Best Best Xbox Controller with Paddles

Controller 29 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Quartet Trade Replacement Accessories Controller

Quartet Trade Replacement Accessories Controller

It's easy to replace the controller, just put it in the right hole. The same with original paddles. You don't need to take apart your controller to install it like the original paddles. Only the xbox one elite controller is compatible with. There are interchangeable paddles in this package.

Brand: Quartet Trade

👤These are great! I lost one of my controller paddles, and it felt weird without it. I don't have any paddles, so I could take them all off, but then I wouldn't have any. They're amazing. I ordered replacements and they are perfect. I can't tell which paddles are original and which are replacements. I know it's the upper right paddle I replaced, but the others are the same. I was worried that the picture on the product page was too grey, and that it would be darker than the original paddles, but this was not the case. They're perfect.

👤This is repulsive. These were completely used and in terrible condition. One of the fingerprints was dirty and had a brown substance on it. They are also new. This is very gross. I received three pieces, but the bottom left one was missing. These are very old and used very badly.

👤These look and feel like the original controller paddles. Excellent quality!

👤Same thing, put them next to each other, but couldn't tell the difference. There was a controller with a scuff and an elite controller. The paddles are always lost.

👤I bought a set before this one and the specifications were loose on my controller. These were tight and nice.

👤It was a perfect replacement. I cut and sanded them down to make them more out of the way. The value is great.

👤The lager paddles are too big. It limits your options. It looks and feels great.

👤The parts that come with the elite xbox one controller are not as fit as the ones that come with these.

2. TOMSIN Interchangeable Stainless Replacement Controller

TOMSIN Interchangeable Stainless Replacement Controller

It's easy to replace. You don't need to disassemble the controller and put them in the right hole without any tools. It is very easy to do every step. COMPATIBILITY: The Xbox One Elite Controller and other parts are not included in the model 1698. High quality. These new interchangeable paddles are made of metal and work the same as the original buttons. Improve politeness and accuracy. You don't have to take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute intricate jump, aim, and shoot combinations with interchangeable paddles. You can map the paddles to any button on the controller, except the menu, view, and the triggers. It is easy to replace. You can attach or remove them without any tools, and you are all set.

Brand: Tomsin

👤I am looking for replacement paddles for the Elite 2 controller as the original paddles feel small to me. The paddles for the first and second models are essentially interchangeable, with many people who owned the first controller changing their paddles over to the second. The paddles don't fit well on the controller and I'm happy with the size of them. They don't make contact with the buttons. It is possible to have the button not recognize the press. It's possible they can work better on the original Elite controller, but anyone looking for larger paddles for their elite 2 should look elsewhere.

👤I wanted to test different paddle lengths on my controller. If the originals have been lost, the tolerances are not as tight as they should be.

👤Sometimes they don't hit the button when I press the paddles, but they fit but a little loose. They are in my elite controller. Shame.

👤The paddles for my controller were lost. The replacement looks similar to the Microsoft ones.

👤I've seen a few bad reviews of them. I risked it for the biscuit and they work just as well as the original paddles I lost.

👤It worked out well. The Series 2 paddles are better.

👤I was happy with my purchase.

👤The bend angle of the paddles was not good. Had to further bend them. They wouldn't use the button because they were completely flush against the controller. I bent them all with two pliers. It feels like the original Microsoft paddles now.

3. TOMSIN Interchangeable Stainless Replacement Controller

TOMSIN Interchangeable Stainless Replacement Controller

You can attach or remove them without any tools, and you are all set. The Elite Wireless Controller is compatible with the Xbox One. High quality. These new interchangeable paddles are made of metal and work the same as the original buttons. Improve politeness and accuracy. You don't have to take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute intricate jump, aim, and shoot combinations with interchangeable paddles. You can map the paddles to any button on the controller, except the menu, view, and the triggers. It is easy to replace. You can attach or remove them without any tools if you put them in the right four slots.

Brand: Tomsin

👤I used these on my first series controller and they worked great. The series 1 paddles are larger. The smaller size seems to fit the hand better and you don't accidentally hit them when you set the controller down. Definitely recommend!

👤Garbage from China is poorly designed. The buttons on the paddle are not properly triggered when pressed. They are loose, flimsy, unresponsive, and basically unplayable. Left 2 stars because they are better than nothing.

👤I lost my factory paddles and bought replacements. They connect well to the magnets in my controller and don't hang out like some of the reviews have said. When I press them down, they respond instantly. If you need replacements for your paddles on either the original or series 2 elite controllers, I would recommend these.

👤These are the paddles used for elite controllers. I have two elite controllers. Excellent quality and recommended.

👤Don't buy if you're warned. The paddles are decent. I ordered black ones, but they were shipped silver. Is it worth it to go out of my way to get them back? It's probably not worth the time or the gas.

👤I thought it was black. The color of the controller matches perfectly, as it looks like an aged bronze color. It was easy to put on and work out.

👤When the stock ones wore out, I bought these. I bought these hoping for the best, I was worried I needed a new controller. It worked perfectly.

👤The Paddels are the same color as the Original Paddels from Xbox One Elite 2. This is a good copy of the original.

4. Victrix Gambit Fastest Controller Esports Paddles

Victrix Gambit Fastest Controller Esports Paddles

The world's fastest XBOX CONTROLLER 1 has up to 8x faster input responses and is powered by Gambit dual core technology. The Control Hub App allows you to modify your controller and rumble. You can modify your play style with interchangeable D-Pads and Pro Thumbsticks. The hair Triggers with 5 stops and a stick. Next-gen gaming includes Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, DOTA 2, and Street Fighter. Lifetime Access through a 3.5mm audio jack is included with MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT for XBOX ONE, ONE X, SERIES X, SERIES S, PC and WINDOWS 10 computer. All-day comfort is comfortable, swappable faceplates to keep your hands dry and cool.

Brand: Pdp

👤I have to praise Victrix for their aggressive pricing on this controller. In a market dominated by $180-$200 options, you can get fine adjustments via the app for just $100. $100 is a statement. I hope this will give the big controller a run for its money. I would like to see people like Razer forced to look at their designs instead of using the same uncomfortable paddles. Maybe Microsoft will add a third set of Triggers to the Elite Series 3. I love everything about this controller. The buttons are very responsive, I like having five different positions I could lock the triggers in, and the shape feels very ergonomics in a way some elite controllers don't. I loved the purple/white aesthetic. A lot of thought and care was put into this pad. The feature set and the value proposition are what you can't beat. For a few reasons, this won't replace my Elite Series 2 as my daily driver. I like the idea of the back paddles being flush with the grips, but it ends up feeling a bit "cramped" back there. If I keep my middle finger and ring finger on both paddles, it will make it difficult for me to grip the paddles. I have to squeeze my fingers to actuate those buttons. I felt this was throwing off my aim in fast-paced games. The paddles are detached from the unit so they don't "jitter" when you use them. There are 3 more Maybe it's an issue with my particular unit, but the purple Silicone "Match Silencer" faceplate is just different enough to cause issues. We're probably talking nanometers, but it's enough where my left analog stick can't reach its full tilt in a few places. I checked out the Control Hub app for calibration and the "rotate your analog sticks" test but it wasn't quite seeing the full, complete rotational movement, so I couldn't complete it.

👤The elite series 1 was my daily activity. I have sent the controller in for repairs 3-4 times. I was completely surprised by the Gambit from Victrix. I like the lighter and smaller Razer Wolverine Ultimate because it fit in my mitt and I could rest my fingers on the buttons. The weight of the Wolverine ultimate is the same as that of the Gambit. It is definitely lighter than my other series. The hairtrigger clutch is responsive. I just got the Wolverine v2 chroma and it is more responsive than this one. You can still drive vehicles with the clutch on in games such as pubg. If I needed to drive a vehicle, I would switch the hairtrigger off. The controller doesn't require you to turn them off. It surprised me. The rear buttons in the 4 button configuration are placed in a natural position and don't require hard presses to actuate or engage. It was a nice and satisfying clicky response. The ergonomics are sleek and I like using the purple faceplate because it makes it feel different and different than the normal plastic. The thumb sticks are light, quick and accurate, and the buttons and d-pad seem to actuate quicker than the rest of my controllers. The build quality is good, and you can get a case, accessories, and cable for $100. The software controller app is easy to use. It's easy to set up. You get free Dolby Atmos with it. You don't have to worry about batteries with this magnetic cable. Overall, a pretty good deal. I was pleasantly surprised that this controller retired my elite and became my new daily companion.

5. Elite 2 Controller Black Xbox One

Elite 2 Controller Black Xbox One

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 has a wrap-around tension grip, and shorter hairtrigger locks. You can enjoy unlimited customization with interchangeable components and exclusive button mapping options in the Xbox accessory app. You can save up to 3 custom profiles on the controller. You can swap thumbstick toppers, D-pads, and paddles to make your controller your own. Up to 40 hours of battery life and refined components are built to last. * Use the included cable to play on the other consoles. It's compatible with the Xbox One and Windows 10/11 devices.

Brand: Xbox

👤The A, X, and Y buttons are unresponsive to anything other than a hard press. The buttons don't come back up until they are unstuck. Absolutely unacceptable for a controller. The controller costs $180. I received a replacement controller with the same issues.

👤Microsoft has a low quality controller. The thumbstick is brand new. The controller has no lines on the back, so it feels a little different in one hand than the other. Microsoft can't figure it out so hopefully a third party will make controllers that work.

👤Everything about this controller seems to stick. I didn't expect the control stick to be completely useless, but I did expect the buttons to be a bit odd. I push it upward and it gets stuck.

👤I might've known that sticky buttons would be in the box. The meme that happened last time is similar to this one. The controller is nice, and you can see and feel all the changes Xbox has made, but at $190, it's kind of like PepeHands. It's too bad because you have to keep replacing until you get a good copy. There are pads on the triggers that are more padded and softer, and the glue that sticks to the top of the travel made it feel sticky. If there's ever a problem with your elite triggers, you should check to see if there's any glue leaking from the pads or the PCB1, because support is the best, cleared up some warranty concerns that I had. It was fixed right away. It's an easy fix, though I still had to do it.

👤I went through 2 of the first line of Xbox One Elite Controllers in a year. The rubber grips failed and the buttons stopped working, but they worked for a few months. I could tell from the package that Microsoft had made significant changes to the controller. It is well made and looks better. The controller is rechargeable through the case, which is a cool feature, and there is endless customization with this controller. It is recommended to anyone who has ever owned a XB1 Elite Conroller. I will update my review in a few months.

👤I can't find a flaw in this controller. I am not sure how Microsoft or anyone else could top this. It is perfect in your hands. I think the price is worth it.

👤I had the series 1 and thought it would be the best controller for a long time, but this controller is so much better. There is a It has a solid feeling, a full grip, buttons are more responsive, it's compatible with a battery and a charging stand, and it has more options than the first version.

👤I just had an experience that ranks at the top of my list for the worst product quality control I have ever seen, and this controller has so much potential to be the perfect gaming peripheral. The B button is the first controller. The B button would sometimes be pressed at a specific angle. When held down, it would suddenly release and come back to life. If you play Rocket League, you will know that it causes a rapid boost to the inbox. I exchanged it. The second controller had a broken paddle. All but one of the paddles worked as expected. One of the rear paddles just smooshed in and didn't make a sound, just a press. I exchanged it. The third controller has a button that is sticky and not responsive. After playing a few games of Rocket League, the controller was the better of the bunch, but the A button became worse and would not work consistently, causing jumps without dodge activation, and sometimes being stuck in for a second or two. I exchanged it. The fourth controller. A button is useless. Repeatedly stuck with every press, and would stay stuck for up to 6 seconds. I was at a loss for words. How can I receive four controllers in a row with mechanical defects that affect performance? The Elite controller is a premium product. I have never had an issue with my controllers. I returned the controller after giving up. Unless you have the time, patience, and the warranty to go through multiple units, you shouldn't spend your money on this. I think that Amazon is tired of hearing me complain to support because I have hit my limit with these controller replacements. Amazon support staff are amazing but don't use this controller.

6. Snakebyte Elite Kit Controller Accessories Gold

Snakebyte Elite Kit Controller Accessories Gold

The product is only compatible with the first controller in the series. Exchange components for the Xbox One Elite Controller. The buttons, paddles, and D-Pads of the Xbox One Elite Controller are made of high quality metal and will not wear out easily. The set includes 12 parts and a carry case. It's the perfect fit for your controller. Dust resistant and practical storage bag allows for safe transport.

Brand: Snakebyte

👤The gold circle/cross replacement pieces fit perfectly on the Dpad. That is the only good thing I can say about these. The rubber analog stick replacements are not compatible with the elite controller, they snap down into place, but not in the way that the sticks that came on the controller do. They sit on top. I don't know why this product has so many good reviews. The paddles they sent were technically sound, but they don't pop into place securely the way the elite does and, as such, feel lose and vulnerable even once you have them installed correctly. If you are only in it for the gold dpad piece, then you should not bother.

👤I lost some paddles on my controller and bought these to replace them. The paddles are wobbly. This isn't designed to fit the controller. The set is designed to look nice but it is not. You need to push the buttons very hard in order to get the controller to click. The pieces are not secured in the controller. Don't buy it, it's a ripoff.

👤The original paddle is not bent enough as shown in the picture. This does not seem to be a big deal, but it actually causes the back button to be not fully pressed because this paddle's flat end touches the grip first due to its angle. If this issue still exists, the entire product will be returned.

👤The product looks great on my controller. The series 1 and 2 controllers are incompatible with my specific snakebyte kit. They fit nicely but there is no textile click. I had to return the item because it was unfortunate.

👤Great replacement. The gold accents on my elite series 1 controller make it look better than it does.

👤Garbage! I paid for the case and the paddles didn't fit, so I guess I was just paying for something.

👤They turned out better than I anticipated. I wish you would make the metal on the thumbsticks gold. I'm going to have to buy another kit to get them because I'm trying to get a black/gold theme on here, but these are great and I'm happy with them.

👤The paddles weren't a snug fit. I had to stop using them all. The D-pad worked.

👤I bought it for my series 2 controller and thought everything would be the same, but only the paddles and dpad work, thumb sticks don't work on series 2.

👤The kit is for sale for $25+ everywhere else. I highly recommend this option to take your controller to a new level. Absolutely no complaints after being tested on White Elite.

👤Very cheap. The accessories don't fit the elite 2 controler. The peddles at the back shake a lot.

👤It doesn't match my partners control. I was so excited to give it to him for Christmas, I made sure it fit before I bought them, they still didn't fit.

👤Les languettes derrire la manette somt trop grande.

7. Paddles Thumbsticks D Pads Button Version Controller

Paddles Thumbsticks D Pads Button Version Controller

The Xbox One Elite Controller Button Set is made from aluminum and has screwdrivers. The Xbox One Elite controller sticks, paddles and buttons are convenient to use. You will stand out with the Supremery Xbox One Elite Controller Mod Buttons. Supremery has the perfect accessories for the Xbox One. Their set can be used to replace keys. The controller is not included in the full set.

Brand: Wps

👤The thumstick pads work well. One of the paddles was bent to a 90 degree angle and stuck in the back. The domes are useless because the magnets are too weak and wont hold the weight of the thumbstick pads, and the d pads are a bit weaker than the original. I can't use most of the set for the money. When I bought a red and black set for my controllers, I felt like I was wasting $60 because cans of paint did the trick better than the original parts.

👤The set is not good. There are many areas where my sticks are not painted. The rubber on the sticks is not good. There are different paddles for the buttons. The dpad is very loose. I don't think it's worth 25 dollars. Maybe 10.

👤Need some new paddles. Magnetic parts can disappear when kids happen. It is a bright green, but not a deal breaker. The green thumb cups don't have a strong magnetic force. I kept the silver ones in place and the rest of the parts were the same as the silver ones.

👤I wanted to swap the silver for black because one stick had lost the runner cap. It took a few minutes to replace the base. I had some experience after I swapped the buttons and faceplate. It's a good idea to recommend for a good look. Nothing is loose or rattles with the paddles.

👤These are great! I changed everything on my controller. Paint is not bad. The elite sticks are in a different color. Great buy for money.

👤I ordered red and black but both sets of magnets are too weak to use the domes. The bends on the paddles aren't consistant and the one part I wanted them for is unusable due to the crappy magnets.

👤I didn't think it was worth the money. The paddles were too big and didn't fit the remote. I wouldn't rip apart my $300 controller for the cheaper parts.

👤The domes are too large to fit properly and rub against the case, causing the joysticks to get stuck off center. After a few months, the rubber caps to the buttons begin to break.

8. PowerA Fusion Pro Wired Controller Xbox

PowerA Fusion Pro Wired Controller Xbox

The map buttons on the rear paddles are Mappable Pro Pack. The protective case is for controller, cable, and accessories. You can get crystal-clear game audio with any wired headphones. The game world has responsive rumble feedback. The Xbox has a limited warranty.

Brand: Powera

👤I had it for a couple of months and used the left stick to hit an invisible wall. Previously bought a cheaper controller from the same brand. I had drag problems from that one, which was the opposite of what I wasExperiencing. I never dropped my controller and I am female. I have small hands. I'm not strong enough to do this. I paid more money for this controller because I liked everything about it except for the drag. The drag is created by the decorative rings you put in. I don't trust this brand to have the controller that I need and want: black, wired, no lights, soft grip, and this controller aint it.

👤I bought this controller in January and was happy with it until the left stick stopped working. I take good care of my controller and make sure to store it neatly when I'm done, I'm not rough with it. No one else is using it. After a while, I could barely run in any of my games, and it was like I was moving in slow motion when trying to use the stick. I cleaned the controller, then switched out the thumbstick, but nothing worked. When I tried to log in to my PowerA account, the link was broken and it said the page did not exist. I had to contact PowerA to get a response to my email. They promised to investigate after they got my information. 3 weeks ago was when that happened. I asked for the status of my ticket again, but haven't heard anything back yet. If they don't offer support, it's not much for a 2 year warranty. I regret buying this controller and wish I'd gone with the elite. The controller's triggering locks are not always recognized by games. Changing thetrigger locks to react faster doesn't register and can't be programmed to register through the xbox either. The reason I hadn't heard from them for 3 weeks was because they mailed me a replacement controller without telling me or providing any tracking info. I told them I never received the replacement they sent to me, but they finally responded and told me they did. They sent me another one with tracking info and I got it 2 weeks later. It has been working well so far. I don't think it will last. I'll give them another star since they helped me eventually.

👤I noticed some strange behavior while playing the game. Sometimes I'd be holding the gun to my head and it would randomly stop aiming. The sticks don't register when trying to double tap to sprint. I had to use my standard controller until the Elite Series 2 arrived. The Elite Series 2 has made me happy. Don't buy this garbage, it was a complete waste of money. You can either get the standard controller or the Elite.

👤I like this controller. Okay. On to things. It's different from a regular controller. You get paddles. It's nice. It's nice that you get bonus extended thumbsticks. At first, this seemed a bit too heavy. I like it. There is a The texture of the materials is very nice. The buttons work well. There is a The included case is nice. There is a The included stickers are very nice. The cable is difficult to remove from the controller. It's Holy heck. I'm not a sissy baby boy. It's a real struggle, which is a good thing since wired controller and whatnot... It is going to be a true test of will and might if it is disconnected. They don't seem to adjust the actuation of their presses with thetrigger adjustment. I adjusted them and played Dead Cells, but nothing happened. Some games work with thetrigger adjustment. Works well for Warzone, but not for others. It is what it is. It's rather good for the games. I think this is an incredible controller, especially for the price. If you need a new controller, get this.

9. Easegmer Plating Elite Kits Interchangeable

Easegmer Plating Elite Kits Interchangeable

It's easy to replace your controller. The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is a satisfactory product. The metal is of high quality. Military grade for comfort. The hairtrigger locks on the Xbox One Elite Series 2 Controller make it easier to fire. The paddles are made excellently and it is easy to map the controller. You can attach or remove them without any tools, and you are all set.

Brand: Easegmer

👤One of the sticks was missing rubber. The case was damaged with a poor fix job. I didn't submit for a refund because the two parts I ordered weren't the reason I ordered it.

👤I got them on my controller. They fit just like a factory. The color. I was expecting them to be more of a dark blue. They have a green blue color. I will post a picture of the color if I get a chance, but it is not a dark blue.

👤I ordered the pack with gold thumbsticks and gold d-pads, as advertised in the picture, when I chose which gold set to get. I received a pack with silver thumbsticks. I ordered the one with gold thumbsticks after requesting a replacement. I was sent the same pack again.

👤It was the same quality and feel as the original parts. It is not brushed or anodized. It feels cheap and rough. The paint is supposed to be permanent, but both the original and replacement pieces had chips and flaws. Like you know. The machine has spray paint. For a premium price, I expect a premium product and this is dollar store plastic soldiers. I'm going to send them back. I don't care if I get a refund or not, I don't want them to think they are worth it. They are not. Do not buy out of 10.

👤Was sent a set that was returned. Very disappointed.

👤The red ones look nice. The paddles for my elite are not as sensitive. I don't know how that works. I noticed that I wasn't accidentally pressing the paddle button. The accent rings are the same color.

👤I replaced one of my paddles because it was weird. I have new paddles along with thumbsticks.

👤It works well for my son's game setup.

10. Controller Paddles Stainless Replacement 1797 4

Controller Paddles Stainless Replacement 1797 4

The controller is not included in the full set. These interchangeable paddles fit your controller perfectly. The buttons are made of metal and have fresh exclusive buttons that work the same as the original buttons. Hairtrigger locks for the xbox one Elite Series 2 controller make it run more smoothly. Improve accracy and precision. The paddles are made well and it is easy to map the controller. It's easy to replace the controller, just put it in the right hole.

Brand: Xinkeen

👤It works for me. I bent my paddles when I dropped my controller. These work the same as the original paddles. The metal and color of these are the same as the original paddles, but the color of these is a little different.

👤I decided to purchase these paddles because one of my paddles wasn't working. They are compatible with the series 1 controller. It was easy to put them in the back of the controller. The product was very high quality and came with some cool thumb stick attachment. I recommend buying this if one of your paddles is broken.

👤Don't work if you don't smash it. The shape is not right. There are also stick grips that don't fit and a weird screwdriver that I don't know what it is. Money is wasted.

👤I bought these for my controller. The paddles on the 1 got in the way. The controller's body is closer to the smaller ones. Highly recommend them.

👤The top buttons were good, but the bigger buttons on the controller could not be clicked. I know I had them in correctly even though I tried to put them in different ways.

👤It's much cheaper to buy the original equipment from Microsoft than it is to buy it from them.

👤What is pictured is exactly what it is. I didn't know they were darker than the original. Really happy with them.

11. Paddles Stainless Trigger Replacement Controller

Paddles Stainless Trigger Replacement Controller

There are interchangeable paddles in this package. The material is top- grade. The paddles are made of premium metal and are very durable and will not wear out easily. Perfectly compatible with the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. You can replace the old buttons with their parts. It makes your controller stand out from the crowd. EXCELLENT GAMING FEELING- You don't have to take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute intricate jump, aim, and shoot combinations with their Interchangeable paddles. Fire faster with hairtrigger locks for the Xbox One Elite controller. The paddles can be mapped to any button on the controller. It's easy to replace. You don't need to disassemble the controller and put them in the right hole without any tools. It is very easy to do every step.

Brand: Cometsouth

👤I have an xbox one and bought these. I have an elite remote for a long time. My son gets help taking apart things. I lost my original paddles because of that. They don't fit as smooth as the originals, but it doesn't affect game play and it's a BA color. Who doesn't love gold?

👤When I lost a paddle, I had to order a set of these. The color options are nice. They fit just like the original.

👤I bought this for my brother and he really likes it, I guess he's tricking out his controller.

👤It's easy to install. It was incomplete. Sturdy paddles.

👤The paddles are close enough to where you can't really notice any play, which is nice. It was a good purchase.

👤No complaints, seem well made, and fit on my controller.

👤A good replacement but a tad loose. It gets the job done.

👤The buttons are working. The click/button feel is not the same as the original if you lose the original.


What is the best product for best xbox controller with paddles?

Best xbox controller with paddles products from Quartet Trade. In this article about best xbox controller with paddles you can see why people choose the product. Tomsin and Tomsin are also good brands to look for when you are finding best xbox controller with paddles.

What are the best brands for best xbox controller with paddles?

Quartet Trade, Tomsin and Tomsin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best xbox controller with paddles. Find the detail in this article. Pdp, Xbox and Snakebyte are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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