Best Best Yoga Pants for Women Brand with The Fox Head

Women 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. EMPETUA Shapermint High Waisted Shaping Leggings

EMPETUA Shapermint High Waisted Shaping Leggings

There is a wide range of sizes. For all day comfort, they recommend a size up. Pick your actual size from the chart for a total figure transformation, more sculpted look and occasional use. The larger size should be taken on the chart. This is longer than ordinary leggings and you should check the inseam length. The leggings are made from nylon and spandex and are non-see through. They can be worn from the bedroom to the boardroom. They are also stretchy. For daily wear. The stretchy leggings are designed to give a lot of room for movement. This high waisted leggings are the one for you, whether you work out in the gym or at home. There is anti lip and tummy control. You can feel and see the difference. Their leggings are designed to slim your waist and stay in place. Its high-quality material gives you control over your body. They can be washed in a machine wash and air dried. Air dry your shapewear to preserve its elasticity.

Brand: Shapermint

👤It felt good on my skin, similar to tights, but not as good as a body shaper. I'm African-American and it wasn't sheer. lupus keeps me out of the sun because of my flares, rash, and blush-red face. I would look at the skin. It did not roll down. I read that it smells bad. It didn't smell different than a waist trainer or the neoprene wraps when I took it out of the package. It did not smell like ass. The package from the company was nice, not like a bag from Wish. The bag is sealed in case the item needs to be returned. The largest size is 3x. The size chart is important. I have thick fat ass thighs and that made it a problem. Oh yes. If you have a short stack of thick pancakes like me, pull it up little by little from the bottom. I could get it up to the top of my abdomen with baby pulls and deep breaths, but big girl problems. There is a The crotch of the leggings was close to the Va-jj. My tummy is not flabby or soft. I had excess skin removed, but my ass was the only thing left. I need to see 2 cheeks at the meeting of my buttocks and thigh, not 1 big smile from hip to hip. I purchased this item and clicked on the ad. I'm on Messenger. I was promised by a bot that if I ordered on Amazon I would be reimbursed through my PayPal. The bot waited until I said yes and then sent me to the item on Amazon. After I ordered, the msg left my Order# and phone number, but not the option to pay with PayPal. I sent the company several times. The bot didn't reply or reimburse me. I waited to try the product on. It didn't fit. I sent it back. It was easy and stress free. I apologized for high volume customer care during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I was told it would be to the right side. By this time, I stopped the package at the store. A real person responded to the messenger. The rep asked for my email address and Facebook account to be paid for, because of the high volume. I'm honest. I said thank you but the item didn't fit. This item was only $11-12 or $18 for a pair during the Black Friday/Cyber sale. I would have given it to my sister if I'd gotten it for $11-12 or more quickly. It says 3x doesn't mean you are a 3x. Everyone has a body type. 200-250 is completely different from the other. I would order another product from the company, but I would compare the price on the website. This is the longest review I have ever written.

👤There was a tear in the inner seam. I ordered the shorter pair which did not have a tear, but within a few hours of wearing the inner seams completely tore apart. This was a pleasant experience and they got it. I didn't recommend these after seeing a lot of advertising.

2. Retro Gong Leather Leggings Pleather

Retro Gong Leather Leggings Pleather

The faux leather leggings have a soft fabric that hugs your abdomen and smooths it all over. The high waisted tummy control leggings are elastic and hug curves to make you look slim. Leather pants for women are coated in faux leather and have a high waisted style that slims the waist and creates a chic look. The yoga leggings are made of faux leather and arebreathable and comfortable, ideal for gym enthusiasts. Black leggings are the best choice to keep you comfortable and stylish.


👤Hesitated. I don't notice a difference with my spanx and these. Some of the reviews said that they received thin leggings, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to try them. I received my spanx the same day I received the package, but I can't tell the difference because they are not as shiny. I was going to return these until I tried them on and realized they were the same, so I'm telling you to try if you get a bad pair. If you're looking for something less than half the price of spanx, these are a great option. I ordered a medium because they fit perfectly. I love the length, it's not too much. It's right. I had the option to wear these or spanx today. I chose these. I didn't get a free pair. I would love to. I was so nervous that I wanted to review. Hopefully it will help the next.

👤These leggings are gorgeous! I will leave a review for these. I am a bit chubby and short. Finding clothes online is difficult because of my stomach problem. I try to read reviews to see if someone who looks close to me has left a review, but I don't have any luck. The leggings look great. To make sure they fit, I sized up to a xxl, because I usually wear a large in bottoms. I could probably have gone with a xl but these feel very comfortable, not tight around the waist at all. They were a bit long. It was ok. I am tall so I expect them to. I folded the cuffs, but they are not folded at all. They are not flexible. I liked these so much that my stomach looked flatter.

👤I had the faux leather leggings in my house and I was comparing them side by side. The $100 price for the Spanx ones was too much for me. I was wondering if there was a dupe on Amazon. The fabric, material, and look are very similar to the Spanx. The fit is the same. I measured up to a L from my normal M. Both leggings have the same red ribbon label. They must be from the same manufacturer. Who would know if the outer side seam of these is sewn differently than the one for Spanx? I am excited to have the exact same look for 1/3 of the price after I sent the Spanx back.

👤I got Med size and return them because the more you stretch them out the more they will fit my body type and I am 135 lbs muscular. I have a small waist and a big hips, so the large size fits my hips, but it's a little big on my waist. I removed one star because they were not bothering to return them. I like the material. I would like them to have more compression. Be honest with your body type. This helps me.

👤I was considering buying leather look leggings. I wanted to spend on a splurge for myself, but I ended up with some pretty expensive options. I found this pair and thought it was worth less than 40 dollars. I'm a size 0 and got the large. They fit like a glove. It feels like they were molded on me when I pull them into position. I have an allergy to having a butt. These give me more. They look cute with my boots and sweater. I was worried it would have a trashy look. I don't think it would look different if I went with the more expensive option. I was happy to take a chance on these.

3. FIRST WAY Buttery Bootcut Pockets

FIRST WAY Buttery Bootcut Pockets

Double peached fabric makes yoga pants feel good in hands and is designed to fit like a second skin. It can meet your expectations about being comfortable and non-fading. Super absorbent yoga pants have a higher spandex content than most yoga pants, and feature great all-way stretch and shaping strength. It's very durable because of its ability to return to the original shape after stretching. There are two side pockets and two back pockets. Four pockets can hold your essentials. The high waist and diamond necklace design is very popular. The high rise lounge pants with the elastic waistband provide tummy control and the 4-way stretchy and non see-through material for full range of motion without worries. The diamond crotch design is more durable and lasts longer than a camel toe. There are OCCASIONS. These pants are great for yoga, gym fitness, lounging at home, and everyday wear. You can wear it with heels.

Brand: First Way

👤I'm 5'2", 112 lbs, with a long torso, short legs. Petite pants look like they are flooding on me. It was ordered small. The inseam is 1/2 inch off the floor. These fabrics are superior with 70% breathable polyester and a whopping 30% spandex or elastane, compared to the best performance fabric I own. The pants do not get baggy in the seat or knees. If the pockets are loaded down, they don't fall. They have the same ability as Fabletics Power Hold, which is nice. People need to disabuse themselves of the misconception that "Made in China" means poor quality. There are computers made there. High end pret-a-porter requires skilled pattern making, sewing, and fabrication such as silk and garments that are tailored and structured. My clothes are made in China. If you don't believe me, read trade publications. There is a large contingent of Chinese skilled labor in Italy and France due to the lack of an indigent skilled pool. These pants are good. I own 8 pairs. The 6 month update shows that these are durable. I've worn my 8 pairs daily. The seat doesn't move after hours of sitting. They have been washed many times and have not faded. I wash them cold, gentle cycle, no fabric softener, and hang dry as I've read that low heat drying degrades elasticity. They don't dry wrinkling. They come out of the drawer without folding lines, not that I have guests and need to be presentable. There is an elastic around the top of the waistband. It gets a little tight when I start to gain weight, acting like a feedback system saying, "You don't need to put on pounds." I fit them six months in. The prettiest of all the colors was the 9th pair I bought, a cool toned burgundy. I recommend it.

👤Love is love! The fabric is soft and has pockets. I am in love. I got them in black and may get more. You will be fine if you follow the size chart. You should just guess your size based on what you wear. I'm only 5'3" I like them that way, and it's not a problem when I wear shoes.

👤Update! They need more choices in colors and patterns. These are my work from home. The long pants have a bit of workout flare at the bottom. I bought this in a soft grayish color. I weigh about 160 lbs. The height/weight reviews looked right and I bought these in a Large. I bought two new pairs of the first one because I loved them so much. The X- Large is one of the new pairs. I can't tell the difference. I would suggest ordering one size up just for comfort. I am going to buy them in every single color. I work from home. I am a stay at home mom. These look soft and sexy. These are not long. That is great yoga length and do not touch the floor. I don't step on them in bare feet. You could wear some flat heels to look nice going out.

4. Neleus Control Workout Running Leggings

Neleus Control Workout Running Leggings

Also, note: The third picture has a SIZE chart. It's big enough to hold the phone X Plus, and it's using a non see-through fabric. The Power Flex pants for women are made from the highest quality fabrics to remove water from your body. Whether you work out in the gym or relax at home, the High Waist Tummy Control leggings are the affordable yoga pants. Perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, gym, running, any type of workout or everyday use. Function and performance are combined in the active wear of Neleus.

Brand: Neleus

👤It was just right and I was very comfortable. The tummy control is tight but it's a great pair of leggings. I think I'll order a few more in different colors.

👤These are very comfortable. The black pair seemed a tad tighter than the red, but still a comfortable fit. I'm about 120 lbs. I ordered a small.

👤I tried the yoga pants on. They are very comfortable and fit perfectly. I am 5'8" tall and weigh 200 lbs. I wanted to be on the safe side, but I probably could get by with the L.

👤I don't know how the extra large wasn't for me. The size chart didn't fit me, I'm almost 200 pounds. The large would have been better for tummy control. This sounds silly. I have to wear the pants backwards to achieve tummy control and compression, so I go for the large.

👤These pants are amazing. It was perfectly comfortable. Not see through, stretchy. The pants I wore after my surgery are still comfortable. I used to wear a 2xl. I bought mine in a perfect size. I weigh in at over 200 lbs.

👤I could have gone with an L. The L was a little long on me, I am 5'7 and pregnant with my first child. The material feels good. If that is what you are looking for, don't expect to stay warm. The pantyhose line didn't show through. The pocket is for my phone. The combo is lighter than I expected. I am satisfied.

👤I like these for the price. I got the blue and gray set. They fit well. I haven't worked out in them yet, but they are very stretchy and comfortable. I bought a Large just in case they ran small, but they seem to fit my size. The Large fits nicely and I usually wear an 8 in pants.

👤I weigh 250 lbs. The glass shape is hour. I am glad I bought a two pack because I can see myself wearing them a lot. They are not tight or loose. They have a nice thick waist band to keep them from rolling down. There is only one pocket. I didn't catch that in the description. The pocket is large enough to hold my phone, so that works for me. I bought them in black and they were Stone gray. It's a nice color. I was expecting them to be darker. I recommend these for any plus size girl.

👤Realmente, es un leggings, agradable, de una textura.

5. AIMILIA INSLING Waisted Leggings Slimming

AIMILIA INSLING Waisted Leggings Slimming

1. Butt lifting lunges are in the works. The newest Tik Tok leggings are both affordable and accessible. The cross section is between fashion and function. Their custom design and comfortable feel are a second skin without the worry of irritation on the insides of your thighs. 2. PEACH LIFTS LEGGINGS Using a 4 way stretch and non see-through fabric that slims and conforms with each pose and movement. It makes your butt look like a juicy peach. There is a butt lifting feature. 3. The sports fabric has high elasticity. The Butt Lifting pants for women are made from the highest quality fabrics and designed to remove the water from your body. It was pretty squat proof. Breathable, tight fit, strong compression. Super elastic fabrics are soft and comfortable. 4. Whether it's outdoor sports, dancing, running, fitness, horse riding, playing, boxing, work, traveling, or everyday leisure activities. It's suitable for all seasons and can be used with a variety of shoes and tops. It's suitable for all body types. 5. The service is called AIMILIA'S SERVICE. Their quality and service is the best in the market and they sell similar butt lifting leggings. If you decide to use AIMILIA leggings, you must serve until you are satisfied.

Brand: Aimilia

👤I weigh 270 lbs and 5'3. Depending on the stretch, I wear a size 20 or a size XXXL. These are not too tight. They are thin but feel good. The pattern is very high waisted. They are not squat friendly. You can tell with the black that I am dark skinned. I will buy another pair in a different color.

👤Wow! The Brazilian bootie is given to you by these. I am embarrassed to say this. I am 41 years old and my butt and hips are gross. I have a small waist and wide hips. My butt is getting older and I look horrible when I wear leggings. If you have problems in your mid area, they will give you instant Liposuction because they hide all your flaws. Just buy them. After my first purchase, I ordered many more.

👤So... I'm going to say it. The girl in the picture has a nice butt, but it's not leggings. They are comfortable, but a little snug at the bottom for those with cankles. There's barely any support for the tummy or thighs. They are not "squat-proof". The material is very thin. Unless you're super thin already and you only care about wearing them around the house, I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I love these. I bought the tie die pair first and I love them but they are not see through. I decided to give another color a try, and I am glad I did. I will be buying more of the dark colors because I didn't see through. The liter colors will be too transparent. I weigh 180 lbs. I bought the large. I have a problem with the skin. These disguise it perfectly.

👤It's amazing! Finally. These leggings are cute. I don't see them in big girl sizes, they all go up to the max. I am 200 lbs and this is perfect. They can fit taller girls like me. I felt a bit of room by my ankle. I love them.

👤I bought these for my girlfriend because of the pattern on them. She could wear a non traditional legging to her concerts. They fit her well. I ordered the small because it seemed to fit her well. After wearing the leggings for a few hours, there were no marks on her legs that were caused by the pattern.

👤I was definitely not sure. I want my butt and legs in every color. I am 5'8" and 150 lbs and have large thighs and butt, ordered a small. The accent on my body makes me feel amazing.

👤I really liked these leggings. The color is beautiful and they fit nicely. I was asked where I bought these. The design of these leggings is cool and they do what they claim to do. They lift your butt and give you a nice shape. I like that they are high-waisted. Good quality leggings are available for such a low price.

👤I received two and the third one never arrived after nine weeks. Both of the two I received had the same issues. I am a standard medium but these leggings are large and long. The butt lifting and tummy control claim is laughable because I am 167 cm tall and the length of the leggings went way past my feet. The fabric isn't firm enough to control anything, so even a smaller size wouldn't do the trick. This is not accurate and misleading.

6. Persit Pockets Leggings Athletic Fabletics

Persit Pockets Leggings Athletic Fabletics

The yoga pants for women have 2 pockets for convenience. High Rise yoga pants are designed with a high-rise tummy control and a wide waistband to help you shape your body. High waisted leggings are made of quick-drying fabric that keeps your skin dry. 4 Way Stretch: The fabric to keep workout leggings stay up and in place, comfortable fit and allow for a wide range of movements. Premium fabric is used in yoga pants. Complete coverage is provided by non see-through, stretchy fabric.


👤I ordered a medium. * These are my second pair of leggings. The first are better for high impact, sweaty workouts. Women's yoga pants with 2 pockets and non see-through tummy control. These are soft, stretchy and perfect for phones. They don't roll down. I don't recommend this for people with sweaty crotch syndrome. I recommend these for low impact workouts because they are not sweat proof. I'm not docking a star for this material because it isn't sweat proof and they don't claim to be.

👤I have worn these leggings several times. I was looking for a cheaper alternative. I'm surprised these have so many 5 star reviews and I'm pretty sure many of them were to get a free pair of shoes. These leggings are too high on my waist. I'm 5'4 and don't have a long or short torso, and these leggings come well above my belly button, which is not what I'm looking for. I'm pulling at them because they fall right at the crotch. They don't breathe well. I've used these in strength training, yoga and pilates. Unfortunately, that's the best thing I can say about these, they move well and look nice, but sadly, that's the only thing I can say about them. Keep looking and do yourself a favor.

👤These pants are not for sale. They do not pass the squat test and the material is thin. I have to adjust them throughout my workout. Free leggings were offered for 5-star reviews with the pants. Do not trust the positive reviews of these people.

👤The pants were stretchy and soft. My daughter loved them and they were great. This is a five because it delivered everything it said it would, and they were above what I was expecting. These will last you a life time, so I recommend you to get them. My friends have ordered these and we have gotten many of them because they are perfect. If you don't get more than one, take it from me and get one of these pants.

👤I would probably not get the yoga pants with mesh because mine are starting to fall apart, but I love how comfortable they are. I got these in November and it is January 2020, so I have probably worn them less than a few times. I really wanted to like them, but they were not on the cheaper side of yoga pants. Trust me, they are not tight. I don't know what is happening. The mesh is coming undone in the pictures. I tried to get a good look at the little threads.

👤The purple color is unique and the mesh look on the calf is cute. Through my workouts, these have held up well. They are a comfortable fit and stretch easily. I recently had a c-section and these have been a great buy and fit as I get back into my workouts. I would definitely recommend it.

👤When you pull them on, they look nice. They would be ok if you wore them around the house for lounging. They don't work for anything. The high waist rolls down when you bend over. The seam on the side of the leg is beginning to rip out. I can't focus on the work out when I pull these up. The company offers a free pair of shoes for your review, which is the only reason there are so many positive reviews.

7. Puutiin Bootleg Pockets Control Running

Puutiin Bootleg Pockets Control Running

There are hidden pockets and front pockets. You don't need to worry about your personal belongings falling out when you're exercising. Using a non see-through fabric. They fit well on the hips and legs and feel like a second skin. These yoga leggings are made with a high quality material and will not ride up or slip down. These workout pants are great for women active wear. The construction of the flatlock seam increases stretchy comfort and freedom of movement. They will give you a full-money-back guarantee if you are not happy with this yoga leggings. They are confident that you will like this yoga leggings and recommend them to others.

Brand: Keolorn

👤There was no review here before I bought it. The pants are very good. I'm 140 lbs. Medium size. It's perfect for you. It's so comfortable. I own a big cell phone that is the SAMSUNG galaxy note 10 plus. (). I think it's the biggest cell phone. My cell phone is in the front pockets of this pants. I ordered a different color after receiving it.

👤These are my new pants. I like them. It was very comfortable. The high waist and the pockets are my favorites. The boot cut can be used with any shoe. I bought a big one on 14-16. Fit is what it was expected to be. Does not fade, pill or stretch. Will purchase other colors.

👤I weigh 127 pounds. I bought a med and it was very good. The fabric is very soft but then it becomes see through. Really bad and offensive. I am a size 4. The only way to wear it is in a tunic. I won't recommend it.

👤I am Steves wife and I am not writing the review. I have large feet and the yoga pants that are tight at the ankle make me look like a mouse. I wear tunics under the boot cut pants because they are slick. It doesn't attach to the tunic top and ride up. It is a heavier fabric. I love these things and will get more soon.

👤I was unsure about ordering white. I'm glad I did. The fit is perfect after I ordered a bigger size. I had to hem them 3 inches because I was on the shorter side. It was washed and dried well.

👤Nice pants for summer. The tummy control I was looking for was not there. They fit better than I expected. They don't support me as much as I 888-276-5932 A medium is good for me at 135 pounds.

👤It appears to be well made. If you are tall, you need hemming because their legs are very long. Since I like a looser fit and yoga pants are cut tight, I bought the larger size. They are still tighter than I am comfortable wearing. I cut the long paper tag out of them so I couldn't return.

👤These weren't long enough for me, I'm about 5'9". When I was teaching barefoot, I had long legs, but they were okay. I wore shoes that were a little high-watery.

8. SATINA Waisted Palazzo Printed Medium

SATINA Waisted Palazzo Printed Medium

The high waisted flare pants have a higher waistband that won't cut into your body and hides any roles. The supportive high waistband gives you a slim look. The peachskin fabric is soft. You can experience the highest level of comfort while wearing your clothes in style. The wide leg flare pants are made of spandex and 92% polyester. Hang to dry with cold water. Do not use bleach. Customer service is their number one priority. If you're not happy with your purchase, they can process a 100% exchange or refund for you. Sejora has a new name, and it's the same brand you trust. Sejora means "essential" in Sanskrit and they love it.

Brand: Satina

👤I bought these for a girls trip. Well... I bought a bunch of pants for the trip to see what fit best and worked with the look I was going for. These were cute. I was worried that the flare wouldn't do well in Bourbon Street. I found the softer materials of my pants to be more comfortable and less messy than the rough fabrics that were an easy way to mess up my day. Wow. Oh wow. I didn't know I'd like them so much. If they had cost $50, I would have kept them, but I didn't care if they made the cut for the trip. They are warm and soft, but still Breathable. Unlike my other pants options, they look exactly like the product photo and are a total show-stopper, even on a crowded Bourbon Street. They're very flat. I had a couple of giant frozen beverages with a lot of calories and a lot of beignets and shrimp, but I still looked slim, even though I was so stuffed that I was uncomfortable. If you're thinking about Thanksgiving, buy them now. They're the most darling, yet hip, pattern. I wore them every day and on the plane ride home, but I don't own anything that resembles a hug from a garment. I donate my costumes to make my closet more efficient, but I will never give these pants away. They'd have to pry them from my body. I would like to be buried in them. I wear these as often as possible now that they're clean again and we've returned from the trip. Every time I put them on, I'm filled with joy, there's a bounce in my step, and my Frequency is immediately elevated. I would wear them every day. If I could, I would buy a lifetime supply. I'm going to check if they have any other patterns after I've finished this review. It's too late to wear ICKY PANTS. Wear these instead. It's so much joy.

👤Thank you for pants that are long. The 5'8" and over set are a godsend for these, but they are not great for the average-height women. I am 6'1" I can wear them with heels just as easily as I do my Chucks. The pants are soft and comfortable, and perfect for any weather, even if it is 25F. Flares are also hard to come by in this horrible skinny jeans era, so I am happy. I ordered two more after starting with one pair. I think I will get some other colors as well. I'm happy!

👤I say I am quite the chubster. I was hesitant to get these because I was working on it. I look good! These aren't as thin as tshirt material, so they do a good job of smoothing out my shape. I could sleep in them because they are so soft and comfy. I'm a size 20 and I got a size 12. I am the height of a Bilbo and they are a bit long on me, but I had heels on in the picture and they still touched the floor. I will be buying as many pairs as I can as soon as I can because these are the best pants I have ever owned.

9. ANAFETTIE Leggings Athletic Leggings See Through

ANAFETTIE Leggings Athletic Leggings See Through

4 way stretch fabric is used for yoga pants, it has high elasticity and is good for wrapping. You don't have to worry about the embarrassment of see through. Combining tummy control and butt lifting in one pants, better shape your body. It's suitable for you to wear on many occasions, like commute, jogging, yoga, squat and etc. You can put your card or key in the hidden pocket. Extra support with double waistseam and wide waistband. Full length ATHLETIC leggings, Approx. The 27" inseam chart is for your reference. Most people can get the suitable leggings with 6 colors and 5 sizes. Return the leggings with no argument for a 30 day full-money-back warranty. Please contact them without delay and they will respond to your message within 12 hours.

Brand: Anafettie

👤I'm always looking for a great high rise legging, so I decided to try these. They didn't let us down! The fabric feels big without being heavy. They fit well and had a good amount of tummy control, which was nice. Great value and product.

👤I like that the high waisted leggings are comfortable. I like the snug fit of them and they look good with my knee boots. The material is soft. I like the way my thighs look. There is well made and durable. I will get another pair. They fit well. I like the look of them.

👤The lines of these pants are very pleasing to the eye. They fit well as well.

👤I love how they fit. They are comfortable and keep me safe.

👤I love the pants. They fit well, look great and are soft.

👤I like them a lot. They fit very well.

10. ZUTY Waisted Leggings Pockets Athletic

ZUTY Waisted Leggings Pockets Athletic

A lightweight and opaque 4 way stretch fabric allows you to move freely while bending, squatting, lifting or running. The knitted fabric has a high density. Zuty women's yoga pants are made of light brushed fabric and have a soft feel. No shinning. The 20% Spandex has a close fitted feel. It's perfect for any type of exercise or daily use. The high rise elastic waistband won't dig in or slide down, providing better tummy control. The U-CROTCH is a device that prevents camel toes and gives you a sense of security. Flatlock construction reduces chafe. Hidden and side pockets hold your phone or other essentials. The inseam is 25 inches and the Plus Size is 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.

Brand: Zuty

👤I decided to give this one a try because my old yoga leggings were sold out. I was so glad I did. I'm a loyal customer. I jumped ship because of these leggings. I'm a 3x in bottoms, a short, plus-size woman and I bought these in 3x. The pockets are not deep. It held my phone perfectly. They felt like gliding on. I wore them all day. The patterned versions popped against the dark gray background that I bought. They are high waist and no sheerness. I bought 5 more after pulling them on. I love it!

👤These pants are very comfortable. Like to love them. They fit like a glove. I weigh in at 164 pounds. I ordered a medium and they fit perfectly. I am an hour glass shaped girl and it is hard for me to find something that will stay in place. I can wear these to the gym, all day in the house, and even to bed, with no issues. I am ordering more because they are good and cheap. You must not go wrong!

👤These are so soft. I love them! The crotch is a little low because I am SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA If I pull them up, they are just extra high waisted. Squat proof! They are a thicker material and don't show anything. I would wear them all day. So soft!

👤The camo print is very dark. The material is thick. The deep pockets are perfect for a phone or wallet. They are on the long side. If you are on the taller side of life, take that into account. They hit above my ankle. I will be ordering another pair.

👤These are the real deals for the fupa ladies. They have enough fabric to cover it all and still be high waisted. I didn't have to keep hitching them up all the time. Finally!

👤I don't like buying leggings and I usually only wear them at home because most of them are not good. I am very impressed with these. You can't see my panties through them, they are soft and comfortable. I'm about 5'11 and 220. I'm buying a second pair.

👤These leggings are comfortable and I love them. I'm curvy and fluffy. I like things that hold it in a little more. I will wear them at home but not out for the day. They're too thin and don't hold it in. It's funny. If that is not a concern for you, then you should go for it. They are comfortable. No seam up the middle for a potential camel toe.

👤These leggings are gorgeous. They are thick enough to not show anything when you are moving around. There is a secret in the inside front pocket. Highly recommend.

11. Leggings Depot JYL19 BLACK S ActiveFlex Slim Fit

Leggings Depot JYL19 BLACK S ActiveFlex Slim Fit

Premium quality fabrics. Premium quality fabrics will stretch in all directions and keep you dry, which is what their ActiveFlex joggers are made from. Their blend of spandex and polyester will keep you comfortable all the time. It feels sleek and cool on the inside and soft on the outside. There are knives and knives. The ActiveFlex joggers have pockets on both sides to hold your phone and keys or cards. bulky bags are not needed to go to the gym. Their joggers are made using interlock stitching to reduce chafing. The ActiveFlex jogger's waistbands are made with just enough compression to keep your pants in place, without causing you to feel uncomfortable to your midsection. They're perfect for the gym, yoga, pilates, running, quick jog or just relaxing at home. Care instructions. Their joggers are made with high quality fabrics that are easy to care for. Put them in the wash and then tumble dry. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you have 30 days to return it. If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to message them and they will help in any way they can.

Brand: Leggings Depot

👤These are wonderful. It's soft and stretchy and I like it. I am 5 foot tall. I had to measure my in seam to find these that wouldn't be too long on me. Most do on me, but they bunch up at the bottom. Thanks!

👤The pants are soft. There is a It was almost like a silky cotton. I weigh 215 lbs. I definitely could have gotten away with a 1x if I had ordered a 2x. I am short with barely a torso so I expected the legs to be longer and the waist to go up higher. Another plus. The string is working. I bought these to be part of my new wardrobe. I bought a few other colors. I think these will sell out soon.

👤Imagine microfiber, its light and smooth texture, and then imagine if microfiber and velvet had a baby. This is the baby! It is light and smooth, but also has some of the warmth and texture. It is very similar to suede. These are the ultimate lounging sweats, they are super comfy and almost like you are wearing pjamas. My cat loves them, they're just a bit small.

👤These fit me well, I'm 5'2" and 180 lbs. I have to pull them all the way up above my belly button because they are too long on my legs. I ordered a large just to play on the safe side, but a medium would have been fine. If you're short, I would recommend a smaller size because you're going to have these pants pulled up to your belly button and rolled up at the bottom. The material is very soft.

👤I didn't know if they were thin enough for my 36" inseam or if they were long enough. I'm happy I took the chance. These. Are. Awesome! The fabric has some stretch. I can tell what I'm seeing. It was high enough to cover my stomach. Draw string and pockets. I feel very hip. These pants are perfect for tall girls.

👤I love these! They fit better than I had thought and they are soft as well. They're perfect for southern CA. I have to wash my clothes before I wear them. I washed them on warm and took them out of the dryer after 30 minutes, they were fine and the smell of a warehouse was gone. I don't think they are "clingy". I wore these on a hot and humid day and they didn't stick to me. The inseam is 29 I'm 5 feet 10 inches tall and 120 lbs, but it's too wide for me unless I go up to larger sizes. I ordered an M, expecting them to be 27", but was thrilled when they measured 29". I ordered the pink, my favorite color. It's gorgeous. Great find!

👤These pants are very soft. They feel like velvet, and are unique in that they will keep me warm in the cooler months, but are airy and humid in the summer. I don't like fleece lining or warmer pants in general because they make me too hot no matter the season, so I shy away from sweatpants. These are close to perfect. There are two small issues with the pants. I only bought light colors. When answering questions about the product, the seller noted that they are not see through. I feel like this is disingenuous of them because you can see my underwear through the pants. I don't care about this issue because I plan to wear these pants just to yoga and basic grocery shopping. The seller made a point of the pants being opaque and it's not true for the light colors. Seafoam is depicted in a picture as a cream, off-white color, but in person it is more gray and blue, which is not what I was looking for. It's not a big deal. I like the pants so much that I'll order another pair in white. I like the pants so much that I won't knock off a star for these two small quibbles. I have a 31" waist and weigh 149 pounds. If I'm exercising or just lounging in them, the pants fit nicely with a tight tie. I like that you can do it all.


What is the best product for best yoga pants for women brand with the fox head?

Best yoga pants for women brand with the fox head products from Shapermint. In this article about best yoga pants for women brand with the fox head you can see why people choose the product. and First Way are also good brands to look for when you are finding best yoga pants for women brand with the fox head.

What are the best brands for best yoga pants for women brand with the fox head?

Shapermint, and First Way are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best yoga pants for women brand with the fox head. Find the detail in this article. Neleus, Aimilia and Keolorn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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