Best Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Bagless

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1. Dirt Devil Upright Cleaner UD20124

Dirt Devil Upright Cleaner UD20124

No loss of money. Powerful performance on carpets. There is laissez-free maintenance. You can easily access the rinsable filter for quick maintenance. The easy-release dirt cup makes it easy to take fewer, quicker, and easier trips to the trash. Light with a bite. The compact upright has a lightweight design that makes it easy to clean. It's quick and easy to reach. The quick release, on-board extension wand is easy to use and cleans higher surfaces. 20 feet of cord length is enough to clean from room to room. The compartment on-board storage is CONVENIENT. The 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool has on-board storage for tackling messes at a moment's notice, and it is easy to maneuver corners and tight spaces. What's included: A 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool is on-board for messes at a minute's notice.

Brand: Dirt Devil

👤There is a design flaw in this vacuum. I bought the endura bagless upright to replace the old one. There is a design flaw with this vacuum. The upright should be released before the roller rotation starts. When the hand tool is in use, the vacuum is upright. This has resulted in damage to a carpet when the roller kept going when the wand was in use and the vacuum stayed in one place. I had to use the hand tool to clean the seats of my vehicle, but I knew that if I left the vacuum standing upright on the ground it would suck up grass and dirt, so I stretched the hand tool over to the passenger seat. I stepped too closely and the brush hurt my leg. I can't imagine what would happen if my three-year-old step too closely or one of my children walked over. Unless the lever is released, the bristles should not be rotating.

👤The Dust Devil vacuum has exceeded my expectations. It works great on carpets. Throw rugs and bathroom rugs. I have 2 German Shepherds and it is great to take up dog fur. The attachment is great for cleaning blinds, curtains and tower fans, as I can't reach them. The vacuum and attachment are easy to use. I can't say enough good things about this vacuum. The purchase deserves 5 stars. Highly recommended.

👤The feature that made this machine stand out was theremovable handle with long reach. The first run left me questioning it's power. I was going to like it's small size, however after using it a lot I am very happy with it. It has less of the same sensation as my previous one. The machine will move quickly. Throw rugs without trying to eat them. It seems to do great changing of surfaces without interruption. Next to the fridge, the dryer, and behind furniture is a great place to put the handle. The light weight makes it easy to maneuver around. Function, price, and A+ are all included. The machine is good for those who like to keep the corners clean.

👤The vacuum cleaner works well. It does not stay upright and falls over easily. Sometimes, even that doesn't work, as I always have to lean it against something else. One of the pieces of the cord broke off when it fell onto the floor. I've only used the vac for two weeks, so this is really disappointing. If the vacuum isn't going to stand up easily, then they should make sure it doesn't break.

👤I have tried many vacuums, but the Dirt Devil Endura Reach Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the best at picking up dust. The amount of dirt that the little devil was able to suck from my carpets, tile and wood floors was both shocking and disgusting. The amount of small particle dust that I dumped in the garbage when I was done is what sets this apart from other floor cleaners. When I realized how dirty my floors were, I started spring cleaning. The Dirt Devil is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and it does the job of restoring peace of mind, knowing that my floors are pretty much as clean as they're going to get. The vacuum is easy to operate. Plug in, push the red button with your foot, and you're good to go. The cord is long. Pull the gray button on top to remove the dirt cup. So easy! It's nice to not have to worry about the battery being charged. It is easy to store in a closet or a niche in your house because it is not a bulky appliance. Kort.

2. Hoover WindTunnel Performance Powerful UH72625

Hoover WindTunnel Performance Powerful UH72625

The ZU560 series manual is accurate for both ZU560 and ZU561, but it is not in the box. Pets are perfect for multi-purpose pet tools that tackle stubborn pet hair and dirt on furniture, stairs and hard to reach areas. Carbon dioxide is used in the treatment of particulate matter. Don't use odor-absorbing filters on your pet. The cup has a capacity of 1.42 liters. The headlights : No. The powerFUL SUCTION: The extra-wide nozzle of WindTunnel 3 Technology creates efficient air flow from it to the large capacity dirt cup. It's perfect for carpets and hard floors. With the touch of a button, On/Off brushroll helps easily transition from carpets to hard floors. 15 feet of extended reach is included. Includes a pet tool, a dusting tool, and a crevice tool.

Brand: Hoover

👤I have been using both of them. 3 weeks ago, my Bissell broke. You can see in the photo that I have Aussies with me. 3 weeks of no vacuuming left a mess. The Hoover tackled it. It pulled sand and dust from the carpet. Dogs are working on my farm. I had to stop and empty the bin, but it was doing a great job getting the hair out of the carpet. The bin needs to be emptied before the vacuum can self-propulsion. The vacuum does the work if the bin is kept clean.

👤This things work. The amount of dog hair this vacuum picks up is very impressive. My floor is covered with hair because I have huskies. I have never seen carpets cleaned in a long time. It was easy to put together and it was easy to dump the dirty stuff. The vacuum is a little heavier but it is worth the price. The hose is clear so you can see if there is a problem with dog hair. The attachment are also great. I will recommend this vacuum to others because I am in love with it.

👤I was very excited to try the vacuum. I put it together and used it for 10 minutes, but realized the vacuum I wanted had a hose on the side. The vacuum from the box did not have a hose or floor dial. The box pictures have something on them. The product in the box does not match the description of the vacuum being sold. Very disappointed! Before you put it together, make sure to check your product. The first vacuum I sent back didn't have the floor dial, so I ordered a new one. I thought it was a mess. But no! The hose/floor dial is missing from the second vacuum that just came in. The Hoover Max 3 Performance picture on the item I ordered matches the picture on the box, but the vacuum inside the box is completely different.

👤I rarely leave reviews but this was worth taking the time to type one out. The vacuum is great. I have two cats that are crazy. The way my condo is set up makes it difficult for a robot vacuum to work. It got tiring having to control it. I've had pet hair vacuums before, but they didn't do a good job, and I spent a lot of money on another one. I've only used this one twice, but it works great. It has been as advertised. It sucked after getting the correct carpet setting. I expected clumps of hair to be left behind, but they were not. I feel a bit trashy because I thought my carpets were cleaner than they really were. This vacuum is very good. If there are long term problems, I will update in the future.

👤I had a very similar model for about 6 years, which worked fine one time, but was dead the next time it was turned on. The replacement Hoover Wind Tunnel 3 Max Performance is a great upgrade. The manual carpet height adjustment dial is a lot easier to use, it seems more powerful, and it has better cleaning than the older model. The vacuum is used 3x a week because we have 2 dogs that shed. It is bagless. I find it necessary to empty the cannister after every use, even though the directions say to do so. If it isn't emptied, it becomes blocked. The mechanism to open the canister is easy, but the emptying of the canister is not. Open the trash can. The dirt is easy to fall out of, but the pet hair is hard to remove from the canister. I have to bang on the sides to loosen it and the remaining dust, and even then there is a bit of hair and "dust" left in the cannister. I disassemble the cannister and wash it with soap and water. It's not hard to wash, and reassemble. The parts have to be completely dry before they can be reassembled. The Hoover Wind Tunnel Max 3 has a shorter cord. Even though the cannister is not great, I like the upgraded model for its overall performance. The order was fulfilled quickly. The item was in the original box.

3. Hoover MAXLife Cleaner Filtration UH75250

Hoover MAXLife Cleaner Filtration UH75250

The filter is made with HEPA media. The filter captures 99% of the dust and particles. 25% more powerful motor. The 25% more powerful motor and WindTunnel technology creates edge-to-edge suction in tight corners and hard-to-reach spots. Pet hair, dirt, and debris can be picked up on multiple surfaces. There is a preventative measure for pet odor. The PowerFlex brush roll and carbon pet filter can be used to tackle pet hair. There is a dual cypress technology. With their dual cyclone technology, you can clean up dirt and crumbs.

Brand: Hoover

👤The vacuum is nice, except for one flaw. The vacuum brush does not stop spinning when upright. The first time I used this, the spinning brush caused a problem. I was watching out for this to happen and I could call it a user error. I used the hose to get the vacuum up and down, but I was careful not to let the cable get underneath it. I was moving around with the hose and it still had the power cable. I caught it quickly and it didn't reach the live wires. The power cable is positioned very low on the vacuum which makes it more likely to get stuck. I can use duct tape to fix it. I would prefer to have my money back. I wouldn't let young people use this vacuum, and I would look for a vacuum that would stop the roller. The cable has been damaged in 6 different spots after 1.5 months of ownership. The second picture shows all the duct tape I had to use. I called Hoover and they told me that I should not use the vacuum anymore because of the problem, but they wouldn't replace or refunds the unit because it was my fault. I received a refund from Amazon when Hoover wouldn't accept their products. I'm not an idiot that can't use a vacuum. I use power tools like grinder, table saws, and mills a lot, and I still have all my cables and fingers. Excellent customer support from Amazon. The warranty from Hoover is useless. Buy a vacuum with a roller.

👤We have used a lot of vacuums and this one is by far the best we have owned. It picked up a lot of stuff out of my carpets. I vacuumed my carpet and rug three days ago. It works on all of our floors and is easy to assemble.

👤I've been trying to find a good vacuum that's affordable. This is the worst vacuum I have ever owned, but I have yet to find one. The baseboards are nearly impossible to remove with a magic eraser. It had a bad smell for the first couple of weeks. If the brush roller tips over, watch out because it doesn't shut off when using the hose. The hose has a lot of water on it. One of my carpets has been damaged by the brush roller. The roller is difficult to adjust, so I leave it on the highest setting after I notice the damage to my carpet. After vacuuming my couch, I noticed it had been damaged. The cushion looked terrible so I had to flip it. It doesn't always turn on. The vacuum is the worst ever. Don't buy.

👤It is easy to use. Great power. It gets the job done and for a good price.

👤I thought I would leave a review after a few months of use. It is great when used upright on the floor. The attachment hose is too stiff and when using any attachment, the entire vacuum will slingshot to the ground, and of course when cleaning the baseboards or lower areas, this over springy hose will bring the vacuum right into your skull. I have owned Hoover vacuums for over 20 years and this one is the worst I have ever owned.

4. BISSELL 2998 MultiClean Allergen Lift Off

BISSELL 2998 MultiClean Allergen Lift Off

Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. Lift-off technology. The canister is portable and can be used to clean pet hair. The brush roll is tangle-free. Actively stops hair wrap. The system is sealed with HEPA. It traps everything. The design and steering are lightweight. Powerful cleaning performance without heavy lifting.

Brand: Bissell

👤I cleaned most of the carpet in my house this weekend after buying a vacuum. I bought this model based on the reviews on Amazon. I have been very impressed with the Shark vacuums that I have used at my friends' houses, but the reviews were generally less positive than the Bissell ones. A large number of people complain about poor customer service in the reviews for the Shark vacuums. I won't support a company that doesn't stand behind its products. I talked to a friend who had a good story to tell about Shark customer support. There are a lot of complaints about poor customer service in the reviews. I started looking at the Bissells because they seemed to have some of the least negative reviews. There were many negative reviews due to threads and hair. The model that I read was not as bad as I thought. I haven't had that problem with this vacuum yet. The model is heavy and clumsy to use. Being over 50, my perspective on what is heavy and clumsy seems to be different. This model is light weight, maneuverable, and easy to get into, compared to the clunky vacuums of the past. It might be considered a bit unwieldy compared to a vacuum like a stick or a shark. It was hard to push on shag or high pile carpet. I didn't experience that problem because my carpet is a low pile and I didn't have to push the vacuum across to hold the rug down. The vacuum seemed to have a good amount of air in it. Some people think the suction is not as good as a Shark or a Dyson. I could not say from my experience with those other vacuums. I can't give an accurate comparison of this vacuum with any other one I've used. People complain about using the tools with the hose. I don't want the hose flopping around on the vacuum when I am upright, so it just seems like something you live with. The Lift-Off feature makes this a non-issue for me because it allows you to separate the canister from the carpet roller base. The intelligent design is what I like about this Bissell. Everything seems to be thought out for efficiency and ease of use. I don't know how well the plastic parts will hold up with use, but most of the vacuums out there seem to be made of light weight plastic parts, so I hope for the best. Time will tell. The cord is a bit stiff. They make more supple cords, but they are more expensive. I think the cord on this unit should have been thicker. The small size of the canister is my only complaint. I dumped it four or five times, but my carpet was pretty dirty. It was easy to dump and not have to worry about breathing in the dust. The vacuum did a good job on my old carpet and a few tiled areas. The upholstery/stair brush attachment seemed to work well. I'm happy with my purchase so far. I'm concerned if it will hold up over time. If it fails within the first couple of years, I will take away stars. I will if it is still going strong in five years. Give it a five star rating.

5. EUREKA PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Cleaner

EUREKA PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Cleaner

The 10 lbs powerspeed upright vacuum cleaner is portable and easy to use. The multi-surface vacuum can be adjusted to fit between hard floor and deep carpet. The bagless vacuum requires less frequent emptying because it has an empty 2 6L dust cup. The pet tool is great for pet owners because it can be stored on board for easy access and above floor cleaning. The PowerSpeed is easy to maintain because of the bagless design.

Brand: Eureka

👤I used it for a month. This is not a pet vase. This is not an over exagguration because I lost out on money for this junk, but a warning of ineffectual machinary. Anything will get stuck in the bottom hose that is supposed to suck things up. I have two short haired medium sized dogs, this thing should be able to pick up their hair on a daily basis, but it can't suck anything through the entire hose, I am not cleaning/dec Not. Once. It's practically clean. Good luck getting to the belt that lasts all of the 2 rounds of vacuuming, I keep my home clean, but I am not vacuuming mountains of dirt here. I tried everything to make sure that it was something I was using correctly and not missing. It's just an expensive piece of garbage. It wont pick up dust bunnies if you waste time or money. I was very disappointed in this product.

👤I bought this to replace a heavy Hoover upright that was free. It was well maintained. 3 days ago, I vacuumed my apartment. I don't have pets. There were no big dust bunnies or dirty carpets when I was here. I thought so. I decided to try out the new product on my floors. There are two carpeted bedrooms and a rug in the living room. If it were any more powerful, it would be sucking up the dirt from my downstairs neighbor's carpets. There is a I'm happy I didn't spend another $200 to get a top-brand, this one is fantastic, and I'll be happy if it only lasts a few years.

👤Absolutely love it! I asked if all the dust came from. Of how good it is. I always read reviews before buying, and I also write to help others. I write bad reviews on things I don't recommend. I recommend this one. You will love it!

👤We have an old Rainbow vacuum that works well, but it is heavy and uses a water filter system that is messy. We don't vacuum as often as we should. We need to vacuum at least 2X a week to keep up with the cat and dog. I've been looking for a vacuum that would be easy to use but powerful enough to pick up pet hair for over a year. I couldn't afford a vacuum that got mixed reviews. I had a great canister vacuum that lasted for years, so I thought I'd give it a try. The price was great and it was bagless. I thought I didn't have much to lose. The vacuum is wonderful. It is light and maneuverable. It sucks up the hair and dander of the pet. Our carpets have a new color. It will be interesting to see how the motor holds up, but for now, I am very happy with this purchase. This sweeper is very good.

👤This vaccuum is terrible. I bought because of the claims of being a pet vaccuum. If you have a dog, don't buy this. The first time I used it, it started to work. The design of the hose is not capable of plugging up hair. The cup they brag about being so large is not anything but. There is no room for hair or dirt in the cup. I'm going to donate to someone without pets.

6. BISSELL Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless

BISSELL Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless

Buy Bissell, save pets, and Bissell will give 5 dollars for each hair cut. The purchase of Li Ion will be activated. A motorized brush tool and a battery can be used to remove dirt and pet hair. The Dirt cup has a capacity of 0.7 liters. The dirt bin is easy to empty to get rid of pet hair. Cleaning performance can be improved by triple level filters. A set of specialized pet tools.

Brand: Bissell

👤It works well... You can't buy just the paper replacement filter. The whole assembly has a paper replacement filter inside. You have to throw away a perfectly functioning plastic assembly, and buy a new one from the website of Bissell for $11.98, but don't forget to add shipping costs. This seems to be wasteful as the only thing that could be sold was the filter. It's like buying a new car every time you need to change the air filter.

👤It was time to replace the dead B&D bustduster that has sat in our utility closet for years. I remember when it was new. The excitement of cleaning hair and dirt filled the air as it happily went along. The battery died. I hated that thing because it was so short. Brand new! The NmHD battery was small and lost its charge capability after a while, but never came back. I was hesitant to get a new hand vacuum because my wife has grown old and she has silver hair. She sheds more than a polar bear. Are you going to sit on the couch? There is silver hair everywhere. Do you mean to vacuum the floor with a big vacuum? It takes about 4 days to fill with hair. I once emptied the vacuum and watched the crows pick out the giant ball of silver hair and fly off with it. The crows are smart. So anyways. It is time for a handheld vacuum. Which is the best? Which one will stay on for 5 minutes? I did a lot of research. This one seemed risky because of the other reviews on big store websites. Hmm. I took a chance. It was completely sucked! Which is a good thing for this review. Made of sturdy materials. Will last longer than my midlife crisis. It is easy to get to the waste gate. Cleaning the housing is simple and easy. I did not say it was lightweight. That is because it is. It is not heavy enough to fatigue your hand/arm. The battery life does not suck. That is also a positive thing. I ran it for about 8 minutes and heard the motor change tune. I know the count is on. After 22 minutes of hard power-suck with the motorized brush attachment, it stopped and the button turned red. Nice clap. Quiet! I think my old age is starting to show because I get upset when there are loud noises near me. The noises are like vacuums. Immediate irritation! Not with this device. It is not silent. It is not a problem to use it for 10 minutes at a time. The cleaning power is impressive. I did not measure it. I think it is moving a lot of air which means it is effective cleaning. The exhaust is subtle and impressive. The smart design of the exhaust vent means that it doesn't disrupt the mess you are about to clean. When your vacuum blows WifeHair(tm) all over the place, it's worse than making an approach to clean a pile of WifeHair. I still don't know where it ends up. MEH has no attachment support. Thanks. I think I'll put them on this. She did not crash. They don't stack or lay flat because they are oddly shaped. Put them in a bag that doesn't come with the device or use up 523 square inches to store them on a shelf. I measured. It is frightening. The hardware is great but they don't think about how it will be stored in the home. There was no base, hanging hooks, or plastic tube housings for the accessories. You get the vacuum, charge cable and accessories. It was loose. I took away a star because of this. They went so far on the design and cleaning elements that they dropped the ball on how it is stored. Nobody is going to leave this out with these accessories. People vacuum. How do you hide a wedged shape thing that needs to stay plugged in with 5 loose plastic accessories that you just know you are going to lose because you have no way to store them? Expectations for features are high because this is not a cheap model. Performance is there for the money, but this is unforgivable. I used parts from the garage to make my own storage system. I had nothing else on my plate. The power cord and interface are two things that are not good. If you make electronic devices and you think it is a good idea to develop a proprietary connector because it will make you money in the future, stop it! I would not have purchased this if I had known it had a weird power connection. It is a sign of greed when companies purposely build an interface that is unique with the express purpose of sending customers who lost their power supply to make an additional profit. It is not enough to make a decent product with a decent profit margin. Someone thought they could make more money than the entire line of products they sell. I am out. That is immoral and reprehensible as it is a predatory move against your own customers that pay you, your salaries and your entire business. It's a shame! I am taking another star off as I find it hard to read. Someone needs to stop this. Customers will lose their chargers and I will smell a rat if they refuse to pay theproprietary tax, so perfectly good units will make their way to landfills. They toss the product into the garbage and get another that doesn't have a proprietary connection. Stop it now. The power button doesn't have an light. Since you make your own power cable, why be nice if you add tiny lights that illuminate the nose? Attachments can be difficult to remove. Extra wiggle is needed to get them off, but they won't fall off when using the product. It is difficult if you have arthritis or other hand/wrist pains. It might be a good idea to lightly lubricate the accessory. I live in a three story house. Imagine that hair everywhere. The lack of storage and the proprietary power cable prevent me from buying another one. It is a fantastic unit that hits all the marks. I think there is turmoil between the engineers and executives over the proprietary power interface. I know a lot of greedy executives, but I don't know many greedy engineers. It would have been a solid 5 star with thought to storage and use of the COMMON DC 3.5mm barrel charge interface. You can use 3.5mm with the amperes. It's time to knock it off.

7. Hoover Complete Bagless Upright UH74110

Hoover Complete Bagless Upright UH74110

15 feet of extended reach is included. Includes a pet tool, a dusting tool, and a crevice tool. Pets are perfect for multi-purpose pet tools that tackle stubborn pet hair and dirt on furniture, stairs and hard to reach areas. Allergy technology blocks pet dander, dust and pollen from reentering the air. Powerful cleaning on all floors results in optimal results on carpets and hard floors. The Dirt Cup is called the XL DIRT CUP. Less trips to the trash is achieved by a large empty dirt cup. It runs like a new 3X longer. The MAXLife System has been enhanced to deliver longer lasting suction to maintain peak performance. What's included: The dog tool, Crevice tool, and the dusting brush are related.

Brand: Hoover

👤After my first canister vac was a disaster to clean, I went back to a bagging vacuum. I had to wash the filters out constantly because it seemed to accumulate hair with each use. I bought a vacuum. It is built differently than the older model and can collect more hair than I thought. I can see enough inside the clear collection container to know when to empty it. I don't have to rinse the filters out often, and I don't need to take the canister apart after a few uses to knock off dust. The vacuum's weight is listed at over 23 lbs. I believe that is an error and is a'shipping' weight. The vacuum has a weight of 17 lbs. If you are getting this for pet hair, don't worry about the weight.

👤Wow. That's all I can say. I have never owned a vacuum like this one. I buy the cheaper ones at Walmart. I don't have much to compare this to other highquality brand vaccuums. I live in a house with a husband, 3 kids, 2 gerbils, a cat, and 2 parakeets. We have a lot of dirt and pet hair on our carpets. I can't get up because my previous vacuum has been leaving behind a lot of dog hair. I don't like sitting on the carpet and getting covered in dog and cat hair after vacuuming. The vacuum does the trick. The vacuum has a very strong suction and it sucks up anything it touches. If you look at my last picture, you will see all the hair in the canister. I have not been able to vacuum up the hair that has been shoved into my carpet. The vacuum got everything. It comes with a large removeable want at the top for you to use with the hose for extra extension and it also comes with another brush piece for using on couches, curtains or whatever you need to use it for. The strength of the suction is also strong with these. It did a good job of getting the hair out of the corners. The cord is long, which is something I like about this vacuum. I had to switch outlets halfway through my vacuuming session because I have a long living room. That was a big deal. I have room to spare with this cord and I don't have to do that with this vacuum. The canister is larger than my other one. Removeable, re usable, and washable filters have been added. I approve of the use of a vacuum cleaner.

👤I've had a Hoover vacuum cleaner for over 40 years. I have been very disappointed with this one. It is difficult to use and awkward to maneuver. The cleaning job is not good. It is hard to turn on and off. Why is the button on the left side not on the handle and why there is a plastic pedal to stop the brush? I have damaged a couch because of the flimsy plastic pedal catching under the furniture and tearing the fabric, and I have not been very careful with this pedal. The handle is very cumbersome to use, it has no reach, and it comes out to use with little stuff. Doesn't work well. The product was poorly designed and clumsy. Hoover used to make good vacuums, so why did they throw all the good features away and make it a clumsy piece of junk? The redesign was better before. The chore will be much more unpleasant if you buy this vacuum. You don't have to change the wheel with every new model. Don't try to be clever with features that no one wants, and find features that work and stick with them. Make a product that works.

8. Upgraded】 Handheld Cordless Portable Rechargeable

Upgraded%E3%80%91 Handheld Cordless Portable Rechargeable

The portable vacuum has a high power motor with a deep cleaning capability. It can also clear those unseen motes hidden in sofas and mattresses, as well as sucking out daily pet hair and paper debris. It's an excellent choice for both home and car. Only for dry use. The handheld vacuum has a 2500 mAh battery that can provide up to 20 minutes of running time, and only needs 3-4 hours to be fully charged. The lights show the battery power. A good person in your life. The small hand vac has an upgraded Washable HEPA Filter, which is more durable and easy to clean, and a dust cup that is convenient for trash dumping. Cords are a pain when you're trying to vacuum and they get caught on objects. It's handy for on the go use without having to plug in. They focus on product quality and you can count on them to bring you products that they use ourselves. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any issues with this product, 30-Day money-back for any reason.

Brand: 666 Six By Six

👤This was bought to clean around my bird cage and it does a great job of sucking up seeds. I used it on my keyboard as well. It's a great vacuum. There is a couple of attachment and a cable. You give the block. Let's face it, I'm okay with that. Don't we have a lot of charging blocks around the house? I am. I'm hoping to find a way to buy replacement filters. You can wah the filter according to the directions. I would like to be able to replace it if necessary. It is easy to empty.

👤The vacuum has good suction. It charges quickly. I would like it to have more capacity in it's dirt holder, so be warned, it is not for big jobs or larger pieces of dirt. The vacuum is loud. When the vendor decides to update their design, they should be able to reduce the noise output.

👤This is it, a portable RV user or car user. I had a problem with it so far. When you put the cup back, make sure the hole in the button is still there. No depth perception, partly blind, so didn't understand why it didn't fit. The little vac is nice.

👤It's perfect for people who can't leave the breakfast table without leaning on crum,bs, bits of cereal, toast or other small unwanted items. I keep mine in a drawer, so I can go to the kitchen. I love my mini hand vacuum, it does the job.

👤It doesn't work well cheaply made, and it won't even clean the car carpet. I waste my money.

👤It's easy to use and works well for a mini vacuum. It is small. Not for large messes.

👤It wasn't that cheap because of the waste of money. I thought it would be good to pick up dust, but I'm not sure it can do that.

👤I was not happy. I was expecting more than the unit put out.

9. Dirt Devil Bagless Steering UD70355B

Dirt Devil Bagless Steering UD70355B

There are specialized pet tools on the board like the 2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush. SWIVEL AND SWERVE. The full 180 degree movement of this powerful upright is not possible with dirt and hair tucked in corners and under furniture. No loss of money. A rinsable filter will help extend the life of your vacuum, and it will be powerful on carpets and hard floors. The upright has a smooth clean from hard floors to carpets and can maneuver around obstacles that no longer stand in the way with the full 180 degree movement. The on- board turbo tool can be used to remove embedded dirt, dust, and pet hair from carpets and hard floors. It's quick and easy to reach. The on-board quick release extension wand is easy to use and will clean even higher surfaces.

Brand: Dirt Devil

👤I have a three story home with lots of wood and tile, low and high pile carpet, and a dislike for hauling a vacuum up and down stairs. I own two Dysons, but have purchased cheaper vacuums. I have tried many different brands and vacuums, but they are not as good as my Dysons, so I return some and give some to relatives in need. I decided to take a chance on this one because the price was right and it will be used by my teenage sons, who aren't as picky as I am. I wanted to see if it would work. I've been vacuuming with this thing, it's a lot lighter than a Dyson, and I've been hauling it up and down my stairs. The brush picks up my matted carpet with great force. It's easy to turn off the roller for the hard floors, and it does a good job there as well. It is easy to clean from the dust cup to the filters. The filters need to be cleaned often, but it's just a matter of rinsing them out at the end of a vacuum. The cord is a couple of feet shorter, but it doesn't trip the breakers in the bedrooms, which makes up for it being 10 Amps or lower. Will it replace my Dysons? I don't think it does as good a job as the hard floor tool on the Dyson, but for carpets, I'm sold, especially at this price.

👤The vacuum cleaner was great. The swivel head is easy to carry throughout multilevel homes and has great results on pet hair. You can move very fluidly throughout your house with the help of the swivel head. The floor unit and pet hair attachment are used to remove pet hair. We have a cat tree that is covered in cat hair and the pet hair attachment cleaned it up. The regular floor unit picked it up. We have 2 cats, a heavy shedders and a vacuum that is keeping up. We have a high pile rug in the living room, and the brush off in the floor unit removed everything nicely. I use the hose to clean baseboards, under furniture, and the lint trap in our dryer. There are a lot of uses. Carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs is not a problem because we have a 2 level loft with carpet on the top floor. My girlfriend and I have no complaints. If you want to maintain a good clean brush, you'll have to stay on top of picking it out if you have long hair. The hose doesn't allow itself to extend as far as it looks like it could because of the strong suction. I was glad I ignored the bad reviews. The vacuum cleaner is a great purchase.

👤Not all the good news is true here. I gave my new vacuum a try out this weekend. It worked great when I ran it down the floor runners. The 2 in1 crevice and brush tool was the first tool I tried out. It wasn't picking anything up. The roller wouldn't spin when I tried the other tool with it. The tool was removed and I felt for it. I switched back to floor mode and it wasn't doing a good job either. I went to check everything. I checked the filters and the hose. I decided to wash the filters even though they were brand new. I called the help desk on Monday. I was studying the vacuum while on hold. The internal valve was in the middle position. Right and left would be the same. I was able to move my finger into hose mode by removing the dirt tray. When it was switched to floor, it didn't move back to where it was before. I looked further with a flashlight and could see that the spring was hanging free. I took it apart and reassembled it. The vacuum works great now! I really like the internal valve and it is switch on. If they had not shipped me a broken vacuum, and if I had not been able to repair it myself, it would have been sent back, and a competitors model would have been purchased instead.

10. 2254 CleanView Automatic Steering Specialized

2254 CleanView Automatic Steering Specialized

Purchase a pet product from Bissell and they will donate 10 dollars to the pet foundation for every purchase. Even if it is embedded, triple action brush roll plus scatter free technology maximize pet hair pickup. The power cord can be used for quick and easy storage. The cleaning path width is 13 inches. Cleaning around furniture and obstacles can be done with a steering wheel. The edge to edge cleaning feature gets closer to the walls and corners. There are pet tools like the hair corner tool and the turbo eraser tool. Style 12141 is a replacement filter.

Brand: Bissell

👤I own several vacuums. The best vacuum is a corded one from Miele. I have a Dyson V6 pet vac, which only lasts 15 minutes on a battery charge and never completes a job before running out of juice, and a battery operated stick vac, which is great for quick jobs. I have many vacuums to compare to. Why so many? We don't have to haul them up and down stairs because I have a vacuum on each floor. I like this vacuum so much that I deducted one star for some minor considerations. I chose a 10x15 area of carpet in the center of my living room because it had been vacuumed a couple weeks before. I have attached pictures of the amount of debris from that one small task, beginning with a brand new vacuum with a clean canister. I was surprised that it wasn't an area that had been neglected for a while, and we don't have a lot of traffic in this room, between my wife and I. The sponge can be cleaned under water. You get an idea of what the vacuum does when it's not being used. It's light weight and ability to maneuver is what I like the most. The vacuum head has a ball like action, which allows you to turn it with your wrist. I deducted one star because it presents some glide resistance when turning the vacuum head on plush carpet. Not much resistance, but one does notice the need to exert a little bit more in the way of forward force or arm exertion when doing so. It wasn't enough to dislike the vacuum. An observation. The head of the brush roller head is so high that it does not get under my sofa more than an inch, so it is a bit shorter and flatter to navigate under furniture. Its clearance is three feet. The vacuum won't go all the way under if the furniture front openings are shorter than 3. It will not go all the way back into the toe kick plate recess on my kitchen cabinets. The head height prevents that. I was impressed by the fact that the vacuum sucks up every single piece of debris when I run parallel to the wall and up to the baseboards. The cat whisker brushes that stick out on each side of the brush roller head help push dirt away from the baseboards so that the vacuum can suck them up. The feature was well executed. The retractable cord is a huge positive. I don't like having to wind cords onto the exterior clips of upright vacuums. This one has a foot button that you depress, which quickly and firmly reels in the cord to a slot on the bottom of the vacuum. There is no hesitation in reeling in the cord in this spring loaded action. The retention clip at the top of the vacuum handle can be used to suspend the cord while vacuuming, so it doesn't drag across the floor. I found the canister removal to be very easy to remove and put back into place, with a handle at the top of the canister that facilitates its removal and reinsertion. The Dyson V6 requires a stick or screwdriver to remove debris from its narrow clearances at the top of its canister, but the canister can hold a large amount of debris. There are 5 height settings for thick carpet. I tried out the vacuum on the middle setting for the first time. There are 3 foot activated switches. One can release the upright handle from a locked upright position to allow it to go into action mode. The cord reel is activated. The third button is the on/off button. There are 3 tools stored onboard, which can be interfaced directly with the flexible vacuum hose, or in conjunction with a straight extension tube to increase your reach. The 1st is a triangular corner crevice tool with vacuum ports running along each of its 2 triangular edges, along with soft short "capture" brushes for crumbs etc. There is no need for the 3 tools to be used if the end of the flex hose is removed from the mounting post. I think the small head brush tool is for upholstery and hard surfaces. I have always questioned the value of such brush tools in vacuum offerings, thinking that the brushes just move debris around instead of allowing the vacuum to interact with it. If you use something like that, it is there. The 3rd tool is a brush tool which can be used on stairs or upright surfaces, like drapes, and on sofas. I really like the idea of this tool, but Bissell decided not to use brushes in the rotary, instead going with flexible rubber like plastic "flaps" which are segments. The problem with these flaps is that when they come into contact with the carpet, it causes them to stall the vacuum head. The flaps stop turning when they stop resisting the carpet, so they block the flow of water from the hose. If you press down a lot on the carpet surface, the suction stops and the flaps turn. You have to glide over the surface with a very light hand to keep this tool working. It requires plastic flaps to be turned by a force, which works against it, and it also requires no electrical power being supplied to this small head. I can live with this shortcoming since I can still use the other hand tools to get the job done. One star deduct is a minor reason. The out of the box assembly is very easy to assemble, with only 2 parts needed, in order to keep the shipping box a bit shorter. The only thing needed is a phillips head screwdriver to attach the upper black plastic handle. Two screws are inserted into the guide holes. The flex hose and onboard tools have to be mounted onto the posts and ports on the vacuum so that everything is easy to use and stored. This vacuum is very strong in its price range. It has no weak points other than the hand tool which makes it hard to use on carpet.

11. BISSELL Cleanview Upright Bagless 2252

BISSELL Cleanview Upright Bagless 2252

Buy Bissell, save pets, and Bissell will donate up to 10 dollars to the Bissell pet foundation for every pet product purchase. The pet hair pick up has scatter free technology. Steering can be used to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. Clean edges and corners. The cleaning path width is 13 inches. Pet hair removal with specialized tools is possible. The dirt bin is easy to empty and clean. 6 feet is the hose length. The replacement filter style is 12141. The dirt cup has a capacity of 1.0 liter.

Brand: Bissell

👤vacuums after a while start smelling in an unpleasant way This is a fact that I have noticed with my previous vacuums. I wondered if I could wash some parts of it. It wasn't an option. Every part of the vacuum can be washed with soap and water. The filters, dust bin, and accessories are easy to remove. One must wait until the parts are dry before using them again. The electric cord is long, and the dust bin is large. One can clean many rooms before having to empty the dust bin or plug the vacuum again. Making one's job easier. When the house has hardwood flooring covered with rugs, it is useful to go from hardwood floors to rugs. There is space to store the accessories in the vacuum itself, with the exception of the pet tool. This is like a tiny vacuum in itself, it has a brush made with rubber to catch hair more easily, and it can be taken apart to clean it. The pet hair corner tool is my favorite of the included tools, it is made for cleaning corners and stairs too. The fact that it doesn't use replaceable bags is a money saver, and it's a powerful vacuum with lots of suction, and I don't care about it being loud.

👤I bought the vacuum because I have pets. I have had it for a month. I saw the brush wasn't spinning when I ran it. Even though I thought it was odd for a belt to go out so early, I began the process of taking the bottom apart to replace the belt. I found the belt on the motor shaft when I took the bottom off. The smoke came from the motor shaft. The entire belt compartment was packed with dog hair. The design of the vacuum feeds the pet hair into the belt compartment. The vacuum was rendered useless unless the belt and motor shaft were destroyed by a small fire, because enough hair got between the belt and motor shaft in under a month. Go buy something else.

👤I was looking for a better vacuum than the one I have and found one at a great price. I bought it and thought it was an improvement. I found that it would stop spinning when I used it on some of my carpets. I used it last week and it picked up a lot. I used it for about five minutes on the carpet that wasn't making it get stuck and suddenly it stopped and there was smoke and flames in my living room. I lifted the thing in the air, hoping it wouldn't set my apartment on fire, and then I unplugged it and threw it outside. I showed my roommate the melted plastic and he opened the windows to turn on the fan. Don't buy this vacuum. It almost destroyed my apartment building. I'm serious. I'm reaching out to the company.

👤I've had a bunch of them. It's tough on vacuums during the shed season. I've tried a lot of machines and haven't found anything that works well on coarse fur. This one does. The pivot design helps me a lot. The brush doesn't hold onto all of the fur and becomes useless like many others. It is easy to dump the canister. I don't know if I could find a better vacuum. I would have given 5 stars for the shipping.


What is the best product for best vacuum for pet hair bagless?

Best vacuum for pet hair bagless products from Dirt Devil. In this article about best vacuum for pet hair bagless you can see why people choose the product. Hoover and Bissell are also good brands to look for when you are finding best vacuum for pet hair bagless.

What are the best brands for best vacuum for pet hair bagless?

Dirt Devil, Hoover and Bissell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best vacuum for pet hair bagless. Find the detail in this article.

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