Best Best Wireless Earbuds for Iphone

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1. TOZO T6 Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

TOZO T6 Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. Specific touch control function makes it more convenient, tap once to play/pause music and answer calls, double tap to skip forward/backward, hold to adjust the volume. You can control it without using the phone. Adopt the advanced technology. The TOZO T6 supports a number of audio protocols, which improve the transmission speed and provide you with a low-latency listening experience. Pick up 2 headsets from a charging case and they will connect each other automatically, and only one step is needed to pair the earbuds. It is possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. It is suitable for sports. It's ideal for sweating it out at the gym. Water and soap can be used to wash Earbuds and case. Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. You can enjoy fast charging, to fully charge the case only 55 minutes via cable or less than 2 hours via wireless. Convenient charging way with no strings attached.

Brand: Tozo

👤These headphones are amazing. I am a professional musician and these have incredibly clear sound quality, really high end parts put into this product. The connection is fast and easy, it charges while in the case, but it's better than all these features, and I love the ability to wear them in the shower and jam to tunes while they get soaked and survive. A really good price for high end headphones. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a better bass response than those made by Apple, but at a far less expensive price. The touch controls on the side are very good if you want to pause music or watch a video while someone asks you a question. They can shut out the world around you even at the lowest volume. I love them so much that I wear them everywhere. They come with a charge case, 3 extra sets of ear tips, a charge cable, and a one year warrantee. You can get a set of these superb earbuds. Did I mention they are waterproof? IPX8 is waterproof.

👤The purchase was made in Jan 2020. The earbuds are decent and not horrible. They fit in with their price point on Amazon. I can't get the earbuds in and out of the case because my fingers are blocked by the case cover and I can't grip the earbuds to break the magnetic bond. The earbuds are touch sensitive, so I have issues with bumping them and having the tracks stop or go backwards. I have gotten better at avoiding the issue and the second item is something that shouldn't be surprising. When I bought the ear buds, there were some customer service difficulties. Those difficulties seem to have been addressed. I have not had any issues with hardware failure with my earbuds. The T6 is a good option if you are looking for a set of ear buds with decent sound.

👤This is the second time I have reviewed this company's products. I make a lot of purchases. I fell in love with the older version of these headphones after purchasing them six months ago. I was looking on Amazon to see if there were any new products from this company. I was surprised to see the upgraded version of headphones, so I ordered the newest set to give to my children. I work in construction and listen to audio books all day long, my job is boring. My job keeps me away from home for a long period. I only use one ear bud at a time. When I get home, I swap out the first one for the second one and it lasts until 4:30. In the past I'd have to swap out my earbuds every 2 hours, not with these. The newest version of my phone is even better than the last one, with both battery power and in sound. The magnets on the charging boxes are not strong enough to keep the earbuds from falling off, and this newest version has an incredibly strong making. I have fat fingers that make it hard for me to grasp small things. They did a great job, we included strong magnets that will ensure that the earbuds keep charging. I put my phone in one of my back pockets of my pants so that I wouldn't lose connection if I turned my head. They're loud and clear so that you can still hear what you're listening to. It took me a while to get used to the fact that the buttons are touch activated, but I quickly learned to brush the earphone's face. When I put them in my ear, I don't have to knock them out when trying to pause my audiobook. I said in my last review that this company has a customer for life, and I will say it again.

2. Earbuds Wireless Bluetooth Ear Headphones

Earbuds Wireless Bluetooth Ear Headphones

Mini and comfortable design earbuds, secure fit all ears. IPX7 water and sweat resistant waterproof coating is used to protect the earbuds from rain and sweat. Bobtot wireless bluetooth earbuds use dual-mic noise reduction technology, which reduces environmental noise, picks up human voice and provides a clear voice. Balanced Stereo Dynamic Earphones use 13mm dynamic vibration unit and high-definition audio coding technology. Earphones have balanced stereo for mid-to-high frequencies. First, you have to open the application on your phone, and then you have to open your headset to download the application software. Bobtot wireless earbuds have an optical sensor that will detect when they enter ears. When turning on headphones, take off/put on earbuds, and play music. The Touch Control and 30H Playtime can be used for single charging earphones and charging cases. Touch the controling area of earbuds lightly to pause/play music.

Brand: Bobtot

👤My kid loves them.

👤These are good for the price. A little big for women's ears.

👤Constantly lose conncection, and headphones shout "pairing" very loud.

👤I buy the little ones that fit in the ear. I keep losing them. The battery life of the bigger ones is terrible, the hard plastic that doesn't fit in the ear, so I thought the white ones would be better. They don't stay.

👤If you only have$15, it is great. If there is no background noise, the sound is ok. You have to be quiet to hear them. In my opinion, they are better.

👤These are okay. I have nothing to compare them to. The range is great and it charges for a long time. The value for these is good. Not a bad purchase and yes, it doesn't work with Siri.

👤I have tried everything and they keep falling out. It's a waste of money.

👤They won't pair. They don't have a sound. The instructions are very bad. I hated everything about it.

3. Hands Free Microphone Waterproof Protection High Fidelity

Hands Free Microphone Waterproof Protection High Fidelity

Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. There is a true wireless and ultra-light. The TWS earbuds are lightweight and portable. The in- earphones are designed to fit into each ear. The earbuds come with 4 different sizes of ear tips to ensure a secure fit. Say goodbye to wired earphone tangles and hello to freedom of movement. High quality technology. These earbuds use the most advanced technology to give you the best listening experience. Simple and instant pairing, auto reconnection, improved connection stability and improved battery performance are included. The in- earphones have a sleek high quality simple design and are easy to use. Enjoy crystal clear music with exceptional accuracy and clarity. The TWS earbuds have a balanced bass and clear treble to create a rich sound experience. Premium high quality stereo sound can be delivered with the in- ear bud structure. Listen and charge on the go all day. These true wireless earphones have a powerful battery that allows for all day listening. A single full charge will provide 8 hours listening time and 12 hours with multiple charges from the portable compact charging case. 2 hours of listening can be achieved from just 20 minutes of charge. The charging case has a magnetic attraction for easy earbud placement. Waterproof protection is important. The earbuds and charging case are sealed with IPX6 rated protection and can endure a minimum of three minutes of powerful jets spraying at least 100 liters of water per minute without water penetrating the hardware. Enjoy high quality music and be worry free from sweat, heavy rain or spilled liquid.

Brand: Iluv

👤I have been using Apple's Airpods for the past 2 years and have been looking for a less expensive alternative. I decided to give these earbuds a try since there was a sale going on and the price was on point. These earbuds are very secure and comfortable, and I am glad I stumbled upon them. They come with 2 sets of soft earbud tips which fit perfectly in the box, and ensure a secure fit for everyone. The noise isolation was aided by the seal created by the earbuds. I had no problems with the earbuds staying in. I haven't had the courage to pour water on my earbuds because they are supposedly waterproof. I think they are waterproof since I sweat profusely when exercising and haven't had any issues yet. The earbuds are small. They are the size of a quarter, which is the standard true wireless earbud size. Just wow! I can not tell the difference between these and my old Airpods. The sound is crisp and clear. The bass hits deep and the highs are on point. The earbuds last about 6-7 hours with a full charge according to the product description. When my earbuds are low on battery, I stick them back into the portable charging case and they last for another 3 hours. I love this feature because I need my music to be on all the time. These are a good deal at $29.99 with the promo. I think they are a great deal and compared to the Air Pod, they are definitely worth a look. I highly recommend these true wireless earbuds to anyone who is looking for a low cost alternative to true wireless earbuds.

👤I have been using these earbuds for about 2 weeks. The price was very good. They've exceeded my expectations so far. They are very easy to use, you just take them out of the case and put them into your ears, they will show up on your phone or computer's list. Click to connect - never fails. If you don't connect to a different device, they will connect to the same phone or computer again. If you use the Airpod with an iPhone the first time, you don't need to open the device menu to connect. This is a small tradeoff for not paying Apple's brand premium. The sound quality is comparable to Apple Airpods Gen-1. I initially wasn't aware of the hands free microphones in the earbuds.

👤I have had them for a while. qstbi had a good review. I started to use them more often. I can say that the sound I hear is clear and comfortable. The battery life is less than four hours. When I try and talk on it, people say I found muffled or like I'm breaking up, so I always have to use the hand held which defeats the whole purpose. I don't like that it doesn't let me know how charged they are. It was too late for me to return. I bought another pair of them because they might be faulty. They hang up on the person whenever I move them, it's worse with the new ones. I put in the return for them. I can say they are great if you want them for music or listening.

4. Cancelling Bluetooth Microphones Waterproof Headphones

Cancelling Bluetooth Microphones Waterproof Headphones

One hour quick charging technology offering a more stable way to charge also increases wireless earbuds battery life dramatically. The ultra-light design at 4g/ ear bud makes you feel less pressure of wearing and carrying, and the pocket sized charging case does not take up any space to carry. FOUSOUND wireless earbuds have 4 microphones and an artificial intelligence noise reduction algorithm that will allow you to make a clear call in any environment. FunsOUND wireless earbuds have advanced active noise cancelling technology that will allow you to listen to music and watch videos wherever you are. The FUNSOUND wireless ear buds use the 5.2 version of the wireless protocol to greatly reduce power consumption and improve video delay. The charging box adds an additional 30 hours to the time that can be provided. The ear tips are designed to fit large or small ears. The earbud is light and strong, so you can wear it for a long time without having to worry about earaches. The earbuds are sweat-proof and waterproof, which prevents them from being damaged by sweat and rain. The ideal ear buds for Gym and outdoor sports.

Brand: Funsound

👤When compared to others, it is an average size. I have been wearing them for a couple of hours and they are very comfortable. Even with ANC turned on, they don't make you feel like you have something blocking you ears. Even after a few hours, I could keep wearing them. The case for the earbuds is the same as the case for the AirPods Pro. It's simple and straight forward to pair them, just take them out of the case and they'll pair with the device I was using. I put them in the case after I finished using them. The sound is great. The ANC does a great job of blocking out sounds and people talking. The battery life is good. The future proof port of the case is great as it helps eliminate the need for carrying unnecessary cables. It also has the option to charge using a wireless device. It is doing well with phone calls. Definitely recommended for the price. There is no significant difference between expensive and inexpensive ones.

👤The ear buds sound great. The bass, midrange and treble are great. The ear buds are very comfortable. These are my favorite set of ear buds. The range for ear buds is awesome. I was surprised by the range. If I needed to go to the bar or restroom, I would have to remove my other ear buds. Being able to keep these ear buds in while moving aroun is a huge bonus compared to my other older ear buds. The noise canceling is on par with my other units. My other units do the same. They are comfortable, sound great, and have a great range.

👤These headsets are very reasonably priced. I decided to buy another pair after they exceeded my expectations.

👤I stayed in my ears for hours without trying to keep it in, like some other cheapos I bought. Wow! This is a big deal for the buck. Keep up the great deal, don't raise prices due to this. Buy it!

👤These earbuds are great. The ear piece is soft and comfortable to wear. It comes with different ear pieces so you can make your own. The carry case can also be used as a portable power source. It comes with a short cord, but you have to use your own wall charger. The earbuds are easy to pair with.

👤These earbuds are inexpensive and easy to use, they have a great sound with good bass, but I didn't find much difference with my airpods in terms of sound and call quality.

👤These are the ones to buy if you want Bass. I bought two different brands of noise cancelling ear buds and tried them out and both of them are nice and have great sound quality, but this pair actually has thump to the bass. It's never heard before on an ear bud.

👤These were bought as a gift. We both agree that the sound quality is great and there is no distortion.

5. MIFA Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Earphones

MIFA Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Earphones

Class 1 is the leading class for extended range and fewer dropouts. You can upright it on the wireless charging device if you don't have the included earbuds. You will get more stable wired charging with the Type-C cable. When you are in a rush, truly wireless allows you to grab and go. The power display and 30H playtime have a smart display that will show you the best time to charge it. The earphones can last 5 hours on a single charge and 25 hours with a charging case. All day long, full music around you. The MIFA twin wireless earbuds have a powerful 10mm speaker driver unit and half in- ear acoustic structure. You will feel like you are at a concert. You can have a stable and comfortable fitting experience by using the half-in- ear design and only 3.5g of each earbud. With a physical button on the headphones, you can switch songs, answer calls, and even use your phone's voice assistant. The wireless earbuds will automatically power on and enter the mode of pairing when the charging case lid is open. When on the phone and listening to music, the low signal loss and high speed transmission of the advanced Bluetooth technology ensure a stable connection.

Brand: Mifa

👤This set of ear Pods is amazing. I am a single mom of 2 and an Apple user. The owner. I couldn't justify the high price of the device. For me, a good pair of headphones is a must because I deal with anxiety, depression, and ADHD on top of my day to day life. Sometimes I need good headphones to be able to focus and be productive while cleaning or working, and I listen to music, audiobooks, and personal development everyday. Everything was easy to use after opening the packaging. I was told to charge the headphones before using them. The initial full charge took about 10 minutes if they were at 98% battery. Once I took one of thepods out of my case, it was easy to pair my phone with it. The sound quality is great and they stayed in my ears. I have listened to them for hours a day and the battery life is strong. I don't think I've made it lower than that. I think that's correct. The charging case is my favorite part. As soon as you open them, they connect with your device. It was very user friendly and durable. I found these to be of high quality and an awesome price, and this review isn't paid at all. I felt the need to spread the word to skeptical buyers because I was so pleased with them.

👤I am writing a review because of the battery life. I have not charged this since I received it and the earphone case is 86 percent, I have used it for 24 hours. Just for three days of work. Five stars. Hopefully there are no issues with the case since I haven't charged it yet.

👤I moved away from Apple because they stopped holding a charge, and I have anANDROID, so I decided to try something else. These so far are great! The battery life is above my old airpods, and I love the fact that you can easily monitor the battery life of both the case and the earbuds. If you like a deep sound to your earbuds, but don't want to spend a lot of money, these are a great option.

👤I've tried many earbuds from Amazon, but this one is the best. The battery life has been great and I like seeing the charge, and the sound quality is the same as my Apple earbuds. Excellent price, too!

👤I was not sure if these would be good based on the price. I am very impressed with the quality. The wireless charging case is small and portable. When I open the case, they connect to my phone. The fit is good. I have small ears. Sound quality is good and noise cancellation works. If I lose a $200+ one, I will be happy, but not as happy as if I lost one that cost less. I would purchase these again. The quality for the price is excellent.

👤I am very impressed with these. My dog likes to hunt down and eat lost headsets so I have been through too many. It's seriously. It is very sad. I was not impressed with the battery life. The dog got to both of the expensive beats. They worked well and I liked the battery life. They fit a little snug on my ears. Wrap around the ear style again was the next brand. They had good reviews on Amazon, but I was always annoyed with the hit or miss connection. They didn't have a physical button to turn on/off. I wasn't sure if they were broken or dumb when they weren't connecting. They didn't have a good mic and people would always say that the audio was hard to hear. Those were lost. I wondered if I am responsible enough for nice things. I rationalized buying them because of the good reviews. They connect so fast, have a nice battery life, no complaints with the mic, and the audio is great. They pair so fast that I am impressed. time. I don't know why the pricier headsets would be worth it, having owned a wide range of price points. These are definitely worth the money. My dog tried to grab one of them. I saved it in time. Whew!

6. Wireless Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Waterproof

Wireless Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Waterproof

You can control music without touching your phone or computer with dual microphones. The mics allow for clear calls. You can use a single ear bud or both. With the most advanced bluetooth 5.1 technology, the wireless earbuds supports call stereo sound and fast and stable transmission, they will automatically connect to the last connected device after first used. When headphones are fully charged, the battery can support up to 5 hours of playing time. The portable charging case could be used to charge the earbuds. The playtime could be up to 30 hours. The Wireless Earbuds with 13 millimeter vibrating diaphragm and HD rendering technology play high sound quality with crystal crisp treble. Enjoy your music in loud places. You can share the earbuds with your friends and family. After first connection, these wireless earphones will connect with your device when you open the charging case, which is faster and more convenient. You can control the phone with your ear buds, such as the music switch, volume adjustment, phone calls, voice assistant, etc. Mini and comfortable design earbuds, secure fit all ears. IPX7 water and sweat resistant waterproof coating is used to protect the earbuds from rain and sweat.

Brand: Furrail

👤The bass is good but the playtime is not. 3-4 hours after a full charge. This would be a 5 star review if you marketed your product with truth.

👤These earbuds are great. The sound is crystal clear and there is no noise in the background. They were great when I went for a walk. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. These are the ones to get if you want excellent working wireless earbuds.

👤A great headset for the gym. It was easy to connect with the music. The battery was long lasting. It muffled my voice when I used it for calls. Several friends told me that it sounded like I was in a cave. I needed to return for work.

👤I got earbuds for my son. They look nice. My teenager approved. The sound is good and they are comfortable in the ear. Excellent recommendation!

👤I don't like earbuds because of the fear of them falling out of my ear. After a few days of use, they are comfortable. It was worth the price.

👤I use these for phone calls and music and gaming. I am told I sound like I am in a tunnel when I talk on the phone. These were priced right and they work well.

👤I was able to connect these to my phone. I tried other wireless buds around the same price and had trouble getting them to work with my device. The sound quality is great with these.

7. Baolira Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Intelligent

Baolira Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Intelligent

Their friendly customer service has a 1-year warranty, 30 days no questions asked return policy and lifetime support. The APEKX wireless in ear headphones are worry free. The Bose earbuds have a chip that can be faster and more stable than the other ones. Less signal loss can be found in coverage. It is possible to have excellent radio frequency stability, more flowing music, and low-power operation. Touch control and smart. The earphones have touch control sensors. You can control music play/pause, previous/next track,volume via your finger, with touch control earbuds. You can answer/reject, end calls, and enable voice assistant by using earbuds. You don't need to adjust these on your phones. The Wireless Charging case has a smart digital screen that can check battery consumption whenever it's convenient. Hi-fi Stereo Sound and waterproof earbuds use dual microphone noise reduction technology, eliminating the surrounding noise interference, providing a truly natural, realistic sound and powerful bass performance. A 10mm moving coil unit has a panoramic sound. Earbuds feature a waterproof mesh and a waterproof coating inside, which prevents sweat from entering and damaging the components. Earbuds are designed to fit the shape of the ear canal, so they are comfortable to wear and not fall out when running, working out, etc. The headphones have a Type-C cable that makes them more stable and quick to charge. When you are in a rush, truly wireless allows you to grab and go. Once you pick the earbuds out of the case, you can connect them to your phone in 5s. The headphones will connect to the phone when you take them out.

Brand: Baolira

👤The sound quality is good. I put them away in their case and shut the iPad down so they wouldn't be able to use it, but they still turned on the audiobook and finished the book. I have to change the settings on my iPad to get them to stop using it. They will not connect to my iPad mini.

👤I was not sure about these at first, but once you get the fit correct, they sound amazing and the charge lasts a long time. I got them and they were already charged, so I played around with them for about an hour, and I loved them, they are secure, and the sound really does sound like earbuds costing hundreds more. The phone function worked perfectly, the sound was great, and the cost is unbelievably low. It adds up to 5 stars for me.

👤I got these for my wife and they have worked out great. I connected it to her phone in about 15 seconds. I like the controls on these, a single touch on either earbud pauses, a double touch on the right skips, and a single touch on the left repeats a song. The earbuds are responsive and simpler than other ones I have. The charging case makes it convenient to charge your device without having to plug it in for a long time, which is great for travel. The sound is perfect.

👤This price seems awesome. The looks are really classy. Hope they live longer.

👤Very disappointed. These aren't noise canceling and won't stay connected. I use these during meditation. I use Apple AirPods for my workouts and I know they have great ear buds. I really wanted to love them, but they are not for me.

👤The product looks good, but it's not worth buying. The 1st pair worked well for about two weeks. I thought it was my mistake when I dropped it. I don't know what happened. The same thing happened again after I ordered another pair. After about two weeks, the right ear bud stopped working. This is a product issue.

👤I love these animals. The earbuds have great sound quality and noise canceling. Your neighbor can't hear the music when both ears are open. The product is great and the price is great.

👤The earbuds work well. These earbuds work great, despite the fact that they usually start having issues with the basic functions. Once they are out of the charging case, they connect to the wireless network quickly and automatically stop using the case. The sound quality is good. I mostly use them for video chats. They meet my needs.

8. Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones Android Black

Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones Android Black

The automatic shut-off feature increases the battery life by approximately 350 hours. Kurdene wireless earbuds with advanced bluetooth 5.2 technology has fast and stable transmission without tangling, which makes the earbuds connect to electronic devices more consistently, providing you with an uninterrupted calling and music experience and noise cancellation. Once taken out from the charging case, these earphones would instantly pair with the last-paired device. Immersive Stereo Sound with long Lasting Barttery LifeAdapting a powerful 8mm Neodymium magnet, the kurdene S8 earbuds provide pure balanced audio and clarity output for all music genres with loud sound, rich bass, clear midrange, balanced treble and high definition. A single charge gives you 6 hours of listening, while the charging case gives 38 hours. Don't miss a beat with your earbuds. Every surface that touches your ear is made of liquid Silicone. 6 pairs of different shapes of Ear Caps with different sizes are installed. M/L is for option for a custom fit. The liquid silicone nozzle spreads pressure evenly across your ear. It will give you a fit for all day comfort. The earbuds are waterproof and sweatproof, with an IPX8 rating. Under different weather conditions, the S8 wireless earbuds can work. The charging case is not waterproof, so there is nothing stopping you from running through the storm or sweating out your new personal best in the gym. The buttonless touch interface of the Kurdene S8 can minimize the pressure on your ears when you touch it. You can control your music, answer calls, and skip songs by tapping your buds, so you can stay in the moment.

Brand: Kurdene

👤I've tried a lot of earbuds and have reviewed a few as "great" because I know it's difficult to find earbuds online. I'm considering changing the reviews I've done before because they are better than the ones I've tried before. After using the ones before I realized that they weren't quite as they looked at first so I was on the hunt for another pair of earbuds. I like to sleep with them listening to music. I would lose the ones I've tried before, but these ones don't. They don't drain my phones battery and hold a charge for over eight hours. It's easy to pair. I've tried many of them, but only one side at a time would pair. They can be used with phone and car. Light weight and fit my husband and I nicely. I would definitely recommend it.

👤Normally I don't give 5 stars, but I am doing it this time. I've been looking for headphones that are wireless. I tried a few pairs, but nothing compared to these. Let us break it down. It's easy to carry in your purse or pocket. You can use different ear bud sizes. The charge cord is very short. Doesn't tangle with other cords. Pre charged. I was able to use them immediately. Huge benefit. It doesn't take long to charge. The battery life is long. I use it on all my devices. It was used to my phone. I had an iPod touch 10 years ago. That is correct. iPod Touch. It was also used to my devices. Pair one device at a time. It was great to hear noise canceling. I don't want to hear anything but my music when I walk. These helped me with that. I will be giving these as gifts for my family.

👤These are my first pair of earbuds. They were easy to use. The box and charging case were used. Came fully charged and ready to go. I was surprised by the quality of the sound and the options of the ear buds caps. These earbuds are very cheap. Excellent buy!

👤I love the long battery life. Sometimes I don't even realize they don't turn off when I go to bed and wake up, but it's 80 to 70% when I wake up. I bought them because they were purple. It is plain and simple. I wanted to be able to use one ear bud while the other charges. I don't think that happens. I'm not 100% positive that it doesn't charge separately. I'm pretty sure they stay on at the same time. The button is very sensitive. Sometimes my hair is turned off. These were bought 8 weeks ago. Today is from September 8 to November 8. I had only one issue today. The right ear bud won't respond. It is blinking blue. When charged with the right. Still blue. I put pressure on the button. Still blinks. Cleaned with a q-tip. Still blinking. I can't seem to turn it off. It's not connecting to my phone. I had both of them in my ear. The connection was on for about 30 seconds. There was no sound from the right bud. If the right side doesn't work again, I can't say I'd curse them. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I love that it's purple. The battery life is amazing. 12 hours is a life for me. I left the ear buds in the case because they started spazzing out. Both turned off. They do it randomly. I have trouble with the right ear bud. They still work. Again. You get what you paid for. My earbuds lasted 2 years. Until the right side died. I bought these because of that. I only have the left side working. The Jam battery life is like 4 hours. 70% of these are from a continuous 7 hour stop and go use. These stay in good shape. I can't go on a run and expect them to stay in. They are walking around the house.

9. Losei Canceling Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Losei Canceling Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

The earbuds are sweat-proof and waterproof, which prevents them from being damaged by sweat and rain. The ideal ear buds for Gym and outdoor sports. Losei D 73 true wireless earphones have 2 built-in microphones inside each ear bud, and they can reduce background noise effectively and isolate the environment interference, so caller would enjoy clear calls. Born to work and commute. You can place the charging case on a wireless charging pad if you want to get charge easily. The built-in dualLED display allows you to see the charging case and the status of the earbuds in real-time. When you take out those wireless headphones from the charging case, they will automatically turn on and connect to the device that was previously used. Touch control is simpler and more convenient than traditional buttons. Without pressing hard, you can skip tracks, change volume, play music, or answer a phone call. The Losei earbuds have a comfortable fit and are waterproof, so you won't feel tired or pain if you wear them for a long time. IPX7 waterproof can prevent sweat and rain from damaging earphones. The earbuds can play 30 hours in total, with a single full charge lasting 7 hours and multiple charges through the charging case. Don't worry about battery shortage when you're out. Less than 50g is comprised of two earplugs and a wireless charging box. It can be put into a pocket and carried with you.

Brand: Losei

👤I'm kind of an earbud fanatic. I keep a pair in my gym bags, one in my jeep, and one in my car. I like to listen to music and have four screaming kids. These are worth several times more and are worth every penny. I used other brands that were more expensive, but they weren't built as well, and certainly didn't sound good. If your ears are different, they have a couple of other earbud size attachments. You won't regret it if you buy them.

👤This product blew my doubts away. I'm always leery of buying online and getting a dud. This is not a dud. The material for the case and ear buds were made from hard plastic. I dropped the case on the first day and it worked well. It was easy for a non-tech like me. I heard "connection" before I knew it. The sound quality was clear. Both in listening to music and phone calls. Even though my phone was in the next room, the reception was clear. The noise canceling of the mics was excellent. The other party in the parking lot could hear nothing but wind and noise, and I could not hear anything else. The touch pad controls are easy to use and remember. They are functional for both calls and music. I used them too much for testing and still had 75% of their battery life left. They sent you three cushion sizes for your ears. I chose a medium in one ear and a small in the other. I wore the small all day and did not feel the bud after the medium burnt a bit. It's important to fit your size. If I had 4 ears, I would get another pair.

👤The case and buds have a glossy finish. The Dead Fonts display gives it a very stylish appearance. The Buds design has a stylish and compact size, which makes it very convenient, as it doesn't have a protruding receiver/transmitter stem, which can interfere with the mask when wearing it. It's great for workouts because it snugs to the ear. It's convenient to use because of the sound quality, wireless charging, and touch sensors. It is an excellent buy for Ear Buds. Thank you, Losei!

👤The Losei D 73 earbuds are great for exercising. These were a perfect fit for me because I have trouble with earbuds staying in my ears and falling out during runs. They are designed to fit in the cradle of your outer ear and come with different sizes of rubber guards to fit the size of your ear openings. The sound is clear and crisp, and I ran with these on loud city streets and never had any issues hearing my music or podcasts. The charging case is small and sleek and the display that indicates charge level is bright and elegant. These are great looking earbuds. It is hard to beat the price.

👤Sound quality is great, you can turn them all the way up and shut out the world. There is a They come in different sizes so that you have the perfect fit. The box has a great battery life, and the headphones are charged by the box. Let's be honest. I would get 2 hours of headphones life if I wore 1 at a time. I really like them and they are so inexpensive that I can't go wrong with them. Highly recommended! Hope this helps people find good headphones. (:)

10. TOZO T10 Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

TOZO T10 Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

There are two shapes: Ball and Football. The TOZO T10 Earbuds' 8mm large size speaker driver has a drive area 1.77 times larger than the normal drive area, and it delivers powerful bass, mellow midrange, and clear treble. You should reproduce your music vividly. The TOZO T10 Earbuds support the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides stable transmission without interruption. Simply take 2 headsets out from the charging case and connect them to each other automatically and then just one step to pair the earbuds. It is possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. The damage to the splash can be prevented by waterproof and sweatproof technology. Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached.

Brand: Tozo

👤I'm one of the few people who can't use the apple airpods. They fall out of my ear in less than a minute. I thought I would try a different brand, but when I put them in my ear, they fell out. I was going to give up and send the box back, but I decided to check out the instruction manual in case I messed up. I am happy I did. There were four different sizes of plastic ear caps included with the earbuds. I felt like Cinderella when I tried on the second smallest slipper. They were perfect, no matter how much I jumped up and down or shook my head. The sound is great, with good highs and lows. The fit was very comfortable once I found the right match. These headphones have changed my life for the better.

👤I connected these to my fire stick so I could watch tv while my husband slept. The volume on the ToZo was very loud. I couldn't adjust it with the tv or fire stick remote. The volume can only be controlled with a phone or a device. I bought this on Prime Day and thought I was getting a good deal, but I found another purchase for less than I paid. Two stars because they work when connected to a phone or table, but that is not what I purchased them for. There is an update review. This is an update. The customer service of Tozo is wonderful. They issued another TOZO. The previous one works with my devices, but not my smart tv. I haven't tried the new one yet, but I will keep you posted. Thanks to Tozo.

👤I was very impressed with the Tozo T10. Even if the price was twice as high, the packaging, build quality, and features were still amazing. The T10's have a number of high end features, including wireless charging, IPX8 waterproof, and a high quality 8mm sound driver. It was too easy to pair them with my phone. If you take them out of the charging case, they are ready to pair, just make sure you choose the right ear bud. They have a stronger connection with the new bluetooth v5.0. I can leave them in my backpack and still be connected up to 30 feet away. The clarity of the highs and the richness of the bass are of the highest quality earbuds. I have taken these into the shower and both of the earbuds and the case are water resistant. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could use my T10s for four hours, and that the charging case is good for four full charges of the earbuds. The wireless chargeable case is very useful. I'm good to go because I can set my phone and ear bud case on my charging pad. You need to use wireless charging. I couldn't find a better ear bud on the market.

👤I usually have enough money to make an impulse purchase at Christmas. I wanted to upgrade my totally wireless sound earbuds. They were good, but needed better sound to be perfect. With a budget of about $100, I started looking for something good from a known manufacturer. There was nothing in my price range. I started looking for a cheaper model because I couldn't see myself paying that kind of money for a brand I didn't know. I found 3-4 that looked good for around $50. The Soundcore Liberty lites were considered because I liked the other earphones. The Monoprice IPX4s had good reviews and previous good ownership. Due diligence and a desire to be able to use one earbud at a time drive me to search for the best under $50 TWS sets, and Tozo looked pretty good. The buds can be put into either ear, even though they are labeled L and R. For the first time, I'm not using the largest tips. If you have big ear canals and it's hard to get tips that fit, you may find a good fit here. The sound won't knock Bose out of the water, but for forty dollars, it is good, and an upgrade from my $20 pair. It has nice bass and highs. At low volume, the battery time is around 4 hours. I don't find it hard to get through a work day with them because the travel case can charge one while the other is playing. The charging case is something I like. I don't care about the fact that it can use a wireless charging device. You can see how charged it is by looking at the lights. It closes and is in a pocket. I don't know how many charges it will take because I keep it plugged in. It is easy to pair once done. Pull a bud off the charge and it will start looking for your device. Since I'm using one at a time, I need to turn the other one off first, then get the other one. I separated them first and then grouped them together again. This is the best part of these for me. All in all, happy with the purchase. I save money to get something else. My brother is not convinced that I recommend these to people. I like them a lot.

11. Apple AirPods Charging Latest Model

Apple AirPods Charging Latest Model

You can access it by saying "Hey Siri". The Charging Case took more than 24 hours to listen to. Automatic switch for a magical experience, effortless setup, and in- ear detection. You can easily share audio between two sets of AirPods.

Brand: Apple

👤There is no difference between these and the 1st Gen. This is not true. The improvement is still an improvement. Apple has upgraded the on-board chip to the H1, which leads to faster and more stable pairing. This is not anecdotal. It has been proven to be faster. If you buy the case for the new AirPods, you will save a few dollars. If you already have the 1st Gen, then it is probably not worth the upgrade. If you are going to buy your first pair of AirPods, then these are the ones to look for.

👤When you put the AirPods in your ears, they will play audio as soon as you take them out. A simple double-tap will skip forward. To get directions, change the song, or make a call, just say "Hey" to your personal assistant. When you're on a call or talking to a friend, an additional accelerometer works with dual beamforming microphones to ensure that your voice is transmitted with clarity and consistency. They deliver five hours of listening time on a single charge, and they're made to keep up with you because of a charging case that holds multiple additional charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. You can get up to two hours of talk time or three hours of listening with just 15 minutes in the case. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy.

👤These are great but not as good as Gen 1. The only addition is the voice recognition feature. I will save some green by buying the previous model on a discount.

👤The left earplug was always low on battery when I opened the charging case, but the right one was fully charged. I returned it.

👤I bought my son airpods because his parents thought they were a waste of money and he loves them. These are really good quality and he has wanted them for a while. Real things. He wore them all day. Glad he's happy. Margaret, God bless you.

👤It's easy to use and reliable. I was a bit skeptical about it being reliable to my Mac, but the speakers work great and are very comfortable to my ears. They look great to me. It was worth every penny.

👤The microphone is poor quality. It's not suitable for a remote worker. If your job requires a high quality mic, go somewhere else.

👤I got it for my wife's birthday. The old headphones don't work in XS. She loves it. The sound effect is pretty good.

👤Airpods are great. You always get a high quality design from apple. I was a bit nervous to buy on Amazon. Many reviews said these were generation 1 airpods. The second generation model number was stated in the product description and with the amazing return policy of Amazon, I decided that it was the risk to buy and I could easily return and purchase somewhere else. After checking the serial numbers on the box and the airpods on my phone, I can confirm that they are authentic second generation airpods. I can't 100% guarantee that you will get a 2nd generation airpods, based on other reviews, but it seems like they've stopped sending out the old pairs at this point.


What is the best product for best wireless earbuds for iphone?

Best wireless earbuds for iphone products from Tozo. In this article about best wireless earbuds for iphone you can see why people choose the product. Bobtot and Iluv are also good brands to look for when you are finding best wireless earbuds for iphone.

What are the best brands for best wireless earbuds for iphone?

Tozo, Bobtot and Iluv are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best wireless earbuds for iphone. Find the detail in this article. Funsound, Mifa and Furrail are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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