Best Best Yoga Mat Towel

Mat 5 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. FACESOFT Activated Charcoal Personal Sweat

FACESOFT Activated Charcoal Personal Sweat

The machine was in cold water and dry flat. Patent pending for infused charcoal towel. The charcoal re-activates when exposed to heat from the dryer and lasts the life of the towel. Sweat. There is charcoal. Remove toxins. Better towels. Better ocean. Their Towels are infused with Activated Charcoal, which is great for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Their towels are made with no Micro-Fiber "plastics" used to make them. The towel is machine washed and dryer approved. The ocean is better. Each order has one towel.

Brand: Facesoft

👤The picture makes it look like there is more than one. I paid $22 for one towel. The towel is 10 inches wide. What a joke.

👤I bought these because of the reviews. When I ride my Peloton, I need something small and ultra-absorbent that won't hurt my skin, and these towels shed so bad that I had to rinse my face with water. They were in my hair and nose. Returned them quickly.

👤The towel is coming apart after one wash. lint is left everywhere by the towel. It's like any other towel when it comes to absorbing sweat. Money was wasted on this poor product.

👤I hate to leave reviews but I was really disappointed with this purchase. I expected them to be great. I bought two. The towels are easy to wash and pull so I don't have to wash them regularly. After just one use, I already know I'll have to replace them, which is a shame since I spent $45 on two small towels.

👤This towel is great for sweaty workouts. I feel cleaner with the charcoal. In Texas summers can get hot and humid. This towel is great for drying off quickly after being outside. I got an extra set for my mom because I loved the towel so much.

👤I ordered too quickly and things look different on the mobile version than on the computer version, but I thought there were two towels. There is a towel. It is not absorbent, which means it doesn't really wipe your sweat away, and it is an awkward size for working out.

👤I received a towel in my box and have bought 3 more. I am not sure if the charcoal does anything. I like the size of the towel. After being washed a few times, it has held up well.

👤It worked perfectly for my first spin class, because Panic bought it with rush same day shipping. I recommend washing it first because I walked in with a black shirt and left with 50% sweat and 50% white fuzz. This thing is crazy because it didn't have anything falling out from it when I touched it. Its going to be my favorite once washed. I know it.

2. Manduka EQua Mat Towel Midnight

Manduka EQua Mat Towel Midnight

The towel is machine washed and dryer approved. The ocean is better. Each order has one towel. It was aSORBENT YOGA TOWEL. Manduka's eQua yoga towel is made from a soft microfiber fabric that is extremely absorbent and quick drying, making it ideal for yoga. It is designed with yoga in mind and can be used for a beach, surf, travel, gym or workout towel. It's great for all types of yoga. It's easy to pack wherever you go. YOGA SUPPORT: Adding a yoga towel to your practice can help you keep your balance and grip during sweaty sessions. Extra soft. Premium material. eQua's microfiber fabric is a synthetic material that can be recycled. The product is an eco-conscious choice. It doesn't need other fitness towels. 72 Inches long. To improve the slip-resistant qualities of the fabric, spray with water. Hang dry or tumble dry after a machine wash. The color is midnight.

Brand: Manduka

👤It works well for hot yoga. It doesn't smell funky. If you hang dry after washing, you'll be able to dry quickly. Will not stop bear attacks. I can not stress the last part enough. Thank you!

👤I ordered it to go over my mat. I mist my feet and hands with a little water before I start practice, which helps the grip until the sweat kicks in. The grip on this towel is amazing. I have a lot of towels in different brands and this one is my favorite. I would have ordered 3-4 of these instead of trying more of the inexpensive towels if I had known how well it would work. This is the only towel that I have used that has truly grips to my mat and doesn't bunch up during practice. I don't have to stop. I immediately ordered another one in a different color and will alternate these 2 until I can buy a few more, as I practice 7 days a week and don't like having to wash towels every other day. I bought both of my used ones off of Amazon and they were brand new, but not in the original Manduka packaging, which lowered the price from $35-40 to $20-22 each. I will continue to check for more colors in used condition, but after using it, I would say it is worth full price. If you are on the fence between this and a towel with rubber grippings on the bottom, I promise this towel is better. Would recommend to anyone.

👤The first time I used this towel, it didn't do a good job of preventing my hands and feet from slipping. It worked after I got sweaty. It doesn't do a good job when it is wet. To get some traction, I would recommend wet it with a spray bottle near the hands and feet area. Don't be like me and wash it in light colored clothes. The towel will turn your favorite light shirt into a light blue shirt. A cautionary tale for the reader. After you wash the towel, put it in the dryer for a few minutes to dry it out. To dry the towel, hang it out. The towel will last longer with this. The dryer can dry it out to a point where it can lose its traction. Hope this wells are doing well! It's a good thing. Thank you!

👤The yoga mat towel is absorbent, which is important in hot yoga. It is easy to balance on when combined with my Manduka Pro mat. It bleeds color in the laundry after a dozen washings in cold water and even when I ring it out after a class. The dying process used to make this towel is terrible. I read about this problem in reviews before I bought the towel, and I hoped Manduka would address it. The towel still bleeds color. The towel doesn't sit flat on the mat when it dries, an issue some may not appreciate. I spray water on the towel to flatten it out and make it easier to use. A Yogi Toes towel is a better choice if you want to avoid this.

3. Rag Company Exercise Fitness Workout

Rag Company Exercise Fitness Workout

Pefi has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All risk is removed by them. They promise to return your money if you don't like your purchase, so you don't have to worry about getting a dud product. The towel is large, soft and has a new overlock stitched edge. The Premium Weight and Super Absorbent, Fast Drying Blend is over 300,000 FIBERS per square inch. The perfect choice for spas, health clubs and yoga studios is a quality towel. Up to 500 washes with proper care getting softer with each use. America's Premier Microwave Products is a distributor. Since 1999. TheRAG company is always the better value.

Brand: The Rag Company

👤The color is off. These are not black. They are navy blue. If you're looking for black, be aware that you will be getting blue. They feel like towels when you wash your car. Not comfortable on the skin.

👤These do not soak up sweat, they stick to your wet skin, and frustrate you. You need something with cotton. These are no longer used to being on the table.

👤I bought a yoga mat. You can see from the picture that they fit. I wanted to use the towels instead of the mat towel. There are good landing spots for my hands and feet. I wet them and they don't slip. The towels stay in place even though the top of them are wet, now they get moved a little while doing poses. Takes a second to get them straight. Fat is good. Since they are in a set of three, you have time to dry them out or use the other sets.

👤I use these when I sweat so much I think I sweat a lot. If I work out for 45 minutes or less, one towel is enough, but if I work out for more than 45 minutes, I need two. I thought they weren't going to do the job, but it works better than a regular towel. Way better. The are long enough to wrap around your neck.

👤These are microfiber cloths. Microfiber is not for toweling people off. These are going to the garage because I can't touch microfiber. I will find better cotton towels for my gym towels.

👤I love this towel set. I don't give it five stars because it fades quickly after a few washes, even though I washed it with other dark clothes. The size is good and it absorbs a lot of sweat, but I have a problem with the color after a few washes.

👤I don't like the texture of these, but I don't care about them. The towels seem to have a strange film on them even after a few washings. They are not absorbent for use as a towel. I suppose they can clean around the house or dry the car after it's washed.

👤You can learn all you need to know about microfiber from their videos. These are the best towels I have ever used. It was very absorbent and soft. It is important to care for them properly. Cleaning temperature is the most important thing. The Rag Company is the best if you are looking for high quality.

👤I bought them for the gym. The length isn't long enough to drape around my neck. They fall off when I'm moving, which is a problem at the gym. The dimensions and the fact that they're microfiber. They're lightweight and compact, so I can put one on my lap or tuck it into my waistband. They are absorbent. They are able to wipe off sweat as I go. I use one per visit to the gym, but regardless of how much sweat I wipe off, they dry quickly and they haven't gotten smelly either. They are very simple and do a good job. I want to buy another pack so I can wash them in a big load.

4. Cooling Towel Instant Running Camping

Cooling Towel Instant Running Camping

The premium cushion in this yoga mat is made from real natural jute fibers, which give it strength and elasticity, just as you will take time to breathe through the yoga poses, so you can love your yoga mat for years to come. Stay in the game and beat the heat with this towel. You can take on the summer heat with this towel. Take it out. Wring it. Cool down. It's simple. Was the towel warming up again? Just rinse and repeat. What is holding you back? Get going and start crushing. Staying fresh all summer long means more time outdoors. Summer days get hot at the beach, amusement park, and camping. Is there a way to keep cool on the go? Wonder is over. The towel is small and easy to hold in your hand. Stay hydrated this summer. Are you doing work outside or training in the open field? The cooling neck wrap is good at blocking damaging UVA and UVB rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it. The One Tough Towel is made of a nylon/polyester blend and is soft and absorbent. The cooling towels can be washed or dried. The smooth hems make sure the cooling effect doesn't diminish. That is difficult.

Brand: Tough Outdoors

👤I tried out the Tough Outfitters Cooling Towel by hiking for 30 minutes on a day when the temperature was in the low 90s. The towel wrapped around my neck kept me cooler than I would've been without it. It took a long time for the towel to dry. It was damp and cool for a while.

👤It cools you off when you are hot. They are used when hiking or walking in the heat. I have to put it on my neck every now and then. It cools off even more when it has cold water on it. It will last about an hour if I continue to move it. There are 4 in different colors. They are not machine washed.

👤I finally gave in and tried this one after being skeptical about all the "cooling towels" I've seen over the past couple of years. I'm very happy I did. It's lightweight and soft with two layers of fabric. One layer is solid and the other is covered in dirt. I wet it and tried it on my skin and it didn't feel cooler than before. The fabric was on the outside when I flipped it. After it warmed up a bit, I lifted it and let it go for a few seconds and it was cool all over again. It's long enough to drape over my shoulders for added coolness, and I love that it's behind my neck. I'm a cooling towel convert.

👤I bought these cooling towels for my family to use on our Disney World vacation, and they held up to the challenge. They stay cool for hours if they stay wet. We would get free ice water and some of it on them. A refreshing reprieve on a hot, sunny day, and we used them to keep the baby cool, put one on my three year old son while he slept in the stroller, and my older boys wore them around their necks. My husband commented on how helpful they were. I would recommend these cooling towels to anyone who is spending a lot of time in the heat.

👤Disney World in August can be brutal. Places are crowded and the day is humid. The towel was the best thing ever. It was a life saver, everyone in my family was thanking me for buying it. The towel is soft and doesn't stiffen when dry. It was nice and cold again after an hour or so, but I found it would stay cool for about an hour or so, and then I would just wet myself at a water fountain or bathroom.

👤I gave it three stars for its function. Customer Service deserves at least five stars. The towel I wrote was a gift and did not work well. I asked for better instructions in order for the towel to work better. I received a response within 24 hours and a refund. I will try their products again.

👤We used these towels on our bike trip. We brought the cooling towels because it was so hot and humid. The towel has great cooling properties and I hung mine around my neck after we wet them. The cooling lasted a long time. We took them to the beach. They pack small, and the substitution for a drying towel is great to wipe off your face after swimming in the ocean.

5. IUGA Silicone Stickyfiber Absorbent Included

IUGA Silicone Stickyfiber Absorbent Included

There are details. The microfiber yoga towel is machine washed so it is easy to clean. Proper traction is important for stability and safety when maintaining challenging poses. The eco-silicone bottom design makes yoga practice more confident. The yoga towels are perfect for hot yoga. The IUGA Yoga Towels are made from Premium Stickyfiber. Their yoga mat towel acts as an absorbent towel to wipe away perspiration and create an innovative waffle texture slip-free surface so that you can stay focused on your mind, body and breath through the entire session. The IUGA Bikram Yoga Towels give you a very soft touch and are easy to care for. The yoga towels can be washed and dried by a machine that will save you time. The yoga mat towel is small for convenient packing and quick drying. It can be taken to the beach, gym or camping site. The microfiber threading will last a long time. Being confident in the excellent quality and performance of IUGA Hot Yoga Towel, they offer lifetime world-class customer service to let you make your purchase without worries!

Brand: Iuga

👤It is larger than a yoga mat so you can tuck it under. It is a quality towel that sticks to the mat and is easy to clean.

👤It worked! There are expensive yoga mats that are promised a lot, and I and my yoga classmates have been comparing each other's mats since the beginning of time, all the major brands failed their promises and there is nothing we can do about it. The yoga towel research is a lot of work. It worked for a while, then it didn't. You just accept the idea that Indians don't have these. Something made it work. The production photo needs an upgrade to show the tiny particles that made the difference. I have been practicing yoga for 3 years. This towel allowed me to go deeper into my practice. The development team is thanked a lot.

👤This is a must for all yogis. Although people are careful about keeping themselves clean, I like to have a layer between myself and the mat at the gym. The way the yoga towel fits onto a standard yoga mat is brilliant. The bottle and towel are nice additions. It is holding up well so far. I take a hot yoga class 3-4 times a week. Will keep you updated on how it wears over time.

👤One side is not slippery. It helps with hot yoga that my towel doesn't slip on the mat. I like the colors offered. I've washed them a few times and have not seen any bleeding on the bottom. I have 2 of these so that I can keep them dry. I have dark blue and Fushia. I don't like the Fushia. It is brighter than I would have liked. I was hoping that it would be similar to the one in Mauve.

👤This is the best mat towel I have tried, it's within the range of$15-$25. The Manduka Pro mat is the same dimensions as this one, and it is more stable, more resistant, and less slippery than the others I have tried. If you don't wet it first, it will still be a bit slick, but it comes with a spray bottle to help with that. I still think the Yogitoes are the best at not slipping, but this is a close second, and for the price, this mat towel is a definite win.

👤I've read reviews of many different yoga towels, but I'm really glad I went with this one. The towel was similar in texture to the Maduka Equa towel, and it was a perfect fit with my Jade Harmony mat. I didn't have a problem with slipping, and the hand towel was a bonus. I was very happy to have it. I would recommend this towel set to my friends. I love yoga.

👤I bought a second and a different towel because I loved this one so much. I wanted to upgrade from the ones I bought at 5 below, but I didn't want to spend $60 for a fancy yoga towel. The towel does the trick. I don't have any issues with slipping.

6. IUGA Pockets Prevent Bunching Microfiber

IUGA Pockets Prevent Bunching Microfiber

Premium Microfiber is used in the IUGA yoga towel. It is an absorbent towel that can be used to wipe away perspiration and create a slip free surface. You can stay focused on your body and mind through the entire sessions. The corner pockets are designed so that you simply hook them underneath the mat. The yoga towel stays firmly in place and allows you to focus on yoga practices. The IUGA machine-hygiene non-slip yoga towels provide a layer between you and your mat, saving you time cleaning mats. Throw the towel in with the rest of your laundry and you are good to go for yoga. The yoga towel is the perfect size for almost all yoga mats. It is 30% thicker than other yoga towels. The weave strikes a balance between grip and softness. There is no need to buy a towel. They've got you covered. Adding value to you and your practice is something they love doing. They offer lifetime guarantee and world-class customer service to make your purchase without worries, because they are so sure about the quality and performance of IUGA hot yoga towel.

Brand: Iuga

👤Let me explain to you the disgusting amount of sweat that pours from me during a hot yoga class. The first time I went to a hot yoga class, I didn't know it was heated. I only had a hand towel and rubber mat. I washed my rubber mat. There was a puddle near my mat. I was afraid that the teacher would walk by and cause a domino effect in the room, because she wouldn't see the 3 gallons of sweat across the floor. My sweaty disgusting self was the reason for all. Four years ago. I use a yoga towel, a full size bath towel, and a hand towel to manage my perspiration. All three are completely soaked by the end of class. I always struggled with one aspect. The towel is moving around on the mat. My last attempt at a solution was sewing on the corners. It didn't work out well. This towel is amazing. The corner pockets are great, but the towel grips the mat so well that you might not even need them. Even if it does slip a bit, it stays in place and corrects itself as soon as you change positions. The towel is small enough to wipe my head and neck clean. Both of them are absorbent. I still take a bath in class. This towel is perfect for sweaty people like me.

👤I took a hot power vinyasa class after getting the towels and mini spray bottle. It must be said that this towel is amazing. It works wonders. I have a PRO Manduka mat which is one of the best in the market but I still find it slippery since I sweat a lot. This has been bothering me for a while. I can finally say that my frustration is gone. Excellent price too! The yogitoe are $65. You also get a towel.

👤I use this for a 90 min hot Bikram class in which I sweat like Satan is breathing all the fires of Hell down my back. I used a regular bath towel before I got this towel, and I was confused why people had fancy yoga towels. I just thought they were dumb. This towel makes a huge difference and I was just a yoga nooooob. I am not saying that I can do the standing head to knee pose without touching my head to my knee, but life in the studio is definitely better. I can't say how this compares to the other ultra expensive yoga towel that people keep mentioning in these reviews. I don't have to wet this thing before class, and I have already given off 4 liters of sweat by the end of the first breathing exercise. I feel like it holds the sweat a lot better, like it's not as sweaty at the end of class. This is a true winner for me.

👤I do yoga on a mat. I sweat a lot. The towel does a good job of slip resistance and sweat absorption. This mat is a big improvement over the previous one because of the corner pockets. Two other reviewers mentioned using this towel on the Manduka pro, one saying it fits and the other saying it doesn't. The towel corner pockets are too short for them to fit over the mat and it is too narrow. The mat corners look goofy. The problem was solved by cutting the mat length in half and then cutting the mat width in half with scissors. It was easy and now the towel is perfect.

7. Nomadix Towel Perfect Camping Travel

Nomadix Towel Perfect Camping Travel

72 Inches long. To improve the slip-resistant qualities of the fabric, spray with water. Hang dry or tumble dry after a machine wash. The color is midnight. They don't use virgin plastic to make their products. They use plastic to build their towels. The MicroTerry Fiber is made with small loops, which makes it super absorbent, absorbing 4x more than regular cotton towels. Their towels are designed to dry quickly so they don't leave behind a musty mess. You can save water by washing less. It's the only towel you'll ever need, because of its Sand Resistant and Incredible Versatility. Their towels are perfect for yoga because of their slip resistance. The packs are lightweight and small. They never use dyes and always print their designs. The dyes that bleed are harmful to their waterways.

Brand: Nomadix

👤Good towel. The color faded almost after a few uses. The color of the plastic bottles the fibers we're source from started to shine through as the microfibers began to remove themselves. There is a small amount of white or baby blue on my towel. It looks cheap and I don't like that since I paid $40 for it, which is more expensive than a towel.

👤The towels are the best. After buying one in Hawaii, I came home and bought another. These are great to use in the sand or at the park. I wish they were a little wider, they are more narrow and long like a yoga mat, but the designs are beautiful and the materials are recycled. They are very soft. Love.

👤I think my greatest appreciation is that I was able to lay out the blanket on the gravel beach and get some sun. It rolls up small. It's good at getting me dry quickly, and I carry it as an extra blanket at night. I grabbed one of the hand towel sized ones because I enjoyed it. When I first got it, I was a little worried about it's texture, but after a few uses, it's wonderful.

👤We have a family of 5 so packing for the beach and pool is quite a task. We can now pack all of our gear in a beach bag because we switched to all Nomadix towels. They are the same absorbent as our old towels, but take less space. I like how large they are. I'm impressed with how quickly they dry. They come in a variety of patterns. It is a little pricey, but worth it.

👤She said that they dry quickly, so I bought these. I have large Aquis towels that are similar, but they don't dry as quickly. They are not as wide as a beach towel. The length is long. This towel is lightweight and folds up small so you can throw it in a backpack or beach bag, it is a great towel to take on a beach vacation or camping.

👤The towels are great. They are easy to shake off. The towels are on the narrow side, compared to others. It's great that length is great. Great prints. I love my two.

👤These beach towels are great for travel. They are dry quickly and discharge sand better than cotton towels. They also clean sunglasses. Just buy them.

👤I love this towel. It's small and absorbent. Even though it's only a pound, I think it could be a bit lighter. What do you want for a towel? It also repels sand. It kept me warm on a rainy day.

8. Pefi Skidless Absorbent Odorless Microfiber

Pefi Skidless Absorbent Odorless Microfiber

We offer lifetime guarantee and world-class customer service to make your purchase without worries, because they are so sure about the quality and performance of IUGA hot yoga towel. Pefi Yoga Towel can be washed by a washing machine, you don't need to worry about getting it dirty. There are anti-slip particles in the back of the yoga towel, so it will not move during the exercise. You can use the Pefi Yoga Towel as a yoga mat, as a yoga rug, as a beach body wrap, or as a camping towel. The yoga towel are made with premium quality materials and are designed to offer you comfort. Pefi has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All risk is removed by them. They promise to return your money if you don't like your purchase, so you don't have to worry about getting a dud product.

Brand: Pefi

👤I used the yoga mat towel for hot yoga 26 and power vinyasa. The dots that make this towel skidless are hard to feel under your feet. When you lie face down on the mat, it will leave marks on your skin. The material will allow your feet to slide, unlike other towel brands. Material is not absorbent. Buy something else.

👤This is a tie with my favorite brand of yoga towels. It might be my favorite. The mat well has nubs on it. It absorbs sweat. If I had a towel, my feet would not slide when I'm sweaty. I bought this because I don't want to get any of the yoga mats on my skin and the towel helps with that too. It's pretty. I love the colors of this towel. I wash it in the washer and dry it in the dryer, and it has held up well for a couple months now. I only have to wash the towels once a week. It's not a good idea to wash it with any other bath towels or laundry because it will attract lint and hair to your laundry and it's not a good idea to have hair on a clean yoga towel.

👤The yoga towel is perfect for my yoga mat. I sweat a lot during yoga and it absorbs all of it. I don't have to worry about slippage because the mat is secured with small grips on the back side of the towel. I took it out of the bag and it had a chemical smell but it went away after I washed it. I washed it with my regular towels and dried it without any fabric softener. I didn't use bleach. I had no color stains from it. It fits into my yoga bag with ease. It is very soft. The yoga towel is a great purchase for the price.

👤I bought two. These are almost the same as the expensive ones, except they have a brand on them. They will be funky if you don't wash after each use. They are in a bag. Good quality.

👤I use this towel in yoga. Great length. It's a bit longer than my yoga mat. I start sweating when I walk into the yoga room, and this towel makes me sweat more. You wouldn't know I was pouring sweat if you looked at the towel. It doesn't pool the sweat either. Cute! I got the purple and it doesn't show any sweat. I sweat a lot and stay in place. The towel has little rubber bands on the bottom so that it doesn't move. This towel is very good. Also! I saw a person with a pink one in class. This is a good towel for hot yoga.

👤I don't seem to soak in the sweat. It beads up and then disappears. If you tend to slip and slide on the top side, this isn't the best for you. The bubbles on the bottom are small. They help it stay put. The material is very thin. I don't yoga 3-4 times a week and the thicker towels like Way brand take up a lot of room in the washer. This one is great. It is not a big deal to wash it every week. The colors stayed. The grips haven't started peeling off. It seems to be well constructed. Can beat the price.

9. DREAM SLIM Foldable Skidless Multicolor

DREAM SLIM Foldable Skidless Multicolor

We never use dyes and always print their designs. The dyes that bleed are harmful to their waterways. When practicing yoga or other mat exercises, you need a partner. It needs to be durable and non-slip. Stay focused and get fit. Silicon gel dots are used during a workout. The gel dots improve the appearance of the body while you exercise. Sweat is not a problem as the fibers keep you comfortable. Take care of yourself and your health. You can prolong the life of a yoga mat by putting a barrier between it and you. The smell ofbacteria build up on your mat is bad, but those nostrils are free of it. There is no lip or beard. The microfiber yoga towel is very absorbent. The yoga mat towels are the best during hot yoga sessions. Keeping you focused and grounded. There are details. The microfiber yoga towel is machine washed so it is easy to clean.

Brand: Dream Slim

👤It's perfect for my yoga classes. It does not move but still absorbs my sweat. It makes your towel dry so that it doesn't get wet in class. The fabric is not a microfiber and it keeps you cooler than most microfiber towels do. I ordered another one after my first class ended. It is a perfect size for a yoga class because it has little clear dots on the back to keep it from slipping.

👤I bought a different towel set that did not have rubber knobs. I have been suffering for months with my towel slipping over my mat. I should know better. I have been doing Hot Yoga for a long time and the other purchase seemed like a good deal. Wow! How foolish was it for me to continue suffering? The towel was stuck to the mat like a twin. I don't have to worry about my knees wrinkling during camel pose or warrior pose. This piece of advice should be taken away. The towel with the special backing will make a big difference in your attitude during class. When your mind is focused on your towel, you are not present in the yoga moment. I already bought another towel because I will not make the same mistake again.

👤I have a lot of hot yoga towels. I just bought another one. It has a lot of rubber bumps so it stays in place. The only towel that stays put during the entire class is a cork mat. It stays put even when I roll over my toes. I waited until after washing and drying it in the dryer to see if it would affect the towel. It was perfect again. I own the best towel.

👤The towel is great for anti-slip on the mat where the little dots are underneath, but your feet tend to slide on top, especially during a hot yoga session.

👤The towel is non-slip. I use this for my furniture and dogs. They don't have to damage the surface of the bench or cabinet. They like to jump up and look out the window. The tie dye is easy to wash. I hang dry or tumble dry.

👤The towel is very nice and looks like it was taken in the picture. It sticks to my mat. The towel is a bit of a challenge because the littlepods keeping it in place are pressing through and leaving something on my skin. I'm not too heavy at 132 pounds. I wish it was bigger.

👤This yoga towel is wonderful. The quality, material, and color. It has non-skid grips on the bottom which worked out great for both cold and hot sessions, and the design definitely had a lot of girls compliment me on how cute it was. The material and thickness is the same as other yoga towels, and it works perfectly over the top of a map for extra cushion.

👤My favorite towel for yoga. Doesn't slip and doesn't get soaked with sweat to the point of being squishy during class. I wash my hot yoga towels after every class so that I can use them the next day.

10. Gaiam Towel Microfiber Mat Sized Folkstone

Gaiam Towel Microfiber Mat Sized Folkstone

America's Premier Microwave Products is a distributor. Since 1999. TheRAG company is always the better value. The mat towel is perfect over the yoga mat. It dries in half the time of a cotton towel. The yoga mat is double as a yoga mat. The materials are 88 percent polyester and 12 percent nylon. The machine was in cold water and dry flat.

Brand: Gaiam

👤This towel ruined my linens in the washer. It is bright pink. I regret buying this. There is a lot of red dye in this towel, even if I washed it with my darks. I ruined around $50 worth of towels. If I washed it with my jeans, I could have ruined it. I can't take another chance so I'm probably going to throw it away.

👤After starting Hot Yoga, I tried out a bunch of different towels to find the best one. I was surprised to find the microfiber similar to the one from car washing towels or something similar. It was not the same as the others. I decided it wasn't worth it to try it. I've found the Manduka Yogitoes and IUGA non-slip yoga towel to be the best so far.

👤This is not a good idea for people who sweat more than a small amount during their yoga practice. It was completely soaked through and felt like a sponge left in the sink after doing dishes. It's better to use a beach towel.

👤It's like comparing apples to oranges, if you're trying to compare this towel to the yogitoes, let me make it easy for you. I use the yogitoes with the grip dots at Core Power, but they cost about $60 a piece and I have to wash them after every use. I thought I would try something different. This towel is not bad but it can't compare to the quality of the other towel. You get what you pay for. I still use this towel in my rotation. It's not terrible. The towel you use is only one aspect of yoga. It will after enough use fall apart for those who complain about it being washed well. I wash and hang dry my yoga towels and they seem to last a long time. The color of this towel is great and it does the job, but my preference is still the grip dots, because it is a great color.

👤I was trying to find an inexpensive alternative to bikram hot yoga, so I bought a few Yogitoes towels. I wanted to get towels that were thinner since I usually only have a beach towel in class and the amount of laundry and dryer time adds up quickly. I've tried both the mat and the Yogitoes. The size of the yoga mat made it easy for me to slip on it. I didn't have a problem with the color bleed, it's a problem with Yogi toes. The mat does not need the dryer. I wouldn't recommend this mat. The microfiber surface sticks to my feet when I pick them up. When I step in/out of Triangle or the Chair poses, the mat will lift with my foot and I have to consciously brush it off my foot so it doesn't move with me in/out of postures. This is a huge dealbreaker because you don't want to have to deal with mat issues in yoga class. I don't think this was a good purchase and I will keep it in my car in case I have nothing else.


What is the best product for best yoga mat towel?

Best yoga mat towel products from Facesoft. In this article about best yoga mat towel you can see why people choose the product. Manduka and The Rag Company are also good brands to look for when you are finding best yoga mat towel.

What are the best brands for best yoga mat towel?

Facesoft, Manduka and The Rag Company are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best yoga mat towel. Find the detail in this article. Tough Outdoors, Iuga and Iuga are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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