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1. Charging Controllers Controller Snap Down Indicator Rechargeable

Charging Controllers Controller Snap Down Indicator Rechargeable

The docking stand has a snap-down charging design. The dual docking station is ideal for the ultimate Xbox gaming needs. The double charging station allows you to charge two controllers at the same time, so you can switch out for continued gaming. The docking stand is easy to use, just snap down your controller onto the stand and the light will change from amber to white. 2 x recharageable batteries, 2 x Xbox Series X|S battery doors, and 1 x AC Adapter are included.

Brand: Powera

👤The design of the new one is better than the previous one, and I owned the Xbox One version, and it was great. They replaced the slippery texture back-cover with one that matches the controller. The controller matches the back-cover perfectly. This surprised me a lot. The cheap plastic cover was something I was expecting. The green light was switched to an orange light. The new light is not as bright as the old light. I think it's easier to line up the controller with the charge now. The previous version made it difficult to fiddle with. The improved version of the back-covers is included. It's still worth getting if you still have an Xbox One controller. Also included is the charge. Can't say that about some products, even the Xbox Series X controller doesn't come with one anymore. The previous version was easy to use. Place the controller on the stand to charge when you're not using it. It's as easy as that. You don't have to use the battery again. It's easier to line up the battery and charger, but I had to realign it because it started flashing randomly. This shouldn't happen often, but I'll have to see with time. The micro-USB cable is still being used. It's not a big deal since it's 2020. They took all of the complaints from the previous version and made them better. It is quite amazing. Highly recommended for all people who use a controller.

👤The controllers don't fit the backing. It's a waste of money. Very disappointing. Will be coming back.

👤The product comes with 4 back pieces and two different sizes. The controller that comes with your console is one of the pieces that you have to look for. The controller you buy is different from the other piece. The shock blue controller back piece is different. Both sizes are provided by Power a. Excellent product.

👤This thing won't work for me, but I am in the minority. If you can charge the batteries, they are great. The lights won't come on when I place mine on this thing. I know the charging station is pushed down and nothing happens because I have owned the Xbox One version for years. I am lucky if I can ever get one to charge. I have an older single and double charger from this brand, so not sure what is happening, but never had this problem on the older versions. I would probably consider a replacement as part of the return, but I haven't seen any other reviews with the same issue, and Amazon won't have stock again for over a month. I guess I will explore something else.

👤When I saw that these were for sale, I thought I'd give them a try, because I spent the previous console generation swapping batteries on my controllers every week. The box was crushed when it arrived, but the dock and components were tucked into a plastic cradle to protect it. I thought the dock was wobbly when I unboxed it. I didn't think that would happen. When you set your controller onto it, the top portion snaps into place. I don't know why they went with this style, but it's fine. The controller has a battery bay. There are two battery backing plates, one for the controllers and one for the controllers. They are not the same despite the minor pattern difference on the back. It will take some trial and error to get the plate onto the controller. I ordered a black stand and plates. There is a microusb charging cord, but no wall outlet to connect to theusb. I used an old plug. I can't speak to the longevity of the battery because I only used it for a couple of days. The charge is about 30 hours. If you plan on setting your controller back on it's dock after every use, it's not bad. I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of having to swap batteries.

2. Controller YCCSKY Gaming Windows Dual Vibration

Controller YCCSKY Gaming Windows Dual Vibration

The team at HYCARUS gaming provides excellent customer service. If you have a question about this controller, please contact them. As soon as possible, they will answer your questions. The new wired controller for XBOX ONE is compatible with both the PC and the XBOX ONE gaming systems. The buttons are easy to press and won't hamper your performance. Excellent engine design. The 7.2ft cable allows you to play the game more freely, the shell material is well thought out, the buttons conform to the human body layout, and the 1:1 palm curvature is close to the design, so you will not feel uncomfortable after playing for a long time. The anti-slip grip design makes you feel more comfortable and the asymmetric four- motor v function makes the controller more convenient, so that you won't lose to the competitors. They have a service team with 24 H/7 days warm cutomer service and 30-day money back. If you have any questions about the controller before or after it's sale, please contact them. Your satisfaction is their biggest goal, they will respond to you at the first time.

Brand: Yccsky

👤If I get customer support, I will amend this review. I bought it on Monday and it arrived on Thursday. I followed the instructions to turn on the Xb and plug it in. The 4 green lights went off. There are no buttons. I turned the system off. I used the controller to turn it on. I can't turn it off because no buttons work and I couldn't use the Home button to turn it off because it was on less than a minute earlier. The tiny instruction sheet was helpful, but not very useful. If it doesn't work, it says to plug it in for 20 seconds, then press A, and it will work. I counted to 20 Mississippi's to time it as it was unplugged and plugged up. It might need to be right on 20 seconds, because my count was off. Let's keep going. I used my watch to time it to 20 seconds, but it didn't work out. I thought it might be a slight delay between the power hitting it and the twenty second mark. It might need an exact, precise, 20.000000 second time unplugged. My brother came over after work. He has an atomic watch, which is a complete waste of his money, but that is not here or there. I believe that atomic watches are the most precise timekeeping pieces, so he timed it exactly twenty second from the moment the lights on the controller went out as I unplugged it, and monitored the lights as I plugged it back in. Green lights were on, but no joy. We've decided to restart the XB1. There is still no joy. I counted to 20-Mississippi's, then used my phone timer, and then his atomic watch. The lights are on. They are lit up. I press A. There was no joy. At this point, I'm pretty determined to find out what's going on with this POS, while I wait for some customer service help. We repeat the above steps again, alternating what I press after the controller powers up. I tried all the steps with B instead of pressing A. The lights stay on. There was no joy. I had my brother bring over his XB1X. We repeat the steps again. All of them. One of them. There was no joy. I'm trying to get help with this by posting a review, a question, and contacting customer service again. I will change the rating and content of this review if I do. We've tried everything we can think of but it won't do anything other than turn on the system. It's all over. I saved myself $25 by pressing a button.

👤The time of writing is September. The controller is fine, but the D-Pad feels squishy, my mic doesn't work out of the box, and I started having problems with stick drift on the left analog. I did not start using it until around 4 months after it arrived. If you decide to buy one, keep in mind that the stick drift isn't severe, but it still works well in its current state. This is not a long haul device.

3. Controller Wireless Vibration Ergonomic Microsoft 360

Controller Wireless Vibration Ergonomic Microsoft 360

The X-one controller is compatible with Microsoft Microsoft X-One, X-One s, X-One X, X-Serires X & Slim & PC. This is made by third-party manufacturers. The XB controller can be used after the receiver is in the host. The XB-controller is very stable and will not be disconnected. The controller is built in a way that it responds quickly to player commands. The function button can be burst at the same time if you press and hold the "TURBO" button. Multiple buttons can be set repeatedly, and the button has burst function at this time. To cancel the burst function of the button, simultaneously press and hold the "TURBO" button and function button at the same time. When the handle is abnormal, such as button disorder, crash, failure to connect, etc., it can be reset through the reset hole at the back of the handle, and you can try to restart the controller.

Brand: Vebesco

👤I have installed a computer. The XBOX controller I replaced was wired. I couldn't use this with Madden 21. My passes were late because of the delay. It would be ok for a slow paced game, but not a real time sports game.

👤The remote works well on our console. The design and color match our console.

👤I like the white color. The controller is nice. The controller works great, there are no issues with any of my games. The best controller for gaming. The quality is excellent.

👤This item is not as good as turtle bay brand. It works and lights up.

👤I had to use excessive force to make my character run.

👤The controller is good despite the box being damaged when it arrived. It's recommended if you want a basic controller.

4. Brook Adapter Wireless Controllers Function

Brook Adapter Wireless Controllers Function

We have a service team with 24 H/7 days warm cutomer service and 30-day money back. If you have any questions about the controller before or after it's sale, please contact them. Your satisfaction is their biggest goal, they will respond to you at the first time. The X One SE (Type-C version) allows the controllers of the Xbox One Elite Series 2 and the X/S controllers to be connected and played on other consoles. Functions are easy to use. You can change the console mode for PS4 and Switch by pressing the button. Press the remap button to set up functions. PS4 games are compatible with PS5 consoles. PS5 games are not supported. Support button hold for PS4 and PC. The PS4 touch Pad can be Emulated via Function Key. The speed is changeable. Motion control for PS4 and Switch is supported. The microphone headset is for PS4 and XBOX One. If there is a firmware update, please visit the website.

Brand: Brook

👤I tried the Wingman Converter, Cronus Zen, and the official Microsoft Wireless Adapter v2, but they were all difficult to setup. I don't encourage it. The best wireless solution out of everything I tried was the brook xbox one se adapter type C. If you don't want to know, try it for yourself. I first tried the Zen because I heard about it all the time for cheating and controller emulation. Since I just got a PS5 and need to keep using my Elite S2 for controller emulation, I needed to try this, even though I don't want to use it for its other features. When using the Zen w/ Microsoft Wireless Adapter, the wireless does not work. I think it's because the signal is prone to interference and not what you want to use for a controller. If you want wireless, TitanTwo uses the same type of signal as the other one. It's the most expensive and complex setup out of all the options. You need the Zen which is $100 on its own, a Wireless Adapter, PS5 Dongle or other DS4-type controller to give authorization. If you're using it wired, you don't have to worry about interference or disconnections. I'm not interested in this. The Astro C40 is a 3rd party PS4 controller that mimics the style of the Elite. It's a great controller but the Elite S2 has set the bar so high that it's hard to match. It made people uncomfortable because it was limited to 2 back buttons instead of 4 and it made them uncomfortable because it was limited to 2 back buttons. Maybe it will work for you if you try it. I tried the other option by Wingman. I hoped this would work the best. There were no devices hooked to the controller. The same issue as the Zen + Wireless Adapter, smooth/lag-free wireless, but with a random disconnection just waiting to happen. I tried the Brook Xbox One SE Adapter Type C and it works, no repairs are needed. When I first connected this up, I noticed that the top right hand corner had a message on it. The official S0NY Pro Priest DS 4 signal is passed by this adaptation. There is no chance of interference with the other options because there is nothing else that uses that signal. The other two methods of passing a signal are by the same method, but this one is straight A to B from the PS4/5. Someone figured it out because Sony is terrible at controllers. They can do consoles and games, but not controllers. You have a button for Ghost of Tsushima on the adapter. Replacing the share button, sync button or paddle is one of the options that have this. The way this is set up, all the other buttons are free. You can remap buttons from the adapter. I use the Elite profiles this way. Remember to save ONTO the controller regardless of which device you later have it connected to. A rapidfire button is also present. I don't have any plans and haven't tested this. If you're using the Astro a50 Gen 3 you don't need to plug the headset into the controller because it's not plugged into the bottom. The official controller chatpad for the Xbox doesn't work with anything other than the console. I plan to use voicechat or my Rii i8. There are possible future options to look out for. Most PS5 games are released with PS4 versions that you can use with the above options. The PS4 versions have upgrade options so they are still next-gen. Scuf is one of the potential future options for the PS5 controller. They're working on a PS5 controller, but not much else. If they do make a Scuf Vantage 3, they will definitely give it a hard look, but wait for reviews. The Scuf Vantage 2 is a discontinued controller. It was plagued with issues, but if Scuf learns from their mistakes it could be a contender. This will be a pass from me if they release a design like a dualsense or unergonomic design. Sony has patented a controller or add-on. It is a patent at the moment. I'd be very skeptical of this because of how high the bar is from the Elite S2. There is an update for PS5. I'm hoping for this. I think there will be a new solution for games without PS4 versions by then, because developers are going to start making games without PS4 versions. I don't know how it would be possible with anything other than a dualsense since PS5 games requireadaptivetriggers but we'll see. Hope this analysis helps someone out. I spent a lot more time on this. I wanted to type something out so I can remember what I tried. It didn't work. This is a great way to try this adapter. I don't know why some people had bad experiences with it, but the manual is on the Amazon listing. Maybe they got a bad unit and should replace it with a newer one. Good luck!

5. DualShock Wireless Controller PlayStation Black 4

DualShock Wireless Controller PlayStation Black 4

The feel, shape, and sensitivity of the dual analog sticks andtrigger buttons have been improved to provide a greater sense of control, no matter what you play. The new multi touch and clickable touch pad on the face of the dual shock 4 wireless controller opens up new possibilities for both newcomers and veterans. The dualShock 4 Wireless Controller has a built in speaker and stereo headset jack, which makes it possible to add more audio options to the player's hands. Plug the controller into your PS4 system, even when in rest mode, or use a standard cable to charge it, and you'll be good to go. PS4 and PC compatible with the dualShock 4 Wireless Controller. Only PS5 compatible when playing PS4 games.

Brand: Playstation

👤When I got it, I assumed everything was fine, but I soon realized there were a couple things off about the controller. I don't think these controllers are authentic. My right stick stopped working after I bought the controller. I had a controller for a long time before it stopped working, and this one only lasted half a year. I don't understand how that is possible. I bought one from Best Buy on Black Friday and compared it to the other ones, and there are minute details that are off with the touch pad and the directional pad. The controller's serial number label is different from the other controllers I own. I recommend buying from the store.

👤The controllers from Amazon are not the same as the ones from Wal-mart. They're lighter, the sticks are loose, and they all die on me within a few months. Different manufacturers must be involved here. They stopped holding a charge for more than 30 minutes. I have a wal-mart one that I bought when my PS4 was a year and a half old and it's analog sticks are still nice and stiff, it still holds a 5+ hour charge, but I have no intention of ever buying it.

👤This is a backup for my original PS4 controller. The problem started after about 30 hours of game play. The left thumb stick doesn't seem to be coming back to center/neutral anymore making it difficult to interact with games as you are unwillingly moved in different directions. Resetting the controller did not fix the issue. I am not in the return window. I bought another $42 replacement after biting the bullet. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the controller to work longer than it did. Very disappointed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the new one.

👤The stick on the left always wears out. It doesn't show in all games, so you won't notice. In games where the left stick movement is very sensitive, certain directions will cause the character to shuffle their feet repeatedly because the controller's signal constantly shows a strong/weak press alternating. When I pressed around 1 o' clock on the analog my first controller had an issue, the second one is when I press straight to the left. I've never had so many problems with a controller. The ps4 controllers are as good as my 360 controllers.

👤I ordered a second controller after the first one developed issues with the left analog stick, and I have been playing with it ever since. The same issues are being shown by my second controller. In my case, the stick will not respond properly if it is at some specific angle. This will result in the character in the game slowing down to a walk from a run and back again, which will cause stuttery movement. The issue will get worse with larger deadzones. The warranty process is inconvenient, but Sony will replace the controllers within a year. You might not get the controller back for a couple of weeks because you have to mail it. The system is not usable without a controller. There are many guides that show how to replace the sticks yourself, but they require you to open the controller and solder a new one in its place. I will be looking into a third party controller because the controller is not doing what it should be.

6. Wireless Adapter Windows Compatible Controller

Wireless Adapter Windows Compatible Controller

You can get the best set up. These units are selling fast so buy now. It will solve 99% of issues if you read the instructions. Their support team is always here to help if you have issues with your controller. You can play games on PCs, laptops, and tablets with Windows 10. The controller is compatible with the Xbox one controller. This is not an original product from TOMSHEIR. Not compatible with the controllers. The wireless headset must be specially designed for XBOX, and only supported under WIN10! Universal headset will not work. Simply plug this Xbox wireless accessory into your PC and you can play the game as an XBOX. If your system is Windows 7 or Windows 8 you need to download drivers on Microsoft's site. If you don't know how to do it, email me. Smaller and stronger than others using the latest technologies. Stable transmission and no delay. Have a good time with your friends. You get 1 x instruction and 1 x wireless adapter. There is a 30 days refund, a365 days replacement warranty, and email support. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Tomsheir

👤This is the first review I have ever written. I've never written a review that was out of my way. This is a scam that has led me to here. I bought this when I was on the PC. I wanted to buy a higher end one so that I wouldn't have any problems. Over time my headset began to lag, more and more as if it weren't connecting, but at first it worked well. I spent 15 hours trying to fix my PC's sound, updating and adding new drivers before I realized what the problem was. I can no longer use it because it only works for a short time and then all sound stops and 888-270-6611 This is the first product I've ever bought and it has been a waste of money.

👤The device didn't work when I received it, and is cheap. The device is a waste of money because it is hot only a couple minutes after being plugged in, and it is rattling when it is moved around. I'd return it but not go to one of the few places to do such, so I'll just get a legit one from Microsoft and pay the extra cash. I tried every port on my PC and laptop, but I couldn't find anything, so I had to manually reinstalled drivers. My side of things is fine.

👤After a short time, it started to randomly connect with the headset. I thought it was my headset. I tested it on XBOX and it worked well. After about 10 minutes, I switched back to my PC with the wireless adapter off. Everything on the PC shows that it's working, but there's no sound from the headset. The light blinks when I check the headset. I need to plug it back in before it can connect. This will last for about 10 minutes and then it will rinse and repeat. After a few days of use, the thing worked great, but after a few minutes, it would only stay connected for a few minutes at a time, most likely due to a heating problem.

👤We use the wireless controller for our games on the PC. We were worried at first because it's a 3rd party device, but we got it to hook up correctly. When ours snapped at the insert, we had to order a new one because Microsoft no longer makes the original one. It works very well. If needed, would buy again.

👤It was broken. It seems simple to use, but not when it is broken and rattling.

👤Plug-in, scyn controller, and game on. I have a computer in my living room. I'd prefer a controller to chill. This is a quick way to connect. My product had a couple of problems. 1. The extension cable doesn't work. I'm heavily lowering my rating. If I don't replugged the adapter every time I turn on my PC, it won't light up. I have no problem after I restart my game. I would give the product a higher rating but it is not perfect.

7. PS4 Controller Charging Cable Compatible

PS4 Controller Charging Cable Compatible

2 x recharageable batteries, 2 x Xbox Series X|S battery doors, and 1 x AC Adapter are included. The 10ft Microusb Charger Cable is specially made for the PS4 controller. The first ever charging cable built with bulletproof aramid fiber, triple-braided Tangle-free nylon exterior, and laser-welded aluminum connectors makes this cable distinguished from other commonusb cables, withstanding at least 10,000 times of 90 degree bend test 10FT. Extra long is more convenient and comfortable. Allow you to lie on the bed or sit on the couch and play games. It should be easy to stay in the game. Perfect Connection: The compact connector heads easily and steadily, so they won't get loose during playing. Enjoy the best gaming experience. Purchase now and you will get a 12-month warranty. If the cable can't work within a year, please email them, they will give you a new one free. No need to return. Charge and play allows you to play PS4 games while charging. No need to stop and replenish! Universal compatibility means that the Microusb port can be used with Microsoft XBOX One, One S, X controler, and more.

Brand: 6amlifestyle

👤The material they are made of seems to be sturdy and high quality. The length is very long. These charges are not supposed to register your PS4 controllers to the PS4 or PC, they are supposed to. It works to charge only. This was my only disappointment. I will update my review after having these longer.

👤I switched from PS4 to PC. I bought this cable to connect my controllers to my PC since I haven't fully transitioned to gaming on M&K yet. I got a pop-up that said "Power surge on theusb port" when I plugged in my PS4 controller to my PC. I looked up the problem and tried a variety of fixes. There was no luck. If you plug in the cables, you can't use the port unless you restart your PC. I highly recommend not using these cables on your computer. You can find a different cable on Amazon. I wish these cables didn't cause the power surge issue. I got the same "Power Surge" issue when I tried both of the cables included in this package. After restarting my machine, I tried a different cable and it worked well. My gaming PC is running Windows 10 Pro, just in case this piece of info might be helpful for some out there.

👤Excellent product. If you want to charge your PS4 controller, you need to connect it in the front of the controller that faces the TV, not the controller that faces you. That port is used for microphones and headphones. It works with all PS4 and XBox controllers.

👤After we received the chargers, one broke and we had to stop using it. We only used the black and red one for a couple hours at a time to charge the PS4 controller, but when it stopped working, we couldn't charge anything. When it broke, we probably got 6 hours of use out of it. I bought them because I wanted to charge our consoles. One controller. The 10 foot length makes them perfect for this, as you can still play comfortably even while they are plugged in and charging. It gives you a good amount of time to work with your phone while it's being charged and it doesn't restrict you to a small area during the time it takes your device to charge. One of them works perfectly, I use it daily to charge my phone and controllers, but the second one stopped working after about a day and a half of owning them. The reason I bought them was because they were 10 foot in length and came with two chargers. If you get them, be aware that there is a chance that one of them could stop working for no reason. If the second one had not broken, I would have given them 5 stars because the gray and black charger that I use still works and I have found it very convenient, but since the second one broke, I have spent $12.00 for one charging cord.

8. Wireless Controller Windows Usergaing Gamepad

Wireless Controller Windows Usergaing Gamepad

Universal compatibility means that the Microusb port can be used with Microsoft XBOX One, One S, X controler, and more. This controller is for the xbox one, xbox one S, xbox one X, and xbox one Elite console. Give you high fidelity wireless audio and long battery life. The high sensitivity of the integrated sensor makes it more comfortable to hold for a long time. The XBOX wireless controller has more than 10 hours of battery life, which is made to last. You don't use a X2 AA battery for this controller. "Enhanced gaming experience" includes a hybrid D-pad, textured grip on the bumpers, and back-case. You can position each frame more accurately with the help of dual vibration motors, New Impulse Triggers, and 360 joysticks. The team at HYCARUS gaming provides excellent customer service. If you have a question about this controller, please contact them. As soon as possible, they will answer your questions.

Brand: Usergaing

👤Don't bother. I read reviews but buy stuff anyway because I might have a different experience. Don't bother with this. I didn't want anyone else to waste their hard earned money like I did. The controller won't connect unless you plug in theusb that comes with it and it randomly looses connection. The controls are delayed between the game and the controls. Don't bother with this at all.

👤The controller is great for the price. It doesn't connect directly to the console, so you have to use a thumb drive receiver. The controller is easy to set up. If the line of sight between controller and receiver is blocked, the connection will be lost. The controller works and feels great.

👤The controller looked and felt good, but there was a delay between the controller and receiver that made it useless. The buttons/sticks don't register when pressed, and it's a second after that. You can get a real controller if you spend the extra $20.

👤I gave my son the controller and put it on the charging port, but the port was half pushed back. I tried to take the back off to see if I could pull up the corner.

👤The cheaper version doesn't seem like it's the same as the original one because it's the same feel and quality.

👤The gamepad works well. I have a laptop and have been playing it. The connection is stable and lightweight. The buttons feel good and make a click. The controller's shape and size are the same as the one on the console. It stopped working. Not good.

👤The Right Trigger was great at first, but has stopped responding after two months.

👤After a month, the "A" button on my controllers starts sticking real bad. I was automatically reconnected as second player. I was unable to get it back to the first player. It's a shame because I really liked the controller.

9. Controller Compatible Playstation Vibration Indicator Black 4

Controller Compatible Playstation Vibration Indicator Black 4

The real 1300mAh large-capacity battery requires only 2.5 hours of charging time and up to 16 hours of playtime, compared to other third-party wireless PS-4 controllers on the market. The device should be activated using theusb cable. The replacement for ps4 controller has built-in dual vibration motion motors, giving you different intensity feedback and a more realistic gaming experience. A highly sensitive motion control system senses your every move and characters, as well as objects in the game, will move and react as you tilt, push and shake the ps-4 wireless controller. The 3.5mm jack supports headsets that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game. The ps-4 controller is an asymmetric design and has a maximum gaming comfort. The design can relieve the muscle fatigue of the thumb joints and allow you to have more comfortable playing time. Its weight is 200g and it will not feel tired after playing a long time. The cool 3D effect for buttons symbols will offer exciting new ways to experience and interact with your games. Hall sensors can be used to accelerate in driving games. You can fire continuously without having to press the button multiple times per second. 3 You can share your game video with others. The play-station 4 controller is compatible with PS-4 and PS-4. There is a pro/PC and laptop. There was a meeting on 1/10. You can play any game you want with the pc controller, and it's supported by a lot of popular games. They provide a 180 day return or replacement service and 3-year technical support. If you have a problem, please contact their customer service. They have lifetime product care for each of you who purchased the Pauroty wireless ps-4 controller. If your ps-4 controller has a problem, you will get a new one. Click on the store name to contact their team. They hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

Brand: Pauroty

👤Please make more. I've tried to find the brand "Pauroty", but no luck. I would love a more expensive version with different colors. There are more levers on the bottom. I'd be willing to pay more for the upgrade. The budget controller is better than the more expensive versions around Amazon. Wireless for almost any occasion. The connection is easy. You need a wire for the PS-Now app on PC. I bought this to use with my PC games, but I don't have a PS4. PS-Now is a service offered by Sony for which you pay to access a GamePass style array of games, all streamed by their cloud to your PC. You can play God of War or other popular games with this. You need a wire to use it with PS-Now. It's fine if you're just playing regular Steam games or using it as a desktop controller. All buttons work. You need to hit up the section called "base configurations" in order to bind them to the "Big Picture" controller settings. You can use other controller keybinding apps, but I prefer Steam. The color choice was poor. The ABYX/XOASquare hybrids look awesome and they're very clear to see, I wish every controller copied this style. The rest of the controller is pitch black. It's hard to see the rest of the elements at night. This isn't a big problem for people who know their controller. In the future, I would produce these with a CHARCOAL GREY color scheme base, keep the red colors under the joysticks. I would pay $10 more for that alone if it were White, because it would make this perfect. Add another $10 to the price and we can have more buttons under the controller. The designers thought of doing this but changed their minds. Normally some extra buttons would be placed under the controller, but there are twocroppings. They don't interfere but they remind us of how amazing this would be with added function. Conclusions? I asked you again. Pauroty, make more controllers. You have a great design, a perfect hybrid of Xbox's style with Playstation, and it won't ever work with an Xbox unless they give you proprietary rights, but my thumbs appreciate the maneuverability of these joystick placements. I will immediately buy a more expensive controller if you make it in this style. After a few hours of use, I returned the PISOBIN. I returned two other GameSir controllers that were useless for PCs. I found a controller that met my needs with the PAUROTY brand, and I'm very happy about it. They don't have an alternative storefront outside of Amazon.

👤The controller worked well the day I received it. It was used for about two hours. I removed the buttons from the system and tried to pair them again, but the system wouldn't recognize them. Repeatedly, no success was achieved. Returned it and bought a better quality controller. I wouldn't recommend this item.

👤My boys like this controller. It is easy to use. One of the nicer controllers. The design is cute and easy to read. It has a charging cord and is charged for an extended period of time. It lasts longer than some of the more expensive ones. This is a good value.

10. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller Xbox X

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller Xbox X

A new share button is included in the ergonomics video game controller. The wired controller has advanced gaming buttons. There is a diamond-texture grip on the back and a metallic d-pad on the front. The headset jack can be used for a 3.5mm stereo headset dial. It is licensed for the X series with a limited warranty.

Brand: Powera

👤I will be doing a two part review. This is not a fake review. I did not receive this for free. I researched and bought this myself. This controller is great for the Moms. The quality is good. The lights are bright, the buttons are crisp, and the sticks are smooth. All good signs. You're getting what you pay for, and then some, because this is better than stock XBOX controllers. Have you ever gotten something you wanted for Christmas, but it ended up being an inferior version of what you actually wanted, and you hated it but couldn't say anything without being rude? This is how your son will feel if you buy a third party controller. If you want to make sure nobody is suffering in silence, buy this. The lights are really cool. Let's get down to business. XYAB feels the same as XBOX. LBRB and D-Pad have the same feel as an Apple TV remote. The connection is solid. The sucker is not coming out when you plug it in. Holding firmly with both hands and twisting like trying to wring out a towel results in zero squeaking. I'm trying to break it. It's not making noise. Not too much and a good resistance can be found for both of them. It's easy to see on the eyes and doesn't have any strong spots. Dim spots will be revealed when the sticks are jiggled around. There is not much to say here. Similar to XBOX. It feels a bit more intense because it is a little less refined. The most important thing that nobody talks about is sensitivity and Deadzones. The ranges of motion on the sticks are very important. I can't find a proper term for what I'm about to describe, so I'll just refer to them as "Physical Range" and "Virtual Range". The range of motion available to you on the input is called the Physical Range. Unpressed is zero and pressed all the way down is 100%. The software reads Virtual Range. The relationship between the Virtual Ranges and the Physical Ranges on your inputs is the key to good controllers. The software still thinks you're at zero, even if you push the physical down to 5%. The software will register 1% of the physical input when it is around 6%. The "dead-zone" is here. Pushing it any further will not make a difference, as the virtual input on the software will be the same as the physical input. The bottom-out is what this is. Nothing is happening from 0-5% and 95- 100%. You have no real influence on the inputs. 10% of the motion you paid 60 bucks for is not available to you, that's terrible. There is a problem with third party controllers. I had a really good controller 10 years ago. The physical and virtual ranges have been terrible. Most controllers have a range of 30- 100% or 0-70%. The range of my purchase was 0 to 40%. I couldn't believe it. I got this controller instead of returning it. I was surprised. The ranges are perfect. That's right, it's better than XBOX. This is the only controller that is good. PowerA's controller is not on Amazon. Everything else is terrible. XBOX controllers are not good. This is how it should be. This is all that matters if you care about having a good controller. This is the gold standard for all of this, and it only takes good input ranges to do it. Forget about the build quality, the price, and the ease-of-use. This is the biggest indicator of quality and nobody talks about it. If you don't believe me, buy this and you will realize how much better gaming is. A video of this has been included. The input ranges are matched up perfectly. I've only been on it for a few hours. It feels amazing right out of the box. I would have paid more for an XBOX controller. Time will tell if this controller holds up. I expect this controller to last at least 1000 hours of use before it begins to show signs of wear. It will probably last a long time. If you don't throw this thing across the room every time you get hit, I fully expect this to stand the test of time. Take a look at how old my review is. I'll be adding an edit to my review if anything breaks or gets messed up. If there are no edits below, it means it's still going strong. Get this controller. I'm not getting anything from the company or Amazon to give it a good review, it's just that good. I want to help people out because I know how hard it is to deal with crummy controllers. I hope this has helped. Have a great day. It's a good thing.

11. Victrix Gambit Fastest Controller Esports Paddles

Victrix Gambit Fastest Controller Esports Paddles

The world's fastest XBOX CONTROLLER 1 has up to 8x faster input responses and is powered by Gambit dual core technology. The Control Hub App allows you to modify your controller and rumble. You can modify your play style with interchangeable D-Pads and Pro Thumbsticks. The hair Triggers with 5 stops and a stick. Next-gen gaming includes Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, DOTA 2, and Street Fighter. Lifetime Access through a 3.5mm audio jack is included with MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT for XBOX ONE, ONE X, SERIES X, SERIES S, PC and WINDOWS 10 computer. All-day comfort is comfortable, swappable faceplates to keep your hands dry and cool.

Brand: Pdp

👤I have to praise Victrix for their aggressive pricing on this controller. In a market dominated by $180-$200 options, you can get fine adjustments via the app for just $100. $100 is a statement. I hope this will give the big controller a run for its money. I would like to see people like Razer forced to look at their designs instead of using the same uncomfortable paddles. Maybe Microsoft will add a third set of Triggers to the Elite Series 3. I love everything about this controller. The buttons are very responsive, I like having five different positions I could lock the triggers in, and the shape feels very ergonomics in a way some elite controllers don't. I loved the purple/white aesthetic. A lot of thought and care was put into this pad. The feature set and the value proposition are what you can't beat. For a few reasons, this won't replace my Elite Series 2 as my daily driver. I like the idea of the back paddles being flush with the grips, but it ends up feeling a bit "cramped" back there. If I keep my middle finger and ring finger on both paddles, it will make it difficult for me to grip the paddles. I have to squeeze my fingers to actuate those buttons. I felt this was throwing off my aim in fast-paced games. The paddles are detached from the unit so they don't "jitter" when you use them. There are 3 more Maybe it's an issue with my particular unit, but the purple Silicone "Match Silencer" faceplate is just different enough to cause issues. We're probably talking nanometers, but it's enough where my left analog stick can't reach its full tilt in a few places. I checked out the Control Hub app for calibration and the "rotate your analog sticks" test but it wasn't quite seeing the full, complete rotational movement, so I couldn't complete it.

👤The elite series 1 was my daily activity. I have sent the controller in for repairs 3-4 times. I was completely surprised by the Gambit from Victrix. I like the lighter and smaller Razer Wolverine Ultimate because it fit in my mitt and I could rest my fingers on the buttons. The weight of the Wolverine ultimate is the same as that of the Gambit. It is definitely lighter than my other series. The hairtrigger clutch is responsive. I just got the Wolverine v2 chroma and it is more responsive than this one. You can still drive vehicles with the clutch on in games such as pubg. If I needed to drive a vehicle, I would switch the hairtrigger off. The controller doesn't require you to turn them off. It surprised me. The rear buttons in the 4 button configuration are placed in a natural position and don't require hard presses to actuate or engage. It was a nice and satisfying clicky response. The ergonomics are sleek and I like using the purple faceplate because it makes it feel different and different than the normal plastic. The thumb sticks are light, quick and accurate, and the buttons and d-pad seem to actuate quicker than the rest of my controllers. The build quality is good, and you can get a case, accessories, and cable for $100. The software controller app is easy to use. It's easy to set up. You get free Dolby Atmos with it. You don't have to worry about batteries with this magnetic cable. Overall, a pretty good deal. I was pleasantly surprised that this controller retired my elite and became my new daily companion.


What is the best product for best xbox controller no delay?

Best xbox controller no delay products from Powera. In this article about best xbox controller no delay you can see why people choose the product. Yccsky and Vebesco are also good brands to look for when you are finding best xbox controller no delay.

What are the best brands for best xbox controller no delay?

Powera, Yccsky and Vebesco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best xbox controller no delay. Find the detail in this article. Brook, Playstation and Tomsheir are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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