Best Best Yoyo for Kids

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1. Yomega Original Technology Beginner Warranty

Yomega Original Technology Beginner Warranty

The string is installed. There are instructions inside the box. The plastic construction isdurable. The weight is 60 grams and the width is 27mm. The best beginner yoyo is perfect for beginners, kids, collectors, or anyone looking to purchase a great stress relief. The longest spinning auto return YO-YO is open on the down swing. As spin time slows, the clutch engages and the yoyo comes back to the hand. The core of the neuroscience is that even beginners can easily learn the basics. There are lashing tactics. Every child can feel the satisfaction of mastering all the classic tricks when they walk the dog. 3 months warranty! If you want to contact them, follow the instructions inside your package.

Brand: Yomega

👤27 years old. These were the nintendo switches of my generation. You can catch me outside. I also have my POGs. Was it really so? You tryna walk the dog?

👤This is false advertising. I am expecting yo-yos to pull themselves back up when I read "auto return" I bought this for my three year old to introduce her to yo-yos that automatically come back up, even though this is just a regular yoyo. This is not an auto return yo-yo and the seller should remove auto from their advertising. Not for children, look at the picture of it sitting in the extended position. It doesn't come back up in it's own. I need to buy another yo-yo.

👤I played with it myself after buying it for my son. It's a good yoyo, but not great. The spring loaded weights need more force in the initial throw to push the bearings out and generate the spin and snap back. The yoyo only has the weights on one side, so it's easy for an adult to do. The weights pull one side over for me. When I was younger, I had the weights on both sides of the yoyo, so it was more balanced. It's a good place to start. If you can learn a few tricks with it, you'll have fun. I would recommend stepping up to one with better balance and weights on both sides.

👤My kid lost a glider. When you throw a yoyo into a tree to recover a glider, it doesn't always come back. If you want to get things out of a tree, don't buy this. I've been a fan of yomega for over 30 years. A great yoyo, but not a great plane catcher.

👤I got this for my son's birthday and it claimed to sleep and then auto return, so I chose it. We haven't been able to make that happen. My son enjoys using it to make it go up and down, but he isn't sleeping. I'm disappointed in that. My son has enjoyed using it and I can tell it's good construction.

👤Wanted a strong auto return for beginners. Not very strong. Maybe I need to do more research. Even after 5 months, it still holds their interest, but they have no skills in using it. It is definitely durable. If it does open, you just pop it back and it's ready to go again.

👤My 9 year old granddaughter loves the yo-yo. I bought it for her because another brand didn't work well for her. This one is great for beginners. I opened the yo-yo to make sure there was nothing wrong. There was only one replacement string in the box. I was amazed at the customer service of Yomega. They said they would send an extra string. I was surprised to find that all the strings were in different colors. My granddaughter was thrilled with her new colored string and I was impressed. Way to go, Yomega! We are fans for life.

2. Retro Magic Rail Twirler Magnetic

Retro Magic Rail Twirler Magnetic

The biggest and strongest ball catcher in a carry bag comes with two discs, two balls and a bag. Everyone will love this ball catcher toy if you bring it with you to the next party. It is larger than the others in the market and will make tossing and grabbing a fun activity. Introduce your kids to the amazing world of Vintage toys and let them discover the magic behind the gravity-defying stunts their new rail twirler performs. The magnetic wheel can be run around the wire rails without falling off. Encourage your children to explore the ideas of Gravity and Magnetism with a fun sensory toy. Your kids will probably wonder how it is possible for the Gyro Wheel to spin up and down, and try to solve the mystery, by learning more about science and magnets. Any time, any place, any light is led for endless fun. The spinning wheel's lights are automatically lit up and stay lit longer than any other product. As it glows in the dark, your little one can use this light-up toy in their bed to relax and fall asleep faster. The Whirly Wheel helps you keep your hands busy and your mind focused thanks to its fascinating movement and lighting effects. It can help you or your kids deal with the effects of ADD and keep you focused on your tasks. The perfect gift idea for kids and adults alike is the Ipidipi toys light up rail twirler. These discovery toys are great stocking stuffers for both boys and girls. It is easy to carry around and silent, perfect for use at home, office, school, cars or anywhere you want.

Brand: Ipidipi Toys

👤We always had these when I was a child. I had to order them when I saw that they were my toy and that they had the added bonus of lighting up. I wanted to give these to my sons, and share my nostalgia for a bit. I was not sure what they would think of this toy mom playing with back then. They were fighting over who got what color when I opened the box. My daughter wanted the third one for herself. They were rolling them up and down while they lit up, exchanging wheel colors, and trying to see who could go fastest. The little colored wheels have lights in them that are activated when the little magnet nubs make contact with the metal frame, and shut off when removed. Adding an on/off switch to the wheels would be a suggestion. We all had a great time playing with these and I was in nostalgia the whole time. My 5 year old and I are going to compete to see who can go the longest without stopping. My son will win. Simple family fun!

👤These toys were purchased for the grand kids. The original version of this was fun when toys required some effort, and I remember having it as a little boy. These were packed in a box. Attach the wheel to the rails and watch it spin. The boys love these toys and we're building hand-eye coordination by using both hands. I enjoyed them as well.

👤These are the most fun little toys. My kids got them in their stockings and they are the most played with. We adults can't help but twirl them when we see them lying around the house. The little wheel lights up when the magnets on either side touch the metal handheld part. Then you let gravity take the wheel. They seem strong. My sister-in-law accidentally swung one of ours too hard and the wheel flew off the other side of the room, but it still lights up and works fine.

👤These are fun to play with. My kids loved the lights. There is no switch for the lights to turn on, they turn on when the metal tips on the side of the wheel attach to the rails. If the wheels are touching the rails, the battery will run out, so you have to be careful when transporting them. I don't think you can replace the lights. I don't know if it's replaceable or not. These are a great gift for kids.

👤My favorite 7 month old would have said that if he could talk. It's the first thing he grabs out of his toy bag when I watch him. He likes that it's magnetic and lights up and hangs all the discs from one rail. Changing the batteries can be difficult. The light came loose when I took the wrong side off, it was easier to do. A diagram or ridge could help.

👤These are good for stocking stuffers and to add on to gifts. One of the three in my pack was bent, but we were able to bend it enough to fix it. When on the track, the gyro lights up, but turns off when you remove it.

3. Sumind Twirlers Flashing Magnetic Mesmerizing

Sumind Twirlers Flashing Magnetic Mesmerizing

It isdurable and long lasting. The rail twister toys are easy to play with, you just move your wrist and start playing, and the gyro toys are great for young boys and girls. The rail twister toys are easy to play with, you just move your wrist and start playing, and the gyro toys are great for young boys and girls. The lighting effect and scroll back and forth of rotating toys can make little boys and girls relax, and they can bring hours of fun to your little guys. The guide rails of the rotating toy are well aligned and the gyro wheel can roll on the track without falling, and the rotating toys emit red and blue lights. There are two magnetic toys for you, one for boys and one for girls, both classic and chic gifts for boys and girls.

Brand: Sumind

👤I would get this for an older child. It's difficult to spin. The video can be watched with the volume up.

👤The metal rails were not parallel. It would turn sideways and stop moving. Don't waste your money. The original Wheel-e-o is for sale.

👤A very fun toy. The bright lights are great for wrist exercises.

👤The wheel twisted. It could be used for 15 seconds before it stopped. Terrible product...toy?

👤What a cheap item. It does not work.

👤My nephew loved it, but he broke it quickly.

4. Beginner Dinosaur Responsive Birthday Classroom

Beginner Dinosaur Responsive Birthday Classroom

If you use this string with yo-yos that use a starburst response system, you should avoid using nylon. Kids,ction can lead to injury. The package has 4 pieces of light toy in different cartoon patterns, which will be loved by people and bring fun to players. The toy is safe and reliable, impact resistant and wear resistant, not easy to fade or damage, and can serve you for a long time, even with a reasonable gap between the bearings. The pattern design is stylish and clear, and it will change with the light flashing, so that you will be the focus of the crowd. It's an exciting gift for friends, classmates, colleagues, relatives, family, students on birthday or other holidays, and it can also be used to organize parties to light up your carnival dance floor and set off a joyous atmosphere. This toy is a good toy for beginners because it provides a peaceful play experience and helps to improve motor skills and hand eye coordination, which is beneficial for developing the intelligence of young people.

Brand: Chivao

5. Rainbow Spring Toy Assortment Plastic

Rainbow Spring Toy Assortment Plastic

If their colorful hourglass bubblers don't make you happy, just get in touch with them and they'll make it right. It is highly unlikely that you will need the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. There is a pack of 50 mini spring toYS. 50 - 1.5 inch rainbow coil springs are included in each mini magic coil spring order. The best party favors for boys and girls of all ages can be found in these plastic coil springs. There are different colors and shapes of the NEON RAINBOW. The rainbow spring toy party favor shapes come in over 10 different designs and are in bright colors. This nostalgic 80s and 90s toys is the perfect rainbow party favor for everyone because it provides hours of endless entertainment and fun. Give out mini springs as game prizes, fill up the treasure box prizes for your classroom, or add one to each goodie bag as birthday party favors for kids, and much more! High quality! The test was passed and the approval was given. Their mini toy spring assortment is made of high quality non-toxic plastic so you can stretch and play with it over and over again. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, they'll take back your product, no. They are here to make you happy, 100% of the time.

Brand: Bedwina

👤Tbey were a hit. I got them as part of the release time program for my 2nd grade Bible school class. I also had slime in the bags, so they had to wait until they got home to open them. Next time, I will probably include more toys like these. 26 2nd graders were very happy.

👤The jumbo pack is a decent size and came in different shapes and sizes. It does the job for a decent toy if it gets tangled and bend too much, but I think it's worth what I paid for.

👤I make sure to keep lots of springs on hand because they help keep people's hands busy and focused. These were fine. I expected them to be cheap plastic springs. These ones hold their shape better than other ones I have purchased so when I need to replenish, I will be back!

👤My son was disappointed that his favorite party favor was ruined by another child, so I surprised him with a package of toys he loved. He was so excited to get a new one and 50 different shapes that he is happy to share it with his younger family members since he has a lot to make up for.

👤My 7 year old daughter needed prizes for her birthday and I needed prizes for my preschool group in the church. It was enough for both of us. Will be shopping for more in the next few months.

👤The product was worth what it was paid for. My daughters loved a variety of shapes and colors. The slinkies are not sturdy or industrial, but for the money spent it was still worth it.

👤These are cool. Even though the dimensions are given in the description, I was still surprised when I saw them. These gems will be added to the Operation Christmas Child boxes. Sharing God's love is a tangible way of showing/sharing. The kids will love them.

👤My kids class parties were given these gifts. I split the pack in half and it was enough for everyone. I read that some of the reviews broke apart after being stretched, so I checked each one individually and they were all intact. The shapes and colors add to the fun. My kids liked them.

👤El resorte is alcanza.

6. Duncan Lime Light Colors Vary

Duncan Lime Light Colors Vary

3 months warranty! If you want to contact them, follow the instructions inside your package. Light-up technology. The Limelight can be used to create a light show. The yo-yo has a clear body and special light technology that blinks and changes colors while it spins. It's great for beginners. The Limelight Yo-Yo is a beginner yo-yo model designed for beginners. The design of transaxles. The Limelight feels like a yo-yo in a plastic design because of the plastic transaxle. There is a sturdy construction. The Duncan Limelight Yo-Yo has a rim-weighted body made of durable plastic that can be used a lot. The product includes a yo-yo.

Brand: Duncan

👤I read the reviews thoroughly. I would have realized that the purchase was for one yoyo and not three if I had done that this time. The pictures are misleading and the description is not clear. I wouldn't have paid $10 for one yoyo. Read the reviews thoroughly.

👤I use more expensive yoyos since I am a bit older. This was a surprise. I thought it would be a fixed steel axle. I was sad to see a plastic bearing around a tiny axle, but there is no confidence in it. The body. The action is a cheap yoyo. You can do a sleeper for a short time, but it needs lubrication and a new string. The lights are awesome. If you want a kid to learn, I would buy a duncan imperial butterfly or a replay. If you want to go back in time, you can buy a light up yoyo for cheap and do some dazzling tricks. Do not expect much performance here.

👤I only saw three yo-yos and bought them quickly. You only get one yo-yo. There are three different colors in the picture. Facepalm I will be buying another green to make sure my boys don't fight over the same color, because it's $1 cheaper by the way.

👤At first I thought it was 3par, but then I realized it was only one and I need to buy 2 more for other kids. I wonder why he put the picture like 3 together. Yo-yo is too expensive.

👤You only get one of the three yos in the picture. The one is more expensive than other yo yos.

👤It's so much fun! When I saw the yo-yo section, I bought this on a whim. This yo-you flashes and lights up as you use it, and it is really pretty. I love playing with it. This would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone. They will have fun with it. It didn't take long for me to get back on track with my movements. I'm trying to quit smoking and this is keeping me busy. The yo-yo works perfectly and I highly recommend it. Shipping was on time and on budget.

👤This came with a light that was weakly flashing. Half of the yo-yo's batteries were dead. Duncan is to blame for the bad design. When the yo-yo wasn't in motion, the spring that connected the circuit touched the battery. I bent the spring back a bit after pulling it apart. It works well now. This one is perfect for beginners, I'm pretty intermediate with looping. You could take the dog for a walk. All the basics. I have the loop360 which is amazing, but I wanted something more flashier for the Halloween party. It looks like a rainbow fish scale when you loop it fast. It was a little slow when the yo-yo was fully extended. I took the plastic transaxle out and doubled it over. I have loops that are very fast. Love it.

👤The little yoyo is fun. Light painting landscape photography. Excellent color and brightness. It was very vivid and interesting to watch. The yoyo is a small transaxle that sleeps easy. The response isn't great for looping, but it is fun to throw and I think it was designed to favor long sleep times over easy looping. The shape in the hand is nice. The batteries that come in will be low or dead. The transit will cause the lights to come on and off at random. This is usually avoided with a small paper tab, but not with this yoyo.

7. Neliblu Airplane Gliders Individually Wrapped

Neliblu Airplane Gliders Individually Wrapped

No battery or assembly is required to use. Kids can operate on their own by tossing it high. The value pack is worth something. You can find many Styrofoam plane gliders on the market, however, only this bulk pack offers you this amazing deal. You can get 72 colorful airplane gliders with just one click. Child friendly! Put them together and watch them fly. Gliders are perfect for any gift occasion. They can be used on certain crimes. You can use the toys multiple times. They can be used as party favors, birthday gifts, good behavior rewards, or goody bag toys. The girls and boys love playing with the planes. The foam airplane toys come in many different colors and designs. Not all 72 planes have the same wings, since they represent different models of glider aircraft. The weight was designed to fly. The flying gliders are lightweight and soft. Kids are safe to play with.

Brand: Neliblu

👤They worked great for my kids school. I loved the different colors and designs of the planes. They were a simple and fun toy for my boys. They fly well and are easy to assemble.

👤I bought these to give away for Halloween. We've given out a lot of toys and trinkets to kids. The planes should do the job. The package is sealed. I needed scissors. It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who opens them. The 5" styrofoam plane can be expected to fly, as it is easy to assemble and flies. It should be safe for indoor missions. Not enough power to do damage. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is due to assembly. The slots where the wings are inserted have the cutout tab in them. If you put too much pressure on it, it will bend the styrofoam. The plane was not damaged by the styrofoam. This happened with the wing inserts. This could result in frustration and damage in young hands. Some parent or older kid help may be helpful. The listing says it is child friendly. There is a small plastic nose piece that comes loose in the package and can easily be removed from the plane's nose. It could be a hazard for young children.

👤The plane is small and easy to fly. Kids like it. I give this to my patients, and they are happy. If they are small, I will help them put the pieces together and teach them how to throw it. They don't know how to use the toys. I'll keep buying it!

👤I was upset to see how small they were, but they were from the regular kind. wow... They fit better in the goody bags and glide better than the regular ones. I would buy them again.

👤We were excited to give the product to a small group of kids. The idea of flying planes is exciting, but it's more fun to try and fly them. If you just hold in your hand while walking around, they are in flight. They just spin and tumble when I took the plastic tip off the nose. 2 planes made it 7 feet before hitting the floor, after adjusting wings, swapping with other planes, and then hitting the floor. They were wrapped individually and put in a larger bag. The bag bulges, the foam planes are warped, and the problem is here. - The foam is so thin you have to be very careful. There is no way a child under 10 can do this without folding them in half. The design is very simple and has a plastic nose weight. That is all. It's good for little children to pretend flight and just have fun. If you have a large group, it may be more fun to see who can get one to go across the room by independent successful flight. Our expectations were too high, based on the reviews. Be aware of what you are getting and what you are not. The level of quality is subjective.

8. YoYa Toys Liquipen Bubbler Colorful

YoYa Toys Liquipen Bubbler Colorful

The perfect gift idea for kids and adults alike is the Ipidipi toys light up rail twirler. These discovery toys are great stocking stuffers for both boys and girls. It is easy to carry around and silent, perfect for use at home, office, school, cars or anywhere you want. Every order comes with three liquid motion novelty pens. Each pen has a different color. The colorful water beads will slowly trickle down as you flip the pen up/down. The bubble timer is so satisfying and fascinating. It is a simple way to keep kids entertained. Kids and adults enjoy reduced stress and anxiety. The vibrant flair pens are fascinating to watch, but they are also fantastic pens to use. They are perfect for back to school and easy to handle. The sensory toys are packaged in a beautiful boutique-style gift box. They are great for birthdays gifts, promotional gifts, classroom supplies, and so much more. You have tried the rest, now buy the best. They know you will love these toys. They will take them back for a full refund if they are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Yoya Toys

👤The product was ok, but I will never buy these again. I bought them for my son. Within a few hours the ink was gone. My son is just 2 years old. The pen was bulky and safe but it was a complete waste of money. If it wouldn't last a day, what is the point of buying it?

👤You guys... I ordered this set because my 8 year old would love it. I didn't expect my 3 year old to love it as much as she did, and for the pens to be passed around at the table as adults were amused. You get three pens and each one has a different color that matches the outer shell of the pen. The quality of the product is surprising. Sometimes we buy things for our children that will not stand the test of time. We just opened the box and they seem legit. Not flimsy at all. I know the price is higher for 3 pens, but you will be happy with it.

👤These pens are great to look at. Other reviewers say it is very calming. My issues are paying a lot for pens and not being able to write with them for a long time. I used the blue/ pink pen twice over the course of two days, but it stopped working after I crossed through a few words. I knew that the ink wouldn't last long. This is ridiculous. It's a pity. Oh, well. Five stars for the pen motion and colors, and one star for the ink. The pen is working again after a few days after being tried again. It must have been difficult to get the ink to clot. Changing to 5 stars...

👤This is very entertaining. This comes in a 3pk. There was no fighting about who got which color because my daughter's and my son's colors were the same. The total mom win. They were fascinating to both of us. Hehe. They were large enough to be used as a sensory tool, but not large enough to be difficult to use. They both drew pictures for me. They were too busy watching the bubbles to draw the pictures. All 3 pen ink works without being smudged or starting and stopping a million times. Great purchase!

👤The liquid motion bubbler is perfect for calming down my 10 year old. There is a The pen portion of the product ran out of ink after a few minutes of drawing, but then spontaneously started working again. The ink colors are fun. My children were not happy with the large size of the product. My 10 year old was not bothered by the size. These would be great stocking stuffers.

👤It's perfect for a calm moment. They are pretty, but I wish they had more ink. It's great for distance learners who like to regroup. When my granddaughter gets stressed out, it relaxes her.

👤I broke up the three pack and gave one pen as a gift for a class gift exchange and put the other two in stocking for Christmas. The quality was approved by both the 8 year old and 49 year old husband who is a kid at heart. Definitely recommend.

9. Yomega Spectrum Fireball Transaxle Intermediate

Yomega Spectrum Fireball Transaxle Intermediate

The transaxle is a plastic sleeve that is placed over the axle and allows long smooth spins. The Spectrum spins at the end of the string when the player flicks their wrist. The Spectrum returns to the hand with another flick of the wrist. The spinning yoyo is capable of turning on the multi-colored LEDs. You can play at dawn and dusk. Interlude and advanced play. The best play for the intermediate player is responsive. It's a great choice for the advanced player who wants to improve their looping skills. YOMEGA SPECTRUM ANATOMY: Theaxle system for long spins. It's easy to apply lubrication or untangle string with the modular design. The Polycarbonate is durable. Round shape. The weight is 62 g. The gap width is 2.5mm. 3 months warranty! If you want to contact them, follow the instructions inside your package.

Brand: Yomega

👤My grandson was talking about the teacher who had a yoyo and how he had never seen one before. I got a light up yoyo and was amazed at all the tricks I knew. It has been a long time since I rode a bike. It all came back to me. I used to have a wooden yoyo, but this light up yoyo is so much fun. It will make kids and grandmas happy.

👤Yo-yo is not up to the standards that I would have set. The yo-yo arrived super fast, however the leds were intermittent and the strings were cheap. The lights are pretty when they work. The yo-yo is not well designed, the weight is off balanced, and the small plastic piece that the string is looped to is not effective, and it is not fun for anything other than a full plain throws. Very disappointed. Maybe I should try one of their better yo-yos, and see if I like them.

👤Kiddo wanted a video with a yo. It's not well put together, it's 17x more expensive than the duncan yoyo I used to have. I've never had a yo that wasn't connected to the inner bolt, so it could go up and down. This spun and never came back up. The husband fixed with a sailor knot. Most people couldn't figure it out.

👤The yoyo is pretty. Some of the best lights on a light up yoyo have a fatal flaw. When tugged back up, it doesn't want to respond well. It will return, but the action is so random that it can go into mid air. It's a big deal! This can cause injuries. To make it more responsive, you have to use thick yoyo oil. You shouldn't have to do this to make sure the function is responsive. I have to use double. The lights are cool, but the action is not. The shelf item is a Collectors item.

👤Too loose, can't wind it. Very disappointed. My husband is good with a yoyo. He's upset that his son's birthday request didn't work out. This is a poor design according to other reviews. Yomega was a trusted brand.

👤Yomega makes some of the best yo-yos. I used to throw it back in the 90s. It is still as good. The Spectrum, which is a Fireball with LEDs, fell back into the grooves. Considering getting a raider again. It was quite a choice.

👤It's good for someone that's rusty like me. I've never played with a yoyo. After watching a few videos on how to put the yoyo to sleep, the one I received works and responds well. It's good for simple tricks like walk the dog, cradle, and a few others, but not for the competition type tricks. I got it to spin for about 10 seconds.

👤My son was a teenager. This was a blast from the past. The lights are bright and fun. The cost was high for what it was, my son said it would not be considered for advanced or professional, the ball bearing were plastic and not metal.

10. YoYa Toys Liquimo Hourglass Management

YoYa Toys Liquimo Hourglass Management

The weight was designed to fly. The flying gliders are lightweight and soft. Kids are safe to play with. A gift for the little ones. The Liquid Motion Bubbler will keep kids entertained for hours at a time and improve their visual awareness. Their bubblers work by letting gravity guide the colored droplets from top to bottom at a slow and steady speed. It's an effective and exciting olfactory toy! The Liquid Hourglass Toy will help your child relax and remain focused with its slow and rhythmic pace, if they are suffering from symptoms of ADHD, autism or hyperactivity. There are hours of fun. No power or batteries needed! It will start all over again and again if you flip it over. These liquid motion bubblers will help to relieve stress and provide hours of calming entertainment at home or at the office, unlike similar sensory toys. There are three different colors and multiple uses. Their liquid bubblers can be used for hours and hours of fun, but they can also be used to manage stress or even as decorative pieces on your desk or office. If their colorful hourglass bubblers don't make you happy, just get in touch with them and they'll make it right. It is highly unlikely that you will need the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Brand: Yoya Toys

👤The hand held bubbler is unique. It is easy to grasp onto for the smaller kids. This is colorful, and fun to watch the different colors/bubbles go up and down as you move it. I enjoy them for small kids or people with sensory needs.

👤I always feel bad writing bad reviews, but I was excited to give this to my daughter for Christmas, because I felt compelled to do so for a young child. I noticed my hands were wet when I put them in her stocking. I didn't see any damage, but as a parent, I want you to never give these to a child because they don't need to crack to leak and the contents should not be.

👤I bought these for my 6 year old son who said his teacher kept a desk in his classroom for him to sit on while he worked. He has a short attention span so I ordered these and he has carried them around. He flips these things all day, they are just containers of colored oil in water. The bubbles are pleasing to look at and the colors are bright and vibrant. My 6 year old will sit and draw with these sitting on the desk in front of him, flipping them as he completes his work. He did this for almost two hours yesterday. I think they are a success. I need to keep him on task with homework once school is back in session.

👤I have a child almost 6 years old. 3 years old. A 1 year old. old This came in a set of 3. I thought these would be great to use as a calm down toy, a timer for brushing teeth, or just something really cool to watch. I might need to use them to help me calm down as well. My kids have dropped them several times already and they are easy to hold for little hands.

👤The run time is not very long and the colors are vivid. The item dimensions description is not true. The height is only 5.5" when it is stated that it is 9.12 inches. My grand children's little hands haven't played with them yet because they feel durable and sturdy. I don't think they were worth the money, they look ok on my coffee table.

👤I absolutely love this product. When they combine to make other colors, they enjoy watching the color drop. They like to have a race to see which unit will empty first. There are two points I want to make about Liquid Motion toys. One color runs out faster than the other because of the multiple exit points. I don't know if it's designed to happen or if it means they're bad. 2. The bases should be bigger. I think if the edge of the clear acrylic was added to each end it would make them more stable. They tip over very easily increasing the chance of breakage.

👤When I opened the box, my three kids were so amazed. They chose their own-marveling at the color combinations. Now that they have their own, they pick them up more often. They like to move the toy around. They help calm them when they are upset. They are playing with each other and holding up well. I am glad I got these for them.

11. KELZ KIDZ Light Squishy Grape

KELZ KIDZ Light Squishy Grape

This push bubble pop is a perfect gift for adults and children with special needs. It's easy to carry and doesn't occupy the bag space. Full sensory experience. Are you looking for a sensory experience that includes many of the senses? They have added a flashing light and taken their popular and exclusive Sewn Mesh Balls. You, your kids, your students, and anyone else who enjoys fun will enjoy endless fun while feeling the deep satisfaction of squeezing one of their balls and watching the colorful flashing light up the room with a glittery effect! The quality and accessibility of sewn is exclusive. Kelz Kidz always provides popular toys with a strong focus on quality. The nets remain closed no matter how long the balls are played with. There are no sharp plastic clips or large plastic caps found on ordinary mesh balls. Your child's hands won't be scratched from the plastic. They use a thick skin and plug to make sure these will last forever. There is research on the effects of autism and ADHD. Their mesh balls are a great addition to any therapist kit. It is used by occupational and ABA therapists to help with sensory processing disorders. It helps enhance a child's overall sense of peace and relaxation as they can let out their inner feelings by giving the balls a deep squeeze. Each set of balls comes in a beautiful gift box. It is a great gift to give to your husband or wife. A classroom bonus or reward is the perfect prize for a teacher to give. It can be used as a treasure chest addition in a doctor's office. Do you need a new addition to your party? Add these as a party favor or bag extra.

Brand: Kelz Kidz

👤The balls are very nice. I gave it a 4-star because it was the wrong produce for my grandson. He is a bit hard on things. It's okay. They were hard for him to squeeze, and after smashing them on the floor, anything he could, the net loosened. I don't think many people would do what he did to them. I should have ordered smaller ones for him. Nice colors too. I mentioned this to the seller, and he offered me the smaller ones, more suited for a little guy.

👤I have arthritis and these things are perfect for exercising it. A regular strengthening ball is boring. They seem sturdy and odorless. I wish they didn't leave the end unfinished and hang out like that, but it doesn't cause any problems.

👤I bought these for my daughter's 8th birthday party. They were a big hit but only for a short time. One had a hole within the first hour and the other by the end of the party. My daughter's ball lasted another day before it got a hole and had to be thrown away. The goop is very sticky so be sure to toss it when it starts to leak.

👤One of these arrived half an hour ago and has already popped and squirted glittery gel all over. Who can squeeze these without popping them? She is afraid to squeeze the other three. That is $18 down the drain. Very disappointed.

👤This is a squishy item. The mesh opening breaks and the ball comes out. I use a strong string and weave it through the mesh retying to fix it. My boys love playing with this squishy.

👤When you squeeze them, they are pretty. The glitter is pretty and the colors are bright. I use these in my classroom. The mesh came undone and the kids could take the balls out. It would be okay for a stress ball, but it wouldn't hold up to repeated use. They have a ball that will light up, but it is very difficult to work with.

👤One of these looked like it had mold growing in it and the glitter was not as widespread as it appears in the photos. I sent it back because I know these things are easy. I didn't want my granddaughters to be covered in a bunch of slimy stuff that could have been mold, or something like that.

👤I thought they were just cold when I first got them. It is cold in IN. Even after a few days, they were still hard to squeeze. I gave them to some co-workers because I was disappointed. One of them had a break during a staff meeting and squeezed out on the table. A co-worker took a break soon after. I can't recommend these balls. In order to get them to light, you had to hit them against the table.


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