Best Best Xbox Controller Accessories

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1. MoKo Backlight Keyboard Receiver Controller

MoKo Backlight Keyboard Receiver Controller

It's compatible with the Xbox One and Windows. Compatibility is specifically designed for your controller. It's not compatible with the Xbox One X. The movie "Green Backlight" is about a film. The keyboard draws power from the controller. The keyboard backlight will light up if you push this product into the controller. If the keyboard doesn't work within 10 seconds, the backlight will go off. With firm buttons to type, text, email, enter codes, you can chat while play. It's ideal for group chat while playing games. Data can be transferred through a 2.4G wireless protocol. It's suitable for 3.5mm earphones. The audio jack port is for 3.5mm audio devices. Plugs your headphones, earphones or headset into the device. It feels good on your hand and makes a superior accessory.

Brand: Moko

👤This is going to be long because there are some things to explain. It wouldn't work for anything in this world when I got it. I tried to find videos on the internet to see if I was doing something wrong. When you get this keyboard, make sure it is lined up perfectly with the holes you want it to be in, and then plug it into your controller. It works for the Xbox one controller if the sides are clicked onto the remote. Make sure you don't touch the actual controller or the keyboard when you push it in, because it could cause a problem. This will cause all of the problems with the sync process, with the buttons pressing letters multiple times. Put your smallusbadapter into the xbox once you have properly inserted it. The green light on the keyboard will turn on if you press the sync button on the keyboard while the adapter is in. Your keyboard will work without any problems, and you won't be frustrated. It took me a day to get it to work, but it will only take you a minute.

👤The 3.5mm jack for the headset didn't work according to some reviews. The chat pad was plugged into my controller and then connected to the xbox. You can plug your headset into the chat pad if you have an audio jack in the controller. I heard no game audio when I plugged my headset in. The chat pad worked. The audio jack wouldn't plug into the controller because it wasn't built into the chat pad. If you have a small watch screw driver, you can fix it. The chat pad has four screws that hold it together. The connection from the mother board should be unplugged from the separate pad. The 3.5mm audio jack was held in place by a small bracket that I removed. The audio jack is hanging out, so put the pad back together. Plug the rest of the pad in. It worked perfectly. It's a huge manufacturing flaw. It only took me 10 minutes. The chat pad and audio work great now. I'm happy with it. I hope they fix the flaw.

👤This guy seems to be the best runner up since Microsoft no longer makes their chat pads for x box. I decided to risk the money even though it said it was not compatible for the one x only first and s seris. It works, it connects easily, and it has a comfortable keyboard. The microsoft chatpad has a few drawbacks, but the most important is that there is no one click capture button or board volume control to adjust game/player specific volume levels. This guy will work well and serve you well because no chat pads have this option anymore.

👤The keyboard connects in seconds, the keyboard backlight is very effective, the controller battery lasts half as long as it is the power source for the lighted keyboard, and the keyboard will put multiples of the same letter also when backspacing. It is difficult to use and unreliable during fast talking scenarios. The price is not worth the headaches. If I'd known, I'd have passed on it.

2. Rechargeable Controller 4x2550mAh Batteries Controllers

Rechargeable Controller 4x2550mAh Batteries Controllers

The battery pack for the Xbox One is 1200 mAh and includes a charging dock and user manual. If you need help with their product or service, please contact them. The portable design for xbox one controller battery pack comes with four 2550mAh rechargeable batteries for the controller, and a charging port. The controllers of the XBOX ONE X/ XBOX ONE ELITE are not interrupted mid-game. The battery pack for xbox one controller has a built-in 9.4Inusb power cord and a Type C charging port to provide you a convenient charging way, you can attach the attachedusb cord away when not in use. You can choose your preferred method of charging anywhere. It is an essential accessory for your controllers. The battery charging station for the xbox series x controller has a short-circuit safety protection that keeps the batteries from being charged more than 2000 times. Each battery in the Long Life battery pack can last up to 25 hours if charged individually or at the same time. There are indicators for the charging of the xbox series x controller battery pack, red light-in charging, green light-fully charged, light off-in-standby, and clearly display the charging status. The self-inspection function is built into the green LEDs and they flash 3 times after power is supplied to each battery. If you need help with their product or service, please contact them.

Brand: Dinostrike

👤The xbox battery packs are cheap. I've gone through 3 of them and this one seems like it won't burn my house down if I keep charging the batteries until they explode. This unit has performed well so far. The batteries stay cool even after being charged a few times. The other units I've tried have failed to shut off when the batteries are full, so they won't be getting over charged and losing their cell capacity, and they won't start a fire. There are good things in my book.

👤It was a great price. Shipping was fast. It worked out of the box. My son has a huge appetite for gaming and eats batteries. We bought these for him instead of using our AA batteries. They charge quickly and last a long time. So far, so good.

👤These worked well for a while but then stopped working. I only have one pack left that will charge after it went dead the first time. The other two were dead celled on me. If you need something that will last, it's not a product to buy.

👤The delivery was quick and the battery life was long. These are a good replacement for non-rechargeable batteries.

👤I was impressed by the charge life of the batteries. When it came time to charge them, 2 of the 4 were dead. Since each battery had a long initial charge, I'm no longer in the return window. I don't think this product is worth the risk, I've seen others talk of very hot batteries and I just don't think it's worth it.

👤After delivery, it worked well to charge all four batteries. Only two batteries charge after a game. I put the battery in one of the charging ports, but still only two of the four batteries charge. The batteries were disappointing with this product. The batteries are great for game play. Will not order this brand, the search continues for decent batteries. The product only has two batteries that charge.

👤The four batteries allow me to keep the spare topped off. The base uses red and green to show a full charge. I always know which ones I can grab when they are charged up. I use the batteries to get the most life out of them. The batteries in my controllers are doing a good job.

👤This is the best one I have gotten so far and I was skeptical about getting another one. Since my controller is powered from my head set, I was killing batteries left and right. I have not needed to swap batteries once during my entire day of playing. I never kill the battery even if I play a lot. If your going to be gaming a lot and you have a controller, it's worth the investment. I had to buy a long c type cord to power the charging block. It was a great purchase.

3. EXtremeRate Octopus Faceplate Controller Accessories X

EXtremeRate Octopus Faceplate Controller Accessories X

The controller is powered by 2.4 GHz wireless and requires no batteries or charging. The Ultra is not compatible with other Xbox One Controllers. The second picture of the listing is important. Fit the best by far; Completely fits flush on all sides; sit properly on all the clips. The package includes a faceplate shell, a T8H screwdriver, and 5 screws. The controller and other parts are not included. Simply disassemble your original controller, then replace it with eXtremeRate shell, and get an installation video guide by searching "eXtremeRate Shell for Xbox Series X/S" or "46g8h8toba4" There is a personalized feature. Anti slip, sweat free for a long period of game playing is what the purple patterned octopus looks like.

Brand: Extremerate

👤If that is okay with you all, I will not mention sheerness or thickness in my review. The pros are 1. The cover shell met my expectations. It looks amazing. The colors pop. The aesthetic 2 was very nice. The build quality is good, but not what I would expect. I have noticed that Extremerate needs to address two things with their cover shells. There is a sort of warp effect to the shell. Microsoft stock cover shells are balanced and even, but these cover shells are not. You can tell when the cover shell is not manufactured as well as it should be. The second issue was the button cut outs for some of the buttons, which were too tight, causing them to stick, leaving them unable to be pressed. I used a razor blade to carefully shave away some plastic, and all was well. I can imagine it would be for some. 3. I lie the soft touch on the shells. They feel great together. The plastic film used for the graphic is more sensitive to scratches than the stock cover shell. I hope they can come up with a protectant layer that will be better suited to preserve the graphic and feel. I am happy with my purchase and would buy a similar product from Extremerate in the future. I hope they keep improving the build quality of their products.

👤The update is (UPDATED). The quality of the faceplate is very similar to the rest of the controller, which is very comfortable. I like to wipe my hands clean before using anything. It helps your controller last with dirt, crumbs, and gunk marks. Once you get your grips off, it is really easy to assemble. I love my controller. The controller is Extremes products, so I will break it down on September 2. The material from this company lasts a long time. I can't get enough of holding this controller, it's amazing for gaming, flashy looks and gunplay! The buttons, analog stick, front faceplate, and back plate are all made from quality materials from Extreme and the paint is very durable. I spend 90$ on the whole custom parts so it's not bad for your own custom controller and custom feel as I have a variety of options which I can change in seconds, and everything about this controller is better than my original down to more accurate button presses. The looks of your controller is what makes you love it. The deadzone on the analog sticks is smooth and better than the original, but I have no deadzone problems. The paint for the buttons is very durable and lasts a while but one thing I noticed is the grip texture on the rightRT button will fade quicker than the leftRT button if you are a shooter player. The quality grip feel on the Trigger is nice. If you want to keep your controller, I would recommend cleaning and wiping it down daily or at every other day if you want to keep it. I think I would avoid some scratches from putting it in my drawer if I invested in one. If you like your own style of gaming and feel in your hands, I suggest investing into more Extremes products. If I build another one and buy cases for them, I will definitely use this as a very dependable backup controller. It would last. It works fine if it isn't better after the recent controller updates. I will invest in another controller soon and I can still feel good about it.

4. Controller High Speed Charging Technology Rechargeable

Controller High Speed Charging Technology Rechargeable

1 x is included in the package. 2 x battery packs, 4 x battery cover, 1 x user manual, and a charging station. The playing time is more than twice that of the others. The batteries could be charged about 2000 times. The batteries are compatible with the Xbox One and the Series X. Series X, S, and X consoles, as well as the Xbox One X and the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. For better experience, they recommend the 5V 2A output of the battery charge. More SafetyCharger is built in an intelligent chip. Fire-resistant material and strict production procedures help you enjoy the game. It takes around 5 hours fully charged. Green light means fully charged. A red light says your battery pole is connected. The package includes 2 x battery packs and a battery charging station. You can charge your batteries with Microusb, type-c andusb.

Brand: Ponkor

👤I bought the battery pack and kit to be an alternative to throwing batteries away. I can always have a battery pack fully charged and ready to go with this. I use Duracell procell and these packs seem to last longer. If you're buying a battery pack like this that can charge by plugging it into the Xbox directly, you should make sure you have your console configured to supply power to charge accessories even if it's powered down or you can plug it into a standard port that provides power.

👤These things are amazing. The 2,500mAh is pretty high. One battery lasts about a week before it discharges, and I play games on PC almost every day. It's incredibly fast to get them to 100% via Type-C. It's easy to swap one in and out during the middle of the game, and it's not as hard to find another pair of AA batteries. The best gaming investment.

👤I was tired of using the stock batteries. They work fine and hold a charge for a while, but after a couple years of use, they break down and don't hold a charge for very long. The 2500mAh batteries were a great upgrade and I did my research to find out. I always have a backup battery ready to go because of the charging cradle. I usually don't need to replace a battery more than once a week, but I might need it for a few hours a day if it's a normal day. The batteries last for a long time with a wired headset. A standard battery for the Xbox One from Microsoft is 800mAh, so you're more than tripling the battery capacity. They don't take forever to charge up, I believe a full charge takes around 1.5-2 hours. If you need to go without waiting a long time, you can have both batteries fully charged and ready to go. This may be the best option for $20 and under. The batteries have a great value.

👤I really like this and recommend it. The Amazon battery pack only charges when in the controller. It's hard to get the cover on the battery pack. The battery is easy to slide in. I tried the top plugs which fit the cables for my cell phone, but they didn't fit. I am very impressed with the power cord options. I can play with one battery and charge the other. It pays for itself by saving me from buying a lot of AA batteries.

👤The XBOX One S has been getting a workout and AA batteries have been consumed. I roll by In alwaysnuse on my two controllers. I wanted to save on battery costs in the long run. They are a great alternative to traditional AA batteries, but only for what they say they are for, and this is a battery pack that won't fit a TV remote controller. I had an issue with the longevity of the batteries in the first shipment, but customer service was responsive and they replaced the licky-split. I charged them before the green light came on to give them a deep charge. I can play several hours for 2 days before I have to charge again. They come with a two-battery pack charger with a charge indicator light and a plug that folds along the side of the charging surface for storage. I made my money back on these batteries after just a couple of weeks.

5. Controller Vertical Charging Accessories Rechargeable

Controller Vertical Charging Accessories Rechargeable

There is a personalized feature. Anti slip, sweat free for a long period of game playing is what the purple patterned octopus looks like. 5 in 1 design includes a vertical stand for the Xbox Series S console, built-in fans for the console, and a dual charger for controllers. The extendedusb port doesn't support data transmission. When the console is off the sleep mode can charge the Charger. The stand isn't compatible with the xbox one controller. The fan at the bottom of the console cooling system can help cool it. The power button can be used to turn the fans on or off. The metal base can cool the console, which improves the operational life span. The rubber bottom design will keep the stand stable. The type-C interface on the battery pack is aligned with the base of the controller. The need for costly replacement batteries is eliminated with the snap down charging design of the 2x1400mAH Rechargeable Batteries. The charging station can provide up to 24 hours of power. Let's know the charging status with a clear indicator. When the indicator is green, it means fully charged; if the indicator is red, it means charging now. The charging indicator of the product does not match the prompt of the XBS controller when the controller is nearly fully charged. The stand has an excellent space management by holding them in a vertical position and keeping the gaming area neat. The battery pack can be charged directly by theusb charging cable. Data transmission is not supported by the extendedusb port.

Brand: Meneea

👤The Xbox is held in place more securely than I expected. Some reviews complain that the charging cable is very short. I am not sure why that is a complaint, as this is easy to use and plugs into any of the ports on the back of your Xbox for power. My wife likes how this thing looks. It is convenient and stylish. My only gripe is 1) The controllers feel like they may break over time. There are two more If your headset has a mic, you have to mount the headphones backwards or it will hit the controllers. There are 3 more The fans on this unit have to be turned off. I would like them to turn on and off with the console.

👤The stand is great and it keeps the mess down. The power cord is a foot long. The cord needs to be at least 5 or 6 feet to fit on a shelf. I don't think any shelves are off the floor. If you have a battery pack for charging your cell phone, the fan is enough power to run it.

👤I bought this for the battles and dock charging. This stand is pretty cool. There is no more power cords. The stand is powered by an electronic device.

👤Decent! It's a little weak to the touch. More secure than regular upright position alone, the Xbox is somewhat secure in place. The first generation of Xbox one controllers don't have batteries. It's okay.

👤I was wondering why my son's controller was dead and not sitting right on the charging station. It was inspected and there it was. There was a split in the battery. I am the only one who charges the controllers. The first battery didn't work, while the second battery did. It was broken when it arrived. I didn't think to check the charge. The charging station is cool, but it is useless if the batteries are broken.

👤There is a power button on the back of the unit. The on/off button is opposite of the display. One of the batteries in the pack is not fully charged. When you breathe into your own, the fans pressure was strong.

👤It works great so far.

👤My husband loves how neat it is and how it keeps his gear charged and cooled. He wasn't sure how much it would cost. He is now. The winner!

👤The batteries fit the controllers perfectly. The series S is snug in the holder. The fans are decent. I don't see anything wrong with it. There is a button at the back that will turn on the fans, but they won't come on automatically.

👤The fan is not worth £50 and the headset is not worth it because of the load on it.

👤It's nice to keep your stuff organized, but I don't think it's a good idea to keep my XBOX down so much and the batteries don't last long. I only play a few hours before bed and I'm not worth the price unless I get 2 dud battery packs.

6. Turtle Beach Headset Controller Superhuman Hearing

Turtle Beach Headset Controller Superhuman Hearing

Turtle Beach has designed audio innovations like Superhuman Hearing, Game & EQ mic preset, and Variable mic monitoring for the ultimate XBOX chat and game audio experience. Turtle Beach's exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting lets you hear subtle, game-changing sounds so you can live up to 20% longer and win more. The Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing study was conducted by Real Industry. You can set environmental mic preset based on room noise levels, or you can set a game preset to make your sound better. Stop coughing! Variable mic monitoring can be used to adjust the level of your voice in the headset. The total control chat. The Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus has a game and chat volume mix.

Brand: Turtle Beach

👤The game/chat volume stops working when I use the new controller, but this works on my Series X controllers. I can't hear my chat because the game volume is so high.

👤The cheaper one loses some features, the more expensive adds some "modes" that don't add anything. The Xbox one is useless on new controllers, and the other manufactrs are hard to find. This is how all XBOX headsets should work. This has 3 levels of "background noise reduction or MIC MODE" to keep your always-on mic from picking up all the clicks and breaths and TV sounds in the room. It should have been an XBOX FEATURE all along. When you want to have a side conversation, the dedicated mute toggle is a lifesaver. Variable mic monitoring! If you want to use a noise cancelling headset, hold the Mute until it starts to sound like your voice, as it makes it sound more natural and it stops you from yelling. If you need it, you can use the fly adjustment. To adjust game/chat balance, use the left side up-down and the right side up-down. There are a few modes that can be used to compensate for weaker headsets. The "superhearing" thing seems to be a stunt, so don't leave it on when you need to hear footsteps or reloads in some games. Oh! If you plug your controller into your PC, it will work the same way as on Xbox. Very cool.

👤The audio jack on the controller stopped working. I tried everything I could to revive it. I was going to throw the controller away but it seemed like a waste of money. I thought I would try an audio adapter since it works for the old controllers that don't have an auxiliary. I found the Turtle Beach ones when I looked into the Xbox version. I liked the extra volume controls that it has. The original Xbox is not compatible with those. My boyfriend stole it from me after his auxiliary broke. It's a good thing. He tried it and loved it. He likes how easy it is to change game sounds. He likes the preset it has. He is crazy about the hearing. It sounds a little louder than I thought, like I turned the volume up. My boyfriend says that the boost he gets from his hearing is a life-changing event. He can hear footsteps that I can't. It's pretty cool. I plan on buying another one since it doesn't look like my boyfriend will give it back to me. It has been about 2 weeks. It is still working well. I will update if that changes.

👤I'm sure it works, but I have to buy another part to make it work. The answer I got when I read the question was that this is compatible with the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP 510, but the link doesn't take you to the website for compatibility information. I didn't see that you need a male 2.5mm to male 3.5mm cable or a female 3.5mm cable for this to work. I have to buy a $10 cable for my headset controller to work with my expensive wireless headset. The 9 inch longusb cable is useless for $40 and you should also include the 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable to make this a useful product.

7. Instinct Custom Wireless Performance Controller Mobile

Instinct Custom Wireless Performance Controller Mobile

Your game is going to get better. Four rear Remappable Paddles can be configured to 16 functions and are embedded within the controller placing them at your fingertips for faster play and increased durability. You can switch from a regular Trigger to a mouse-click action when you need ultra-fast shots with the new adjustable Instant Triggers. Setting matters when you're playing fast. You can save up to three paddle remapping configurations with the help of the controller's onboard profile switch. The Instinct Pro's wireless connection allows you to play comfortably from a distance, while the ergonomics and high- performance grip provide the ultimate non-slip comfort. You can express yourself with thousands of combinations. You can make this controller your own with a wide variety of colors and thumbsticks.

Brand: Scuf

👤I have 3 scuf brand controllers and all of them have had drift issues within 9 months of using them. They do not have good repair policies. I was quoted $75 to fix the stick drift on my controllers, after I reached out to get them repaired. They said that one of my controllers couldn't be repaired or replaced. If I sent the controller in for a new one, they would give me a small coupon. Don't buy a scuf.

👤After only four hours, the button no longer works consistently. When the button is pressed, games won't register. It's not related to the "Instant Trigger" feature as the button has issues with or without it being used. I took the front face off to make sure there was no interference with the button. I can tell it doesn't work on a consistent basis. I only used the controller for four hours and it cost over $200. The physical tabs that Instant Trigger features uses can be awkward if you hold your controller in a way that makes them awkward. My middle finger rests on the lower part of the battery cover as I use the controller. When you're not using the Instant Trigger feature, the tab sticks straight out, causing your finger to rest on a hard plastic spike. It made the controller pretty comfortable for me, and I found it hard to hold it in ways that aren't natural to me. If this becomes an issue for you, be sure to check where your fingers rest in relation to the Instant Trigger tabs. The rubber grip of the controller is very smooth and easy to use, and the buttons on the back of the controller are easy to access. I'll be returning this because of the button defect and the uncomfortable position of the tabs. The controller should not have button problems after only four hours and be fairly uncomfortable as well. This is a one-star item for me because of the lack of reliability and comfort.

👤The 6 month warranty is a joke. "instant triggering" sounds.

👤I own most of the controllers. The Instinct Pro is my favorite. Scuf made it so that I could hit the reprogrammable buttons with only 1 finger each hand, because most of the extra buttons on these controllers are awkward to get to or easily pushed on accident. The quality is clear. Most of the controllers seem to have the short stop triggers that last more than a month. It is one of the most expensive controllers, but it is well worth it.

👤The new controller from corsair is great. The controller has a smooth grip, the joysticks are smooth, and the mute button is a nice extra! The cover is easy to remove. My son really likes the controller and feels that it is better than the elite controller. This controller is a perfect gift for a gaming enthusiast in your life.

👤Customer service is a pain to deal with, as I never broke a controller in 20 years of gaming. It takes 48 hours to reply on a 90 day warranty device. It was great when it worked. After knowing it is easy to break from others, he gets a star.

8. TiMOVO Backlight Keyboard Wireless Receiver

TiMOVO Backlight Keyboard Wireless Receiver

Dust resistant and practical storage bag allows for safe transport. It's specifically designed for your Windows 10 / Xbox one / Xbox one S / Xbox one Elite / Xbox one Elite 2 / Xbox Series X/S controller. It's not compatible with the Xbox One X. The keyboard's backlight will light up if you press the "Xbox" key. The keyboard will enter power-saving state if it is not being used for 10 seconds. You can type, text and email with the full keyboard. It's perfect for group chat while playing games. The keyboard is powered by a controller that is connected to a receiver. The 2.4G receiver can be withdrawn from the keyboard. The audio jack port is for 3.5mm audio devices. To enjoy the sound, connect your headphones, earphones or headset. Just connect it to the controller and align it. It's easy to remove.

Brand: Timovo

👤This device is marketed towards consoles, but it works with PC. Unlike the regular chat pads, this one has a wireless receiver. Plug it into a port that's labeled as a USB 3.0 port. I had trouble using my PC when it disabled the use of my keyboard and mouse on the front slots. All of which work like normal except for the use of this wireless receiver, and it is possible to work more or less normally behind a partially metal case about 7 or 8 feet away. I typed this review on the chatpad. The buttons feel solid and nice to use, but as the letter keys' bottom two rows are skewed to the left, it's a little odd at first, but can be adjusted to. The backspace button on the opposite side of the keyboard is different from the spacebar of all the other keyboards, it seems to be a cross between a traditional keyboard and a mobile keyboard. It feels like a good product, but you may run into some issues with the PC. I'm assuming I'm not just a unique user of this product.

👤I bought this for my son. It seems to be very good quality. It's not difficult to attach. Remove the keyboard from the back and put it into the xbox. Lift the rubber flap and flip the jack. Attach the keyboard to the controller. The keys are easy to press, they only need light pressure, and we don't have an issue with sticking keys.

👤I tried to type every time. Any kind of message it would be a vicious spell. It would type if I was to type 'ok lets do this'. ' Don't buy this product, it's not cool, bad product.

👤The product is made of cheap plastic and it's not good quality. The keys are small and hard to hit accurately with bigger hands, but it seems responsive enough. The lighting on the keys isn't good. It's okay for low light gaming. The keys are cheap but functional, you won't be crazy about them, but you will find them useful. The real issue for me is that I thought it worked like a regular controller chat pad, but it is not. I didn't plan for this issue, I have no more free spots for dongles on my gaming rig. It's not worth the hassle to plug it in and use my keyboard and mouse when I have been using it for a day. I regret buying it and warn anyone who considers it to read everything before jumping. It's not a bad product, it's just not what I needed. It's one flaw that's big enough to kill it. I would like to return it immediately.

👤The layout is hard to get used to and even after a few weeks, I still can't type on it very well. The backspace is in a bad position and the buttons are too small. This is the same chatpad that is sold all over the internet, so get it from the lowest price.

9. Snakebyte Elite Kit Controller Accessories Gold

Snakebyte Elite Kit Controller Accessories Gold

The product is only compatible with the first controller in the series. Exchange components for the Xbox One Elite Controller. The buttons, paddles, and D-Pads of the Xbox One Elite Controller are made of high quality metal and will not wear out easily. The set includes 12 parts and a carry case. It's the perfect fit for your controller. Dust resistant and practical storage bag allows for safe transport.

Brand: Snakebyte

👤The gold circle/cross replacement pieces fit perfectly on the Dpad. That is the only good thing I can say about these. The rubber analog stick replacements are not compatible with the elite controller, they snap down into place, but not in the way that the sticks that came on the controller do. They sit on top. I don't know why this product has so many good reviews. The paddles they sent were technically sound, but they don't pop into place securely the way the elite does and, as such, feel lose and vulnerable even once you have them installed correctly. If you are only in it for the gold dpad piece, then you should not bother.

👤I lost some paddles on my controller and bought these to replace them. The paddles are wobbly. This isn't designed to fit the controller. The set is designed to look nice but it is not. You need to push the buttons very hard in order to get the controller to click. The pieces are not secured in the controller. Don't buy it, it's a ripoff.

👤The original paddle is not bent enough as shown in the picture. This does not seem to be a big deal, but it actually causes the back button to be not fully pressed because this paddle's flat end touches the grip first due to its angle. If this issue still exists, the entire product will be returned.

👤The product looks great on my controller. The series 1 and 2 controllers are incompatible with my specific snakebyte kit. They fit nicely but there is no textile click. I had to return the item because it was unfortunate.

👤Great replacement. The gold accents on my elite series 1 controller make it look better than it does.

👤Garbage! I paid for the case and the paddles didn't fit, so I guess I was just paying for something.

👤They turned out better than I anticipated. I wish you would make the metal on the thumbsticks gold. I'm going to have to buy another kit to get them because I'm trying to get a black/gold theme on here, but these are great and I'm happy with them.

👤The paddles weren't a snug fit. I had to stop using them all. The D-pad worked.

👤I bought it for my series 2 controller and thought everything would be the same, but only the paddles and dpad work, thumb sticks don't work on series 2.

👤The kit is for sale for $25+ everywhere else. I highly recommend this option to take your controller to a new level. Absolutely no complaints after being tested on White Elite.

👤Very cheap. The accessories don't fit the elite 2 controler. The peddles at the back shake a lot.

👤It doesn't match my partners control. I was so excited to give it to him for Christmas, I made sure it fit before I bought them, they still didn't fit.

👤Les languettes derrire la manette somt trop grande.

10. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller Xbox X

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller Xbox X

The controller of the X series is intuitive and has superior ergonomics. The buttons are mappable. There are dual rumble motors. There is a standard 3.5mm stereo headset jack. Share Button to share clips andScreenshots. The volume dial has a mic. The 10ft (3m) cable has a hook and loop. It's compatible with the Xbox One and Windows.

Brand: Powera

👤I will be doing a two part review. This is not a fake review. I did not receive this for free. I researched and bought this myself. This controller is great for the Moms. The quality is good. The lights are bright, the buttons are crisp, and the sticks are smooth. All good signs. You're getting what you pay for, and then some, because this is better than stock XBOX controllers. Have you ever gotten something you wanted for Christmas, but it ended up being an inferior version of what you actually wanted, and you hated it but couldn't say anything without being rude? This is how your son will feel if you buy a third party controller. If you want to make sure nobody is suffering in silence, buy this. The lights are really cool. Let's get down to business. XYAB feels the same as XBOX. LBRB and D-Pad have the same feel as an Apple TV remote. The connection is solid. The sucker is not coming out when you plug it in. Holding firmly with both hands and twisting like trying to wring out a towel results in zero squeaking. I'm trying to break it. It's not making noise. Not too much and a good resistance can be found for both of them. It's easy to see on the eyes and doesn't have any strong spots. Dim spots will be revealed when the sticks are jiggled around. There is not much to say here. Similar to XBOX. It feels a bit more intense because it is a little less refined. The most important thing that nobody talks about is sensitivity and Deadzones. The ranges of motion on the sticks are very important. I can't find a proper term for what I'm about to describe, so I'll just refer to them as "Physical Range" and "Virtual Range". The range of motion available to you on the input is called the Physical Range. Unpressed is zero and pressed all the way down is 100%. The software reads Virtual Range. The relationship between the Virtual Ranges and the Physical Ranges on your inputs is the key to good controllers. The software still thinks you're at zero, even if you push the physical down to 5%. The software will register 1% of the physical input when it is around 6%. The "dead-zone" is here. Pushing it any further will not make a difference, as the virtual input on the software will be the same as the physical input. The bottom-out is what this is. Nothing is happening from 0-5% and 95- 100%. You have no real influence on the inputs. 10% of the motion you paid 60 bucks for is not available to you, that's terrible. There is a problem with third party controllers. I had a really good controller 10 years ago. The physical and virtual ranges have been terrible. Most controllers have a range of 30- 100% or 0-70%. The range of my purchase was 0 to 40%. I couldn't believe it. I got this controller instead of returning it. I was surprised. The ranges are perfect. That's right, it's better than XBOX. This is the only controller that is good. PowerA's controller is not on Amazon. Everything else is terrible. XBOX controllers are not good. This is how it should be. This is all that matters if you care about having a good controller. This is the gold standard for all of this, and it only takes good input ranges to do it. Forget about the build quality, the price, and the ease-of-use. This is the biggest indicator of quality and nobody talks about it. If you don't believe me, buy this and you will realize how much better gaming is. A video of this has been included. The input ranges are matched up perfectly. I've only been on it for a few hours. It feels amazing right out of the box. I would have paid more for an XBOX controller. Time will tell if this controller holds up. I expect this controller to last at least 1000 hours of use before it begins to show signs of wear. It will probably last a long time. If you don't throw this thing across the room every time you get hit, I fully expect this to stand the test of time. Take a look at how old my review is. I'll be adding an edit to my review if anything breaks or gets messed up. If there are no edits below, it means it's still going strong. Get this controller. I'm not getting anything from the company or Amazon to give it a good review, it's just that good. I want to help people out because I know how hard it is to deal with crummy controllers. I hope this has helped. Have a great day. It's a good thing.

11. Xbox Wireless Controller Pulse Red Windows Devices

Xbox Wireless Controller Pulse Red Windows Devices

Experience the modernized design of the Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring sculpted surfaces and refined geometry for enhanced comfort and effortless control, with battery usage up to 40 hours. Stay on target with the hybrid D-pad and textured grip. The 3.5mm audio headset jack is required. You can connect using the port on the console or PC. There is support for AA batteries on the rear. Capture and share content with the Share button. You can play on the devices with either Xbox Wireless or Bluetooth. It's compatible with the Xbox One and Windows 10/11 devices.

Brand: Xbox

👤The controller works well with the PC. The feature does not work well with Steam. There are a few steps you have to take in order to get it to work. 1. The accessory app is available on the Microsoft store. 2. Attach the controller to the cable. The controller 4 needs to be updated. Pair with windows devices. It should recognize the controller as the Xbox Series X/One controller. 5(a) If you did the steps before doing it. Go to the next step and remove the device. It should work without an issue. The controller is very sturdy and has nice textured grips on the back. The size of the controllers is similar to previous ones. Since I just got it, I can't comment on battery life. I think many of you will have a rechargeable battery. I haven't had any issues with it since it was put in my bag. The range is good, I am close to my TV. It is a better controller than my ps4 controller. It works well with Windows 10 and once setup with Steam the buttons are mapped.

👤If you already have a blutooth capability for your PC, you don't need to buy a wireless adapter. The only thing you have to do is download the accessories app, turn on your controller and hit the button on the controller to find it. After that, open up your settings in the windows to make it a new device. I've used the accessories app to see if the buttons work. I haven't had any problems playing Ghostrunner or Yakuza 0 so far. The controller can be powered by a cable if you don't have batteries.

👤I didn't expect a controller that runs on batteries. I was expecting a cable. Something that comes standard with the PS4 controllers. Silly me. I thought microsoft should play nice together. No. It pairs easily but is not a good doornail for games that support the xbox controller. I hope I can find an affordable cable that will work. I'm not sure. The controller is heavier than the PS4 controller even without the batteries. I just bought a third party cheapo instead of this one.

👤The blue color and white back of the controller is attractive. The controller is nice. When you start gaming, you will barely notice the controllers. Minor iterational improvements are no different here. The controller looks and functions the same as the one on the Xbox One, except for the "share" button in the middle and a switch from micro-USB to USB-C. It still has the 3.5mm headset jack, accessory port, and runs on AA batteries. The feel of the controller is different. It now has a textured feeling, which extends to the bumpers. The bumpers used to be glossy and slippery, but now they're more of a matt finish. The D-pad is much better than the one from the Xbox 360 and feels tighter and clicky. It's similar to the paddle D-pad on the Elite Series 2. The controller feels smaller in the hand. It feels a tad different than the previous generation. The Share button makes it easier to save clips from the game, and it's also just a shortcut from pressing the Xbox button and manually navigating to share settings. This thing works with all of the consoles, as well as PC and bluetooth devices. It has a lot of different uses. It works great out of the box and I was able to adjust to it quickly. Again, it's barely different, so when I say I adjusted to it, I just mean I switched to it. I'm a fan of the controller. I have yet to experience the PS5's haptics, which sounds interesting, but in my opinion it is nearly perfect. I don't mind the AA batteries as they last a long time and you don't need to worry about aging internal batteries. If you have had issues with the controllers in the past, this iteration won't change your mind.


What is the best product for best xbox controller accessories?

Best xbox controller accessories products from Moko. In this article about best xbox controller accessories you can see why people choose the product. Dinostrike and Extremerate are also good brands to look for when you are finding best xbox controller accessories.

What are the best brands for best xbox controller accessories?

Moko, Dinostrike and Extremerate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best xbox controller accessories. Find the detail in this article. Ponkor, Meneea and Turtle Beach are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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