Best Best Walking Shoes for Women with Flat Feet

Women 5 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. JOOMRA Minimalist Athletic Trekking Lightweight

JOOMRA Minimalist Athletic Trekking Lightweight

The rubber outsoles have a responsive feel on unpredictable terrain. It is not necessary to put in insoles to support the arches of the feet and not transfer weight over the ball of the feet. The thicker topline makes shoes not fall off during exercise. Make sure you wear a reflective strip on your heels. The purpose of minimalist shoes is to give their feet maximum amount of freedom to move and function as if they are walking barefoot.

Brand: Joomra

👤I am very happy with this product and will update it as time goes on. I am surprised at how comfortable they are, they are the first minimalist shoe I have ever bought. I have had them on for hours just to break them in and they don't need it. The arch support in the insoles is something I like about them. I like how snug they are for my feet, but also roomy, and since it's cold here, I've had no issues with my feet getting cold. They can be worn with or without socks. Thank you for the shoes! There is an update. They are still going strong and it is on the 20th of 2019. It's easy to clean if they get wet or muddy, and there's an awesome shoe. If I could get another pair, I would! October 26th, 2020 is an update. My husband wears a pair of shoes to work. I am very happy we bought more because they have held up well. I bought them almost 3 years ago and they are still amazing.

👤I like these! I have never owned a pair of shoes like this. I was not sure what to expect but they exceeded my expectations. I ordered a size 8.5 because they are wide sizes and they fit perfectly. I wore them to the gym a few times. They held up their feet and did not rub their toes. These shoes are not going to have a lot of support so they are not going to have a lot of support. I have a problem with the fact that you can see the glue where the toes are. This is a small mistake that I don't care about at all. It's not worth taking a star off. I don't think you can find anything better for the price. Cute and unique shoes!

👤I'm very surprised that everyone's main concern is size, comfort, and quality. When I buy shoes at Payless, I'm an 8.5, but when I buy shoes at Ross, I'm a 9. I bought a 9.5 and it fit perfectly. There is a small gap in front of my toes when I run. Quality and comfort are important. I have wide feet, I love being barefoot, and I hate heavy shoes, but these shoes fit and adjust to my foot width and are very light, they make me feel barefoot but with extra backup for terrain. The bottom doesn't feel foamy. These are my first pair of shoes that I have ever purchased on Amazon.

👤I've been looking for a pair of minimal trail running shoes for a long time, and I'm so happy I waited. I was hesitant to purchase high-end brands because of poor reviews, which said the shoes were uncomfortable after a few months, or that they were too narrow, because they were expensive. These are great. The wide toe makes them comfy without the need to break them in first, the price is fantastic, and I love the variety of colors offered. Many people wear minimal shoes without socks, but I have been wearing a pair of thin, low socks so I don't have to worry about stinky feet. I can't remember a time when I wanted to wear trail shoes with my everyday clothes. Would purchase again.

2. JOOMRA Walking Breathable Athletic Sneakers

JOOMRA Walking Breathable Athletic Sneakers

The 3D Woven upper features are designed to move with your feet. In a sleek, low cut silhouette, the shoes tongue with integrated collar offer exceptional fit and all day comfort. There is a slip-on construction with a back pull-tab. Natural motion flex grooves that respond to every movement are the inspiration for the outsole. The shoes are designed for casual activities. The mesh upper will keep your feet cool.

Brand: Joomra

👤I bought these sneakers for work because they are so comfortable for walking even when I'm on my feet all day. The only reason I didn't give 5 was because of the uncomfortable insoles. I think I have to break them in.

👤These are cute. The shape is not what I was expecting. It's a bit wide and round as opposed to the athletic shape of most tennis shoes. As far as length is concerned, they are snug. I wear a 6 in every shoe, but I wish I had gone for a 6.5. The feel is a little more expensive. They will be tested to see if they are durable.

👤I love these shoes! There is a red tennis shoe for sale. Red tennis shoes are not cute. These have a feminine touch. It's lightweight and comfortable.

👤The shoes fit a bit bigger than usual for a size 9 and the color is more of a peach color than pink. The shoe is light and looks good. The difference in color of peach is not a big deal to me. I might order more in other colors.

👤I love these shoes! It's true to regular shoe size.

👤I needed red shoes so I bought these. They are very comfortable. I don't mind that they don't have arch support. I love the red.

👤The fit was good and I found these so comfortable that they were right out of the box. They don't have much padding inside. I would come back and buy them again after working for me.

👤I don't leave reviews because I don't have that high of standards, but I do warn people, these have no support and will hurt your legs when you run. They are very low and kept pulling my ankle socks down. Which is the most annoying feeling in the world. I usually have good luck with Amazon, but I don't buy these shoes.

👤Fit as expected. It's cute and comfortable. Very light! They are not enough support for intense running, but they are great for incline run and bike.

👤Love them. They can be used for everything.

3. RYKA SKY WALK Walking Frost

RYKA SKY WALK Walking Frost

Synthetic and leather. The shaft is low-top from the arch. Breathable mesh with supportive leather. The memory foam with latex base provides support all day. The molded EVA has a midfoot shank. The rubber is good for traction on a variety of surfaces.

Brand: Ryka

👤I have been ordering these shoes for my sister who was not able to stand on her feet because of her feet issues. She's in a classroom all day. She was recommended several other shoe brands, all of which cost over $100 per pair. She has been able to walk and stand all day with no pain after I told her about the program. She took her fourth pair to her doctor who now recommends them to her female patients.

👤These are the shoes I run around in every day. I was looking for something. I have running shoes and trainers. I wanted something for standing, shopping, and running. These shoes are the most comfortable I have ever put on my feet. The memory foam is cute and sporty. The gray/coral colors were given to me. The coral is brighter than the picture and the gray is darker. The shoe is very narrow in the toe box, so I'm giving four stars. It's like the sides of my feet are falling off the edge. It's very strange. I should have ordered a half size up, as many reviewers recommend. I have never had to get a C/D width. Wide shoes flop all over me. I'm going to return these and get a 9 and 9 W to see which fits better.

👤I have suffered through some terrible athletic shoes. The last pair were Soviet in appearance and comfort, and they were pretty good. I came across these while browsing. A shoe designed for women is not the same as a shoe designed for men. These are nice looking,flattering, and they are a dream wear. All day, the support is amazing. You think I'm going for a walk, but I have to put on my athletic shoes. Hey! I'm going for a walk. INRDeals I told them to check out the bonus for Ryka. You will never buy anything else.

👤5 stars all the way! After 7.5 miles of walking, my feet felt great. I didn't get blisters when my socks slipped down. My feet felt cool compared to my other shoes after a while. It looks great! I ordered half a size up because I wear thicker socks, so I would say fit true to size.

👤I have been buying sneakers for a long time. I am over 60. My first pair of ryka's were the Radiants. Two weeks ago, I bought the walking sneakers from the last year. I wear Sky Walking, Radiants, and Devotion on a daily basis, and I also wear a rotation of my sneakers. The support provided by the sneakers makes me feel like I am walking on air. They are not expensive. I have worn them on vacations in the USA, Hawaii, and Europe. I wore the Radiants when I climbed Diamond Head. The sneakers are lightweight. I have had them on for over 24 hours before. I don't feel like I need to kick them off because they are becoming uncomfortable. I purchase the sneakers that fit perfectly no matter which style I choose. Someone is helping a woman's foot.

4. JENN ARDOR Sneakers Perforated Comfortable

JENN ARDOR Sneakers Perforated Comfortable

The shoes are made from high quality materials with a platform and add height. The slip-on white sole shoe is a classic design that reflects your most excellent and personal style. It's perfect for all your outfits. BREATHABLE COMFORT:Jefferson Ardor shoes offer a supportive footbed and a breathable lining that will make your foot feel great. Non slip shoes. Their rubber sole has thick rubber bottoms that give you ultimate traction so you won't lose your footing when walking. There is a notice. Just choose your normal size, sneakers shoes are strictly follow USA size. Refer to the size picture.

Brand: Jenn Ardor

👤When I ordered the shoes, I was not worried. I like the design and it looks nice in the picture. I tried it. I wear it for work. No pain in my feet at all. I am surprised. Most of the comforts I bought hurt me in the back of my feet. The pair is so soft that I don't feel any awkwardness. It looks good and feels good. I would buy another pair of shoes in a different color. Recommended! Ps. I had about 4 hours of walking this morning and wore it for shopping. I arrived home without any pain on my feet.

👤My foot is not chubby and I wear a size 10 medium. I have almost every color in this company's shoes. The shoe is a little wide. I have a dress shoe made by this company. It's the same size as the shoe, a little big and a little wide. The present shoe is not similar to the Van. It was too small in the toe box and too short in the length. I had to return the shoes because they were unwearable. The company has made prime returns easy to return to. The brown color of the taupe was very unattractive in person. If my review helped you, please vote for me, thanks so much!

👤The picture on Amazon seems to be misleading. They are soft and don't need to be broken in. The fit seems off. My toe is almost touching the tip, but they are flopping off width wise. I buy shoes whenever I can. I think it's a little weird that they are on the shorter side, but wide. I think a sole insert will lift my foot and solve the problem, so I will keep them. If you want to spend $7 on a cozy insert, I would recommend them.

👤I don't like buying shoes online as I don't know if they will fit or not. These are worth the price. My feet were perfect. Depending on the brand and shoe type, I jump between 7.5 and 8. I usually get an 8 to accommodate my wide width, but that wasn't needed with these. It is a perfect fit, I went down half a size. I recommend these to everyone!

👤I wanted to like them. The taupe color was ordered by me. I would have preferred them to be brown. They are comfortable. They don't have a lot of support. I had a problem with the back of my foot coming out when I walked. I didn't have enough room at the toe to accommodate them. I would suggest ordering a half size smaller. I'm not sure if they are half sizes. They didn't work for me.

👤Excellent quality is what these are. I bought the white. The fabric is much better and has more structure than canvas. It is similar to a coated canvas handbag. The soles are comfortable. The feet have good support. There is no support for the arch. They are light. They run generous, but not enough to size up, so they need to add a slim insole or wear socks. I like wearing thin nylon peds, so I added a thin Dr Scholls insole. The fit is true to size for medium width feet. They are not wide enough for narrow feet. They are made to fit socks in any size without being too tight. The quality is better than I expected, and I love them.

5. ASICS Gel Excite Graphite Grey Watershed

ASICS Gel Excite Graphite Grey Watershed

Made in the USA or imported. The mesh material improves stability. AmpliFoam Midsole is ideal for natural running because of its flexibility, comfort, and platform adaptability. The Ortholite X-40 Sockliner has a high level of breathability and excellent moisture management.

Brand: Asics

👤I have had many issues with my feet under the sun. I have always been able to run comfortably and without pain in Asics shoes. Even though I have high arches, I prefer their neutral shoe because it combines my inserts with their high support shoe. Highly recommended for women with foot issues.

👤I am happy my size came back in stock. I wear a size 10. I go up half a size in running shoes because my feet swell a little. They are comfortable and cheap. I was surprised that these matched my compression socks.

👤I found a toe box with enough room. They changed the size of my ASICS because they were so comfortable. I never found the right fit again. I ran for the first time in years after trying a 6.5 and my feet didn't hurt. A similar fit to the old ASICS.

👤For about a month now, these have been worn for running, long walks, and even a few hikes. No blisters, great support, and very comfortable. Would recommend.

👤The shoes are nice, but run small.

👤Awesome shoes! They are very cushiony and bright. I always get my sneakers a size 7 because they fit great.

👤My favorite brand for running and walking. I need a new pair of shoes because I have been increasing my miles. Needed more protection than my last two pairs. I usually wear a 7.5 to 8 and purchased the 8 which is perfect, I would probably need a 8.5 if these were for running. I will be using them for walking only since there isn't as much arch support in this style. I have purchased two more pairs of these.

👤I love these shoes. I bought these because I like the neon colors, and I know the shoes are great. The colors pop, there is a lot of neon and iridescent on the sides. The gray body helps balance it out. I ordered a 9 after reading that the toe box was a bit narrow. I think the 9 fits best in this shoe, because my feet swell when I exercise, but I was told I should get an 8-8.6. The space between my big toe and the end of the shoe is just right. It fits through the foot. It is not as thick through the toe.

👤The quality is low. This is what the shoes look like on day 31 when the return policy is 30 days.

👤I had expected more from them, but they pinched around my toe, even though I have a narrow foot. The soles of my feet felt as if they had stepped on stone floors after walking for a half hour.

👤I bought these trainers for my wife, who loves the brand, and she said that they are a great price, and she always goes up one size, thanks to Amazon.

👤There is plenty of room in the front of the shoe for narrow heels. Light weight and comfortable for running.

👤Trainers arrived promptly.

6. New Balance Nergize FuelCore Sneaker

New Balance Nergize FuelCore Sneaker

50% mesh. It is Synthetic. The shoes have a performance fit. You should order a 1/2 size bigger than your usual size. The New Balance sneakers feature a lightweight, responsive ride and a midsole cushion that provides a good fit for all-day wear. The everyday shoe for women was made for wearing anywhere and everywhere, with an underfoot comfort insert that offers a plush feel with every step. The bootie design has a sleek design and supportive fit. The bootie upper construction hugs your foot for a snug fit. The lightweight feel of the upper on these cross-trainers is due to the use of mesh and synthetic materials.

Brand: New Balance

👤I like these. They are comfortable. Hopefully these run a bit smaller. I am a size 7.5 in Nike and ASICS shoes, so I don't need to order the size you would normally wear. I have never had to size up. So... Next time, I will order an 8. I don't like the feeling of my toes close to the edge. I would recommend these shoes. I like the way they look.

👤I like the look and feel of these shoes, but they are not appropriate for extended wear. The sole is very thin and you can feel it on the rock you walk on. I wouldn't wear these shoes for long periods of time like at Disneyland or while traveling. The firm support needed for a day long walk is barely any arch support. I wanted to take these to Europe because they were light. I know they won't give me the support I need for extended sight seeing after wearing them for a day around town. Things. I like that it's light weight and no socks needed. I like the roomy toe box, no pinching, and easy on and off, but I don't like the lack of arch support and overall support. I decided to reduce my rating to 2 stars because of thearch support.

👤I wear athletic shoes in favor of crocs or clogs when I work as a nurse in the intensive care unit. I work 4-5 days in a row between two jobs and am on my feet a lot. My last pair of shoes lasted almost a year and were very supportive. I have worn this pair of shoes three times and I am looking for a new pair. These shoes are not for you if you want to be standing or walking for hours at a time. If you want something light weight and flexible on days where you aren't going to be active, they'd be fine. My feet are in pain and they were a nightmare for me. I am pretty sure that they have caused me to have plantar fasciitis, so I am not sure how other reviewers could say they could wear these comfortably.

👤I ordered an 8&1/2 D. The width is perfect if I wear thin socks, but I'm having trouble with the sewn in tongue. It leaves little room for the height of my foot. I have to wear a very thin socks if the shoe is loosened. The widest part of the shoe is hitting at the widest part of my foot, so it appears I have the correct size. I am able to wear my inserts, but not my bands. They have a nice feel, but are not like walking on air. They are very cute and light weight. I will keep them because they will be great for work. I teach. I don't think these are appropriate for walking for more than 6 hours. You don't have the support in your shoe or arch. They are cute. These have become my favorite work shoe. I put in power step inserts after ripping out the foot insert. It's fabulous!

7. WHITIN Minimalist Barefoot Comfortable Treadmill

WHITIN Minimalist Barefoot Comfortable Treadmill

Proper posture and balance can be achieved with a zero-drop, non-elevated sole. A more secure fit can be achieved with a hook-and-loop closure. If you want a more barefoot feeling, you can use theremovable sockliner. A wide toe box is flexible enough to allow your feet to move. The size is important. It is true to size. If there is a discrepancy, order the next size up for snug fit or the next size down for comfort fit. The updated size guide is based on customer's comments.


👤I had them for a few months now. These are better than the Merrell Vibrams that I usually wear. I am buying a new pair.

👤A runner with high arches had yet to find a shoe that I liked. I decided to try these because my friend uses barefoot shoes and the reviews were good. I took them for a 3 mile test run and absolutely loved them. I am a size 8 and it fit perfectly. They look cute. I would wear them on a regular basis. I thought they would look clunky but they are not. I feel like a ninja. I don't recommend running after 7 runs. My feet hurt.

👤It's amazing. The price was a concern for me. I was worried that they would be poor quality. That is not the case. They are very comfortable. There is a size for everyone. I was worried that the size wouldn't fit because I don't like sending stuff back, but they fit like a glove! These are a great buy. Would buy again and again.

👤I put them on and felt like I was going to work. I have a wide foot with a medium arch. I wear a size 10W. It's hard to find that. I usually have to buy a size 11 in regular shoes. I've been on the fence about barefoot shoes but I'm confident that I'll convert to this style of shoe with everything but formal wear. They are very comfortable and feel like they want to conform to my foot. I don't know how that is possible. I'm not rolling over the outsides of the shoes because my arch doesn't feel pushed on, theremovable insole is very supportive and comfy, and I'm not using my foot as a cushion. My feet don't feel bad about their shape in these shoes.

👤The smell from the pair I received is frightening. Put them in the sun for 2 days to get rid of them. Didn't work. Air dried them after they were washed using baking soda. Didn't work. These will never run out of gas. They were sealed in plastic and there was nothing on the shoe. It should never happen if these came from a bad bunch. The source of these shoes needs to be inspected. I knew they were synthetic when I ordered them. The low zero drop design was perfect for me. I can't support the methods of the factory that produces these, the toll the process inevitably takes on its workers, and the fact that they probably leave wherever they go. Correcting and balanced outdictions can be done. For everyone, be healthy.

👤These shoes are very nice. They are lightweight and stylish. I bought 3 other pairs for gifts after buying a pair for myself. I used to pay between 100 and 150 for minimus shoes. The fit and feel is just as good as these, and they are only about a quarter of the cost. Thanks for making a low cost alternative to expensive shoes. When I wear these, I have never had more praise about my shoes than I have. People stop and ask where I got them because they look so stylish.

8. Dr Scholls Shoes Madison Fashion

Dr Scholls Shoes Madison Fashion

It can be made in the USA or imported. Soft linings and microfiber are made from recycled bottles. Materials: Made from recycled plastic bottles. A slip-on fit with a padded collar and twin stretch gore panels. The Insole Technology has a supportive fit. There is movement. Flexible construction moves with you.

Brand: Dr. Scholl's Shoes

👤I tried the shoes on at DSW and ordered them from Amazon. I went back to DSW because they were uncomfortable and stiff. I ended up buying there and fitting up half a size, but I noticed that the shoes on the left and right were different. The Amazon shoe has a different shape of the top where it meets elastic. The elastic on the shoe is bunched. The Amazon shoe has a heel lining that is off center. I ended up with cute and comfy shoes from DSW, but I would recommend trying them on in person to make sure you know what you are getting.

👤These were my first pair of shoes. I was looking forward to feeling like my feet were dancing on the clouds as I worked. Guess what? They are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever purchased. They are tied for second place with the purple jelly sandals I bought in the 80's. I have a desk job and had the shoes on for only 8 hours and had a small blisters on my feet. I had to savesay Did someone at Dr, Scholl's watch the movie SAW and decide that these shoes were the best way to put razors in them, knowing that the game would not be able to take them off at the office? Did Dr. Scholl's sell these shoes to Jesus so that people who missed a couple of Sunday services would get a taste of Hell? Did Dr. Scholl's sell these to SATAN so he wouldn't have to skin us alive to let the shoes do it?

👤Very disappointed. I get the impression that these are fake Dr.Scholl's shoes because I ordered the same shoes in a different color from the actual Dr.scholls website and they are WAY better quality than these, the difference is night and day. I wore them more than the ones I ordered from the actual Dr.scholls website because they looked worn out after a week. Don't buy Dr.Scholl's shoes from any other place than the actual site. My honest opinion.

👤The material began peeling after a few months after being in the texture of black python. I wore them because they are so comfortable. They had to be replaced. I looked at the pictures of the new black lizard pattern and it looked different, so I took a chance. The comfort and soles of the Madison were what I loved about it. It's a durable shoe in this python offering. You can see the difference in quality and how it's improved with comparison shots. You can't see that the new lizard material feels much more sturdy than the flimsy kind. The ankle support has been improved, as well as the shiny patent leather look. There is a The lizard print is more comfortable than the black python in slip on shoes.

9. ALEADER Running Fashion Walking Sneakers

ALEADER Running Fashion Walking Sneakers

The one piece mesh upper has a place where you need it. The fabric upper is easy to breathe in. Razar cushion is slip resistant. The Arch surport insole and lining give you exceptional support.

Brand: Aleader

👤I am not writing about the shoe in this review. The shoe was colorful but too small for me. I was very impressed with the way it was handled after I contacted the company. I was told to give the shoes to a friend or family member. I was offered a free pair of equal value with free shipping. I will order from this company again because of that.

👤Let's change the word to "running shoes". If you are looking for a good running shoe, this is not it. It's a good choice if you're looking for a fun walking shoe. The size... I wish the selers would post the correct size because nether and actual package size matches true size. The product box says its european 40, but I am between 38 and 39 European size. The true size is 38. My sister is 38 so she will get them, but I will not return them. Hope this helps.

👤I wanted to wear these shoes. I thought I'd give them a try for the price after reading the reviews. The colors, the zig-zag sole, and the super-light material make them look great. I wish that the shoe's support and structure were made of more awesome stuff. I wear athletic shoes in a size 9. I should have bought an 8. The width is the problem with these shoes. I don't have narrow feet and they are very wide. I had to lace them so tightly that I probably cut off my circulation. My feet became very uncomfortable as I was jogging. I could feel the zig-zag sole on my feet. The soles are cheap. After jogging and walking for less than an hour, I could already see the wear on the soles. I'll keep them for just errand because I love them despite their flaws. Two stars for their ability to be used for exercise. There are ten secret stars.

👤I normally wear a 6.5 and ordered a 7 because they are a lighter running shoe and I was looking for something that looked net like.

👤I bought these to wear for work. I wore them once and the pink shear outer layer started to rip, making the white under layer show through. The fit is perfect, but there was a problem with the shoes. This makes the shoes look worn out. It's hard to believe that these are an original price.

👤These shoes are too small and are the cheapest from China. I swore after the last pair that I would only buy shoes from the USA. The soles looked great. I bought them in a larger size than I usually do. I wonder if the glowing reviews are from people with wide feet. The uppers made from plastic or fabric are pure CRAP. I stopped buying clothing on Amazon because of the same issues, such as poor quality fabric, construction and wrong items arriving. Amazon is only good for items that are unavailable in our market. There are no Chinese shoe purchases from AMAZON.

10. Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Athletic Walking

Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Athletic Walking

Breathable liner inside and mesh upper allow your feet to breathe freely. These walking shoes have a classic lace-up closure and are easy to put on and take off. The tennis shoes are light. The MD is lightweight. It is lightweight and elastic and provides shock absorbing. The MD is durable and soft. Natural movement of the feet is possible with a soft, comfortable elastane heel. There are OCCASIONS. It's a good fit for walking, tennis, running, casual, outdoor, sports,gym,athletics, travel, exercise, and any activities.

Brand: Stq

👤Everyone loves my shoes because our company color is "aubrigine", I'm a nurse. They are light and comfortable and good for being on your feet for a long time.

👤All sneakers should be made like this. The toe box is large. The padding on the insoles is good. I felt like I was running on clouds after jogging 8 miles in these. I wear them casually because they are cute with skinnies. I haven't changed my mind. I still enjoy it.

👤I have been looking for these shoes for a while. I hadn't ordered. I grabbed a pair just to try them. I was so glad I did. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought. When I wear slip on shoes, I don't usually have a rib or a blisters on my feet. Nothing this time. The shoes are a little loose on me. A pair of socks can fix anything. I would buy them again. I'm looking at other colors as well as the one pictured.

👤Just received my order. I recommend ordering your regular size with this product because it fits true to size. If you need something absorbent as well, it is lightweight, comfortable and supportive. These are a running shoe alternative and will be considered.

👤These shoes are for walking. They were completely worn out in less than a month. There were holes all the way to the bottom of the soles. I got a 60 percent refund one day after requesting it. If you plan on wearing them often, I wouldn't buy them.

👤These are perfect for casual use. Roomy in the toe area. Can be used as slip-on's around the house. To make them less athletic, I removed the label from the tongue. There is some arch support and roomy enough for an additional insert. Would order again.

👤The shoes were the perfect color. I was worried that the rubber part would be different than the fabric, but it was almost the same. I have my own inserts. The shoes aren't tied right in the picture, so no worries.

👤These are the most comfortable shoes I own. It's really cute and fit true to size, no rubbing, and all shoes fit. It's very lightweight.

👤Great shoes. There were lots of nice things to say. Very comfortable and light.

👤Theses were bought as a cute pair of sneakers. I put them on as soon as I got them, they fit true to size, and look nice. I would recommend a shoe that is not a loafer.

👤I liked these shoes at first. There are tears in the back of my shoes which rub against my ankle when I walk. I don't wear them every day, but I walk in them. They are falling apart after 3 months. The quality is terrible for the price.

11. CASMAG Running Exercise Athletic Jogging

CASMAG Running Exercise Athletic Jogging

The new upper will feel great on your feet. In a sleek, low cut silhouette, the shoes tongue with integrated collar offer exceptional fit and all day comfort. The rubber sole has an air cushion to offer maximum stability. The shoes are designed for casual activities. Let your feet rest all day.

Brand: Casmag

👤I waited a long time to find a pair of active shoes, and when I did, I was very happy. Buyers should be aware of some things about these shoes, but don't regret the purchase. These do not have enough support to be called athletic shoes. There are two more Who does that with an active shoe? The fix falls short of great because of the narrowing of the toe box. There are 3 more The material is good, and that's important to me since my skin is very sensitive and shoes must be comfortable from the start. I wanted closed summer shoes that were not soxy and that were notirritating, so having material that is notirritating is a good thing. There are four If you wear these shoes in any environment, even without sox, they will get pretty dirty, so keep that in mind. The inner soles don't have enough padding or support. Adding some inner soles of your choice and some extra support in the arch area is inexpensive. I need to do this with almost any shoe I buy. Arch support seems to be a thing of the past.

👤The bottom of your feet are like walking on air in these shoes. They are very affordable and can give a race for the money. I will definitely look for this brand. These shoes fit like a dream for me.

👤I ordered the sneakers in a size 7 and they fit perfectly. It's very comfortable, very breatheble and very lightweight. When I received them, I was surprised by their weight. I like how they look with casual dresses. Very happy with the purchase and recommend it to others.

👤I got them this morning and I was ready to try them out. They are very comfortable. The color is bright. The sides and top have air holes. I live in the south and wear sneakers a lot. I wanted something that wasn't so hot. It's a good fit, space to move my toes. They may not be a brand. The price I paid was worth it.

👤I like these shoes. I've purchased about six of them, two of the reds, two of the pinks, a blue, a purple, and two blacks. It's not made of leather at the top. It's very soft and will stretch with your feet. I didn't order wide size because I have wide feet and they fit perfectly. It's very comfortable to wear if you're on your feet for a long time. The shoes are bright. Very stylish. If you have the chance, I would purchase these shoes for you. I have nothing but good things to say about this company. If I could, I would give more than five stars. There is a rating of ******+.

👤I like the look of these. They fit well. I was a bit disappointed after reading several reviews. I was expecting them to be a bit softer. I don't see the comparison, coming from an expensive shoe. I wouldn't try to run in these, I bought them for lifting. You feel like you're on an incline when you stand in these. These are light and comfortable. I paid a lot of money for them, but they are worth it.


What is the best product for best walking shoes for women with flat feet?

Best walking shoes for women with flat feet products from Joomra. In this article about best walking shoes for women with flat feet you can see why people choose the product. Ryka and Jenn Ardor are also good brands to look for when you are finding best walking shoes for women with flat feet.

What are the best brands for best walking shoes for women with flat feet?

Joomra, Ryka and Jenn Ardor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best walking shoes for women with flat feet. Find the detail in this article.

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