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1. Shark LA502 Lift Away PowerFins Self Cleaning

Shark LA502 Lift Away PowerFins Self Cleaning

A soft roller and a PowerFin roller combine on all floors. Continuous cleaning contact to dig deep into carpets, engage floors and pick up more. DuoClean is different from original DuoClean. The brushroll has no hair wrap. It was made to pick up more hair with no hair wrap. The easy-to-use Pod-release pedal is needed to clean stairs, furniture, and everywhere in your home. The vacuum cleaner has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. Based on the size of the particles. The Lift-Away is the best selling lift-away in the world. The weight and suction were measured. Hidden debris can be seen by the powerful headlights on the nozzle.

Brand: Shark

👤The shark has delivered again. My daughter dumped a bowl of cereals on the ground as our product was being delivered. The product is very powerful and will handle your vacuuming needs. The vacuum is easy to maneuver and my favorite thing about it. I mean vacuum if you are in the market for a Cadillac. The price point for the product is very affordable.

👤Don't buy this vacuum. I have loved everyone prior to this and this is my fifth shark vacuum. The bottom floor rollers stopped working after 1 week after I saved for months to buy this. They will not honor the warranty after 2 weeks of runaround from Shark. The customer service has been the worst since Century Link.

👤The Shark vacuum was very heavy and difficult to handle. If you know the weight of the Shark vac, you can choose the one that is best for you.

👤The red light would come on when you turned the vacuum on, it was like there was a jam. I had to turn off my rug about 10 times. On a thin rug, it happened. I sent it back. I reached out to shark customer support, but they never contacted me back. I don't recommend this vac.

👤I have only used it twice. I am already in love. I returned a Dyson multi floor vacuum because it wasn't compatible with carpet that had no pile to it. It's unacceptable! The lift away function of the vacuum is a game-changer, as it does a great job on carpets and hard floors. I am cleaning. The machine is so easy to use that I might vacuum the entire house. It is a little heavy, but that is not a big deal. It is very easy to roll around on its wheels, so no need to pick it up.

👤I am hooked on this vacuum. The vacuum has done a great job cleaning our carpets and hard floors. My old vacuum was heavier than this one and had a traditional brushroll which always had hair wrapped around it. The hair in our house is not caught on the brushroll. It does a great job of picking up dust that my old vacuum left behind. The liftaway feature is great for cleaning furniture and I will try ceiling fans. I would buy this item again. The model's brushroll does not stay powered when you lift away the motor, but other models have that feature.

👤This morning, I got this vaccuum. I used it immediately after putting it together. I thought my older one wasn't working as well. This one is shamed by the much older one. The old one had a machine that pulls the carpet off the floor. The new one doesn't do that. The cord is long which is a plus. The self propelled feature is great, but it can be hard to learn. I'm disappointed in this vaccuum. It only has free returns if unused. I will not recommend it to anyone.

2. Shark ICZ362H Lift Away Multi Tool Anti Allergen

Shark ICZ362H Lift Away Multi Tool Anti Allergen

The power and cleaning performance of a full-size vacuum was tested in a boost mode. Now 25% lighter than Shark's leading upright. Up to 1 hour of running time. The battery can be removed from the hand vac in ECO mode. DuoClean PowerFins have a soft front roller that pulls in particles and delivers nonstop contact to pick up more in every pass. Also with a brushroll that can pick up pet hair. IQ display Real-time readings on performance, and more. The power lift-away is made for cleaning without a cord. The hand vending machine can be moved. The vacuum has a hose for extended reach. The anti-allergen filter captures and traps dust, dander, and allergens.

Brand: Shark

👤I've been using the initial version of this vacuum at my office for several years and I like it. The best stick vacuum I own is the one with the lift-away power section and hose. It's a very maneuverable vacuum, but it's harder to get in places than my Dyson. You can take it off. That's what this thing is all about. The newest version of this vacuum is better than the previous one because it is more powerful. I can't measure it. I don't have a vacuum gauge, but I think this is better than the rest of the vacuums I own. The beauty of this vacuum is that it is easy to put under couches, unlike my Dysons and other Sharks. If it doesn't fit with the power head, you can detach the power head and use the wand with an accessory tool and you will be able to go anywhere where you could take a canister vacuum's hard floor head. This is the first vacuum I've owned that can replace my corded vacuums. I'm not going to get rid of my corded vacuum because it's too powerful and can't run at full power all the time, but I'm kind of fanatical about vacuuming and this vacuum is enough. It's a great vacuum.

👤Over the years, I have bought several vacuums. They were cheap. They always disappointed me in one way or another. I decided to do some research and get a good one when it was time to replace the cheap one. This vacuum can be used in many different ways. It's more like a vacuum than a cord. My hand does not get tired easily because the weight is at the bottom. The canister can be used like a stick and is easy to get under low furniture. The handle and wand are easy to use. The battery life is good. It lasts about an hour on low, 48 minutes on medium and 30 minutes on low. The brush has settings for deep cleaning. I have not found anything bad to say about this vacuum. It has a very good warranty.

👤The vacuum is perfect. The extra battery isn't available yet, but it will work for about 10 minutes on turbo. If you think 10 minutes isn't enough, you may consider another model; it's not noisy, vacuums perfectly and works on regular power mode, so don't expect to see any information, and the screen is a joke. To charge the battery, you have to take the battery off.

👤It is impossible to get an extra battery for this thing. Unless you are doing very light cleaning, you will want an extra battery. The XBAT300 is compatible with a small adjustment thanks to a reviewer on Best Buy. The plastic will fit in the vacuum if you drill a small hole in it. It works perfectly. This thing is amazing. We have a dog that sheds. This thing picks up the most ridiculous amount of hair you wouldn't think is there. It is a pricey vacuum, but so far it has been impressive and has made cleaning the house a bit more enjoyable.

3. Shark Professional Lift Away Anti Allergy NV501

Shark Professional Lift Away Anti Allergy NV501

There is a guaranteed SATISFACTION. They are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. If you have a problem with the bed sheet set, you can write to them directly. The contact seller option can be used to raise complaints. For Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and New Year's gifts, their cooling sheets queen size are great. Happy sleeping. Lift-a-way functions. The nozzle can be removed to clean under furniture or above the floor. The anti-allerg complete seal technology is used. The vacuum cleaner can be used with a HEPA filter. You can easily maneuver your vacuum to get in and out of tight spaces. There are spotlights. There are powerful lights on the nozzle that illuminate debris and pet hair. A wide upholstery tool. The wide cleaning path helps remove pet hair, dust, and large debris from delicate furniture. Dust and clean delicate surfaces, like fans, blinds, and keyboards. A tool for containment. It's great for cleaning between couch cushions.

Brand: Shark

👤The five-year warranty is not being honored by the company. You can download a PDF copy of the warranty from within the product description. The company refers to the bottom part of the vacuum as a "floor nozzle", which is the part that you roll along the floor. After 2 years and 8 months, this part failed on our unit. It is a major part of the vacuum, but the company excludes it from being covered. The warranty is written in a way that is easy to understand. If you don't read it quickly, you will see no language that could possibly be interpreted to exclude the floor nozzle. If enough people click on this review, it will rise to a prominent position so that more buyers can make an informed decision, as it almost appears as if they have accumulated enough positive reviews to disregard the promises of their warranty and/or the effects of a negative review like this one. The chat started on August 15th at 04:51 PM and ended on August 19th at 4:39 PM. I bought a shark rottator professional from Amazon on 12/08/14 with a 5 year warranty. The brush is not a belt. I called your warranty service department and was told that it was not working and that I was doing everything correctly. The person I spoke with said that the part wouldn't be covered. I wanted to make sure that the warranty wouldn't be honored before I left a review. There was a lull in the activity (05:32 PM). I would be more than happy to assist you with this, Joe, I'm Pauline, I joined the chat. Do you have your unit with you? I would like to do some work with you. The time is : 18 PM. Joe P is a man. Will the warranty not be honored if we confirm that it is broken again? There was a lull in the activity (Apriy 5, 57:13 PM). The floor nozzle is not covered by the warranty. You would need to purchase a floor nozzle. There is a time limit of 07:30 PM. The problem I'm having is that the warranty does not exclude that item, and I believe that other reviewers on Amazon claimed to have had it replaced under the warranty. The way the warranty is worded does not seem legal. It is very misleading. The day ended at 5:01:45 PM. I am very sorry. If it's under the first year, we can replace it. The customer will pay for the shipping. You would have to purchase this after the first year. There was a time of 5:04:10 PM. There is no such wording in the warranty that I just re-read. Again, it doesn't seem legal. There was a delay of 5:04:31 PM. I am very sorry for Joe.

👤This vacuum worked well for 8 weeks, so I used it 8 times. The roller brush stopped rolling once around the 6th use because it was wrapped in long hair and we had to cut the hair with scissors. The roller brush worked well for 2 more uses, then it stopped rolling. Not enough hairs to need to be cut or removed. The Brushroll Indicator light was off, but the Brush Roll Button was engaged. The roller brush was spinnable when we spun it. The roller brush housing plate was found when we tried to remove it to look at the belt. The 4 Allen screws that were not removed were stripped by the manufacturer. We couldn't disassemble to look. I called Amazon Customer Service who gave me a Shark Customer Service number and I was told that we couldn't do it because it would void the warranty. She said I needed a new base for the vacuum because it is going to wear out. In 8 uses. She offered to send it for free but I would have to pay for shipping which was $20, after I explained how wrong that was. I didn't think we should pay more. She said Shark will only do that. I called Amazon Customer Service again to report what Shark told me and they immediately refunded the full purchase price and sent me a free return shipping label so that they could show Shark the problem. I bought a new vacuum after getting my refund. This customer was protected from bad manufacturers by the Amazon Customer Service.

4. Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional NV356E

Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional NV356E

Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard to reach areas. A complete seal technology and a HEPA filter traps 99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. Powerful and lightweight; portable and versatile. Deep carpet and gentle floor cleaning. The floor hero attachment is not included.

Brand: Shark

👤The vacuum was purchased in July of 2016 It was used 1 to 2 times a month. The vacuum has a warranty. The brush stopped working. I talked to Shark and Chris. He said a new power head would cost me around $72. I told Chris that the vacuum was less than two years old and had a limited use warranty. I was surprised that Shark wouldn't support the quality of their product. Chris told me he would send me a new power head, but I would have to pay the shipping cost. If the power head did not fix the problem, what happened? We would have to try something else. I decided to pay the shipping cost after taking a chance on the new power head. The power head I received did not correct the problem. The rotating brush wouldn't work. I spoke with Janet after calling Shark again. I explained the problem and what was done. Janet told me that I would have to pay a shipping cost of $19.99 in order to receive the part they needed to replace the motor. I told Janet that I would not pay anymore shipping costs if they did not guarantee my satisfaction and stand behind their product. Janet disconnected the phone call when she said she was offering what was available in the guidelines.

👤It's unbelievable! Before buying any Shark Vacuum products, read this first. I bought a new shark on January 22. The roller brush stopped working. It is frozen and easy to shoot. I called the shark. They have no fix for this, but they are willing to sell me a replacement part. I have owned this vacuum for less than 3 weeks and it doesn't make a difference if this part of the vacuum is not covered by their warranty. I won't be buying from this company again.

👤I bought this back in October of 2015 and have had no major issues with it. I'm not sure if things have changed since I bought this, but mine came with a dust-away floor, a dusting brush, and pet power brush attachment. The attachment on the photos on Amazon is new to me. My hard floor attachment comes with microfiber pads. It's basically a Swiffer + vacuum in one. I didn't use the dust-away attachment for my hard floors because it was hard to hold the portable lift-away component in one hand and use the other hand to do the vacuuming. I initially used a Swiffer and the Shark's motorized floor brush to clean my hard floors, which was double work. I came up with the idea of grabbing an old backpack and using it to hold the lift-away component so I could have more mobility. I cut a hole in the backpack so that the vacuum wouldn't get too hot. This is not the prettiest setup, but since doing it, vacuuming hard floors has become more efficient for me. I enjoy Ghostbustering all the dust and pet hair off the hardwood floors. The dust-away attachment is my most used attachment since my house is 70% hard floor. The motorized floor brush is my second most used attachment. The floor brush has a strong force. I don't notice much of a difference on my carpeted floors and Ikea floor rugs. I have to push it through because it sucks so hard on the rug. It is like getting a good chest workout when vacuuming over Ikea floor rugs. Occasionally, I use the other two attachments. The dusting brush and crevice brush can be used to pick up my beard trimmings from the bathtub floor. I don't dust my window sills often, but the dusting brush is good for other surfaces. The spider webs can be sucked up with the crevice tool after I added my Ghostbuster accessory. This vacuum is bagless. I like to watch the dust cup fill up with fur, hair, dust, etc. The Shark Navigator is keeping my house clean. I didn't get to play with traditional vacuums. The design of the dust cup makes it easy to empty out. The dust cup was designed by Shark so that it can be emptied from either the top or the bottom. I've only washed and cleaned the foam filter a few times. I didn't know that the felt filter was replaceable and could be washed off. I don't vacuum that often, but I haven't noticed a decrease in power. I love this vacuum because I can carry it on my back.

5. Shark Lift Away Self Cleaning Brushroll ZU782

Shark Lift Away Self Cleaning Brushroll ZU782

Lift-a-way functions. The nozzle can be removed to clean under furniture or above the floor. The dual-roll brush system deep- cleans carpets and directly engages floors. The self-cleaning broom. It's for more pet hair pickup with no hair wrap. The anti-allerg complete seal technology is used. The vacuum cleaner can be used with a HEPA filter. You can easily maneuver your vacuum to get in and out of tight spaces. It's perfect for pets. Pick up pet hair and debris. Dandruffs are cleaned out of upholstery and other surfaces. Pick up pet hair and debris from curtains, lamps, and other delicate fabrics, as well as shelves, tables, and walls.

Brand: Shark

👤I'm a clean freak because of a combination of OCD and the pride that comes with owning a clean home. I like to clean my home. I've owned and tried many different vacuum cleaners. Dirt Devil, Hoover, Bissell, and even a Dyson. The vacuums worked well. I found the most perfect vacuum today. The Shark Rotator Lift-Away Duo Cleaning Pro w/Self Brushroll promises to do many things. And it does it every time. Single. PromISE! 1. The vacuum claims to be a powerful one. You can change the power setting with a lever. The vacuum is an upright one, but it can also be removed so you can vacuum problem areas such as steps, furniture, under furniture or even use it to suck up dust on the top of curtain rods or doorframes. You will get to see and hear the full power level and it is amazing. 2. I have never used a dual brush system before. My former vacuum cleaner had a brush roller that worked well. The fur around the brush didn't get rid of itself. I had to use a knife or scissor to cut away the fur and hair that was wrapped around the brush every couple of weeks. I often pulled off dental floss that was wrapped around the brush. There is no hair wrap with the shark rotator lift-away. The fur/hair and dental floss can't stay wrapped around the brush. I put a long piece of dental floss on the ground to see if it would get wrapped around the brush roll. None of the fur or hair that I vacuumed up did. The vacuum removes objects on its own, so no more cutting off pieces of tangled objects around the brush. 3. The vacuum has a steering mechanism that allows it to move in all directions. The lift away feature is great. Remove the canister and nozzle from the vacuum and you can start vacuuming. You can clean hard to reach areas with an extension nozzle. 4. The canister where the dust, dirt and allergens are kept is in the same place as your flooring or carpet. 5. The vacuum has a setting. For hard floor vacuuming. The vacuum takes less than 5 minutes to assemble. I hate cliches, but anyone can put it together on their own. There are no tools required to assemble the vacuum. I left as soon as it was assembled. My regular vacuum cleaner was the one I vacuumed my home with last night. I always thought the vacuum did a good job. I learned how well it works today. I'm embarrassed to show you these photos but I want you to see how amazing this Shark vacuum cleaner is. The box is labeled Shark. The model number on the bottom of the box is the one you'll need to register your Shark vacuum. You will assemble the parts of the vacuum. You will have it assembled in minutes. 3. I used the shark rottator for the first time in the master bedroom. That is from one room. I vacuumed the same room less than 24 hours earlier with a vacuum cleaner that I thought was wonderful, but it wasn't! 4. This is what was collected after using the Shark lift-away feature. Everything about the vacuum is wonderful. The features are easy to assemble, and the self cleaning brushroll feature is awesome. I will never have to remove cut out hair/fur/dental floss from the brush of a vacuum cleaner again. And it does a great job! This vacuum cleaner is perfect for a pet owner. I would still use the vacuum cleaner if I didn't own any pets. I would love to give this vacuum more than 5 stars. Highly recommended.

6. Shark Navigator Lift Away Anti Allergy NV352

Shark Navigator Lift Away Anti Allergy NV352

The 5.1 version of the wireless earbuds have a longer range, better connection stability, and faster transmission speed, making them an unparalleled audio experience with no more worries about signal loss or music drop outs. You don't need to worry about compatibility because their headphones are compatible with many phones and tablets. Lift-Away is a method of lifting away the Pod and cleaning the above floor areas. The vacuum has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. Powerful, lightweight, and versatile at 14 lbs. You can switch from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning with the brushroll shutoff. Excellent control to maneuver around furniture is achieved with the use of a steering wheel. Two lengths of Crevice tool are included for cleaning.

Brand: Shark

👤I bought a Shark Navigator vacuum. The next day, it was assembled. It didn't work. The motor was found to be malfunctioning after contact with the manufacturer. They told me that the only way to fix it was to buy another motor. The warranty did not cover the motor, despite being a brand new product. Buyers should be wary of this company.

👤I will take some blame as I should have read more into the reviews. There is a The vacuum is heavy. The cat could tip it over. That is really bad. There is a 2- There is a plastic elbow on the back side that is waiting to break. That is the weakest direction. There is another engineering leak. There is a If you have a couch or coffee table, the intake head is so narrow that it doesn't even get close to the furniture. From the top, it looks like the intake head is wider than the body, but when you turn the head upside down, you see the roller is only from each side. Engineering flow. There is a The intake head is not as wide as a standard vacuum. The total is 9. If you have a larger work zone, you will see a 20% increase in working time as this is 20% narrower than a standard vacuum. Not really a flop, but inefficient. All the tools are not compatible with each other. We all know what happens to those small items in a year. I can't see the ones that stay there once pulled in and put back. The holding tank has tons of stuff in it that the old vacuum didn't pick up, so I'm guessing that the new SHARP bristles on the roller are the reason this thing has awesome suction. That would be your carpet being shaved. It's not hard to figure that out. Will see 6 months from now. I think price is positive. You can buy 3 of these for the price of some of the fancy names, but will the hassle and down time of when it breaks be worth it? I'm sorry, but how could anyone be proud of this vacuum? I will update the review as time goes on.

👤I came to Amazon to write a review after buying this vacuum. The reviews for this product were locked down due to suspicious review activity, so my review couldn't be submitted. I probably wouldn't have bought the vacuum if I'd known that. I think that Amazon should let their customers know if reviews for a specific product have been locked down due to suspicious activity. The cord is too short. I use this in a two bedroom apartment and have to plug it into three different outlets to reach all of the areas. The power button is in an odd place, the canister method should be easier, and the power cord enters the vacuum at the bottom. You'll always step on the cord unless you loop it over the top arm. The edge to edge cleaning is great anduction is great. I've had a Dyson DC07 for about five years. The vacuum cleaner works better with regular filter replacements. I bought the Shark because we didn't want to bring the Dyson with us. The Dyson does about 75% of what I have experienced. The Shark is not as friendly as the Dyson is. If you have a bigger budget, I would recommend this vacuum cleaner, but you should look for something better.

7. Shark NV752 Lift Away Headlights Upholstery

Shark NV752 Lift Away Headlights Upholstery

The powered lift-away technology allows you to lift the Pod away from the hard to reach areas. You can easily maneuver your vacuum to get in and out of tight spaces. An anti-allerg complete seal. The vacuum cleaner will trap 99% of dust and allergens with a HEPA filter. Based on the size of the particles. The large-CAPACITY DUST CUP has a capacity of 0.88-quart. The dust cup can be easily removed. There are spotlights. There are powerful lights on the nozzle that illuminate debris and pet hair. There is multi-SURFACE cleaning. The controls allow you to switch from Hard Floor to Carpet mode. The Pet Power Brush is designed to remove pet hair and dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.

Brand: Shark

👤January 9, 2020 is when I will be raising my rating to four stars. I would give it 4 stars. I had to return the first vacuum I bought because it died on me in less than 5 months, so this vacuum wouldn't have received a five star rating. I would recommend this vacuum now. I use it on the carpeting in my home every day, and also on my sofa and chairs. My cat has fur all over the place, but the Shark Rotator True Pet vacuum can clean it up in no time. The replacement Shark vacuum that I was sent by Amazon is still working. I haven't had any issues with it. I no longer regret buying it. There was an update on April 29, 2018: I ordered the vacuum at After my shark rotator vac stopped working less than 5 months after I bought it, a shark ninja customer service rep wanted me to pay for a new motor housing part. I contacted Amazon and they sent me another Shark Rotator and arranged for me to return my vacuum for free. If it wasn't for AMAZON, I would be out more money. I am grateful that AMAZON.COM stands by the products they sell. The customer service at AMAZON.COM deserves a 5 star rating. The vacuum stopped working after 4 months. I bought it on Amazon for $262.34 and it died on April 26. I have a small apartment and a medium hair cat so I didn't use the Shark vacuum a lot. This was supposed to be a replacement for a vacuum that I had for over a decade and was still working when I gave it away. The only problem with the Bissell was that it was too big to fit under some of my furniture. I called the Shark customer service and was told that I would have to pay to replace the motor housing part. The customer should not have to pay for a vacuum that won't work. The company does not support its vacuums. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone.

👤I don't usually write reviews because I don't feel strong enough about a product to rave about it or complain about it. The best thing about this vacuum is that it is really good at deep carpet cleaning. I killed my old shark by trying to use it as a shop-vac on spilled birdseed in the garage. The new one cleans like a champ, but that is where I stop liking it. It is difficult to maneuver. My old shark was easy to use. It is difficult to propel it on carpet because it does not move as quickly as the old one and on hard floors. There are some things that are not good. The little notch that is supposed to keep the cord off the floor is useless. If the cord brushes my knee or gets around a piece of furniture, the cord will pop out of the holder and have to be reset. It took me an hour to clean the house this morning and I had to hook it back up many times. The clip that is supposed to hold the hose is useless. It needs to be reattached regularly and it doesn't stay attached. The dust cup is smaller than the old one. Maybe it fills more often because the vacuum is pulling more dirt or it looks smaller being square. I used to empty it twice but now I need to do 3 even with one fewer pet in the house. I will learn to live with it. It is a disappointment after a Shark.

8. Shark Navigator ZU503AMZ Lift Away Self Cleaning

Shark Navigator ZU503AMZ Lift Away Self Cleaning

The RoboVac 11S includes a remote control, charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, side brushes, cable ties, and a worry-free 12-month warranty. The self-cleaning broom. It's for more pet hair pickup with no hair wrap. Lift-a-way functions. The nozzle can be removed to clean under furniture or above the floor. The anti-allerg complete seal technology is used. The vacuum cleaner can be used with a HEPA filter. It's perfect for pets. The Pet Crevice tool is used to remove pet hair from hard to reach places. SWIVEL STEERING is a way to maneuver your vacuum to get in and out of tight spaces. Pick up pet hair and debris from curtains, lamps, and other delicate fabrics, as well as shelves, tables, and walls. What is included? The Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is one of the items in the owner's guide.

Brand: Shark

👤The reviews should have been read by me. Attachments fall off all the time. It is a great vacuum. I love the self cleaning brush roll. That is brilliant and it really works.

👤The first Shark upright. The first is still being used. I retired the old to the basement because we needed a second. If you have dense thick carpet it is hard to maneuver the new lift away. The design of the dust bucket isn't as good as last. The price was expecting a better design and performance. Oh well!

👤The base of the vacuum does not have a light on it, and the canister is not able to go under furniture. Not very maneuverable.

👤This thing is wonderful. It picks up dirt right next to the baseboards. It picks up litter without throwing it out. It's great with a carpet or area rug, but it's also good enough to offer resistance when pulling towards you. Everyone said the cord is short because their house is large and they can't reach the kitchen, living room, and dining room without adjusting the plug in location. The size of the house. My only problem is that it wants to eat the lightweight rugs unless you step on one side to break the suction, and it just wants to suck them and hold them. It's a great vacuum.

👤We are returning it because it is difficult to push and pull on hard wood and it defeats the purpose. I was disappointed in the shark.

👤I dread having to get the vacuum out because it is so heavy. It is difficult for me to move around my house because of its weight.

👤This thing was a dream to put together, like all my other Shark vacuums. No tools, no screws, just a few clicks. It is good. The filters are supposed to last 3 years. It was a pretty dark teal. If you vacuum a cat toy, it's easy to get to different places. The Shark vacuum is loud and heavy. It's difficult to get the dust cup emptied because of the style of the latches. I'm short and the handle is a little tall for me, but that might be a benefit. There was no front light. I like Shark vacuums, and this one works well. If you have the means, I suggest getting a higher-end model. It will probably be lighter, more maneuverable, and quieter. If I had paid full price, I'd be trying to return it. I bought it for my 2 story house because it makes a great second vacuum. This is the downstairs vacuum and not what I'll use to vacuum the stairs.

👤Like everything about this thing. The best shark I have ever bought.

👤Producto was very good. Potente versa,til y para limpieza general del hogar. Un recomendacion para la compaia productora SHARK es una forma de asegurar los accesorios. La solucion a esto de sencillamente quitar dichos accesorios.

👤I found it to be great on smaller carpets.

9. Navigator Lift Away Technology Anti Allergen ZU561

Navigator Lift Away Technology Anti Allergen ZU561

The brushroll has no hair wrap. Use an upright vacuum to clean the floor. Lift-Away mode will allow you to easily clean above-floor areas like furniture and stairs. The vacuum cleaner has an anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology that traps 99% of dust and allergens. It is easy to clean hard-to-reach areas with the help of the Swivel Steering. The control is to manage the power from hard floors to carpets. The bagless dust cup is easy to remove. Extra tools are included for tight spaces. The ZU560 series manual is accurate for both ZU560 and ZU561, but it is not in the box.

Brand: Shark

👤The hair does get wrapped around the brush, but it also seems to get a lot off the floor and a majority of it seems to eventually work it's way into the top of the canister. New photos were added. The anti-hair wrap technology made me pay more for this. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt because the manual said that hair would unwrap. The hair is wrapped around the roll, and it doesn't seem to clear on its own. It doesn't seem to wrap as tightly around the roll as a standard vacuum so if you keep on top of cleaning it off, the roll can stay pretty clean. The vacuum is clean. It picked up dirt that it missed after I used it. I am pleased with the cleaning it provides, but I feel a little misled by the claim that hair wouldn't get wrapped around the roll, which led me to pay extra for this particular vacuum.

👤I have been using an old Dyson for a long time. I decided to buy a new vacuum after breaking it. I was looking for a replacement for my old one. My wife's friend mentioned the shark brand. I checked availability and read reviews before choosing this one. I was skeptical about the hair removal function after reading several reviews that said it wasn't working as advertised. I read all the reviews and looked at all the pictures. People were not happy about things like hair and gear melting. Most of the time, hair removal functions are just tricks and are not worth paying attention to. Two women with long hair are in the house with a dog. There is no shortage of hair around the house. We have to vacuum and sweep every week. We live out in the country and have to deal with a lot of dirt from the dog and the boy. As a hardwood floor professional, I have 80% of the house hardwood and just our bedroom is carpet. It was only a week between vacuuming and I was ready to buy a new machine and shipping was very fast. I bought a cheaper model at 160 bucks. I was eager to start cleaning the house after it arrived and I wanted to get rid of all the dog hair. This machine is amazing. I pulled more dirt out of our bedroom and found a canaster in it, but I was a bit humiliated because I knew it was in there. I pulled the dog hair, the wife's hair, and did not receive any tangles on the beater. These people are either trying to make the machine fail or they have a nasty house. I am very happy with my purchase, I am very happy with the price, I am very happy with the power of the unit, I am very happy with theVersatility, I am very happy with the power of the unit. I have the option to be a hand held short unit for the sofas, which means I can reach the corners of my ceiling or even stand straight up and clean the baseboards. The machine is built to a high standard. If my opinion on this machine is a bargain, I will save 250 dollars. Usually, with this machine, you get what you pay for, but you pay a very reasonable price. I still feel the same. Purchase extra for a change at least once a year after washing the filter. I have been able to get out of the factory set but they need to be replaced. The machine does a good job.

10. Shark ZU881 Self Cleaning Brushroll Lift Away

Shark ZU881 Self Cleaning Brushroll Lift Away

Shark DuoClean technology is a dual-roll brush system that cleans carpets. The brushroll keeps spinning when you detach the Pod for powerful cleaning and extended reach under furniture, on stairs, and more. The vacuum that deep- cleans itself. The brushroll is self-cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. Advanced Swivel Steering lets you maneuver your vacuum in and out of tight spaces. The lights on the vacuum handle and nozzle show hidden debris. The Shark DuoClean upright vacuum, Crevice tool, and Upholstery tool are included.

Brand: Shark

👤Even though I think I received an open box item, I'm keeping this. The boxes were sealed with plastic tape and the attached items were lying loose without bags around them. The plain attachment will do the trick if this vacuum comes with the power head pet/stair adapter. It picks up dirt and dust. It would have cost more to repair my old Dyson than it would to buy a new one. It's a bit heavy but has good power. Will will pull itself across the carpet. The wife is happy about the lift away as well as the nice feature of the suction adjustment. The overall rating is an 8 out of 10.

👤I go through a shark Navigator vacuum every 2 years. The last shark navigator's hose broke and I couldn't find a replacement. The 4 stars on maneuverability make this one more of a workout when vacuuming, as it really packs the power. I love the feature of the vacuums, the headlights. The headlights on the head of the vacuum, as well as a light on the handle, is something that this one absolutely loves. It's definitely an upgrade, hope it lasts a few years longer than the others. The tools from my previous sharks are in the vacuum graveyard, so I get to work on this one as well. This really does the job. If it lasts a while, I could be happy.

👤I have a Shark Pet Vacuum that is 7 years old. It runs like new. We have a 2 story home and like to have a vacuum on each floor. The newer vacuum is not easy to carry around. It has a lot of movement. We have two cats with long hair and one dog with short hair. I expected this to be just like Shark.

👤I had a lift. The short hose made me angry. If you tried to use the hose, the vacuum would pull the whole thing over. The review said the hose was the longest of all the models. No. It is the same hose. I have the same vacuum, but without the pet hair upholstery tool. It is a great vacuum with good suction, but I am a little disappointed. If you use the hose attachment frequently, you will be disappointed.

👤I have gone through a lot of vacuums, including a $500 wireless Dyson, a $200 from target, and a robot. I still love the robot. The shark is amazing so far. I have a toddler that loves to play with sand and a dog. It was easy to take care of goldfish, Cheerios, dog hair, and sand. It's easy to move around the room. I don't have to change my attachment from hardwood to carpet. I think I found a great vacuum.

👤As other reviewers have stated, this vacuum is pretty heavy, so let's address the elephant in the room first. If I do the entire house in one go, my shoulders will get a good work out. Let's move on! I didn't think I'd buy another wired vacuum after using our Shark and Dyson. My wife wanted something for the basement so she wouldn't have to haul a vacuum up and down the stairs. This is a big boy. It was easy to setup. It's nice that the attachments fit the vacuum. It's not surprising if you've used traditional vacuums before. The vac shines in the middle of the room. When we first used it on the basement carpets, I was worried that it would damage the carpet fibers. It was doing a great job of picking up things that our robot and Dyson had missed. We love how much dirt this thing picks up. Especially with 2 cats. We're not very happy with it for stair cleaning. We end up going with the Dyson for stair duty because of the heavy cord. I mean, use the best tool for the job. The Dyson is a better tool. The attachment work is great. We clean it with it and it feels clean afterwards. The cord is manageable and works well for all the other rooms since we have a large family room. It's easy to empty the dust bin and the filters are not that important. It's a huge plus that the filters are washable. We're very pleased with this vacuum. It's not the lightest, nor the best for stairs, but it works great for getting up hair and other stuff deep in the carpet. It has the same reliability as Shark. This is a great vacuum if you don't mind a little extra work. If you like vacuums that are lightweight, you might look elsewhere. Thank you for reading!

11. Shark AZ1002 Self Cleaning Brushroll Upholstery

Shark AZ1002 Self Cleaning Brushroll Upholstery

A tool for containment. It's great for cleaning between couch cushions. The self-cleaning broom. The vacuum that deep- cleans itself. It's for more pet hair pickup with no hair wrap. The dual-roll brush system deep- cleans carpets and directly engages floors. The power lift-away has a detaching Pod for cleaning under furniture or a nozzle for cleaning above the floor. An anti-allerg complete seal. The vacuum cleaner can be used to trap dust and allergens. NoISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY. It is possible to reduce noise and make the pitch softer. The active bead technology. Striking a balance on carpets and hard floors. There are spotlights. There are powerful lights on the nozzle that illuminate debris and pet hair.

Brand: Shark

👤I was expecting better performance for a very expensive vacuum. The Zero-M technology didn't work at all. I had to cut my hair and fur by hand after using the vacuum 3 times. Don't pay extra for technology that doesn't work.

👤I bought the green version of the shark apex and now I'm having the same issue that I had with the first one. It is very easy to put together. I like how heavy duty they feel. The first issue I had was that it would stop mid-push. The whole thing is dead and unplugged. I thought there was a shortage of the wire piece that connects the vacuum to the side. I decided to order it on Amazon. I have had this one for about two weeks, and I can't do the hallway of my home without it turning off. I paid over $300 for this vacuum and didn't use it for a few weeks after I called them for the first one, but they wanted me to pay them $20 to send me a new cord. I'm not paying another $20 for it to be sent. The motor shuts off if it gets hot. I don't know what's happening here. I would understand if I were vacuuming huge spaces for long periods of time. I had my vacuum on for 5 minutes and couldn't get it to do my hallway before it turned off. I'll have to send this vacuum back to Amazon because I love it but I don't like the way it works. It's not worth the hassle to buy another one. I was disappointed because I had so many people tell me that Shark was better than Dyson. I'll have to figure that one out for myself.

👤The thumb switch on the Shark Apex was not attached to anything. One of the tabs broke off when we looked at the back. The whole part must cost a nickel. They said I would have to buy the whole roller for $89 and that was all they could do. It's unbelivable.

👤I bought this product in November of last year. The piece that connects the roller is broken. It's a small piece of plastic that allows the roller to roll. I called Shark to see if we could get a replacement piece since it was a new purchase. I was told that I would have to buy a new roller. The roller does not need to be replaced. The roller had a little black accessory that I needed to replace. I couldn't just purchase that piece, it should have been at least $5.00. I was told that I would have to buy a whole new roller, and that they don't sell that by itself. The roller replacement will cost me $89.00 and the shipping will be $20.00. The total would be $111 after tax. I told them that this is ridiculous. After a bit of back and forth, they decided to cut the cost in half. I was told that the roller would be backordered for three to six weeks. This tells me that this is a problem with the device. The replacement has a backorder of three to six weeks. I will probably not buy another Shark device. They do not back replace faulty equipment.


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