Best Best Z Fold 3 Case with Hinge Protection

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1. Miimall Compatible Samsung Protection Folding

Miimall Compatible Samsung Protection Folding

Special designed only works for the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 2021 5G, not other devices. The hinged design of the phone can provide a pleasant viewing angle when watching video or movie, which is similar to a brackets. The unfolding angle is 120 degrees, which is designed to give you a more comfortable viewing angle. The full cover has an anti-slip design. They pay more attention to details, such as mobile phone camera edge and corner protection, than other mobile phone cases. It comes with a screen cover. dual protection from drops and scratches is provided by the combination of TPU and Polycarbonate. Support wireless charging. Their case is not bulky and only one hand can handle it. If you have a question, please contact them without hesitation. Four colors are provided to choose, which give your cell phone better protection and personality.

Brand: Miimall

👤I love it! It arrived early. The screen protectors in front and hindge protect me. It's hard to reach a few letters on the left when texting on the keyboard when the phone is not in use. It's fine if the phone is opened.

👤The case has a glass protection. I had trouble typing on the left side of the keyboard. I had to press harder to type the letter. I had to remove the glass protection from the case and buy my own glass. I was able to make this case work the way it was supposed to.

👤Case Protection Front screen protectors are easy to install.

👤The screen broke when it was taken apart to do what it was in the video. I don't think it's durable. I wouldn't put my phone in this case.

👤A very good product and a good price.

👤Does not protect your phone. The case exploded when I dropped my phone. I dropped it from my lap.

👤The case fits snug on my phone. I was a bit worried that my phone would be hard to open and unfold, but the phone opens fine. The case goes over the edge of the phone making it hard to text from the main cover.

👤The cover is good but the screen protectors are not working properly.

👤I had a case for two weeks and it cracked. I wouldn't recommend a $3000 phone for its price and description.

2. Spigen Protection Technology Designed Galaxy

Spigen Protection Technology Designed Galaxy

An extra layer of shock resistance can be achieved with all-new foam technology. There is a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for protection from drops and scratches. The sliding hinge cover protects the phone. Anti-shock protection can be achieved with the use of hinge protection and air cushion technology.

Brand: Spigen

👤This case is everything I love about Spigen. It feels great in the hand. I was surprised to see something new when I opened the box. Spigan was unable to attach the case to the fold three without using strips of glue. Several strips already attached inside the case have been included with a set of additional strips. One of the things I like about Spigen is the low cost of the quality cases so I can switch them out when I get bored of one. The solution I use is that if I remove the phone, the strips will lose their stickiness quickly. I have not gotten my phone yet, so my review may change after I have time to try it out. If I am correct about my inability to remove and replace my case frequently, it will drop. I got my phone. This won't work. The lip on the front screen is large and sticky tape doesn't work well. I can't hit the Q key while typing. If your word has a Q or an A, it's almost impossible to type it with a wipe. This case was very disappointing.

👤I will not use curse words when I use my new $1800 phone in a case covered in sticky tape. I don't think it will hold up if a drop occurs and I don't want my phone covered in tape. I will try to send this product back.

👤Buying something with the name "tough armor" will make you think it will be durable. It is not durable. There is a I bought this case because my usual go-to company for cases, Otter cases, has not made a Z fold Fold 3 case yet. I decided to buy this case because I did my research on the Web and found that it protects the hinge of the foldable phone. That was a big mistake. I put the case on the phone, but forgot to put the card in. The right-hand side case at the bottom left section broke when I tried to remove it. I decided to buy a new one after this break. The thin rubber sheet that protects the hinge is sandwiched between two pieces of plastic that make up the case. The rubber cover on the left-hand cover detached as I tried to put the case on the phone. It took me over an hour to get the rubber piece back in between the top and bottom parts of the case. The top part of the case that covers the foldable phone's screen is raised too much. The number 1 and the letter Q are the keys that I had difficulty hitting because of this. The concept for this case is good. The execution is terrible. This is my first Spigen case, and it will be my last.

👤I followed the instructions to remove the backings on the stickers that held the case to the phone, but the phone popped away from me when I opened it. The case works by having a piece of vinyl slide into the back. That vinyl doesn't like to do that. The piece bulges out when the phone is not in use. Innovative design but flawed. I would not waste your time.

3. Vihibii Samsung Galaxy Fold Case

Vihibii Samsung Galaxy Fold Case

It was specially designed for the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G. Before purchasing a phone, please check the model carefully and tear off the screen protectors. The new design protects the phone at all times. The principle of magnetic attraction allows the magnetic hinge cover to be unfolded and restored. The back of the hinge cover has an anti-slip texture to reduce the risk of the phone slipping from your hand. The built-in Magnetic Kickstand makes it easy to stand or fold for hands-free video viewing. The stand can be easily opened and closed when not needed. The high-quality material is made from premium polycarbonate and luxurious lychee texture PU leather with skin-friendly paint for a delicate touch. The phone's inner shell has a honeycomb texture to make it fit better with the protective shell. The built-in high-quality 9H glass screen protectors in the Fold 3 case prevent the screen from being scratched and give a clear view of the phone. You can easily access the device buttons and enjoy the touch of the original Z Fold 3 phone withPrecise Hole position and Wireless Charging. You can wear this case for wireless charging.

Brand: Vihibii

👤The cut of the front case is off, so it would be a 5 star. There is a domino effect. 1. The holes do not line up with the phone holes. 2. The front case is not even and will tip over if laid on its side. The hinge protection is resting against the edge of the phone instead of the case because it is not flush with the front case. If the phone case fell open, it would damage the inside screen glass and edges. There are 3 more The kickstand can fall if it's at an 85 angle. There are multiple reasons for the four stars. The front case has a glass that protects the screen. There are two more The phone is open and the hinge protects it. The back of the case has leather to give it some grip. There are four It works well. The finger print is not being hampered. 6) The springs in the hinge protection give it an excellent grip.

👤It could be a little stronger. This is a better option than the spigan case.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the case. This could be the best value in a Z fold 3 case with spline protection, I have been researching it for a long time. The spigen and several others offered full hinge protection. Some at more than the cost. It was perfect. I dry fitted the case and it fit perfectly. The holes and openings were lined up perfectly. Fit. I found it difficult to remove the case. I decided not to use the glue because it was hard to apply. There is plenty of height on the outside screen lip to protect it, not so much as to make it hard to navigate the edges. Very happy. This case is perfect for your new Z Fold 3 5g.

👤The back of the case popped off when the phone opened. I liked the case but can't use it.

👤This cover protects very well. This case is perfect for zfold 3.

👤The company has excellent customer service and reached out to me to resolve the issue I had, so I am changing my review. They sent me a new case that fit my phone well and was very sturdy. The original one might have been damaged in shipment. I put the phone on the cracked front cover. It is a simple design and should have been slid on. It cracked without any pressure. It won't stay on the phone. The hinge is blocked from opening. A waste of money.

4. Galaxy Protection Screen Protector Purple

Galaxy Protection Screen Protector Purple

The combination of PC and Hinge Protection is unique. The Z Fold 3 Case is easy to charge with all QI wireless charging pads. The case fits your phone tightly and is slim. The full protection design with hinge protection and tempered glass protects your phone from being dropped. All ports, camera and buttons are accessible with precise cutouts. Fit snug and it won't fall out. The front cover had glass on it. This case is made from hard PC and hard TPU for protection against daily wear and tear. The macaron color PC material provides a special touch to your phone. Lifetime warranty, free return or repalce service is provided by them. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Gadget-park

👤There's really not much to report since the case was received today. There is a small gap at the top and bottom of the phone's hinge. I don't know if that will be an issue if the phone is dropped. The phone was put on the phone. The phone case looks like I owned it for months. The dye from my jacket bled onto the case after one wear and I have no idea how to remove it. Very disappointed.

👤Yellow is not yellow. It looks like it has been washed. This thing is flimsy and not resistant to fingerprints. If you look at the pictures, the included front screen protectors will prevent the case from closing, and it will look like it will bubble when you put it on. It's very awkward because you have to apply the screen protectors along with the case. I am not sure what the cutout is for the front screen, as there is no padding for the back side. The phone doesn't line up with the holes. I can not trust this case with my phone.

👤It is difficult to find a case for this phone. The material is very dirty and difficult to clean. The case should have been made from a different material.

👤I like the design of this case. There is only one missing item. The material is cheap and thin. The case is useless because the front piece won't stay on after the hinge cover broke. It happened within days of my return window closing.

👤When I received my phone, I was pleasantly surprised how well built it was. It's a good sturdy material since it isn't made by SAMSUNG. The hinges seem strong and have a good alignment with the phone. I am very happy that I bought this phone.

👤I like the mat of the phone and it fits well. I bought it because it protects the spine. When I dropped it from my waist height, the spine protection popped off, but I got a small nic on my phone.

👤I only had it for a week. I have to make sure that the number 1 or any letters on that side are pressed, the case comes to the edge of the keyboard. I haven't had any problems.

👤This is the best I have seen after searching. There were no issues for a few months. The phone has not been damaged by the case rub. I could not be happier.

👤No la traen te lo hagan, me gusta la pestaa that trae atrs.

5. GAZE Landscape Smartphone Auto Clamping Compatible

GAZE Landscape Smartphone Auto Clamping Compatible

It's a perfect fit for the new Galazy Z Fold 3. Fast charging wireless car charging mount with its landscape position as a regular mode provides wide view, safe and 15W fast charging. If you switched a common wireless car charging mount to a landscape mode, you may have been affecting your view. GAZE Wide H gives the best landscape view. The phone cannot be charged vertically. The phone is held safe even on the bumpsiest rides with the strong clamp and rubber padding. The mounts can be adjusted to fit your driving style. Place theIntelligent Automatic Sensor on the mount and drive. The smart sensor can detect the phone's frequencies and close it. Press the button on the bottom of the phone to open it. Even after the engine is off, the mount will work for 3 - 5 minutes. It's not necessary to turn on the engine again to open the phone mount. All phones with the ability to charge with the 15W Fast-Charging feature are compatible. There is a car charging accessory required for fast wireless charging. There is a separately sold item.

Brand: Gaze

👤I was looking for something that could hold my new Z-Fold 2, and found this. I watched a video on the internet and it looked good. I gave it a try. It doesn't work very well for this phone. The power button and volume buttons are covered by the lid of the charging station, which is why they are the biggest reason why. If you don't connect it when you have the phone on, you can't turn it on. You can't change the volume through the car. The home screen doesn't give you a lot of real estate for navigation, and the only position that charges and gives you access to the buttons is folded. If you double tap the front of the device, it will turn on the display, but you have to enter the PIN sideways because the fingerprint reader is covered by the charging lid. It stopped charging my device after two days. The sensor stopped working when I put the phone in and cradled it. I thought maybe I wasn't pulling enough power from the car, but I did a test and I got enough to charge my phone. The deal killer is here. I drove over a hole. The cradle was suddenly disengaged by the charger. It was like the phone was released from the floor of my car when I tried to remove it because it thought the vibration from the pothole was me. You don't need me to tell you about the danger. I might have thought about getting a replacement for this because of the fact that it doesn't allow the Z Fold 2 to face the right way when connected, but I'm going to send it back and try to find something else. I can't recommend a Z Fold 2 for anyone because of the product failure after just two days.

👤Look at the video. I will punish those who say this doesn't work. Every phone in our family is held by the Gaze Wide H. Period. I own a ZFold 2. The mount will hold my ZFold in landscape/closed position. I can open my phone up into a landscape or portrait and it won't hurt. In the video watch, I can access all the controls. I can listen to my favorite music with the Gauze in landscape or portrait. My blade is a beast. I use the Spiegen SLIM ARMOR case. The best case for the ZFOLD2 is down. Please watch. My daughter records and I am a passenger. My foldable is able to show durability, and I can plug it into a computer and use a stylus. It's a good thing. Place the phone in Glove, Landscape view and closed. You can access volume, Fingerprint reader, and the phone will charge. Trust me. The people don't know what they're doing. Give it a try. watch video I have the hair wide 5 stars. I could not give 6 stars.

👤The Spigen Slim Armor Pro will fit in both portrait and landscape modes. It will only charge in landscape mode with this case. Vent mounts should be a bit longer. I have not tried the cup. If you can't access the fingerprint sensor, you can try automatic unlocks when your car is connected to the internet.

6. EACHO Protection Silicone 360 Degree All Inclusive

EACHO Protection Silicone 360 Degree All Inclusive

Eacho is a case specifically designed for your precious SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G. Before placing an order, please check if the item is sold in the US. The fold 3 case hinge protection folds smoothly and without obstacles. The anti-skid design of the hinge makes it hard to slip and fall. The built-in shockproof airbag on the hinge part provides strong protection for the fragile hinge of the mobile phone and reduces impact force. The buttons and interface of the case are cut to fit with humanity. The shell doesn't affect the use of the phone, and you don't need to remove it when using it. The galaxy z fold 3 case is very thin and does not increase the volume of the phone. You don't notice that there is a case. The high-quality after-sales service is offered. The case can support wireless charging without being removed. Eacho has a 90-day return service. If you have any questions or are dissatisfied, please contact them and they will be happy to help you.

Brand: Eacho

👤I have tried many cases since I got the zfold 3. This is the best one so far. It looks good. I own a silver zfold. I got the green because they don't have a solved case. It's almost black and reflects a greenish tint, making it look more high end than their competitors who go for a green shade. The material is much higher than any of my other cases. It's slim but still has a soft feel that's almost rubbery. You get the best of both worlds. The phone is less likely to fly because of the ridged hinge protectors. The design of the hinge protectors is more impressive than other cases with them. I can assure you that most magnets will fall out sooner than later. The case does not rely on magnets. It's a hinge function that works as well or better than the magnetized cases without the added worry of parts falling off. It costs the same as other poorly designed cases, so I'm really impressed with the design, but I'm surprised higher end companies aren't even using it. I love this case if you can't tell. There is some room for improvement. I would love to have a screen protectors built in, as I find built in screen protectors last a lot longer than others, and I would miss the kickstand of my old case. My five star rating is unaffected by these. You should buy a kickstand attachment if you want to buy another case. This is the best case for the zfold 3 and definitely the best with hinge protection.

👤I dropped the phone and it scratched my hinge. I've been looking for a good case that won't break my wallet. The overall fit was great and this is a good priced item. The whole case has a good grip. It is hard to find a good case for this phone.

👤The best case I have found. They did not do well and others got me by. This one has a good feel. The phone's spine is the best I've ever used. I think this case will be a top seller for this phone. I had already bought a screen protector and it didn't bother me that it didn't include it.

👤This is it after spending nearly 200 in cases. $30 bucks and it feels great. Well constructed, lightweight and comfortable. Y'all need one.

👤Have had about 10 different cases looking for a good case for the z fold 3 that was not thick and had hinge protection. This one is a perfect blend of sturdy and less bulk, and finally gives a sturdy case. There is only one thing missing, a built in kickstand that would take it to the next level. If you're on the fence about this case, buy it.

👤I don't like to write reviews. I felt compelled to write this. I bought the speck case for the fold about a week ago. The lack of spine protection made the phone feel incomplete. I was looking for a good case for a long time, but finally found this one. The s22 ultra feels like a complete product now that I slapped this bad boy on and it feels like a complete product. Couldn't recommend it enough.

7. VEGO Protection 360┬░Rotate Magnetic Samsung

VEGO Protection 360%C2%B0Rotate Magnetic Samsung

It's designed for the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G. New hinge protection technology protects the phone at all times. The sliding cover protects the phone. The built-in ring kickstand case with vertical and horizontal angle can bring you a convenient viewing experience. The metal patch can be used to support the magnetic car mount. They promise life time customer service. They will reply within 24 hours if you have any doubts.

Brand: Vego

👤Great case. It is on the thicker side. The protection is great. The thickness makes it harder to press the volume and power. The kick stand is good to have but it doesn't balance itself well in portrait so you'll find yourself using landscape for optimal placement. The case is more difficult to open due to the protection on the hinges. It is something to get used to. So head up. It affects one handed option a bit. There is a good amount of thickness. The front screen protection is better than most I have had with this design. Usually they break after a few weeks of use and here I am buying another case hoping the first one was a mistake. I finally found this one, but with the above mentioned issues, I will keep looking. This is good for now. I wish it was less flawed. Maybe it is me.

👤Like the case. Sturdy, durable and looks good. The left side of the front cover is too tall for typing. I also have small fingers, and found it annoying. The kick stand works well. It works well for stability when you use it in full display. If you don't get the front cover on correctly, you'll allow the right side to move, which led to the lifting of my front screen. I didn't like it. My dog caught it with his paw and it was held down with tape on the left side. I don't like front plates being taped down. I have other cases where they snap on and work great. I'm picky. I still recommend this case. Does look good and work well, if you get that front plate on absolutely perfect, I'm sure you'll have no issue with lifting the screen, but buyer beware... Lifting problems on the screen of this phone will be caused if this or any case has play in the front piece. Find one that clicks. There is no slip.

👤I had an issue with my case, but it was taken care of. The case was really nice, but I had to take it away because the ring came off and my phone fell to the ground. The phone could have cost me a lot. I didn't know that the ring was separate from the case. Although it can be a simple fix, be careful and be aware that cell phones are expensive.

👤It uses double sided tape to hold its self on the phone. After 2 days of using this tape, it came loose and I had to peel the screen protectors from my phone. It damaged my screen protector. The rear kick stand is not in place, the finger ring is peeling, and the witch is held on with tape. If you don't pay attention, the retractable hing cover catches and doesn't alow the folding screen to close all the way, which is a shame. I hope the models fix the bugs. The case size is comfortable to use and not bulky like the rest. This case is not needed around your phone. Very disappointing.

8. Ruky Protection Ultra Thin Shockproof Protective

Ruky Protection Ultra Thin Shockproof Protective

The PC Slim Case is compatible with the Z Fold 3 5G. You can support wireless charging without taking your case off. The built-in screen protectors on the front cover of the GALAXY Z fold 3 case will protect your screen from scratches and cracks. The magnetic closure method protects the fragile hinge of z fold 3. Four reinforced corners with raised edge could protect your phone from scratches and drops. The protection for your phone is supreme. Ultra thin cover and back is needed to keep the original shape. The phone to open mold design makes it easier to diffuse heat. No bulky, lightweight give you that. Real phone to open mold design is easier to design. It is possible to perfectly fit buttons for easy access. Lifetime Friendly Customer Service is what they provide. If you have a problem or suggestion, please contact them.

Brand: Ruky

👤This case is tough and I love the color. I dropped it and it protected my phone.

👤The case is very durable. The front screen gets smudges very quickly and I don't like that.

👤The case is not great. The protective screen was barely covering the case. It says it is glass but it feels plastic. It is streaky and picks up fingerprints faster than other screen protectors I have used. It's easier to remove the back part of the case when you leave the case on because it struggles to leave the case on. The color is nice and it fits well, but the other issues take away from the quality of the case. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤The phone opened and closed like it did not have a cover. The touch screen works well. It works with the case on.

👤The touch functions work well after installation. Cases fit snug to the phone. I dropped it several times from waist height and survived. Highly recommend it.

👤I don't like that it reduces the brightness of the flashlight. The screen still allows the acknowledgement of my fingers on it, and it feels good in my hand. I haven't dropped it yet because I put the case on.

👤The color of the case is striking. The front has a plastic screen cover. Time will tell if it is easy to hold and sturdy. I would recommend this case.

👤I don't care about the back cover. I use the old one, but this is the best one.

👤Vous pouvons toutes la poussire rentrer et vous pouvons toutes pices. ne pas acheter.

👤Laisse la poussire rentrer, vous avons l'├ęchapper.

9. NINKI Compatible Protection Protective Protector

NINKI Compatible Protection Protective Protector

Only a multi-functional phone case is compatible with the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G. The only case that is compatible with the Z Fold is not the one that is compatible with the Z Fold 2. Hinge Protection is an attractive and anti-slip PC material with an ideal structure for MAX full coverage protection and free folding,bonded tightly. The case for the GALAXY FOLD 3 5G is comfortable and distinct. The Z Fold3 case is specially designed with the S Pen slot, non-slip and perfect fit, so it's a perfect fit for skin. All controls, buttons,sensors and others can be accessed. It is Christmas day or New Year and you need good gifts for your family. Multiple pretty colors would compliment your Fold3. Protection and precise hole. The hold position of the camera and screen is Heighten to prevent accidental drops. You get a protective case and an after-sales card. If there is a problem with their products, please let them know.

Brand: Ninki

👤I wanted features for the Z fold in this case. It is large in the hand. The protection on my phone makes a noise when I close it. The phone is higher than the case, so it provides less protection. It is cheap even with a skin. The perfect case is the topic of mybsearch.

👤This is a very cheap case. It has a lot of potential but it snapped off after a single drop. The case is made of plastic. The phone is very heavy so they should not make thin plastic cases. The case can be broken from a 1ft drop. Don't buy. A waste of money. The quality is terrible.

👤This is a piece of garbage. I pulled the phone out of my pocket. When the case popped off, it damaged the corner of my phone. The front face cover was the reason for buying this thing. Don't waste money or time. The other reviews should have been listened to. The case that provided the screen protectors only gave one. The front screen protector was bought. Just got it. It seems to work well. S Pen is in it. I'm going to leave the pen holder on to see if it protects. It seems cheap to make Dose. There are little to raised bevels around side buttons. Does work. The protection around the camera. We will see how it holds up.

👤This is a very cheap case. It doesn't fit well. There is no finger print resistant. Will use until I find a better case, but not very confident that it will protect the phone in the event it gets dropped. I should have read the other reviews before buying 2 for our company.

👤I liked this case at first. I contemplated buying another one in a different color. It has a built in screen protector that has a very small amount of glue on it. The idea is that this sticks to the screen and prevents the edge from coming off when you open the phone. When you open and close your phone, the dust under the screen protectors causes scratches on the front screen. If you have the phone open, the stylus holder should be in the way of the magnetic mount. If you want something that looks nice, it's decent, but I feel it's over priced and scratches the front screen because of the protectors.

👤I haven't had it on my phone in a while. The screen protectors part is pointless because it doesn't fit tight enough so dirt and debris get under it and show on the screen. The hinge cover is bulky. Not worth the money.

👤The pen holder is flimsy. As you use it, it gets loose. The covers I have used are not the best. It is not user friendly.

👤I got it for my best friend and she loves it. It's great to not lose the pen.

👤The product is not a good one because it doesn't come with a pen.

10. Samsung Protection Storage Kickstand Tempered

Samsung Protection Storage Kickstand Tempered

Only for the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G. 9H Tempered Glass screen protectors are of the highest quality. It's a perfect cutout for Finger Print and Cable Charging. The edge thickness is 2.5 MM. There is a pen holder with and without a pen hinge included. One credit card is supported by the credit card slot. Kickstand is designed for hand writing and watching movies. Power share support and wireless charging.

Brand: Akabike

👤The phone is protected by the case. It's too heavy for the S-pen. I like the case more than that.

👤The cheap plastic screen protector has a pen stuck in it. Just junk!

11. ASAPDOS Samsung Protector Magnetic Kickstand

ASAPDOS Samsung Protector Magnetic Kickstand

Please be sure to check your phone model before placing an order. A high quality experience of anti-slip function and comfortable touch is provided by the handcrafted from durable PU leather and Suede and flexible TPU. The photos were taken by professionals in real life. It is possible to carry your driver's license, credit, gift cards,debit cards, coins, and cash in a multi-functional wallet. It is possible to position your phone case as a stand for videos. The magnetic snap can be opened and closed safely, it has a lock to keep the case closed, and it provides a full protection in the event of an accidental drop of your phone. The soft-touch flip cover provides full protection to protect your phone against scratches,bumps and knocks. The button cover has a hollow design that makes it perfect for responsiveness and feel. You can find the power and volume rocker buttons without looking or being in the dark.

Brand: Asapdos

👤It holds the phone in place. It makes it easier to close the phone. I thought the wallet pouch would jam. The part is holding up well. The button clasp on the bifold portion of the wallet is not good. When I have an ID behind one clasp and a card behind the other clasp, it won't close completely. I don't think it's good for it to close right. I put the ID in the pouch so there was no big deal. I would have liked a bigger clasp on the phone side. The clasp on that part holds up. One upgrade. I added one of the 3M straps that are for fingers. I can hold the phone with one hand. Would recommend to anyone with those preferences.

👤The cheap plastic feel of this phone case was a big shock to me. The main clasp for the phone is nice, it doesn't come undone, and it holds the phone, which is nice compared to other phone clasps. The one connecting the two sides of the card section is terrible and I don't know if my was just poorly constructed, but they don't line up correctly and have given up trying to stay connected. This was the most annoying thing about the case, and if it was just a one off mistake, I would give this product 3 stars. This case only protects the back part of the phone, there is no stick on the front part. I am fine with that. I tried a previous case and it just stuck with the back. The picture on the product of the folded money sticking out is accurate, but it's not how far your money will stick out, it's how far you put it in the pocket. Dollar bills can't be stored without folding at least twice. I was hoping to find a good case for the fold 3. I don't think this is the end. I don't think you will be disappointed by the product, but if it's enough to sell you on it, then so be it.

👤I can have my phone and wallet in the same pocket because the whole thing is bigger than my last wallet. It looks and feels regal. I put a front face cover on the phone and it still fits, even though I was worried about the front cover getting in the way. Thumbs up!

👤I would have liked to give this many stars. I would like it to have 1 things. The straps are 2. If you add credit cards or cash, it will be a bit bigger. You can't close it. I had to cut where you put your license to get it out. If you have long Nails, it's very difficult to pull things out, so I decided to keep it looking nice, but not very useful.

👤I got what I ordered and the quality is reasonable. I'll be looking for another case to try because of the two things. I might come back to this one, but I'm trying something else. 1. The button that contains the fingerprint reader has a snap flap over it. Even when it's open, you can't open the wallet without your fingerprints being scanned, and there's no way you can push the button to open the wallet. 2. The pocket has a limit on how much money can be folded into a fourths. There is no other place to put money. It's frustrating when the case is longer than a dollar bill, so why couldn't it be designed to take it in full length? You carry less money if you fold it twice. I'm looking for a wallet case that can hold the bills like a regular wallet. The number of credit card slots is nice. Many don't have enough.


What is the best product for best z fold 3 case with hinge protection?

Best z fold 3 case with hinge protection products from Miimall. In this article about best z fold 3 case with hinge protection you can see why people choose the product. Spigen and Vihibii are also good brands to look for when you are finding best z fold 3 case with hinge protection.

What are the best brands for best z fold 3 case with hinge protection?

Miimall, Spigen and Vihibii are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best z fold 3 case with hinge protection. Find the detail in this article. Gadget-park, Gaze and Eacho are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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