Best Best Waist Trainer for Women Long Torso

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1. YIANNA Underbust Breathable Hourglass YA110266 Black S

YIANNA Underbust Breathable Hourglass YA110266 Black S

Three rows of hooks allow for the size adjustment for the shrinking midsection and high elasticity spiral steel bones supports, flexible and durable, bend easily but recover quickly to the origin. The inner layer of Breathable Latex fabric is made of cotton and spandex and has a mid layer of natural latex. The compression is high. For short torso, it will work. It helps to trim 3-4 inches in the waist when you wear it. You can choose the size with the map. You can read the product description to find the right size. The Breathable Latex Waist Trainer has a cotton lining that makes it absorb sweat. It increases thermal activity, shape waist, and tummy control by putting it on. A quick postpartum body shape can be created by changing your waist shape. Fit for working, outdoor sports, running, Gym, yoga, postpartum belly abdomen corset, etc.

Brand: Yianna

👤I am 5ft2in and 140 lbs, and I have a small 25 steel bones that I ordered, and my waist is 30. It's difficult to get in. I got into it by hooking the bottom and the top. There is a The material on the outside is soft. The inside is soft and comfortable. The large hooks make them easier to hook. Stitching is strong. I was surprised at how light it was. I had a latex waist trainer that was 25 boned and 11 inches long and it was very stiff and bendy, but this one is very bendy. I will be using a powerful magnet to test the bones on this one. I was looking for a short torso because the regular size dug into my breasts and hips, and I now have a scab on my hip. It was very painful. It's very comfortable when I stand and sit and don't dig in my breast or hips. The trainer gives me buldge and pushes my tummy down, but it's not as full as the full length one, I wish it was a little bit longer. I said no digging, but it covers the important stuff. I want it to pull in my ribs. It's perfect for short torso and more comfortable than regular length. The quality is good. * There was an update. I measured it and it's about the same length in the front and back as it is in the back. The Q&A states that it is 24 cm, but it is not. It is steel all the way around because I took a magnet to it. I'm not sure if I'll send one back or not. Hope this helps.

👤I was not sure about buying this product because I needed something that was tight and the description said it was 24” so I thought it would fit snug. I took the chance and it fits perfectly. I am very happy with the overall quality of this shapewear/waist trainer/faja and I am impressed with the quality. For those who don't know, I bought an XS and was 5 12 feet tall. I panicked when I saw it because it was short and it was in the back, but that is a plus for me because I am small. This product is recommended by me 100%.

👤I have a short torso and a waist that's not big enough for a binding piece of clothing, so I bought the medium and it fit as expected. I started on the first set of hooks and went to the second set. After a week, I'm already seeing a difference. I will be wearing a real corset next week. It's quite comfortable and has helped with my chronic back pain.

👤I bought a small waist trainer and I'm very pleased. I had to lay down to squeeze it in a few weeks and it's on the tightest row. Would recommend 100%.

👤It was a perfect fit. I weigh 115 lbs and ordered a small. The first section was not tight enough for me so I used the middle clips. It will not give you a weird breast shape, and it is BREATHABLE! This is the first waist trainer that I really like. I highly recommend this.

2. YIANNA Trainer Sliming Colombiana YA11211 Black L

YIANNA Trainer Sliming Colombiana YA11211 Black L

Please measure your waist and read the Left Size Picture first before contacting them, they will meet your request, return or refund is available, make you satisfied. The Latex fajas reductoras Waist Trainer has 4 rows of large hook-and-eye closures, which can reduce the waist circumference in a larger range. The shaper is needed after the baby is born. The latex waist trainer helps mothers lose weight. If you wear the fajas reductoras waist trainer, you can reduce your waist line by more than 2 inches. The perfect curve design shows the beauty of women's curves. The Sport Belt body shaper helps with training. The outer layer of natural latex is soft against your skin. 9 Flexible thin steel Boning for powerful shaping, provides support on your sides and back, abdominal compression and lumbar support, help relieve pain and improve posture. The latex waist trainer can avoid awkward moments with the tracks on the back because it is not adjusted by long rope or belt. The women can wear a corset under clothes and dresses at work, at a party, or at the gym. The waist trainer corset is suitable for all occasions. The results are here. It instantly shapes your body into an hourglass figure, it helps correct your posture, and it increases your perspiration during exercise.

Brand: Yianna

👤This product is amazing. I decided to try it after seeing a girl review it. I've used other shape wear and waist trainers that don't move, and they 888-492-0's show under clothing. I wear this for 13 hours a day, and it's totally comfortable, I'm snatched all day, and it doesn't move an inch! I'm 5'8" and 187 lbs., I got the XL but it's been 2 days since I tried it on, I'm on the 3rd set of hooks, I'm going to wear a L soon, I tried the M but it was too small

👤Gaaahrl! I am 5'3" and a half. The weight is around 125. I love it! The thing is addicting and I bought it. My boyfriend doesn't matter, but he hates it. I like it. It shows me the figure I wanted.

👤When I took it off my entire torso was red. I woke up the next morning and realized it was a chemical burn on my body. I am itching a lot. It feels like a sun is burning and it isn't going away. I am so angry! My skin is so irritated because my friend says that these things have something on them.

👤I love it, it is a large. I am around 165 lbs. So far, it is great.

👤Let me tell you that this is it. Look no further. This is the best one I have owned, as it is the only one I would use to sleep in, as they were so visible through clothes. The trainer blends to fit your body. I bought a size L. I'm 5'3 165 lbs. I was a little hesitant at first because it took me about 15 minutes to zip in, but I made it work and I needed a bigger size. I left it on all day and took it off before bed. I weighed myself this morning before I went back on and I already lost 2 pounds in one day. 163 will keep updating.

👤I wore this for 4 hours today. I like it so far. I ordered x small and it fit me perfectly. It was difficult to put on a corset. It is tight but it is supposed to be so it is perfect. I can't wait to see the result in a month. Update! I wear it for 6 hours a day. I reached the last hook and I am going to have to find a smaller corset. I think it works. I would like them to make xx small.

👤When I got this trainer, I felt ashamed but it helped me gain my confidence back, I used it in the past and it helped me go up two sixes. I reached the last notch on day 30 and I can honestly say I love this trainer. I have seen results due to my consistency and change in diet. I am excited to get a size down.

👤Really like this trainer. The Xlarge fit well after I had a baby. I am a bit skinnier now. I ordered a large one because I weighed more than 100 L.B. I am 5'3 and it fits a snug.

3. Lady Slim Colombiana Cincher Trainer

Lady Slim Colombiana Cincher Trainer

The best way to choose your size is to measure your waist and compare it to the size chart. Your body is unique and you should not choose based on other buyers experience. Measure your waist and choose based on the measurement indicated on the size chart. Women taller than 5'7” are not recommended to use this faja girdle. People sensitive to latex should not use this waist trainer. There is a item description. The Waist Trainer Cincher is made in the country. The Waist Cincher can reduce your waist up to three inches. The latex cincher can be used to help you correct your posture. The cincher can roll up when you seat or move. When you need more pressure, the 3 hook rows can be used. Their latex is odorless and natural. The smell will go away in 3 to 4 days. If you don't like the smell, leave your cincher in aventilated area and it will go away. The latex layer will cause you to sweat and reduce fat deposits. The inner layer is designed to absorb sweat so that you won't feel uncomfortable. They have been manufacturing waist cincher for more than 20 years, and their product is manufactured in a factory that is located in Colombia. Their Waist Cinchers are designed to last a long time. This product is approved to be used on the body. The rubber witch is harmful for your health. This product is strong enough to be used as a boned waist training corset, if you are into Waist Training. Buyers have reported good results with Waist Training Belt or Waist Band. The sauna effect will help to make this product your best Waist Trimmer, it will be invisible, buyer use this product under their clothing at work, and it will be molded to their liking.


👤On the first day of wearing it, I absolutely love it! I'm 5'5 and 186 pounds, and ordered the Large. I love the clasp. I was going to wear it for a month or so and then buy a Medium. It makes me a great figure and smooths things out. It makes me have some back fat at the top and bottom. It is completely unnoticeable once dressed.

👤This was my first trainer purchase, and I couldn't be happier. I read a lot of the reviews and looked at a few others before I decided to go for this one. I ordered it a week ago, it was delivered last Sunday, and I started wearing it on Monday. The smell is the main concern of most other reviews. This is a trainer. It has a strong smell. The smell dissipated after I laid it out flat and it was not noticeable. If it's bothering you too much, you can either hand wash it or spray Febreeze on the inner side of the trainer. The fit would be next. I measured my waist and followed the size chart when I saw how this was going to be my first waist trainer. I am 5'7, 155 lbs with a long torso and some muscle tone. I decided to use the medium. I wore it on the first hook. I credit this to the fact that I've never worn a trainer before. It became more comfortable throughout the day. I put it on the second hook the next day and have had it for 3 days. I've increased the duration of wear from 4 hours to 8 or 10. I want to have it on the third hook by the end of next week. I was worried that my torso wouldn't be long enough for me. I was mistaken. The trainer comes under my chest and ends at my hip bones, and it doesn't move through the day. I was concerned if it would be visible under my clothes. I would have to say yes or no. The black trainer is visible under light colored tops. Dark colored clothing and looser fitting clothing will hide it. I will be buying the ivory/cream color, and I'm sure it will be a good fit under my lighter colored tops. I am very pleased so far. I will update this review as time goes on, but for now I'm happy!

👤I've sold these to many people. I tell them where to buy them. I should work for this company. I like this waist trainer. This is the best brand for me. I just bought an XXS. I had the XS. My waist is growing.

👤I told myself that I would get a waist trainer as soon as I gave birth. I'm a very picky person and when I buy something I want it to be 100%, so it took a little more than expected. It's been weeks of searching and reading reviews, but I finally stumbled upon this one. I decided it was a good purchase. The return policy was simple and not a hassle, so I placed my order. I received it in 2 days free shipping and opened it. The smell of latex was strong. I put it near an open window and it was fine in a few hours. The material is one of the best I've seen for waist trainers, and the clips are very sturdy. They're thick and support any type of pressure so a big plus. It took a little while but it was worth it. It's easiest to put it on if you sit down. I know that. This is important to a lot of people because it was the first priority for me. I know. Words are important. The pictures are better so check them out.

4. Moolida Trainer Trimmer Workout Fitness

Moolida Trainer Trimmer Workout Fitness

Their waist trainer is wide enough to fit around your stomach and back, so you don't have to worry about it. The best results are achieved with a diet and exercise plan. Strong back support and improved posture is needed. The waist trimmer provides support to your sides and back. It helps prevent injury. During exercise, the cushions support the lower back and abdominal muscles. The waist trimmer belt makes you look slimmer. The waste trainer has a double-adjustment waistband that will help you with tummy and adjustment. PREMIUM TRAINING The best waist trainer for men and women is made of latex-free neoprene, which is essential for reducing the risk of skin irritation during your workout. The waist trainer will give you support for the lower back. It's great for lose weight, muscle tone, power lifting, abdominal strains, tummy control, and can be used during work, daily outfit, fitness, workout running or sports. Workout trainer function The Ab belt increases thermal activity and stimulates sweating, speeding the belly fat burning process to shape and reduce the waist and abdomen. Weight loss waist trainer corset can help you lose weight, it can help flatten your tummy, hold your stomach in, and give you more. The waist slimmer belt is very easy to use. Wrap around the tummy with the sauna suit effect. A waist trainer is suitable for weight loss in a range of activities. The best abdominal trainer has 4 flexible bones on the back, which is an effective back braces support. It helps improve posture and release back pain for sedentary office staffs.

Brand: Moolida

👤The item arrived the next day that I liked. I didn't smell like I read in other reviews. I got a medium because I thought I should have gotten a large. No worries. I want to get smaller so I keep going. It fits well. I have been in my neighborhood for a week. I was in the video for 3 days. I've tried others that were too loose and I'm pleased with this one. I like the color and how snug it is with the extra band. I weigh 5'2 lbs.

👤I bought this waist strap because I didn't like the feeling of my lower tummy fat hanging loose. I felt like I needed to be contained. I got some unexpected benefits from this. The pros and cons are first. The pros are 1. The material is high quality. This is well built. The velcro is strong. The inside of the band is comfortable. The design works as it should. I'm impressed with how well it was made and how cheap it was to buy. It feels like it should have been sold for more. 2. Feel the sweat and work on the belly during workouts. It feels like I'm burning calories. 3. If you wear it under clothes, it slims you up. There's a weird smell that I'm not a fan of, but it's faint, and if you wear a shirt over the strap you can't smell it anymore. I'm sensitive to smells so not everyone will have the same issue with it that I do. Surprise benefits: 1. I work at a desk all day and find myself sitting up straight, but this helps me correct my back posture. Without having to think about it. 2. I can't over eat while I'm wearing this Waist Trainer, I had no idea this would be the case. I can eat, but I can't over eat like I used to. This benefit is amazing. I don't have room for the extra food that I didn't previously need. I recommend this product to anyone who would benefit from it. I plan on buying more so that I have one on hand.

👤I thought this waist trainer was cute and it was a great price. I almost brought one that looked similar for 60 dollars. I just had a baby 3 weeks ago, I'm 5'7 180lb. I brought a large one. I have a bigger goal than my waist. I had a pouch before. I'm going to loose 12inches. The trainer is a great start. You would have never thought I gave birth, I look snatch, and 6 inches gone. I like that the trainer is supportive on my back, I didn't realize how much I needed. If this company made a double belt version, I would want it. Other wise 5 stars.

👤They were ordered and the size was also ordered. It is very supportive and comfortable. Great quality. It helps you sweat.

👤Yesterday I received my waist trainer and it fits perfectly. I felt a change in my stomach after working out. My sister worked out hard for 5 days and lost belly fat. I was blown away. I bought this because of my sister's results and I've referred my friend to get it as well. I love this trainer. I can wear it under my clothes. The hour glass shape is perfect. I'm excited to see my sister's results, I'm only one day in. Both of us had babies and were ready to get our bodies back. This trainer is everything I've been looking for in a waist trainer and I can work out in it all day.

5. GAODI Trainer Corset Neoprene Zipper

GAODI Trainer Corset Neoprene Zipper

Premium material. Promote blood flow, increase body temperature, help you burn calories, and it's top quality. AbSORB SWEAT NEOPRENE. The hot vest absorbs sweat quickly to let you always dry and fresh outside, and it's the ideal material for sauna vest as it is stretchable,durable and flexible. The sauna vest is well made and comfortable to wear, it has a strong zipper middle open, which makes it easy to take off, and it won't be ripped easily. The perfect body shaper. The neoprene shirt helps increase sweat,burn fat and remove fat to reduce waist,flatten tummy, also improve posture, and shape elegant figure. It'sFFICIENT MATERNITY CINCHER. The waist cincher helps with the recovery process, reduces swelling, tightens skin, and helps with the transition of uterus, making your body get back to its original shape.


👤The updates are below. It makes you sweat a lot. Even if you can't see it. Please read the latest news. I received my waist trainer today and I can't wait to use it. The fit is looking good so far. I will update my post as I work out this week. I work out 7 days a week and do high impact cardio. The challenge was presented byChloe Ting. Check out her on the internet. You can get killer results with a waist trainer. I wore a Walmart golds gym waist trainer at the start of the challenge, but it didn't cover my whole torso. I am only on week 3 of my challenge and my results are amazing. I am so excited to have a waist trainer that covers my back and lower abdominals. These things will make you sweat and trim down that belly fat. I ordered a medium. My waist is 31 inches, my hips are 37 inches, and I weigh over 150 lbs. It is a little snug. I would rather have it small. I am transforming so quickly. It is recommended that you recommend chloe ting. The only complaint I have so far is that the shoulder straps seem loose and come away from the skin. I hope this won't be a problem. I will keep you updated throughout this week. It is possible to move all around. Not limiting. The loose arms do not seem to cause an issue. It might be better to allow full range of motion. There is a Is it sweat? Wow! I am not a sweaty person. I could see the sweat on my sports bra but it wasn't dripping from my back like the golds gym trainer did. I wondered if it was as good as the golds gym one. Listen to me out. It is made of a material that holds the water. The back of my sports bra is under the vest so the bra fabric absorbs the sweat. I crocheted a small cotton swatch to see if it would hold up in a test. I put the swatch under my vest to complete my workout. Guys at the end. Woah. I was able to sweat out the sweat on that swatch. It makes you beat it if you see it or not. Not. The only complaint I have is the fact that the zip ties move and hang. It can hurt if you do anything on your tummy. I am going to see a pice of fabric to make a pocket for the zipper because this vest is a keeper. My photos are of my results before and after I did the challenge while wearing a waist trainer. You can see that I am slim and toned. There is a Sorry for the sweaty bra. I wanted to show that it works. The results show that it really makes a difference. There are serious results. It is highly recommended that you check out the sloth tapestries content.

6. YIANNA Trainer Jsculpt Training YA2223 Black S

YIANNA Trainer Jsculpt Training YA2223 Black S

Their shapewear is made of natural Latex rubber, it is easy to flatten your stomach and make you sweat when exercising. It makes you look slimmer. Lining: 100% Latex, Smooth, comfortable, close-fitting, more sturdiness, can be worn inside and outside. If you are sensitive to latex, wear it over a shirt. The double design of straps. The abdomen double-layer compression design and wide design makes the abdomen effect more obvious because it is wider than generic items. The belt has a design with sticky glue. It's easy to adjust the size. The support shaping effect is powerful and effective. You will get a waist trainer. It makes you feel different than others. Humanized design and comfort. The waist trainer for women has a small pull hook on the top of the metal zipper that is designed to protect it from falling off when the switch is closed. They have put a cloth under the hooks to keep your skin from getting irritated while closing the zip. Their plus size underbust corset is stretchy in right place to firmly fix and compress the abdomen and waist while providing high support for the waist and correct your posture. If you insist on wearing the fajas reductoras waist trainer, you can reduce your waist line by more than 3 inches. If you have a question about wrong sizes or wrong products, please feel free to contact them. They will reply within 24 hours. They want to hear your opinions about their products. Before purchasing the item, please read the size chart carefully.

Brand: Yianna

👤I liked this trainer. The largest size I have is about 245lb. It was a good fit. It works well under clothes.

👤I have been using this brand for a while now and I like the different products. This one is my favorite. I wear it for 7 hours a day and when I take it off my waist area looks small. I was told by my boyfriend that I look fat. I feel like I look better since I have started wearing this, whether he is lying or not. I will get the size small in a little while. Thank you for the wonderful products!

👤This is the best waist trainer I have ever purchased. It has a good material. I'm in love.

👤I wore it all day after it got to my door step. It does what I wanted it to do. The material is stretchy. It is of great quality. This is my first waist trainer in 29 years. I got a size medium and am very glad that I did, but it was almost too small and I hope to one day get a bigger one. I got it on the first hooks and was able to zip it. The straps help cover most of the mid section, so it wouldn't have been horrible if I couldn't zip it. I am really happy about it. I am 180 lbs and am on a weight loss journey. The waist trainer has given me some motivation to jump. I know it is just the first day. I will try to come back and update.

👤I have been yoyoing between 175 to 180 lbs, I ordered a size down and it was too tight, it makes my skin roll over in the back. I would have been perfect if I had gotten the right size. I bought this one. I'm going to make it work until I lose the weight.

👤I have to return the item and try to exchange it because I should have known that it was a bigger size. If I want to wear something more form fitting, I want you to not see the cross straps underneath my clothing. I will update my review after I buy again.

👤I like the fact that it covers the entire back and below the belly button, which is comforting. I would have liked to have gotten a smaller size. I don't like the lower strap rolling up because I have small ribs. Overall, I love it.

👤I brought 6 waist trainers from Amazon and they all stink. This is the one honey. I recently had a tummy tuck, and I was looking for something that was sturdy, didn't ride up when I sat down, and that I could adjust as my swelling goes down... This fit all of the criteria. I bought a L for the extra snatched-ness because I was supposed to be in an XL. I am on the first hook and looking forward to going on the 3rd once the swelling goes down. The Tummy tuck is approved.

7. SHAPERX Trainer Cincher Corset SZ11588 Black M

SHAPERX Trainer Cincher Corset SZ11588 Black M

Please check the size chart in the picture. Choose size based on your waist measurement, and keep a tight fit around your waist to achieve a long- lasting waist training effect, and increase size even after you start to work out. Heavy-duty support can be provided by durable front hooks. This is one of the best fajas reductoras waist trainer corsets because of the high quality latex material and authentic spiral steel Boning. It provides high compression around your waist and reduces your waist by 3-4 inches. Both normal and short torso lengths offer instant waist slimming effect and a desired figure without muffin top. The latex waist trainer provides side and back support as needed. The front hooks are large in size and strong enough to support you during your sit-ups, squats, and other exercises. It helps define your curves during recovery and slims your tummy. It can increase sweating, flatten your abdomen, and accelerate metabolism. The best way to use the waist trimmer is to exercise. This affordable waist trainer is versatile for many occasions and will make a good companion for you.

Brand: Shaperx

👤I am very pleased with the quality and fast delivery from the seller. I began my waist training journey with a 2X. For optimal results, I recommend healthy eating and fitness. I challenge myself to be my best self every day and can discuss this product along the way. Be well.

👤I bought a medium because I need it to do its job and I needed my husband to help put it on the last hook because I have it on the very last hook. After he helped me sit up, I felt better. It looks wonderful to me and it doesn't hurt like my other ones did, so I would highly recommend this to anyone.

👤The product is great. I'm 155 pounds and have a body mass index of about 22. The results are amazing, I ordered one size smaller than suggested, and the results were remarkable. That shape is created by it.

👤I was not sure what size to get because I wanted a snug fit. My waist was measured at the belly button level. A XXXL was recommended by the size chart. I went down a few sizes to the large and I am so happy I did. It was a little difficult at first, but once I was 3 or 4 in, it was pretty easy. It is snug. I can still function in it. It does not show under my clothes. The only complaint I have is that it is a tad long, if I don't position it right under my breasts, the edge pokes my thighs when I sit. Maybe I have a short torso. Good quality, soft fabric, no weird smells. I like it!

👤I ordered a small and it fits perfectly, I have space to breathe. I can change the tightness.

👤I am 154 pounds and I usually wear a medium or large top, but I ordered a larger one and it fit perfectly. If you have a little bit of a chunk on you, order a size up. This makes me look thinner under my clothes.

👤I need to shrink my belly asap because I have a big one. I don't like being uncomfortable. I bought a waist trainer a couple of years ago and it was very uncomfortable. The waist trainer is not cheap but it feels good. It covers your entire torsal. My belly is covered. I am able to sit down.

👤It's perfect to use during my workouts. It has helped me with my posture and core strength.

👤It tucks you the entire length of your abdomen. I wear it just enough to keep me flat. I can exercise. I wear it all day long. If you have a set of hooks that let you choose if you want it to be tighter or more comfortable, I would say go one size higher than you would normally do. It is good if you are on a weight management program or if you change your shape because of water retention. It takes ages to do up, my only complaint. You should add at least 15 minutes to your daily routine. If you start by the bottom, make sure you lie flat, otherwise you'll get67531s as soon as you do a few hooks. Lying flat is the only way to do them quickly. I took a star off because of it. I have bought two others in different patterns and sizes to give as gifts. I like the flower pattern on my belt. A friend of mine recommended that I use Camellia made. She said that there are cheaper looks that are not as long and wide. The belt does not ride up, so I followed her advice. Many people have commented on how well I have done with my exercise program, as they can see my smaller waist, and I just smile and say thank you, no way I will own up to cheating.

8. YIANNA Trainer Underbust Hourglass YA1210 Black M

YIANNA Trainer Underbust Hourglass YA1210 Black M

This is a warning. The latex rubber in the products may cause allergic reactions. If you have an allergy to latex or are unsure about it, please consult with your doctor. How to choose the correct size? If you want to compare your size with the size chart, you should measure your waist and read the Left Size Picture first. Latex Waist Trainer Shapewear: Big and wide 3 columns hook-and-eye closure classic design, allow you to adjust size as necessary, make you Slim and Beautiful. 9 or 25 spiral steel boned for waist cincher support and keep you in best posture which is flexible and durable, as soft as plastic bones, can bend easily but recover quickly to origin, if you worried about steel boned or not, you can test it with a magnet. Their bustier shapewear is made of natural Latex rubber, it is smooth and high compression, Inner layer is made of soft and cozy cotton and spandex, and Outer layer is made of nylon and spandex. High compression durable latex will give you resistance to the slim curve. The Fajas reductoras can also be used for long and short time periods. This product is strong enough to be used as a boned waist training corset, and it will lift your tummy just by putting it on. A quick recovery is promoted by taking inches off your waist. The Waist Training Corset helps to reduce the inches in the waist. everyday wear waist trianers - gym, running, yoga, aerobics, jogging, hiking, walking, driving, postpartum recovery, weddings and brides, Social and banquet, housework, office. The risk of injury during sporting is reduced. If you wear this waist slimmer, you can get about 3-4 inch waist line reduction instantly, which will make your body curve more attractive. You will be the center of attention.

Brand: Yianna

👤I bought a size 4x. The 4X was too big. If I hold it in a bit, I have a 40 inch waist. I weigh 175. I'm 5 feet 7 inches. I'm 6 months pregnant. The waist trainer gapped in the front with the final loops connected. Make sure you go down a size. The majority of my body weight is in my stomach. I am an apple shape. I have no hips after two pregnancies. Since giving birth, I have lost 73 pounds. The weight wall is something I have hit. I hope this helps break the monotony. I will take pictures after I lose weight.

👤I have ordered a few offline and they were not as good as I thought. I lost 4 inches off my waist because they broke within a month.

👤The best trainer I have ever worn. You can't beat the quality for this price. It is very worth the extra money to get the 25 steel boned trainer. It is the difference between looking cute and actually getting results. I'm 5'3 and weigh 130. I probably went with the small because I was able to get down to the last set of hooks on my second day. I am used to wearing trainers so I can handle the extra squeeze. I wore this trainer for 12 hours straight from the first day. Get yourself in shape with the trainer.

👤I hope the company sees the review. I wore the waist trainer for one hour and took it off. I woke up the next morning with burns on my stomach and back. I'm beyond upset. I have a lot of pain.

👤My waist is 26” with it off, I purchased a size S and it fits snug on the second one and veeeery snug on the last one, it starts hurting so better use it on the 2nd one. It is a nice quality and it smells a little. For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable sitting straight. It definitely feels like it will work, I will update with results.

👤The review was honest. This is the best waste trainer I have ever purchased. I have expensive ones that are not comparable. I have been searching for a way to help with stomach compression and my weight loss. This one does all that and more. I was reading reviews to find out which one would work best for me. I was confused but decided to go one up from my pants size and it fit perfectly. I weigh 170 lbs. It took some push and pull to snap it, but it pulls me in and even after a few days, I could see my waist and stomach getting smaller. No lie! It is so comfortable that I wear it for 5 hours a day. It is a no-brainer at this price. The next size is already purchased by me. Get it.

👤This is a 10 month review. When I was 3 weeks post partum, I started this waist trainer. I had lost most of my water weight, but I didn't like my shape. I have been wearing a waist trainer for at least 10 months and have been for at least 5 days a week. I recommend sleeping in it, but not until you have been waist training for at least 2 weeks and your waist trainer is broken in. I don't diet or exercise. The compression will suppress your appetite. I would like to tell you I eat healthy. I don't. Just had Mc Donalds. This thing works. I have recommended this waist trainer to many friends and I love it. You will have results if you are consistent. After just a month of waist training, you will see dramatic results. Hope this helps someone.

9. Nebility Trainer Corset Cincher Adjustable

Nebility Trainer Corset Cincher Adjustable

The waist training vest is made of high quality soft fabrics which are smooth, healthy, elastic and stretchable. The corset is fitted with 3 rows of hook and eye closure and 2 shoulder straps to give you a sexy natural curve. The U-shape push up breast design makes your chest more erect and attractive, and makes you a beautiful hourglass figure. Their body shaper helps to reduce swelling,tighten skin,control tummy and back,ease transition of uterus and shrink it down to normal size, make your maternity body get back to its original shape. The shapewear can flatten abdomen, reduce waistline, support back, postpartum recovery, posture,relief waist, protect spine,expedite fat burn while exercise,combined with a healthy lean diet and drink plenty of water for weight loss.


👤I love it. It is what I was looking for. I'm 5'3 And I'm over 200 lbs. Today... This product fit me perfectly. I ordered a 4x because of other people who were smaller than me. It will be difficult to put it on. You have to start from the bottom by holding your stomach in. You will probably think it's too small. I did what I was supposed to do, and that was squeeze it all in. I look great. It doesn't hurt if you are between 220 and 250. It does not rise in the back. Its good quality. The price is perfect, as far as size goes, it goes up between 2 and 3 sizes, depending on how tight your clothes are. I am on my way to the gym. Thank you later for the detailed review.

👤I will try to load a picture that is embarrassingly real. This is a great waist trainer. Are you a size 6? Does your tummy get smaller? This may not be the product for you. I am. 5'4 It is a shirt on me. I just had a c section and it doesn't cover my belly. It makes my waist look nice. I would like it if it went lower on my torso. I opened it and it was good. Yes... This isn't going to fit. Don't be intimidated; put it on. Give it a try. It's true to size as hard as it can be to believe. I was a 12 -14 post baby. I got the big one. Your waist will look good. You will be able to breathe. It's on all day. I had no problems with my skin for 3 days. It is winter and there is no sweating. This is not for someone like me who needs more coverage on the bottom.

👤I'm not sure. Let my video speak for itself. An update from a few months ago. There is a day today. It's still great. The material is strong. Check out my video.

👤I have nice waist trainers but can't use them because I just gave birth. I bought this one and it folds up in the back like a bulge and won't go away. I always buy waist trainers from the company that I just bought a bigger size from.

👤I'm a size 16/18 with a belly. I bought a 3X because people said it was small. I should have bought a 2X. This is a waist trainer, it is supposed to be TIGHT, otherwise it will not train your waist. You have to lie down and pull on both sides to get it to close. You can only wear it for a few hours each day, and gradually you can wear it for longer. If you want to train your waist, ignore the people who say it's too small. It is a good product and I am giving it 5 stars. The back is high. I did not have one before that. The waist trainer pushed my back fat up in a huge roll under my bra, so that didn't work.

10. Manladi Zipper Trainer Everyday X Large

Manladi Zipper Trainer Everyday X Large

If you want to see the size chart, you need to measure your waist before you place your order. The size chart is the first picture in the description. They're always here to serve you, if you're still confused about your size, please contact them. Adding a hole elastic compression belt is one of the ways to shape your body curves. Under clothes gives you a beautiful shape and is not visible. The material inside is 2.5mm thick and has an anti-slip surface. It increases sweat around the waist. You'll feel dry outside, no more stinky belts soaked with sweat after every use. The outside is made of healthy and soft fabrics that can stay on the waist when you open it. It fits on the waist, and you can feel your flexibility during every exercise you do. Better design to cover the stomach. Remove the long design in front of your stomach and short design in back to prevent your hips from feeling uncomfortable. The waist trimmer belt has spiral steel bones inside. It doesn't roll up on the back and prevent and correct hunchback, improve posture and relieve back pain. Back supports are provided in gyms, offices, outdoor and daily activity. You will feel more confident.


👤I would size down for plus size women with a solid core. I'm a size 18-20. I carry my weight in my stomach. The size guide says the 6X should be too small. It was very loose. Reordered size 5X was better but still too loose. I'm talking about the waist trainer itself and the "snatch belt", once it was tightened, it wouldn't even touch to secure. I will try 4X for the third time. Will update when received. S/N: This is definitely a high quality piece. It's thick and sturdy, but comfortable. There is an update. The 4X fit well.

👤I went off of the size chart picture and measured my waist. I ordered the one that matched my waist size. This was the best way for me as it fit perfectly. It was a little tight at first, but now I'm able to put it on without any problems. I am able to hand wash it in the shower without any issues because I don't put it in the washer. Even though it is cold, I hang dry this and it does dry quickly. I wear the trimmer while I work out and have started putting a small hand towel in the front and back because it makes me sweat like crazy. It's helping me lose the extra water weight as I'm trying to lose weight overall. This helps when working out as most of the moves I'm told to do require me to keep my back straight. This waist trimmer helps me with my posture. It makes my waist sweat a lot more and my overall sweat a lot more. I sweat during my workouts. I added the waist trimmer and found that I'm sweating a lot more. I've been able to tell from my clothes that it's working more quickly than when I was working out without it, even though I haven't weighed myself to see how much I've lost. I used to have an hour glass figure but it's becoming more noticeable now. Even with all the moving I do, this waist trimmer still looks good and has lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, going on 3 weeks now.

👤The material is thick and not cheap. The quality of the zipper is very good. It is very comfortable for a waist trainer and the size and colors are exactly what they are.

👤The best waist trainer I've ever purchased. I'm 5'3 230ish and I got a 3x fits perfect. I have lost 1.8 inches off my waist since I started wearing it a month ago. Let's go. I could go a size down now, but I will wait another month. I'm going to order this one until I find a medium. The man's will is the skill of the man. It's very comfortable, no pain in the back area, stays in place, and gives you maximum sweat. Purchase a XXXL in July and take a month off in October to make it a L by August. The best waist trainer. The inside of the XXXL is different from the inside of the XL. It's like that sweaty material. I will be in a L by Thanksgiving. Buy it for her. Buy it now. There is an update on 11-21-21. I'm in a L. I was too embarrassed to take a picture. No matter where I am, the girl is playing. I am in a medium now. Let's go for new goals.

11. HOPLYNN Neoprene Trainer Trimmer Cincher

HOPLYNN Neoprene Trainer Trimmer Cincher

The loop and hook are closed. They were born from a love of daily sweat. HOPLYN is a progressive and innovative company that focuses on quality and detail, enhancing your workout and showing off your curves by helping to improve hot activity and SWEAT! Double-LAYERS TUMMY CONTROL. Continuous Full and Double Coverage for the tummy Corset is important to reach your new fitness goals faster and easier than expected. This waist trimmer Belt is lightweight and flexible, which makes it an ideal workout gear. 2mm single-layer neoprene fabric compression stomach wraps and shaper help speed up the hot sweating process and keep your muscles warm and supported. Carefully choose your size according to their size chart and you will be in a snug fit that will make you sweat better. It's a good idea to wear it for daily activities. It keeps you warm when you are outside. It is better than ever to cover your stomach. It's a waist trimmer and a sweat belt. It is a corset for the stomach.

Brand: Hoplynn

👤The waist trainer is amazing. I have ordered a few and it is my favorite material and it doesn't irritate the skin, I'm 5'5 and 190 lbs., and still will fit good when you loose weight, holds in all the fat that you. It doesn't bulge or roll down like many. Do if you are considering buying. Don't worry about the measurement, just get your usual shirt size, I'm usually a large so that's what I bought. It worked for me. Great deal.

👤I am 5ft 8 inches tall and weigh 280.2 lbs. I'm a big woman, but I think my fat is in the right places. I wear a 20/22 size in pants and a 18/20 in tops. I bought a 2XL and some ladies are saying it is tight. I have been wearing this waist trainer for 8 hours a day for the last 3 days. It really helps! I walk about 1 to 4 miles a day. I still eat whatever I want, but I only have one heavy meal for break fast or lunch, and then small snacks the rest of the time. I am seeing results. The first few days will be uncomfortable, but the objective is to get rid of those. I have only had to adjust part of it. For the price, I am very upset! I have bought more expensive trainers that dug into my sides, but this one is really nice. The waist trainer is in good shape despite being washed and dried. I'm too lazy to wash it in any other way. There is a It will be tight, it's supposed to be. If you can't close it even after sucking and putting everything in, just go bigger. It will make you sweat and you will not like it the first few days. I have scoliosis and this thing makes sure I have good posture, and it did help with some menstrual back pain. I took a midol as well and I will buy it again.

👤I thought a 2x waist trainer would fit me because I am a 2x in shirts. Ladies, just a reminder to go a bigger size for this waist trainer, it's a little tight for a 2x. I had a lot of time to put this on.

👤This is what I needed. I almost paid $50 for one on another site, but I put it on and felt great within the first 2 minutes. I bought the hot cream as well. I can't wait to use both! I recommend measuring yourself with a tape measure, not saying your height and weight, and asking for size suggestions. I got a Medium and it fits perfect on the first clasp. There is plenty of room to get smaller. By May, I hope to get to the 3rd clasp.

👤I weigh 185 lbs. Next time I'll be carrying a small, I bought the medium that stretches and holds on to your body. I wear this product during the day and even when I sleep at night, I'll have them on because it's so comfortable. The item was well packed. I'll post pictures in another review, but truth is I recommend it.


What is the best product for best waist trainer for women long torso?

Best waist trainer for women long torso products from Yianna. In this article about best waist trainer for women long torso you can see why people choose the product. Yianna and are also good brands to look for when you are finding best waist trainer for women long torso.

What are the best brands for best waist trainer for women long torso?

Yianna, Yianna and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best waist trainer for women long torso. Find the detail in this article. Moolida, Yianna and Shaperx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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