Best Best Zoom Camera Tripod

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1. AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod

AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod

If you are not satisfied with this laptop/desktop cam, Altetube will give you a full refund. Their customer service is always available for you, and they will always be responsible for the products they sell. The tripod is made of lightweight aluminum. The 3-way head allows for tilt and swivel motion. Fast transitions between shots are ensured by the quick-release plate. The legs are lever-lock for easy height adjustments. Measures up to 50 inches. Not recommended for use with heavy DSLR cameras.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The flimsy nature of this tripod is correctly stated in other reviews. If you want to improve stability, first, fully extend each leg section; then, push the section back into the larger section and lock it. You will lose 3 inches in height, but the tripod will be very stable. I bought 4 of these tripods and am very happy with them. Great value for the price. It is recommended.

👤I own a Gitzo tripod that is much more expensive than the one I paid for. You can't always carry a heavy tripod. I bought this to go on a rafting trip. It is light, sturdy and held my DSLR with a wide angle lens. During the quiet evening hours, I used it to take photos. I got some great shots of the stars. I was able to get several sharp photos of the stars using a remote shutter cable. I think the larger version would be more convenient to use, as I had to stoop a bit to take my shots with this model. I'm not sure if it would hold a DSLR with a telephoto zoom. The controls are crude, but work. I will find more uses for this tripod in the future. How light is this tripod?

👤Keep in mind that this is a lightweight tripod and that it costs a lot, so keep your expectations in check. It seems a bit fragile, so be gentle with the leg lever-locks and consider the tripod to be 'expendable'. I wanted a tripod that was light enough to hold a small camera. I removed the old head, drilled out the top plastic plug on the central tube, and slid a quarter-sized bolt from the far end of the tube to make a simpler tripod head. The new head added a couple of inches of height and my final weight was 22 ounces. I don't think I'll want to add homemade height extensions because of the 1/4-20 bolt mount. ... There is a We can all choose our own tripod head if you offer this tripod without a tripod head. The price should be the same or less. If the legs or lock levers are ever damaged, we can just order a new one and transfer our old tripod heads. ... I will update this review if there are quality issues.

👤The tripod was great at first, but then it became difficult to hold my camera. I have a $250 lens attached to my camera that was damaged when the tripod flipped backwards and lost control of holding it. The tripod is not recommended. I sent an email to Amazon as requested in the item description and included the required information. I received a response email from Efrain S. five days later, telling me that I did not provide the information I had stated in the initial email. I sent all the information again. It's been 2 days since and we haven't had a response. I jumped on the Amazon chat to find out where I was. After getting frustrated, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The person insisted on trying to help me, but they finally relented after asking someone else to help them. I have been waiting for someone to hop on the chat with me for 27 minutes. I called the customer service number to talk to someone because I am so angry. The person I was chatting with on the phone is named Aditya, it's just that he answers the phone. I asked to speak with a supervisor, but was told not to. I explained that I am not entertaining the idea of talking with just anyone and want to talk to a supervisor because I have already been getting jerked around for this issue. Alejandro F was amazing in listening to the issue and also correcting it, and finally I was able to speak with a member of the escalation team.

2. Concept Lightweight Compact Aluminum Panorama

Concept Lightweight Compact Aluminum Panorama

A camera stand for all cameras with high quality and convenient features. The tripod's weight includes the ball head. It's only 2.98 lbs, less than 4 cans drinks. The folded height is only 18.1'' (460mm),smaller than it would be if it was 180. The maximum height without the center column is 52.4'' (1330mm), which is enough stability and shooting height as far as possible. The min height is 16.1'' (410mm) to meet various shooting environment and photographic needs. Only one hand can open and close the buttons in a few seconds, with a powerful and quick flip leg lock. It's very easy to use and can save you time and focus on the shooting. The spring self-locking tube angle adjustment knob only needs to be pressed, released, and held down to adjust the angle of the tripod tubes. The large ball head ensures stability, the non-oil damping design allows the camera to rotate smoothly and accurately, and it's easier to take panoramic photos and give more stunning effects than the ultra wide angle lens. You need to buy a tripod mount ring or a telephoto lens bracket for better balance.

Brand: K&f Concept

👤Returned. The ball head is made of plastic. Heavy camera is not safe. I discovered the head was plastic and that it used to be aluminum. The item has been cheapened so you can't trust the reviews. There is an update. I received a new tripod. There are metal components again. I am satisfied with the product.

👤I only had 2 days in the field with this tripod before the plastic stripped knobs. The other knobs were made of metal. After it was stripped, it fell out of the mountains. The head mount on the tripod is no longer in place without the knob.

👤The plastic ball head was replaced with the aluminum one at some point in the manufacturing process. The rest of the tripod is very nice. The legs are locked for stability. The tripod is easy to use. The ball head is abysmal, and the tripod is only as stable as its weakest link. If you're using a DSLR, you should not trust it with a low density plastic ball head. If the primary anchor point of the tripod is made of plastic, it's not an aluminum tripod.

👤The K&H concept is an amazing tripod for photography, even though I was unsure of the quality at this price point. The pros and cons of this piece of equipment are listed below. I have been able to take a full panorama picture with my K&F Concept before some friends with twist locking leg tripods have been able to pull off a single shot. It's easy to make small adjustments and never slip. Even in winds, rock solid. The fact that this tripod is light enough to carry with you yet heavy enough to sustain moderate to somewhat heavy winds for long exposures makes it seem like an initial con. The tripod has a mounting hook for any weight, including hanging your camera bag. It works with my Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag. has a daily Messenger. When I slide the tripod into my camera bag, the padded leg acts as extra protection for my gear. This extra detail has made me bring this tripod with me more than any other tripod. - The ball head is amazing. The K&F Concept ball head is worth the price of admission. It is light and durable and can handle a lot of weight, but the ball head can't reach full portrait orientation without changing the heights of the legs. The snap locking legs make it easy to make adjustments. Customer service is swift and thorough. The K&F Concept is the tripod to go for at this price point. The support team is reliable and fast. I can't recommend this enough for newcomers or professionals looking to add a versatile yet affordable piece of kit to their collection. Well done K&H!

👤The legs are great but the head is not. The tripod works well without a replacement head. The boxes are checked for stability, lightweight, weight hook, and collapsible. There is a wonderful set of legs. The head is not the same as the rest of the body. A full plastic locking mechanism. A tripod head that wobbles defeats the purpose. The head can be easily replaced. I would recommend this tripod with a different ball head. I purchased the Ulzani tripod ball head for 30 dollars and it works great. I have no incentive to write a review. If you liked it, leave a helpful comment.

3. Concept Professional Horizontal Aluminium Portable

Concept Professional Horizontal Aluminium Portable

A walking stick alone or in a 2-in-1 tripod can make your photography more diverse. This monopod can be used to shoot multi-angles like low-angle shot and high-angle shot. The central column can be moved from 0 to 180 degrees to realize panorama shooting. The 25mm large diameter aluminum alloy tube has a load capacity of 22.06 lbs (10 kilogram) and provides security and stability support for your Canon camera. Compact & Flexible5 sections leg can adjust the height from 22'' to 67''; the N. weight with ball head is only 3.72 lbs, which is portable with a tripod carrying bag. The bubble level helps to judge the level and the accurate composition. It can be turned into a walking stick or a monopod to make your photography more diverse. You need to buy a tripod mount ring or a lens mount for the camera with the telephoto zoom lens.

Brand: K&f Concept

👤I will be using this with overhead product shots that I will be taking. I don't need any additional weight to support the tripod for my camera, as you can see in the video. The plastic used in the camera adapter plate seems to be durable for indoor use. It can be turned upside down if you wish to do so. I got it for overhead work and I'm excited to use it more.

👤I set the tripod up after I received it. The load limit was overstated immediately. If you want to avoid panicked uncertainty when mounting your camera, stick to apsc, because the whole thing flexed with light pressure from my hand. I messed around with the mount angle options and something loosened inside the top rod. I could hear the noise inside. The retaining nut for the main rod was pulled apart. I had an issue getting the main rod back through the leg assembly hole when I switched between top mounted and underslung. I broke the tripod in ten minutes. The leg extension clamps are weak and the ball head is cheap. I sent mine back because K&F has good budget options for gear, but this is not one of them.

👤I like the fact that this tripod is not carbon fiber. I live in Texas where the weather is very hot and noncarbon fiber tripods can burn your hands if you touch them. I think this is a very versatile tripod, it allows for easy travel. Setting up is much easier with the twist knobs because they extend out completely and you only have to make a quarter turn. The monopod mode allows for more flexibility while shooting. The tripod is lightweight and compact, which is great for traveling. It is a tripod that I would recommend and it fits in a good budget.

👤This piece of equipment is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to set up and take down. It gets a star for user experience, especially for non-professionals with their first tripod. The instructions were written in Chinese and then translated into English by a very early version of Google Translate. I was able to assemble the tripod and mount my camera thanks to the links on the Amazon site. I still don't know what piece of metal hardware is for, even after a couple of more days of getting the all wobbles out. Everything seems to work well without it. The system works well. If you can get past set-up, you can get a tripod at a reasonable price.

👤This is what it will be. The carry case is very nice. The ability to have the main rod lay out in the middle of the picture is a great feature that makes food shots, videos and animations a breeze. It's icing on a cake to use this tripod with a remote shutter release. The ball head is one of the best I have ever used, and one leg is easy to remove for a mono-pod. The main rod can be reversed for low to the ground shots, but it can be difficult to pull out and replace it through the main adjustment tube. It's important that you don't rush to do this. I could not have picked a better tripod. I own a Lumix GH5s. This tripod is easy to support. I think the two are a match made in heaven.

4. Concept Camera Tripod Compact Aluminum

Concept Camera Tripod Compact Aluminum

The package includes a tripod, phone holder, and rotation platform. The tripod is not intended for heavy camera setup, please use caution when using larger devices or rigs. The specially designed 28mm metal ball-head can be used to take photos at any angle, with two independent control knobs. It was convenient from 23'' to 78''. You can adjust the working height from 23.6'' to 78' in seconds with the Flexible Adjustment. The center column could turn to a different position for low angle shooting, and the ball head could set your camera to different angles easily. The portable tripod weight and load weight is 3.17 lbs. 78'' in height and easy to carry. This tripod is the best companion of your DSLR cameras and can hold heavier loads than similar products. A walking stick alone or in a 2-in-1 tripod can make your photography more diverse. This monopod can be used to shoot multi-angles like low-angle shot and high-angle shot.

Brand: K&f Concept

👤I have been able to try out many different types of camera equipment over the past few years. There are three big categories: travel, heavy-duty, and standard use. The tripod is designed to be in the third group. I use a couple of travel tripods that hold my Canon 5D Mark IV with a 70-200mm lens. Sometimes the smaller, lighter-weight tripods get the job done so you don't have to haul around the heavier standard size mounts. The design of the tripod was done by K&F Concept. It is very light at only 3.17 pounds, which is1-65561-65561-6556. The total height of the tripod is 78 inches, which is enough for any photograph you need to take. I am shooting a wedding in a couple of weeks and I want to shoot above the audience from the back of the venue. The necessary height is provided by this tripod at 78 inches. The numbers on the bottom dial are faded and printed in a very light color as the ball head moves easily. It is hard to read in studio lighting. I think that the numbers should be printed in a bright color. The quick-release flip-locks have very sharp edges. I tried to open one of the legs and the edge of the lock clipped my finger and I started bleeding. I was surprised to see a sharp edge on the finished product. The center column was an issue I found. I could push the column down even though I tightened it. I was only pushing down with force. I like that the feet have spikes on them. This gives a lot of traction out in nature. It was a welcome surprise with the design and it was not something you would see on every tripod. The K&F Concept 78-inch Camera Tripod is a good tripod for beginners. I believe that professional-level photographers will find the same flaws that I did. I think that any level of photographer can use this, especially in places where it might be destroyed. It is a good backup tripod.

👤Before I get into it, let me just say that I loved it! It was all I expected. When you receive a product that is perceived as new but actually used, it's really offensive. I received my package and knew I was going to return it. The box was broken, the tripod was in a plastic bag which was not sealed, and the case was dirty. I don't understand why Amazon would send a used product to me. I ordered a replacement and didn't ask for a refund. The tripod is easy to adjust and sturdy, so I'm going to give it another try. Is it a good idea to recommend it? Absolutely, as long as it's new. If I get a new review, I'll be willing to change my review to 5 stars.

👤This is a very early review. I got my K&F S210 78 tripod two days ago and have been testing it at home. I use a large lens and a camera for my photography. The tripod feels secure right off the bat. I have no fear that my camera will fall off, as it did to me. It's not perfect. 1. The center column isn't perfectly centered. I used a bubble level to check it out. It is off when fully extended and stanting on the metal tips, but not much, and I know some people that wouldn't like it. 2. It should be a lot better. The resistance of the head is not controlled by the knob. It is able to pan ot not. I've tried to make fine adjustments on that knob, but the movement just becomes "bumpy", like there was something making the head get stuck, but that's it. There is no control over how tight the pan is. 3. The camera plate needs to be tightened. I was worried that I could damage the lens foot if I didn't tighten it with the included allen key. I'd love if it had a pin on the plate that fit in the foot's grooves, so it wouldn't move. There is a I like this tripod so far. I feel like this tripod is stable and safe, and that's what matters to me, not the issues I've mentioned before. I'm going to take it with me on a field trip and test it in a lot of different conditions. I'll update this review if there is something new. It's been a few weeks since my super early review and I feel I have used the tripod enough to really know all the details. The issue with the knob is getting annoying. I tighten it enough to prevent it from moving, but I ended up moving it away from my sibject while adjusting the camera settings because it wasn't locked. It's not a big deal, but once you have everything set, you really want to press the shutter and not have to re frame the shot. The ball head is getting loose. It's not bad. I definitely feel the difference. I really wanted to love this tripod, but it's too much to have issues with both tilt and pan. I don't intend to change the tripod's head. It's a travel tripod. Not the most expensive. I would rather invest in a better unit. I lost my allen key. I knew it was going to happen. I carry a few of them with me, so it didn't become a big deal. I've seen uktra cheap tripods with a plastic thingy attached to the key so it's not one more small thing on your backpack that can be lost in the heat of the moment. I'm giving this tripod 3 stars. I got what I paid for. There's only one real problem with it's head and one potential problem for the future that may or may not become an issue.

5. GorillaPod Flexible Tripod Mirrorless Cameras

GorillaPod Flexible Tripod Mirrorless Cameras

The large ball head ensures stability, the non-oil damping design allows the camera to rotate smoothly and accurately, and it's easier to take panoramic photos and give more stunning effects than the ultra wide angle lens. You need to buy a tripod mount ring or a telephoto lens bracket for better balance. Stand strong. This tripod is lightweight and durable. Professional cameras can be secured with the foot grips and wrappable legs. They hold their stance to any surface. There is a containment superhero perSPECTIVE. The Gorilla Pod is a tripod that allows you to look at life from a different perspective. You can expand the range of shots you can capture with easy maneuverability and precise positioning. Round down. You will never have a shaky shot if you get ultra-stable and have over two dozen leg joints. The impossible shot can be made possible by the ability of the Gorilla Pod to secure equipment up to 6.6 lbs. Set up with ease. This tripod is lightweight and can be taken anywhere. The quick release plate stays connected to your camera, so you can interchange easily. Hold on tight with the tripod mount. It was made to last. It is made of Japanese medical-grade plastic, German TPE, and a variety of other materials that are durable. You can use it with your camera to capture the good moments of life.

Brand: Joby

👤This is an important review for me. I didn't know enough about the product I ordered. The ball head is necessary for it to work properly, but I didn't order it. The tripod is too light. The legs of my cameras were not stable. I will give a good review to JOBY. I ordered the larger tripod and the ball head. I gave that rig a 5 star review. Don't be cheap. You can see the photo attachment. The one to get is on the right. My advice is not to get this cheaper, smaller tripod, it has gray foot pads and gray colored bands. You will be happy if you buy the bigger, more expensive one. The model has metallic links, black bands and black foot balls. Works well. JOBY tripods are great, but you should get a tripod that supports your camera. You'll be happy you spent some money.

👤I've used this to hold a camera on a trip. It can be wrapped around a lamppost, fence, deck railing, tree, or anything else that you can get its legs around. I haven't encountered that yet, but I have read that the leg will crack or break, but I haven't seen that yet. You have to be careful not to bend the legs in an unnatural position. Don't try to over do it, there are limits. This is small, but not lightweight. In museums and mountain hikes, I carried it in a jacket pocket. You have a tripod mount if you put a ball head on it. For 3 or 4 lbs. cameras, the larger Gorilla Pods work great.

👤My complaint is always the same, I've used several of these "gorilla Pod" like tripods now. If you bend them into shapes, it can take some time to realign them. This one was the same. I used the tripod for about four years. It didn't get a lot of use. I don't know how it would hold up. I decided I didn't want to bring a camera with me when I travel so it held up well. I use my phone more and more. This isn't compatible with my phone. If you need to rig a camera like a Go Pro, then this works well.

👤I checked the weight against my Canon 6D with 24-105 and the tripod supports DSLR only when upright. It doesn't hold when you try to secure it on a tree branch. The joints in Arizona became loose in the heat and were not even upright. I will suggest you buy a higher grade than you think you need, if you try next level up.

👤I had an older version of this tripod that I liked so much that I had to get a new one for my dSLR. I used it with the Ball Head and my Sony Alpha 35 and it did not show any signs of straining under the weight. It has a significantly higher weight capacity than the one I had before. The legs are stiff because of that. The Ball Head is almost a necessity because it is so stiff. You're not going to be able to make fine adjustments to the legs; only consider them good for coarse adjustments - gripping on to things, etc. The Ball Head makes it easy to get the camera positioned. Even when wet, the rubber feet hold up. I put them on the wet plastic surface and they slid on it. I am wondering how long it will take for one of the joints to crack, since that happened to me last time. Hopefully, this won't happen, but it's still a concern. Before you mount anything to it, keep in mind that it has a 3/8" thread adapter on top of the standard screw. If it's too snug, you can take it off with your fingers or a flathead screwdriver. I'm happy. This is what I was looking for, I didn't want to carry a huge tripod into the field with me. This is portable and provides a stable platform for long exposure shots.

6. AmazonBasics WT0352G Lightweight Mini Tripod

AmazonBasics WT0352G Lightweight Mini Tripod

Not recommended for use with heavy DSLR cameras. The tripod has metal legs and rubber feet. It's compatible with small digital cameras, but not DSLRs, and it works well for a webcam on your desk. For optimal performance, the max load weight is 1.1 lbs. It is small and lightweight for travel. The ball head is small and can be used for rotation and tilt. The tripod has metal legs and rubber feet. It works well with most of theWebcam on your desk, but not with small digital cameras.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Not bad for a small tripod. You can't tighten the legs, but you need a lot of pressure to make them lower from where you set them to, and if it weighs that much it should be on a hardier tripod. The seat doesn't sit at 90-degrees when you tilt it straight up, and 90-degrees when you shift it to the side.

👤This seems like a perfect tripod for a budget desktop. It is more difficult than the money saved on this. The tripod is working. It's strong. The weight of the webcams makes the top part unlock so you will have to fight with gravity to get the camera to lock in place. As soon as you think you've got it locked and good to go, there is a mechanic that slips and your camera is looking at the ceiling. Again. Unless you want your tripod to look at the ceiling, I wouldn't recommend this.

👤I picked up the tripod to use with the newWebcam I just bought. My monitor is on a raised shelf, so my oldWebcam pointed down towards me. Some people thought I looked weird because I looked up at it above my glasses. I can put my tripod-mounted webcam on the shelf where my monitor sits and have it face me straight on. I was surprised at how small the tripod was, but it worked out perfectly for me. You don't get any instructions in the box, but it isn't hard to figure it out. You mount your camera to the screw on top and then use the dumaflache on the side to hold that position. There is no worry about the tripod falling over if you extend the legs. I could carry this thing in my front pocket without a problem. If you want to mount your phone on this thing, you need a special piece of equipment, but I can do it with my camera. I am very happy with the tripod.

👤Are you ready to read my review about the AmazonBasics lightweight mini tripod? The PROs seem to be pretty durable. It is made out of metal and has a tripod look. I have a logitech c920 and I like that my web cam works with this tripod. You use the nut wheel to tighten it up after it was screwed on. There is an adjustment to position it almost any way you want it to be. Each leg had rubber feet on it. I wish this had been a little taller, I ordered it thinking it was going to be 8 inches tall. It would have looked better if the legs were all the same color, instead of one black section and the rest silver. If you're looking for a small product that can hold a camera on a desk or table, this is the one for you. The product was easy to use. If you found the review helpful, please let us know.

👤I bought this for my vacation and didn't feel like packing a tripod. I wanted to take long exposure photos of the stars when my dad and I stayed on top of the mountain. We had to ride dirt bikes for 4 miles in order to get to the trail head because the roads were too ruff for most vehicles. The little guy did a great job. It was light and small. I could just put it in a pocket on my backpack and use it to take some decent photos, since my camera is a point and click so it wasn't going to be National Geographic worthy.

7. Qubo Mini Tripod Camera Holder

Qubo Mini Tripod Camera Holder

It was made to last. It is made of Japanese medical-grade plastic, German TPE, and a variety of other materials that are durable. You can use it with your camera to capture the good moments of life. The portable universal kit has a small tripod for the camera. A tripod is in a bag. You will always have a tripod for cell phone, mini tripod, camera tripod, and desktop tripod. The legs of the tripod have height lock and rubber supports. The mini tripod, projector stand, and small phone tripod are included. A tripod stand for a cell phone is a great gift.

Brand: Qubona

👤My wife is also a photographer and I have accumulated a lot of photographic equipment, including five tripods. The majority of them are full-size platforms. I like them, but they are too much for me when I don't want to carry a lot of gear. I have an extension rod but it can be more than needed. I was looking for a small tripod and found this model. I didn't expect a product as good as I received for the low price. The Qubo tripod's quality is better than I expected. The inner, machined aluminum legs are covered by plastic, extendable legs that provide a bit more height and stability with a wider footprint. They lock with the red button. The lower deck has a small platform with a standard screw for use with virtually all cameras and phone holders. The ball head is removed with the same screw. The ball head has a brake on it. It is a very stable platform for small cameras and phones. Is it possible to put a full-size DSLR on it? The ball-head's capacity and stability will be strained by a long lens. I don't shoot macro, but I wouldn't think of using this tripod to do that. You can use a larger camera, but I recommend using a 2 second shutter delay to eliminate shake. This is an excellent choice for video or snapshot use.

👤It could be catastrophic, so I was leading with my experience. I was attaching a zero weight item to the ball head using a finger wheel and noticed that it wasn't getting tight. It was wobbly and partially threaded. The threaded piece that is attached to the finger wheel came out when I removed it. It didn't look like it was glue. If I hadn't caught it, the ball head would have hit the ground if I hadn't done a test shoot. It looks like a design flaw to not have a glue or retention system for the threaded metal piece that is attached to whatever item you are using. The little red rubber plate seems to be intended to hold the threaded piece. It's not strong enough to do that. I understand that it's cheap. That is not an excuse for a flaw like this.

👤The mini tripod is perfect for my application. There are two levels of extensions. One at 8 inches and the other at 10 inches. The push button extension is very convenient. The tilt ball can be loosened or locked down by a knob on the front. The platform can hold any device or holders. I use it for my iPad and it also has a phone holder that can be expanded. I use it on my work counter to hold my phone or iPad to take pictures.

👤I was happy with my purchase. I wanted something that was lightweight and strong for my Sony a6500. I like the look and feel of it.

👤The Qubo table-top tripod is very well made, sturdy, and has one major advantage over its higher priced name brand competitor, which is the ability to remove the ball head and mount another one if you want. The hinged legs are snug and do not flop around like some other brands at this price point. The ball head is made of high quality material. I locked it down with no problems after I mounted an Olympus E-M1 mkii and 12-40mm F/2.8 lens on it. I bought two tripods and the legs lock into position. The collar on the base has two settings, A and B, for higher and lower angle photography. The normal higher setting is what the collar turned to be. When the collar is turned to the right, the legs can play out flatter for lower angle photography closer to the ground. This tripod is well worth the money, it is a versatile tripod.

8. UBeesize Bluetooth Compatible Projector Spotting

UBeesize Bluetooth Compatible Projector Spotting

This tripod can be adjusted to fit a range of different user heights, and can be used to compose your photos more creatively than ever before. There are multiple shooting angles. It adjusts to multiple shooting angles in only a few seconds thanks to its versatile central mechanism, which allows you to discover your potential and shoot like never before. The tripod has a rotating phone holder that fits most phones. It comes with a Wireless remote that you can use to take photos and video from a distance. UNIQUE PREMIUM DESIGN Their tripod is made of high-quality materials, technological expertise and innovation, and is ready to support photographers in every stage of their work, thanks to its superior Italian design and high-quality materials. A camera stand for all cameras with high quality and convenient features.

Brand: Ubeesize

👤The tripod is very sturdy. The quick release mounting plate and cell phone holder are great features. The self adjusting feet are a nice addition. I would recommend this tripod to my friends. There are many great features and a solid build.

👤This is the best tripod I have ever gotten, I have tried many different brands, and I instantly fell in love with this one. It is so sturdy. Theirs. There are many ways to adjust the tripod to get a perfect photo. I could go on about how cool the features are on the tripod, but I want to list some of my favorite ones. You can adjust many angles and see if your tripod is level. It comes with a bag and a button that connects with your phone, so you don't have to set a timer, and it has a tripod that is great for the price.

👤This is the tripod that you need if you want a high value tripod for your camera or phone. I was looking for a light weight item that I could throw in my car. I didn't want to get upset if it was taken or damaged by my kids. This extends my phone to 6 feet high. It pivots as well. If you are tracking active kids, this will handle that. The legs are strong. It doesn't feel cheap. The indicator is accurate. The phone holder has an easy to grip thumb screw. You don't have to worry about your phone falling out because it's not spring loaded. It fit my phone with an inch to spare. Highly recommend for the money. The carrying case is nice.

👤I was very disappointed that the website did not match the device. I bought a device that didn't have a brand on it, not on the bag, or on the device at all, even though they said it had Ubeesize on it. The description on this website states that the phone clamp is not the one they show. I had to return it because it was a different one, the old ones were very uncomfortable. The actual product is very different from what is described here.

👤I thought it would be like this tripod. It is very sturdy. I don't know what all of the adjustment knobs do. It was easy to attach the phone to the plate. It's nice to have that arm adjust the camera. I didn't know it would come with a remote to take pictures. I was surprised by the remote. It was easy to link and it snapped a photo. What a change! I will be able to take many family photos with this tripod. So happy.

👤The legs on the camera base were disconnected after the tripod was opened. I discovered the tripod's snap together design allowed the leg to come out of the joint freely, but I was able to manipulate it back into place and take some initial test shots. One of the extension tubes fell out of the leg this morning. I tried to reassemble the tube, but found that the locking mechanism no longer worked, and it now slides freely in and out. I've tried flipping the locking sleeve several times, but it doesn't make a difference. At this point, I assume that part of the leg is lost. The brand-new tripod is useless at this point. I've spent a lot of time fooling around with the problems with the tripod. I'll be returning the tripod after contacting support. I don't think it's a good idea. The manufacturer contacted me and offered to compensate me for the tripod that was faulty. I will update my rating and comment once this is done.

9. Fugetek Lightweight Removable Smartphone Compatible

Fugetek Lightweight Removable Smartphone Compatible

The lightweight tripod is portable. The Tripod is lightweight and can be used with consumer digital cameras. A quality portable tripod. The weight is under 2 LBs. Use for photos, video calls, and livestream. Any height can be adjusted. Quick flip locks can be extended from 16 to 54 inches. Quickly. It works in different situations indoors and outdoors. The wireless bluetooth remote is fast connected. It can be done up to 30 Ft away. It's compatible with all of the above devices. It's incompatible with some cameras and the iPad. There is a new version of the phone, the 4.3 or newer. For the Apple device. TheZoom works on limited devices. A+ CONSTRUCTION & MATERIALS. It is made of high quality aluminum. It is easy to carry. Not recommended for professional use. SMOOTH PAN HEAD MOVEMENT: It's easy to rotation head. Pan is used for creative angles. Customer service from their Houston office is friendly.

Brand: Fugetek

👤The Spanish say that cheap stuff is more expensive at the end. I was looking for a cheap tripod. I decided to go with this one because of the reviews. I was wrong. I left it alone for a few minutes after setting it up, but it tipped over and fell. The camera is no longer working. The lens is broken. This piece of garbage has thrown away $800 dollars worth of equipment. Don't buy this junk if you value your things. I wish someone would have told me that.

👤I love this tripod, it is perfect for my Canon Powershot, it does not tilt with it or anything. I haven't tried the remote yet. I only use the tripod for videos on the internet. I probably won't need the remote all the time. If you have a camera bigger than the Canon g7x, I suggest you find something else to hold it. The tripod is perfect for small cameras.

👤I didn't like this product at all. I was disappointed when I read the review that said it extended higher than they had expected, but I thought I'd extended it as high as it would go. The top neck part also extends. I was very excited. I bought this to hold my camera so I can take my own pictures, but I have mostly used it to show Marco Polo videos of me competing with my kids. The part that holds your phone is large and sturdy, and I was excited to see that.

👤If you don't use a tripod all the time. The Fugetek tripod is a good choice. It was easy to set up. I didn't expect the height to be what it is. The ones used by the best photographers are almost like those professional ones. There are other ones that are more expensive. This is perfect for someone who is just getting into taking pictures, and for a price. The remote works well with it. I can't comment on the longevity of it. I will have to see. It is not dead. Also for people who use a phone. The extension can hold almost every phone size. I have a phone. Plus. It holds it well. Just loosen the screw. Put your phone in. You're good to go if you screw it down. Throw away those sticks. If you want to take a picture of yourself, you don't need another person to do it. The Fugetek tripod is strong. No matter where you are standing, you have all the angles of selfies. One thing. Make sure you have something to hold the tripod down. The tripod is similar to many others. Light is like a twig.

👤I take about a million pictures of my baby every week and I was having issues with slight blurriness. I bought this because it will give my phone a steady platform and allow me to be in some pictures. It works well. It was very easy to set up my phone with the remote. I have already taken over a dozen pictures and the blur is gone. I'm very happy with this product. There is a slight lag between when the button is pushed and when the picture is taken. It has not been an issue with me, but it is something to be aware of. I don't know how to make the zoom function work. That could be a mistake. Overall, a great investment for my amateur shoots.

10. NexiGo Lightweight Extendable Compatible Streaming

NexiGo Lightweight Extendable Compatible Streaming

SMOOTH PAN HEAD MOVEMENT: It's easy to rotation head. Pan is used for creative angles. Customer service from their Houston office is friendly. The tripod stand has three levels of height. The height can be extended from 3-13 inches. The ball-joint on the tripod allows for up to 90-degree tilt. The tripod is made of highly-durable plastic and has rubber pads on it to help it stay stable. The weight is just 0.24 lbs. With a foldable height of 6.4 inches, this tripod is easy to carry when traveling, hiking, or camping, allowing you to take photos of the whole family and capture those precious moments. The tripod uses a standard screw. This fits most of the cameras. You can mount a phone or other device for multiple shooting needs with the included smartphone mount. The package includes a tripod, phone holder, and rotation platform. The tripod is not intended for heavy camera setup, please use caution when using larger devices or rigs.

Brand: Nexigo

👤A ball swivel camera mount would cost more, but for a cell phone mini tripod set this is decent. The tripod is quite good and the cell phone holder works great. When the lock screw is loosened, the ball swivel gets loose and sloppy, but it gets tight again once you tighten the lock screw. There is a set screw opposite the lock screw that serves as an interference stop to keep the loose base. I am using this to film my channel and it works, and for $16 it deserves 4 out of 5 stars. The base needs a taller shoulder that slides into the collar with a recess for the set screw and a different location for the set screw to engage that recess. There was no additional material. It would make the collar connection much more secure.

👤This was the second attempt at finding a lightweight tripod that could hold my new phone for 6 months in the mountains and 2660 miles of hiking. If you want a small action camera or phone that you can use for normal activities like zoom calls and occasional photo opportunities, then this is a good option for the price. The problem is not with the quality or construction of the tripod, but with the weight of my phone and the extremes it will face. It wouldn't take much more than a breeze to tip it over and I was hoping the base would be wide enough to overcome the top heaviness of my phone but not a chance. It wouldn't be as much of a problem if you used a web cam. I wouldn't recommend using larger phones in uncontrollable environments. It does feel cheap and the flexibility of the plastic doesn't equate to what I would consider to be sturdy. All the positive reviews convinced me that I should have known better. I was desperate to find something.

👤Does what I need to hold a phone or aWebcam for small group meetings. It is small and compact, sturdy for the purpose, has screw slots in the right places, and we like the small position ball that tightens/locks. It is easy to fit into the laptop carry bag. I bought a plastic lazy Susan on Amazon to place the tripod on so that we can use a narrower angle web cam to see people around the tables, and it's so convenient that we can stream our meetings so quickly.

👤I wanted a slimmer tripod for my desk. The tripod is useless because the screw at the top of the shaft popped out. The base has a screw that can be used to mount parts. If you want a very low stand, the remaining parts outside the shaft can be used. This would have gotten 3 stars, except for one big surprise, the seller would not require the product to be returned.

👤The tripod exceeded my expectations. The tripod's legs make it easy to store the main shaft, which holds your camera/phone. You can choose to use or not use the included ball sockets, they are removeable and have a tension adjustment. The phone holder that screws onto the ball sockets is icing on the cake. The phone attachment is lined with soft rubber so it won't scratch the item being held, and I'm using it to hold an odd-sized Logitech webcam. It's easy to use any camera accessory with the tripod because it's your standard camera mount screw size. The height adjustment is very easy to use, and you just twist the shaft of the tripod to lock it at the desired height. 10/10 would buy again.


What is the best product for best zoom camera tripod?

Best zoom camera tripod products from Amazon Basics. In this article about best zoom camera tripod you can see why people choose the product. K&f Concept and K&f Concept are also good brands to look for when you are finding best zoom camera tripod.

What are the best brands for best zoom camera tripod?

Amazon Basics, K&f Concept and K&f Concept are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best zoom camera tripod. Find the detail in this article. K&f Concept, Joby and Qubona are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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