Best Best Xbox One Headset Wireless

Headset 29 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Razer BlackShark Wireless Gaming Headset

Razer BlackShark Wireless Gaming Headset

Sturdy steel sliders that adjust to provide a comfortable fit are built for reliability. The #1 best-selling gaming peripheral brand is Source. It is possible to provide accurate spatial audio information beyond standard 7.1 surround sound in games. There are two modes of connection, one for low-latency wireless gaming with the HyperSpeed Wireless and the other for wired gaming with the 3.5mm jack. All-Day Comfort is a soft foam ear cushion that prevents overheating and pressure build-up. The Triforce Titanium 50mm High-End Sound Drivers have cutting-edge 50mm drivers that are divided into 3 parts for individual tuning of highs, mids, and lows. The Hyperclear Supercardioid mic has a 9.9mm mic which has better voice isolation and can be further adjusted via the Synaps. The battery life on the PC can be up to 24 hours at extremely low latency.

Brand: Razer

👤I had low expectations of this headset. I had a great headset from Corsair that had a great mic and sound, but the connection with my PS4 wasn't very strong and I would notice a lot of dropouts in audio. I decided to use the 3.5mm jack on the controller to see if friends with PS4s swore by using it. The first thing you notice is how light the headset is. It's clear that this isn't a headset that prioritized premium materials. It's light and comfortable. Light materials should be great for long term sessions if you consider the issues with heavier headsets and neck pain. The pads are made of faux leather. The part that rests against your head is a little more absorbent. I don't think I'll have any issues with these. I don't feel like I'm in a death grip because the force is moderate and they won't fall off accidentally. I think the quality of the mic is a great compliment to the quality of the headset, no one thought I was on a headset. It's like you were actually talking on the phone. I could see using these on conference calls if the video was off. The mic is good. I was expecting things to fall apart, but they did not. I decided to make a comparison between these and my pair of HD600s that I own. There was no contest between the two headphones in terms of vocals or detail retrieval, but the Razer wasn't a bad headphone by any means. It was clear and present, without being muddy. The spotty connection ruined the sound of the Corsair Virtuoso. I think that gaming is more forgiving than listening to music. I ran through a few games to see if I could do it. I tried a game that focused on background music and it sounded great. I tried a headset with more explosions and it felt good. The volume knob is different from the other knobs in my life. The sound is turned down by clockwise. Why? I would like to know that I'm quiet. The first attempt at a call failed because the person was engaged. The Blackshark V2 X is an amazing product at the price point, even though it has a terrible name. I don't play as many games online as I used to and I listen to more music. It makes sense to have a cheap headset for online play with friends and conference calls, as well as a great pair of headphones for music and solo play. This works for me.

👤I used to play in the semi-pro section of the game, and these headphones are better than the studio-grade ones we used. The ANC isn't as good, but it still allows me to focus on the game and tune out everything else. The sound of the surround allows for distinct and accurate noises in a chaotic battlefield. The cable is perfect for everything from movies to games, and it is crisp and clear. It's lightweight and snug on my head, and doesn't put pressure on my glasses. I would pay a lot more for good headphones.

2. LucidSound Wireless Headset Video Game Accessory

LucidSound Wireless Headset Video Game Accessory

The advanced chip set enables a strong and clear wireless signal in crowded areas. You can setup a one-step setup for gaming on Xbox in no time. It was designed for comfort with soft, glasses-friendly memory foam padding and a flexible lightweight frame. You can rest comfortably around your neck between matches with the spacious ear cups. You can easily adjust audio and chat without breaking concentration, and mic monitoring lets you hear your own voice in the headset. The battery can deliver up to 15 hours per charge. It works with the Xbox series. It works with any 3.5mm audio source. The 3.5mm cable was sold separately. It's great for use with PS5 and PS4.

Brand: Lucidsound

👤It's easy to hook up to the Xbox and install. The sound quality is better than $30 headsets but not as good as $150 ones. The microphone works well, Warzone randomly heard what I was saying and it was good. The design is subtle. Love the push mute on the earpiece and the rotating sound control. Wireless pairs are very sleek. I'm happy with the purchase. Have not been charged yet.

👤The only thing I don't like about these is the battery life. I've tried A40's, SS 7X, and HyperX, but these are the ones I come back to. The volume is too loud all the way up. They are very detailed in Warzone. Pick from signature, flat, and bass boost sound modes. They are light, so no fatigue, even though I bought Geekria linen pads. My party chat friends preferred the mic on these over the A40's because I ran out of battery once and used the A40's while I was charging them. I have a bathroom nearby, a kitchen above me, and they stay connected without losing their connection. Usually, they are affordable at $79.99. The best headset under $250 is what I've tried. The battery life isn't the greatest, the ear pads aren't good, and the mic doesn't fold up, but this is still a good product.

👤The sound quality is good. It has a good bass response while still presenting a bright stage. They can go crazy. Sometimes games and movies aren't very loud. It's not a bad thing, but it's substantial enough to consider: it uses a small device. I am beyond comprehension why these aren'tusb c. These are the best in class for 85 dollars.

👤I liked this headset for a while. The sound and mic are good. I used both computers. I switched out the ear pads for cloth ones because they are comfortable. I adjusted my headband and heard a snap at the spot in the photo that I had forgotten, but I realize there has to be some compromises made at this price point for a wireless headset. All of my electronics are in pristine condition and I am not rough with them. It was not the most sturdy plastic, but to not last even 5 months is unacceptable. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤These headphones are a great value. I bought these for my son. The sound quality is the same, but the cost is lower. The features are the same, but are lighter. My son is enjoying them.

👤The newer one is more stable. Don't hesitate to come back if there are any issues or no updates. I returned it for now. The claims are fine, but there is still work to be done. I will wait for the update before buying again.

👤The sound quality is very cheap. The soundstage is thin. The mic is not good. The dial was difficult to turn and the wheels and tap felt cheap. Beeped at every turn. I was worried that the components would break in the time it took to test them because they were so cheap. Unfortunately, it's only a positive aspect.

3. SteelSeries Arctis Wireless Gaming Headset Integrated

SteelSeries Arctis Wireless Gaming Headset Integrated

You should always be prepared to play with up to 15-hours of gaming per charge using the included charging cable. You can connect directly to your Xbox Series XS or One just like a wireless controller, and start gaming in seconds. You can connect your mobile device to the Xbox to play music and make calls while you play. Clearcast microphone. The Arctis mic uses the same design as aircraft carrier deck crews for superior noise cancellation so that your voice sounds clear and natural. The Arctis soundscape emphasizes subtle, yet critical sounds to give you an audio advantage. The 20 Plus Hour battery is a brand new Chipset designed specifically for the XBOX with superior audio quality and dual-wireless support. Compatibility: PC, Mobile, and Xbox One.

Brand: Steelseries

👤After 2 months of use, it constantly disconnected from my xbox. It is almost unbearable to use. I can only imagine what I will lose if I resell them. There are a few things that keep the headset from being 5 stars. It takes too long to turn on, it randomly turns off, and it doesn't like to charge with the provided cable. The headset is comfortable, good battery life, friends say that the mic quality is great, and it's easy to connect to all your devices, but the cons are pretty annoying. I will update the rating if the issues go away.

👤I ignored the reviews and bought these because they were the best for the XBOX. They are great when they work. The sound is amazing. I could hear leaves rustling. They work for a while and then distort. I owned them for the second night in a row. I think they did it five times. I'm going to buy a pair of Sennheisers because I'm giving up on these "gamer" headphones. I don't talk to anyone.

👤These headphones do something few can do, so you have to understand that. I was looking for headphones that could be used for both PC and XBOX gaming, and this is the key! It was easy to pair the controller to the Xbox. It also turned on the Xbox, which was convenient. It's easy to pair the computer with. The quality is not the same. The mic sounds terrible. If you have the Microsoft Wireless Adapter, it becomes a pretty decent PC headphones as well. The mic sounds clear and the sound is great. You have to re-pair the headphones when you switch from console to PC or vise-versa. It takes 6 seconds to pair, so it's not a big deal. I think they are great. I think these sound better than Turtle Beach 800x Elite. They are more comfortable and lighter on the head. The Turtle Beach had too many options on the headphones and the wireless base transmitter was too heavy. The only cons I can think of is that you can't go too loud with these, which will save your ears in the long run. These are the headphones that will work with PC and Xbox. They sound great. The mic is good. They are light and stylish. You have to buy a separate accessory for the headset because it is not included with the Microsoft Wireless Adapter.

👤No one likes to be disappointed in the end. Take what you want and make a decision. I was a fan of Turtle Beach for a long time but never went back after my first Steel Series Headset. After the abuse my 2 year old put my last Arctis through and many late night gaming sessions. The Steel Series performance andDurability Impressed me. I received the Arctis 9X wireless headset a few days ago and I can already say it is my favorite. They added a few improvements over previous models. It makes for a better experience. They put a red light on the mic to make it easier to see muted vs unmuted. The chat mixer/volume wheels were moved to a less cluttered area so that you don't accidentally blow out your ear drums. The ear pieces and ski strap band are great for fit and comfort. I know I can wear it for years without any issues or degrading parts, even if my spawn throws it across a room. The mic is clear and clean when it's being used. After hours of use, the battery life is not yet known. It was easy to unbox and protect the shipping. I already tested the limits of the previous model and gave it 5 stars. I know it's premature to give Arctis 9X a 5 Stars early, but I've spent time with it and it works well. If you're wrong, you'll see an updated version.

4. HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Built

HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Built

Before installing this part, make sure the food is safe to eat and that the power is off. The official Xbox headset is designed to work with the Series X and One consoles. High-quality wireless audio is available at the press of a button. There is no need for more wireless adapters. You can adjust the balance of your game and chat audio levels with the chat mix controls on the headset earcup. Quality sound is delivered with Windows Sonic: 40mm drivers. Windows Sonic can be used to expand in-game audio. Signature HyperX. Even during long gaming sessions, the memory foam ear cushions wrapped in leatherette keep your ears comfortable. Take control of your communication by using a noise-cancelling mic and mic monitoring. mic monitoring and noise-cancelling help keep your voice chat free of noise. Sturdy steel sliders that adjust to provide a comfortable fit are built for reliability.

Brand: Hyperx

👤If you could read the reviews, you would see they are marketed as light weight. Why would you expect a heavy weighted down design? Someone said they didn't realize they were wireless and thought they could connect via the internet. If you only took a few seconds to read the instructions, you'd see they're only wireless. This is a great quality headset for the price. I already have an expensive set of wired headphones and a killer sound system, so I bought these for the wireless ability to talk with friends while gaming, and I am using them for much more. They sound great when playing a game and listening to music. They are easy to use and charge quickly, and can also be used while charging if you have a longer cord than is included. The battery life is also long. I have only charged them two times since I received them two weeks ago. The construction is clearly quality and lightweight, I don't feel like they're going to break in any way as a few other reviews have mentioned. I highly recommend this headset, it will cost you just $80, but you will be blown away with the quality.

👤My headphones have been on for one year. They arrived one year ago and are still holding up well. The price for headphones was$40. These are an amazing product and are inexpensive. The headphones are impressive at canceling noise, but they are not loud enough to increase to a loud volume, which is a downside. If you're still skeptical about the headset, think about it like this, if you're a casual game player who plays games when you have free time, definitely invest in this product. If you find that gaming is not a hobby, then maybe you should buy a more expensive set. The quality of this headset is not likely to be noticed by normal consumers.

👤We all know the HyperX brand from Kingston. The Cloud II's are the most popular gaming headsets with a price of 99$, but will a more budget oriented headset check all the right boxes? No, not really. All cheap gaming headsets have the same defect. The first impression of sound quality is that it is balanced until you turn up the volume, and the bass is muddy, and the treble is terrible, and those two response categories end up drown out. The earcups are made of a material that won't get hot over long sessions of gaming, and the headband is flexible to compensate for that, as well as the earcups have some flexibility for different head sizes. The earcups are on the shallow side and it would have been better if there was more padding inside. A good amount of flexibility in the headband makes the build quality fine. The permanently attached dual cable and the joints are not meant to be handled with force. How good is the mic? The mic on this headset comes off as below average, because so many headsets these days have great microphones. The sound quality of the drivers is muddy, but the bass pickup is nice for a deeper voice like mine. The mic pivots about 100 degrees and bends to create a good position for you.

5. SENICC Microphone Headphone Lightweight Cancelling

SENICC Microphone Headphone Lightweight Cancelling

Mulit-Platform compatible The headphones have a microphone that supports the Xbox one controller. PS4/ Ipad/ PC/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Nintendo Switch. This professional gaming headset has a comfortable fit. The multi points pressure head beam has a human body engineering specification. Will not feel uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time. It's suitable for men, women, kids, and teenagers. The microphone is high-quality. The noise reduction microphones in the computer headphones can pick up your voice with great sensitivity and are portable. The perfect pc gaming headset for kids is the soft enfolding design, which wraps around the ear, keeping music in and distraction out. The PS4 headsets with mic designed with a high-quality 50MM driver enhance the speaker unit's sensitivity, bringing you superior sound quality, an excellent gaming experience.

Brand: Senicc

👤My students use these in the classroom for online learning. I bought a 2-pack to see if they were high enough quality, and they did not disappoint. I bought another pair. Very happy.

👤I bought these because of the reviews that I read and the one that said the expensive headset was no better than these. You can hear everything going on around you, there is no noise cancellation. The volume turned up all the way is completely unacceptable, they don't fit around your head, there is nothing good about this product. My daughter wanted to use them for her classes. I would like to get a refund for this product. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who is looking for quality sound and noise cancellation. It may be appropriate for young users.

👤My kids are happy with these. They've torn the more expensive ones up. I had to try these 2 because I found them at a great price. The kids have not said anything about the quality being poorer. I would recommend them to kids and adults.

👤There are a few major issues. They're too loose on my head. These must have been designed for someone with a large head. The sound output level is great, I had to raise it to 100 to get a decent level of sound, and even with the volume up, I can still hear everything else in the room. That's a small bonus because they're not uncomfortable. These are cheap and you get what you pay for. Mids are too present and the bass is terrible.

👤I am a little disappointed in these. I bought them for my two sons to use. We only had them for three weeks and they are used in school classes exclusively. We are having issues with hearing and sending audio via the microphone. I hope they can get us through until we are back in the classroom. The price for 2 sets was correct. I don't think I would recommend them based on our experience.

👤I bought different brands of headsets for distance learning. My children will use this brand. I like to use this when I use a headset. We haven't used it for gaming, so this review is for use in distance learning. 1. Everyone in the household can fit it. It fits my small kindergartener's head perfectly, thanks to the cushion on the headband part and the padding over the ears. It fits my head. 2. The brands I bought were not as comfortable. There is a The ears don't get sweaty because it doesn't touch them. There is padding on the ear piece so it doesn't hurt when you talk. 3. The sound and mic are great. I don't have issues with kids not being able to hear their teachers. The volume control has a wide range of control, which is 888-609- It is easier to find a comfortable level of volume without pausing when you are on screen with the wide range and physical roller volume controller. I like the clarity of the mic. My child's teacher asked for more information about this brand so she could refer it to other students. 4. Durability and flexibility. Kids can control the mic piece. It helps if you don't have to shout louder during the meeting. The headband area is flexible, so it makes it easier for kids to put it on and off. 4. Excellent customer service. The seller replaced the faulty input jack on the first purchase. I can't complain since it was delivered within a reasonable time. Thanks for the great product!

6. ASTRO Gaming Wireless Headset Xbox Console

ASTRO Gaming Wireless Headset Xbox Console

The range is up to 50 feet through the wireless signal. On-device audio balancing between voice chat and game audio. Easy cross- platform compatibility is possible with a console specificusb transmitter. The built-in battery has more than 15 hours of battery life. The microphone has a flip-to-mute function. You can choose between the 3 different EQ preset settings.

Brand: Astro Gaming

👤If you have a bigger head, the headset won't fit you. I am very disappointed at how little there is in the size on these. Two stars because they seem to be nice for someone with an average head.

👤Even for glasses wearers, the headset is very comfortable. It doesn't block out noise. I will be using this to work remotely. PC set up was bad for me and a few other reviewers. If things don't work immediately, the Astro support page is not helpful. Plug everything in, press the game mode button on the headset, and make sure the little white light is solid white. Apparently blue is for game systems. The Command Center doesn't seem to do much for this model, or at least not on my laptop. Good luck!

👤The headset is amazing. The headset is the most comfortable I have had so far. I decided to spend a little more this time and get a better one because I have had 5 break on me this year in the $30 range. The sound is heavy and it is noise canceling. I think they are great.

👤I like this headset. The build isn't flimsy compared to other brands, and it sounds amazing. It's only a gripe that the connection to the receiver can be difficult at times. Sometimes I have to turn off the headset or plug it in if it won't pick up the connection. The power button on the headset can be pressed again. Since the console thinks headphones are connected, I have to plug the dongle into the console every time I use the headphones, since the volume on the Xbox dims. There have been two complaints with 3 other wireless headsets that use a dongle. I think it's a common thing with dongle. I wish there was a wireless model that didn't have to pay for things.

👤The headset is not comfortable and adjusting the band is not easy. My computer recognizes that the A20 is plugged in. I don't get any audio from the computer to the headset. I know the speakers work because I can hear the sound of my voice through the mic. I grab the little paper booklet thinking it will have basic help, but it doesn't. It has a drawing of parts in the box, a slip of paper asking me to not return it, and some generic product warnings. I follow the instructions and go to the faq page, but I can't hear the videos because I don't have a headset. There is some software that does nothing. "Force pair it" is the only thing that can help. I get frustrated and send a ticket to the company's support page, but get a canned response that it will take up to 3 days to get back to me. I decided it was not worth it to play ticket tag and file for a return since I only have a limited window to return this thing.

👤I have used the last generation of Astro A20 daily. It was the best headset I have ever owned. The new model is even better. The build is very solid, the price is a steal, and the comfort is unbelievable. The fact that they dropped the black box connection is amazing. I can walk farther away with this headset than the previous one, and it hasn't dropped once. The older model dropped at least once a day. I like the combo of black and white.

7. Corsair HS75 Wireless Gaming Headset

Corsair HS75 Wireless Gaming Headset

A 3.5mm jack is compatible with the Xbox One and Windows PCs. It is possible to connect directly to an Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or Xbox One console without a wireless accessory for low-latency and high-quality gaming on Windows 10 PCs. You can react faster and more accurately when you hear the sounds of the game in Immersive Dolby Atmos. The 50mm audio drivers have been custom-tuned to deliver superb sound quality with the range to hear everything you need on the battlefield. A noise-cancelling microphone reduces ambient noise for excellent voice clarity. The viscoelastic memory foam and plush leatherette ear pads provide exceptional comfort for hours of gaming. The aluminum yokes are sturdy to take the hits and deliver outstanding gaming audio for a long time. If you want to switch focus from hearing the action to hearing your teammates, you need to balance your game audio and chat mix. Play with the freedom of up to 30 feet of wireless range and up to 20 hours of battery life, easily charging with ausb-c cable.

Brand: Corsair

👤The best headphones I have used are the ones with the integrated connection. It is stable and seamless. I don't like their decision to use the power button. If I press the power button long enough, it will power off or on. It should have been a specific button. These headphones are very comfortable. I would like to have a way to move the mic without removing it. It will remain in your peripheral vision even if you move it up or down, so you need to keep it there. The sound quality is not great. The bass was very heavy and muffled. There is an invisible barrier between your ear and the sound output. The implementation of Dolby Atmos is effectively soils. There's absolutely nothing you can do to change the default sound, so it's pretty disappointing. I hope Corsair comes back with a better set of headphones.

👤I really liked them at first. They feel like an Elite controller. They sounded great. For five hours. They stopped working in the strangest way, playing a game and the sound stopped, but the light was on for 32 hours, the power button wasn't turned off, and they didn't have a reset. The Corsair help desk only advises to return them. I'm probably going to have to return them if the battery dies and they come back on after a charge. $150 ear warmers are not what I need. Update: I was able to charge them after the battery died. I downloaded the corsair icue software on my laptop. All good now. Only raising the review 2 stars for this problem.

👤I had this headset for about 2 months and it became unresponsive after a while. The power light is stuck on white and cannot be turned off. They are just as good as a brick. Avoid at all costs.

👤The headphones sound great. I think the problem is mostly on the Microsoft side, since other are reporting similar issues online. You should not buy the Xbox series x until you read about system updates. The headphones have dropouts under 10 ft. I have to stop playing games and restart them when I play again. The new call of duty. Sometimes they won't connect or stop the controllers from connecting. I still have problems using the old controllers. I decided to come back after I unplugged the console and let the headphones die. There is no way to force them to shut off. When you have sync problems with your headphones, they will tell the console to turn on. There are a lot of problems with the series x and headphones that use the xbox wireless standard. Don't. I bought the steel series 7X which uses a proprietary usb dongle. The new system is compatible with my PS5 and switch.

👤I bought this headset for cyber Monday in 2021, I was excited after watching many videos on the product, showcasing its high remarks, and most reviews talking positively about the headset only bad comments where on the loud base. I received my headset a couple of days later, I was very excited to use it, but 5 seconds after I connected it, I noticed a slight buzzing on the left ear witch, it was permanent. I probably did it, nothing I did made it go away. The audio is cut out constantly. I ordered a second unit and returned the first. I got a new unit on December 5. The headset cut out and made loud noises when it didn't have the buzzing on the left ear. I didn't like having my prior headset added to the tournament. I didn't believe it. I did everything I could on my Xbox, but I wouldn't recommend this headset because I updated the Corsair website on December 6 and there was nothing new. It might have been my bad luck that I got 2 faulty headsets back to back. Corsair is a big name company and I was expecting more from a headset. Hope this helps.

8. HyperX CloudX Flight Detachable Noise Cancellation

HyperX CloudX Flight Detachable Noise Cancellation

Next-gen gaming is designed for games like Call of Duty, Black Ops, DOTA 2, and Monster Hunter. Gifts for holidays and birthdays. The wireless connection is gaming-grade. The battery can last up to 30 hours. HyperX has comfort andDurability. A built-in chat mixer. 50 millimeter drivers give in-game audio a cinematic feel. The microphone has a mic monitoring and indicator. There are 90 rotating earcups. The audio, mic and chat controls are intuitive.

Brand: Hyperx

👤Astro A50's are overpriced. The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 are garbage. Steelseries Arctis 9X have connection issues and do not fit larger heads. HyperX CloudX. Flight is close to perfect. They fit all head sizes, have great battery life, and the sound quality is great. The mic monitoring on these is perfect. The mic monitoring does not decrease in volume when the game volume is reduced. The game/chat mix option is available. The lighting on the side can be turned off or left on. The battery has been good so far. They have not had to refill their batteries in 6 nights of gaming. Audio has been great. There is a lot of punch out of this headset. Don't pay a fortune if you skip the unreliable BS. HyperX makes great products at affordable prices. Couldn't be happier with these.

👤The headset is very unique. A gem that is dedicated to the experience of the XBOX. It comes with inherent tradeoffs, but I love it. The sound is amazing. It's rare to find fully wireless headsets for chat. No more wires! The connection built into this headset feels sophisticated. The comfort is amazing. Can where for a few hours without being noticed. The buttons work. It was very easy to turn the mic off. There is a clear voice connection. High volume sound effects come in clear. crackle-free. HyperX is one of the most sophisticated licensed headsets on the market. Good signal strength and clarity. The speaker quality is shown by Windows Sonic for Headphones. Ready to rock! There is a chance of compatibility with the next generation of consoles. There is no 3.5mm jack for audio/mic, so it's only useful for Windows 10 and Xbox. The battery does not have an audio or visual gauge. You don't know how much battery is left. The battery bar is blank, but it shows as plugged in. Unlike other brands, the headset does not announce volume levels. The on-screen interface can be used to set chat/game volume levels. HyperX has provided new software for their headsets in the past, and will hopefully do the same for CloudX. Same goes to you Microsoft drivers. This headset is a joy to own and use, it is designed to enhance the XBOX experience, and is a care-free headset. It looks like a collector's item and has a novel feel. There are no headsets on the Xbox. Rarely can you get a truly compatible product like this outside of Microsoft, and I needed a headset that was going to be dedicated to my Xbox. It is designed with a focus on mobility and the sound quality is better for that purpose. The cons are only cons if you are expecting a use-for-anything headset, as Xbox puts a hefty price on their high-quality patented technology. The difference in quality standards between PS4 and Xbox is what caused thecompatibility barrier to be overcome by the CloudX. I use professional headphones for work. It doesn't take long to charge and the battery life lasts so long, the lack of a gauge barely crosses my mind. I don't let batteries run out. If you love Xbox, these are perfect.

9. Turtle Beach Stealth Wireless Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth Wireless Gaming Headset

Powerful audio is achieved by refined ear cup acoustics and 50mm speakers. The microphone integrates into the headset when it's muted and enhances chat clarity. Turtle Beach's exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting lets you hear subtle, game-changing sounds so you can live up to 20% longer and win more. The Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing study was conducted in May. It's possible to deliver surround sound with Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X, but it may require additional purchases, app downloads, and supported hardware. MIC MONITORING is a way to hear your own voice while you chat with friends. It's glasses-friendly. The ProSpecs comfort-driven design removes pressure on your glasses while you play. You should always be prepared to play with up to 15-hours of gaming per charge using the included charging cable.

Brand: Turtle Beach

👤I read reviews before buying electronics, so I was pretty sure that I would either love or hate this headset. The mic monitoring made the item useless, according to reviews. The headset is comfortable and the sound is clear. You change it in your settings on the console and everything changes. It's amazing. The sound is clear and the volume is great. The sound was too low in other sets. This one doesn't have that problem. It has a volume adjustment on the side of the headset. I don't like having to change the sound settings on the xbox. The ear pieces are light and comfortable. I wear glasses and most headsets push my glasses in on my head. The headset is comfortable and doesn't push on my glasses. The only thing bad about this headset is that it has a foam feeling pad on top of the headband. It will wear down after a while. I like the cloth strap better than the Arctis, but can we really have everything? Plug your headset into a computer before you use it. Turtle Beach has an update program that you can download. If you do this, you won't have any issues with the mic monitoring that people are complaining about. Take your time and do your update! The paper inside tells you to update your firmware. Your issues are not a problem with the headset if you fail to do so.

👤The headset was released in September. Many of the issues will be fixed eventually. Below is a list of issues. 1. It's nearly impossible to play online games because of the sound. If somone is walking behind me on my left, the headset will make the footstep sounds on my right. Everything is not the same. 2. The mic settings pick up noise in the house and outside. The mic has an echo so you can hear everything. 3. The turtle beach app is the only way to calibrate the mic and headset. The app doesn't work on the phone, so you have to use a computer to change settings. 4. I downloaded the app to try and fix the issues I have. I followed the instructions after updating the software. The headset had a red light turn on after I finished updating it. I can't turn off the headset or connect to the console. I think I need to wait for the batteries to die and hope it works once I charge the headset. 5. Turtle Beach can't help you with any of your problems because all customer support is backed up. I now have a headset that can't be turned off or used. Turtle Beach needs to fix these issues soon. Turtle Beach needs to hire better test and design verification engineers. There are too many issues with this product.

👤I ordered these and out of the box they were terrible. I downloaded the software from Turtle Beach and plugged it into my computer to make sure it was up to date. They have been working well. These went from 5 stars to 5 stars for me. Will update if there are other issues.

10. Gaming LVL50 Wireless Stereo Headset Console

Gaming LVL50 Wireless Stereo Headset Console

The power pro audio is designed to deliver the best spatial sound with 50mm HD Speaker Drivers and Windows sonic compatibility. The Wireless Gambling Headset with MIC is licensed for the Xbox One, One X, Series X, Series S, PC and Windows 10 computer. 3.5mm jack is compatible with Mac, tablets, and mobile gaming. It's perfect for gaming, streaming video, and Discord. The microphone is for clear voice chat audio. You can mute the microphone on the fly. All Day Comfort is an Ultra-Lightweight design, durable frame, and memory foam cushions. The battery life for the Elite is 16+ hours. Micro-USB charging is included. The camo color is black. Next-gen gaming is designed for games like Call of Duty, Black Ops, DOTA 2, and Monster Hunter. Gifts for holidays and birthdays.

Brand: Pdp

👤The first headset I have had full enjoyment with is the Xbox One. The controller's wired input broke, so I switched to a wireless headset. Everyone said this headset was pretty good, and I spent hours looking at reviews. I wanted the turtle beach stealth 600's, but decided to try these. I have had them for 2 weeks and I love them. To consumers who are interested in this headset, I recommend that you watch the videos on YouTube that show you the features of the headset, so that you can get one that is right for you. This one works well for me, but there are better headsets out there, and this one gives you a good bang for your buck. I have had this headset for a while. No issues with it at all! Make sure to move the adapter to a port on the PC. It is definitely something I would recommend.

👤There are updates at the bottom of the review. I was looking to replace an excellent Hyper X wired headset that I broke while plugged into my Xbox controller. Wanting to avoid this happening again, a wireless headset seemed like the obvious choice. I was interested in the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 since it works like an Xbox controller, but I wasn't ready to make a decision because of negative reviews and the price. A friend of mine has the Afterglow AG9 and he likes them, but he has had a couple of failures. There are a lot of user reviews of the AG9. I stumbled across the new wireless product. The consensus is that the LVL 50 is a great value. Most user reviews are very positive, but most of them are from people who received them for free. When you receive something for free, you are likely to be more positive, and I know I would be. The headphones in a box with no frills are what you would expect from the LVL 50 packaging. You get a 6ft microusb cord and a quick start guide. The headphones are made of plastic with fabric ear cups and a padded headband. Nothing flashy, except for the green wires running through the headband and the Xbox green in the ear cups. You wouldn't know what brand or model they were if you walked up to them. I don't think this is a bad thing. I don't think most people buying sub $100 headphones are interested in impressing their friends. The switch/knob labelling is very faint and hard to read, which is the one thing I don't like about the design. You will learn the buttons and switches quickly. You won't be throwing this headset in your suitcase for travel because they are not strong. They don't fold. Most low cost headphones have adjustments. The earpieces have limited pivot and rely on the plastic flex for fit detail. Ear pieces move. I find them very comfortable because I have a large head. The first session was about 5 hours and I never got hot or uncomfortable. These are as comfortable as my Hyper X was. The headband padding is the most important factor in this comfort. If you have a small head, I would only worry about fit. The fit and comfort design is clearly for low cost but done well so there is very little compromise. The stock images show a different material for the ear cups and head band than the ones that are on the internet. I've attached my pictures to the review. I just plugged the dongle into my console and turned on the headset. There are instructions, but they are not necessary. Listening sound quality is very subjective. The game/console/PC would have to make the surround effects. I can tell you from my initial use that it is fine for me. I play Red Dead Redemption 2, Far Cry 5, and Fallout 76 most of the time. All sound the same as my wired headset. I haven't used these for movies, but my guess is they'd be fine for this. It's probably not your best choice for music, but it would be okay. The gaming sound is above the price point. I don't think you would be disappointed. I did not have to repeat anything I said because the microphone sound quality is good. The flip up mute feature is something I like. The chat/game volume mix is one of the two volume knobs on the Xbox version. You can use these two knobs to tune the sound, but you have to play around to get it right. Every time you team up, you will likely need to adjust. The PS4 version does not have a mix knob. Support documentation and on line info is not currently available. There is no FAQ on the site about the LVL 50. The quick start guide has no information about functions or charging. I usually review the FAQ's before buying the headset. This is not possible in the case of the LVL 50. Durability is a word. I don't see these holding up to abuse and I wonder about long term use. I worry, but this is only speculation. They have a two year limited warranty, which gives me peace of mind. I am very pleased with the value of the LVL 50 wireless. There are better ones out there, but I can't imagine one better at this price point. I bought these from a local store. If you're considering buying these, you might want to check out the local store to see if they have them. I will follow up with updates as I use the LVL 50's more. After spending about 30 hours with the LVL 50, here are a few other details. The battery life is advertised. I played 14 hours over the last few days without any indication that the battery was low. I can't complain about the life because I wish there was a way to check the battery level. The microphone is hard to understand. I've played with different friends, some said I was clear and others said I was hard to understand. It seems to work better away from my mouth, but not sure of all the variables. It seems to be very sensitive and tries too hard to control extraneous noises. It seems that putting it further from my mouth makes this better. The two volume knobs on the Xbox version are a bit annoying. The earpiece on the right is supposed to be the overall volume and the earpiece on the left is supposed to control the game. You have to work both of them to get the correct sound even if you are not using chat. It can take a minute to get the sound balanced. It's too easy to move the knobs if you have it set. It is comforting for me. It's cheap and has good ear and head pieces that make me forget I'm wearing it. The comments about the microphone and volume knobs are nit-picky. I am very pleased. I mentioned in my initial review that I was replacing a broken Hyper X headset that I had found at the Xbox controller. I decided to get the Hyper X headset fixed since I could use it with the PC. I plugged it into my controller to see if I had damaged it. It worked just fine, but it doesn't sound like it's as good as thePDP LVL50. I had thought that the LVL 50 was a compromise over my wired set. I can attest that the battery life is as good as advertised. You can't check the level, but it does give you warnings when the battery dies. I've found that putting the microphone 3 inches away from your mouth and at about chin level gives the best performance. It picks up breathing when it's too close to the mouth. The mic is a weak point in this headset if the levels are adjusted correctly. I am changing my rating to 5 stars because of my experience and seeing that discounts are starting to show up. You can't go wrong. Two months of ownership and probably 200 hours or more of use, still very satisfied. The only annoyance was adjusting the two volume/mix knobs. To address this, I took a paint pen. I marked them once the knobs were adjusted. I have to make sure that I have them lined up. Even if I have to make a small adjustment, I have a good starting point. If this doesn't make sense, look at the last two pictures. This will be the last update. This review is too long. Sorry for that. Buy them. There was an update on 6/11/2018. OK. This update has nothing to do with the headset. The information on the website about the LVL 50 was limited in early March, so I wrote the support asking questions. On June 10, I received a response from the party. The content of the response was not helpful. I still love the headset and recommend it, but this sort of slow customer service makes me skeptical about how well it will be backed if I have an issue. They would have been better not to respond at all. There was an update on 1-20-20. It's still a pleasure to use, even 10 months later, and over 1000 hours of gaming have been done with this headset. It started to sound more frequent a month ago. Plugging and unplugging will clear it up. Sometimes cutting the headset off will clear it up. Plugging in the charge will help. Nothing will clear it up if you don't remove the charger. The headset is comfortable and has good sound quality. It's unbearable when it's beeping. The normal sound is interrupted by the beeping, which is like R2D2 screaming in your ear. The beeps are not always the same and I am sure they mean something specific, but with no support from the site, I have no idea. Your dog is barking in your direction. Is Timmy in a ditch? Is the barn on fire? Do you need to leave? You don't know what your dog means, and I don't know what these beeps mean, and it's driving me crazy. I'm going to contact them again and hope they don't take too long to respond. I will report back here what I find. This is at 5 stars for now.

11. Razer Kaira Wireless Gaming Headset Xbox

Razer Kaira Wireless Gaming Headset Xbox

The #1 best-selling gaming peripheral manufacturer in the US is Source. The TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers have titanium-coated diaphragms for added clarity and can tune highs, mids, and lows separately, producing brighter, clearer sound with richer trebles and more powerful bass. The bendable mic has improved housing and pickup for amazing voice capture that suppresses noise from the back and sides, supported by mic monitoring and game/chat balance to ensure optimal levels. The headset is easy to wear on the ears, and the soft headband provides even more comfort to stay in peak form during gaming marathons. You can use the button to cycle through 4 settings, such as Bass Mode to amplify low frequencies and the option to hold the button once to connect the headset to the console. The headset connects directly to the consoles with a great signal range, so it's perfect for couch gaming. Windows Sonic: Experience a realistic surround sound that allows the headset to place audio with accuracy, heightening in-game awareness for a competitive edge.

Brand: Razer

👤I was worried about the sound quality of the wireless headsets on the Series X. I turned the Kaira Pros on and did not have any issues. I downloaded the "Razer Headset Setup for Xbox" app on Series X to change the lighting and sound settings. It is good for the love of all. The app can be used to modify your sound. The sound quality and clearness will be different compared to the basic ones. You can thank me later, I changed my custom settings to: low +9, low-mid +3,mid 0,mid-high +3,high +9 When I played random music on the spotify app from A$AP Rocky, BlackPink, and even Michael Jackson, I was blown away by the sound quality. Everything sounded more alive and clear. I played some games like GEARS 5 and AC Valhalla and everything was perfect. There are no sound or latency issues here. My friends can hear me when I'm loud and clear with the mic quality. You can update your headphones via Windows 10, which is great, and you can also charge them via the internet, which is great, since I no longer use microusb cables in my house anymore. The only negative I can think of is that it would've been nice but not available, but it doesn't. I was waiting for the Steelseries 9x to go on sale but that never happened so I am happy these came out in time for the holiday season and for $50 cheaper than the 9x. I recommend these for those in the xbox family.

👤The Raker KaIRA pro! All I can say is WOW. There are several things you need to know before purchasing a headset. The headset is comfortable. It has a nice design. It doesn't feel cheap or easy to break. It has settings in which you can mix and match sound. Dislikes: Oh boy... I wish this was something I saw in other reviews. You will get the headset and join a party with friends to tell them that you mic quality is better than Arctis 9x or Astros. Even when you are not talking, there is a buzzing and static sound coming from your mic. This can be fixed by starting a new file. You have to use the broadcast mic setting in order to stop the buzzing sound, and you can't have your sound settings to high. It will be picked up by the mic. The mic is finally here. It doesn't sound crisp or clear, but it does a great sound of picking up every single movement you make, whether it be scratching you head, licking your lips or somethings breathing! I don't understand how a mic that picks up all this with ease doesn't sound good when it comes to voice. This headset is perfect for people who don't use party chat, but are interested in headsets. It will deliver great sound for hours with some nice looking RGB. There is a If you are a squad player and like to play coms, I would look into a better mic sounding headset such as the Arctis 9x by steel series. I would recommend it to you.


What is the best product for best xbox one headset wireless?

Best xbox one headset wireless products from Razer. In this article about best xbox one headset wireless you can see why people choose the product. Lucidsound and Steelseries are also good brands to look for when you are finding best xbox one headset wireless.

What are the best brands for best xbox one headset wireless?

Razer, Lucidsound and Steelseries are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best xbox one headset wireless. Find the detail in this article. Hyperx, Senicc and Astro Gaming are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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