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1. Elite 2 Controller Black Xbox One

Elite 2 Controller Black Xbox One

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 has a wrap-around tension grip, and shorter hairtrigger locks. You can enjoy unlimited customization with interchangeable components and exclusive button mapping options in the Xbox accessory app. You can save up to 3 custom profiles on the controller. You can swap thumbstick toppers, D-pads, and paddles to make your controller your own. Up to 40 hours of battery life and refined components are built to last. * Use the included cable to play on the other consoles. It's compatible with the Xbox One and Windows 10/11 devices.

Brand: Xbox

👤The A, X, and Y buttons are unresponsive to anything other than a hard press. The buttons don't come back up until they are unstuck. Absolutely unacceptable for a controller. The controller costs $180. I received a replacement controller with the same issues.

👤Microsoft has a low quality controller. The thumbstick is brand new. The controller has no lines on the back, so it feels a little different in one hand than the other. Microsoft can't figure it out so hopefully a third party will make controllers that work.

👤Everything about this controller seems to stick. I didn't expect the control stick to be completely useless, but I did expect the buttons to be a bit odd. I push it upward and it gets stuck.

👤I might've known that sticky buttons would be in the box. The meme that happened last time is similar to this one. The controller is nice, and you can see and feel all the changes Xbox has made, but at $190, it's kind of like PepeHands. It's too bad because you have to keep replacing until you get a good copy. There are pads on the triggers that are more padded and softer, and the glue that sticks to the top of the travel made it feel sticky. If there's ever a problem with your elite triggers, you should check to see if there's any glue leaking from the pads or the PCB1, because support is the best, cleared up some warranty concerns that I had. It was fixed right away. It's an easy fix, though I still had to do it.

👤I went through 2 of the first line of Xbox One Elite Controllers in a year. The rubber grips failed and the buttons stopped working, but they worked for a few months. I could tell from the package that Microsoft had made significant changes to the controller. It is well made and looks better. The controller is rechargeable through the case, which is a cool feature, and there is endless customization with this controller. It is recommended to anyone who has ever owned a XB1 Elite Conroller. I will update my review in a few months.

👤I can't find a flaw in this controller. I am not sure how Microsoft or anyone else could top this. It is perfect in your hands. I think the price is worth it.

👤I had the series 1 and thought it would be the best controller for a long time, but this controller is so much better. There is a It has a solid feeling, a full grip, buttons are more responsive, it's compatible with a battery and a charging stand, and it has more options than the first version.

👤I just had an experience that ranks at the top of my list for the worst product quality control I have ever seen, and this controller has so much potential to be the perfect gaming peripheral. The B button is the first controller. The B button would sometimes be pressed at a specific angle. When held down, it would suddenly release and come back to life. If you play Rocket League, you will know that it causes a rapid boost to the inbox. I exchanged it. The second controller had a broken paddle. All but one of the paddles worked as expected. One of the rear paddles just smooshed in and didn't make a sound, just a press. I exchanged it. The third controller has a button that is sticky and not responsive. After playing a few games of Rocket League, the controller was the better of the bunch, but the A button became worse and would not work consistently, causing jumps without dodge activation, and sometimes being stuck in for a second or two. I exchanged it. The fourth controller. A button is useless. Repeatedly stuck with every press, and would stay stuck for up to 6 seconds. I was at a loss for words. How can I receive four controllers in a row with mechanical defects that affect performance? The Elite controller is a premium product. I have never had an issue with my controllers. I returned the controller after giving up. Unless you have the time, patience, and the warranty to go through multiple units, you shouldn't spend your money on this. I think that Amazon is tired of hearing me complain to support because I have hit my limit with these controller replacements. Amazon support staff are amazing but don't use this controller.

2. Wireless Controller Astarry Gamepad Joystick

Wireless Controller Astarry Gamepad Joystick

You have more room to move if you have a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. You can feel the action with action feedback. Action feedback can be adjusted for a longer battery life. A new look with a black finish and gloss accents. A more comfortable gaming experience is provided by award-winning compact ergonomics. PC gaming at its bestPrecise thumbsticks, two pressure-point triggers, and an 8-way directional pad help you stay in control. The new shoulder buttons are easy to use. It's compatible with PC and gaming devices. The controller is compatible with Windows 7 and 8 and 10PC and delivers a consistent and universal gaming experience.

Brand: Astarry

👤This is a near perfect copy of the old official controller for the Xbox. The dimensions are the same. The buttons are the same. The sticks are the same. The battery compartment is the same as the one used for the first-party controller. It works perfectly with all your recent PC games, even if you don't have a PC, because it's mapped as an Xinput device and you need the receiver to use this with PC. I weighed the controllers. It's a good bet that they have the same or nearly identical parts inside. Control feels good. The buttons are responsive. There are a few differences between this and the official controller. The Astarry doesn't have an X on the Home button or an Xbox logo on top. There is a place for the hologram, but not on the Astarry. The Home button light blinks in a pattern instead of staying on. It's all over. I like the controller. It's everything I hoped it would be, which is to say I wanted an official controller for the game, but for the lowest price possible, and this is as close as you're going to get. It's great. The blue one is more expensive than the black one. I would have liked blue, but I can't see paying more for a different color. This doesn't come with the PC receiver for the controllers. That is sold separately. I own an official one and a cheap knock-off, and both of them work with this controller. I don't own an XBOX, so I can't test it on the console, but I assume it will connect to the XBOX without a problem. These are replicas of the original controllers, but they also have two well-known issues, one of which is that the analog sticks are super-sensitive, which makes delicate movements in some games hard, requiring you to set up low sensitivity in game. The D-pad is an 8-way disc-style pad. Sometimes you might find yourself pressing left or right when you want to be pressing down or up. It's not a "flaw" that this requires getting used to the controller's design. This is the best choice if you're looking for a low-cost alternative. I'm also saying that. This is an excellent controller. Five stars if you understand what you're getting.

👤The controller looks good, feels good, and I had no trouble connecting it to my system. The A/B/X/Y buttons are loud, sticky and require you to push them in farther than normal. The real problem is the analog sticks. They are not usable. The sticks are very nice and move well. The input deadzone is so large that moving the stick 50% in any direction doesn't register as an input. The next 10% moves at a slow speed, and the last 40% is at top speed. It is impossible to use in games as movement is not possible in real life. I hope the problem is described well. Other reviewers have mentioned the same difficulties, so I don't think this is a one time defect. Many of the five-star reviewers are either inexperienced or bought this controller as a gift. I would be happy to try a new controller if this is a defect. I will pick up an official used controller from my local game store for the same price as the one I will be returning.

3. Wireless Controller Zamia Compatible Vibration(black)

Wireless Controller Zamia Compatible Vibration%EF%BC%88black%EF%BC%89

The best games on the XBOX One X are the ones that are enhanced to deliver the best in true 4K gaming. The core of the controller is the same as the official XBOX controller, and the powerful performance brings you the wonderful gaming experience. The controller can be used with many platforms. There is no headphone jack. The new XBOX ONE controller has a brand new 2.4G wireless connection function, which can connect XBOX ONE and Windows 10 system computers, help you get rid of the cable line, and enjoy the wireless range of more than 30 feet. This controller does not have an audio jack. The most perfect game experience. The enhanced arrow keys give higher operational accuracy. The built-in dual motor and 256-level precision 3D joystick give you the most realistic gaming experience. The controller needs to be closed and you need to start the controller at the same time. ERGONOMIC DESIGN The special design concept used on both sides of the controller brings you a thicker feeling, the streamlined design and special materials reduce the weight of the product, and the anti-slip design on both sides make sure you can still enjoy it after a long period of use. The double shock feedback motor is perfect for racing, shooting, fighting, and sports games. Bring a consistent gaming experience.

Brand: Zamia

👤I knew there was going to be a problem when I was told to plug the controller into the xbox port. Really? I couldn't get it to work after connecting it to the console with a cable. I noticed a black plastic piece in the box when I boxed the controller up. I fiddled with it's cover before it showed up as a device. Plugging that into the back of the Xbox was what was needed. This is not mentioned in the instructions. It's a device that connects the controller to the Xbox. The Home button does not turn on the Xbox when plugged in. You have to manually turn it on. I have been using computers since the 80's and am an extremely computer literate. It would have been easy to install if the instructions had been written correctly.

👤I bought this for my kid because it was cheaper than an official Xbox controller. We hated many things about this. Some of the bigger issues are listed below. It doesn't connect to the Xbox unless you're within 2 feet of the console 2. I assume they came standard, but there is no audio jack. Cheaply constructed. The buttons were stuck almost immediately. 4. The price. It's cheaper than an official controller and you can spend the extra money on that. Dropping this off at a store. Absolutely trash.

👤The only way to charge it is with the wire it come with, because it doesn't have a place for batteries. I didn't know that it wasn't possible to use headphones or a mic with it. I was asked to update the controller and it froze my console.

👤What a piece of garbage. I couldn't get the thing to sync on my computer. You will not get better instructions than what you find on the listing, so don't waste time trying to chat for help as they are working with the same lousy instructions, but can't say that...your time is not worth the savings. Good luck with that, I wish I could say how well the controller worked.

👤The design is nice. The battery lasts a while. It is easy to use. It is a good buy for the price. The package should have some instructions in it.

👤The controller is a poor imitation of the official Microsoft controller. It feels like it was designed by someone who's never played a game, so it's not fun to play with it. This isn't worth the money you'd save buying an official Microsoft X-Box controller. Some of my dislikes about the controller are listed here. The advantage of this may seem like it's an advantage, but since thetriggers are analog, it's not an advantage. The controller is lighter than a standard controller. It is a solid unit, and you can't pull the battery or the battery pack as a quick reset. To reset the controller, you need to unhook theusb and hold down the home button. The reset takes longer. The controller has a miniusb charging port, which means slower charges. The buttons,trigger pulls, and body of the controller are cheaper materials. The cheap plastic used to make each piece feels less durable. If you've ever held the remote control for an R/C car in a Dollar Store, you've felt this plastic. I'm not sure why this is a benefit, but the sensitivity makes it hard to use this controller as a replacement. I've used multiple 3rd party controllers and this is the most sensitive one I've ever encountered. It is almost impossible to consistently replicate repetitive motions because it is chronically sensitive. "Dual shock" The controller's shock motors are not very good, and during periods of long or intense vibration, they cut off completely, I suspect to try to save the battery life. The controllers can do things like vibrate. There are games where the controller vibrates very much, and having a controller that doesn't vibrate at all is a disadvantage. There is a dongle for theusb I guarantee you will be annoyed by the large dongle and it will get in your way. The instruction manual was written with English words but not with the intent to impart any type of meaning or understanding. The controller/dongle does not work with any of the XBox Windows apps. You can use it to bring the game bar up on the PC, but you can't see the battery life of the controller. You can't turn this controller off. You have to let it turn itself off after a certain amount of time. There is no real way to gauge battery life, though there are four bright white lights on this controller that have little to no use beyond indicating which player this controller is. I don't think the makers of this controller actually play games, so I would have liked to see them use the lights as a battery indicator. If $20 is more important to you than being happy with your controller, then this is the controller for you.

4. Xbox Wireless Controller White One

Xbox Wireless Controller White One

It is compatible with the following consoles: Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Windows 10. There is a technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Stay on target with a textured grip. The wireless range of the previous controller was twice that of the new one. The new wireless controller of the Xbox is more comfortable.

Brand: Xbox

👤They don't make em like they used to. I owned a total of one controller. I'm ordering a controller. The first two were stick failure and brokentriggers. I had higher hopes for this one but it didn't work out. There's no more quality in official Microsoft products than this. I would shell out for the Elite controller and come out ahead on money, but from what I gear they break down as well.

👤I have two controllers that have broken and I need to replace them. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤Purchase this as a replacement for my old controller. This one is better. It has a 3.5mm jack, a textured grip on the sides, and button mapping capabilities.

👤Works as advertised. It worked well on my custom gaming pc, which was built with an ASUS Z270e mobo, and I only had to set it up once. I have noticed that its connection time varies, and that it tends to connect fast when I point it at my tower, but that's not worth losing a star. I'm happy to have this to use on certain games, and I haven't had a single drop once it's connected.

👤Excellent equipment from the manufacturer. The top and bottom are a bit slippery, which should be good for playing for a long time. The LFT and RGT are also good. It is good for accuracy to have buttons that are moderately stiff. Fresh Duracell batteries arrived. Earphone Jack? Yes. Is it possible to use a wireless device? I have included some photos.

👤I have had an Xbox One since the original launch and one of the controllers started to fade out, which made it difficult to use. Picked up this controller on Amazon and it works and plays as it should. The controller feels a tad heavier than the ones I have. The newer models have a slight textured finish, whereas the older models have a very slick finish. It comes with a 3.5mm headset jack. It was a good value and did what it was supposed to do.

👤I don't have time to play on the console. I bought this controller in January and thought it would have a good warranty. The darn thing moves on me without touching the controller. The seller said I had to call Microsoft and it had a one year warranty. The controller is a 90 day warranty item. It's very disappointing thatMS put their name on a terrible product. Customer service tells me... "Next time buy an elite" Wow!

👤The controller arrived in 2 days. I opened the box and saw the controller in the box, just like if I'd gotten it from a store like Best Buy. It had 2 long lasting batteries. The batteries lasted less than a month. The controller was in excellent condition. The price was correct. The ice white color is very appealing to me. The reaction time of the buttons is quicker than that of the regular controller. M&M gaming, thank you.

👤Pontos positivos: Antes de tudo queros. Além de INRDeals The controle do Xbox One S resume: conforto e qualidade. Aquele grotesco digital do controle do Xbox 360, para jogar jogos antigos nos emuladores, por exemplo. No PC, no Adaptador, no cabo, no carrega, no conectar, no wireless, no ligar, no tela, no wireless, no wireless, no wireless, no wireless, no wireless, no wireless, no wireless, no wireless, no wireless A melhora dos gatilhos, a qual nessa verso corrigiu os "erros" da verso passada do controle do Xbox One. A Ponto negativo is a caro no Brasil. Agora voc falar da Amazon, peguei com frete grtis, pude acompanhar todo o processo através da transportadora Loggi! A link enviado por SMS is present in das melhores transportadoras. A qualidade do servio agradecer. Comprei na quarta feira! Parabéns excelente trabalho Loggi.

5. Microsoft Wireless Controller Midnight Forces Special

Microsoft Wireless Controller Midnight Forces Special

The Midnight forces II special Edition features a blue camouflage pattern. The headset jack is 3.5mm. Stay on target with a textured grip. There is a technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Brand: Microsoft

👤Works as advertised. Walmart sells cheaper.

👤The controller is good. The price of a gaming system is outrageous. It's worth it when your grandsons want to play on Xbox and you only have one controller. It's very strong. The color is what the picture shows. The shipping was on time. My grandson is very rough with it and it has held up well.

👤This was a great gift for my grandson. I set him a game room, chair, controls, battery packs and headset because I couldn't make it to his birthday because of the gas crisis. If you're there you should have Amazon available to ship to love ones.

👤I am very happy with my purchase, it is a top quality controller, the shipping was fast, and I love the color.

👤I needed a replacement controller for both xBox one and Series x because the original one was falling apart. The color scheme is a great replacement.

👤The drift was so bad I couldn't use it for a month. The audio port never worked for me, so I don't use it, and the seller didn't blame them, so that wasn't important to me.

👤The thumb joy stick broke in 60 days.

👤Pues la carcasa se siente botada de la parte de atras, cmo se ve el la. Para ser "nuevo" con dos usos, el stick derecho tiene una ligera. No son detalles de otro mundo pague el precio original. La observacin.

👤La forma del mando tiene una textura that permitse un perfecto agarre. Adems de su conectividad, tiene una excelente eleccin para la pc.

👤Un control inalambrico con un buen diseo y me encanta es comodo.

👤When delivery notice said it would, it came on time.

👤Muy rpida, todo en orden.

6. Wireless Controller Gamepad Joystick Console

Wireless Controller Gamepad Joystick Console

VoyEE black wireless controller, user guide, exquisite packaging, and friendly customer service are what you get. There is a wireless controller for the PC. You can control the action from up to 30 feet away. This receiver is only compatible with the controller, not the others. The improved design remote has thumbsticks, two pressure points, and an 8-way pad to help you stay in control. The new shoulder buttons are easy to use. Play in total comfort. A new look with a white finish. The award winning ergonomics give a more comfortable gaming experience. You can use up to four controllers at the same time on one console, but you need 2 AA batteries or a dedicated battery. There is a headset port for X-box LIVE. You can use the guide button to keep track of your friends, access your games and media, or power on and off your X-box console. The wireless controller for the Xbox 360 is compatible with most Windows 7,8,10 systems, delivering a consistent and universal gaming experience.

Brand: Oussirro

👤Turn on the console to sync the controller. The controller will turn on if the center button is held down. The controller has a button next to the left bumper and a button on the front of the console. The controller should light up. The two are together.

👤I'm not sure what the bad reviews are about. I've read that they feel cheap. It's hard to tell if this controller is close to the original. My old controllers are so old that they are shiny and smooth. These controllers feel better since they are over 10 years old. They are strong and have a lot of weight. The plastic feels quality. Everything fits together perfectly. There are reviews about bad buttons. I received my controller and it has no issues. It was nice to be able to fly through the dashboard again without having to use the old controllers. I played Super Meat Boy to see if the controller worked. Dirt 3 followed. Smooth and precise inputs are what they are. There are many complaints about failing to connect. I am pretty sure these people don't know how to operate. The controller gives almost instant connection when the sync button is pressed. No issues or drops. It works like it should. Some people complained that they couldn't connect it to their PC. These aren't cannabinoid controllers. You need a wireless game accessory to make the controller work on PC. I gave the ultimate test after getting one out. After plugging the Microsoft Windows Wireless Adapter into my laptop, I pressed the sync button on the controller. I already had a controller that was connected as controller one and the new controller that was connected as controller 2. I disconnected controller 1 and re-synced it, and the new controller became controller one. Re-volt and Need For Speed were the games that worked well. I already have good controllers for PC and I just bought a controller for my grandson to play Plants vs zombies. I only use my old broken controllers for streaming video because I only use the 360 for that. I had to do it myself after reading the reviews. As I suspected. It's a good controller. So far. If the controllers fail, I will report back and update this, since the 6 and 8 year olds are going to be beating it up on a regular basis. They didn't break if you don't see an update in a month or two. I don't think they will break.

👤I needed a new controller. The top 3rd party controllers are on Amazon. VOYEE (with caveats) > YCCSKY is a word. Astarry VOYEE felt the closest to the original equipment manufacturer. The white controller didn't have a headset port. I believe they sent me the PC version. I couldn't keep it but it felt great. I'm going to order the black version and see if they send me a headset port. Both YCCSKY and Oussirro were in the same box. I wouldn't know which one was which if there wasn't a sticker on them. The package had protective foam that covered the thumbsticks and d-pad. It helps protect the controller during shipment. They did the same thing. VOYEE's face buttons didn't feel as smooth. It works and has a headset port. I'm giving these two brands the win for now. The least impressive was astarry. The face buttons were stuck when you pressed them. Definitely noticeable, but not a deal-breaker. I wouldn't keep it if the other options are the same price. Maybe if it were $5 cheaper than the rest.

7. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter Windows One

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter Windows One

You can play with your controller on PCs and tablets. The Xbox One game can be streamed from the app to Windows 10. You can use the wireless connection to enable the same gaming experience you're used to on Xbox One, including in-game chat and high quality stereo audio. It has ausb extender cable to enhance placement and accessibility when connecting to your PC or tablets. The same gaming experience you're used to on Xbox One, including in-game chat and high quality stereo audio, can be achieved with the help of the Wireless Controller. Includes a cable for an extension. It's compatible with Windows 10.

Brand: Xbox

👤There is a lot of confusion in the reviews about whether or not to buy the official Xbox Wireless Adapter. Microsoft is to blame for part of the confusion. Most of their controllers have bluetooth. Why sell a special accessory that is more expensive than a standard one? The quick answer is that this is definitely worth it. It's not the same as a wireless device. I will explain what I mean. The environment in which you live determines whether or not you should buy the official Xbox Wireless Adapter. Radio waves are used for communication. Different frequencies carry radio waves. There are two frequencies in your home: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 5 Ghz is used for wireless home phones. 2.4 Ghz is very common and can be used in a lot of things. The last part is what you should be buying. It's very prone to suffer from wireless interference because it uses the 2.4 Ghz frequency. When a signal in your zone conflicts with another signal in your zone, it's called interference. Our modern homes tend to have a lot of 2.4 GHz activity, so it doesn't always work out well with bluetooth. If you've tried to use a normal bluetooth accessory with your xbox controller and it doesn't work, you're dealing with 2.4 GHz interference. This is where the official Xbox Wireless accessory comes in. It's not using a 2.4 GHz band. Microsoft has created something called "Xbox Wireless". They don't know what frequencies it operates on, but it's not 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. It shouldn't conflict with what you already have in your home. If you've been having trouble with your connections over bluetooth, then this is a good option. It will probably work if you don't have a compatible device. You might have been able to get away with a cheaper one. It all depends on what's going on in your environment. Reviews of products like this are often not helpful because the environment is different. Someone saying "it works" doesn't give any clues about whether it will work in your situation. You will see a lot of back and forth reviews that reflect what is going on. The bottom line is that this is a good product and can be a great alternative for those that have been struggling with the issue.

👤The product image and description both showed the newer version of the adapter. The main product image was changed after the item was shipped, but the listing description remained the same. I got an old one that I already have 2 of and don't need more. I bought this because it was supposed to be the smaller one. This listing is a scam.

👤I think it deserves at least one star. It's almost becoming more trouble than it's worth because I'm trying to use an XBOX One controller with my gaming desktop. The blue screen of death on my new computer has been there for several weeks. I was worried that it might be due to poor build quality since it is a prebuilt PC, but I found out that it was due to a bad driver. It's a joke that games for Windows is a joke of a software service and Windows 10, although miles better than Vista, struggles to update itself every few weeks. Does Microsoft know how to patch, download, install and implement its own software? I'm not sure. It would be great if Microsoft could provide native support for a wireless controller for XBOX games through an XBOX service on a Windows operating system. All the special software and drivers you can download through Microsoft's website don't help your computer recognize a wireless controller. I asked Best Buy employees if they had the product in stock, and they were confused because they didn't have it in stock. There are ways to get Windows to recognize a wireless controller. The fact that this thing exists is embarrassing. Thanks Microsoft.

8. Xbox Wireless Controller Pulse Red Windows Devices

Xbox Wireless Controller Pulse Red Windows Devices

Experience the modernized design of the Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring sculpted surfaces and refined geometry for enhanced comfort and effortless control, with battery usage up to 40 hours. Stay on target with the hybrid D-pad and textured grip. The 3.5mm audio headset jack is required. You can connect using the port on the console or PC. There is support for AA batteries on the rear. Capture and share content with the Share button. You can play on the devices with either Xbox Wireless or Bluetooth. It's compatible with the Xbox One and Windows 10/11 devices.

Brand: Xbox

👤The controller works well with the PC. The feature does not work well with Steam. There are a few steps you have to take in order to get it to work. 1. The accessory app is available on the Microsoft store. 2. Attach the controller to the cable. The controller 4 needs to be updated. Pair with windows devices. It should recognize the controller as the Xbox Series X/One controller. 5(a) If you did the steps before doing it. Go to the next step and remove the device. It should work without an issue. The controller is very sturdy and has nice textured grips on the back. The size of the controllers is similar to previous ones. Since I just got it, I can't comment on battery life. I think many of you will have a rechargeable battery. I haven't had any issues with it since it was put in my bag. The range is good, I am close to my TV. It is a better controller than my ps4 controller. It works well with Windows 10 and once setup with Steam the buttons are mapped.

👤If you already have a blutooth capability for your PC, you don't need to buy a wireless adapter. The only thing you have to do is download the accessories app, turn on your controller and hit the button on the controller to find it. After that, open up your settings in the windows to make it a new device. I've used the accessories app to see if the buttons work. I haven't had any problems playing Ghostrunner or Yakuza 0 so far. The controller can be powered by a cable if you don't have batteries.

👤I didn't expect a controller that runs on batteries. I was expecting a cable. Something that comes standard with the PS4 controllers. Silly me. I thought microsoft should play nice together. No. It pairs easily but is not a good doornail for games that support the xbox controller. I hope I can find an affordable cable that will work. I'm not sure. The controller is heavier than the PS4 controller even without the batteries. I just bought a third party cheapo instead of this one.

👤The blue color and white back of the controller is attractive. The controller is nice. When you start gaming, you will barely notice the controllers. Minor iterational improvements are no different here. The controller looks and functions the same as the one on the Xbox One, except for the "share" button in the middle and a switch from micro-USB to USB-C. It still has the 3.5mm headset jack, accessory port, and runs on AA batteries. The feel of the controller is different. It now has a textured feeling, which extends to the bumpers. The bumpers used to be glossy and slippery, but now they're more of a matt finish. The D-pad is much better than the one from the Xbox 360 and feels tighter and clicky. It's similar to the paddle D-pad on the Elite Series 2. The controller feels smaller in the hand. It feels a tad different than the previous generation. The Share button makes it easier to save clips from the game, and it's also just a shortcut from pressing the Xbox button and manually navigating to share settings. This thing works with all of the consoles, as well as PC and bluetooth devices. It has a lot of different uses. It works great out of the box and I was able to adjust to it quickly. Again, it's barely different, so when I say I adjusted to it, I just mean I switched to it. I'm a fan of the controller. I have yet to experience the PS5's haptics, which sounds interesting, but in my opinion it is nearly perfect. I don't mind the AA batteries as they last a long time and you don't need to worry about aging internal batteries. If you have had issues with the controllers in the past, this iteration won't change your mind.

9. Controller VOYEE Enhanced Compatible Microsoft

Controller VOYEE Enhanced Compatible Microsoft

It is compatible with the following consoles: Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Windows 10. VoyEE wireless controller is compatible with the Microsoft XBOX 360/Slim. Not included is a wireless receiver for first person shooter games. The new wireless game controller has buttons for left and right and more sensitive buttons. VoyEE wireless pc controller provides rumble control and automatic vibration feedback to enhance game experience and match your personal preference. The 30ft wireless control gives you more freedom and a comfortable control state, which is what ergonomics designed to fit your hands more comfortably to hold for a long time. VoyEE black wireless controller, user guide, exquisite packaging, and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Voyee

👤The controller feels like a regular controller but it doesn't sync up. The direct link didn't work after I tried several times. The lights don't cycle like a controller. I thought it was just a 3rd party. It doesn't sync up. When I decided to use the company contact info to exchange it, I called the number listed. The number is owned by an innocent guy who has to get calls from this company all the time. He called me back to let me know that it wasn't the company number. He said he tried to get Voyee to take down his number, but neither will. That is a disservice to the customers and a huge hassle for the guy. I don't think he can call every person back. Change your contact info. I asked for an exchange on the controller. I hope the new one works. All of it. So far, not great service. I was surprised by the issues with so many good ratings.

👤I bought a second wireless controller because the original Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controllers are very expensive. I didn't trust buying a preowned one because I was afraid it would be tampered with or repaired and the ones I searched on eBay were really beat to hell. I thought I would take a chance. It works well and is easy to use with my Xbox E. I haven't had a drift or lag and the d-pad and toggle switches are responsive. I use it with 2 AA batteries and it seems to last for a while before needing to be charged, and I have no complaints at all with this controller. If something changes, I will update.

👤The seller is still sending me messages. Amazon won't do anything about it. There is a The seller continues to send me junk mail weeks after I've asked them not to. Amazon won't punish them. These people are so annoying. Don't buy. After the purchase, the seller keeps sending email to buyers. These people are sending me email about parades. It's seriously. Avoid at all costs. The controller was terrible. On arrival, dead. These had good reviews, and the reviews themselves didn't cause any problems at Fakespotter. The controllers were garbage. I ordered 2. Neither one could power on. They did power up after using battery packs from another controller. They're shipping with battery holders that are not compatible with these. I don't think the controller's quality is any better. Garbage from China has zero quality. The box looked like it had already been opened. Amazon should be embarrassed to fulfill these orders.

👤My son and I play a lot of video games. It's a good thing. We've been fighting over who gets the black controller and who gets the white one. I assumed the color would make up for the cheap imitation. What I got was perfect. The weight, feel, size, feedback, and buttons are the same as the original one that came with the console. The only way to tell them apart is by not having an "X" on the center button. My son and I can't tell who has the original and who has the new one, so we just grab whichever one is closest. If you don't plan on buying a new console, this is a great way of keeping your console happy for years to come.

10. Xbox Wireless Controller Grey Blue One

Xbox Wireless Controller Grey Blue One

The comfort and feel of the wireless controller is enhanced. A dark grey design has light grey and blue accents. The 3.5 millimeter stereo headset jack is required. Stay on target with a textured grip. There is a technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Brand: Xbox

👤The product came on time, but the jack is broken. If I hold the headphones at a specific angle, they will work. The bumper on my last controller was malfunctioning. I am a broken user and I am sick of seeing 60 bucks on these controllers.

👤The controller stopped working. It didn't work with the xbox. The controls responded as any average controller would, when I was working. I requested a new one. The order will take a long time because they're out of stock. It's really sad.

👤After a couple days of use, the right button developed issues with the internal spring, and it took almost immediately for it to work again. Quality control with the newer controllers is not related to whether you buy them used or not, the new ones have problems as well. I returned the grey one because it had problems with the right button and got the blue one, but it had issues with drifting. If you need to buy new ones, stick to the black and white ones. The blue and grey one is pretty much useless since it's purpose is for you to be able to play.

👤I bought this controler to replace the original one that broke, because one of the shoulder buttons broke off. I'm so tempted to use the broken one because this controller will freeze up all the time. There is no update for it. I'm not the only one who has this problem. If you can find one of the original ones, you should buy a refurbished one instead of buying this controler.

👤The controller looks and feels amazing. This is a great controller at a good price. If you want to save money, go with this controller instead of elite controllers.

👤This was a gift for my husband and I don't know much about the controllers. He likes the color of the controller, it is very pretty. The texture on the back is nice and it seems to hold up as well as the ones he has had before. The audio jack is helpful. I think it was a great gift for my husband, I don't know much about the controllers. He likes the color of the controller, it is very pretty. The texture on the back is nice and it seems to hold up as well as the ones he has had before. The audio jack is helpful. I think it was a great gift.

👤I returned the headphones I bought because they didn't work. The headphones worked, but the "drift issue" where the joystick is constantly going left or right was the reason for buying a third one. I'm going to get a playstation. I am a playstation guy. I got my first xbox one on a good trade, but after 2 years all my accessories are broken, I'm down to just the console, all 3 brand new controllers I bought are assembled by, and the left bumper fell out of the original controller after 1 year. I'm going to throw the console in the garbage because no one else is going to deal with Microsoft.

11. Xbox Wireless Controller Black One

Xbox Wireless Controller Black One

It's compatible with the following consoles: Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Windows 10. There is a technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Stay on target with a textured grip. The wireless range of the previous controllers was up to twice that of the new one. The new wireless controller of the Xbox is more comfortable.

Brand: Xbox

👤I bought one from Amazon and used it for rocket league. The right bumper was useless after it started working erratically. Couldn't fix it. I bought another one a month ago. The controller's right bumper has started doing the same thing after working fine for a month. I'm outside of any return or refund window, this one is useless as well. I'm not aggressive with my electronics. I just want to play soccer in a car.

👤The controllers of the Xbox were very strong. The controller that came with my console was one of the 3 different controllers I had. All of them have had issues with buttons sticking and other issues. This price point is really disappointing.

👤There were some things I noticed that raised my suspicion. 1. The seams on the controller were very sharp, but the seams on all the controllers were a bit too tight, so I sent it back. Even though this happened to me before, I'm not sure why they were like that. I will be sure to order things from Amazon or a local store in the future.

👤The disc drive on my console was almost 10 years old when it stopped working. I was still using the controllers that came with the 360 when I bought it new. Ten. Years! The things could survive a nuclear holocaust. I have two controllers that don't work so far, one of which I replaced with the one that came with the Xbox 2 weeks in. These have not been thrown in the air. They have fallen off the couch a few times and the batteries shoot out when the battery compartment is open. We try not to let that happen, but it is something that should not be a problem for a good controller. The first two buttons malfunctioned so I couldn't even jump in the game, and the left one got stuck when a piece of plastic got lodged underneath it. The bumper on my replacement got stuck in the on position. The quality of the controllers I have gotten is worse than I have seen before. Really disappointed! I was told by microsoft that the one I bought on January 1 is out of warranty, so I have to pay $50 to replace it. You would think that consoles would come with good accessories. I am not saying don't buy this, but you should be prepared to need a new controller every few months because Microsoft only cares about money and not customer service or quality control.

👤This controller works great. The controller is just as good or better than the original one. It is holding up well and has no signs of wear. The claim of "Get up to twice the wireless range compared to previous Xbox One Controllers (tested using the Xbox One S console)" is not something I can comment on because I have never had range issues before with my original Xbox One controller. I have had no range issues so far. The thumb-sticks feel great with good grip and movement. The thumb-sticks should be centered when released. The buttons have good responses and feel good to them. There are small bumps on the controller's grip. If you have a little slick hands, this is great. It could be from sweaty hands or something. The quality of the material is good and should last a long time. I haven't found any yet. I will update this review if there is an issue. The controller should last me a long time.


What is the best product for best xbox controller wireless?

Best xbox controller wireless products from Xbox. In this article about best xbox controller wireless you can see why people choose the product. Astarry and Zamia are also good brands to look for when you are finding best xbox controller wireless.

What are the best brands for best xbox controller wireless?

Xbox, Astarry and Zamia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best xbox controller wireless. Find the detail in this article. Microsoft, Oussirro and Voyee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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