and a very high end cord, all for around $20 each. Mogami is supposed to be the best for mass produced cords. A lot of insulation, good components and build. I'm not trying to push anyone toward it, just using it as a comparison. I compared them with two high end mics going through the same PreSonus Audiobox into my DAW. I used Low, Medium, and HighGain and compared them to the mics. I couldn't find a difference between this particular cheap cord and Mogami. The other cheapos made a lot of noise. Maybe they were older, because cheap cords bring in a lot of noise. This one did not. It seems to be well insulated. It looks like the Mogami in terms of size and components. I think the only thing missing from this cord is a lifetime, no-questions warranty. It's going to be great if you use it in a studio or in a way that doesn't involve plugging, unplugging, coiling, uncoiling, and traveling around with it. I was pleasantly surprised and this will be my go-to cord until I find something better. I was amazed at how it compared to the high-end brand.

👤These cables are free of interference and defects and are very nice quality. The cables I bought from CableMatters were very good quality and arrived very quickly. I was looking for a single cable, but I was going to end up with *2* cables for the price I was expecting to pay for a single cable. They came in a padded envelope and a single plastic bag, and the bag had a large label on it, warning the distributor that they are to stay packaged together in a pair. They've had issues with separation, which made me laugh because of the warning label. I just assembled one of these and disassembled the female end to check the assembly and material quality. It would be easy to take apart and reassemble. I wanted to make sure I got what CableMatters said they would sell, and I'm happy to say it looks like it. These cables are thickly insulated with copper braid shielding. I don't want to damage anything that's digging for it, so I couldn't see the foil under the copper braiding. Adding a layer of foil gives complete coverage against interference, but aided shielding provides a lower resistance path to ground. There are two conductors inside of the shielding that are very thin. I'm not sure what gauge it is, but I guess it's 24 or 26 AWG. The outermost layer of the cable should be made of a soft material. I don't know what the material is. It doesn't seem to hurt when I scratch it with my nail. The text on the website is printed at regular intervals in a very clear style, but it doesn't describe the ratings or properties of the cable, I would have liked to know that. The black plastic strain relief cones can be removed from the metal housings. The Neutrik XLR gold- plated connectors that have been painted in semi-gloss black do not have the NEUTRIK labels on the strain relief or housing, and have a small CableMatters logo opposite of the latched mechanism. I don't know which model line is which, and I can't be certain if they are NEUTRIK or just look the same. The plastic ring around the strain relief can be swapped for Neutrik's XXR-n color coding rings. If you order them from Mouser or Allied, they are currently priced at 0.25 each, but if you want them from an Amazon vendor, you can get them for $6 each with an additional $7 in shipping. I believe the paint is the same as the one on the industrial enclosures at work, except thinner. It's not a very tough paint, in my experience, it will probably be easy to scratch if you hit it against metal, but I think that it will be at least not going to have poor adhesion or just flake off, since it's thin. The wires and shielding are soldered to the pins and tab, and I was not able to remove the insulation from the pins, because the solder is shiny. The cables are probably assembled by hand. The sound through this cable is crystal-clear, even with my pre-amp's mic gain setting turned all the way to +60 dB. I can hear sparrows chirp and wind blow through my open window with my high gain set, but when I swap to my old cobbled-together cable, there is a lot of popping, a low hum, and everything going through my mic sounds horrible. I would like to compare it to a real cable. Also, note: I can't detect interference at full gain because my pre-amp has noise filters, but it's possible that some interference may still be getting picked up in this cable, because the amplifier is managing to filter it all out. I think this cable from CM blocks interference very well because the pre-amp doesn't filter much noise from my other cable.


What is the best product for microphone cord xlr to 1/4 8 ft. at best buy and walmart?

Microphone cord xlr to 1/4 8 ft. at best buy and walmart products from Tisino. In this article about microphone cord xlr to 1/4 8 ft. at best buy and walmart you can see why people choose the product. Monoprice and Tisino are also good brands to look for when you are finding microphone cord xlr to 1/4 8 ft. at best buy and walmart.

What are the best brands for microphone cord xlr to 1/4 8 ft. at best buy and walmart?

Tisino, Monoprice and Tisino are some of the best brands that chosen by people for microphone cord xlr to 1/4 8 ft. at best buy and walmart. Find the detail in this article. Disino, Gls Audio and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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