Best Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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1. EVER ADVANCED Oversize Gravity Recliner

EVER ADVANCED Oversize Gravity Recliner

Product dimensions are 31.5-60.2 x 26 x 33.9-43.3 inches and can be adjusted depending on preferred position from upright to reclined. The off ground seat height is 22 and the chair back is 30 and the folding seat width is 21. The endocannabinoid design is ERGONOMIC. The maximum loading capacity of the chair is 350 lbs, which makes it large enough for larger people up to 6'2”. The structure is easy to fold and is suitable for any outdoor occasion. The locking system. The zero gravity recliner can be adjusted to any position from 0-170 degrees. A fully padded seat and back with a pillow for a more comfortable sitting experience.

Brand: Ever Advanced

👤I paid more for a chair that was rated at 350 lbs. because I am a big guy. It was the perfect chair for me. We go camping for ten days in August and I bought the chair for that. It was the most comfortable I have ever used. I was very happy with it. On the last day of camping, I fell asleep in it and the back half collapsed, forcing my back into a downward and backward shape. I was hurt. I hope the seller reads this and contacts me because I can't find a way to contact them.

👤I am getting ready for retirement over the next three weeks. A new patio chair was on the list. I wanted something portable and comfortable. I was brought to this chair by a lot of favorable reviews. As I write this review, I am lying in a state of zero gravity and I have to tell you that it is a slice of heaven! The chair is constructed well. It's a bit heavy to carry around, but when you show up to an outdoor gathering and unfold this baby, you are going to be the envy of everyone there. The chair is above the norm and definitely stands out in the crowd. You can only imagine how comfortable the chair is with the thick padding on top of it. You feel like you are hanging in the air when you raise the chair back, because your body sinks into it. It's a level of luxury that one doesn't experience from lounge chairs like these. The chair is large enough for larger people. If you want to have more support for your back, there is a headrest that slides down a track. It's a great pillow, and I am using it for my head. The cup holder and fold-out tray is a bonus, but I haven't used it yet. The chair was worth the price. If you know what a good car feels like, you can translate that into this chair. It takes very little time to get lost. You could sleep in this baby.

👤My dad has had many back surgeries, fused disks, multiple herniations, and has had trouble with his hips. I could see the relief in his face when he sat in the chair. It was worth every penny. Ours stays in the living room have never been out doors, but I can see it lasting a while in this way.

👤This has helped my neck and back. This one is my favorite because it has some cushion, but other ones don't. I would buy this chair again.

👤So far, so good. It's nice. Before using, read the instructions. I almost messed it up by notunlocking it before setting it up. You need to know how the locks work beneath the armrests. The size is good. I weigh in at 230 lbs. It's right for me. It's not going to be unbreakable because it's metal with plastic joints. It should last if you're not clumsy. It's not a lounger that you would carry a long way down to the beach. Light, but not heavy. A lounger in the backyard. Absolutely love the drink holder. It has a slot for the coffee mug handle. This would be a great gift for a dad who is a little bigger than most.

2. Caravan Sports Infinity Gravity Camouflage

Caravan Sports Infinity Gravity Camouflage

There are multiple functions. The zero gravity lounge chair is perfect for outdoors. It is also suitable for indoors. The portable side table is portable. It can be a relaxing area in your home. The textaline fabric is suspended by bungees. Relax with the smooth recline function that locks in any position. The finger tip locking system has two fingers. The folds are only 6.3 inches wide. It can support up to 300 lbs.

Brand: Caravan Canopy

👤This was a great chair for the entire 1 1/2 day period. I bought this chair because I wanted it to help with my back pain. I woke up in the morning without back pain after spending one night in the chair. The problem came the next night when the chair broke in the middle of the night and I hit my head on the night stand. I went back to sleep and thought it was my fault. The armrest were broken when I inspected the chair in the morning. The chair has control over it's reclining position. The lock on the armrest should keep the chair in the desired position. The chair was designed to break the armrests and cause it to become out of balance, so they slipped and allowed the chair to recline further back. I probably spent 8 hours in the chair. I'm very disappointed. This is going back. I can't recommend this chair.

👤The chair is on the floor after my husband sat in it twice. See the pictures. No information was provided to contact the company.

👤Less than 12 hours after receiving, the chair was not functional. The chair arrived in a good package and the initial inspection was good. Everything was functioning initially. The first time I used the chair, I was able to relax and lay back. After 35 minutes, the chair began to recline and my head was on the ground. It took a lot of effort to get out of the broken chair. The plastic in the handle area broke after further investigation. It's going to be difficult to get the chair back.

👤The product is called TOXIC. The smell of a horrible chemical caused an immediate headaches. I didn't see the Prop 65 warning in the description, but it indicates that the product contains diethylhexyl phthalate, which causes reproductive harm and is an endocrine disruptor. You can look it up on your favorite search engine. There is no reason for this type of toxicity on a common product, especially one that bare sweaty skin is touching for extended periods, potentially absorbing the toxic chemical. Textilene fabric is available without DEHP, and other zero gravity chairs are not like this. Who wants to sit in the sun? This junk is from China and they don't care how toxic the products are. I'm returning and ordering a different product which costs less and isn't toxic, the only thing I lose is the nice locking mechanism this product has. I would rather not be stewing in toxic chemicals.

👤These chairs are sturdy and comfortable. They're not those things. My wife's chair buckled under her, and she fell backwards off of it after only a month of use. I know it must have hurt, but she laughed it off. The leg is bent in the picture. The chairs will only adjust to a couple of different reclined positions since the locks are not functioning properly. The chair will fall backwards or forwards if you don't reset it. The zero gravity design is useless because my feet hang over the end of the chair. I'm pretty tall, but anyone over 6 feet will have the same problems. If you put your feet on the chair, the arm rest ends will dig into your thighs, and the chair will be reclined. It's sweet, huh? The chairs are nice to look at, but functionally terrible. I would recommend to keep looking. There is an update. The company was responsive and gave me a full refund within a day.

3. Oversized Gravity Reclining Capacity Headrest

Oversized Gravity Reclining Capacity Headrest

Textilene fabric has high- strength elasticity, waterproof oilproof, and anti-UV qualities. There is a chair for zero gravity. The recliner is strong enough to hold people over 350 lbs. The lounge chair is large enough for tall people and can be fully reclined. There is a multi-fuCTIONAL referral. Breathable mesh back connected to padded seats, a side table for drinks and phone storage, and a padded pillow for both the head and back. Recliners are designed with a locking system and can be adjusted to any position with a degree of freedom. Safety! Oversized dimensions: The set up is 30" L x 29" W x 44" H and has a seat width of 21. The folding size is 29" L x 7.5" W x 37" H. The structure is easy to fold and can be used for any patio occasion, such as a balcony or yard. No trudging buying: Natural wood is used in the armrest of this chair. Plastic armrest is more fragile than natural wooden armrest. They shouldn't be exposed to the sun or rain for a long time. You should store the product indoors after using it. If you have a quality problem in the next year, please contact them.

Brand: Portal

👤This was not comfortable. I could feel the metal structure when I sat in it because I was under the max weight limit. It wasn't very wide and I felt like I was trapped.

👤It was very comfortable. It should not be a problem to fold it easily and adjust it. The arm rests are disappointing. I had a cheap one from the store that did not do this, and I had it for about 5 years. Too late to come back.

👤So comfortable. It is easy to lock in place. I like how big it is, how far it leans back, and the pillow is perfect. It looks like it was built well. It's doable and just a minor hassle, but it's a little heavier than I thought, so it's not a big deal.

👤This is the best gravity chair I have ever owned. It's worth the money. I bought gravity chairs that came with two. The bungee cords broke because they were cheap. The picture of last year's chair is included. It is the red one. I just bought a new one and it is perfect. The old one wasn't wide enough for me to sit in Indian style. The construction of this one is better. I like that the head pillow is changeable because I have lower back issues. Great purchase.

👤I bought a chair to sit in. This type of chair helps me a lot. It is sturdy and comfortable. I like the chair.

👤A set of these was just received. They are great so far. I couldn't ask for anything more. Don't know what people were saying about it. There is no bar in your back. Very strong. Exactly what I was hoping for. I am glad I bought them. Great deal!

👤It's comfortable if you don't recline. There is a bar in your lower back when you lay back. If you fold it up and carry it, someone will assume it's going to unfold immediately. The chair had other plans and I tried to lock it up. Every time.

👤I have a chair in my living room. The wooden arms give it a nice look.

4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

The power lift is a consecration. The dual motor lift chair recliner has both style and function in it. SMOOTH BROWN UPHOLSTERY: The upholstery is made of thick poly fiber and has a good feel. It has a high back, thick cushions and corner-blocked framed seat. Slow power movement. The time it takes to complete a full cycle from fully reclined to completely lifted is 1 minute. It takes 14.5 seconds to move from reclined to upright. Instructions, hardware and tools are included in the easy assembly. Instructions, hardware and tools are included in the easy assembly.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤This is a nice chair. I bought this for my husband who has recently developed serious mobility issues and needed something comfortable and easy to get out of as our stationary furniture just wasn't working for him. It is attractive and comfortable. You can't even hear the power controls. The photo on the sales page shows it reclines, but it lifts much higher. It is very heavy and seems to be well constructed with metal reinforcement. The fabric is soft and not sticky like vinyl and it looks like leather. The color is very similar to the photos shown. If you do a search on the internet, you will find that this chair is sold at a number of different places, some of which are less expensive and some of which are way more expensive. The shipping is a lot longer such as 3-6 weeks. The chair I received from Amazon was delayed due to the weather. The freight delivery guy was excellent for such a large item. I did my homework when buying it and it is sold under the brandDarby Home Forreston Power lift recliner at Wayfair for considerably more. The shipping weight was 139 lbs. I was a little worried about how I was going to assemble this bugger on my own. When you unpack the back and wings, you don't have to worry about it because you can just cut the box down the sides and slide it out. It took about an hour, but it was well packed and the directions were clear. I went slowly. It worked great when Plugged in. One of the reasons I went with this chair was that I have purchased other small items from the same store and have been satisfied. We are very pleased so far. Hope these photos help as they don't show it reclined or in the full lift position.

👤I received this chair in the middle of October and was very excited. After THANKSGIVING, LITLE APPLE SEEDS BOUGHT TO APPEAR. I bought a bed bug bomb for the storage area in my apartment building. BenJAMIN and I left for a long time only to come back to find something. "DRUNKEN" BED BUGS were left in the janitor position. There is a A second treatment is produced weeks later. The same results were achieved with the same bed sizes. Is it possible to remove the chair from the corpse? After putting it in a bag. You need to stop using them for stuff.

👤I bought this for my 78 year old husband because he had trouble getting in and out of chairs because of double knee replacements. He was scheduled for surgery in January, which could further impede his ability to get out of the chair he spends all of his waking hours in, so after looking at many recliners and reading a lot of customer reviews, I felt this chair would be a good solution. It turned out to be perfect according to my husband's report. In resting position it sets a little higher than the regular recliner he used to have, which in his case the higher profile is comfortable to start with. The lift feature helps him on the days he is tired more than ususal. The end of the leg lift is above his ankle when he is in the full recline position. I was worried about the dimensions of the chairs I looked at. The seat is wider. I am certain that if my husband were heavier it would still be comfortable. It is quite comfortable according to him. The motor for lift and recline is very quiet when activated. The leather is very strong. It was easy to assemble in the sturdy box it was shipped in. It was delivered to our house. It was up to us to move it to the intended room because he is 78 and I am 63, but we figured it out and took our delivery. It fit through a regular door. The chair is delivered in two sections. The lower section is heavier than a regular recliner because of the motor. My guess is about 10 to 12 lbs. It was heavier. The arm cushions and the vertical side back cushions are easy to install because they are mounted on slide brackets. The two main sections are easy to slide together. The motor is plugged into the wall and the hand control is plugged in. I hope that I have given enough information for those looking for this type of chair. My husband and I are very satisfied with the chair and would recommend it.

5. PORTAL Oversized Gravity Adjustable Recliner

PORTAL Oversized Gravity Adjustable Recliner

The recliner camp chair has a padded seat and back that will provide you with full-body comfort. The combination of bungee suspension system and heavy-duty steel frame makes the outdoor chair solid for long time use. The patio lawn chair can be adjusted from 0 degrees to 170 degrees. The locks are designed to be easy to grab. The recliner can be folded in 3 seconds and can be moved and stored easily. It's perfect for relaxing in the outdoors, beach, lawn, or indoors. An anti-gravity chair has a padded pillow to support the head and back. The armrest is made of wood and has no fade or fallout. A side table with a cup holder is a must have. The set up of the Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is 30 L x 29 W x 44 H, with a back height of 29 and seat width of 21. The weight capacity is 350 lbs. The outdoor recliner chairs for adults can be moved and stored easily. It's perfect for relaxing outdoors, camping, beach, lawn, or indoors. The outdoor recliner chairs for adults can be moved and stored easily. It's perfect for relaxing outdoors, camping, beach, lawn, or indoors.

Brand: Portal

👤We rented a condo. The recliner was missing when we got there. My husband sleeps in a recliner. I am very pleased with the chair I bought. The 170 degree recline is the feature that I am most impressed with. He can now sleep with his legs elevated higher than his chest. It will become our travel companion wherever we go.

👤I didn't know what I was missing. I ordered this as a second chair since I liked the one I got from HD. I never wanted to leave it as soon as I sat down. It makes you feel comfortable because it puts your feet higher than your head. The cup holder is sturdy and will fit larger containers. The seat is cushioned. It won't degrade in the sun and become useless if there is no elastic holding the pillow on. The pillow has a plastic bit that slides up and down as needed. Also, beautiful. You have to turn the lever down to attach the tray, which is something you'd only understand if you bought the chair. I thought it was slanted when I attached it. It was just a dumb oops. Adding photos for comparison with a cheaper model is what you should do.

👤I compared different brands, but chose the portal brand. The armrest has a 1-year quality warranty. The price is appropriate for the brand. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it, it was well constructed and sturdy. It has a great pillow to rest on. It was made of thick padding to make it easy to sleep. The armrest on the side table and drink holder is built to hold phones, drinks, and books. I think it shows the quality and value of this price, it makes me feel very secure and good, I will recommend it to my friends.

👤It is very sturdy and looks great. Love the pad that supports the head or back. It was delivered quickly and had no issues. It is very heavy, awkward to carry, very hard to set up, and the neck pad is not thick enough for reading, but it is great when sitting up as a support. The only chair in my mom's room was a hard sturdy chair that was very uncomfortable. I have pain issues from Fibromyalgia, arthritis and herniated disks so I couldn't visit for a while. I can stay as long as I want. It can be hard to get it to go back. I have to grab the ends of the armrests and fling myself up to get it upright. It is worth it to be pain free. I have stayed for up to 6 hours and although I'm up and down it has made it possible to be pain free and I recommend it. I folded it up and pushed it out of the way against the wall. It's wonderful! It's too heavy to carry around or up and down stairs.

👤This is the second time I'm attempting to reach out to Portal to report that. The cement patio in our brand new house 2 was staining immediately. The navy blue chairs that were supposed to last a long time are now very unattractive. 3. The chair handles have covering on them. We researched many chairs before buying Portal, we thought it would be a quality chair that would last for a long time. We need to buy another product, so please contact me to discuss options.

6. Amazon Basics Outdoor Adjustable Reclining

Amazon Basics Outdoor Adjustable Reclining

BalanceFrom products are covered by a 100% BalanceFrom satisfaction and a 2 year BalanceFrom. The patio chair is padded for ultimate comfort. The chairs fold down for easy storage and transport. Made of steel and Oxford cotton fabric, it is safe and sturdy. Spot clean with a damp cloth, do not iron, and do not use strong chemicals for cleaning. Measures 28.6-32.5-5 by 38.1-5.25 by 34.1- 44 inches each; weighs 20 pounds each and is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The chair seems to be a good purchase. It's difficult for shorter people to recline. The lock handles are very stiff and if you don't lock all the way you will slide back into a sitting position. It is easy to carry and store, it is stable, and it will last a long time. Several people tried out and have shared a video to show off their skills on the chair. Also, as the instructions say, not for children.

👤After three months, this product started ripping. It is better to get your product at a store that has it for at least two years. I thought Amazon would have a better product. I guess I was wrong.

👤I am very pleased with the zero gravity chair that I have looked around for. It looks good and is well made. The tans are very rich. I'm very happy with it. I bought a separate side tray since it didn't come with one. It's a great size for my phone, drink, book, and can easily be removed if necessary. I wanted a book that I could rest on. Very sturdy and well made. I have a zero gravity chair in the house and could use it outside. Highly recommend it. The Keten Zero Gravity Chair tray is a cup holder. That's correct. The inside measurement of the slot is 10 x 1 It's very sturdy and fits nicely on the chair. It's very easy to remove when I need to fold the chair.

👤The chairs are comfortable. One of the most comfortable zero gravity chairs will be built. My wife has a disease in her back that gets worse every day. I was looking for something that she could sit in and be comfortable in. The mission was accomplished. I had to send the first set of chairs back for a second time because of my time and annoyance. They are poorly packaged and shipped. The arms were broken. A bolt broke on the other arm after one day of use on the other chair. This wasn't an abuse problem. My wife and I both weigh 180 lbs. It had nothing to do with shipping. The locks do not work according to other reviews. It is easy to repair this. The plastic cap on the end of the lock needs to be popped off with a flat head screw driver. There is a 1/2 inch nut inside that needs to be snugged up with a deep sockets to tighten the lock mechanism. After a month of use, I don't think this will need to be done. When I buy something like this I assume it will be built cheaply and quickly, like China. At some point, it will need to be fixed. I like the fact that these chairs are sturdy and well built. Engineering is good. The bolts that hold everything together and the flaw with the lock mechanisms from the factory are the only issues I see. The bolts that broke on my first set can be replaced with something that won't break in the future. The locks can be changed. I think these are a good purchase and will hold up over time.

7. Lafuma LFM3120 6135 Comfort Folding Recliner

Lafuma LFM3120 6135 Comfort Folding Recliner

No assembly. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is easy to transport and store and has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Zero gravity reclining is a feature of this chair, which is designed to relieve stress and back pain. You can take one of these reclining chairs with you when you travel. It is padded for additional comfort. The AirComfort seat pad is made of high quality fabric that helps you maintain your cool where skin touches it so you can enjoy the sun without sweating and sticking to the chair pads. Relax on the deck or patio in one of the reclining chairs and enjoy some wine and the sunset with your family and friends. DIMENSIONS When closed, the chair is 28.5" wide by 33.5" deep, and it measures 71 cm x 96 cm x 21 cm.

Brand: Lafuma

👤The shipping carton is the first thing that comes to mind. The receipt was bashed up with a big tear at the end of the box that someone had taped up. There was no padding inside the box. The chair appeared to be in good shape. The chair itself. The chair was comfortable and easy to use. I used it all the way down. Things were going well for 6 nights until last night when I woke up and found my upper body was horizontal. I was able to get off the chair and see that the metal tubing had bent beyond the curve that was designed. This is a good place for a failure if the tube is bent there and there is a metal rod attached to the tube. The back of the chair will fail if this is the place. The first inadequate design may be ok for people who are well below the maximum weight allowed. I weigh 260 lbs. There is a Quality Control issue. The chair is assembled in France, but perhaps the tubing is imported from somewhere else. supposition is the last point. The chair should not have failed after a week. For the first 6 nights, I loved this chair. My suggestion is that Lafuma should redesign based on the findings of the engineering Failure Modes and Effects Analysis.

👤The buyer should beware. This recliner is all it is supposed to be. The clip suspension system is failing after less than two years of indoor use. The chair is still under warranty but the only way to get in touch with the customer service is via telephone and email. If I get a response, I will update the review and give it 5 stars.

👤I like this chair. I tried to find a zero-gravity chair but none of them were comfortable. She mentioned that her friend had a Lafuma after reaching out. Well, so happy for her advice. I felt like I could take a nap after I got this. The chair is easy to fold up. The material seems to be pilling already, and it's not used very often. The cloth seems to be lacking. You would expect superior quality control for a chair of this price.

👤For twenty years, we have enjoyed two lafuma recliners. The lacing has been replaced and is still new. The replacement price for the cushions was silly, so we had to rethink. The price was intimidating but we know our outdoor space might be worth it. The comfort exceeds our expectations. It is attractive, sturdy and an ergonomics joy.

👤This chair is amazing. My father was in pain. I got him a chair and he found no relief. He is scheduled for surgery today, which will hopefully solve his issues (protruding disc at L3-L4 and severe stenosis at L3-4 and L4-5) but the chair has been a life- saver for him. He left the chair and went to the bathroom. The arms would have been better if they were padded. Maybe we could purchase an add on.

8. RESPAWN 900 Racing Gaming Recliner Reclining

RESPAWN 900 Racing Gaming Recliner Reclining

A fully functional gaming recliner that lets you level up while laying back, is provided by a plushremovable headrest pillow and segmented padding. A cupholder built into the left arm and a side pouch that hangs off the left arm make it easy to keep your drinks at the ready. Constant surface with independent control. The chair and footrest are not open to get wires caught, but operate independently to give you total control over your gaming chair experience. The weight capacity is 275 lbs. Continuation with fidelity is a requirement. It's comfortable to recline up to 135-degrees and feel secure because of the 360-degree base that provides sturdy support for the extendable footrest and reclining back. The award-nominated brand is committed to your satisfaction.

Brand: Respawn

👤The chair is pretty accurate in most of the lower stars reviews. The material is terrible, you can feel the frame through the padding, and the worst part is that the screw for my arm rest didn't line up. Not multiple screws, just one screw. I decided to not force the screw in because it felt like it was stripping after fiddling with it for an hour. The handle for the foot rest is loud. When you put it up, you'll hear a clank trying to get it down. To get the foot rest to assume normal position, you have to put a lot of pressure on it. I've put together a lot of chairs but this one is the worst I've ever had. I contacted Amazon for a refund. I can't put it back into the box because the base is attached to the seat. Pros -looks goods? Don't bother with this one, go find something else. This chair is the worst I have ever had.

👤The stitches on the armrest are weak and the padding is gone. I would really like a replacement.

👤This chair is very uncomfortable. I spent three days driving through Iraq. There is no support for the back. The lever is in a weird position. The neck pillow is too low because I am tall and it's only worth a star. I had to make a way to get it higher. I can only sit in this for a short time before I have to get up. I had to lay foam padding on the leg rest and chair pad in order to sit for longer. Do not buy it. It might be okay if you are under 150 pounds.

👤To return to upright, the lever for reclining needs to be moved.

👤The chair is cool. It's not worth 300 dollars, it has nothing for lower back support. If you buy this, you might have back pain. Whoever put the regular bolts in does not mess with this one when it fell out. Don't buy!

👤It was assembled and sat down. I bought a recliner for mine. It should be good for that. I'm happy, but I have to make some changes and have some criticisms. Assembly was easy and it has a lever for the leg rest. You have to push your calves down to get up in many chairs. - The recline can be set to many comfortable positions. It looks good. If you get a black one it will look great in your living room. - This is a completely new style of chair. It will be copied as far as I know. For me, the big one is that the headrest pillow seems to be designed for my height. The back of my head is at the top of the chair, but the pillow can't go higher than my neck. It's not good when you're trying to recline and watch a screen, which is the reason you'd buy this chair. I have to look down my nose to watch movies when the pillow is in the natural position. It's better if the headrest goes behind my head, but there's no way to hold it in place. It's secured to the chair with stretching straps through the two holes, but they aren't high enough. The reason the holes are there is so that it looks like a racing seat, where the seat belt straps are for a 4-point harness. Here's my solution. I'll go to the fabric store to get an extension for the elastic strap. I hope I can get it black. The strap will not go through the holes. Even if I was 5'11" or 5'10", I would still have this issue. Fourteen percent of U.S. men are over 6 feet tall. If the pillow could be supported with two straps which dropped over the back, it would be more fitting for me. I was surprised that the knob on the leg rest lever is made of wood. It popped right off. I'm going to use something to keep it on. If I just tapped it on with a mallet, it would probably stay on. The quality is decent, but it won't last long. 2 years? Probably. 4 years? I think so. 6 years? Probably not. The frame is made of steel tubes. The leg rest mechanism gets a little "crunchy" as it moves to full extension. There are some flaws in the metal which will wear smooth over time, so that's not a problem. The vinyl will cause you to sweat, as others have noted. I would like to see one with fabric on the seating surfaces. It will be easy to clean.

9. Timber Ridge Oversize Adjustable Recliner

Timber Ridge Oversize Adjustable Recliner

The outdoor recliner chairs for adults can be moved and stored easily. It's perfect for relaxing outdoors, camping, beach, lawn, or indoors. Anti gravity chair supports up to 350 lbs. The steel tube frame, elastic cord, and durable fabric make the zero gravity chair sturdy enough for everyday use. The outdoor recliner has a locking mechanism. The chair can be locked to any position from upright to fully laid-back. The easiest mechanism to use. The dimensions are 43.5 x 22 x 21.3 inches. The camping chair is 72 inches in reclined length. Their zero gravity chair is large enough for you to sit in. The chair has a pillow for both head and back. The outdoor recliner has an ergonomics design and natural wood armrest. No meeting. The lawn chair can be folded and unfolded in a few seconds. The camping lounge chair is easy to carry. It's suitable for patio, lawn, garden, yard or balcony. Their products have a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Timber Ridge

👤The ad doesn't say this, but the warning tag says it all. I would not have purchased this if I knew it contained hazardous items.

👤The round tube frame broke within two months, and I don't weigh more than 300 lbs.

👤The chair is sturdy and comfortable. It is difficult to unfold, but may loosen up over time. The locking mechanism is new and only time will tell how it will hold up. The levers are plastic and not very thick. I hope that this type of plastic is not prone to degrade in the presence of UV. I don't like the design of the cup holder. Once the chair is unfolded, it slides onto two pegs. As soon as you fold the chair, it is loose and falls off. Since it is black, it might not be seen on the ground by the person folding it. There is no adjustment because the elastic strap on the headrest is in place. A better design would have been an elastic strap. A protective bag would have been a nice addition to the chair.

👤I am sitting in my chair in the garden. It is very comfortable. I can't sit for more than a few minutes and have sciatic pain in my buttocks and lower back. I can relax in this chair. The little tray on the side is perfect. I don't know where to put my phone. There is a The locking in place levers are a big bonus for me. Even if you locked it in a comfortable position, it would move up or down depending on the angle. This one stays put. It is easy to fold away. The chairs are doable and not too heavy. I will get a cover for it. It will hopefully last for a long time on my patio. I have resisted spending so much on a chair but now I feel like I'm getting what I paid for. I have always had issues with my old chair, it was cheap and I had issues with it. I think this one is worth the price.

👤The chairs are alright, I ordered 2 of them. I received one new chair and then a second chair in 2 days. The 2nd chair was used after someone wrote "RETURN" on the box. The original protective wrapping was gone, all the stickers and labels had been removed, and there were a few scratch marks on it. It looked like someone had used it for a few weeks and then decided to return it to Amazon and I got it. When I pay for a new chair, I expect it to be a new one.

👤I will definitely recommend this chair brand to other people, but I will also be sure they are aware of the issues I have with it. I have been a post-lumbar spine surgeon for a year. I wasn't as lucky as other people who had a successful outcome from their surgery. The only chair we own that allows me to stretch my back to a comfortable position is the XL Zero Gravity chair. It should not have any issues with my 260 lbs because it is rated for over 300 lbs. My back cannot bend enough to help me fold up. The rigidity of the material became loose about 3 months ago and it had to tighten the bungy style cording. There are seams splitting and grommets popping. A bolt came loose last week and the nut fell off. I took 35 minutes to tighten all the connections. It does lock well and lay back. I wish it was laid back like the one I bought my husband from.

10. Timber Ridge Oversize Adjustable Recliner

Timber Ridge Oversize Adjustable Recliner

Keten offers a 45 day money back guarantee and a 24 hour help line. You get a cup holder. Anti gravity chair supports up to 350 lbs. The steel tube frame, elastic cord, and durable fabric make the zero gravity chair sturdy enough for everyday use. The outdoor recliner has a locking mechanism. The chair can be locked to any position from upright to fully laid-back. The easiest mechanism to use. The dimensions are 43.5 x 22 x 21.3 inches. The camping chair is 72 inches in reclined length. Their zero gravity chair is large enough for you to sit in. The chair has a pillow for both head and back. The outdoor recliner has an ergonomics design and natural wood armrest. No meeting. The lawn chair can be folded and unfolded in a few seconds. The camping lounge chair is easy to carry. It's suitable for patio, lawn, garden, yard or balcony. Their products have a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Timber Ridge

👤The Zero Gravity Chair is awesome. I was amazed at how comfortable it was for an outdoor chair, I had never sat in one before. The chair is very sturdy and solid when sitting in it. It does not move. The bungee suspension holds a good amount of weight. If you don't want the small pillow on there, it's not on there. You can recline in any position you want. There are 2 small clamps on the sides that you turn so the position locks into place once you have it adjusted. To adjust,unlock to it. There is a plastic cup holder on the right side. It can be removed if you don't want it attached. The material on the seat and back feels waterproof. The arm rests look like wood. The chair is heavy. I was surprised by the weight. It folds down like a normal lawn chair but it's heavy to carry around with you and I don't think it's worth it. I would leave it on your patio or wherever you are setting it up. If you were spending the day at the beach, it would be a good idea to take a chair. It is very comfortable to sit or lay down. The way it's designed doesn't make your body ache. I was comfortable laying in this for a few hours because of my back issues. I would highly recommend this chair.

👤I have a good number of lawn and patio chairs, but I haven't owned an outdoor reclining chair in years. I decided to check out what the Timber Ridge brand had to offer in this category after having good luck with it in the past. I have some rare downtime this summer and plan on taking in some rays in my backyard. I chose the oversized chair for two reasons: one, I am always thinking of the larger people in my life and in all honesty, I try to lure my dad down for more visits by having comfortable pieces of furniture and places for him to relax; and two, my children are too young My two children can either share or sit with me in this chair. Problem solved! The chair is large. It is not something. You would just casually toss in the back of your car and carry a long distance for a picnic. It folds up nicely and doesn't take up a lot of space, but it is heavy. That is also why it is so strong. The chair is sturdy and doesn't move when you sit in it. You can set it and forget it once you figure out how to lock your position in place. That is also the time when I pretend I am on a tropical island and that the distant voices of children yelling, "Mom!" Seagulls are just looking for food. The brown and blue colors are gender neutral. The grommets andlacing seem to be secure. One of my favorite features of this chair is the pillow. The pillow can be moved up and down so my family can find a good fit. You can put it under your lower back. Pull the pillow completely off the chair. I'm just under six feet tall. I like how my body is contained in this thing. I don't have to dig into the back of my knees or calves anymore. I am very happy with my purchase. If I could get those seagulls to fly down.

11. Cross Land Universal Replacement Recliners

Cross Land Universal Replacement Recliners

The policy is warranty. They are committed to doing every process well for their customers. Please let them know if there is a question, they will deal with it immediately. This is not a chair, it is a replacement fabric and standard size. The Velcro design is easy to install and no need to disassemble recliners. All standard reliners from Faulkner, Lafuma, Caravan Sports,XtremepowerUS, Best Choice Products and etc. can be replaced with a universal replacement. A durable time use is ensured by the 4.2x1 Weaving method. Textilene fabric has high- strength elasticity, waterproof oilproof, and anti-UV qualities.

Brand: Dream Art

👤I bought a pair of zero gravity chairs at True Value. I loved the chairs. Mother nature took a toll on the canvas fabric. The canvas ripped right along the stitching as I sat on my favorite chair. My wife was sitting on hers when her granddaughter jumped into her lap and the canvas split down the middle. I wanted to keep them out of the garbage. I found this product on Amazon, because the manufacturer didn't offer a replacement. My rating is based on a new product. From the first impression, it seems like thevinyl might be the thing. It seems like a nice material. The originals on my chair are of a higher quality. The elastic cords were the same length as the originals. It was a perfect match. If you've ever laces a pair of skates properly, you know how easy it is to pull the fabric into place. The installation of the new fabric took roughly 30-40 min, which was okay in my opinion. I'll have to tell you about that. We will see how long this canvas lasts. First impressions are that it was worth it. It's cheaper to replace the chair.

👤The canvas on the zero-g chairs from Home Depot split after a season in the sun, so I purchased two of these to replace it. I can't say how long these will last, but they were easy to replace. They were narrower than the originals, but still worked well. It took 45 minutes to replace each one. It's a great way to get a working frame without buying a new chair. I will consider it worth it to replace them again if these last another 2 seasons.

👤The replacement fabric was what I needed. Installation was much easier as you don't need to drill out the rivets at the bottom of the frame back and replace them with bolts. We'll see how long it will last, but so far it is holding up. I painted the frame after stripping the old fabric and lacing. The chairs are brand new. Installation of the new fabric and lacing is a workout. The bungee laces are long enough to make it all the way. It is necessary to work both sides at the same time. Go a few holes on one side and the other on the other side. To hold the laces tight while I switched sides, I used spring clamps. I used a spring on top to keep the velcro from being pulled apart. The chairs should last a few more years.

👤The headline and other descriptions of the fabric are incorrect. Our original chairs are 18” and 18.5” I don't want the fabric to be larger than what it is replacing.

👤This replacement for a worn-out LaFuma has the same number of grommets as the original LaFuma, and is the right overall dimensions, except that the top part has a Velcro closure that needs to be wrapped around the LaFuma top bar, and this mat, when bungee I had threaded all the cords, but I needed to unthread them and redo the lacing to make the top end of the mat reach around the frame to use the Velcro. It's okay, but it would be better if the top end of the pad was long enough for the Velcro closure to work with the frames.


What is the best product for best zero gravity massage chair?

Best zero gravity massage chair products from Ever Advanced. In this article about best zero gravity massage chair you can see why people choose the product. Caravan Canopy and Portal are also good brands to look for when you are finding best zero gravity massage chair.

What are the best brands for best zero gravity massage chair?

Ever Advanced, Caravan Canopy and Portal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best zero gravity massage chair. Find the detail in this article. Signature Design By Ashley, Portal and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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