Best Best Water Bottles for Adults with Straw

Adults 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Hydro Flask Mouth Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Mouth Water Bottle

All parts are free of harmful substances. The cap is dishwasher safe. Do not microwave. Don't freeze. The new Hydro Flask water bottle does not have a trademark symbol next to it. A slip-free powder coating won't sweat and the water bottle is dishwasher safe. The cold drinks and hot drinks are kept in metal water bottles. The water bottle is made of steel and not leak-proof.

Brand: Hydro Flask

👤It didn't come with the straw it said it would.

👤Carefully read reviews from other sellers. Retailers don't sell authentic Hydro Flask products. This is my second purchase. I made a terrible mistake when I bought my first White Hydro Flask from a different retailer. It was expensive junk. I paid for my mistake because I didn't read the reviews of the first product. I'm stuck with it because it's too expensive to return. I read the reviews for the retailer that sells the Authentic Hydro Flask products because I wanted a nice Hydro Flask. I bought this beautiful, wonderful, Highly Functional Gray 40 oz wide mouth hydration with the straw lid based on the positive feedback. It is amazing. The plastic straw piece doesn't detach from the lid, it has a little handle, and the straw lid doesn't make any annoying noises. The New Gray Hydro Flask is very nice.

👤Do it. Not. BUY. From. AMAZON. There is a But from the website of Hydro Flasks. I've owned hydroflasks for years and they've always been great. I am talking about going to the beach with it, and getting home to ICE cold water, with barely any ice even melted. I bought a new one from here and it doesn't keep drinks cold. At all. Within 30 minutes the ice is almost completely gone. They won't return their own product, so I'm angry and dissatisfied. Don't buy here. You can buy from the original site.

👤The product works well. Water is held but shipped with dents or dents.

👤This isn't a real Hydroflask. It's a pity. My daughter got off the Hydroflask website. The logo is different, it doesn't keep ice frozen like hers, and it's hard to suck through the straw. I was impatient and wanted it in two days, but the price was the same in the real website. Lesson learned.

👤I am giving one star because it doesn't work well, but mine came with a brand new brand new brand new small dent... It's not cool that it's going to cost almost 60 bucks.

👤There are a lot of confusing reviews. This is a real bottle. It was undamaged and works great, it came from them. I put ice in this thing in the morning and it's still frozen at the end of the day. If you read the details of the ad, you will see that it is the newer version. That is why it has a smaller logo. That is also why it does not have a lip accessory. Whatever. If that is a deal-breaker, buy the old one. This is a quality product and comes from Hydro Flask. The original bag and packaging had the straw lid, straw replacement, and even an extra straw. It's probably a shipping or warehouse issue if others were damaged. You're fine if you get it from Hydro Flask's Amazon and not a secondhand dealer. The product is great.

👤My son and I got one of these for Christmas. I lost one about 3 years ago. I noticed it was smaller than my wife's, which she bought 3-4 years ago, so I chalk it up to a re-design. If it is a real hydro flask and they re-design it, it's CRAP, as both mine and my son's will not keep ice for more than two hours. My cup from Walmart will hold ice longer than this ripoff. I will tell everyone to go somewhere else.

2. Reusable Leakproof Plastic Carrier Cycling

Reusable Leakproof Plastic Carrier Cycling

Travel friendly. The bottle fits standard cup holders, making it the perfect choice for long road trips and boat excursions. It is very pleasant to sip from this tumbler. These bottles are great for kids because they are easy to open and drink from. Send it to school for sports, exercise, and other activities. You can get 6 biscuits for the price of one. There is a 6 piece multicolor pack. ICE cubes are easy to add for a cold drink. These drink bottles are child friendly. The same high quality plastic that gives the same taste of glassware is also light and tasteless. The attractive colors will make your children happy. The dishwasher is safe. This bottle is great for sports, school, and work. For Back to School, Christmas or Birthday Gift, or for any athletics, like running, jogging, biking, or exercise. It works in any standard size backpack or tote bag. It's easy to get a good grip. This is the best water bottle to keep your kids hydrated. On hot days. It is easy to carry and the cupped center makes the hand comfortable. There is 888-405-7720 It's great for water or any other beverage. Your kids won't go to school if you don't have it. This water bottle set is a great gift idea, it is guaranteed to impress your kids, family, or anyone you love with it. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Not satisfied? Just come back. Within 30 days of purchase. There are free returns. They will do anything they can to solve your problem.

Brand: Milton

👤We've been using them for almost a year. The water fountains at my child's school don't allow them to drink out of them because of the 'rona. These have been in his backpack and lunch box every day and they are still perfect, save for a few scratches. I think they're worth the money. They're still going strong after two more months of hard use. No problems, no leaks, no cracks. The entire school year was used every single day. I am certain that he dropped them on the concrete or slinging them around by their caps was the cause of the break. We have a lot left for next year.

👤It was tested by elementary students. We had issues with leaks in backpacks and we left open as much as we could. It's a great value for any parent.

👤I bought these for my kids. They have been used daily for a couple weeks now. Good size for kids or to take on a trail, leak proof, dishwasher safe, and we go on top rack just fine. My daughter drinks more water because she keeps it near all day and she loves playing with it. The bottle material is very thin and flexible, which makes it easy to fall over if there is little liquid or empty. The caps are great quality, but I haven't used them yet, but they seem to be good quality. I paid a little more for a 6 pack, but I'm happy to keep them. I realized my set had a black bottle instead of the yellow one.

👤I was looking for a bottle that was large enough for my kids to drink from, but not big enough to have straws or valves to clean it. The bottles have been perfect. They have access to a water fountain at school, so they can fill it if they need it, but this is just the right amount for the day. If they fell from their desks, they were unlikely to break. My kids have taken the same bottle every single day, even though it is a 6 pack. I put them in the dishwasher sometimes. We have been in school for 40 days. These bottles are flip-top.

👤The spout is large. The price is a great deal. The flexible plastic does not break when dropped. Wrist strap for kids.

👤I bought these to add to my lunch boxes and I am very happy with them. I tested the leak proof and it hasn't spilled yet. I use the red and black one for working out because it matches my to-go containers perfectly. The size is perfect for my lunch box or for me to carry. I have access to water fountains and can fill them up easily, which is something I would prefer if I had a larger one. It is a great item to buy. Make sure to wash them with soap and water.

👤I was looking for something affordable anddurable that I could send with my kids to school, since they loose water bottles left and right, and I have gotten so tired of cleaning out the plastic, and these are a great value for your money.

3. GLINK Stainless Steel Water Bottle

GLINK Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The GLINK Wide Mouth vacuum insulated water bottle is made from 18/8 steel and has double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up 12 hours. One of the more versatile water bottles out there is the GLINK vacuum insulated water bottle, which has two different lid covers, one for sipping hot coffee and the other for rehydrating during a run. It's easy to grasp and save your backpack's space than a hard fixed-handle or strap. This insulated water bottle is rustproof and odor resistant, and it is made with heavy duty 18/8stainless steel. The materials of the double walled water bottle are food grade and are safe. Their logo is now LASER ENGRAVED to assure the highest quality as well as the elegant and durable bottle with a powder-coated exterior that's responsible for all the color options now available. It's minimalist design makes it ideal for camping or work.

Brand: Glink

👤I love the color. I have been looking for this color for a while now and finally found it. I use it for ice water, but I don't drink hot drinks. It stays cold longer than expected. I can fill it in the evening but it is still cold the next day. The handle on the bottle makes it easy to carry back and forth. I dropped my bottle a few times already, but I am not sure if it is drop resistance or not. I've seen hydro flasks being dropped and getting a bad ding in it from one drop, and they are too expensive to have this happen to. The bottle is not going to scratch easily. I haven't gotten a scratch yet. I own a bottle like this one but smaller, and it got scratches from the beginning. The bottle is easy to clean. There is a The hard plastic is something I might change. I don't think having a soft spout is a deal breaker. It comes with a straw lid and a screw opening lid, so you can use the one you prefer. I don't like cleaning the straw lids after use. I chose the one that you open. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a hydro flask but want something that's a little cheaper and better, then you should get this one. You will not regret it!

👤I was not expecting the colors to be as beautiful as they are. It came with two different containers, one to sip from and one for warm drinks. The two straws and the cleaner were appreciated by me. It keeps my drink cold. I left it in the car for a while to go grocery shopping and then came back an hour later to find it still cold. I live in a place where it is very hot, not shade and humid all day and night. I try to drink a gallon a day. A reuseable straw helps me. I showed this to my friend and she sent me a picture with her new bottle as well. -In I asked if we could share the words of my partner. You will not regret buying this.

👤The straw cap is not leak proof. I woke up in a wet spot after having the bottle in my bed. It's hard to clean. There was a strange smell inside the bottle and cap, even though I thought I was cleaning it out. They had to soak them in bleach. Things don't stay cold, that's the main issue with this bottle. I haven't used it for warm liquids, but it might work better for that. I put ice in a bottle and it melted in a few hours. I don't think the temp should be changing so quickly. I've had bottles with ice in them the day before. I wanted to like it. I don't.

👤I love this bottle. I am a college student and cannot afford a HydroFlask. This bottle is amazing. Thelavender is even more beautiful than their picture. I included many pictures because it looks different in different lighting. It keeps the water cool and doesn't give it a metal taste. I don't like that it doesn't fit in my cup holders. I put it on the passenger seat and have not had any spills. A great bottle!

4. Tronco Tumbler Bottle Silicone Protective

Tronco Tumbler Bottle Silicone Protective

Simple Modern is built on serving you, offering remarkable value, and giving more than 10% of profit. All products have a limited lifetime warranty. If your glass bottle breaks within the first year, they will replace it for free and cover the shipping cost. The glass has a real wood lid. Silicone sleeves make it easy for kids and guests to identify their own glasses, and the glass is perfect for outdoor use. tronco glass water bottle can be used to fill many kinds of liquids. All parts are free of harmful substances. The cap is dishwasher safe. Do not microwave. Don't freeze.

Brand: Tronco

👤I am surprised how much I enjoy this. The top has stayed on when knocked over or when my toddler grabs the straw, but I grab it back fast so I have never seen her carry it around long by the straw. The temperature is moderate, which is great for my cold smoothies. It is good for in-house, car pool, on the go transitions. It looks cute! It has a money back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose. I have a female hand that fits inside the glass bottle portion so I can clean it with a rag.

👤The product is very cheap. The glass doesn't feel strong. The lid gets mold in 2 weeks. Don't use this product.

👤I was looking for a cup/glass tumbler with a lid that was more for an adult than a child. This brand caught my eye while I was browsing. The bamboo lid was very stylish. The Silicone sleeve with many color choices was something I was looking for and I wanted to purchase more than one. The icing on the cake was being made of glass. The product was packed very well and was in good condition when I received it. I appreciate the heavy glass used in this tumbler. It looks classy. The large surface area of the silicone makes it easy to grip. The silicone sleeve has some insulation that will keep your drink hot or cold longer. It also has 2 straws. I'm enjoying the plastic sleeve which is hard plastic and one that matches the Silicone sleeve. I don't own a white softer plastic. It's nice to have another straw around. The instructions say you must wash the lid by hand, which makes sense since it's bamboo. The dishwasher can be used for the tumbler. If I'm washing the lid, I should wash the tumbler. I will be purchasing more of it.

👤I bought this item on Aug 24 and it broke on Oct 26. The window to return is useless because I loved it, used it, and cherished it for the fact that it kept my drinks cold. The crack in the bottom/break was not noticed until I put in a beverage that spilled all over. The glass on the bottom broke because I washed it gently and took good care of it. I am very sad, like the glass on this item.

👤This bottle looks great. I noticed a weird taste in my water and realized the lid was growing mold. I started washing it every day but it grew back quickly. The point of having a water bottle to tote around with you is lost if you have to remove the lid whenever you're not drinking from it.

👤I like this bottle. I like to drink from a straw. I like that it is glass but has aSilicon so it doesn't leave condensation everywhere and it doesn't slip. The main challenge is that it is small and I need to fill it up often. 3 months of use is an update. This is no longer usable. I brought it to my office about a month ago. The lid has mold on it. It can't be kept clean. I washed it with soap at least once a week. I have tried washing it and air drying and blow drying but the mold comes back with hours of use. The concept was nice, but bamboo is porous.

5. Giotto Leakproof Drinking Throughout Enthusiasts Ombre

Giotto Leakproof Drinking Throughout Enthusiasts Ombre

Their promise is that you will be 100% satisfied with their product. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, you will get a prompt replacement or a refund. Time Marking and Motivational Quote. The water bottle has a quote and time markers on it, so it's great for measuring your daily intake of water, and reminding you to drink enough water throughout the day. A must have for any fitness goals. Functional design. The flip top lid is dust and leak proof. Click the button to open it. You can enjoy spill-proof sipping with a Silicone Straw. The carry-strap is tough and the reflective frosted case is unique to your environment. The mouth is wide enough to hold ice cubes. The water bottle is made of quality tritan co-polyester plastic and is free of harmful substances. It's perfect for hiking, cycling, biking, camping, running, yoga, or any other sports at home, the gym and in the office. The ideal gift choice is a 32oz bottle with a variety of vibrant colors and cute patterns, it is the best present for anyone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Don't drop it, it's not dishwasher safe, and clean it with baking soda and vinegar.

Brand: Giotto

👤I want to drink more water. I do. I bought a clear bottle on the left, but I keep forgetting to put the cover on it. I thought the second one had a spout. It was difficult to control one's drinking flow because it had a wide mouth. I found the third one. The Giotto Large Water Bottle has a flip top. It is perfect! There was no leaking and no caps. It is easy to drink from a straw and it is easy to control how much water you consume. I bought them all on Amazon. I would have saved a lot of money if I had purchased Giotto. I highly recommend it!

👤I live on the bottle. I don't like holding wet water bottles. There are two bottles of 16.9 ounces in it. It is very easy to get my full water intake when I package water bottles. It's easy to carry and fits in my cup holders perfectly. The ombré was purple to teal. It is true to color. It's easy to clean and the straw stays put. I like how I push the little button by the mouth and it opens quickly for easy drinking, if you are driving and don't need to open bottles. This water bottle is very good. It is amazing for the price. It keeps my water cool.

👤I would love to have these bottles. They look great! The plastic that I bought falls into a category that is harmful to the human body. The bottles are not free of toxins. There are other harmful elements in plastic bottles. For yourself, read more.

👤I wasn't sure if plastic would work to store my water. I ordered a bottle first. The one that leaks easily is a lot smaller. It does not have a straw. My boyfriend ordered one of these, and I stole his water. I figured I should get one of my own. I am happy that I did. I drink water more frequently because of the measurements. I am not dehydrated as I was. I forget to drink water because I am not the type of person who is thirsty a lot. If I can drink two a day, that will be even better because I will be doing good. I think my boyfriend is up to about three of these a day. The water has a good taste even when it's sitting for a long time. The water purification system we have is professional. The water tastes great after it has been sitting in the container for a while. We ordered a few used to have in different parts of the houses. We drink water this way. We ordered some for the kids as well. I think this is a good idea. It has been leak proof for us. Even when turned upside down. There is no smell inside the bottle. There is no need to wash it frequently. I rinse it out occasionally, but I didn't notice that there was an odor inside the bottle. That is a long review. I spent a lot of time researching this and I want to share my experience. Hope it makes someone else's life easier in making a decision.

6. Coldest Sports Water Insulated Stainless

Coldest Sports Water Insulated Stainless

It doesn't smell or crack. There is an insulated sports water bottle. The double wall insulation is the most sweat-free. It1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 Only the 12 Oz, 14 Oz, 18 Oz, and 24 Oz fit in cupholders. Their Coldest Bottles come with their Patented insulated lid. Say goodbye to the generics. Premium STAINLESS STEEL: 18/8 The Coldest Water is made from premium, heavy duty, premium STAINLESS STEEL. Use soap and water to wash your hands. The best materials, double wall, and true STAINLESS STEEL make it the best bottle, your last bottle. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: The high quality The Coldest Water Bottle will please you. If you are not completely satisfied with the Coldest Water Bottle, they will give you a full refund or an exchange.

Brand: The Coldest Water

👤I bought these for my children because their bottles leaked all over their books and papers. I decided to buy a brand that I hadn't heard of and ordered two because of Amazon's great return policies. After a few weeks of use, this is my honest review. PROS 1. The bottle keeps the water cold. My kids go to school from the time they get home. It is not going to turn into water if you put too much ice. It will hold ice for a while. 2. The bottle doesn't need to be inverted to drink because the lid has a straw. 3. It doesn't leak. It doesn't sweat. 5. It can be carried easily with a loop in the lid. 6. The rubber lining on the mouth is different from the hard plastic lining. There are 1 cons. The bottle is not durable. My kindergarten dropped it twice. I bought them for children who are likely to drop them. 2. We can't use the ice from the ice maker on the refridgerator because the mouth of the bottle is small. We have to put the ice in a cup. 3. There is a bottle but it is too far down to be useful. 4. The loop on the bottle makes it easy to touch the mouth piece of the bottle. It seems like school and sicknesses go hand in hand as a parent. It is not ideal that they are constantly in contact with germs from their hands. 5. The writing on the bottle is coming off. The water is cold. I don't think this water bottle can hold up to our rugged lifestyle because YETI tumblers can't hold a candle to it.

👤I got this bottle for Christmas for the first time. The 21 ounce was what it was. It was stolen at work. The bigger 32 ounce was the replacement. I had no issues with the smaller one. I have issues with this one. It is almost like they did not make the air intake hole big enough. When you drink it becomes hard to drink because the vacuum is getting stronger and then when you take your mouth off it makes the most hideous sucking noise. You have to drink TINY TINY sips. The only way to solve this problem is loosen the lid. I have to deal with this problem because it leaks. It keeps things cold for a long time, but I am very disappointed with the bottle this time around. I wiggled the tweezers around for a while. It worked out perfectly. No more issues with the vagina.

👤I expect the water bottle to be of top quality. The bottle does what it is advertised to do. The quality is nice. The whistling sound that comes from taking a sip from the straw is horrible. I am not sure if this company has addressed the problem. I will give it a 1 star because of this. I don't want to drink water from this thing because it makes a whistling sound at every sip.

7. Contigo AUTOSEAL Trekker Bottles Sprinkles

Contigo AUTOSEAL Trekker Bottles Sprinkles

The water bottle is made of steel and not leak-proof. There is a difference between leak and spill proof. Material Matters is 100 percent free of the harmful chemical, BPA. The dishwasher safe lid and body need to be cleaned up. Easy one handed drinking with the push of a button.

Brand: Contigo

👤They are great for everyday use and I got them for my son. He takes it to school to avoid spills. They are smaller than I would like. If he doesn't fill and take both he will run out of water very quickly. I attached a photo next to a regular sized drinking glass and a video to show how the auto seal works.

👤I have been looking for good water bottles for 6 years. I've bought a lot of different models and this one has been the best so far. I have been looking for this bottle for so long that my children can handle it. Let me explain. I started with the spout kind of bottle. My kids never got the hang of biting action if they didn't leak. My kids would tilt their heads back so that the water would spill out of their mouths when they drank, because they were used to the regular milk drinking bottles which had a more restricted flow. The kids were a little older when I started with the straw bottles. Turns out, those leak as well. My kids bit them with all the energy and fervor that only children possess, and before long the straws were all chewed to shreds, since a good number of the more leak-proof ones require biting to release the valve. The straw ones tend to have mold in the inside areas that are hard to reach. I bought a straw cleaner but it wouldn't clean out the mold stuck in the area where the straw bends. The company limited the number of straw parts I could buy. Who wants to clean so many parts? I bought a bottle that required you to pull out the top when you wanted to drink. Disaster! They worked well for drinking, but my kids kept forgetting to secure it shut, and returned a lot with dripping wet school bags. The ones that are open with no straw are the most largish. My kids are not the most coordinated or refined children, so you already know that water was everywhere and over everything. These bottles can be entered. They press a button and a slit opens to drink. They put the bottle down and it seals itself. Great! There is no need to worry about leaks. There is no need to worry about rubbery straw parts collecting mold. I'm hoping my search for the perfect bottle is over. This works best for children over the age of 3-4. They need to be able to hold the bottle and press on the button at the same time.

👤We love these cups. We had a mold issue and had to throw it away. The drinking hole has a back that seals it when it's closed. One of our cups went missing for a couple of days and when it turned up, it had mold on it. I tried to clean it up, wash it, and even bleach it, but the mold is still there. It's too small of a space to be able to scrub it. We checked the other one we had and it had a small amount of mold, but it wasn't as visible as this, and probably wouldn't have been missed during routine cleanings. I will probably do a more thorough job cleaning if we buy more.

8. Giotto Gallon Motivational Paracord Removable

Giotto Gallon Motivational Paracord Removable

Motivational Quote and Time Marker water bottle is great for measuring your daily intake of water and reminding you to drink enough water throughout the day. A must have for any fitness goals. This half gallon water bottle is made of the highest quality ropes and has a unique carry design. The Paracord handle can be used as a rope for up to 15 feet. You can carry it in different ways with the anti skid grip design. You can enjoy one full water bottle without having to refill it frequently. You can easily check the amount of water intake with the measuring scale. It's suitable for running,hiking, cycling, travel and any outdoor activities. This water bottle is made of quality food grade eco-friendly tritan plastic, which is free of toxins and harmful chemicals. It is 100% leakproof because of the dust free cap. One straw allows you to drink. It can also be used without a straw. It is easy to fill the wide-mouth opening with ice cubes. It is an ideal gift for your beloved ones, to help them keep hydrated and healthy. Do not drop it, it's not dishwasher safe, and clean it with baking soda and vinegar.

Brand: Giotto

👤I bought my husband a half gallon jug. He drinks a lot of water so he tends to refill the jug even though it is supposed to be for "all day". The lanyard makes it easy to carry around. If you are trying to reach your water drinking goals, buy buy if you can.

👤The water bottle is large. I didn't think of 64oz of water before this. I usually keep a water bottle by my bed. I have to refill a few times a day. I haven't had to refill it once per day. I bought this because of the size, not because of the timed goals on the side. I have found myself trying to stick to them, which is good for me. The pros and cons are discussed. For one day of water, size is more than enough. The mouth is wide enough for me to clean it. The bottom of the straw can pop up for drinking when you open the top. The handle is made of paracord. I like the colors. The double lock on the lid is very useful. I knocked over more water bottles than I can count because they only have one lock and the lid pops up. Sometimes I don't get lucky and the lid pops up and spills my water everywhere. The first locking mechanism on this should prevent that completely. There is a The packaging was wrapped in a gold twist tie. It would be great to give that way. I hate that you can't remove the paracord. I want to be able to wash my water bottle without getting it wet. It stays damp all day. It would be a better design if they got rid of the resizing toggle. I don't see why it's necessary as there is nothing to change and it can be removed. Please let me know if someone has a way to remove the paracord temporarily. The printed words might wear off eventually. The words "approximate capacity" were already worn off when I took the picture. There was a small amount of debris inside the bottle after receipt. It all went away after the first wash. I think this will be my favorite bottle. I might have to use a regular 20oz size for some occasions but I will use this during my family beach trip next summer because it can fit in a cup holder. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars because the only issue I have with it is that the paracord strap is not removed unless you cut it off permanently.

👤The large size of the water bottle, the innovative design including deep, vibrant colors of the bottle to choose from, the motivational sayings and time of the day to drink, the curved sides for easy handling and holding, and never seems to bother me, are all things I'll start with Now is the right time. The lock on the water bottle wouldn't stay put at all times unless you physically pulled it down to open it, which is a problem since the lid can easily pop open UN. The lid opens at random times when I carry it by paracord due to a push button on lid brushing or pressing up against me, or when water bottle is hanging on backpack with a clip since the latch on lid won't stay locked! The current part of the water bottle needs to be changed to a better functioning part that will allow 1 handed use of the water bottle and drinking from it. During a Pandemic, when you have to be afraid to touch anything outside of your home, or anything recently delivered to your home, and then yourself or any personal items, such as a water bottle, that you then plan to put inside your mouth, it's especially hard to The fourth picture in the summary and details sections shows the white mouth that's attached to the straw as if it's locked into position, with no worry of it moving around or being necessary to use your hands to position it. The picture shows the white straw in place, but it doesn't show that it stays in place after the lid is closed or that the opening of the lid makes it pop back up to drink from it. I was almost certain that they wouldn't design such an innovative water bottle that would require you to touch and hold the straw with your mouth before taking a sip of water, and that I was misunderstanding how to use it. The point of developing a water bottle that allows a person to easily open the lid of the water bottle with one hand, the same hand you're holding the water bottle with, if you still have to stop and use both hands to adjust the mouthpiece nearly every time you go to take is I've tried adjusting the mouth piece attached to the straw at a number of different places in order to make it easier to drink from it, but I'm not sure if I can get it to a position that would make it painless to drink from it. The straw and silicone pieces don't reach high enough to be able to use without a mouthpiece. I don't know if it's the materials used to make these 3 pieces, or if it's the opening of the lid that causes this, because the full mouth is unable to fit through the opening. The use of a functional straw is a deal breaker for me because I can drink a lot more water with a functional straw than I can without one. The water bottle is made of plastic. There's a smell of plastic with every sip of water I take. I purchased this water bottle for the purpose of motivating me to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day and believing that I could with the use of this large sized bottle, straw, and as soon as the ice melted inside the bottle I was left with plastic water. The smell and taste of plastic is different from that. If the product details didn't specifically inform me of the following information, I wouldn't have purchased this item. It is not odor free. I have washed it many times, soaked it with hot water and dish soap, and left it to air out for a few days, but still no change. I knew from the beginning that my water wouldn't taste as good if I drank it from a plastic bottle and it wouldn't taste as good if I drank it from a bottle that kept it cold for 24 hours. I don't want to drink water that tastes like plastic because I don't want it to smell like plastic. I don't use plastic ice cube trays to make my ice, as many of them make ice cubes taste like plastic, as well as any beverages that you put those ice cubes into. Silicone trays are used to avoid the plastic taste of standard ice cube trays. The huge opening at the top of the water bottle is one of the perks that this water bottle has to offer, so please see the attached pictures for more information. I wish this could have been a great product review, as I really wanted to get this motivational water bottle. I can't say that I'd recommend this bottle unless the seller can fix the problems I mentioned in my review.

9. Ello Syndicate Glass Bottle One Touch

Ello Syndicate Glass Bottle One Touch

Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only. If their product is out of your expectations, just contact them and they will try to give you a best shopping experience. The water bottle is made of clean tasting glass and odor-free. The large water bottle is perfect for car travel, a gym routine, and more. Good to Go: The flip lid lets you drink directly from glass, not plastic. A sleeve protects against chips. All parts are dishwasher safe. There is no need to remove the silicone sleeve. All parts are safe and clean. Silicone is used in their sleeve and lid seal. Purchases from authorized retailers are protected by Ello's Lifetime Guarantee.

Brand: Ello

👤This is my favorite glass bottle. My water bottles were leaking in my bag. I put the bottle in the bag that I bought and it was cute. The narrow opening will make cleaning difficult. I think a long handled baby bottle brush will do the trick. It will not get icky if it is cleaned frequently. There is a reason why most travel mugs have black lids. You don't notice that it gets mold. I am grateful for the white lid pieces because I can see what is happening. If you are brave, take out the little ring from your coffee mug and run a white cloth under it. You have to clean them. It is just science. The sound it makes when you open it is the best feature. Clicking the button gives a feeling of satisfaction. You need this bottle in your life. I bought one for my husband a few months ago and he still loves it. It is a great way to stay hydrated while avoiding awkward silence. If you need to keep quiet, just use your hand to slow down the opening of the lid and it will be quiet. This will be my go to bottle in the future. I pray that the hilarious sound when you open it is never gone.

👤I bought the gray version first, and then bought the purple one. I absolutely adore these! I only use them for water, and it tastes great from a glass bottle. I have not had any problems with mold, it may be an issue for people who put things other than water in these. They are strong. The pin in the lid came out once, but I was able to put it together quickly. The pin fell out because my cat knocked it off my nightstand. It does not leak when he knocks it on the floor with the lock feature on. It feels good to not use plastic bottles anymore. It's cheaper to use a bottle. There is a This is a glass water bottle that you can buy. The bottles are still holding up great a year later. I only use water and have not had any issues with a moldy top. I decided to buy a pink one. The locks are not longer on the top. Why? This feature was one of my favorites. It wouldn't spill everywhere when my cats push it off the surface. I am very disappointed that there are no locks anymore. I have removed a star because of this. If there is no lock, the price should be substantially lower.

👤It's a bottle of water. There isn't much special there. The cover is snug so it won't slip off like some others. The wide opening of this bottle doesn't allow threads to get in the way of drinking. When the lid is locked in place, there is some feedback from the screws on. I like the push button opening mechanism. The rubber band causes the lid to open when it is new. The rubber band starts to stretch after a while. This causes the lid to be less open until the pop causes the lid to open all the way. This isn't a big deal, but it makes the bottle not as good as when you got it. You have to buy a whole new bottle because Ello is not selling replacement lids.

10. Pogo Tritan Water Bottle Straw

Pogo Tritan Water Bottle Straw

It doesn't smell or crack.

Brand: Pogo

👤The water bottle is perfect. It holds a lot of water. I don't have to refill it, it has a straw to drink through, and it has a flip lid to protect the straw, so it won't get contaminated if you drop it. It has markings on the side to show how much you have drank and to encourage you to drink more. I love this bottle so much. It doesn't leak like camelbak's do, but that also happens over time, so I'll give it a few months. I hope I didn't speak too soon. You don't have to bite the soft straw to drink out of it, like you do with camelbaks. If I were a parent, I'd use this water bottle because I've heard that can lead to teeth misalignment in children. I can't say enough good things about it. If you're worried about keeping your water cold, I wouldn't buy this bottle, but room-temperature water doesn't bother me, and it's not like you can't put ice cubes in it.

👤I prefer a certain type of drinking spout, so I'm picky about water bottles. I have been using old Smart Water bottles because I like the spout shown in one of the attached photos. I am happy that I found this one because I know it's not good to reuse those bottles. Very affordable. Other bottles are expensive. It was under $10 that I was looking for. I don't have to tip the bottle because the soft straw is great. It's light enough to fit in a full 32-ounce container. It's marked with fill lines and has a handy grip ring on the side. It seems like it will be easy to clean, and the straw option means having to disassemble it a bit. I plan to drink a small amount of white vinegar through the bottle and straw every few days. The soft straw is not squishy, which would have been terrible.

👤The October 2020 purchase is still in use. The printing on the bottle is not an issue for me. Soft Straw and Chug-Style Lid seem to have a mix of product reviews and questions. There is a water bottle with a soft straw. I bought a bottle and received it, so I will try to clear up some things in the reviews. The bottle comes with instructions and I like that the whole lid is broken for cleaning. It's safe to use. I don't have chlorine in my water and have not had any problems with mold or the mouth piece. I drink at least two quarts of water from the bottle every day. I have been using the bottle for 7 weeks and have noticed the odors. The bottle is not insulated. It's not going to keep your drink cold. There is a vent hole in the center of the lid. The underside of the lid can be cleaned. I haven't seen any noticeable plastic or rubber. It's likely that the odors are up to each individual. Water will collect inside the cover if it is closed over the mouth piece. If you tip the bottle over, it will leak the amount in the straw. The bottle empties through the mouth piece and I like that. The scale on the side has not worn on my bottle yet, but that's not an issue for me. I would buy this again for $9.

11. H2O Capsule Gallon Insulated Storage

H2O Capsule Gallon Insulated Storage

It is an ideal gift for your beloved ones, to help them keep hydrated and healthy. Do not drop it, it's not dishwasher safe, and clean it with baking soda and vinegar. It's built for the gym. You can't leave your phone on the dirty gym floor or wrestle with your keys. The H2O capsule is the only sports water bottle with a protective sleeve that can be used for storage. Hold your phone, keys, and cards while you work out. There is a half gallon of gasoline with a covered stance. The jug is large enough to hold all the water you need to stay hydrated. The covered straw lid helps protect the mouth and flips open with a click of a button. The straw-lid is air-tight. Before use, run straw brush through mouth piece. The H2O capsule bottle has a bonus straw cleaning brush. There is a unique story cloak. The large jug handle allows for a patent-pendingremovable thermal sleeve that holds your cards and cell phone, and is finished with an in-built key chain and shoulder strap for hands free carrying. It is the only encased water jug that holds your things. The H2O capsule is non-toxic,BPA free, and multi-functional and has been improved with 30% thicker plastic to make it more heavy duty and durable. The fitness water bottle is lightweight and leakproof. Pick one that matches your gym style. It is not dishwasher safe to wash your bottle. The plastic hydro jug is large enough to hold all the water you need to stay hydrated. ECO-FRIENDLY INNOVATION. The H2O capsule makes every water bottle a superhero, from reducing plastic waste to providing inspiration, keeping you hydrated or simply stopping things from going missing. Thanks for your help in saving their planet, one capsule at a time!

Brand: H2o Capsule

👤I have a handle on the pros and cons of this bottle. I like the resilience of the bottle. It is very strong and does not break when pressed on or dropped. The bottle is very strong and I pick it up by the lid because it has never broken or loosened. The sleeve option stops the condensation and leaves no rings on my desk or table. If you can get them before they sell out, there are some nice patterns. The handles and straps are a plus. I didn't like the small opening, I wanted large ice cubes in the top, but it's not possible. There is no straw included. You can purchase a straw on your own. They sell out fast. I have been using my own straws with an improvised stop to keep it from falling into the jug, but that means the lid doesn't close and I have spilled so many times I am over it. The sleeve does not keep water cold. To get rid of the staining, an entire wash is required. It dries over night so that is good. I wouldn't buy another H2O Capusle, but I would buy another sleeve for the bottle I already have. The HydroBear jug is a great price and includes a straw. I will get a sleeve from them to take care of the condensation problem and add the handiness of straps and handles because the make is very similar to HydroJug. I lied. It's a good thing. Since buying the OG, I have bought two more H2O capsules. I have seen the integrity of the bottle be better than other bottles and the company is stepping it up with new sleeves and top cap options. The sippy-lid style bottle that comes with the straw attached is not very good because the amount of work it takes to get any water through the straw is crazy and sometimes the tops just don't work at all.

👤I liked that this bottle held a lot of water and kept it cold, and it had a handle and a carrying strap. At that point, I would like to put my work ID in the bottle. I had a bottle for three or four weeks and then I drank my water from a straw and got a lot of air. I dismantled it. The picture you see is of the silicone being ripped to connect the straw to the nipple part of the contraption. I was like no big deal, maybe I pinched it. This company would have the straw that they have on their product available for purchase, so I will just order a new one. I bought the only straw that they offer, but it didn't fit into the bottle that came with it. They don't sell extra replacement lids for a bottle that they sell and they don't sell the replacement straw that comes with the bottle that they sell. I like this bottle. I really wanted it to work out so that I can get a new lid or a replacement straw if someone from H2O capsule wants to message me or tell me how to get a new lid. If you have yet to purchase this bottle, you should look for one that has all the replacement parts you could possibly need.


What is the best product for best water bottles for adults with straw?

Best water bottles for adults with straw products from Hydro Flask. In this article about best water bottles for adults with straw you can see why people choose the product. Milton and Glink are also good brands to look for when you are finding best water bottles for adults with straw.

What are the best brands for best water bottles for adults with straw?

Hydro Flask, Milton and Glink are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best water bottles for adults with straw. Find the detail in this article. Tronco, Giotto and The Coldest Water are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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