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1. Gaming Headset Cancelling Control Nintendo

Gaming Headset Cancelling Control Nintendo

The total control chat. The Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus has a game and chat volume mix. Universal CompatibilitySupport all of the above: PS4, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Switch, laptop, iPad, Computer, Mobile Phone. You need an extra Microsoft accessory when connecting with an old version of the controller. NOISE-CANCELING TELEPHONE The mic is flexible for precise positioning to collect the desired voice for prompt and clear teammate communication. The long flexible mic is very convenient to use. You can experience amazing audio with high quality stereo and intelligent extreme bass. The headphones have soft skin-friendly leather ear pads and are comfortable for long time wearing. Your investment is guaranteed for 12 months. The SADES gaming headset has a 12-month warranty. The quality of the headset is guaranteed. Every customer has the right.

Brand: Sades

👤I spent a lot of time looking at the different headsets that were on sale. This was the only one that I found that had good reviews and it didn't seem like half the reviews were fake. You never know what you'll get, so I was skeptical about ordering this. The one I received worked well despite some bad reviews. I think it is decent quality, sturdy and will not break, so I'll start by saying that. The mic sound quality is crystal clear when I use it on a conference call, and people said I sounded perfectly clear when I used it on my work laptop. I recorded a video with them plugged into my phone so you could hear the mic quality, so be sure to check that out. It is a little heavy, but it fits well and is very flexible. It was very comfortable even when I was laying down. I would like to address some of the issues I saw in other people's reviews. It plugs directly into my controller. If you are using an older generation controller that does not have a headset jack, you only need the adapter. For reference, see the pics I took. 2. The volume can get loud. I didn't have my volume all the way up, and it was loud. Maybe the people who had that issue got a bad headset, and they just needed to adjust their console volume settings. Who knows? For me, the sound quality is great, no crackling, good bass, and plenty of volume. 3. There was a sound in the headset. I asked my friends online if they were using high end wireless gaming headsets and they all said it was normal because of the internet connection, speeds and console settings. Even with their fancy pants, they still have that issue. 4. The switch works. 5. The mic monitoring works. I heard a girl say she couldn't hear herself in the mic, and it sounded like she was recording a video for someone. mic monitoring doesn't just happen. It depends on whether the device you're connected to has the ability to play back the mic through the headphones or not. The mic was working perfectly on my xbox. Most phones aren't designed with that feature so you're not going to hear yourself when you record a video on your phone. 6. The noise cancelling works well when I am playing a game. I can hear what's happening around me if there's no sound being played through the headphones. All background noise is blocked out once the game starts. That is normal for a headset. 7. The sound is great. I could hear footsteps approaching from behind, shots in the distance off to the left, and other noises while I was playing fortnite. It's definitely recommend for that. I hope this review helps you make a purchase decision. I don't know if it will be the same experience for you, but at least you know someone who knows what they're doing gave it a thumbs up. You can't beat the price. I was skeptical about the price but what I got is pretty nice. $200 quality/longevity from a $20 headset is not something you should expect. This is a good level of quality for the price. Hopefully, that will be for a while, as all that's left is to see how long they last. I will update this review if they stop working on me. I would recommend it to someone new to gaming on a limited budget or in need of a quick replacement system. It's been three weeks now, and it's still going strong. It is definitely worth the money. I find it very comfortable, I play for several hours in the evenings and forget I'm wearing it. It's great to watch videos as well. It's really good quality for the price. I'm hoping it will last a long time. If you're using the Xbox One S, make sure you keep your controller's firmware up to date. I plugged it in and couldn't hear anything, but my TV speakers worked, and I thought the headset was dead. I was invited to a game by my friend, but I couldn't hear anything on my end. I searched for an update while configuring my controller. The update took about 2 minutes to complete and I had a sound and mic again. If it suddenly stops working, make sure you check it out before you conclude that it's broken. If there aren't any, try to run the update. You can watch how to do this on the video sharing website. I thought I'd share it because I think it happens to a lot of people and they blame the headset.

2. Turtle Beach Stealth Wireless Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth Wireless Gaming Headset

Powerful audio is achieved by refined ear cup acoustics and 50mm speakers. The microphone integrates into the headset when it's muted and enhances chat clarity. Turtle Beach's exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting lets you hear subtle, game-changing sounds so you can live up to 20% longer and win more. The Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing study was conducted in May. It's possible to deliver surround sound with Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X, but it may require additional purchases, app downloads, and supported hardware. MIC MONITORING is a way to hear your own voice while you chat with friends. It's glasses-friendly. The ProSpecs comfort-driven design removes pressure on your glasses while you play. You should always be prepared to play with up to 15-hours of gaming per charge using the included charging cable.

Brand: Turtle Beach

👤I read reviews before buying electronics, so I was pretty sure that I would either love or hate this headset. The mic monitoring made the item useless, according to reviews. The headset is comfortable and the sound is clear. You change it in your settings on the console and everything changes. It's amazing. The sound is clear and the volume is great. The sound was too low in other sets. This one doesn't have that problem. It has a volume adjustment on the side of the headset. I don't like having to change the sound settings on the xbox. The ear pieces are light and comfortable. I wear glasses and most headsets push my glasses in on my head. The headset is comfortable and doesn't push on my glasses. The only thing bad about this headset is that it has a foam feeling pad on top of the headband. It will wear down after a while. I like the cloth strap better than the Arctis, but can we really have everything? Plug your headset into a computer before you use it. Turtle Beach has an update program that you can download. If you do this, you won't have any issues with the mic monitoring that people are complaining about. Take your time and do your update! The paper inside tells you to update your firmware. Your issues are not a problem with the headset if you fail to do so.

👤The headset was released in September. Many of the issues will be fixed eventually. Below is a list of issues. 1. It's nearly impossible to play online games because of the sound. If somone is walking behind me on my left, the headset will make the footstep sounds on my right. Everything is not the same. 2. The mic settings pick up noise in the house and outside. The mic has an echo so you can hear everything. 3. The turtle beach app is the only way to calibrate the mic and headset. The app doesn't work on the phone, so you have to use a computer to change settings. 4. I downloaded the app to try and fix the issues I have. I followed the instructions after updating the software. The headset had a red light turn on after I finished updating it. I can't turn off the headset or connect to the console. I think I need to wait for the batteries to die and hope it works once I charge the headset. 5. Turtle Beach can't help you with any of your problems because all customer support is backed up. I now have a headset that can't be turned off or used. Turtle Beach needs to fix these issues soon. Turtle Beach needs to hire better test and design verification engineers. There are too many issues with this product.

👤I ordered these and out of the box they were terrible. I downloaded the software from Turtle Beach and plugged it into my computer to make sure it was up to date. They have been working well. These went from 5 stars to 5 stars for me. Will update if there are other issues.

3. ENVEL Cancelling Omnidirectional Microphone Compatible

ENVEL Cancelling Omnidirectional Microphone Compatible

The trustworthiness of the sales team. The quality test process for every headset is strict. If you have a question or problem, please contact their sales support team. Clear sound comes from pure copper material, excellent environmental noise isolation and a high-precision driver. The speaker unit's sensitivity is enhanced by accurately positioning the speaker unit. It's suitable for a variety of games, such as Call of Duty, Star Wars, Over watch, World of War craft Legion, and so on. The noise reduction function and the sensitivity of the microphone make the sound transport loudly and clearly, let you and your teammates win the game. The microphone can be adjusted freely. If you want to enjoy your time without communicating with other players, you could turn off the mic by flipping the switch. There is real military camouflage and very cool lights. The retractable headband and super soft ear cups make it flexible to fit heads of different size, suitable for men/women/boy/girl/teenagers and other groups. Even after a long time wearing, your comfort could be guaranteed. When you put your head close to the Earmuffs, you will feel the beauty of the opposite sex. One button makes it easier to use and control. This gaming headset is specially designed for PS4 and is compatible with most of the devices. It is suitable for internet cafes, private study rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor, classrooms, air travel, any place you think of, to make you full. Every gaming headset will have an 18 month warranty. They promised to provide the best gaming headset. Their professionalism and product quality are very high. 18 months warranty is offered to their customer from the day of purchase. Every customer's right is guaranteed during the warranty period. You can consult the after-sales service if you have any problems.

Brand: Envel

👤I bought this for my son because he likes to play with his friends. He liked the camo design of the headset but he loved the sound quality when he used it during his game play. Sometimes he'll plug the cable into a portable power source to get into the game, but the mic and headset won't work if the cable is plugged into anything. It's only for the light on the headset. The control on the headset is attached to a braided cable, which is my favorite part of the headset. I believe all electronic cables should be braided. It's much easier to manage, tangle-free, and stronger than conventional cable. 5 out of 5 stars! This headset is very good for gaming on PC or XBOX. We don't have a console. I'm pretty sure it works the same with our PC and Xbox one. There is a My only problem with this headset is that my son can't hear me when I call him, because it's more comfortable, and he plays game longer now because it's more comfortable. If it was useful, please click on the button below. Thank you!

👤I used these to watch sports, concerts, and television without my wife complaining that I was turning down the volume. They are great. She might be complaining that I can't hear her. I bought a different brand of headphones, but they were cheap and broke quickly. These are comfortable to wear. I wear my headphones for hours and don't have a problem, even though I have an XL head and sometimes they are uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I would buy them again as a gift.

👤They are great for the price, but they are a little heavy on the base and not the best sounding candy, but they are still great for the price. I like to wear them all day so they are quite comfortable and the build quality so far feels sturdy. They fit perfectly on my head. The sounds quality was okay, I recorded some audio with them.

👤There is an update. The headset we bought would not work. We found out that our XBOX Contoller needed a firmware update after a lot of searching. We went through the update and they started working again. The old review before controller update... Our son wears them out in our family room. He isn't abusing them. The first pair worked for a short time and then stopped, so we returned them. We are past the window for refunds by 13 days, but we got a replacement and it is working. Buy something else if you want to save yourself aggravation.

👤The box had a sticker on it. There are no software controls to make your experience better. Since the mic boom only has one sound passageway for the users voice and I don't see a second sound passageway to listen for extraneous room noises, I don't think there is any noise canceling. I expected to see a second hole near the top. There wasn't a Q&A about noise cancelation. I think a sturdy frame is noise canceling. Theusb plug is one of the prizes. The power source is used for the decor lights. Plug and play software for the 7.1 driver should have been there. The marketing people thought they had to outrun the engineers in order to keep their Chinese masters off their backs. I bought this headset a long time ago and was hoping it was as good as the one I bought. It is not. The digital camo appearance was what I sold. One thing that makes Amazon great is easy returns.

4. Razer Kaira Wireless Gaming Headset Xbox

Razer Kaira Wireless Gaming Headset Xbox

The TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers have titanium-coated diaphragms for added clarity and can tune highs, mids, and lows separately, producing brighter, clearer sound with richer trebles and more powerful bass. The HyperClear Supercardioid mic has a great rear and side noise rejection and a sensitive low Frequency response, which is supported by mic monitoring and game/chat balance to ensure optimal levels. There is a second mic hidden in the headset that can be used without the HyperClear Cardioid mic. The headset is easy to wear on the ears, and the soft headband provides even more comfort to stay in peak form during gaming marathons. You can use the button to cycle through 4 settings, such as Bass Mode to amplify low frequencies and the option to hold the button once to connect the headset to the console. It is possible to connect to the Series X|S directly with a great signal range, as well as support couch gaming and mobile games. The #1 best-selling gaming peripheral manufacturer in the US is Source.

Brand: Razer

👤I was worried about the sound quality of the wireless headsets on the Series X. I turned the Kaira Pros on and did not have any issues. I downloaded the "Razer Headset Setup for Xbox" app on Series X to change the lighting and sound settings. It is good for the love of all. The app can be used to modify your sound. The sound quality and clearness will be different compared to the basic ones. You can thank me later, I changed my custom settings to: low +9, low-mid +3,mid 0,mid-high +3,high +9 When I played random music on the spotify app from A$AP Rocky, BlackPink, and even Michael Jackson, I was blown away by the sound quality. Everything sounded more alive and clear. I played some games like GEARS 5 and AC Valhalla and everything was perfect. There are no sound or latency issues here. My friends can hear me when I'm loud and clear with the mic quality. You can update your headphones via Windows 10, which is great, and you can also charge them via the internet, which is great, since I no longer use microusb cables in my house anymore. The only negative I can think of is that it would've been nice but not available, but it doesn't. I was waiting for the Steelseries 9x to go on sale but that never happened so I am happy these came out in time for the holiday season and for $50 cheaper than the 9x. I recommend these for those in the xbox family.

👤The Raker KaIRA pro! All I can say is WOW. There are several things you need to know before purchasing a headset. The headset is comfortable. It has a nice design. It doesn't feel cheap or easy to break. It has settings in which you can mix and match sound. Dislikes: Oh boy... I wish this was something I saw in other reviews. You will get the headset and join a party with friends to tell them that you mic quality is better than Arctis 9x or Astros. Even when you are not talking, there is a buzzing and static sound coming from your mic. This can be fixed by starting a new file. You have to use the broadcast mic setting in order to stop the buzzing sound, and you can't have your sound settings to high. It will be picked up by the mic. The mic is finally here. It doesn't sound crisp or clear, but it does a great sound of picking up every single movement you make, whether it be scratching you head, licking your lips or somethings breathing! I don't understand how a mic that picks up all this with ease doesn't sound good when it comes to voice. This headset is perfect for people who don't use party chat, but are interested in headsets. It will deliver great sound for hours with some nice looking RGB. There is a If you are a squad player and like to play coms, I would look into a better mic sounding headset such as the Arctis 9x by steel series. I would recommend it to you.

5. SENICC Microphone Headphone Lightweight Cancelling

SENICC Microphone Headphone Lightweight Cancelling

Mulit-Platform compatible The headphones have a microphone that supports the Xbox one controller. PS4/ Ipad/ PC/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Nintendo Switch. This professional gaming headset has a comfortable fit. The multi points pressure head beam has a human body engineering specification. Will not feel uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time. It's suitable for men, women, kids, and teenagers. The microphone is high-quality. The noise reduction microphones in the computer headphones can pick up your voice with great sensitivity and are portable. The perfect pc gaming headset for kids is the soft enfolding design, which wraps around the ear, keeping music in and distraction out. The PS4 headsets with mic designed with a high-quality 50MM driver enhance the speaker unit's sensitivity, bringing you superior sound quality, an excellent gaming experience.

Brand: Senicc

👤My students use these in the classroom for online learning. I bought a 2-pack to see if they were high enough quality, and they did not disappoint. I bought another pair. Very happy.

👤I bought these because of the reviews that I read and the one that said the expensive headset was no better than these. You can hear everything going on around you, there is no noise cancellation. The volume turned up all the way is completely unacceptable, they don't fit around your head, there is nothing good about this product. My daughter wanted to use them for her classes. I would like to get a refund for this product. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who is looking for quality sound and noise cancellation. It may be appropriate for young users.

👤My kids are happy with these. They've torn the more expensive ones up. I had to try these 2 because I found them at a great price. The kids have not said anything about the quality being poorer. I would recommend them to kids and adults.

👤There are a few major issues. They're too loose on my head. These must have been designed for someone with a large head. The sound output level is great, I had to raise it to 100 to get a decent level of sound, and even with the volume up, I can still hear everything else in the room. That's a small bonus because they're not uncomfortable. These are cheap and you get what you pay for. Mids are too present and the bass is terrible.

👤I am a little disappointed in these. I bought them for my two sons to use. We only had them for three weeks and they are used in school classes exclusively. We are having issues with hearing and sending audio via the microphone. I hope they can get us through until we are back in the classroom. The price for 2 sets was correct. I don't think I would recommend them based on our experience.

👤I bought different brands of headsets for distance learning. My children will use this brand. I like to use this when I use a headset. We haven't used it for gaming, so this review is for use in distance learning. 1. Everyone in the household can fit it. It fits my small kindergartener's head perfectly, thanks to the cushion on the headband part and the padding over the ears. It fits my head. 2. The brands I bought were not as comfortable. There is a The ears don't get sweaty because it doesn't touch them. There is padding on the ear piece so it doesn't hurt when you talk. 3. The sound and mic are great. I don't have issues with kids not being able to hear their teachers. The volume control has a wide range of control, which is 888-609- It is easier to find a comfortable level of volume without pausing when you are on screen with the wide range and physical roller volume controller. I like the clarity of the mic. My child's teacher asked for more information about this brand so she could refer it to other students. 4. Durability and flexibility. Kids can control the mic piece. It helps if you don't have to shout louder during the meeting. The headband area is flexible, so it makes it easier for kids to put it on and off. 4. Excellent customer service. The seller replaced the faulty input jack on the first purchase. I can't complain since it was delivered within a reasonable time. Thanks for the great product!

6. Pacrate Stereo Gaming Headset Cancelling

Pacrate Stereo Gaming Headset Cancelling

Kong is a premium catnip from North America. Their gaming headset works with a lot of platforms, including PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One, and the X controller. Also, note: An additional accessory is required to support the Xbox One S. The only lights that use theusb interface are the LEDs. If you need help setting mic tips, please contact their Customer Support Team. Their PS4 Headset has a sensitive mic with noise-canceling techniques. Real-time chat is possible with the gaming headset microphone, which filters most ambient noise. The Pacrate Xbox one Headset has excellent 50mm audio drivers in combination with advanced audio techniques. It enhances your gaming experience. You can find the direction of the sound with responsive audio drivers. The fit of the Headset is Ergonomic. The headband, ear pads, and microphone ensure maximum comfort. The headband and faux leather padding sit comfortably even after hours of use. It's a perfect kids headband, it could fit the head of your boys or girls. The Black Blue headset is the right color for the 7.1 box, but the outer boxes are printed with the wrong color. Each of their headsets has gone through a quality test. If there are any issues with their headset within a year, please do not hesitate to contact the seller and they are always here to offer a solution.

Brand: Pacrate

👤The headphones are adequate for the price. They are comfortable to wear and provide good sound for gaming. The mic boom seems to work well. The lights are part of the cool factor. If you plan on using these primarily for a console and iPad, then you need to plug the significant wires into a power source. There's a long audio cable, a plastic housing to control the volume and a power cable to power the lights. You have a couple wires hanging and you need a source of power to light them up. I think these will work for most PC users, and the lighting requirement will not be a big deal. A lot of the time, PC gaming will be done at a desk with lots of options nearby. If you plan on using these for an iPad or switch, they are not the most portable, so good luck with ausb source if you plan on being mobile. I don't think it was clear in the description. For PC gaming, these are great for the price, but just be aware of the caveat.

👤So you want to spend 300 dollars or you can't? How many people can drop 300 on any branded headset? I read too many reviews on headsets at the price range and found this one more likely. The sound quality is so deep and good, and the mic quality is really good, even when I want to record my lectures, I use this mic. The headset works perfectly on my PC.

👤Added 2 stars. Got the new one today. To be fair is rated 3 stars. I wanted a star for the durability and a star for the customer service. The seller promised a replacement in 3 weeks after I contacted them. That is understandable. No replacement was received. I was promised that I would get it today, but I didn't get a notification from USPS, FedEx or the other carriers. The product was rated 2 stars. ducting one for missed promise 5/23/2020 was not submitted. The last headset my son had was 5 years old. He came out of his room after 30 minutes and said that it was silent and sounded like 3D sound. If I can't hear you calling me, it's not my fault. The sound is great. You can hear the footsteps in the game. That lasted about 5 weeks. There is a headset that is malfunctioning. The ears are gone every now and then. Sometimes it lasts a short time before it comes back. The same thing happens when I try on my laptop. The device does not need a computer to operate. We will see what the vendor can do for me on the warranty. I will update after that. A good product only works if the seller backs it up.

👤The worst product I have ever received. They said it was delivered, but it wasn't. I wish I never got it because it was so bad when I got it again. It doesn't light up. Plug it into a wall charging port and it will light up. They make the cord not long. Unless you plan on playing your game with your head pressed up to an outlet and the controlled an inch from your face, it's not worth it. The cord does not connect well because it is poorly made. If you are playing a competitive game and the connection is constantly going in and out, this could be fatal. I had to sit there and wait for the sound to come back on and sometimes it wouldn't, so it didn't work. It didn't pick up other people's headsets and my microphone didn't work. This headset wouldn't work in a game where I should be able to hear and speak to my teammates. They could not hear me. I wasted my money.

7. Headset Nintendo PHOINIKAS Noise Cancelling Surround

Headset Nintendo PHOINIKAS Noise Cancelling Surround

On-EAR VOLUME CONTROLS allow you to quickly adjust volume. MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBLE: The gaming headset is compatible with all 3.5mm interface devices. Devices other than 3.5mm are required. The high-precision 40mm magnetic neodymium magnetic driver brings you a vivid sound field, clear sound, and shocking sound, which can meet your requirements for sound. The speaker unit is more sensitive to acoustic positioning. It's suitable for a variety of games, but also for movies, music and more. Is there a way to fix the phone? The noise-concellng feature of the onmi-directional microphone can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which makes it possible to clearly deliver or receive messages in a game. It's convenient to adjust the angle of the microphone. PS4 headsets are made of imitation leather pads. They can make your head and ears sound better, reduce hearing impairment, and keep you in a comfortable state. They are as comfortable as feathers. The standard can extend wearing time. There is a volume control button on the back of the headset. The headset uses high strength braided cable to extend the life of the wire. The lightweight design is more suitable for children and teenagers.

Brand: Phoinikas

👤It didn't work for me. I was so freaked out that I couldn't believe it. Lmaooo After a short time, I realized that I have a Volume Adjuster on the back of the head. If your young person is yelling at you and you can't hear any out side sounds, just spin it up and put these bad boys on the phone.

👤This may be our 4th headset. I can't get these to work on xbox one or xbox. They plug in, shows it's recognized, volume up, un muted, but no volume through headphones or party can hear me. It was very frustrating to return.

👤Before buying this headset, I had purchased 5 others and returned them all because they were not compatible with my son's Nintendo switch lite. I saw these and thought I would get them for him, so he should get them for Christmas. I was skeptical that they would work, but I was pleasantly surprised that they were better than I expected. The sound is clear and he plays with his cousins. I will recommend them and buy another set in case he ever breaks them.

👤The headset is awesome for the price. My son broke his $100 headset in 3 months and I didn't want to spend a lot on it. I fell in love with it when I borrowed it for my PC. It isn't completely noise cancelling, but it blocks out the sounds of 6 kids being loud just outside my office door so I can concentrate, and the sound quality of phone calls is amazing. There is a volume control on the side, but no button for the mic. I think it is comfortable to wear. When my daughter left her headset at a friend's house and asked me to order her one because she liked it better than the expensive one she had, we had 3 and they are all still working great.

👤The unit has a mic and headphone jacks. It has a wheel that controls the volume and an inline cord switch that makes it sound like a mic. The headband is padded and the earcups are mostly comfortable. I was able to use it with my PS4 and laptop. They provide a small "Y" dongle that connects the two computers to a single jack. Most computers don't notice that the built in lights have plugged in theusb connection, it's just for the surround sound that they claim it is for. The unit is made in China and has zero support if there are problems, so if you need help, there isn't even a web page. There is a product page that shows these, but no support. I paid fifteen dollars for them and they work well.

👤The headset is a great deal. I was surprised by the quality of the look and feel. My son needs a new gaming headset and these will be a great Christmas gift for him.

👤We got these for my son for Christmas and they didn't work for more than a week. No one could hear the sound of him. We double checked that the mute was turned off, but no one could hear him. They were neat with the lights and it did block out sound, but the mic was the downfall.

8. Kikc Nintendo Notebook Controllable Headphones

Kikc Nintendo Notebook Controllable Headphones

The Black Blue headset is the right color for the 7.1 box, but the outer boxes are printed with the wrong color. Each of their headsets has gone through a quality test. If there are any issues with their headset within a year, please do not hesitate to contact the seller and they are always here to offer a solution. MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBLE Kikc gaming headset with microphone works on new consoles. When connecting with an old version of the Xbox One controller, you need an extra Microsoft Adapter. Plug and play. The sound of the PS4 gaming headphones is high quality. The Nintendo switch headset with a mic lets you gain a competitive edge and take your game to the next level. It's perfect for games like Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Warcraft Legion. Thousands of people have tested the Kikc ps4 headset with mic and they chose the retractable headband. The heat dissipation capacity and buffer performance of the headset make sure that every player is well cared for. The ps4 mic headset supports twisting and beams soft. The headset is only 9 ounces. 120 degree rotation MIC. Please turn on the switch if you want to use the microphone on the headset. You can deliver or receive messages in a game without any delay with the help of the Kikc PC gaming headset, which can pick up sounds with great sensitivity. Your voice is picked up by the microphone on the XBOX ONE and you can easily control the volume with the volume wheel and microphone mute key. After-sale service for Kikc headset will take it through a strict quality test process before it is sent out. You can apply for a refund after the sale is over. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them first. After logging in to your account, click "order details", and then click "Giber", there will be a question in the upper right corner.

Brand: Kikc

👤My teenager is wearing headphones that are out of style. I have spent a lot of money on headphones. Both wired and wireless. It was expensive and inexpensive. No matter the brand, no matter the style, they never... Ever... Last. I'm usually lucky if he can squeeze a couple months out of them before the sound stops working or the mic dies out. He simply has bad luck when it comes to headphones and game controllers, and that's not like he's overly rough with them or mishandles them. I purchased these to go along with some Christmas Gifts because they weren't cheap enough to be expected to break on arrival, and they weren't expensive enough to hurt. The reviews were all good and most people seemed happy with their purchase so I gave it a try. Best. It was a decision. Ever! These things are still working like new after almost 5 months. The sound quality is good, noise cancellation is on point, all his friends can hear him over the mic with no static or cutting out, and he uses them every single day for hours on end. He loves his headphones so much that he doesn't care that they're wired, this is the longest pair of headphones he's ever had.

👤It is a great headset. The headphones worked well out of the box, and I didn't experience any problems with them. The design has good angles and the color selection is simple. There is a The fit of the headset is not too high and will not press on your ears or head, so it can extend the game time. It seems strong enough to meet your needs. The 3.5 jack cable can be hung. The microphone boom can receive sound. Audio: I can hear the player crawling through the stereo surround sound. I can stay focused on the noise. There seems to be no complaints from other players or friends about the microphone pickup. The purchase was solid and the price was even better. I bought one for a friend in the UK and plan on spending it on others. A good product.

👤I was a little skeptical at first. Dragon Speaking is a program that I use to speak. A good headset is required for the program. It was a little snug when I put it on. It wasn't tight. They completely cover my ear, which is great! My ears don't get sore like they do with some over the ear and almost all on the ear headphones The sound was clear and crisp and they did not distort it. I never had to repeat words or phrases when I was setting up the program, which is a huge win, because other headsets like this have been difficult to use. After talking to her nephew, my roommate ordered a pair for him.

👤I was surprised by the performance of this headset. I bought it because I like the color. I was very happy when I started using it. I can play for hours without sweating because of the cooling gel ear cushions. The earphone has a gel that keeps my ears cool and the filling is very comfortable. It is very light, and it feels like nothing is pressing on my head. My SO and I play together. I can't hear him talking to me if there are these. The sound effects and footsteps in the game have improved my gaming experience. The sound is clear and comfortable, and this is a good headset. Absolutely worth the price.

9. Surround Cancelling Headphones Compatible Controller

Surround Cancelling Headphones Compatible Controller

Your investment is guaranteed for 12 months. The SADES gaming headset has a 12-month warranty. The quality of the headset is guaranteed. Every customer has the right. This gaming headset is compatible with PS4 and PS5 and other devices with a 3.5mm jack. Stereo surround gaming headsets are compatible with multiple devices. You need an extra Microsoft accessory when connecting with an old version of the controller. It can be used on multiple devices with one price. Clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation and high precision 50mm magnetic neodymium driver, acoustic positioning precision enhance the sensitivity of the speaker unit, bringing you vivid sound field, sound clarity, shock feeling sound. A professional gaming headset is important, whether you're playing God of War or watching enemies in the game. It's perfect for a lot of games. The noise-concellng feature of the headset can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which makes it possible to clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. The gaming headset can reduce hearing impairment. Even after several hours, headphones can be adjusted to fit your ears, because the soft leather ear pads and memory foam fit your ears with ease. It is suitable for all gaming players of all ages. The earcups have lights on them to highlight the atmosphere. The anti-winding braided cable with the microphone and volume controller allows you to control the volume easily and make it sound like you're talking to a friend.

Brand: Odaban

👤My headphones were broken for two years. I decided to buy a new one in Amazon since it was the most convenient and I chose a cheaper one. This never let me down. The headset is better than I thought. The mic switch is my favorite function. That was designed for my meeting. If I forget to turn off the mic option in zoom, I don't have to check. I have had an embarrassing moment before. I need to close the switch. I prefer this headset because it makes me feel better for a long time.

👤The Headset is a great price that won't break the bank. I was skeptical at first because the headset was made by a company I had never heard of and the price was $20 I have had horrible headsets around this price range. I've had some great headsets. The sound was correct. I played a lot of games. I played all types of games from war to driving. The highs and mids were clear. When a bass hit would happen, the lows were not cracking or exploding. This is also true with music and gaming. The microphone picks up the sound of the vocals. The background noise is cancelling. I recorded live vocals with music that picked up every note clear and concise. nylon braided wires are used to make the cable. The mic and volume control are in the headset so you don't have to hit the control on the cord. The headset was tight around my head but not completely uncomfortable. A different style head band is not necessary. If you make a wireless set, it would be a good idea to buy it. Maybe have more features for theusb plug besides just power the LEDs in the headset for any type of gaming.

👤I took back everything positive I said about the headset. If I move the microphone even a millimeter, a loud burst of static shoots through the headphones for my ears to enjoy. A product should not have a life expectancy of more than two weeks. This is not a product that is cheap.

👤I get very sensitive ears so they make my ears sore but they are nice and my friends say it sounds nice. If you want this to light up, you will need to get a PS4 or XBOX card, but you can get them on here for about 7 bucks.

👤I work from home in a call center so I bought these for that. I was using earbuds and they hurt my ears. I talk on the phone a lot. I also take my earbuds out a lot. I bought these because they had good reviews, and I was a little cautious since they felt a little cheap when I took them out of the box. I plugged them into my computer and they worked. They are always comfortable to use and I use them to talk to customers, to my agents, and to listen to music. I used them with my PS3 and it worked just fine. The lights won't light up if you are playing on a console, but that doesn't bother me since I can't see the lights on the sides. One of my friends said the quality of the mic was so good she felt like I was in the room with her when we played a game on PS4. The pros are 1. It is possible to fit all head sizes. The bass is really good. I have 3 Bose headphones. The lights are bright, and the cycling doesn't glitch. They are noise-cancelling, but they have to be in the correct position in order to be so. The padded head part is best placed close to my forehead. 5. The price! I spent about $20 on things. I gave away the bad ones I bought two years ago because they were so expensive. 6. The audio and mic were included in the box. If you use a tower or gaming computer, it's perfect. One of the reviews said they had to buy one, so I was not expecting it in the box. I just plug the headset into my headphones, because I use a laptop for work. It works well for me. You can't choose the color of light. It goes through the different colors. I would have liked to be able to pick some colors. 2. The mic is always out. If I need to travel with them, I am afraid I will break the mic off, but it's fine for when they are sitting on my headset stand. 3. The ear parts are not rotating side to side. Someone with a different shaped head might find that the headset doesn't fit them or they won't feel comfortable. I am very happy with this purchase. I am cautious when buying from Amazon since I don't know if you will get what you see in the pictures, but this headset is exactly what it is. I am very happy with my purchase, and I get a lot of compliment from friends and family. They are blown away by the price. If the need arises, I would purchase them again.

10. BENGOO V 4 Controller Cancelling Headphones

BENGOO V 4 Controller Cancelling Headphones

In-line audio controls allow you to adjust volume and mic without having to use a console. The mic can be easily positioned and removed if you want to listen to music. Flexible braided cable. The braided cable is flexible to allow you to move freely and is engineered to endure the perils of daily gaming. Wide Application Support all of the following: PC, Nintendo 3DS, laptop, iMac, computer, PS2 GameCube, mobile phone. When connecting with an old version of the Xbox One controller, you need an extra Microsoft Adapter. The speaker unit's sensitivity is enhanced by the acoustic positioning precision and the clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation and high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver. It's perfect for games like Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Warcraft Legion. The noise isolating microphone can transmit high quality communication with its premium noise-concellng feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. It's convenient to adjust the angle of the microphone. The great humanized design can reduce hearing and heat sweat. The leather material is skin friendly. Glaring lights illuminate the earcups to highlight the atmosphere. The anti-winding braided cable with the microphone and the volume controller makes it easy to control the volume and make the mic sound louder.

Brand: Bengoo

👤My family DropCatch I decided to search for a decent priced headset for my kids because turtle beaches cost too much for 6 year olds, and I am so glad I went with these! The color is great. The noise cancelling feature is awesome! I put it on and played a song and had my kids try and talk to me but I couldn't hear them. I'm going to act like I can't see them. It works well with the console. The fit isn't as snug as a turtle beach and if it drops it's a high chance it will break the first drop. The sound quality is very good and the headset is very good value. It is definitely worth the purchase.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend because our dog was angry with his old headset and he couldn't stop talking about how awesome it was. I had to use this headset for work because it was obnoxious. The headset is comfortable and has a great microphone.

👤My son got these for Christmas and they were the best headsets he had ever used. He likes sound quality for his gaming and listening to music, but for the first month they are just as good as the expensive ones he has had, but time will tell how they hold up. I bought another pair for my daughter about 2 weeks ago and I can't say enough good things about this headset. If you're looking for a headset for gaming or anything else, buy these now. Look no further.

👤I don't play online games that often but would like something to cancel out noises whenever I'm playing or not annoy my girlfriend so I didn't want to spend over 100 dollars on a wireless headset. I bought this headset because they were red. The quality is good and it's light. They are not the best at canceling noise. I wasn't expecting much since they are 30 bucks. If you are looking for bells and whistles but don't want to spend a lot of money, they will suffice.

👤I am surprised by how well these headphones work. They're very comfortable. I wore them for over five hours without my ears feeling sweaty or my head hurting. I guarantee that everyone in the party sounds clear and crisp on my end. I've had no issues with the mic. It worked great with my PS4 and XBOX one. * The cord is long which is an added perk. There is a Downside: Simon Cowell says that it's a no for music with heavy bass for those who love to play it. It begins to crackle and cancel noise? I live in a Mexican household so my family is probably too loud, but other than that, these headphones are beautiful.

11. Turtle Gaming Headset PlayStation Nintendo Console

Turtle Gaming Headset PlayStation Nintendo Console

Compatibility with the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S is ongoing. 40mm over-ear speakers are high-quality and have a crisp high sound. The sound is ready for XBOX. Turtle Beach has a high-sensitivity mic that picks up your voice loud and clear, and can be removed when you are listening to music. Play for hours in complete comfort. Convenient in-line controls place Master Volume and the mic right at your fingertips. It works great on PS5 and PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and PC and Mobile devices with 3.5mm Connection.

Brand: Turtle Beach

👤I just bought a bunch of different headsets that all have different features. They came with all the extra cords and hooks, but no one worked with our 2 xboxes in the house. I bought two of these headsets after I returned the others. So thankful! The quality and serving of the headsets is fantastic, even though they don't have all the fancy lights and designs. You can plug it into the controller and it will work. If you want to avoid headaches, this is the headset for you.

👤Both pairs have the same problem. Both sets were only semi functional after a month or two. The protection plan isn't effective until a year after purchase. After a few different times, customer service is ridiculous. The service reps contacted me and they had to send the headset back before they could replace it. I'm not used to that with other items I've purchased.

👤The difference between the $80+ Xbox branded headset and the $80+ Xbox branded headset is amazing. You don't need an audio adapter because these are better. I prefer to use the chat pad with it. The plug is 3.5mm. Plug it into the controller. Unless you have changed the settings on your console, all audio/party chat will switch to the headset automatically. Audio out is what smart TVs will have to do. Unlike the Xbox brand headphones, these will not leave you playing a guessing game with the volume between the game and party chat. There are 3 different ways to adjust the volume on the headphones chat pad and console. It has an easy to use mute switch on the headset cord. The audio adjustment is in the guide. The microphone is replaceable and you can change how sensitive it is. Highly recommended. Two years ago, I bought the Xbox branded headset and it was more affordable.

👤It was lasted for about 20 days. Do not buy that piece of shit.

👤I knew this gift would not last very long, he picked it specifically for my brother. He enjoyed it while it lasted. I was told that the warranty only covered factory defects, not accidentals, because the value was not high enough to choose that kind of warranty. I could have gotten it replaced because it was a factory problem. It went downhill gradually. I bought him a different brand because boys are not as careful with their things, especially in the mist of playing video games, so I just saved the hassle of going through the same thing. It is a good headphones, but it is not long term. Accidents do happen, so wouldn't recommend for younger children.

👤The best bang for the buck here! It took me a while to realize that you have to adjust the volume in the settings menu first, but after that, I have to keep them turned down. It's affordable, I can communicate with my squad and I can hear the game sound still loud and clear, even though there isn't any real depth to the bass. Definitely recommend this product.


What is the best product for best xbox headset with mic?

Best xbox headset with mic products from Sades. In this article about best xbox headset with mic you can see why people choose the product. Turtle Beach and Envel are also good brands to look for when you are finding best xbox headset with mic.

What are the best brands for best xbox headset with mic?

Sades, Turtle Beach and Envel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best xbox headset with mic. Find the detail in this article. Razer, Senicc and Pacrate are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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