Best Best Wireless Earbuds for Android

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1. Hands Free Microphone Waterproof Protection High Fidelity

Hands Free Microphone Waterproof Protection High Fidelity

Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. There is a true wireless and ultra-light. The TWS earbuds are lightweight and portable. The in- earphones are designed to fit into each ear. The earbuds come with 4 different sizes of ear tips to ensure a secure fit. Say goodbye to wired earphone tangles and hello to freedom of movement. High quality technology. These earbuds use the most advanced technology to give you the best listening experience. Simple and instant pairing, auto reconnection, improved connection stability and improved battery performance are included. The in- earphones have a sleek high quality simple design and are easy to use. Enjoy crystal clear music with exceptional accuracy and clarity. The TWS earbuds have a balanced bass and clear treble to create a rich sound experience. Premium high quality stereo sound can be delivered with the in- ear bud structure. Listen and charge on the go all day. These true wireless earphones have a powerful battery that allows for all day listening. A single full charge will provide 8 hours listening time and 12 hours with multiple charges from the portable compact charging case. 2 hours of listening can be achieved from just 20 minutes of charge. The charging case has a magnetic attraction for easy earbud placement. Waterproof protection is important. The earbuds and charging case are sealed with IPX6 rated protection and can endure a minimum of three minutes of powerful jets spraying at least 100 liters of water per minute without water penetrating the hardware. Enjoy high quality music and be worry free from sweat, heavy rain or spilled liquid.

Brand: Iluv

👤I have been using Apple's Airpods for the past 2 years and have been looking for a less expensive alternative. I decided to give these earbuds a try since there was a sale going on and the price was on point. These earbuds are very secure and comfortable, and I am glad I stumbled upon them. They come with 2 sets of soft earbud tips which fit perfectly in the box, and ensure a secure fit for everyone. The noise isolation was aided by the seal created by the earbuds. I had no problems with the earbuds staying in. I haven't had the courage to pour water on my earbuds because they are supposedly waterproof. I think they are waterproof since I sweat profusely when exercising and haven't had any issues yet. The earbuds are small. They are the size of a quarter, which is the standard true wireless earbud size. Just wow! I can not tell the difference between these and my old Airpods. The sound is crisp and clear. The bass hits deep and the highs are on point. The earbuds last about 6-7 hours with a full charge according to the product description. When my earbuds are low on battery, I stick them back into the portable charging case and they last for another 3 hours. I love this feature because I need my music to be on all the time. These are a good deal at $29.99 with the promo. I think they are a great deal and compared to the Air Pod, they are definitely worth a look. I highly recommend these true wireless earbuds to anyone who is looking for a low cost alternative to true wireless earbuds.

👤I have been using these earbuds for about 2 weeks. The price was very good. They've exceeded my expectations so far. They are very easy to use, you just take them out of the case and put them into your ears, they will show up on your phone or computer's list. Click to connect - never fails. If you don't connect to a different device, they will connect to the same phone or computer again. If you use the Airpod with an iPhone the first time, you don't need to open the device menu to connect. This is a small tradeoff for not paying Apple's brand premium. The sound quality is comparable to Apple Airpods Gen-1. I initially wasn't aware of the hands free microphones in the earbuds.

👤I have had them for a while. qstbi had a good review. I started to use them more often. I can say that the sound I hear is clear and comfortable. The battery life is less than four hours. When I try and talk on it, people say I found muffled or like I'm breaking up, so I always have to use the hand held which defeats the whole purpose. I don't like that it doesn't let me know how charged they are. It was too late for me to return. I bought another pair of them because they might be faulty. They hang up on the person whenever I move them, it's worse with the new ones. I put in the return for them. I can say they are great if you want them for music or listening.

2. Bluetooth Headphones Microphones Waterproof HUMMSE

Bluetooth Headphones Microphones Waterproof HUMMSE

Their tws wireless earbuds have high-sensitivity touch control, which can help minimize the pressure on your ears, compared to other mechanical button control earphones. Answer phones, play/pause/switch songs, and call reminder are examples. You can control it with a tap on the earbuds. Earbuds instantly connect to the devices. Each earbuds can be used alone. The wireless earbuds with 4 microphones that can pick up your voice from multiple directions allow the other side to hear you more clearly. Also, note: Aim the mic at your mouth. The charging case supports wireless charging and type-C cable charging. The earbuds have double- and single- ear modes. One earphone can be used for 5 hours, and a charging case can 888-269-5556. The left and right ears can be used in a single turn. The sound is full and thick with a natural sense of hearing, thanks to the all-in- ear design and the moving coil unit. It's suitable for calls, music and videos. One-Step Pairing and waterproof: Take out two or any wireless headphones, they will automatically turn on and connect to the phone, providing faster pairing, stable connection and signal transmission. The headphones use a coating to prevent splash damage. The touch sensor makes it easy to use. To skip songs, adjust the sound, answer/reject calls, and make a voice call, you need to use the headphones with the mic. The earbuds are designed to be comfortable. There is no pressure to wear for a long time.

Brand: Hummse

👤The earbuds are of excellent quality. I was very pleased with my purchase. I have used these earbuds for three days and found them to be great without any issues. The sound quality is great and the bass tones are crisp. The battery lasts eight hours. The carrying case was charged quickly. The ear tips have to be fastened with a twisting motion. The case is large enough to fit in my pocket. The accessories should last a long time.

👤I love my E3s. My wife has a pair and I just got a new pair. They sound better than ever. I have expensive wired headphones that I like to say I am a bit of an audiophile, but these quickly took their place for comfort, value, convenience, features, and the sound is really wonderful. It is certainly worth the money.

👤I use earbuds that wrap around my ear when I walk and jog, but I have to wear a mask in some situations. I was getting them tangled up a lot. I wanted a pair of earbuds that fit well and wouldn't break the bank. I was lucky. The sound is clear and crisp, and these fit me well. I like the sound of the stereo, bass and treble and there is no distortion at high volume. I don't know how long the battery will last as I've never drained them except when they first came out of the box. I have been walking for three hours. I can vouch for that. The connection rarely drops out. It is easy to keep them charged as the charging case can sit on a wireless charging pad rather than using theusb-c cable. There is a strip of protective film across the charging points in each ear bud. I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't charge at first. The charging case was drained to full so it looks like you can get a few charges before you need to refill the case. That is enough to get me through the day. These earbuds are great value compared to what you can get for a better known brand.

👤It's what I wanted. The unit is very comfortable and affordable. Good for a long time. It has a good sound. It is waterproof and has touch controls. It sounds good. The power display is clear. The ear buds fit me perfectly. The bass and voice levels are good. The unit feels good in the hand because of the strong magnetic closure. The plug fits perfectly and the cord is solid. I like it.

👤I own an earlier version of these earbuds that I love. I didn't know how my son-in-law would like them. He is more tech savvy than I am. He reported how much he liked the earbuds after putting them to the test. He likes the sound quality, ease of use, features, and comfortable fit of the buds. He likes the sound isolation, the easy-to-read display of battery level, the wireless charging and charging case, and the battery life. I have found that he appreciated how easy it was to pair the buds with his phone and how easy it was to use the controls. I told him I paid less than $30 for the earbuds. I will buy another pair for him based on his feedback.

3. AIHOOR Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

AIHOOR Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

The earbuds have a comfortable fit with extra 5 soft ear-tip sizes, so they won't cause any problems to ears for a long time. You will be the most fashionable one with a black ear bud, whether you are working, running, or hanging out. Unleash your power without worrying about earphones falling off. The earhooks are designed to ensure that the headphones are firmly hung on the ears. There are always at least 4 pairs of eartips that fit your ears. Gain instant motivation from music. The A7 earbuds have XLARGE 12mm dynamic drivers and are tuned by 30 years experienced audio experts to create a passion listening experience for sports. No longer need to search for phones when answering calls with a noise reduction mic. Touch the earbuds to answer calls. The latest call noise reduction is applied to improve the clarity of your voice. Simple soft touch on earbuds can help you answer/hang up the call, play or pause music, adjust volume and skip tracks. It's hassle-free to have a paring with a PC, phone, or laptop. The battery life is extended by 30 hours with the charging case and every single ear bud can be used together or individually for 6 hours of music playing. It's long enough to get you through a workout.

Brand: Aihoor

👤When I'm jogging, normal earbuds fall out. Blame it on genetics. These earhooks are perfect for my needs. I have better peripheral hearing when running in a group or along a street because these earbuds stay put without jamming my ears.

👤I don't find them comfortable, and they were prone to coming out of my ear, because I don't know the right way to fit them in my ear. I could spend more time with them, but they are not appropriate for winter in this area, as if you are wearing a winter hat and then say you are pausing/rewinding, these buds think you are doing something wrong. Also, etc. They protrude too far from the ear. If you like earhook style or an expert at bending and twisting them into your preferred shape, they will fit you better than me.

👤Loud notifications will be given off when you turn your head. It was very disruptive and annoying. Making them less valuable.

👤I bought them for working out. These earbuds don't stay in my ear while I ride my bike. I've tried every set of bud tips that came with them in an effort to get them to fit. They don't stay in ear due to the motion and sweat. The touch sensors on the side are so sensitive that they can even react to the hood of my sweater hitting them. They are triggered when I adjust them in my ear because of their poor fit. These are the worst earbuds I have ever used.

👤I was looking for a wireless accessory that would stay in during exercise and wouldn't cost a lot to replace if I needed it. I like the price-to-quality ratio on these. When the first set had to be exchanged due to a bad battery in one earpiece, customer service and seller outreach was quick and painless. You won't be disappointed if you have realistic expectations for the price.

👤I made a mistake in my previous review and would like to change it.

👤They work well for the price. It is not as good as others say. It feels like you have your own stereo with you when you put them.

4. Samsung Wireless Cancelling Charging Included

Samsung Wireless Cancelling Charging Included

That sounds like music. The 12mm speaker and enhanced bass tone are studio-quality sound. New style, new sound, and 3 colors, you'll want to rock all day with the Galaxy Buds Live. Turn down the attraction. Active noise cancellation can be turned on to block out background noise. The battery is long-lasting. A case that doubles as a wireless charging point has a long battery life. Always-on assistant: use your voice assistant to order coffee, send a message, or search music. The Active Noise Canceling feature can be enabled through either theGalaxy Wearable app on the Android platform or through a wireless connection. Results may vary depending on usage patterns. The earbud is 1 x 0.6 x 0.5 inches. The case is 1.9 x 1 inches. It is compatible with the following: Android 5, 1.5GB, iPhone 7 and 10.

Brand: Unknown

👤I have been looking for the perfect earbuds for almost a year and have bought and returned several sets. I was about to buy the Buds Plus+ but decided to buy the Buds Live on launch day. Each bud can work on its own, no master/slave, ability to pair and switch between multiple devices easily, and no ear fatigue are all requirements for a perfect ear bud. I thought it would be easy to find all these things in an ear bud. I've tried a few of them, including the Amazon Alexa Buds, which like all the features but too much ear fatigue, touch sensitive, and lead to too many accidental call disconnections. There is too much noise cancelling for my taste. I lose a lot of the features that are available when I connect my Air Pod to an Apple device. The shape is interesting, like a bean. They fit in my ear nicely and are comfortable. I had to jam them deep in my ears because I felt like they were on the verge of falling out. I don't have to jam them in my ears which can hurt and make me feel under water, and the sound is great. It is loud and clear. I like being able to change the settings on the Wearable App. I need to be able to hear what my kids are yelling for me and that is why I use active noise canceling. There is some cancellation there as I was listening to music and didn't notice the robot vacuum start up like I would if I weren't wearing these. I can regulate my voice from being too loud by listening to myself talk. I bought the buds because I am on many conference calls throughout the day and this is the reason I am yelling. There are no static calls. The person on the end said the wearer sounded far away, but that has not been my experience so far. I have put these buds on my computer, my phone and iPad. It took about 15 minutes to pair my phone to the computer, even though it was very easy to do. The buds were still connected to my computer. I had issues with my phone but not my iPad. Since the initial set up, it has been very easy to switch between devices. I feel like I have barely worn them today and they are already at 50%. Will need to see if battery drain is a big issue. Have not had issues with battery draining quickly. After being on numerous conference calls over the past week, I realized I had not charged the buds/case in weeks and it finally said low battery today! The battery life was very good. By holding the left earbud, I can summon the speaker quickly and easily. Overall, they check all the boxes for me, but these are slightly more than I wanted to pay for a bud. The price is cheaper than Air Pod Pros and they are comfortable for me to wear. I hope the review helped you.

5. TOZO T10 Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

TOZO T10 Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

The door is open and connected. The chip supports a fast and stable connection. Also compatible with a variety of devices, including tablets and laptops. The TOZO T10 Earbuds' 8mm large size speaker driver has a drive area 1.77 times larger than the normal drive area, and it delivers powerful bass, mellow midrange, and clear treble. You should reproduce your music vividly. The TOZO T10 Earbuds support the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides stable transmission without interruption. Simply take 2 headsets out from the charging case and connect them to each other automatically and then just one step to pair the earbuds. It is possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. The damage to the splash can be prevented by waterproof and sweatproof technology. Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached.

Brand: Tozo

👤I'm one of the few people who can't use the apple airpods. They fall out of my ear in less than a minute. I thought I would try a different brand, but when I put them in my ear, they fell out. I was going to give up and send the box back, but I decided to check out the instruction manual in case I messed up. I am happy I did. There were four different sizes of plastic ear caps included with the earbuds. I felt like Cinderella when I tried on the second smallest slipper. They were perfect, no matter how much I jumped up and down or shook my head. The sound is great, with good highs and lows. The fit was very comfortable once I found the right match. These headphones have changed my life for the better.

👤I connected these to my fire stick so I could watch tv while my husband slept. The volume on the ToZo was very loud. I couldn't adjust it with the tv or fire stick remote. The volume can only be controlled with a phone or a device. I bought this on Prime Day and thought I was getting a good deal, but I found another purchase for less than I paid. Two stars because they work when connected to a phone or table, but that is not what I purchased them for. There is an update review. This is an update. The customer service of Tozo is wonderful. They issued another TOZO. The previous one works with my devices, but not my smart tv. I haven't tried the new one yet, but I will keep you posted. Thanks to Tozo.

👤I was very impressed with the Tozo T10. Even if the price was twice as high, the packaging, build quality, and features were still amazing. The T10's have a number of high end features, including wireless charging, IPX8 waterproof, and a high quality 8mm sound driver. It was too easy to pair them with my phone. If you take them out of the charging case, they are ready to pair, just make sure you choose the right ear bud. They have a stronger connection with the new bluetooth v5.0. I can leave them in my backpack and still be connected up to 30 feet away. The clarity of the highs and the richness of the bass are of the highest quality earbuds. I have taken these into the shower and both of the earbuds and the case are water resistant. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could use my T10s for four hours, and that the charging case is good for four full charges of the earbuds. The wireless chargeable case is very useful. I'm good to go because I can set my phone and ear bud case on my charging pad. You need to use wireless charging. I couldn't find a better ear bud on the market.

👤I usually have enough money to make an impulse purchase at Christmas. I wanted to upgrade my totally wireless sound earbuds. They were good, but needed better sound to be perfect. With a budget of about $100, I started looking for something good from a known manufacturer. There was nothing in my price range. I started looking for a cheaper model because I couldn't see myself paying that kind of money for a brand I didn't know. I found 3-4 that looked good for around $50. The Soundcore Liberty lites were considered because I liked the other earphones. The Monoprice IPX4s had good reviews and previous good ownership. Due diligence and a desire to be able to use one earbud at a time drive me to search for the best under $50 TWS sets, and Tozo looked pretty good. The buds can be put into either ear, even though they are labeled L and R. For the first time, I'm not using the largest tips. If you have big ear canals and it's hard to get tips that fit, you may find a good fit here. The sound won't knock Bose out of the water, but for forty dollars, it is good, and an upgrade from my $20 pair. It has nice bass and highs. At low volume, the battery time is around 4 hours. I don't find it hard to get through a work day with them because the travel case can charge one while the other is playing. The charging case is something I like. I don't care about the fact that it can use a wireless charging device. You can see how charged it is by looking at the lights. It closes and is in a pocket. I don't know how many charges it will take because I keep it plugged in. It is easy to pair once done. Pull a bud off the charge and it will start looking for your device. Since I'm using one at a time, I need to turn the other one off first, then get the other one. I separated them first and then grouped them together again. This is the best part of these for me. All in all, happy with the purchase. I save money to get something else. My brother is not convinced that I recommend these to people. I like them a lot.

6. Samsung Wireless Improved Charging Included

Samsung Wireless Improved Charging Included

Exactly what you want to hear. You can stay focused on what you want with the perfect fit of theGalaxy Buds+. If you want to be more in tune with your surroundings, you can switch on Ambient Aware2. Listen to flight annozments, oncoming traffic, or your order number while still enjoying your favorite song or show. There were 22 hours of sound. You can get up to 11 hours of nonstop music on a single charge if you pop your Buds+ in the wireless charging case. No worries, I charged them the night before. You have enough juice for your commute or workout if you charge for 3 minutes. Your voice is loud and clear. You should be heard clearly. A dedicated internal and two external microphones pick up your voice. Even in noisy locations, your voice comes through confidently. Both the iPad and the phone are compatible. Pair with smart devices. Use the app on your phone to make the most of your earphones. 3 Size Eargel is included.

Brand: Unknown

👤The feature is easy to use. You can find them by pressing the button on the earbuds. That is hidden inside the app. You have to grant it access to your location, your device, your calendar, call logs, contacts, and the ability to make phone calls in order to use your earbuds. I gave it permission to installAPPS on my phone, but I couldn't find a way to take it back in settings, so I assume it went to a system app. I didn't want to give it things. I denied. You know what the app does when you deny? It crashes. They won't let you use the app unless they get your data. I was desperate to find the earbuds, so I said whatever, and pressed OK. Unless you agree to the global privacy policy of the company, it will not let you use your headphones. We may allow third parties to collect your personal information. I gave up at this point because I had no idea that buying earbuds could turn into a privacy nightmare. I wanted to make the headphones sound good, but I'll find them myself and return them.

👤I received my earbuds today. To set them up, you have to install the "Galaxy Wearable" app. I installed the app on my phone from the Play Store. The app won't get past the initial start screen unless you give it permission to access all your contacts, storage and location. I tried giving it permission to everything except contacts, but it quits when I start again, and it asks for permission again. If you don't give your contacts to the company, you won't be able to use the services that need to be linked with accounts. This looks like a serious disregard for customers' privacy. The buds are still connected to the phone, but only the left bud is working. The right bud is silent. I have used other earbuds that did not require permission to contacts, storage or location. I'll be returning the Buds and looking for another one.

👤If you are over the age of consent, I think you should watch shrek. The earbuds are just as good as the shrek ones. Ps. That should be the new display photo for the buds.

👤I already own the buds and have made a test with music and recording the microphone and they both have the same sound quality. I played the same song on different devices at the same time using the new ones and the old ones at the same time on alternate ears. I think it's the same thing. If you already have the old ones, it seems like it's the same thing to keep the old ones. I might return the new ones, I just want to test them out on the phone, that will be the factor that will make me decide if I should keep or return the new ones. If they pass the phone call test later this week, they'll get a 4 stars and give 5. I tested them out for a couple days and they work great, I can watch movies on my laptop with the headphones on, the sound works great, the battery lasts much longer, and I can finally do phone calls with them. These are better than the last ones. Happy shopping!

7. OKEEFE Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Earphones

OKEEFE Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Earphones

One step operation can change between single and binaural mode. You don't have to wear a fixed earphone for Single Ear Mode and can switch between Single Ear Mode and Binaural Mode with the BEBEN Wireless earbuds. Meet your requirements for different occasions. With dual digital power display and wireless charging, it is easy to know the remaining power of the charging case, and you will know exactly earbuds are being charged when you put them into the charging case. Place the charging case on the wireless charging pad or plug the cable into the case to charge it. When you charge the case, the number of digital power display flashes. One Step and 48H Playback: Each over ear headphones has 8H plackback on a single charge. Extra charge for both ear buds is provided by a charging case. The total battery life of these earphones is 48H. Earbuds will power on when you pick them out and pair them with your device after the first connection. Pick the K23 on your phone's list of compatible phones and sport earbuds will connect and work with it. HD Stereo Audio and One Button Control. The 10mm speaker in their earbuds can play bass, midrange and treble. You will hear a clear sound. It is easy to control music and phone calls with earphone. It's very convenient for play/pause music, track previous or next songs, volume, voice assistance, answer, end or reject calls. These in ear headphones have earhooks. Each hook is made from soft silicone that will fit different ears and both headsets will keep your ears out of your eyes. The sound chamber makes earbuds that deliver stereo sound by isolating your ear canal from outside noise. These earphones are perfect for sports, sleep, and music. Clear Call and IPX5 waterproof wireless headphones use the latest chip and technology to process ambient noise while having phone calls, microphones capture your clear voice for transmission to the listener, your sound will be heard clearly and loudly. The surface of the earbuds is sealed to prevent sweat or rain from entering, and the internal coating to the components protects them from damage.

Brand: Okeefe

👤I switched to AirPods from wireless headphones from this company. The sound of these is better than that of the AirPods. I don't have to worry about them jumping out of my ears when I'm sweaty at the gym or doing a head stand. The case is large enough to notice when I put it down, but small enough to fit in my jeans. The noise cancellation feature is better than the AirPods. I like to work out in the gym and just listen to whatever I want. I have high hopes for these, even though this is an early review. I only went to buy AirPods for my friend because he convinced me that the sound quality of our conversations would be better. If you have had air parcel, you know how much of a tear it is. I will update if there are any real issues with this early review. I have and I have an Apple device.

👤I have been using the previous model for a long time and have no problems. I like the sound and it works with lawn mowing. The older model was tight in the ear. These have a band over the ear and fit like a glove. The sound is pleasant. It's too early to know battery life. The box is flimsy and soft. Extra buds for different sizes of ear are included in the package. It has a wire for charging. The headphones arrived in good shape. I tried to use it for a Facetime call, but it didn't connect. It works well with music, but I need to look into configuring it for calls.

👤I like these. I own a pair of over- ear headphones, earbuds, and a speaker. They all have different quality. The build quality of these earbuds is decent. The charging case is plastic and prone to scratches, which isn't ideal when you're using them to travel with, but the buds themselves are nicely designed and comfortable. The sound quality is good, but it could be better. They are probably some of the best out there for the money. They won't satisfy the most obsessive audiophiles, but they are spot on for everyday use and value for money.

👤The sound is very pleasant in my ears. I have used this company before and their products are reliable. It sounds like a quality product. I would recommend this company as well. Excellent customer service, fast delivery, no issues.

👤The earbuds are good for the gym. Clear sound and won't fall off while you're working out. These earbuds are the best I've used so far. I'm very particular about earbuds. The battery is very comfortable in the ears.

👤They have a nice quality feel. I have been using them at the gym for a couple of days and they hold a charge very well. My gym time is 3 hours and I have been working out for five days and the case still reads 65% charged. The controls are easy to use once you use them a few times. The sound is nice and they stay in place. Instructions are clear and easy to use. I changed out the ear cones and they fit perfectly. The loops behind the ears are soft and keep the headphones on. I hope to use this product for a long time.

8. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Cancellation

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Cancellation

Touch Music Control allows you to control your music without reaching in your pocket, so you can stay in the moment. The 7 millimeter Earbud audio drivers from Sennheiser create a high-end stereo sound. The phone has a response of 100 to 10 kilohertz. The response time was 21,000 Hz. You can focus on the deep bass, natural mids, and clear treble with Active Noise Cancellation, which will give you high-fidelity sound even in noisy environments. The new 7-hour battery life can be extended up to 28 hours with the charging case for your wireless headphones. The person is in the mood for a movie marathon. It's lightweight design makes it easy to sit in front of the TV or stroll through the city. Voice control or smart devices can be used to control the sound of your earbuds.

Brand: Sennheiser

👤These are worth the money if you build quality over audio. These aren't for people who prefer ease of use or find the best value. Apple users need to get the AirPods. I would give these a 4.5 or even a 4.5 out of 5, but Amazon doesn't let you do that, so they just aren't. 4 days later and 10 hours of burn-in time... There is no change in audio performance. Again, they sound great, but not as sharp as the originals. The battery life with transparent hearing is around 5 hours for me, the amount of wind noise when jogging/running is surprising, and Sidetone can't be turned off during a phone call. I've tried out many wireless ear buds over the course of the past year, from Bose Sound, and I still have to turn the volume up more than preferred to get to a subjectively enjoyable level of sound. I've done my homework and I hope to give you my honest opinion and feedback on the latest version. I have a bit more time with these buds, so I'll update as I get to know them better. The sound is great. It's better than anything else. It leaves me wanting more. I'm not sure what happened, but the original earbuds sounded better. The difference is not significant, but it leaves something to be desired. I think it sounds less ederly. Crisp? I'm not an enthusiast. It's almost there, but it's not as good as the originals. I have to increase my volume to be satisfied. Don't worry, you'll be happy with these. I'll be updating if needed here. The build/design is 5/5. These earbuds are very good. The earbuds and case are made from premium materials. The buds are a bit smaller than the originals. They are quite comfortable and feel sturdy. Comply foam is a good investment. The ear tips should work just fine to squeeze extra comfort and a better seal for active noise cancellation. These aren't as comfortable as the originals, but they don't put as much pressure on the ears. The ear plug design is very good for noise cancellation. The battery was charged at 4.55pm. Excellent. I get around 6 hours with ANC on. It is possible to get 3 more full charges easily with the case charging earbuds quickly. The battery life drain issues with case are no longer present. It isn't as long as the MW07 Plus. The new ANC feature works really well. It will destroy the MW07 Plus and will be better than any other competitor. It isn't perfect, but it is the best in the True Wireless world. The most natural version of transparent hearing is available. The touch controls are more accurate now that you can modify them. There was no delay on the video sharing site. SideTone is a great place to hear your voice on a call. The call quality is slightly worse but still solid. The sound is still the best you can find, but it's a bit disappointing. I'm hoping that some burn-in will help out here. If you have room in your budget, these are the best true wireless earbuds you can buy right now. It was worth every penny. Hope this helps you out!

9. Earbuds Wireless Bluetooth Ear Headphones

Earbuds Wireless Bluetooth Ear Headphones

Mini and comfortable design earbuds, secure fit all ears. IPX7 water and sweat resistant waterproof coating is used to protect the earbuds from rain and sweat. Bobtot wireless bluetooth earbuds use dual-mic noise reduction technology, which reduces environmental noise, picks up human voice and provides a clear voice. Balanced Stereo Dynamic Earphones use 13mm dynamic vibration unit and high-definition audio coding technology. Earphones have balanced stereo for mid-to-high frequencies. First, you have to open the application on your phone, and then you have to open your headset to download the application software. Bobtot wireless earbuds have an optical sensor that will detect when they enter ears. When turning on headphones, take off/put on earbuds, and play music. The Touch Control and 30H Playtime can be used for single charging earphones and charging cases. Touch the controling area of earbuds lightly to pause/play music.

Brand: Bobtot

👤My kid loves them.

👤These are good for the price. A little big for women's ears.

👤Constantly lose conncection, and headphones shout "pairing" very loud.

👤I buy the little ones that fit in the ear. I keep losing them. The battery life of the bigger ones is terrible, the hard plastic that doesn't fit in the ear, so I thought the white ones would be better. They don't stay.

👤If you only have$15, it is great. If there is no background noise, the sound is ok. You have to be quiet to hear them. In my opinion, they are better.

👤These are okay. I have nothing to compare them to. The range is great and it charges for a long time. The value for these is good. Not a bad purchase and yes, it doesn't work with Siri.

👤I have tried everything and they keep falling out. It's a waste of money.

👤They won't pair. They don't have a sound. The instructions are very bad. I hated everything about it.

10. Beats Studio Cancelling Earbuds Built Bluetooth Headphones

Beats Studio Cancelling Earbuds Built Bluetooth Headphones

Powerful, balanced sound is delivered by a custom acoustic platform. Control your sound with two different listening modes. Three soft eartip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal. Up to 24 hours of listening time combined with a pocket-sized charging case. Class 1 is the leading class for extended range and fewer dropouts.

Brand: Beats

👤It is usually a solid product but there is something keeping it out of a 5-star range. These are examples of that for me. They are small, notobtrusive, have some out-of- ear-stick-out, and the sound is clear, which is helpful for the gym. The sound is clear, the bass is strong, and you can hear the subtle nuances of the guitar strings without being disturbed. That is a sign of a good earbud. The transparency mode and noise canceling modes were not bad. They are alright. The Air Pod Pros have a higher price tag, so they do the ANC better. It is understandable that these would do the same, but on a lower level. The Airpods have wireless charging. The lack of wireless charging is a small thing. It is so satisfying to be able to toss these on a charging pad and leave them there to charge. I was not a fan of how the case felt. The matt finish is nice, but I would have liked a little more weight in the case lid, but at this point, these are such little things that they are not a dealbreaker. The amount they stick out is the only thing I have. The way they stick out is a bit funny, so that the "b" logo is upright. They don't stick out a lot, but when you look in the mirror, you'll see a vertical line where the physical button sticks out. I had to get them to stay in, but that is beyond anyone's control. The 4th star is given to these because they are a solid enough product. They don't do any one thing particularly well, but there are enough things for me that I wouldn't say these are the best I've ever used. The hear-through is amazing, and the app really helps boostFunctionality, which is what the Jabra 75t gets the equivalent of. These earbuds are very good for the gym. They play music loudly and clearly, and the bass is strong enough for me to drown out the annoying music playing outside. They fit and stay in shape. You get a good bang for your buck with the price tag. If you want to pitch in a few more, you could also do better.

👤I love these! The AirPods 2 and Pro are better than the ones I have. The un ear fit of the AirPods Pro was terrible. They fit perfectly and don't feel like I have anything in my ear. I like that they don't have a long stem because if I have earbuds on while I put on a sweater, they fall off, and I don't have a long stem, they don't get tugged on by it. These are great if you love the bass in songs. Absolutely love it!

👤I started giving these earbuds 4 stars and then realized that I was comparing them to Air Pod Pro's that are over $100 more expensive. These earbuds fit the bill. The squat design of these earbuds makes them hard to grab. They fit in my ear. I don't have to handle them too much. Getting used to putting them back in the case is a challenge. I like the variable colors. I bought these because I lost my Air Pods Pro case, which was deleted after 24 hours. The red case is easy to use. I don't like the button on the buds. The button should be on the bottom with a squeeze function. To click the button, I have to jam the bud into my ear. I like to lay down with my buds in, but if I turn my ears against the pillow, the button is always pressing. It would be easier to pinch when the button is on the top. I had an issue with the lever arm of the APPs that clicking didn't pull the buds out of my ear. Sound quality and connection is good enough for me. The calls sounded good. I don't need my phone calls to have live orchestra quality. The music is good. Not too bass forward but crisp. The ANC/Occlusion is related. The Air Pod Pro's are not as bad as the other brands, but the occlusion effect is worse. Sometimes I hear my stomp on the pavement. I don't hear my blood flow. The ANC/transparency is fairly equal to the APPs, but not as significant in quality because of the cheaper buds. It seems to block out certain sounds, such as my heating and cooling system. I haven't tested the battery life, but they're better than APP. These are solid buds for the price. You get what you pay for, and these buds prioritize what I actually care about so you don't have to pay $250 every time your Bose or APPs go missing.

11. Bluetooth Headphones Cancelling Earphones Waterproof

Bluetooth Headphones Cancelling Earphones Waterproof

The NC9 wireless earbuds can last for over 10 hours of playtime from a single charge and 24 hours in the compact charging case. The active noise cancellation mode can last for 7 hours. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. High Fidelity Stereo Sound and CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling: The Motast I09 wireless earbuds use DSR HD rendering technology and CVC 8.0 noise cancelling technology, which produces incredible stereo sound quality with crystal crisp treble. Even in a loud environment, enjoy your music. You can get a clear call experience with the built-in high-quality microphone. The wireless headphones can play for 6 hours on a single charge. The charging case can provide extra 140hrs of playback. It only takes 1.5 hours for the case to be charged. The charging case can be used as a mobile power source. It's ideal for everyday sport, workout, travel, and other activities. True wireless earbuds are equipped with the most advanced bluetooth 5.1 chip, which provides more stable connection, faster paring, and universal compatibility. Enjoy true wireless, without cord. The wireless earbuds and charging case can be checked with the individual display on the case. Pick up 2 wireless headphones from the charging box and they will connect with each other and connect to the last-paired device automatically. With the high-tech touch screen, you can answer calls, play music, adjust volume, switch songs, and use siri with just a touch of your earbuds. The wireless sport earbuds are made of high quality waterproof materials, multi-process design headphone body, high specification waterproof test, and can effectively protect the internal components from water, rain and sweat. It's ideal for cycling, running, fitness, skiing, travelling, hiking, water sports.

Brand: Motast

👤I own a headset that costs me 150. Within 2 days, it dies. The mic is the only good thing about it. These are made out of cheap plastic and cost 30 dollars. I don't understand how they last longer than my headset. The headphones are light and do not fall out of my ears. They don't hold a candle to these. The quality and sound is loud enough to be heard on an 18wheeler. They don't die for a whole day. The material is cheap and the mic is not as good. They hold up well. I wanted a reason to say these are bad. The cheap material of the negatives is a positive. It was really good on the noise cancelation. The range is a little lower after getting behind a box truck that's 80ft long and all wood and metal. They don't fall out when I jump in and out of the truck and trailer. These are the best 30% you'll spend for a long time. I'll update it again in 1 to 3 months. So far, it has been amazing.

👤I thought I would give these headphones a try. Surprisingly sound quality is great and they block a lot of noise from outside. You can answer calls, pause music, skip songs, or adjust volume using either headphones. Both ears listen to music and phone calls. Not all wireless earphones do that. The headphones do not drain as quickly as I would like. It only takes 1.5 hours to charge. They are comfortable and not bad looking. I am happy with the purchase.

👤The package arrived the next day and I loved it so much. The charging case can be used as a portable battery for your phone. The case has magnets that can stick your Ear Pods into the right caves. If you want complete silence, noise cancelling may not be for you because you can still hear people talking next to you. It is safer to be aware of your surroundings when jogging. They stick to my ears. I flipped this around several times.

👤These are easy to use, have great sound quality, and have a long battery life. What more can you ask for? My husband took my old ones to work with. I'm glad he did. These are better. They're very comfortable. I wear these while I clean. I can keep my phone in one place and walk around my house. My house is 1200 sq ft. That is better than any other ear buds I have used before. Definitely recommend.

👤For the first few months, I was happy with this purchase. The left one stopped charging after abruptly disconnecting. The right shut off. Neither will reply now. If you are looking for something to last 90 days or so, this should work. I would look elsewhere if I had to.

👤These were amazing when they were put together. The noise canceling and sound was great until a week later when one side stopped working. Same thing happened again when I requested a replacement pair. They have the potential to be a really great buy. I find the same issue in other reviews.


What is the best product for best wireless earbuds for android?

Best wireless earbuds for android products from Iluv. In this article about best wireless earbuds for android you can see why people choose the product. Hummse and Aihoor are also good brands to look for when you are finding best wireless earbuds for android.

What are the best brands for best wireless earbuds for android?

Iluv, Hummse and Aihoor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best wireless earbuds for android. Find the detail in this article. Unknown, Tozo and Okeefe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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