Best Best Yoga Pants for Women Bootcut

Women 19 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Tummy Control Pocket Smartphone Leggings

Tummy Control Pocket Smartphone Leggings

The bootleg yoga pant has a curved waistband lined with Powermesh for tummy control and compression. Small personal items can be carried in self-side seam pockets. The Stretch Opatek Luxe is made of Stretch. The fabric is double knit, full coverage with no-show opacity, and it provides a soft brushed finish for superior comfort and accelerated drying. The logo is reflective.

Brand: Marika

👤I love these! The reviews were questionable but they are great. Not see through and Stretchy. They suck in the tummy because they are high rise. It was very comfortable and flattering. Will purchase more in more colors.

👤I bought these from the Marikas website. I loved them. I thought I'd try them as well because they were cheaper on Amazon. They do feel softer because of the less quality. You can buy from Marikas website. Overall. I like the pockets. I need the pockets to hold the bottles. The boot cut is more flattering than the shoes I have to wear.

👤These are amazing! The fabrics are not like the picture, they are more like yoga pants. They are very comfortable. The fabric is not too tight from the hips to the knee. At the knee area, it gets more loose and flares more. The pockets are a little more shallow than I expected. My phone fits perfectly and doesn't show much. The mesh material on the inside doesn't feel weird or uncomfortable. The length is perfect for me. These are great leggings.

👤I ordered a 32” inseam but I received a 29” inseam, which is too short for me. Disappointed.

👤I have the same yoga pants that are soft and comfortable. There are wonderful deep side pockets. The pants on Amazon looked the same. I decided to return them after putting them on. The fabric acts like compression clothing. If you are into wood working, the mesh inside can be used as sand paper. It is very rough on your skin. I don't want to wear this type of clothing for exercise or relaxation.

👤I bought a medium and they fit perfectly. The pants are made with very thin fabric. The fabric on the pants I bought from the local store was not thin. The thin fabric is expected. I would buy them again in the summer.

👤The pants were not flattering. They are more of a straight-leg than a bootcut. They had no shape in their legs. Not flattering to the female. The 'tummy control' is a panel of slippery fabric sewn in around the inside of the waistband, which falls at the hips. The pants looked loose in the love handle area because the seams were tighter than the slippery material. It was ridiculous and unflattering. Returned. I wouldn't wear them in public if I wanted to work out in some semi-loose workout pants.

👤These are small. These are the same size as my other pair and they fit me snug. These are also visible. The white tag can be seen in your underwear. I will only wear underwear that match the color of the pant when I return the current pair.

👤If you want to cover up a naughty tummy without making you feel like you're wearing a Victorian corset, this is the dress for you.

👤I received these pants on April 18th, 2021. The stitching is coming undone in the front and there is a big hole in the rear after a few wears. I can't uploading photos at the moment.

2. FIRST WAY Buttery Bootcut Pockets

FIRST WAY Buttery Bootcut Pockets

Double peached fabric makes yoga pants feel good in hands and is designed to fit like a second skin. It can meet your expectations about being comfortable and non-fading. Super absorbent yoga pants have a higher spandex content than most yoga pants, and feature great all-way stretch and shaping strength. It's very durable because of its ability to return to the original shape after stretching. There are two side pockets and two back pockets. Four pockets can hold your essentials. The high waist and diamond necklace design is very popular. The high rise lounge pants with the elastic waistband provide tummy control and the 4-way stretchy and non see-through material for full range of motion without worries. The diamond crotch design is more durable and lasts longer than a camel toe. There are OCCASIONS. These pants are great for yoga, gym fitness, lounging at home, and everyday wear. You can wear it with heels.

Brand: First Way

👤I'm 5'2", 112 lbs, with a long torso, short legs. Petite pants look like they are flooding on me. It was ordered small. The inseam is 1/2 inch off the floor. These fabrics are superior with 70% breathable polyester and a whopping 30% spandex or elastane, compared to the best performance fabric I own. The pants do not get baggy in the seat or knees. If the pockets are loaded down, they don't fall. They have the same ability as Fabletics Power Hold, which is nice. People need to disabuse themselves of the misconception that "Made in China" means poor quality. There are computers made there. High end pret-a-porter requires skilled pattern making, sewing, and fabrication such as silk and garments that are tailored and structured. My clothes are made in China. If you don't believe me, read trade publications. There is a large contingent of Chinese skilled labor in Italy and France due to the lack of an indigent skilled pool. These pants are good. I own 8 pairs. The 6 month update shows that these are durable. I've worn my 8 pairs daily. The seat doesn't move after hours of sitting. They have been washed many times and have not faded. I wash them cold, gentle cycle, no fabric softener, and hang dry as I've read that low heat drying degrades elasticity. They don't dry wrinkling. They come out of the drawer without folding lines, not that I have guests and need to be presentable. There is an elastic around the top of the waistband. It gets a little tight when I start to gain weight, acting like a feedback system saying, "You don't need to put on pounds." I fit them six months in. The prettiest of all the colors was the 9th pair I bought, a cool toned burgundy. I recommend it.

👤Love is love! The fabric is soft and has pockets. I am in love. I got them in black and may get more. You will be fine if you follow the size chart. You should just guess your size based on what you wear. I'm only 5'3" I like them that way, and it's not a problem when I wear shoes.

👤Update! They need more choices in colors and patterns. These are my work from home. The long pants have a bit of workout flare at the bottom. I bought this in a soft grayish color. I weigh about 160 lbs. The height/weight reviews looked right and I bought these in a Large. I bought two new pairs of the first one because I loved them so much. The X- Large is one of the new pairs. I can't tell the difference. I would suggest ordering one size up just for comfort. I am going to buy them in every single color. I work from home. I am a stay at home mom. These look soft and sexy. These are not long. That is great yoga length and do not touch the floor. I don't step on them in bare feet. You could wear some flat heels to look nice going out.

3. BALEAF Bootcut Stretchy Business Trousers

BALEAF Bootcut Stretchy Business Trousers

29" inseam fits 5'1"-5'4", 31" inseam fits 5'4"-5'7", 33' inseam fits 5'7"-5'9", and 35" inseam fits 5'9"-9'. If you prefer a loose one, a bigger size might fit you better. Pull on the comfortable dress pants. Soft, stretch and non see-through fabric with elastic waist provides all day comfort and won't bunching or sliding down. These women pants are professional enough for work, golf, and interviews, with belt loops, faux fly, and a non-functional button at the waist. There are 4 functional pockets, two office style slash pockets at the front and two real back pockets for convenience storage. Baleaf straight leg yoga dress work pants fitted through hip and thigh, looks great with pumps, flats or athletic shoes, match well in suits, shirts or daily wear. Also great as interview clothes.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I have bought many pairs of Baleaf's pants, but the material is not as good as theirs. I wouldn't recommend these pants. I will send mine back.

👤I went for the 2x Petite length because of the reviews of my height and weight. I am glad I did as I was sure the regular length would have been too long. I am 5 years old. I chose the 2x because I wanted them to hang a bit better on my body so they would look more like dress pants. The pants are very comfortable to wear. Would recommend and wish they had more options.

👤Cheap, shiny, thin material came from China. These are not the originals I have. Don't waste your money on this scam.

👤I returned the product. Very form fitting from the waist to the calf, then becomes wide and loose from the calf to the ankle. There is an odd look. Too tight for work slacks, not yoga pants. The brand's golf skort is my favorite.

👤The fit is very comfortable and I'm getting feedback on it. The outline of the front pockets on the upper thigh is not something I like.

👤The color was on the image. The pants are a bit thicker. Form fitting and movement! I need plus's size hips but a form fitting waist and this did it for me. There was no baggyness on the crotch or on the legs. The button is covered by my shirt, which makes it seem like it is real. Purchase the pants now! I wear a size 2.

👤The stitches were sticking out of the thin fabric. Very cheap. I returned them.

👤I had a baby a few months ago and needed non-maternity dress pants that still had some stretch to them. These pants fit the bill. They are stretchy. I should have taken into account the size of my body. The bottle half of the pants is pretty professional. The model in the product photo is wearing them. They are yoga dress pants and really hug the assets. There are pockets and a button in the middle of these pants. I know that they are not good for tucking dress shirts into.

4. Promover Bootleg Pockets Workout Running

Promover Bootleg Pockets Workout Running

Before ordering, please refer to the size chart. Their customer said that the yoga pants may run a small litter. Choose one size up. Their bootlet yoga pants have two side pockets that hold your personal items, such as your cards, keys and mobile phones, so that you can focus on your practice without worrying about your essentials. These womens bootcut yoga pants are designed with high rise, tummy control and streamlined hips cutting, they highlight your figure gorgeously when on your body. You can wear them around the house, go to the gym, or even wear them to a party. Soft fabrics offer great breathability. When wet, these bootleg workout pants can quickly absorb sweat and keep you dry, ensuring for lightweight comfort along with sweat absorption and drying capabilities. The hand is washed. Do not wash with hot water, and hang to dry.


👤I wear yoga pants to work. I'm picky about fit and material. These have a nice texture, not like nylon ones. They have good coverage and a nice thick waistband. The camel toe is not an issue because they have crotch gussets. The pockets are large enough to hold a big phone. So far, I have gotten 3 pairs.

👤It's extremely annoying that high waisted yoga type pants roll up on me. I was surprised that these yoga pants do not. I thought the pants were small and would not fit me, but once on they were very comfortable and fit me well, I fought 4 more pairs. These yoga pants fit great and look nice, I have a lot of pain and mobility issues and jeans are so uncomfortable. The price is reasonable. They claim to have deep pockets. I have a large phone with an otter box case that fits nicely in my pocket and I feel like it is safe. The yoga pants are not bad, but more patterns to choose from would be nice.

👤I love these. The people and dog were approved. We run a rescue and are always out and about with the dogs, so I need comfy pants, with pockets, and these fit the bill. They are affordable, they have 2 great pockets, and I love the blue color. I wear a size 10 pants and they fit perfect. I bought a size L. I will be buying more of these. I now have 3 of those and they are my favorite. I have purchased about 6 different brands off of Amazon, and my only complaint is that they could be a tad longer. I lost 150 lbs on the diet and bought the size M, but they could use another inch in lengths, but they are still my favorite. Gonna buy more. They hold up well with washing and drying.

👤I am 5'3" 115 pounds and have never found a workout pant that is perfect for me, but I have ordered over 16 of them in different colors and sizes and they are flattering on my body. I don't have to wear 3 inch heels because they don't work when I work out and I like the bootleg style. The quality of these pants is fantastic, the material, style, length and colors choices are all excellent, and you will be happy with the product and service you receive. I wear these even if I am not working out.

👤It looked like a good fit for a teenager. It's long enough for me at 5'8", but the thigh area is tighter than the waist. US sizes will not fit the sizes from outside the US. If Amazon could use US manufacturers, I would purchase more clothing, but haven't had much luck in the past, giving or returning items that are clearly not a USA size medium or large.

👤I have at least a dozen of the different colors and patterns of the promover flare yoga pants. The last order of the same pant that I had previously ordered doesn't look like it. The material, stitching, fit, and stretch are completely different. This is not a good copy of their original design. I will not recommend them or re-order their pants unless the company sends me the original pant I ordered. Amazon should be aware that their brand has been compromised.

5. AFITNE Bootcut Pockets Waisted Athletic

AFITNE Bootcut Pockets Waisted Athletic

A hidden pocket in the front of the waistband is where your key or credit cards are kept. The back waistband has a practical pocket for a smart phone. You won't have to worry about forgetting your things while exercising with their workout pants. The Bootcut yoga pants are made from a fabric that is Breathable and Absorbs Sweat to make them more comfortable. Flatlock Stitching and Lined Gusset are used. The line design of their high waisted athletic pants is flatlock stitching to reduce irritation caused by chafing, which also makes the pants highly fit to your body and won't slip down during no matter workout or everyday wear. The 4 Way Stretch and Non See Through is made of 75% Polyester and 25% spandex and has just the right amount of compression around your body. It ensures high elasticity and 4-way stretch. The Afitne Bootcut pants passed the squat test. If you fall outside of the "Regular" inseam length or standard size, you can simply cut off the extra part and make your inseam length your own. Every running pants is checked by the AFITNE quality inspection team. The AFITNE after sale team has friendly customer service. No matter what the problem, you can get a free replacement.

Brand: Afitne

👤I was nervous about the quality of the product but I was very surprised. The material is thick anddurable so I don't have to worry about holes. The thick material hugs my legs at the top to keep me warm, then flares out at the bottom for a cute look. I love these!

👤These pants are amazing. I highly recommend them. I ordered an extra large because I am 5 feet 5 inches tall. I can dress them up with heals and a blazer. Where have these been throughout my life?

👤I had a pair of yoga pants. I cried when they stopped working. I thought I wouldn't be able to replace them. I ordered different pairs. All went back except for these. They are perfect! I had to buy a second pair. They are comfortable and flattering. They are silky and smooth. They are easy to pack and wear in public. I like the small pockets and the small pocket in the back that has a flap to keep your money or key out of sight. I am very happy I found these.

👤I own a variety of clothing and leggings from lululemon and these are the closest I have come to finding something similar. The fabric and feel of these are very similar to lululemon. They run a big and are very high waisted. 10/10 really.

👤I found these to be the closest match to the LLL grooves pants. The seam placement is the same. The fabric is spandexy. I am a size 2 in lulu and these were slightly too big for me. I took them in and they fit perfectly. All in all, a great way to save money without spending the big bucks. I am 5 feet 5 inches and about 120 pounds.

👤It was a perfect fit and length. I'm 135 lbs and 5'3" and I'm a medium-sized person. I like the material. If you were to wear them to an outing and only need cash, ID and a bank card, there is a little pocket at your lower back. I don't like my pants skinny at my ankles, and these are a nice boot cut and sleek design. I like a higher waist as I used to weigh 270 and don't have a flat tummy. I will definitely be getting more. The fabric doesn't have the dog hair sticking to it because I have dogs of my own. It's great for pet lovers who don't like the hair battle on their outfits.

👤Great yoga pants! I wear them as well. I'm going to buy another pair. I was worried that I would have to shorten them. I hated that idea. They fit me perfectly with flats or running shoes. I am very happy with the fabric, cut and fit of this pants. They're true to size. I ordered medium first and they weren't flattering, but I ordered Large and everything was perfect. This fabric doesn't attract animal hair. This pants are very good. I bought a large boot.

6. Zenana Premium Cotton Flare Burgundy

Zenana Premium Cotton Flare Burgundy

The sizes can be small to large. The cotton is 5% Spandex.

Brand: Zenana

👤It is nearly impossible to know what you are getting when you order clothes online. I keep buying it when I find something I like. I don't think it's right to think that an article of clothing will stay the same over time. The material of these yoga pants was thick and the bottoms were long. I got 2 pairs of translucent high waters this time. This is full ankle exposition. I'm like a storm. I washed them without trying them on because I assumed they were the same pants I had been ordering. I can't afford to waste money if I can't return them now. Thank you very much for taking my money.

👤I am 5 foot 10 and 135 pounds and the medium was large and long. The price is nice and I would have liked to try a smaller size. Can't hurt to try. The picture is ridiculous. I couldn't show the bottom without being on the bed.

👤It is very long so it is not highwater. I will be getting another in a different color. I weigh 170 lbs. It was ordered a large and it fits perfect.

👤I have yet to wash these, but I am very happy with them. I weigh 160 lbs. I got a medium. Fit is great. If you fold it over, it is a very high waist. They are very long. I think I could wear heels with them. If they are in the dryer, they may be able to tolerate a bit of shrinkage. They are comfortable. If your coat covers your bottom, you can light up during the summer and winter. The navy color is so dark that it is almost black. A true navy is what I would prefer. But no big deal. The product is great. The medium was slipping down throughout the day. I think they are a bit big. They stretch out over the course of the day. I switched to smalls because they were tight when I first put them on, but by the time the day started they were just right. I still like them!

👤Even though I didn't know it, this is what I needed. I ordered the larger version as I normally wear the smaller one. I'm more of an L right now because I've been rapidly losing weight. These fit me perfectly. If you're over an L, these will be too small for you. One size is always better. I'm very tall, with a high waist, and the XL is the perfect length for me, hoving just over my feet, below the ankle, and way up high over the waistline. The fit is snug around the hips, but I have a huge butt, so that's a given. I will be ordering many more of these in the other colors. I've been looking for these pants for a long time. Target no longer carries the Mossimo ones. The cotton stretch fabric is opaque and classy. The issue is that they run a smaller size, which worked out perfectly for me. They'll fit better as I lose more weight. I like them. I hope they offer larger sizes for larger people because they are great pants and everyone should be able to enjoy them.

7. DAYOUNG Bootcut Control Workout Y52 Black M

DAYOUNG Bootcut Control Workout Y52 Black M

The DAYOUNG flared bootleg yoga pants for women are made from the highest quality fabrics. There is Spandex. The nylon spandex fabric is designed to remove the smell of sweat from the skin. 4 Way Stretch and Flared Bootleg is a way to promote compression and support. The design of the bootleg yoga pants at the cuffs creates a slim silhouette. Outside pockets can be put for cell phone or any essentials, and there is an intimate hidden back pocket. The DAYOUNG Women's workout pants have high waists, tummy control and give you a streamlined appearance. The flared bootleg pants is comfortable, perfect amount of stretch and very fit, great for yoga, fishing, sporting, vacation, beach, sleep, lounging around, and relaxing at home, daily wear. The casual bootcut pants are a favorite in lounge wear. The flared bootleg pant is a great choice for any type of exercise or fitness activity. DAYOUNG always provide good quality products and service for every customer, as a manufacturer brand for the yoga pants. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem.


👤It was very misleading in color and look. I wanted to work with heels, so I wanted to work out pants not to wear.

👤I like the color and feel of the yoga pants and the waste band fits nicely to hold the tummy in. The length is too long and I am a pretty tall woman with long legs and the ends of the pants drag on the ground so I removed 2 stars. I could see the white tag easily when I bent over.

👤These pants are the truth. I'm 220 lbs. I'm not fat. I have a small waist, a flat stomach, and thick in the rear. I wear a size 12 womens pants. I have them in all of the colors except red and green. I ordered about 10 pairs of pants without pockets because I was impressed with them. I can dress them up with heels or down. I have returned many of these types of pants, so I am happy to find them again. I don't have to wear foundation underneath, but the fabric is thick and doesn't look cheap. They hold me in a good way. The threads don't fade. I had to return the wine color, green and gray colors that I ordered with pockets. The pockets are not the same color as the pictures. The green is grayish and the wine is lighter. The pants with pockets are still nice. Not the same color. The gray pants with no pockets are a different fabric and feel. The ones that I want to dress up with heels are large, but still comfortable, and I have some in a large that I want to wear. The size doesn't roll down. I feel sexy in the large. I wish they had the wine color with no pockets. You can either size up or down. I put the wine next to my maroon pair and showed that they looked Gray. The girl approved.

👤The pants are very comfortable. I was hoping that they would be similar to the beta brand. I knocked off a star because there are brands that do that better. These yoga pants come in different lengths and colors which is great for us short people. I ordered the 31's and they are perfect. It's too shiny to be work pants.

👤I loved it! I use it for my work and it is very comfortable. I bought a size M. I'm going to buy 2 more.

👤I found a company that made pants with a 33-34 inseam. Had no problem until China entered the picture. The buyers have control over that. Our tall ladies don't have a lot of choice on the fabric and length of their clothes. There are more tall girls.

👤I am 6'1 and they are perfect.

👤So comfortable! The emblem is hidden under a shirt and they are thick and well sewn. The emblem won't show because I don't have a big rear. They are comfortable. I can get away with wearing them to my business casual workplace because they are good quality. We are on a level playing field when it comes to dress code. I was hesitant on what size to order. I ordered 33” inseam. Black. I wear a size 6/8 jeans and small shirts.

8. HISKYWIN Stretch Control Workout Running

HISKYWIN Stretch Control Workout Running

Solid: 87%Polyester and 13%Spandex. Heather Dark grey is made of 50%Cotton, 36%Ployester and 14%Spandex. It's soft and durable. features The contrasting colour flatlock thread will look stylish and the flatlock seams are comfortable. A mini hidden pocket for keys, creditcard or cellphone. The crotch supports design for greater freedom of movement. It's a good choice for any type of exercise. Combining fashion, function and performance. 4-way stretch material promotes both compression and support. A leg-lengthening silhouette is created by a slight flare at cuffs. There are tips. The pants are a little snug according to the most buyers' feedback. If you prefer loose, it's best to order one size up. Inseam lehgth: S 30.5", M 30.7", L 30.7", XL 30.9", and XXL 30.9.

Brand: Hiskywin

👤I am not sure who would fit in the waist. These smalls cut off the circulation to my legs because I am a size 3-6. The product is still too small and I should have given credit for the nice material and given a 3 star. Their customer service is beyond a five star rating. I am 46 years old and have never had a place try so hard to make things right. I will order from them multiple times if I can find out which size of their clothes fit me. I'm still shocked by their thoughtfulness. I had to write a review. Thank you for your service!

👤I like these pants. They are made from a material that is very comfortable. They hold everything well. The customer service is amazing and my butt looks good. They got me a new pair within a week after I responded to my email. These pants are very good. When I want another pair, I will purchase again.

👤I am 200 pounds and hate spandex. As advertised, these fit well. I don't need to add width to the pocket on the side of my phone, so I was concerned about it. The phone is not visible, but I wear a long shirt and these are flexible. I will wear these for work as well, they are easy to dress up, and I also bought a capri version that doesn't have a side pocket, and love them just as much.

👤I ordered black and grey. I love the color black. They fit nicely and are comfortable. The company reached out to me even though the grey didn't work out for me. Customer service has not been like that in a long time. I bought another pair of black.

👤I was disappointed when I pulled the pants out of the package because they looked like they were going to be too tight. I'm 5'1 and 175 lbs. The material is stretchy and you can easily move in. They look tight on my body and I was thinking about getting a bigger one. If you are my size and height and like loose clothes go that route. I will be losing weight and getting a looser look soon.

👤The manufacturer states in the description that they run a size small, so it makes sense that people would answer questions about being true to size because they are not. The way the seam below the waistband is sewn is small so it digs in. If you are very slim, it is not a problem, but for those with a tummy. The photos of these seem to be high waisted, and they are definitely a low rise, which is my biggest issue with them. They will have to return.

👤Love. I am 5 feet tall, 5 months pregnant, and still 20 pounds overweight, so I bought a Large pants that go up to my belly button. If you had more weight in the midsection, I could see where these might be tight. I consider myself long legged because they are a tad long. They are a "workout fabric" so the color won't fade and the lint won't stick to them. Also love the pockets. It's high enough to reach in. I think through the thighs because of the seams from the pockets. My husband says my butt looks good. I like the boot cut. Overall very happy. Anxious to buy another pair.

9. IUGA Bootcut Pockets Workout Bootleg

IUGA Bootcut Pockets Workout Bootleg

The IUGA bootcut pants are super stretchy and soft. It is very durable and easy to wash and dried. They fit well on the hips and legs and feel like a second skin. They are thick enough for work dress pants. Are you a fan of the pants with pockets? The 2 deep front pockets and 2 back pockets are some of the most popular features. When you go to walk the dog, you need a house key in there, you need to keep your room card, and you want to slip a $20 in your pocket. They all love pockets. Their high waist pants work well for every body type and shape. The classic style has a tighter fit through the leg and a relaxed boot cut opening at the ankle. If you fall outside of the "Regular" inseam length or standard size, you can simply cut off the extra part and make your inseam length your own. Are you still looking for the ideal pants for a workout? The IUGA stretch boot leg work pant is for women. No more still pants! Today's busy working woman can now spend her entire work day feeling comfortable in something that is designed with her in mind. The flared leg is more versatile than a legging and can be used for work, playing outdoors or lounging around the house. IUGA is a lifestyle brand that combines style, comfort, fit, and performance. The high quality active wear is both affordable and accessible. You will receive a quality product from the #1 seller of athletic leggings and other leisure products on Amazon. Consumers love their products and their reviews speak for themselves.


👤The pants are well constructed, I have a big thigh and a low butt, and some extra around my waist. The front of my phone is lined with a thinner fabric in black. There is a Or to put your hands in a container. The fit is snug in the thighs and knees and no camel toe is allowed. The pants length is good. Someone taller could wear these because I have a break in the crease. I haven't washed them yet. Next time I purchase black, I will order the larger version to compare the fit.

👤I received my order this afternoon. I wanted to try them on, but now I don't want to take them off. They make me feel great around my body. I bought these as work pants because they are more comfortable than jeans or slacks, and I sit all day and these are more comfortable than jeans or slacks. I ordered the boot leg style for more of a business fit. There are two big pockets in the front that are big enough for my phone and two small pockets in the back. I don't like the feel of my back pocket, so I don't put my phone in it. I probably never use them, but they are good to have. I love the high waisted to hold in my stomach pouch, it feels secure and comfortable, and not cutting into my mid section. My weight is 5'1 and 130 lbs. I ordered a small. The length is perfect. It will be perfect with cute sandals or tennis shoes. If you prefer a looser fit, the medium may fit you better but it might be too long if you are the same height as me. The price is right and I will buy more and in different colors. I might buy the regular leggings for exercising. I highly recommend them for your daily life.

👤I like these. I will buy a second pair soon. My boyfriend loves them as well. The pockets are perfect.

👤I have been shopping for work pants for over a year and finally found the IUGA Bootcut Yoga pant, which is the best one I have found. I don't order clothing online. I ordered these pants in a small and medium because I was in need of them. I am 5 ft. 4 inches and weigh 136 so I can wear both sizes, so I am happy I don't have to return either size. I will be ordering more in the future. If you're looking for style, comfort and amazing value for the money, you're in the right place. These pants are the best on the planet. Thank you.

👤I like these pants. I think I could live in them. I can't say how well they hold up because I just got them. I got them to be regular pants and I think I will be able to wear them in the summer. I will wear them to lounge in. They are yoga pants, not the most formal looking pants. Don't expect pants. I wear a 12 in pants, but hopefully less than that soon. The picture shows where the fall is at the bottom. I think it's perfect length.

10. STELLE Bootcut Pockets Waisted Bootleg

STELLE Bootcut Pockets Waisted Bootleg

Stelle high waisted bootcut yoga pants are made ofPolyester andSpandex. The material is soft. There are two side pockets that hold your cash, phone and cards. The materials are non-see-through. The high waisted and tummy control is designed to highlight your figure. Super comfortable bootcut pants are perfect for everyday use. Do not bleach the hand wash. It's perfect for yoga, exercises, work, casual wear.

Brand: Stelle

👤Obsessed! It is possible that honestly may buy more. These are the most comfortable pants on the market. The fit, the stretch, the workout material! When I pulled them out, they looked small, but I slipped them on and they lived in them! These are a must buy.

👤Soft! I'm 190 lbs. It fits perfect. All pants are for me. The phone fits perfectly in the 2 pockets. I will buy more than one pair. Not at all! It's so cozy!

👤These yoga pants are so cute. I think in the butt area I don't have much to work with, but they make my butt look great. good I will not lie. The texture is silky even. When I order pants high-rise they are not as high as I would like them, but they fit perfectly, make me look skinny, and my butt look big. I weigh 141-145 and have a Medium. They are perfect. I think I might get some in maroon because my twin sister loves them too. Oh! The ones I ordered were black. Highly recommended! My boyfriend loves them and how they look at me. Anyway. Yes. 10/10

👤Nice looking yoga pants. I ordered a medium and they fit perfectly. I'm 5 feet 3 inches tall. You should wear a size 8 if you weigh 125 pounds. The waist is high and does not fall down. The side pockets hold your phone. They are not too long. I am satisfied.

👤When I took them out of the package, I thought they were too small. Fit like a glove and not like a shapewear level. My figure looked great. When active, stays in place. The fabric doesn't feel like a thick pant. I can see wearing these all year long for my walks and hikes. I am short but my only issue is length. I expect that. They are good but I prefer them an inch or two shorter and will hem them. I hem everything. These are nicer than the ones I've purchased at department stores and have pockets, which is a plus. I am happy I made the right choice. They are exactly what I wanted.

👤These are the best yoga pants I have found so far. I love the high waist, comfort, and stretchy material that moves with you no matter what type of exercise I am doing. The legs look like leggings and flare at the bottom.

👤These are very flattering on the butt, they don't attract or show pet hair, and are very soft. They are a little too short on me. I ordered a small and they fit me well, but they are too long for me. I placed another order in a size medium to see if that fixes the length issue, I still wear them and I love them.

👤The comfort and style are what I love. They look great on the body with their boot cut style. The medium fit perfectly. The pants have a size 8 in them. The length is great for wedges. I am 5'5. These are a bit shiny and I would prefer a more matt material.

11. SEVEGO Regular Bootcut Pockets Workout

SEVEGO Regular Bootcut Pockets Workout

There are 4 INSEAMLENGTHS. The bootcut pants have different inseam lengths for women: Petite - 29", Regular - 31", and Long - 33" The inseam is 35" for women over 6'4". The last picture has a size chart for your right length of pants. There is a BUTTERY SOFT STRETCH. The boot leg pants are made from peach skin fabric. All-way stretch is offered by the 22% of spandex. The ideal flared pants are comfortable, Breathable, Wrinkle-resistant, and anti-pilling. Pull-on dress pants with two deep front pockets and two back pockets can hold your cards, cellphone, wallet and other belongings. The high waist and slanted roof are proof. Pull-on pants with high rise and wide waistband give you tummy control, making a smooth look under your tops for a streamlined look. The material is thick and non see-through. Dressy pants are ideal for office work, meeting, dates, business casual or school uniforms. The relaxed fit boot-cut works well with flats or high heels.

Brand: Sevego

👤I love these pants that I received. I've been searching for yoga pants that fit well, look nice, have at least two good sized pockets, and are long enough to fit me. These are perfect for me. The fabric is light and not heavy, and they are well made. The front pockets are made of mesh so they don't add bulk to the stomach area. I already have enough of that. They fit me well and hang well. They could be worn to an office.

👤These are very long. I ordered the 35" XL because I have a 34" inseam. They feel like butter. It was a great fit. I love them! An additional pr was bought. These are the best I've tried.

👤I ordered a larger size because I didn't want them to be too small. They were perfect. I put them in the dryer and they came out perfect. They are made in China.

👤Absolutely love these pants! I'm 5' 9 180 lbs and the XL 33 are perfect for me. They are made from thick fabric. They didn't collect hair or lint. I loved the other colors so much that I ordered the other colors.

👤I tried several other brands before choosing these. I ordered a large 31" length and they fit as expected. I'm 5'8" and taller than the torso. They wash well, but the instructions say it's dry. I was not happy about that. They dried very quickly. I'll be buying more than one pair.

👤The pants are comfortable. They fit the bill. The material is thin but not transparent. You can see the outline in the front pockets. I wore a longer shirt to fix the issue. I might send them back because I am not happy with them. They don't make the cut for work pants. They would be fine for casual wear.

👤I didn't like the high waist. I have purchased high waist yoga pants before and they have been fine. The fit was perfect for someone else, but not for me, which is pretty average. I don't have pear shape or apple shape. My weight is distributed evenly. These could be fine for someone else. I'm not sure if I'm the right person to write a review since I returned them due to fit issues.

👤Finally, a pair of yoga pants that fit well. The range of lengths and colors available, the deep front pockets/rear pockets, and the soft material, which is substantial and not see-through, are things that you should appreciate. The waist line is not too low or high. These pants are very comfortable. I haven't noticed any stretching or shrinkage with these pants, they are dry and cold. The small 31" length is well suited for a thin build.

👤These trousers are very comfortable. It's necessary to have comfortable trousers that look tidy and professional, as I work in retail where there's a lot of bending, stretching and lifting. I have been living in office type trousers which are okay, but could be more comfortable. I have a solution, these feel like yoga pants, that soft tracksuit bottom type material, but look like the sorts of work clothes you would wear. They feel light on hot days, but are far from see through. I am a size 12 in Next or a 10 in Jamie jeans, the ones with stretch in them, and I am 5'6 and a size 12. I have a small muffin top that came from a C-section. The S29" is the best fit for me and flattering on my mother's body, the material sits right on all the right places, I'd day they were mid rise and have plenty if stretch in them. I don't normally review items but thought I would take the time to review them because they are so worth the money. It's not advisable to tumble try these, as they can shrink and come up well in a regular 30c wash.


What is the best product for best yoga pants for women bootcut?

Best yoga pants for women bootcut products from Marika. In this article about best yoga pants for women bootcut you can see why people choose the product. First Way and Baleaf are also good brands to look for when you are finding best yoga pants for women bootcut.

What are the best brands for best yoga pants for women bootcut?

Marika, First Way and Baleaf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best yoga pants for women bootcut. Find the detail in this article.

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