Best Best Vitamins for Women Over 60

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1. NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamin Men

NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamin Men

Their Whole Food Multivitamins are made with plant-based vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium from marine algae. Their premium formula includes activated B vitamins and minerals that are better for absorption and bioavailability. Whole Food Nutrition: Their vitamins are made with real, organic fruits and vegetables for that whole food nutrition your body craves, complete with nutrition cofactors that help your body absorb the vitamins. Their formula includes herbal extracts like maca, green tea, ginger, and grapeseed to support your energy, brain health, heart health, and eye health. A blend of bicyle and probiotics is included to help your body break down and absorb the vitamins and minerals in your food and to support a happy gut.

Brand: Naturelo

👤Good product with all natural ingredients. I was concerned about the color of the reviews I saw. Representatives from Naturelo contacted me about the product after I posted a feedback about the color variation. Naturelo has explanations for anyone who is concerned with the color of these pills. 1 I wanted to let you know that the color of the capsule you received is supposed to be yellow. The yellow color is from the formula. The yellow and orange color ofTurmeric is well known. The yellow color of the vitamins is due to the addition of Turmeric. 2. The yellow color of the vitamins is intended. 3. Every few months NATURELO prepares a new set of vitamins and there is always a slight color change with the capsule. Plant-based ingredients can vary in color depending on where they are from and other factors. Tomatoes from Florida in the winter and New York in the summer will always have a slightly different color, because of the different soil, climate, and type of tomato. Every few months you may notice a slight change in the color of our whole food supplement powder. Natural dyes are added to the vitamins in order to make them look the same from batches to batches. NATURELO doesn't like adding unnecessary Additives that are why you are seeing a slight color variation every few months. .

👤I hate taking pills and I'm skeptical of supplements because the FDA doesn't regulate them. I've taken every single one of the vitamins I've been given and it's made it look like I drank water from the sink in Chernobyl. I liked the promotional content and the idea of using natural sources. The manufacturing process would be more expensive and not have the shelf life of one of those chalk tablets. I am very happy with my purchase. It's as if I haven't taken a supplement at all, yet my lab work came back with everything in health normal ranges. I don't know how much a placebo effect is, but it causes no side effects and I feel great.

👤I have taken them every day for a year. I have tried other mulitvitamins, but have found this one to be the best. My immune system seems stronger, and I feel great. I only take two per day with breakfast, and that seems to be working.

👤The first day had some clefts. Did not think about it. The next day got a headache. I feel like this rap may be doing this to me. The first ID never have gotten this, so it's a good idea to read the complaint.

👤I did a lot of research on the benefits and ingredients of this one. The first bottle was great and I felt better after drinking it. The second bottle was different in color from the first bottle, as it was white. Despite no significant changes to my diet or lifestyle, I don't feel the effect. Is anyone else having the same issues? I'm wondering if I should try a different supplement. Consistency in product quality is something I would expect.

2. Garden Life Multivitamin Weight Management

Garden Life Multivitamin Weight Management

Their Perfect Weight Formula is a multi-vitamin that is specially formulated for weight loss. The METABOLISMOSTER: Ashwagandha, vitamins B complex, and chromium are included in this multivitamin to help you maintain a healthy weight. The Perfect Weight Formula has vitamins C, A, and selenium for the immune system. Kosher. This specialized formula promotes metabolism health, heart health, mental and physical energy, and improved stress response. Whole food supplements with no binders or fillers are called raw multivitamin.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤When I moved, I started using this supplement. I noticed that my face, neck, arms and belly were not as puffy after three days. The swelling returns if I use a different multi. Different foods, different amount of water.

👤I love that it helps with weight loss. I can tell the difference. I've lost some weight. I started tracking my calories and started taking dance lessons. I like them and will keep taking them.

👤I've been using these for 8 years and have never been deficient in any vitamins. I have an iron deficiency but vitamins can't help me. I need to have some treatment. I've used vitamins Code ever since my surgeon recommended them.

👤I have ordered these vitamins 11 times. They were great until now. This batches makes me feel pain. If I only take one with a lot of food, it might not cause the pain, but I am upset that this started doing this after so long of use. I was able to take with me without having an issue. Something changed.

👤I love the energy it gives me. It is easy to swallow and doesn't make me sick like others have. The only bad thing is that you need to take 2 vitamins twice a day, which I tend to forget.

👤I started to lose weight after I started taking this vitamins. It helps regulate appetite. I cut out sugar from my diet. I began to lose weight after taking the vitamins, but I did all of this before.

👤Quality is very important to me when it comes to supplements. I researched the best quality vitamins and the standards they use. After reading multiple test results, this is one of the few vitamins I would try. On day 3, after I switched to vitamins, I noticed a change in my appetite and focus, as well as more energy and focus. I would love to not feel hungry or sleepy halfway through my day.

👤I don't know if vitamins help me. I have taken many vitamins over the course of my life but I don't notice a difference in my day to day life. I use vitamins to make sure I get the right amount of vitamins during my junk food eating cycles because my diet isn't the best. Does it make me less hungry? Haven't noticed any change. Does it give me a boost? Haven't noticed any change. Why pick this? Labdoor, an independent testing company, reviewed this product and confirmed that it has vitamins it claims to have. Many brands barely contain any of the vitamins they claim to have. The only negative I can find is that the serving size is four capsule, which is crazy. I only take two daily because I don't remember the other two.

3. Garden Life Multivitamin Men Supplement

Garden Life Multivitamin Men Supplement

A men's multivitamin made from healthy and organic whole foods. There are vimins and minerals. 16 vitamins and minerals are in their vegan multivitamin. Store in a dry place. Mykind's vegan multivitamin for men includes vitamins B12 and selenium. Keep your metabolism up with a 500% daily value of vitamins B12 and M. Whole food vitamins with no synthetic binders or fillers are certified organic.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤Garden of life was purchased by a terrible company. I don't trust the Garden of Life brand anymore. It's time to find a new company.

👤I've been buying these vitamins for a while now and have loved them. They look and feel different now. I wonder if the change was a result of their new ownership.

👤I've been taking this for a long time and have always thought it was good quality. The vitamins in the bottle look different. The top and bottom of the picture are what the vitamins looked like in the past. Different size, appearance and smell. Garden of Life was bought by a company with a terrible reputation. If you buy a company like Garden of Life that has a good reputation in the supplement market, what is the worst move you could make? You don't have to tell your customers that you are changing everything. I know that the changes made to this vitamins improve it, but I'm not going to trust it because I don't know what the new company looks like. Will not be buying Garden of Life products again.

👤I've never seen a USDA organic and Non-GMO product on the same product. I rate it a 5 out of 5 due to the customer service I will provide below, and how it seems like the healthiest since it's certified organic and Non-Gmo. It feels better for the peace of mind and you get a decent dose for the amount you pay, but we don't know if this makes a difference in health. You may be able to get away with taking only 1 or 2 pills instead of the total 3 if you take the DV per pill. Please answer the following questions if you have a customer service question. Country Life Realfood Organics Men's Daily Nutrition: 1. What country produced the food and plants in your product? 2. Is each bottle of the supplements free of pesticides and heavy metals? Where is the scientific proof to back up the information? Who is doing the clinical studies on this product? 4. Have the results of studies of this product been published in a journal? 5. Do you manufacture all of these vitamins on your premises or are they contracted out to another manufacturer? Did the manufacturer modify or upgrade its facility in order to meet your manufacturing process specifications? 6. Do you audit your contract manufacturer? 7. Do regulatory bodies audit your facility? Who are they? There are 8. What is the name of your contract manufacturer? There are 9. Explaining your procedures and equipment will be helpful. Please describe the procedures for the product. Is it possible that all the ingredients are put together and fed into a blender? Is the final blend mix put through a machine? How many hours pass between the final blend and the production? 11. How long does it take to blend? There are 12. What is the weight of the mix? 13 Does your product have been tested in-house and independently to verify your claims? What tests are performed during the manufacturing process to make sure that this product is free of harmful organisms and heavy metal presence, and that it is within specifications? 15. Can you give me the name of the company that did the testing, or can I get a copy of your COA? 16. Does this product meet British standards? Please provide the laboratory that verified this. 17 Do you have a pharmaceutical grade processing facility and what steps do you need to take to get it? There is a new item on the market. Do you have a certification for hazard analysis critical control points? Do you or your contract manufacturer have any other certifications? Thank you for your interest in Garden of Life products, the company responded to your email. KIND Organics is an authentic whole food vitamins that captures the complexity of food in the convenience of a daily supplement. The labels of KIND Organics are simple and straightforward. There is no confusing terminology. The first ever Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project verified multivitamin is made by KIND Organics, which was no easy task. Many multis list food-based, "complexed" or "cultured" ingredients, but none carry the USDA Organic seal or the Non-GMO Project logo. We start with organic food as our actual source of vitamins and minerals, not synthetics, which is why KIND Organics is different. Kind Organics is not trying to copy nature. The ingredients in our products are from a number of countries. The products are free of pesticides. Garden of Life believes that organic ingredients, grown without the use of toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides from natural, non-genetically modified foods are better for you, better for our planet and are the only way to protect our children's future. Fruits and vegetables that are grown in the soil will naturally have heavy metal in them. We assure you that the bottles of KIND Organics are very safe. Every lot is tested to make sure it is in line with our specifications. The safety and efficacy of our products is of paramount concern. All raw materials have strict specifications and are kept on record. All finished products are tested for heavy metals and other diseases. The products are third party tested but we don't publish the names of our tester or the COA. We produce them for the FDA. There were no clinical trials done on the products. The KIND Products are made by a USA contract manufacturer. Our premium quality products are manufactured in carefully selected facilities, and we work with manufacturers who have the highest quality standards and follow the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices. I apologize but we don't reveal our manufacturers information. The process begins on the organic farm, where the produce is tree-ripened, hand-picked and loaded onto small trucks. Within 30 minutes of harvest, it is delivered to the facility. The FRESH EXTRACTION process super-concentrates the vitamins and minerals in the plants. There are three simple steps. No alcohol or solvent are used in water extraction. Concentration 3. The organic produce is turned into a highly concentrated powder, standardized for vitamins and minerals, within 24 hours of harvest. The rest of the information is proprietary. We have an extensive quality program that surpasses many industry standards in order to deliver the best product to our customers, and we are committed to their health and wellbeing. Below each question is an email from the company. Is the Organic Standards the same for all countries outside of the US? All of our products are USDA certified organic. To become certified USDA organic, a food or product must be tested by one of the accredited agencies. Testing is required at every stage of production, beginning with soil and water. Testing is applicable to storage. It is illegal to use the USDA seal without validation and getting a product certified organic is very expensive and time consuming. It shows companies that are willing to do everything in their power to make the cleanest ingredients and supplements. What is the situation? The quality and purity of the product are checked by the COA. Put their COA. They put their products in a container. Why can't you share it? I am very sorry that this a company policy, not to make public our COA, but I do understand your concern. What is the situation? There are different levels of manufacturing standards. Are you saying that your standard of manufacturing is Pharmacutical or Food grade? A. The FDA sets Good Manufacturing Practices. Click on the link for more information. Thank you for sharing, the majority of supplement companies contract out their manufacturing. Quality control is affected as these companies lose control over a crucial part of the production process. There is a group of contract manufacturers who have operations that reach the highest quality standards. Just trying to find out what your manufacturing company is the rest. I am not sure why you can't tell me the name of your manufacturing company, this a crucial step towards knowing if the company is a good or bad one. How am I supposed to take a vitamins from a company that hires a company to make it, but won't tell me what the manufacturing company's name is? If you can't give me a name, I need to know the following manufacturing information. If the facility was pre-audited. The manufacturer who already meet these or modified their operations was presented with manufacturing specifications. The Quality Department at A. Garden of Life is responsible for overseeing the quality of goods. Documentation for following manufacturing and operating procedures has been established. The Garden of Life Quality Team works closely with contract manufacturers and raw material suppliers to conduct audits, identify gaps, and confirm raw material identity. The Garden of Life has created quality systems by following good documentation practices and reviewing and investigating product complaints. Q 3. What standards are followed if only FoodGMP? The standard is set by the FDA. Also see above. Q 4. The facility is inspected by the supplement company. A, we have a Quality Team that audits and inspects our manufacturing facility. You can see above. Q 5. Other regulatory authorities have inspected the facility. All of the facilities that we use are of the same type. It is compliant. They are audited randomly by the FDA. A 5. The manufacturer's name must be made available to consumers. If I can get this information for you, I will be happy to contact you. A 6. The manufacturer should have a website with information about their operations and quality control systems, and a contact email address. A- No reply Q 7. Can you tell me what procedures you use to blend your vitamins? Blending procedures will not allow for equal tablets and pills. The quality of your supplement will be determined by how well you know if there is any stratification or granulation. If I can get this information for you, I will be happy to contact you. I appreciate your time responding back, but only a few do, these are the ones I can trust, but they depend on their answers. Not everyone can be honest and credible. Basic knowledge that should be shared to establish a healthy relationship between a company and the public is what I'm asking for.

4. Elon Matrix Complete Multi Vitamin Hair

Elon Matrix Complete Multi Vitamin Hair

It is advisable to protect and grieve. The ingredients in the Matrix 5000 Complete Multivitamin help to address a number of issues, including hair loss, dull aging skin, and brittle nails. The tablets contain 5,000 mcg of Biotin, L-Cysteine, Silicon Dioxide, and Niacinamide to help support hair growth and a more youthful skin complexion. The HEALTHY HAIR SOLUTION is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy scalp and strong roots. The Matrix 5000 Complete Multivitamin tablets contain pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that provide nutrition to improve hair quality, strength, and growth in just six to eight months of continuous use. ELON ESSENTIALS For over 25 years, patients have been recommended to use the brand of hair, skin, and nail products by the dermatologists.

Brand: Elon

👤10 years ago, I read about this hair product. The pill worked well when I first ordered it, but the company changed the look of it. I cut the pill in half and the insides were yellow because I knew it wasn't the right strength. It doesn't work like it used to. I don't use it anymore.

👤Love these vitamins! It definitely aided in hair growth. Was recommended by my doctor.

👤This is an amazing product for someone who is having serious shed problems. I had tried medication and still had a lot of hair. After a few months of use, I noticed a big difference. I think it is worth it.

👤I don't know if it's working or not. I started taking it because of my hair loss. I use it for women as well. My hair is not as thick as it used to be.

👤The extra cost is something I don't like. They are hard to swallow because of the size.

👤If you have trouble swallowing, don't even think of ordering these.

👤Best hair vitamins work!

👤It was recommended to me by my doctor. It's a great way to get your vitamins in one pill. I've seen other products that had less biotin in them. I have noticed a difference in my hair growth rate. I think my nails are getting stronger.

5. Centrum 100 300 Multivitamin Multimineral Supplement

Centrum 100 300 Multivitamin Multimineral Supplement

Age-adjusted women's multivitamins support the heart, brain, eyes and overall health of women over the age of 50. Multi vitamins for women 50 and over have the ability to feed cells and support full body health. The supplements help support immune health, bone health and muscle function. Multivitamin for women 50 plus is free of genetically modified organisms. Multivitamin for women over 50 is easy to take. Every day, take one of these senior multivitamins for women.

Brand: Centrum

👤Centrum is a well known American company. These tablets are made in China. The information about this product should include that information. I am very upset. I read about the strength of the vitamins in the package, but never thought they weren't made in the USA. For shame!

👤The pills are pink and the dye is not natural, after opening one of the packs. There is a lake on the label. Natural dye is something I prefer. I was very disappointed that I didn't notice the Red 40.

👤Adding red color is not worth it. Many people have reactions to red food. Why not add it? It had a "vitamin" taste in my mouth for a while, but it did not go down smoothly.

👤Without taking them I feel sluggish the next day. It's helpful for my older body and mind.

👤The vitamins were received today. The date is 10/2020. My wife would have 51 vitamins out of date by 10/2020 if she took one each day. That is completely unacceptable.

👤I stopped using these vitamins about 6 or 7 years ago because I was not yet 50. If you ask me, I'm pretty dumb. I didn't put it together that my blood draw results showed I was deficient in vitamins and put me in the category of being "malnourished". Malnourished? I like good food. Preferably Italian food. All American food! How is a fat woman that eats like air? I was sick and tired of being scolded by my doctor, so I decided to stay out of places that take more than 10 minutes to get a meal. Eat more leafy greens! Take a supplement! Exercise! She was the typical non- compliant pain in her backside and none of the recommendations were acceptable. I noticed that my finger nails were not strong. There were pits in them. This is a sign of poor nutrition. I've been on these vitamins for a couple of months. My first blood test showed no signs of malnourishment. It was a relief. I feel better, my finger nails are growing again, my hair is growing stronger, and my skin feels better. I don't know how they will work for you. It's all good for me.

👤This is a better product than regular Centrum that I bought last time. I bought this as a gift for a senior woman and it is already showing an improvement with less fatigue and fewer cravings. She used to snack because she was always hungry. Her weight has gone down.

👤It's a deal breaker for me if vitamins get stuck in my throat.

6. Multiple Multivitamin Vitamins B Complex Antioxidants

Multiple Multivitamin Vitamins B Complex Antioxidants

Pure Nutrition has 50 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in one serving. Whole food base with 8g high-quality protein and hormone-free. One heaping scoop turns water, juice, smoothies, shakes into complete, wholesome nutrition. Clean and pure: free of all harmful substances.

Brand: All One

👤A friend recommended this product. I can feel a difference in my body after daily usage. Every body needs daily supplements of vitamins and minerals. I had problems with my joints within a week, and can feel the difference in my energy, flexibility, and well being. It's not bad, but it goes better with juice. Doesn't break down in liquid well. You have to crush it up against the glass and stir it to break it down, and it still has a smooth consistency, almost like drinking sand. After drinking, the substance leaves a trail. The dishwasher won't be enough to wash all the glasses you used to drink. Hope this helps!

👤You can taste it. The flavor of B L A N D will be with you no matter what you do. Unless you use a real blender, it is hard to mix. Hot drinks don't help. I think it is worth it. I have a lot of deficiencies and have 3 autoimmune diseases. This is the first time in 14 years that I have felt normal. I have energy. It works well in smoothies and is motivating me to eat better. I use my energy to cook and work out. My lady issues are not as bad. It's helped with my Hashimoto's disease. It's worth every single penny. I would like to thank you for giving me the fire.

👤You're supposed to make a smoothie or strong drink with this. It will taste bad if you put it in water. Anyway. This supplement has changed my life. I use this to make sure I get enough nutrition because I can only eat 900 calories a day on my weight loss diet. I have to lose another 100 pounds to avoid surgery and cure gardner. All One doesn't upset my stomach or make me feel bad. I can't taste the smoothie I mix it into. The smoothie mix is made with Vega. I feel better when I eat a meal with a multi-vite. You won't even notice the difference if you mix this in with a smoothie mix or fruit.

👤I'm not a smoothy person. I have trouble taking pills so I try to find alternatives. I have been using the product for three weeks and am ready to write a review. Everything in the positive and negative reviews. It has a faint fishy smell that can be offputting for some. I don't eat fish so I was not excited to read that review. The smell and taste are not the same. The consistency of the powder is like fine ground cornmeal. If you heat this up, it becomes a sticky mess and then separates, which is a serious note. Not again, having done that. The texture of this product will not surprise you unless you mix it with something. I've tried lemon curd with greek yogurt, roasted garlic hummus, and cold Chai almond milk tea. I am a fan of hummus. I don't mix it up. A standard serving of hummus can be had with a heaping amount of powder. I added sesame oil to thin it out. It was delicious! This is the best way to eat my daily portion of this product. The benefits of the multi-vitamins and the hummus are plentiful. I have found a side effect of the product in more private moments. This will do the same thing as asparagus does, in that it will make certain outputs bright colored. If you see it, it's the excess of unused content being shed so don't freak out.

7. Vital Proteins Collagen Lavender Canister

Vital Proteins Collagen Lavender Canister

The body should be able to absorb and digest Collagen Peptides quickly. It helps improve the health of your hair, skin, nails, joints, and ligaments. The 120mg of hydration-inducing hyaluronic acid in Beauty Collagen can help to enhance skin hydration and elasticity. It's easy to use. Soluble in coffee, tea, and smoothie. It's all you need with 1 or 2 scoops a day. It can be taken in the morning, afternoon, or evening. There are certifications. Whole30 was approved. It is dairy free. Their BeautyCollagen helps improve energy. There is a method for this. 15g ofCollagen Powder per serving. They give a scoop to measure it, and 2 scoops of powder. They have to leave room for the scoop as the container isn't full. The product quantity is based on the weight.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤It's floral and slightly lemony with a hint of lavender, making it a good match for sauvignon blanc. They don't know how to do it. You have to put it in the night before. I put it down in the fridge every night. By the morning, voila! All is ready to drink. On your way to work, you have a cold water bottle. Enjoy!

👤My sister said she loved it. She lost 15 pounds and said she was not hungry. When you drink it, the cravings for sugar go away. I have lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks and I am 53 years old. I love it.

👤The packaging is not clear to the consumer. The average person is not going to be able to tell the difference between the size of the tub and the weight of it. I was appalled to see my jar half full, you don't actually need a canister that large for the product to be sold by weight, reduce your carbon footprint a little bit. It tastes bad for the powder. I mixed it with crystal lite and it was the best way to get it down. It left my drink with weird gel beads that wouldn't clot. It was gross, like it was fish eggs. I worried about how it would react in cold water so I used warm water to let it sink in before pouring the rest of my crystal lite. It dissolved without any issues. There is a If you do two scoops a day, you could get 2 weeks out of this 9oz container MAX, but the labeling should be more transparent. This is my firstcollagen powder so I had no expectations.

👤This powder has changed my life. I've been looking for better skin health routines to preserve my freshness as a woman in her early thirties, but nothing has accomplished the great feeling I get with collagen. This product is very good. It tastes great when I mix it in with warm milk. Would buy again and again. Is that what it is?

👤I'm only giving a 1 because the jar is only half full. It's enough to fill the canister all the way up, then trust send a canister with the right size so it doesn't give a misconception. I don't know if I want to use it or send it back.

👤I'm not sure why all the slam reviews of this beauty. It does not mix well with cold drinks and mixes best in something hot. I make a cup of tea with 2 scoops every afternoon, because the Tazo Passion tea is similar to the Hibiscus tea. I've been told my skin is glowing, my hair is starting to look better, and I feel better after my baby weight loss. I like this stuff. As we speak, we will order more.

👤The can is half full, which is annoying. I bought a bunch of samples so I could find the one I liked the best. I have nothing to compare the size of other containers to Tropical hibiscus. I ordered my next can from VP after reading a review that said this might not be a genuine product. I can assure you that the container was just as short filled as the one you bought from Amazon. I would order again from Amazon to save a few bucks.

8. Thorne Research Multi Vitamin M High Performance

Thorne Research Multi Vitamin M High Performance

High-Performance Multi: AM and PM formulas are designed to support athletic performance and provide a full complement of vitamins and minerals. The AM formula promotes cellular energy production. The PM formula contains a botanical blend called Relora, which has been shown to support sleep and curb late-night food cravings. Doesn't contain any of the following: wheat, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, yeast, soy, fish, or shellfish. Thorne is trusted by over 100 pro teams. The only supplement manufacturer that works with the mayo clinic is Thorne. 11 U.S. Olympic Teams are also partners of Thorne.

Brand: Thorne Research

👤I used vitamins for two years. When I first started taking them, I only took 1-2 capsule instead of the full 3 recommended, and they did help me feel better and not get sick as often, which is why I gave them 2 stars. They had the correct form of B12 and other ingredients were top notch. I went to the recommended 3 capsule for a couple of months to get through the winter and to help with fatigue. I was doing something to support my health. I began to feel a burning sensation on my feet, lower legs, hands, and forearms. It felt like I was rolling glass shards around in my palms when my hands burned. Sometimes I had to take my clothes off because the arms of my shirts and pants were hurting my skin. I felt like ants were crawling on my cheek. B6 came back at an alarmingly high number after my doctor ordered bloodwork. I got B6 toxicity from these vitamins. B6 isn't necessarily water-soluble. It's not easy. I'm here to tell you that you can get too much B6 in your system and that you can suffer peripheral neuropathy like I have. I didn't drink fortified sports drinks or have any other sources of B6 besides naturally occurring in foods. It is dangerous to put so much B6 into a formula. Thorne needs to be current on B6 toxicity potential. I don't know if my nerves will ever fully heal since they take the longest to heal. I have nerve pain that may last the rest of my life. That's very upsetting. If you need the recommended dose of 3, think about it. One or two may be enough. I'm going to get my vitamins and minerals from real food. It was too late for the damage to my body. Proceed with caution.

👤I noticed that the AM bottle only had 77 capsule in it while the PM bottle had 86. They didn't have to advertise 90. This would not be a big deal for these, but considering the price, you should get the 90.

👤I have been taking an Alive men's multivitamin for years and its nutrition facts are very similar to the Thorne Research Elite multivitamins. I was told to try these vitamins from a group of people through a men's blog and I feel the difference! These are the real deal. They are worth every penny, even though they are very expensive. I feel better, have more energy throughout the day, and my mind has been sharper, thanks to the AM vitamins. When I wake up in the morning, I feel more rested than I have in a long time, thanks to the PM vitamins. Absolutely amazing! I will be a customer for the rest of my life.

👤Ben wrote an article about his search for a multivatamin and ended up with these. They are expensive, but they are worth it.

👤These might seem a bit expensive, but for the way they make you feel, it's about the price of a coffee a day. This is worth it. I have taken many vitamins but so far these are the bee's knees. Many vitamins are legit because your body can't metabolize them. I find that if I have a small amount of B vitamins, I get hyper and am able to get the rest of the cocktail. I am not experimenting with only taking the a.m. We have been taking the morning and night time vitamins for almost a month now and can see a difference. I'm not sure if there is something in the vitamins that makes me sleepy in the morning, but my husband and my best friend have both had the same experience. Do it. I love miss tiff from maine.

9. Solgar Formula VM 75 360 Tablets

Solgar Formula VM 75 360 Tablets

Solgar Formula VM-75 contains vitamins A, B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6, B12, C, D, E, and folic acid. Formula VM-75 contains magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, iodine, manganese, selenium, potassium, andMolybdenum. Antioxidant and Immune Support; Solgar Formula VM-75 contains beneficial antioxidants, which can help to fight free radicals and support a healthy immune system. Solgar Formula is vegan, kosher, and free of wheat, dairy, yeast, sugar, and artificial flavors. Solgar has been committed to quality, health, and well-being for over 70 years. Their goal is to create the finest supplements in small batches using only the finest raw materials.

Brand: Solgar

👤I have been using Solgar vitamins since I was a teenager. I believe that the Solgar VM-75 and the vitamins with rose hips are the best on the market. Nothing else compares.

👤My family has been using Solgar products for over 45 years and we have always loved them. Some in the family prefer to melt the tablets in some juice, but we're very pleased with the product.

👤Solgar VM 75 is a high quality vitamins. All essential vitamins are provided in a single tablet. I have used it for a long time.

👤It's great for keeping your immune system in place. I have been using the tablets for thirty years.

👤The product is good. This brand was suggested by my doctor.

👤I used to take these when I was younger. I sought them out when I was sick. I feel better and it seems to me that it's because of the colds I've been having.

👤We have used them for a long time. We haven't had a cold in a long time. We think these v&m has something to do with that.

👤It would have been Omnium for 5 stars but this is a good second.

10. Balanced Essentials Natural Nutritional Supplement

Balanced Essentials Natural Nutritional Supplement

The highest rate is available. Liquid vitamins have higher absorption rates than capsule, tablets, or gummies. The form of essential VITAMINS is LIQUID. 13 high quality full spectrum vitamins and 62 major and trace minerals are included in this liquid vitamins. Strengthen your immune system with the help of 18 essential amino acids and Omegas 3,6, and 9. All in one vehicle. In just one ounce of Balanced Essentials, you'll get 94 of the essential vitamins, minerals, and supplements your body needs. Balanced Essentials uses the highest quality vitamins to make sure your body gets the vitamins it needs.

Brand: Wellgenix

👤My 3 year old son has a speech delay. I read that the liquid vitamins will help with speech delay. I would give him 5ml after breakfast and after dinner. I can see small changes, but it hasn't been a week yet. I hope this liquid vitamins works for him. He has been taking it longer and I will update in a month.

👤I use them for my daughter. I gave it to her a year ago. She had a speech delay when she was 2 years old. She had just turned 3. If it doesn't help, it won't hurt. I don't know if it's helped with her language delay, but I know that she's on par with her peers in terms of her active speech in English. I don't know if this will help her in terms of articulation. It gives me peace of mind that she is getting the vitamins and minerals she needs on a daily basis regardless of whether this product helped with her speech delay or not. I like the fact that it is liquid. She initially didn't like the taste, but now likes it and takes it every morning.

👤This product is amazing. My 2.5 year old daughter is in speech therapy. I saw this on a website for speech delayed toddlers and thought, why not try it? She will be getting some additional nutrition. I am very happy that it has worked out. She has been improving her speech and her verbal attempts. It has helped her focus. Over the last month we have been traveling a lot, so we have been giving it more frequently, and we can tell a huge difference. My husband will ask if she has had her vitamins if she seems out of sorts or not talking as much. The taste is ok, but she won't drink it out of a cup, so we use a liquid dropper/syringe and that seems to work better for her. The dose we give her is half of the recommended adult daily dose and the bottle seems to last awhile. Buy it! They work well.

👤I have used this product for over a decade. When I take it, my body has more energy. The taste is good. I recommend 2 capfuls in the morning for a week. Hope it works for you. Like it does for me.

👤There is 5 grams of added sugar in any diet that does not include any sugar.

👤I bought this for my daughter who has a language delay. I see a progress already, it's only been a month. Will do another review after 90 days.

👤There were no complaints. My 4 year old daughter has a speech apraxia and she has made tremendous progress in speech, her therapists are so proud of her. She doesn't need speech past kindergarten according to her development doctor, who has never seen such a dramatic improvement in her apraxia patients. He read the nutrition facts and ingredients before approving it. Every day my daughter is speaking more clearly. So happy!

11. NaturesPlus Source Life Liquid Antioxidant

NaturesPlus Source Life Liquid Antioxidant

Natural energy. The Source of Life Liquid formula is made from essential vitamins, energy-packed phytonutrients and whole food concentrates, and is guaranteed to deliver a burst of energy. There is a special ingredient. The Source 70 Whole Food Complex is made up of a wide range of whole food concentrates and juices that deliver more than 70 highly absorbable trace elements. There is purity. Source of Life Liquid is free of artificial colors and sweeteners and free of the common allergens yeast, wheat, soy and milk. It's vegetarian, and it's free of all three allergens. Quality manufacturing. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are FDA and NSF registered. The vehicle is 30 feet long. 30 serves is provided by Oz.

Brand: Nature's Plus

👤It's like drinking sweet-tart sludge. Why did the 5 star review not perform well? Because it works. I have always been skeptical about taking vitamins, because they never made me feel different. The exception is these. I have more energy, the circles under my eyes are gone, and I can think clearly. If you were told to take vitamins, try these. You will not believe how much better you feel.

👤I've ordered this product 10 times. I was buying a similar product from Mary Ruth's, which was more expensive, before I bought it. The Source of Life was replaced by Mary Ruth's. I noticed that the latest lot had a very sweet flavor when I was in the summer or autumn. 3arlier lots were not as sweet as they could have been. I inspected the label and found that it no longer containedvit C. This product had earlier lots of 500 vit C. It is per 2 Tbs serving. I know for a fact that when a small amount of vit C is dissolved in a cup of naturally low-hard water that has been Pur Filters, it has a sour flavor. I believe that the sourness of this product has been removed and that it has been adulterated with moreFructose in order to make it sweeter. Source of Life has swapped a bit of nutrition for a sweet taste. The vit C was replaced with greater fructose content. I initially thought it was a negative change in its formula, but I realized it was quite desirable for my lifestyle. I like to take my multi-vitamin-mineral supplement a few hours BEFOR exercise, but I recently learned that vit C can be harmful to physical exercise when it's supplemented before training. See the PMID for more information. It's better to take vit C just before bed. I'm very pleased with this product, and like it more now than ever, but it could be improved by replacing its fructose with monk fruit extract powder to serve as a zero carbohydrate sweetener. Those of us who practice intermittent fasts and exercise before meals would be most interested in a revision. If an improvement were made, I would rerate this item to 5 stars.

👤The taste is terrible, but I actually like this product. I have anxiety and this multivitamin has helped a lot. Is has so many vitamins that my body needs to help with anxiety, b12 especially, and it has helped a butt load to calm down my anxiety. It makes me feel great because it's so good for you. I think this is a great idea.

👤This has been taken by me in the past. I switched to a different liquid multi and stopped. I have found this and am taking it daily. I like the taste of it, and the difference it makes, since I started again. This is my 3rd month and it lasts about 30 days. Liquid multi's are recommended due to the issues of absorption of vitamins and minerals that I experience. The way to go is a subscription. I can't find it in my area and have to drive over an hour to get it.


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