Best Best Zero Gravity Chair for Living Room

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1. BalanceFrom Adjustable Gravity Recliners Burgundy

BalanceFrom Adjustable Gravity Recliners Burgundy

The chair and table have dimensions of 26 x 31.5-60.2 x 33.9-43.3 inches. The weight capacity is 300 pounds. The open size is 43. The folding size is 38" X 26. " X 5." Cup holder tray allows easy and convenient access to drinks, magazines, phones, tablets, etc. The knobs are easy to use and lock the chair in any position. The gear is securely fixed. The folding design makes it easy to carry and store items. The material is easy to clean. BalanceFrom products are covered by a 100% BalanceFrom satisfaction and a 2 year BalanceFrom.

Brand: Elevon

👤The chair back broke and dumped me backwards onto my head and neck as I sat in the chair. The head slammed to the floor. I could have been seriously injured. I had my body weight on my neck until I could get out of the chair. My neck hurts. I looked at the chair after the fall and there were some loose nuts and screws. I got this thing 24 hours ago. The chair fell backwards in the pictures. I'm well under the weight limit for this chair. This chair is made in foreign countries. The company didn't respond for weeks. They said they were glad I was not hurt, after I told them it dumped me on my head. They don't care for your safety. The included cupholder is shallow and will cause your drink cup to spill and ruin your phone. * There is a piece of plastic on the swing. It broke a few days after being popped back on. This junk should be returned anyway. * The headrest fell off all the time. * The system to lock the chair angle doesn't work at all. There are no clear instructions included. The knobs to 'lock' the chair are more of a suggestion than a reality. The chair is foreign made and it's only $40. Too many will buy this chair and leave a favorable review just because a free folding side table is included. Selling for more garbage. I wanted this chair so much to work out for me, but it injured me, and the company didn't care enough to try to fix things for others, so I'm updating my review. People are leaving high reviews to get free stuff. Your loss is their gain.

👤I liked these chairs so much that I bought three more for my yard. At one month old, they are starting to rust and have left stains on my pavers. Don't buy for outdoor use.

👤The chair looks good and the price is right, but it is junk and needs to be put down to get ready for spring. The thing buckled whenlined all the way. I was upside down in the dirt. I should have tested the return window when I purchased it. I only weigh 220 lbs and the chair should have supported me. Thanks for the money being wasted. A quality gravity chair costs $100.

👤If it doesn't break on you, it is a bargain at this price point. The chair collapsed the second time I used it. I don't think it's worth the money if you have to return it. Customer service voice mail is full, but I thought the 2 year warranty was a plus. If you buy this product, I wish you luck. The chair is going to be dropped off at the store.

👤It's not very comfortable if you like sitting all the way up or down, and it's not very comfortable if you like reclining all the way back. It's a chair that's either all or nothing.

2. Gravity Adjustable Recliner Headrest Support

Gravity Adjustable Recliner Headrest Support

The Zero Gravity Chair has a maximum loading capacity of 300 lbs, which is very comfortable for people who want to camp with a motor house, take a vacation or rest beside the pool. It would be a good choice for you to take a break with their chairs. The oversized zero gravity chair has a padded design. It uses a bungee suspension system, high density fabric and sturdy steel frame to make it a solidly constructed chair. The reclining patio chair can lift your feet higher than the average reclining camping chair, and it doesn't put pressure on your back. You don't feel any weight for foot or back pain. The locking mechanism of the heavy duty lounge chair holds its position well, you can lock the chair at any position you want, and additional cushion that can be easily used as a head rest or as a lower back support depending on your need. The side table is great for a drink or a phone, it slides out from under the lounge chair and hooks up to a sturdy knob. The folding recliner chair has a set up size of 30" L x 29" W x 44" H, seat width is 21", with a capacity of 350LBS, wide and sturdy enough for big people. The folded size is 29" L x 7.5" W x 37" H.

Brand: Portal

👤It's ridiculous to try to get up when you're so comfortable. The chair was worth it's price.

👤The chair is very comfortable for a man of this size. It reclines all the way back to the "dental exam" position. The locks work well for anything. These chairs are not for carrying to the beach. It was too heavy, but perfect for the deck. After rain, the fabric dries quickly. After 2 months in the sun, the black fabric faded to something like khaki.

👤The chair fits me the most important thing. I can lie all the way back or stop at any position in between with the double locks to hold it in place. We sent the other one back after buying it. With Amazon's return policy, one can afford to order it and try it out without being stuck with a product they don't like or that doesn't fit.

👤The lock feature feels very padded and amazing comfort. It's easy to fall asleep. I need this as I have hip issues and sitting in a hard chair hurts. I can't speak for long term wear on this chair. I don't think opening and folding this is easy for me. I will only need to fold this and replace the plastic bag it came in for when it rains under our deck. So happy to have this!

👤The chair is very comfortable. It is easy to adjust from sitting to almost flat. The chair is sturdy and well made. It doesn't take up much room when not in use. The table is easy to use. The chair fits me well, I'm 6' tall and 185 lbs. Waterline foam insulation was added to foot rest.

👤It is very sturdy and well made. The way the side table slides out is ideal. It is quite heavy because it is so well made. I returned it because it was too heavy for me to carry around.

👤It is very difficult to lean back. Two people in our household tried it. No mater where we set the breaks.

👤Absolutely love this chair. I had doubts after a recent purchase, but they were 1000 times better in every aspect, from the packaging to being an all-around much better built, roomier, sturdier, padded chair. The lock keeps it in place, and it leans back further than my other.

3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

The power lift is a consecration. The dual motor lift chair recliner has both style and function in it. SMOOTH BROWN UPHOLSTERY: The upholstery is made of thick poly fiber and has a good feel. It has a high back, thick cushions and corner-blocked framed seat. Slow power movement. The time it takes to complete a full cycle from fully reclined to completely lifted is 1 minute. It takes 14.5 seconds to move from reclined to upright. Instructions, hardware and tools are included in the easy assembly. Instructions, hardware and tools are included in the easy assembly.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤This is a nice chair. I bought this for my husband who has recently developed serious mobility issues and needed something comfortable and easy to get out of as our stationary furniture just wasn't working for him. It is attractive and comfortable. You can't even hear the power controls. The photo on the sales page shows it reclines, but it lifts much higher. It is very heavy and seems to be well constructed with metal reinforcement. The fabric is soft and not sticky like vinyl and it looks like leather. The color is very similar to the photos shown. If you do a search on the internet, you will find that this chair is sold at a number of different places, some of which are less expensive and some of which are way more expensive. The shipping is a lot longer such as 3-6 weeks. The chair I received from Amazon was delayed due to the weather. The freight delivery guy was excellent for such a large item. I did my homework when buying it and it is sold under the brandDarby Home Forreston Power lift recliner at Wayfair for considerably more. The shipping weight was 139 lbs. I was a little worried about how I was going to assemble this bugger on my own. When you unpack the back and wings, you don't have to worry about it because you can just cut the box down the sides and slide it out. It took about an hour, but it was well packed and the directions were clear. I went slowly. It worked great when Plugged in. One of the reasons I went with this chair was that I have purchased other small items from the same store and have been satisfied. We are very pleased so far. Hope these photos help as they don't show it reclined or in the full lift position.

👤I received this chair in the middle of October and was very excited. After THANKSGIVING, LITLE APPLE SEEDS BOUGHT TO APPEAR. I bought a bed bug bomb for the storage area in my apartment building. BenJAMIN and I left for a long time only to come back to find something. "DRUNKEN" BED BUGS were left in the janitor position. There is a A second treatment is produced weeks later. The same results were achieved with the same bed sizes. Is it possible to remove the chair from the corpse? After putting it in a bag. You need to stop using them for stuff.

👤I bought this for my 78 year old husband because he had trouble getting in and out of chairs because of double knee replacements. He was scheduled for surgery in January, which could further impede his ability to get out of the chair he spends all of his waking hours in, so after looking at many recliners and reading a lot of customer reviews, I felt this chair would be a good solution. It turned out to be perfect according to my husband's report. In resting position it sets a little higher than the regular recliner he used to have, which in his case the higher profile is comfortable to start with. The lift feature helps him on the days he is tired more than ususal. The end of the leg lift is above his ankle when he is in the full recline position. I was worried about the dimensions of the chairs I looked at. The seat is wider. I am certain that if my husband were heavier it would still be comfortable. It is quite comfortable according to him. The motor for lift and recline is very quiet when activated. The leather is very strong. It was easy to assemble in the sturdy box it was shipped in. It was delivered to our house. It was up to us to move it to the intended room because he is 78 and I am 63, but we figured it out and took our delivery. It fit through a regular door. The chair is delivered in two sections. The lower section is heavier than a regular recliner because of the motor. My guess is about 10 to 12 lbs. It was heavier. The arm cushions and the vertical side back cushions are easy to install because they are mounted on slide brackets. The two main sections are easy to slide together. The motor is plugged into the wall and the hand control is plugged in. I hope that I have given enough information for those looking for this type of chair. My husband and I are very satisfied with the chair and would recommend it.

4. Patio Watcher Oversized Accessory Removable

Patio Watcher Oversized Accessory Removable

There is no need for an Assembly. The lawn chair can be folded and unfolded in a few seconds. The camping lounge chair can be brought by car. It's suitable for patio, lawn, garden, yard, balcony, poolside and beach. There are oversized dimensions. The open dimensions are 29"W x 29"D and 45"H. The chair back is 30" and the chair seat is 24" wide. The chair has a zero gravity mechanism. The folded dimensions are 29" L x 5.5" W x 35" H. It's easy to carry and store. A recliner chair is adjusted. Zero gravity chair can be adjusted from 0o to 170o. The lounge chairs have a locking mechanism. You can sit or recline in the chair. STURDY STRUCTURE: The chair is made of heavy duty metal frame and textilene fabric. You can place cushions on it during the winter. The lounger is lined with thick bungee cords. You can support up to 330 lbs. The chair is fully assembled. The recliner chair has a padded pillow for support. The cup holder tray can hold drinks, food, magazines or phones. The zero gravity chair is safer because of stable triangle construction. PATIO ZERO GRAVITY RECLIER: The zero gravity patio recliner is an excellent addition to any outdoor area, whether it's a garden, backyard, balcony or bedroom. It has many ways to lay or sit, with no pressure on the whole body. It is possible to enjoy it with your family or friends. It is an awesome gift for anyone.

Brand: Patio Watcher

👤This chair has been in our possession less than two weeks. No one has sat in it that is close to the stated weight limit. The chair will likely collapse if anyone tries to sit in it now because the nut on one side has bent in half.

👤I fell on my back when the recliner chair on my deck gave way for the fourth time. The recliner function is no longer functioning correctly. We can sit in the chair, but not in the recliner, which was the point of the purchase. Sad. The vendor gave a full refund after we returned the chair.

👤It was a great chair, but after 30 days it was junk.

👤There is a warning! The chair will flip over if you recline back all the way.

👤The chair is easy to use, but not long enough. My ankle hit the bar at the bottom as I was a five foot seven person.

👤The chairs look great. The cords are not rustproof, but they are rusting. Quality chairs that would last a few years were the reason we spent more money on them. Hopefully the seller will give me a refund for this issue. Only 3 stars because if it is bad, and hoping for a refund. If the seller refunds the money, I will update the review.

👤The chair is nice. My thighs are resting on the support bar after the seat sagged. It's handy and comfortable.

👤This doesn't lift my feet above my heart level, which means it's not a Zero-gravity style. I'm very disappointed. If that's important, you should buy the Caravan Sports ZeroGravity Chair. I also got that one.

5. Caravan 80009000052 Sports Infinity Gravity

Caravan 80009000052 Sports Infinity Gravity

The structure is easy to fold and is suitable for any patio occasion. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem. The 2 pack of the Zero Gravity Chair features durable textiline fabric suspended by a double bungee system for all weather comfort. Relax with the smooth recline dual finger tip locking system that locks in any position. The steel frame is powder coated and long lasting. It is easy to fold down to 6.3 inches. Black supports up to 300 lbs.

Brand: Caravan Canopy

👤I bought the chairs for my deck so I could use them after the gym. The first time I sat in them, everything was fine. I thought the tilt had gone further but didn't think about it since I had sat in the chair longer. I had both chairs out and compared again. The one I was having an issue with had a bigger base than the other. I checked the chair and found no cause, so I think it's due to differences in manufacturing and whatnot. My legs are higher than they were supposed to be when I sit down in it and tilt back. The chair starts to move and my head hits the deck as I try to upright it. I put the two of them side by side after collapsing the chair. The char's back leg frame was bent. I am more than 50 pounds below the stated maximum capacity, even though I am not the lightest of individuals. The chairs were returned for a refund after being packed up.

👤Bomb Deals has a discount code that I used to buy these. Even without the discount, the value is still worth the money I paid. It is very comfortable to sit in and lay down. I feel supported and relaxed because it reclines back. It needs a cup holder, phone holder, and place for my speaker. The pillow has a strong elastic band on it. It's easy to store and doesn't take up a lot of space. I was not sure if I would drag it to the beach. It's great in the backyard or patio. I am very happy with my purchase of these chairs. I'm 5'2” and 200 lbs and my husband is 6'2” and 300 lbs. The chairs are sturdy and comfortable.

👤A lot of people recommended a zero gravity chair for my surgery. We got the chairs after they delivered it to the wrong house. I try to stand up and sit on the chair for a bit after a spine fusion surgery, but it works great. I wish it was bigger. I am not big, I am 5'7" and 127 lbs. I wish the width was bigger for more room and comfort.

👤I have tried other brands of chairs, but I have not bought anything else since I tried the Caravan chairs. I don't leave them out in the rain or winter. I bought the first set four years ago and they are still working great. I bought this set a few months ago and am happy with it. I highly recommend.

👤They are perfect for the cost, we got them for a beach vacation and they fit us both, my wife is 6 feet 2 inches and I am 215 pounds. They are not the strongest, but they are still alive. For a longer walk to the beach, they were a bit HEV for my wife, no problem for me or the kids. These are comfortable. One of the Small add on trays would have been good for a drink or phone at the beach. They arrived a day early.

6. Greesum GS OSZG03 Oversized Recliner Headrest

Greesum GS OSZG03 Oversized Recliner Headrest

The mouse hand can easily be solved with the help of the armrest. Excellent quality is more valuable. The extra wide seat is widened in order to make the customer more comfortable. The customer's head and neck can be supported with theremovable headrest. The chair is made of high quality materials and can be used for a long time. Customers needn't worry that the chairs can't be integrated into the environment perfectly. You don't need to assemble the chair if it is fully assembled. Just enjoy it.

Brand: Greesum

👤The forward seat tilt is not comfortable until you back off. The locks are weak.

👤They still try to cheap out on the locking mechanism despite the extra width. It has proved to be sturdy and comfortable so far.

7. PURPLE LEAF Outdoor Recliner Sunbathing

PURPLE LEAF Outdoor Recliner Sunbathing

The chair is made with 20mm European HLE steel. The steel is powder coated. The PE rattan has a better texture and is more comfortable. The steel frame is strong. The triangular support structure has a max weight capacity of 330 lbs. There is no assembly required. The portable design for easy trip and folding design for easy storage and space saving are very convenient and practicality. The backrest can be locked with a ring-pull knob to make it easier to sit or lie down. The sense of enjoyment is enhanced by the ergonomics of the feet cover. Simple and stylish design can be used for any occasion: patio, lawn, poolside, porch, balcony, living room, office, beach, camping, fishing and picnic.

Brand: Purple Leaf

👤The chairs were purchased for the deck. They are very comfortable and have a nice weight on them.

👤These chairs are wonderful. The quality is excellent. They are comfortable and sturdy. Even though they are sturdy, they are easy to handle and the weight is not hard to handle. This chair is very good. Very attractive.

👤Although they are firm to sit on, they are comfortable. The chairs are small and I think they're too shallow for anyone large. The angle adjustment is not mentioned in the ad, but I think it's better if you lift the arms together and the chair moves quickly and easily. I leave them out overnight and the seating is well drained and should last for many years. A zero gravity style head cushion would be a good addition to the chair since the angle of the head does not work for me.

👤It was a gift for a friend. He is a heavy set gentleman and has difficulty moving. This was the third attempt. Excellent. Both sturdy and comfortable. He likes it. The chair is of the highest quality.

👤This is a good quality product. It doesn't fit me well in the reclined position. There isn't a way to lock in a position between straight up and fully reclined. There is no rest for this model. Maybe there is a way to buy one. It makes sense to sit it before you buy it. Lesson for me.

👤We ordered two of these chairs because we wanted them for a long time. They arrived within 1-2 weeks after they were ordered. One had a small problem with it having a piece missing that kept the strap on the bottom of the chair fastened. The company sent a replacement chair after reporting the problem. The replacement chair arrived without any problems. We love the chairs and expect them to last a long time. The seller stood by their product and provided quality chairs.

👤The chairs are made of aluminum and should not be damaged. The frame on the new deck is starting to rust. The chairs don't lock into place because of the latches. The gift was used last month. I didn't know there was a 30 day return window.

8. TIMBER Oversized Gravity Lounger Support

TIMBER Oversized Gravity Lounger Support

DIMENSIONS When closed, the chair is 28.5" wide by 33.5" deep, and it measures 71 cm x 96 cm x 21 cm. There are adjusted positions. The locking system on the camping chair can be used to adjust the position from upright to fully laid-back. It is feasible design. The reclining lawn chair has a folding side table for resting your phone or drink, and it has a fully padded seat with a pillow for head and back support. There is a table and a cup holder. With this chair, you can always keep your important items nearby with the table and cup holder; keep your drinks, snacks, phones or anything else within reach. No assembly. The zero gravity lounge chair has a folding design and compact structure for easy transport and storage, and it has a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Timber Ridge

👤The chair slid out of the cardboard box it was shipped in, and unfolded without any assembly. It took a lot of experimentation to arrive at the most comfortable solution for the chair. It is difficult for me to sit in a chair and not move it. I have to push hard on the footrest bar to get the chair to move back and forth. Placing more weight in that direction helps by raising my arms over my head. Pushing on the foot bar so hard can cause metal fatigue or break over time. The U-shaped footrest bar has a plastic cylinder that fits into a hole built into the armrest and rotates within it. The left armrest mating is flush, but the right one is not, and I have to keep banging it back into place with my palm. I am afraid that one day it will separate and I will fall over. The chair is sturdy. I like the cup holder. There is room for a tv remote and an additional slot for a coffee cup handle. I rarely use the locking levers. The chair has a plastic cloth rail built into it that allows the pillow to move up and down. I use the chair indoors only, so I can't attest to its resilience when outdoors. The chair is not comfortable without homemade padding. It sticks harshly against plastic. It's worse because of WD-40. It will not stay in a single position. So far, but clunky and annoying. I will be replacing it with a recliner. Can't wait to put it under my butt!

👤I am going to give them a shot. I bought them because the frame is aluminum, who wants to deal with rust stains on the patio? The sun is strong in Arizona. I used nylon box straps to create a weave under the canvas to help support the material and reduce stress on the cords, when I purchased cheap models in FL. I put the cushions on the gravity chair to cut down on the sun exposure because I didn't like the blue color. I'm 6'2” and 230 lbs. My feet are past the bottom rail, but the cushions on the chairs raise my feet above the rail. I give them credit for the drink holder size because the slide out trays are good. The glass slot has an opening for the handle so it fits nicely in the glass holder tray.

👤I bought two of these chairs. They are very comfortable. One of the chairs popped when it was reclined. I was going to order another and return it, but they were out of stock. The seller sent me another one after I contacted them. The quality and customer service was very good.

👤After leaving the hospital, my husband needed a recliner. This presented a challenge as our house is small and we were going to need the recliner to be in two different places at the same time. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger was perfect for my requirements, as it was easy to move and it acted like a recliner, allowing the feet to be above the heart level. We only had it for a couple of days but we love it. All of our needs have been met by it. It is easy to fold up and unfold again. My husband has already spent a lot of time in it.

9. Newport Swivel Recliner Slanted Ottoman

Newport Swivel Recliner Slanted Ottoman

Contact them via email if you have any questions about the installation or use of the product. The electronic components have a one year warranty. The cover is for two years. 3 years for the Reclining mechanism and 3 years for the wood frame. Customers need to pay a shipping fee if they want to return the chair due to non-quality reasons. The chair is wide and high. You can adjust from 28 1/2 deep to 42" deep. The rest is from the floor. The back is 21 inches high. The weight is 48.7 lbs. The seating area is 19 1/2 wide and 19 1/2 deep. The ottoman is 19 1/2 wide and deep. It can hold up to 300 lbs. The chair reclines 45 degrees. The leather is taupe. The base is made of wood. Steel springs are for comfort. The foam has Dacron filling. California foam is compliant. To clean, wipe with a soft cloth. Don't use detergents or solvents. Place next to heat or in direct sunlight. Swatch fabric can be requested. It's required.

Brand: Benchmaster

👤I bought this chair for myself. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the design and the color, but it fit well for the space I had in mind. My husband liked my chair and it was no longer my chair. Is it a type of leather? After years of him sitting in it every day for hours as he reads, it needs to be replaced so I bought this exact one again. It is easy to assemble, reclines, and comes with its own tools, but I never looked at it or put it together in less than 30 minutes. It's easy to clean by dusting and using a damp cloth. If you're so inclined, Walmart sells a product to repair worn sections.

👤These chairs are very nice. It took about 30 minutes to put it together. The only change I made was that on the footrest, they show the direction on the metal stand and on the pad. The footrest was too steep for my liking. I put the front edge to the back to make it more ottoman like. I'm a big man. The chair works for both of us. The chair is easy to use.

👤The chair and tools were well packaged. The base and arms of the recliner and ottoman are made of solid wood. The material used for the chair and ottoman is faux leather, but don't let that stop you from using it. The wood and wood stain are beautiful. There is a The chair is comfortable and easy to use. The support is medium density and the faux leather is soft. It will be quite warm after the break. The ottoman has a lift that can be used for minimal storage. The modern style recliner isn't a big piece of furniture and won't dominate a small space. I put it together in less than an hour. I had no problem moving the recliner after assembly.

👤I decided to order the Newport after reading reviews from satisfied customers and admiring the lines of the chair. The comfort, the ease in getting up, and the swivel feature are what I love about this item. The foot stool is easy to use. I will use a small pillow. Four hands make it easier to align screws. The box was slightly damaged. There were some minor issues with the bases. There are lamps. When I contacted them by email, Plus sent replacements. There was confusion about the replacement parts sent and I ended up with two brand new foot stools. I just put it together with the damaged bases because I didn't want to wait for more parts. The small dents were not visible. FedEx picked up the replacement box after I tapped it up. Everyone was helpful and I love the chair. Lamps Plus has superior customer service and I will look at them first in the future.

👤The foam used is not the best quality after 8 months of use. The ottoman is caved in where the feet rest. A person weighing 120 lbs uses a chair that is 5 feet tall. I think a person could replace the foam. Sitting in this chair for more than two hours is not comfortable. I put latex pillows on the chair seat and chair back to make it more comfortable. The chair has no support for the back. It still looks okay. The pillows detract from the modern appearance. The Allen wrench is not used when you attach the arms. It's a tight fit. I put this together myself and you can too. I put the chair on the side so that it wouldn't fall on the arms. I have nothing bad to say about this chair. It's not a'sink into' type of chair, the seat and back are firm, which is exactly what I wanted. The chair is well made and clean. The chair and ottoman were packed in a big box and easily fit through my door. I like the small footprint of this chair, it looks great in my home office.

10. Timber Ridge Oversized Adjustable Lawn Support

Timber Ridge Oversized Adjustable Lawn Support

Black supports up to 300 lbs. Oversized dimensions: The standard dimensions of the camping chair are 43 1/2 x 22 x 24 inches and the fully reclined length is 72 inches. A locking system is being contemplated. The zero gravity recliner can be adjusted to any position from 0-170 degrees. There is a table and a cup holder. With this chair, you can always keep your important items nearby with the table and cup holder; keep your drinks, snacks, phones or anything else within reach. No assembly is required. It's perfect for camping, hanging out on the lawn or taking anywhere, it's folds flat for compact storage. All Timber Ridge products come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Timber Ridge

👤I tried to open the chair for the first time today. I noticed the screw in the front of the seat behind the knee does not go through the metal pieces that hold it together. It looks like a pressed fit on the inside, so even if I could thread it through, I wouldn't have a way to attach it. This is a one person household, so it isn't like the chair has been abused or overused. I'm 80 years old and on a fixed income.

👤I researched gravity chairs for a while. I was worried about finding one before the insects arrived. It's hard to try them out when you can't go somewhere. I am a woman who is under 5'-11" and 135 lbs, so I was looking for a long chair. It was all about length. It took a lot of time to read the reviews and weigh the pros and cons. I would like to see just one picture that shows the full shot of a person sitting in a chair, while stating their height. The chairs did not do that. They put people in them. I knew the tray wasn't great. There wasn't much else to say about the reviews. I like the chair, but am disappointed that my heels rest on the bottom bar when reclined, it is about as good as it can get. I was avoiding the pool noodle. The bottom part of these chairs is the main flaw. There is no support for the area from heels to several inches above. I might use a pillow. Please let me know if anyone knows of a longer chair. I was going to buy a chair for my husband, but he's not interested in the one I got. It's a good chair. If you have concerns like mine, don't be taller than 5-5, or just "suck it up". This chair is good. I will use it in the yard when we go on vacation, and on the rental house deck when we return. I didn't plan on taking it to the beach. I wanted a chair to relax in.

👤This chair is easy to use. I have Multiplesclerosis and have limited strength. This chair is very easy to use.

👤The wooden arms of one of our chairs are in bad shape. It is still new. It became mold after the first rain. Look at photos. This is a serious defect that will quickly get worse. The chairs are sturdy. We will need compensation. We sent a note to the merchant and hoped for the best. We will modify our review if we receive it. We don't recommend these chairs.

👤My son has destroyed all my furniture. My patio bench is made of metal. The lounge chair is very sturdy and comfortable. The support on the back of the head allows you to fall asleep. He lounges on it all the time. Not too heavy for a 72 year old to fold and move around. I think this chair is more of an investment since I think it will last a long time.

11. Recliner Portable Detachable Headrest Reclining

Recliner Portable Detachable Headrest Reclining

Use this chair as a recliner at home, or as a folding bed or lounger on your patio or living room. The Zero Gravity Chair is heavy duty. The chair does not shake or collapse because the steel pipe is thick. The fabric needs to be upgraded to make sleep more comfortable. The recliner can be adjusted from 90o to 170o for you. Pull the clip back to secure the position if you push the clip to open it. This folding lawn chair is portable and easy to use. You can easily carry the camping lounge chairs by car. It's suitable for terraces, lawns, gardens, yards, balconies, poolsides and beaches. Soft mulch can be re-used. Extra comfort is added by the soft cushion. For summertime, it can also be removed. Lounge chair is easy to install and can be folded for easier storage. This comfortable chair is perfect for relaxing by reading a book or taking a break. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Brand: Lilypelle

👤The added pad is a nice touch. The beach or picnic throw would work well with the pad. The padding at the end is hard and small. If you are taller than 6 feet, your legs will hang over the end. I usually put a small table with a pillow at the end for naps. I am happy that nobody makes one of these long enough for tall people.

👤I weigh 195 and am 6'3” tall. The chair is not what I was expecting. The chair is very narrow. I don't know how a person weighing 1/2 the rated 440 lbs could fit in it. It's short for your legs. If you are taller than 5'10” you will have to get a custom lower bar. The cushion is very thin and provides very little additional comfort and is tied to the chair bars with thin ribbon straps. I think they will pull out in a few uses. I will get another cushion. I expect the tig welds on the arms to fail and have to fix them with a drill and longer bolt. The chair is from China. I was expecting a lot more for $129. I wish I didn't throw them out.

👤I like the chair. The arm rest is cracked and was damaged during delivery. The chair is comfortable. I haven't used it yet. The seller and I are working to get a new one.

👤The chair is sturdy for heavier people. The chair needs to be wider for a more comfortable seat.

👤The cushion is thin and pointless, the chair is small, and the durability is missing. I have an older version that is much larger. The chair is not worth much. More like $40.00.

👤The curved support bar has fallen off twice. The chair has adequate seat room for an average size adult but it is a bit snug. There are metal bolts on the inside of the arms. My clothes are partially ripped and have gotten in or out. I had unpleasant moments when my legs were bare. I would expect better attention to such things at this price point. I hope the support bar doesn't collapse the chair with me in it. It is a very serious thing to reattach that bar.

👤I bought this for camping. I used it almost daily. It's perfect for relaxing in the backyard and is very comfortable. I had a similar chair that made a lot of noise, but it was easier to sit in. The chair is built well and is quiet when you sit in it. The plastic cup tray fits on both sides of the chair and it does the job. I am happy and would recommend!


What is the best product for best zero gravity chair for living room?

Best zero gravity chair for living room products from Elevon. In this article about best zero gravity chair for living room you can see why people choose the product. Portal and Signature Design By Ashley are also good brands to look for when you are finding best zero gravity chair for living room.

What are the best brands for best zero gravity chair for living room?

Elevon, Portal and Signature Design By Ashley are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best zero gravity chair for living room. Find the detail in this article. Patio Watcher, Caravan Canopy and Greesum are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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