Best Best Zester for Lemons And

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1. Citrus Zester Grater Channel Knife

Citrus Zester Grater Channel Knife

LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. They are confident in the quality and function. Send it back if you don't like it. The tool is perfect for creating a citrus flair. The holes for the zester are very sharp. The channel knife is easy to use. The Channel knife is specially designed to be at the same direction with the handle in order to create garnishes. The Soft-touch Handle has a comfortable, soft grip and fits securely in your hand. The hanging loop is easy to use. It won't take up a lot of space and can be stored in a drawer. The lemon zester is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. They provide a 90-day guarantee on all of their products. If there is a problem with the items within 90 days, please contact them. They are confident in the quality and function. Send it back if you don't like it.

Brand: Kitchendao

👤I replaced my old one with a different type. When using it, I need to be careful not to grate it. I bought this one after giving up. It is easy to use. It is easy to clean. Excellent results. Couldn't be happier that my husband tried this and had problems. He was using the wrong side. He was very happy with the result after he flipped.

👤This is the best. It's easy to hold. It cuts deep so you don't have to go over it multiple times. Love it. The seller gave hints and tips on how to use it. Very impressed with this company.

👤I used to have a hard time grating lemon or lime. The zester is much easier to use. It makes cooking so much faster because of getting so much more yield.

👤This thing is great. I hated lemons because I didn't get a lot. But with this? It is just easier. I like the long pieces more than the crumbly ones. I can either chop it with a knife or leave the bigger pieces in. It is well made and sturdy. It is easy to use.

👤I had to throw my old zester in a different way. This one is easy to use. It makes great lemon zests. I think it's a good idea.

👤It was well made. The channel knife and zester are both strong and sharp. The grip is easy to hold and not slippery. I make energy balls with either lemon or orange zest and I get a lot more juice with this tool than I do with a grater. I would highly recommend anyone to do that.

👤I was hoping it would be easier to grate lemons.

👤This is a great addition to a gourmet kitchen.

2. Upgraded Zester Cheese Grater Stainless

Upgraded Zester Cheese Grater Stainless

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, that's all you need to be sure that AdeptChef offers complete customer satisfaction. They will replace or refund your order if you are not completely satisfied with your product. Contact them. They will take care of you. The lemon zester is the largest known one and is 15 inches long and has a large grinding surface. The 10 secondary solder joints added can prevent the blade from falling off. The blade of their cheese may scratch your hand. 3 anti-cut finger cots are prepared for wearing on the fingers that are easy to scratch or for other uses, which is not hot in summer and convenient for storage. It is easy to use Natome peelers in the kitchen because it saves you time in creating delicious meals. It is possible to zester lemon, Nutmeg, ginger, garlic, chocolate, Coconut, fruit, and even nutmeg, cinnamon or Parmesan Cheese with the specially designed Razor SharpStainless Steel blade. It is easy to clean and store cheese graters. It is possible to rinse the ginger grater under water or put it in a dishwasher. The hanging hole on the handle can be hung with other kitchen tools. NATOme lemon zesters have obtained certification. They are always ready to help you. If there is a problem with the product, they will provide a replacement. Customer satisfaction is their primary goal.

Brand: Natome

👤Due to Covid-19 and the closing of restaurants, we signed up for HelloFresh to liven up our diet. It seems like every other recipe has something. We tried a few times with our cheese grater and decided to try this out. It works better than the cheese grater. We just put ours in the dishwasher.

👤I wanted to make lemon rind for cooking. I have a lemon tree that was well fruited and I was able to accomplish what I wanted. It made taking the rind easy and fast. You need to take the colored park and not the white part of the skin orrind. I would buy it again. Cleans up quickly.

👤The lemon and lime and orange peel is cut too deeply into the grater and it takes a lot of the bitter part of the peel with it. I have to be careful when I use the grater to remove the thin layer of zest. It is good for grating ginger garlic and for grating a small amount of hard cheeses, but I bought it for the purpose of grating. It is difficult to get the materials off the grate. They included a brush, but it doesn't work well. I don't think this is a good idea for grating.

👤I like my zester because it is easy to use and works well. The added finger protection made me feel less worried because the grater is very sharp. It is so easy to create a lemon flavor. I bought a handheld cheese grater to make my baked goods taste better. I think this is a great idea.

👤I am sad. I needed this for my cooking and dehydrating. I bought it because of the reviews and the extra touches. The zester is large enough to work, but not all of the bonus things that are supposed to be in there are. I got a box with a plain zester. No gloves, no cleaning brush.

👤I like this one. It is perfect for grating cheese and even for Nutmeg. The brush allows for the whole thing to end up in my recipe. I am not wasting anything. The cover for storage is helpful because it is super sharp.

👤I absolutely adore this animal. I was grating my block cheese with a box grater and it was very messy. This is easy to use and clean. When I used it to grate some cheese, the process was very smooth. I love this so much that I'm always looking for things to dislike. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤I needed a sharp zester for lemons and limes. The bonus finger protectors came in handy as the zester is very sharp. It came with a small brush which helped with dislodging the peel. It was half the price of other products and a real bargin.

👤Product works well, does a good job and is easy to clean. Happy with the purchase. Finger protectors should be replaced with a glove that stays put.

3. Talisman Designs 3115 BPA Free Stainless

Talisman Designs 3115 BPA Free Stainless

We suggest you wipe and clean the grater after use. This versatile, safe, and easy to use lime and lemon grater is made with dual grater technology that provides even coverages to get the most out of your citrus fruit every time. Protect your hands. The design protects your hands while you are fruiting. Put fruit inside the zester and close it so it hugs the fruit. It is necessary to twist with confidence. It's easy to use the antidote tool. Once you are done with your fruit cutting, place the tool in a dish and leave to get the last drop of juice out for your salad dressing, lemon curd, or cocktail. The lemon zester is easy to store in a kitchen drawer or cabinet because of its compact design, even though it is big enough to do the job. The material is durable. The small tool is made of plastic and steel. Place it in the dishwasher for a quick clean-up. Cleaning up the kitchen is not worth the time.

Brand: Talisman Designs

👤Poor execution, a great concept. I agree with the majority of people who said that the design interfered with the action required to turn the lemon. Maybe a bigger lemon would work. The device can be adjusted. The lemon peel needs to be dry. Smaller fingers would allow you to turn the lemon/lime. I have small hands and fingers. I couldn't turn the lemon at the same time because I didn't have a firm grip on it. The cheese peeler is shaped like a potato. I saw one with that shape advertised.

👤I was excited to get this but I realized it was a terrible product. If it's bigger or smaller, you're out of luck. There is only one strip around the middle of the lemon that can be zested.

👤It was hard for me to hold because it was small. I tried a small lemon and it didn't do well. It was hard to hold without touching the blade, which made it not work for me as a juicer. Great idea, but not perfect.

👤This is a great idea, but it needs some work. It's too small for lemons and limes you buy at the grocery store. It's not possible to get a good grip on either the lemon or the tool to twist it. The juicer is small. I went back to my microplane and hand held juicer, which is the kind you put half a lemon or lime in, close and squeeze. I'll be looking for a new and improved version.

👤It was impossible to hold the lemon inside the zester. Lemon can't be turned to lemon juice once it's in the juice container. It isn't built correctly. Completely useless. The money was wasted. I requested a refund, but it was never picked up by Amazon. I'm stuck with junk at a time when we're all watching our money closely.

👤I read that it was hard to grasp the lemon, but I thought it was worth a try. It is a problem, they were correct. I kept at it because I hated it. For me, there is a solution. I only use half of the unit. You have plenty of lemon grip area if you leave it open or snap it. It works better than a normal zester for me. YMMV

👤Don't waste your money. Unless you have a lot of time, it doesn't work. Too hard to turn.

👤I couldn't spin the lemon or lime because it was wrapped around the zester. I was able to open the zester and use one side. If I could hold the fruit, this little zester would work quickly.

👤It won't fit in unless you have small limes. It wouldn't remove the rind from the smaller one. You have to pay for your own postage when you return a product, even though it's less than the cost of the product. The product is garbage.

👤As advertised, it was as good as advertised, but not ideal.

👤I couldn't get a shred of lime zest with this tool. Very disappointed.

4. ILJILU Zester Stainless Kitchen Channel

ILJILU Zester Stainless Kitchen Channel

Lemons, lime, oranges, thick-skinned fruits and vegetables are easy to peel. Size: 1 inch, 2.5 inch, 2 inch, 6.5 inch, and 0.8 inch. The package included a lemon peeler. Even with light pressure, cutting to deep. It s very sharp and you won't need much effort. You won't feel hand cramps with the unique rounded style handle. It is easy to clean. Place it under the water.

Brand: Lxnoap

👤Do not buy from the other reviewers. The piece that is supposed to cut into the rind glides over it because it is not sharp. The point is the same thickness as the corners, but it is a little bent out. I used a fresh lemon, a 2 week old lemon and some 2 week old oranges. This drags on. I was able to get it going a few times because I dug a starter hole. I'm looking for another.

👤I got a bad one. The mine was made without quality control. The front edge of the cutting edge is not sharp enough to cut ribbons. Don't buy something from a store that isn't local. They need your business more. Buy local. I missed the window to return the gift I bought.

👤Most of the time you don't want to look for very even zest, and the $6 tool is a good one. The channel knife is the main reason for the lower rating. The channel knife part of the tool is almost useless because it is shallow, cuts out narrow twists, and even more even. Yes, it is worth the money. If you want a dedicated channel knife, go for it.

👤I gave my son the nice one. Decided to give it a try. It is comfortable to hold and looks good, but it doesn't sparkle. It takes a long time for the zing to come out.

👤I saw an ad for a tool that looked like it could be used with butter. I decided this would do just as well for about a fourth of the price. I'm happy to say it works. This works great if you want to use lemon, lime, or orange in your recipe. If you want to spread butter, try this. You will be happy!

👤I bought this to get more juice from my fruit, but I prefer using a cheese grater. I think it's possible that I was using it wrong, but it only worked if the fruit was firm. I destroyed most of the fruit because I had to push so hard to get the thing to work and the side part was dull. I bought a microplane that worked well. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's always possible. I missed something.

👤I've never used a better zester. Once you figure out how to use it, it will become your primary tool. It is easy to clean.

5. BelleGuppy Zester Cheese Grater Stainless

BelleGuppy Zester Cheese Grater Stainless

The handle is soft and comfortable. A kitchen tool is a must have. Their grateer can be used to grate fruits like lemons, limes, parmesan, ginger, coconut, orange, chocolate, and spices. High-quality steel ladle. The blade of the lemon zester is made of a high-quality premium steel that will not rust over time. The Food zester is built to last and has a non-slip silicone foot, which makes it easy to use. It is easy to clean and store. It has never been easier to clean it, you can either do it by hand or in the dishwasher. The protective cover on the grater is easy to put on and off. The hole in the handle makes it easy to store. Their promise is to give complete costumers satisfaction. If you don't like your product, just let them know and they will replace it or give you a new one. They care for you.

Brand: Belleguppy

👤A friend of mine uses a small grate to grate cheese. I decided to get him a real zester and settled on this one. The plastic cover made it easy to pull it out, and the cheery yellow color made me happy. The size makes the job quicker. This is the tool for you if you want to grating chocolate as a dessert or lemon/lime zest for a recipe. The people at Belle Guppy are friendly to deal with. I would definitely buy from them again.

👤I wish I had this when I was younger. The first time I used it, it was very easy to grating. This grater made it easy to grate ginger, which is hard to chop. I cook ginger every week. I don't want the big chucks in my meals. I don't want to throw in a large chopper when I only need one clove of clove, but the grater does a great job of giving me fine finished nuts, cheese, ginger, garlic, chocolate and other items that I don't want to throw into a large chopper. It comes with a little cleaning brush that can be used to clean the grater. You can put the cover to keep in your kitchen drawer once you are done washing. I was able to grate my ginger and garlic without touching the grating surface because of the cover. It protects your hands when grating. It's easy to grate fine on even small pieces, easy to clean, small and compact, easy storage and safety with a cover.

👤I have used it for cheese, ginger and chocolate, but only because I bought it to zest citrus fruits. If you want, you can leave the white pith behind, but it will take only one swipe to grate the fruit. I like that it comes with a brush to help clean it and get all the food out. The blades are very sharp and will stay that way for a long time. The drawer has blades in it and you want to keep them out of it.

👤This was posted as a snack. It's a narrow grader and it makes lemon peel mush. The old micro is sharper. Threw in the trash is a simple way to narrow and is not a micro plane. It looks dull and makes mush pulp.

👤It can be a little slippery to use. If you get one of the larger blocks of cheese, you may have to switch sides of your grating. If you get the smaller blocks, it will work great.

👤I was impressed with my first small hand grater. The cutting surfaces don't extend to the edges so I don't cut my hands. I used it to make a dessert. When I get fresh lemons, I'll use to peel them. It was easy to clean up, I sprayed it off in the sink and put it in the dishwasher.

👤This is a handy tool. I love it! It is easy to clean and does a great job. I use it to grate cheese and it works better than any other item I have ever used. Don't hesitate to purchase this product.

6. Zester Citrus Channel Reamer Grater

Zester Citrus Channel Reamer Grater

Zulay guarantees no hassle, if this is not the best grater you have ever used, simply email them and they will give you a full refund or replacement. Zulay Kitchen has a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee on all their products. It is a happy day! An ultimate budget for Cyprus. It's perfect for juicing fruit. A specially designed knife is easy to peel fruit from. Grater is easy to get and could be used as a seed catcher. PREMIUM QUALITY: The 4 in 1 Citrus tool is made of food grade steel and has a good anti-rust ability. Soft-TOUCH hands are comfortable. The hanging loop is easy to use. It won't take up a lot of space and can be stored in a drawer. It is easy to clean. The lemon zester is dishwasher safe. LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. They are confident in the quality and function. Send it back if you don't like it.

Brand: Kitchendao

👤I have a lot of single-use kitchen gadgets, but I also have a lot of all kitchen gadgets. This is a kitchen multi-tool and not a single use device. The grip on my large hand was quite comfortable, as seen in the picture. I think it would fit in all but the smallest of hands. I used this for the first time after washing it, for my orange chicken recipe. The reamer has a very satisfying "pop" when the zester pops in and out. I have done at least a dozen times and each time felt like the first time. The reamer works exactly as it should, and you can use the grate to catch the fruit. There was a lot of liquid on the sides. If you wanted to make sure you caught everything, you could always use it over another container or strainer. The tool appears to be well-built and will likely be used a lot in my kitchen. I'll be sure to update my review if it changes, as the first impression is that it will hold up for a long time.

👤This is the first time I have seen a juicer like this. I like to juice the lemon after I have zested it. The trainer is one of those things that doesn't work as intended but it does ok. I like to pour the juice from the seeds. Before you buy, be aware of how big your drawer is. It gets stuck all the time because it is not that deep.

👤It works great as a juicer. You can position the zester over your glass and use it as a sieve, it's nice to have a mess free sieve. The channel knife can be difficult to get out of the handle. It's hard to run fruit over it without holding tightly to the handle, making for a difficult and awkward experience, because the zester is too small to be useful.

👤This tool works well. It is very difficult to get to the zester. I need my husband to pull it apart for me. I would have given it 5 stars.

👤I have a lot of juicers in my kitchen, some are ok to use and some are bad. I loved it when I saw it on the show. The main reason I like it is that it is easy to use, very practical, and it is juicing all of the juice without any strain. Is it a great idea to use fresh squeezed orange, lime, and lemon for dressings, lemon water, and everything else?

👤It was annoying to spoon out the lemon seeds when I drank lemon water. Someone was making a recipe online. I wanted it. I had to go through a lot of pages to find it. This is a great idea. I sent a tool to a friend because I like it so much.

👤This is what it is described to be. It is easy to hold and clean. It takes a little more force to take out the zester than you think, but once you do it a few times, you know what is needed.

7. OXO Grips Citrus Zester Channel

OXO Grips Citrus Zester Channel

We are confident that you will love their measuring spoon set. If you don't like their product, you can return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked. They hope that you will support their business. Thank you so much from all of them at Integrity Chef! The 2-in-1 tool is easy to use. The steel holes are sharp. The channel knife can make strips or twists. The head is durable and won't rust. The handle is soft and comfortable.

Brand: Oxo

👤The best zester I have tried so far is the Good Grips one size black one. To compare the two, please check out my other reviews or search for the item on Amazon and look for my review on the product page. I have long fingers for a woman and I don't mind the wide thick handle. I am 5' 11" I like the shape of the zester and it fits in my hand. If you're more diminutive than me, you might want to check out my review for the Victorinox zester/s. The Oxo zester is a great choice if the handle doesn't turn you off. It gets five stars from me. I tried the channel knife on the side of the zester and it worked well. The Victorinox zester does not have a knife. Check out my profile page for my other reviews. If this review has been, I have put all of the zesters I have tried to date in an ideas list so you can find them easily. I review a lot of household items. You can follow me on my profile to be notified when I post another review. I spend a lot of time on my reviews to help other people. I hope this has helped you.

👤I was intrigued by this design because the normal zesters take forever and get a lot of pith, so I was curious about this design. Oxo makes one of the designs I was checking out, because I've never had a Oxo product that wasn't made. The first time I used it, I cut myself on it because I had a parrot on my shoulder. It's possible to hurt yourself on it. It's easy to not hurt yourself if you don't have a parrot on your shoulder, and every time I used it it was much safer than a normal zester. I'm very glad I got it, and I wish I'd had one. I don't feel bad when there's a recipe that requires the use of a lemon. It's easy to strain out of liquids because the zest comes out in long strands. It would make it easy to make candied citrus peel, if you're into that sort of thing.

👤You have to be careful with this. It gives you a false sense of security. It doesn't help with cheese, nutmeg or ginger because it's only designed for citrus. It is difficult to hold it without slipping. I think I would have been better off with a safety guard.

👤I have been working for several years to get a fully stocked bar. After making lemon twists with either a vegetable peeler or a paring knife, I discovered the tool I needed to make pretty citrus twists is called a channel knife. I decided the OXO's Good Grips Citrus Zester and Channel Knife was the best channel knife for me because it has a short, rubbery grip for no slippage in a wet hand and is a right-handed knife. I felt awkward holding a small piece of fruit with a channel knife that had slick metal grips and had to be drawn in a way that I didn't like. It went out of stock as soon as I bought it. Everyone must have been working on their home bars in the early stages of the Covid-19 stay-at- home orders. It was back in stock after a month. I have a wonderful knife that cuts a nice strip of lemon, lime, or orange. I don't use the zester because I like the way my microplane creates the sharper, more finely-speckled zest, but I did test it and can confirm that it is sharp. If you're right-handed, I recommend it. Sorry lefties!

8. Chocolate Razor Sharp Protective Dishwasher NSpring

Chocolate Razor Sharp Protective Dishwasher NSpring

The tool is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. To clean out tough to reach particles, use a kitchen brush on the underside of the blade. The dishwasher can be used to place the zester/grater. Adults can grate the hardest cheese into fluff. The handle of the zester is made of non-slip material. It is easy to clean and store the ginger zester. The dishwasher is safe because of the zester grater. Storage and space saving can be achieved with a hanging holeto. The zester is made of food grade material and has a razor blade. It's resistant to be blunt with time. Don't hurt your fingers while using them. Their tool is a LIFETIME KITCHEN TOOL. 100% Money back if you are dissatisfied with the zester.

Brand: Msfiaioo

👤The blades are too sharp, and I used this product once. That sounds like a non-problem to me. They're sharp, it's a grating! The little teeth are too far away from the plane. The lemon got caught on the teeth as I tried to peel it. The lemon flew out of my hand as it got caught on the teeth multiple times. There are holes in the blade cover. This is a great way to cut my hand when I reach into the drawer. I will be donating this item. I ordered a name brand replacement.

👤This product is great. The blade and handle are very sharp, perfect for grating hard cheeses or fruit. It has a storage cover. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤This is not good. The grate is too large for a good dish. The resulting zest is not usable in desserts and the actual zesting is difficult. The large holes make it hard to play music. If I need to use the cheese grater to grate the pastries and desserts, I will use the zester.

👤It's a handy tool for grating hard cheeses. The well-designed handle and sharp blades make it easy to do the task. It's safe to store in the drawer because the blade cover snaps easily. The brush makes it easier to get the zest out of the crevices. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤Solid construction, sturdy hand grip, little brush accessory, safety cover, nice looking, this micro plane has many great features. It doesn't do what it's designed to do. I tried to peel a lime but it rubbed over the surface of the tines and pulled off the green skin. I had to rub the lime down on the plane to get a few pieces of it. That is not how these are supposed to work. The tines were not going to catch anything. There was no sharpness when I ran my fingers over the surface. This went back to the beginning. I bought a more expensive plane that worked just fine, even though I didn't know if it was a faulty micro plane. The buyer should beware.

👤I got this microplane because my Oxo Goodgrips one that I used for about eight years had cracked at the handle. I thought the design would be strong because I use a microplane a lot. The first time I used it, I noticed that the blades were more pointed from the body of the tool. It's more difficult to push food through because of this, but it may improve the speed at which you shred it. The problem with this design is that the food is inclined to slide toward the sides because the blades are arched. The cheese went off the side when I was grating it. I had lacerations on my thumb. I will be wearing a bandage for at least a week because I don't think I'll need stitches. Even if it only lasts a few years, you can either invest in cutproof gloves or another Oxo microplane.

9. Zesters Kitchen Stainless Chocolate Vegetables

Zesters Kitchen Stainless Chocolate Vegetables

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will replace or refund your order. Contact them. They will take care of you. The lemon zester is made of high-quality steel and will not bend. The design of this zester makes it easy to grind, even children can use it. It is great for lemon and cheese, but also used to grind other items such as chocolate, vegetables, fruits, etc. The cheese grater is dishwasher-safe and convenient to clean, freeing your hands and allowing you to worry free. The lemon peeler has long handles to keep you safe during the operation.

Brand: Mcomce

👤This isn't a tool for looking for fine zest. It's 13 inches long and would be better suited for cheese. I will still use it because it is sharp and durable. It is a handy tool, but I will have to look for a smaller one.

👤Nothing to complain about. Shipping was quick and the price was spot on. It's reasonable to buy another if performance degrades quickly.

👤It is a nice sheath to catch whatever you are using it for.

👤It works perfectly, so not much to say about it. It's hard to clean, but it's not a problem. The purchase was great.

👤It is very easy to use. The grip is easy to hold in your hand. The tip is easy to grating on a rim or table.

👤This is very sharp and be careful with it. It is easy to clean the grate. It has a cover for storing.

👤Flimsy. Not worth a lot of money.

10. AmazonBasics Zester Grater Stainless Handle

AmazonBasics Zester Grater Stainless Handle

Cutting to the point where there is light pressure. You can make your kitchen work with this peeler. You won't need a lot of effort. Everything you need to prepare fruit is in this package. You can use the other part of the tool, which has the insides of the little circles sharpened, to peel your fruit. A hand-held grater and a zester can be used to shred ingredients. A food-safe construction with a wide grating blade. Hard foods include cheese, chocolate, ginger, and other ingredients. The handle is non-slip and has raised rubber feet for sanitary countertop placement.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The hand held grater was ordered to be replaced. This one didn't work out. It's more like a tool. The grate is very thin. Thin curly pieces of grating cheese can take a long time. I already have a grating that does that, and it wasn't what I was looking for. I was expecting it to grate larger pieces. Will probably give it to goodwill and get a different one.

👤I ordered the base version, not the course or extra course, because I was not sure if I got a bad one. I should have used one of the more courser versions because it takes a lot of pressure to make a lemon. I feel like the unit is either faulty or should have been bent to a slightly more aggressive angle, because it barely zests at all, unless you use a lot of pressure which isn't reasonable for long term use.

👤What a waste of space. I thought I'd try to upgrade after my cheap plane broke. Does not grate garlic, lemon rinds, or nutmeg. I'm not sure if the metal part is curved enough to make the metal scales stick out, or if it's just really poorly made. It's total crap. Went to Target and bought another plane. It's a pity.

👤Simple to use and I love it. I don't have to worry about people grabbing it. The box grater takes up more space. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I've been happy with the Amazon Basics line. I bought this because it was the primary reason I did, but I am disappointed in actually using it. The Microplane brand has large lips on the edges that hold a lot of what you are grating. This does not require you to empty it very frequently or to put it in a large container. When I ordered it, it was clearly a different design, but I didn't think about it. It seems to work well. The handle is comfortable.

👤Have been grating cheese with this. It has been working well. I use a sponge in the opposite direction to grate it and it cleans easily. The only time I've had difficulty with the tool was with a large object that needed grating which wasn't the tool fault.

👤I wanted this to make thick shreds of potatoes and cheese from the block, so I got this to make hash browns. The holes for grating are not very deep. If not, it's more shallow. If you want a thicker, Extra Coarse grater, this is not the one for you. The item is sturdy and doesn't move when grating, so it is not as thick as Extra Coarse.

👤I have used it on ginger and garlic. They were easy to grate. My 8 year old helps me in the kitchen and it was very easy for her. It works fast even though it is fine. There was no movement. It was easy to clean. If you put the cover back on after cleaning, it will still air dry. happy with it I ordered the long version.

11. Cheese Grater Citrus Storage Container

Cheese Grater Citrus Storage Container

We care about your satisfaction. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact them and they will replace the product or give you a full refund. If you want to improve the taste and texture of what you prepare, you should grate all types of cheese. Try it with a variety of other foods. A professional quality kitchen utensil that makes light work of food prep for everyone. Fine and coarse grate will cut through food. Cucumber, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, onion, potato, zucchini and other vegetables are also grate by their customers. The storage container is easy to clean. It comes with an attachable container base to hold food for mess-free grating. It's easy to wash a dishwasher with soap and water. A fine grinder. Their fine grater is great for oranges, lemons, apples, coconut, chocolate, bread, almonds, nuts, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, and other spices and herbs. LIFETIME GUARANTEE. There is a 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee on the Hicook Cheese Grater. You won't get a lifetime guarantee from other brands. It is free to try today.

Brand: Keissco

👤I have been trying to find the right ones for years, from the flat ones to the pencil sharpener type ones. This is my friend. I like that you can grate the whole bowl and put it in the fridge. It was very easy and sturdy. It is easy to clean up. I would love to have something to keep the two graters in. I don't keep them in a drawer. I don't want them to get hurt. Looking for a spot.

👤This is a great idea, and a great little cheese grater, but I was expecting it to be larger, and it isn't. If you want to grating cheese for a single taco or two, that's great. It's too small for a pizza or two.

👤Just used once. I like the design. The red plastic cover is meant to allow you to store grating items in the fridge, but the other grate sits below the container, which is a looser grate. The product info does not show a picture of what I am trying to explain. It will fit in a kitchen drawer. I will use it for more than grating cheese.

👤I liked the idea of how easy it would be to use. I was wrong. The shredder is awkward to use.

👤There is no indication of the type of plastic used. I have a grater from the '60's that is still rocking, but it is paper thin and doesn't look anything like the one I have today. It might be unsafe to store food in a building. Who knows? It looks cheap. It has some great ideas. The way the lid fits is important. It's probably a copy of a nice unit. I'm keeping until I find that unit.

👤My family has many of these. I bought this one for my niece. It's convenient to use its own bowl to hold what you grate.

👤I was looking for a container with a lid and a grate, but the grate Attachments and lid weren't compatible with the container. It's enough to like grate cheese, but it doesn't seat properly and I had to hold it on. If I tried to store cheese in the lid, it would dry out. There is a rubber ring on the bottom that fell off when opened, and won't fit back on. This thing was not worth anything. I might have got a bad one. I will never understand when companies sell products that don't fit together.

👤We decided to get something that made sense because our old cheese grater didn't last long. You can use the tub to store the cheese after you get a grating. Love it. We don't know why we would do that. I hope this lasts a long time.

👤The box seems to fall off the fridge when it's open, but it's a useful tool. I would have given it a better review if the lids fit better.

👤When grating hard cheese like parmesan, the slides are a bit too large.


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