Best Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs

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1. Cordless Whall Brushless Lightweight Handheld

Cordless Whall Brushless Lightweight Handheld

We give a 12-month guarantee to prove the importance of quality. If you have a problem with the vacuum, please contact them without delay. The upgraded 250W motor is capable of strong suction up to 22kPa. Dust, pet cats,debris, and other cleaning needs can be met with three different modes of cleaning. The technology brings it less noise and a longer lifetime. The running time is longer and the vacuum cleaner has a large-capacity battery that can provide up to 53 minutes of daily cleaning. It can be charged on the wall mount. V-shaped roller blade. The V-shaped roller brush is great for vacuuming on hard floors and carpets. Dust, debris and hair on the bottom of the bed can be cleaned with the help of an electric brush head. 4-LAYER EFFICIENCY FIPLING SYSTEM. You can get an excellent cleaning experience with the help of the high-density filter in the stick vacuum that cleans up to 99% of fine dust and particles. There is an additional filter as a gift if the filter is washed and detached. Light weight and multi function. The design of the vacuum cleaner allows you to hold it with one hand and eliminate the need for cords. It can be replaced with a handheld vacuum cleaner which is very suitable for sofas, car, keyboards and gaps.

Brand: Whall

👤The company is offering me a bribe to change my review to 5 stars. Don't believe the reviews, you have been warned. The vacuum is working. It doesn't seem to have the same strength of a suction on wood floors as my old one. It is easy to clean stairs on carpet. The battery life is terrible. It doesn't last long if you have to almost constantly charge.

👤The vacuum is amazing. It is our first battery-operated device. It's convenient to not have to plug in for each room. 2. It comes with a mountable charging stand, which we love because we don't have to have it on the floor in the closet. It has its own place. 3. It is easy to maneuver. It's so easy to carry around and light that you can lean it on a wall. The slim design makes it easy to vacuum under the sofa or hard to reach places. You can make it a hand held vacuum when you need to get corners on your ceiling or window. 4. A long charge. I was able to vacuum our entire house with this. We were able to get all of it with one charge because our home is 1565 square feet. If you didn't use high-suction for the entire house, you could get bigger spaces finished with one charge. 5. It works great on carpets and hardwood. It picks things up with one single move and it also has a second filter. 6. It is very affordable. You don't have to pay for an arm and a leg like the Dyson, which has poor battery life and the batteries are expensive to replace. If you have a larger home or even one for each major room, you could buy one for your upstairs and one downstairs. You don't have to feel bad when the battery dies. You can just buy a new one. This vacuum has changed my life. It's so easy to use and put away that we use it every day. Buy it!

👤The vacuum cleaner I bought was specifically for cleaning the stairs. I was skeptical about the quality of the product but I have to admit that it is a good quality vacuum cleaner with futuristic design. The company sent a spare filter. I feel less tired as I have taken less effort to clean the areas that I previously could not, thanks to the size of the vacuum cleaner, and I have also been able to place the charge on the walls. There is a The size of the battery does not add much weight to the vacuum cleaner, even though the manufacturer said it would last. I like the way in which they have added accessories to turn it into a car vacuum cleaner, in a nutshell there is nothing that cannot be cleaned by this vacuum cleaner, making every dollar invested worthwhile.

2. BISSELL Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless

BISSELL Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless

Buy Bissell, save pets, and Bissell will give 5 dollars for each hair cut. The purchase of Li Ion will be activated. A motorized brush tool and a battery can be used to remove dirt and pet hair. The Dirt cup has a capacity of 0.7 liters. The dirt bin is easy to empty to get rid of pet hair. Cleaning performance can be improved by triple level filters. A set of specialized pet tools.

Brand: Bissell

👤It works well... You can't buy just the paper replacement filter. The whole assembly has a paper replacement filter inside. You have to throw away a perfectly functioning plastic assembly, and buy a new one from the website of Bissell for $11.98, but don't forget to add shipping costs. This seems to be wasteful as the only thing that could be sold was the filter. It's like buying a new car every time you need to change the air filter.

👤It was time to replace the dead B&D bustduster that has sat in our utility closet for years. I remember when it was new. The excitement of cleaning hair and dirt filled the air as it happily went along. The battery died. I hated that thing because it was so short. Brand new! The NmHD battery was small and lost its charge capability after a while, but never came back. I was hesitant to get a new hand vacuum because my wife has grown old and she has silver hair. She sheds more than a polar bear. Are you going to sit on the couch? There is silver hair everywhere. Do you mean to vacuum the floor with a big vacuum? It takes about 4 days to fill with hair. I once emptied the vacuum and watched the crows pick out the giant ball of silver hair and fly off with it. The crows are smart. So anyways. It is time for a handheld vacuum. Which is the best? Which one will stay on for 5 minutes? I did a lot of research. This one seemed risky because of the other reviews on big store websites. Hmm. I took a chance. It was completely sucked! Which is a good thing for this review. Made of sturdy materials. Will last longer than my midlife crisis. It is easy to get to the waste gate. Cleaning the housing is simple and easy. I did not say it was lightweight. That is because it is. It is not heavy enough to fatigue your hand/arm. The battery life does not suck. That is also a positive thing. I ran it for about 8 minutes and heard the motor change tune. I know the count is on. After 22 minutes of hard power-suck with the motorized brush attachment, it stopped and the button turned red. Nice clap. Quiet! I think my old age is starting to show because I get upset when there are loud noises near me. The noises are like vacuums. Immediate irritation! Not with this device. It is not silent. It is not a problem to use it for 10 minutes at a time. The cleaning power is impressive. I did not measure it. I think it is moving a lot of air which means it is effective cleaning. The exhaust is subtle and impressive. The smart design of the exhaust vent means that it doesn't disrupt the mess you are about to clean. When your vacuum blows WifeHair(tm) all over the place, it's worse than making an approach to clean a pile of WifeHair. I still don't know where it ends up. MEH has no attachment support. Thanks. I think I'll put them on this. She did not crash. They don't stack or lay flat because they are oddly shaped. Put them in a bag that doesn't come with the device or use up 523 square inches to store them on a shelf. I measured. It is frightening. The hardware is great but they don't think about how it will be stored in the home. There was no base, hanging hooks, or plastic tube housings for the accessories. You get the vacuum, charge cable and accessories. It was loose. I took away a star because of this. They went so far on the design and cleaning elements that they dropped the ball on how it is stored. Nobody is going to leave this out with these accessories. People vacuum. How do you hide a wedged shape thing that needs to stay plugged in with 5 loose plastic accessories that you just know you are going to lose because you have no way to store them? Expectations for features are high because this is not a cheap model. Performance is there for the money, but this is unforgivable. I used parts from the garage to make my own storage system. I had nothing else on my plate. The power cord and interface are two things that are not good. If you make electronic devices and you think it is a good idea to develop a proprietary connector because it will make you money in the future, stop it! I would not have purchased this if I had known it had a weird power connection. It is a sign of greed when companies purposely build an interface that is unique with the express purpose of sending customers who lost their power supply to make an additional profit. It is not enough to make a decent product with a decent profit margin. Someone thought they could make more money than the entire line of products they sell. I am out. That is immoral and reprehensible as it is a predatory move against your own customers that pay you, your salaries and your entire business. It's a shame! I am taking another star off as I find it hard to read. Someone needs to stop this. Customers will lose their chargers and I will smell a rat if they refuse to pay theproprietary tax, so perfectly good units will make their way to landfills. They toss the product into the garbage and get another that doesn't have a proprietary connection. Stop it now. The power button doesn't have an light. Since you make your own power cable, why be nice if you add tiny lights that illuminate the nose? Attachments can be difficult to remove. Extra wiggle is needed to get them off, but they won't fall off when using the product. It is difficult if you have arthritis or other hand/wrist pains. It might be a good idea to lightly lubricate the accessory. I live in a three story house. Imagine that hair everywhere. The lack of storage and the proprietary power cable prevent me from buying another one. It is a fantastic unit that hits all the marks. I think there is turmoil between the engineers and executives over the proprietary power interface. I know a lot of greedy executives, but I don't know many greedy engineers. It would have been a solid 5 star with thought to storage and use of the COMMON DC 3.5mm barrel charge interface. You can use 3.5mm with the amperes. It's time to knock it off.

3. VacLife Handheld Cordless Portable Rechargeable

VacLife Handheld Cordless Portable Rechargeable

This hand vacuum-(VL188-N) cleaner is cord-free and hassle-free, which can free your movement for cleaning your stairs, kitchen, car or hard-to-reach corners. The handheld vacuum cleaner is portable and lightweight. The improved HEPAFILTER: The enhanced HEPA filters with premium filter wrap are designed to further extend the lifetime and effectively avoid clog of filters while ensuring perfect condition. You have an unparalleled user experience because of Exquisite workmanship. This small vacuum can be charged in 2.5 to 3 hours and run for 20 minutes, thanks to the latest fast charge technology and the latest generation of batteries. There are more highLIGHTS. The portable vacuum cleaner has a brush tool and a crevice nozzle tool. It is easy to clean dark corners with a built-in light. After-sale service. Please contact them if you have any questions or problems with Vaclife. AIG has insured their product. Your daily use of this product is protected.

Brand: Vaclife

👤This is a cheap hand vac. The power of suck is low. The B&D options were not nearly as good. I don't know how it will hold up, but it's cheap. You get a note from VacLife when you buy that says you need to register to get the warranty. If you send evidence that you love the product, they will give you a $20 Amazon gift card. They will send you a $20 gift card if you send them proof of a 5-star review. Make sure you take all of the strong reviews with a grain of salt. They were too good to be true. If you don't mind giving a 5-star review, you can get a $20 gift card. You end up with a vac. Some may like this. The vaclife couldn't even pick up some of the food that had fallen from the shag carpet, so I returned to get something nicer. The rug was cleaned on the first try.

👤A portable vacuum that cleans hard to reach areas. The vacuum was able to pick up dust and sand between the hardwood floor joining. The battery's capacity is exceptional. The washable filters are a huge plus. The filters can be used to save money. I use the dust brush attachment to loosen hair on my floor mats in the bathroom. The lightweight and portable vacuum is good for cleaning my vehicle because it gets between the car seats and grooves to pick up food crumbs, dust, and sand. The black front tip of the vacuum can be used to access the filter, making it easy to clean the vacuum. There is a This is a great purchase because of the lightweight, high capacity battery, and high capacity filters.

👤Next day! It's super lightweight and it charges quickly. It doesn't come with a car accessory, which is fine for me since I have a regular outlet in my car. The battery lasts a long time between charges. Since I have a toddler who only gets hungry in the car, I wanted something to keep in the car for the entire day. I am forced to pull over and clear out his car seat when he is screaming because it is covered in crumbs. The vacuum picks up all the crumbs without a problem. The light at the top of the vacuum makes it easier to see where the crumbs are hidden, and the extra slim tube that can be attached to the vacuum is perfect for getting into those hard to reach nooks and crannies. The brush attachment loosens dog hair. I have a huge GSD that sheds like crazy. I will not pretend my car is free of dog hair. I am able to keep the amount of hair under control with this nifty little hand vac, because I have a full sized vacuum. That is to be expected. I didn't think a handheld vacuum would do the job. It helps maintain my car so that it doesn't get so dirty between cleanings. I am so happy to have gotten this. This is a must have for a child or dog. I love that it has an extra filter. It's great when one is being washed/dried to be able to pop the other one right in rather than having to wait for the first one to dry. It is very easy to clean and even comes with a brush to help keep it clean between uses. They thought of everything. I am very pleased!

4. Kenmore Intuition Lift Away Combination HandiMate

Kenmore Intuition Lift Away Combination HandiMate

Lift-Up allows handheld freedom to clean above floors and stairs. To clean hard to reach areas, simply press a button and lift away from the floor nozzle. No Touch Bag Technology eliminates the annoying process of emptying and cleaning a full cup with a single button press. No need to clean cups or bags again, hands free operation and self-sealing bags keep your home environment clean. The PowerFlow bag chamber is designed to allow strong suction even as the bag fills. You can expect excellent cleaning until your bag empties. The weight is only 14 lbs. This vacuum is maneuverable and lightweight. The way to a cleaner home is with height adjustments for optimal air flow and lighting. 5 years warranty and filteration system The sealed system provides excellent filtration.

Brand: Kenmore

👤I bought a vacuum for my son to clean. He likes this product very much. Here is his review of the vacuum. The first time I tried this vacuum cleaner, I saw huge improvements to my old vacuum. I tried to avoid using a vacuum cleaner because my old one made this screeching noise. I feel better when there aren't any screeching noises after my family got another one. I like the fact that the vacuum cleaner is in a bag and I don't have to wait for it to clean my house because I can just throw it in the trash. The machine is not very heavy. My old one was heavy and I had to use both arms to get it up to my stairs, now I can just use my left hand and pull the cleaner upstairs, I can even run with it.

👤My lifetime of buying vacuums is the basis of my review. This is the vacuum for you, and here is a brief explanation of why. I am pretty excited about this product, so I have buckled-up: 1. It's easy to unbox and get cleaning in 10 minutes. 2. The stop brush function works on hard floors because it can clean the throw rugs without having them suck up into the machine. Wow! That is very rare. 3. The machine is in the middle of the range of sound. If you have a baby, your afternoon will be ruined; however, it is not the loudest I've heard. My recommendation is to be happy with the motor and wear your earbuds while you clean. 4. I have smaller rooms because the vacuum's width is perfect for my home from the 1950's. I like this size because I can maneuver with agility and not feel like I am vacuuming with a Cadillac through my mid-century housing. 5. The fact that this machine can clean stairs is amazing. As I clean, I can pick up the lightweight body. 6. If you're using a vacuum that's Swiffer, shark, or something else to clean your home, then you should get this vacuum. I am here to tell you that I have converted to a single cleaning machine. When I walk across my bamboo floors without shoes on, it's completely bare, and I still feel like I'm in a war zone. 7. The price point for this performance is very good. There are 8. This is the first time I have done a review for Amazon. Happy shopping, friends!

👤It was the first time it had been run and the motor was on fire. The company took care of us. The vacuum that they shipped us was good for about 2 months and we started using it today. I could smell something burning again. The whole unit stopped working. I wouldn't recommend this vacuum if it's your plan to use it.

👤I returned the upright vacuums I bought on Amazon. Too loud. Too heavy. Wanted a vacuum with a bag. This was my last chance. I ordered the 60-day return policy from the website. It's very easy to put it together. And used it. Wow. It is light, easy to push, and quiet. This is great so far.

5. Vacuum HOTOR Cleaner Cleaning Portable

Vacuum HOTOR Cleaner Cleaning Portable

99% of the dust particles are small as 0.25 microns. It's easy to work in a corded handheld car vacuum with high power and lasting, you can use it whenever and wherever you want for your car, a great help for vacation. A mini vacuum with a bright light is great for car interiors and ensures your work is both bright and dark. The vacuum for car has a double filter. It's designed to keep stable suction, extend the use life of the filter, and avoid the problem of the filter getting clogged sooner. The innovative design of the dustcup head is good for quick and easy trash dumping, and you are ready to continue your work immediately. The portable vacuum for cars is equipped with 3 different nozzles to meet all your needs. Your order also comes with a carry bag that you can use to store and take along everything you need. The portable vacuum for cars is equipped with 3 different nozzles to meet all your needs. Your order also comes with a carry bag that you can use to store and take along everything you need.

Brand: Hotor

👤The first product I received didn't work, but the seller was very quick to reach out to me and send me a replacement product. I didn't have to use my vacuum for a long time because I have three little ones. It works very well. I was contacted quickly and they replaced the item. I would definitely recommend it. I will be buying gifts for my two best friends with kids as well.

👤I realized that I visit car washers too often after having a son who loves eating snacks in the car. I thought buying a low-cost vacuum cleaner for myself would be a good idea. I bought a battery powered vacuum cleaner that was useless because it was running out of battery right away, and it was much more expensive than this one. I bought this and it was what I was looking for. I would like to buy this one first. The long cable and varying apparatuses allow reaching the hardest areas. It is powerful enough to keep your car clean. If your car's engine works, you don't have to worry about the battery as long as it's powered by the car. It comes with a bag to keep it in your trunk. Very satisfied!

👤I have never used a Hotor car vacuum before, but I am very impressed. The design is very small and the suction is strong. The light is very bright. Maybe it could be a little brighter. Cleaning the filter is easy for most of the time, but some gunk that gets stuck in the filter won't come out with a quick rinse. I would like to suggest that a special brush be designed that is long enough to reach down into the bowl and small enough to loosen any debris that is blocking the filter. Either that or design the filter so that it can be removed from the bowl. This is a great product and I would recommend it.

👤My dog likes to leave his hair behind in the car, so I had to find a way to clean it up. My dust buster is not strong enough to take care of my car, and can't bring a full vacuum. The vac did the trick. I have a storage bag and long cable that make cleaning easy. It was small enough to fit in my trunk. Would recommend!

👤I decided to clean the filter and try it again. The product is weak. The vendor wanted to give me a new one with a full refund, but I told them not to. I have been writing reviews for Amazon for a long time, I write reviews based on the effectiveness of the item purchased after multiple uses. I don't write a lot of good reviews unless I feel a product isn't what it's advertised to be. I do it fairly. The product is not good.

👤I bought this for my truck. I left the car running to get the most power and it picked up everything I needed. It's probably not what you want for a heavy duty job, but it's great for a quick clean up. It's easy to get into small spaces and brush carpets with the attachment. It comes with a bag to hold everything. The price was great.

6. BISSELL Cleanview Upright Bagless 2252

BISSELL Cleanview Upright Bagless 2252

Buy Bissell, save pets, and Bissell will donate up to 10 dollars to the Bissell pet foundation for every pet product purchase. The pet hair pick up has scatter free technology. Steering can be used to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. Clean edges and corners. The cleaning path width is 13 inches. Pet hair removal with specialized tools is possible. The dirt bin is easy to empty and clean. 6 feet is the hose length. The replacement filter style is 12141. The dirt cup has a capacity of 1.0 liter.

Brand: Bissell

👤vacuums after a while start smelling in an unpleasant way This is a fact that I have noticed with my previous vacuums. I wondered if I could wash some parts of it. It wasn't an option. Every part of the vacuum can be washed with soap and water. The filters, dust bin, and accessories are easy to remove. One must wait until the parts are dry before using them again. The electric cord is long, and the dust bin is large. One can clean many rooms before having to empty the dust bin or plug the vacuum again. Making one's job easier. When the house has hardwood flooring covered with rugs, it is useful to go from hardwood floors to rugs. There is space to store the accessories in the vacuum itself, with the exception of the pet tool. This is like a tiny vacuum in itself, it has a brush made with rubber to catch hair more easily, and it can be taken apart to clean it. The pet hair corner tool is my favorite of the included tools, it is made for cleaning corners and stairs too. The fact that it doesn't use replaceable bags is a money saver, and it's a powerful vacuum with lots of suction, and I don't care about it being loud.

👤I bought the vacuum because I have pets. I have had it for a month. I saw the brush wasn't spinning when I ran it. Even though I thought it was odd for a belt to go out so early, I began the process of taking the bottom apart to replace the belt. I found the belt on the motor shaft when I took the bottom off. The smoke came from the motor shaft. The entire belt compartment was packed with dog hair. The design of the vacuum feeds the pet hair into the belt compartment. The vacuum was rendered useless unless the belt and motor shaft were destroyed by a small fire, because enough hair got between the belt and motor shaft in under a month. Go buy something else.

👤I was looking for a better vacuum than the one I have and found one at a great price. I bought it and thought it was an improvement. I found that it would stop spinning when I used it on some of my carpets. I used it last week and it picked up a lot. I used it for about five minutes on the carpet that wasn't making it get stuck and suddenly it stopped and there was smoke and flames in my living room. I lifted the thing in the air, hoping it wouldn't set my apartment on fire, and then I unplugged it and threw it outside. I showed my roommate the melted plastic and he opened the windows to turn on the fan. Don't buy this vacuum. It almost destroyed my apartment building. I'm serious. I'm reaching out to the company.

👤I've had a bunch of them. It's tough on vacuums during the shed season. I've tried a lot of machines and haven't found anything that works well on coarse fur. This one does. The pivot design helps me a lot. The brush doesn't hold onto all of the fur and becomes useless like many others. It is easy to dump the canister. I don't know if I could find a better vacuum. I would have given 5 stars for the shipping.

7. ORFELD Cordless Lightweight Ultra Quiet Cleaning

ORFELD Cordless Lightweight Ultra Quiet Cleaning

It is recommended that you wash the Hepa Filter regularly to keep it strong. It is suitable for hard floor, tile floor, wooden floor, carpet, rug. The extended tube is designed for ladies who are hard to reach up high areas like curtains and ceiling, and can easily get in stairs, garage and under furniture, thanks to the flexible brush head. It can be used for sofa and car cleaning. Different power for different cleaning tasks can be found in the two Suction Modes. The vacuum cleaner can pick up debris, crumbs, pet hair, and ground-in dirt instantly. It is a good gift for parents, mother, wife and friends, as well as a festival gift. The Japanese Li-ion batteries have a long running time of up to 30 minutes. V20 is easy to take and becomes the most popular vacuum. The air purification system captures 99% of fine dust and expels clean air. It is safe and friendly to families with children. It's good for women and elderly people to take it with less than 3.3 lbs. The wall mount design makes it easy to store and charge it. Quality and technical support for 3 years. 1x Stick vacuum cleaner, 1x extended tube, 2x HEPA filters, 1x spare screen filter, 1x LED head brush, 1x soft roller brush, 1x hard roller brush, 1x crevice nozzle, 1x combination nozzle, 1x storage and charge station, 1

Brand: Orfeld

👤I've been looking for a handheld vacuum. I need it to clean the table and sofa. I don't want to vacuum my kids' messes every time I bring out my Dyson. This is perfect. There is light in front of the vacuum. The feature is great. I can see where the dirt is. You can see it in the video. It's possible to suck up hair and dust. Great purchase.

👤Two days ago, I received a vacuum cleaner. I like it very much. It is easy to operate. My cat hair can be washed clean, the power is very high, they have two gears, and other accessories, and can be used to clean the car and some small areas. They are also much cheaper than the same level of vacuum cleaners. I love it! It was recommended.

👤I guess I had higher expectations based on the reviews. It will work for my small apartment. I have hardwood floors with a couple of carpet rugs and so the two rollers that come with it were a nice surprise. I have a golden retriever who doesn't lose a lot of hair, but she does leave a lot of hair around. It's too flexible and lightweight, but it's maneuverable. Have to get used to it. It's slim and will fit in the tightest places. Since I have very limited space, the extendible shaft makes it much easier to store. It will take about 10 minutes to vacuum my entire space, and the battery life will not be an issue for me. I'm excited to be able to reach high places with the attachment, even though I haven't tried it yet. This will be a good solution for reaching the upper corners. I have a brick wall that comes with a brush attachment, but I may try to find a bigger brush to dust it. It will do fine, but don't expect the same results as a real vacuum.

👤This is awesome. I have bought others but they didn't work out as well as this one. I own a spa and needed something to clean up. The vacuum is perfect. It's quiet and powerful and we can use it during treatments with the door closed. It picks up dirt and dust. I bought one for my house because I have a German Shepherd who sheds a lot. It works better at home. It's great at maneuvering because the head can turn in a variety of ways. I like that it can be used with the wall charger. I love the vacuum. I have two that have impressed me. It's definitely worth every penny.

👤When our old vacuum died, we needed a new one that could be carried up and down the stairs. This was perfect for the bill. It is lightweight but still has a lot of strength. It is easy to charge since it is so small and light. You can bend it down to get under tables and couches. The motor is in the handheld area, so it can be a tad louder than a regular vacuum, but that is standard for models like this and it is not offensive or anything. I like to clean with earbuds in, so that makes it unnoticeable. The headlights this vacuum has are a definite gamechanger. It helps you see things you can't see on the floor. I didn't realize how much I needed a bright headlight on my vacuum until now, but it is ridiculously helpful. This was a great purchase and I will use it to clean up after my kids and dog.

8. NEC180 RapidClean Efficiency Headlights Convenient

NEC180 RapidClean Efficiency Headlights Convenient

The Rapid Clean is powered by the latest motor technology. 40 Minutes Long Lasting runs for up to 40 minutes. If you want to increase the amount of cleaning on carpets and rugs, you can use MAX power on the fingertip controls. It's easy to take a break. You can prop the vacuum up on countertops and furniture with the Easy Rest nook. Foam is used in the Filtration. The front of the dust cup has been moved to make it easier to reach under beds and furniture. Bright beams of light make cleaning under furniture much easier because you can see dust and debris that might have been missed.

Brand: Eureka

👤I have been through many of these vacuums. If you really use it, you need to keep replacing it. The model is terribly designed. I don't understand the positive reviews. The entire motor as well as the dirt storage is below the handle. The handle is heavy and difficult to navigate. The rest of the stick is too heavy. If you try to stand it up it will fall. The dirt storage pops open when it falls. Your dirt is all over the floor. It won't be able to charge either. The wall mount is easy to install and works well. If the stick vac clicks into place you can rest it on a counter ledge. It only works if you have a lip of the counter. To sum it up. I can't believe this product made it to the market. I can't believe anyone gives it a good review. I replaced it with a Shark vac which does everything better. Don't leave money on this one, keep looking. I am not paid for my reviews. I try to give reviews to others when I shop.

👤I had looked at several vacuum cleaners before ordering this one. I was very happy that it did everything it said it would do. I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone that is looking for a light weight vacuum cleaner. I use it on my floors. The first time you go over the floor, it picks up trash. I can vacuum my entire house if it stays charged for 35 to 45 minutes. It goes under my chairs and sofa with ease, and I like that. The canister is hard to put back on and stay tight, but if you put the lower hook first, it will click right in place. I can't say anything negative about it. I hope it continues to give me good service.

👤The product does not stink. I mean that. It is the most useless vaccum I have ever owned. I uploaded a video. Even after I took the tube off and held it close to the opening, it wouldn't pick it up.

👤The vacuum I ordered had good reviews. The last vacuum that I owned died. I am tired of spending $200 on crappy vacuums but I am not sure if forking out $500 for a nice one is worth it. The reviews convinced me that this was moderately priced. I put it together and immediately tested it. I went around the apartment lightly. My initial thought was that the vacuum was light and gentle. There is no way it is making a difference. The device grabbed small dust particles and dog hair. I was reassured that it could do the job when I went to dump it. I was happy with my purchase.

👤It's easy to handle. The plastic on the vacuum was solid. It doesn't feel cheap and like it is about to break because it is as light weight as it is. The clear collection canister seems less solid, but that doesn't mean the rest of the unit won't abuse it. The lesser suction was not great. It would be great for cob webs and light dustings. The counter rest notch works great for me, I can't tell you how many times my broom has slid off my counter. There are pros and cons, and they include: -lightweight -sturdy -easy attachment options -long reach -run time 45 minutes - quiet. The price point for a trusted name brand is excellent on hardwood. The battery is not replaceable, there is no real charge level indicator, and the collection canister can be difficult to snap back in place. There are no connection points for attachment. If needed, they have to be retrieved. The power and speed buttons are very close and it may take a while to get used to them. RATING: 5 stars. It's use is assumed to be a quick clean up tool and not a main vacuum for heavy cleaning. This unit exceeded my expectations for a price point that I could not find in any other name brand units. I've seen horror stories about name brand sticks that cost three times as much. This will work well for my household.

9. Lightweight Cleaner Powerful Handheld NES510

Lightweight Cleaner Powerful Handheld NES510

Multi floor cleaning with motorized floor nozzle and roll controls that can be used to switch between carpet and hard floor. At only 6.3 pounds, it's lightweight. It is possible to convert a portable hand vacuum to a portable hand vacuum. It is easy to maneuver around and reach under furniture with the advanced steering. Dust and debris can be missed under furniture and cupboards if there is no headlights. 30ft cord for extended cleaning reach and easy to empty dust cup. Includes portable storage base, crevice tool and dusting brush. The power source is corded electric.

Brand: Eureka

👤I love my vacuum. All the boxes were checked by Eureka. There is nothing I don't like about it. It was perfect in every way. I have back, neck and hip pain. This is a breeze. I like to clean my house. Nothing is clean enough for me. I don't have to move heavy furniture around anymore because of the incredible suction. Bag less with a large canister. Adaptable in every way. I love that it can be used on the stairs, but still have the roller and wider area of coverage. It can be used to clean a car. I dusted my furniture with the soft brush attachment. The dust is sucked up. It's a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. It is so light that I didn't mention it. It was very easy on my joints. Extra long cord. Thanks for finally making a stick like this with a long cord. I sweep. I would never use a corded device. It took a long time to find one like this. I own a large home. I clean all the time. My minimum time is 2 hours. The first time I used this, I had 2 hours of sweeping. It was more enjoyable this time. I filled the cup three times. The cat is terrible. I have hardwood floors with rugs upstairs and steps. I have carpets and rugs. I didn't have any issues. The heat was blowing out the back. Not an issue for me. I've used lawn equipment that did the same thing. The performance after 2 hours was excellent. It did not stop, overheated or had mechanical issues. To stand it up. I have the best chance of getting a chair back or couch. I've leaned it against a wall. It hasn't fallen. It appears to have a part on the back. I put it on a type that has two speeds. The lower speed is good for rugs. I move forward on the end. I can pick it up at the end of the rug and go again. I used the hose to rinse out the canister and lid. Ready to go again. The amount of air in the room is amazing. This is great engineering. It is what I have been looking for. If you need to reach behind or above, this vacuum does not have a springy hose. I want to buy another one for upstairs use. Don't ever change this style. It is perfect. Thank you so much! I have been using a shark for a long time. It is a great vacuum. My shark is heavy to lift and move. The tank can't be used to clean the stairs. The shark's springy cord is not long enough and it gets pulled over a lot. The way the shark is designed makes it impossible for me to get a shark because it is so light and light furniture.

👤My home is a one-story, 1,000 sq. feet, mostly terrazzo, with some wood flooring and carpet mats at the entries. I have more cats than a normal person should have, and a retired husband who enjoys the beach. I vacuum twice a day. My vacuum needs to be 30 feet long. A large cup of dust. Goes under furniture. After using the flash twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes each time for two weeks, I have never owned a vacuum like this before and had to go through a learning curve the first time I used it. Reviewers say that the floor nozzle seems to lift up off the floor. I did not have that problem if I kept my arm straight and used long back and forth movements. In smaller areas where you need more precise, short movements, I just bent my arm a little bit, which brought the handle up, and that was the trick for me. The floor nozzle is motorized, which helps propel it forward. The vacuum is very quiet and does not scare the cats as much as my previous vacuum. The total weight is 7.4 pounds, but I took it apart and weighed the hand vacuum portion and it was 5 pounds. The weight was not an issue for me as I am in my 50s. The on/off slide switch is located on the handle and can be used to control the two speeds for the brush roll. It picked up everything in a single pass on the bare floors, with a couple passes needed on the carpet mats, which is typical in my experience. I put my entry mats on the floor with carpet-tape because I was tired of re-positioning them whenever the cats moved them out of place. Not sure if there would be an issue with the vacuum trying to suck them up. Some motorized brush rolls seem to throw back the litter/cat food instead of vacuuming it up, but that was not an issue for the flash. I keep an eye on the brush roll, but it's easy to take care of if something gets stuck. I have a small home and it has a long cord. I can vacuum my entire house from a single plug. The dining area, kitchen, and bonus room are available with one more plug. The 1 liter dust cup is easy to empty since there is a lot of dust in it. I only empty it once a day. I didn't plan to use the flash for above the floor cleaning, such as drapes, blinds, furniture, even though it comes with a crevice tool and a 2-in-1 upholstery tool. In the past, stick-type vacuums were too cumbersome to use for that type of cleaning. I decided to test it out with some above the floor cleaning since the flash did a great job on my floors. I attached the tool to the wand and used it to grab some dust from a corner of the ceiling. The reach was the perfect length, there was no hose to mess with, and it was not heavy or awkward to use. I think the flash will be able to clean any area of my home, it comes apart and back together in many different ways. If you are in the middle of cleaning and need to stop, you could try leaning the vacuum against the wall or piece of furniture, because it does not stand on its own. I didn't want to think that it would fall over. I put it out of my way. The storage stand holds the two tools and the vacuum. It takes just a click of a button to separate the two parts of the stand, so you will need to detach the hand vacuum portion from the wand/floor nozzle portion. The filters are easy to access and the manual says they are safe to use. I contacted the store in order to find out where I could buy another set, but was told that the filters are not yet available to purchase separately from them, because this is a new vacuum. They told me that the filters would be available at some point, but could not give me an exact time, and suggested I check back with them later. I will update my post as soon as I know more about the filters.



The 3X cleaning system includes a stick vacuum with an angle floorhead for use on multiple surfaces, v-shaped bristles to pick up all types of debris, and an anti-tangle pet hair brush bar. A brush bar with rubber bristles is Patented and is used to clean pets. 3-speed control. For cleaning carpets. The front-FACING DUSTBIN allows a stick vacuum to lie flat for easier cleaning. The hand vacuum can be used with an extra-long crevice tool for stairs, furniture, and hard-to-reach spaces. Powerful cleaning with built-in filters provides up to twice the amount of cleaning power as with a vacuum. The battery can be moved. The 20V MAX battery can be charged in or out of the vacuum for up to 55 minutes. The BSV2020P stick vacuum, battery, 3in1 multiway charging and wall mount, crevice attachment with flip out brush, low-profile pet accessory, accessory holder, and pre-filter are included.

Brand: Black+decker

👤The pros and cons of this vacuum is something that I have serious reservations about. I like the quiet, good solid build with a sturdy metal shaft, ease of swap, motorized rug attachment, and waste container filters that are easy to remove and wash with water. The waste container hatch is spring loaded so it is easy to accidentally knock off the container while in use and the only way to stop it is to vacuum it. I will use this as our main household vacuum, but I still have to figure out a way to get rid of the absurd waste container latch. I shouldn't have to do that for the high price point. There is an update. I used a slice of an old bicycle inner tube as security for the container. I knocked the dang thing off at least once every time I used the vacuum. cinches up tight when used.

👤I would consider a vacuum problem for my wife. We have had a lot of them. She has had other stick vacuum models from other manufacturers, but this one is the one she likes the most. We already had spare batteries here that she could use, because the batter is the same one used on other tools. The head of the brush has a light on it. She can see the fur that has been shed by my dog. There is no shortage of hairs pulled out from brushing by my two daughters, who are also my wife. I don't know why they are bald. The vacuum is fine with hair. It does what it is designed to do, and the price is right. My wife seems to be very happy with this particular model. She recommended it to others. I know that won't mean much to anyone who doesn't know her, but it is high praise. She has experience with all kinds of vacuums. My life is a bit odd.

👤I don't have pets. I think this could work better on the dust because I am just a gal who has a clean house. We use it in the kitchen, hallways, knock room, and stairs. The bedrooms have hardwood. All of them have hardwood. We use it on a few big, thick, fancy rugs just to clean them daily since they are walked on a lot. If you use medium and the lowest setting, you can get about 40-45 minutes of the vacuum, but if you use high and the lowest setting, you only get about 20-25 minutes. It was a big disappointment. We don't have black and decker tools to take the batteries out, so I will be investing in a second battery. It's pretty darn good. I feel like it doesn't work when it's a small brush to get in small places. You would think it would be stronger without the extra long pipe. It's almost too quick. I have to remind myself to slow down or I will crash into things. You can take apart the entire filter, dump it, and wash it. Every little dirt is gone. I use my big vacuum to clean my other vacuums almost monthly. (Or more) I've had the canister fall off of the vacuum at least five times. It shouldn't be happening at all. When it fell to make my mess worse, it hasn't popped open yet. I am worried about my floor and dents. It is not light! It stands in its own. This is true. The light can knock it over all the way. The lights are amazing. Get vacuums with lights. It is easy to use. It's self explanatory. Sometimes getting that darn filter back in it's place makes me break a sweat. I have not lost yet. I can easily get under furniture and beds that are tile or hardwood. The vacuum goes against the floor. We don't use it in carpeted rooms. It has some things that could be better, but so far this is my favorite of the 5 I have used. It is hoped that it lasts a while.

11. Shark Navigator Professional Anti Allergy NV360

Shark Navigator Professional Anti Allergy NV360

The power source is corded electric. The powerFUL SUCTION: Deep- clean carpets and tackle bare floors. Lift-a-way functions. The nozzle can be removed to clean under furniture or above the floor. The anti-allerg complete seal technology is used. The vacuum cleaner can be used with a HEPA filter. It's perfect for pets. The upholstery tool has powerful pet hair pickup attachment. SWIVEL STEERING allows you to maneuver your vacuum in and out of tight spaces. The Rush Roll is shutting down. You can switch from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning with the feature. The large-CAPACITY DUST CUP has a capacity for longer cleaning sessions. The dust cup can be easily removed.

Brand: Shark

👤I bought this vacuum to replace an older vacuum that had lost its power. The vacuum has been great so far. When it arrived. I was a little worried when I saw how narrow the vacuum was. I thought I would have to do a lot more work to get my floors clean. I used the manual to assemble the vacuum after it arrived in several large pieces. It only took a few minutes. I read through the features and how to use them after I put it all together. The canister can be removed from the roller base to clean stairs. It's helpful on the stairs. I had to use my knee to make sure the canister didn't fall down the stairs because the carpeted stairs didn't sit well with the detached canister. There is an upholstery attachment that spins when the vacuum is on. This is good for the stairs. A thin wand is meant to help clean under couches and large furniture. There is also a tool that can be used in a pinch. The vacuum is very light and pivots and turns very quickly. This vacuum has a powerful amount of vacuum, and it seems like it is self propelled. If you are vacuuming a thick carpet or an area rug, you can adjust the vacuum's position to keep it from grabbing onto your carpet. The first time I used this vacuum, it was only a couple days after I had vacuumed my house, but I filled an entire canister just to clean my living room and dining room area rugs. I can handle emptying it a little more frequently if the canister does a better job than my old one. I am very pleased with my purchase so far. If you found my review helpful, I would love to have you read it.

👤The vacuum works great. It's light and easy to maneuver. I would give it 5 stars because it met my expectations. The roller brush stopped spinning after a couple of months, but you knew it was coming. Thank goodness for the internet because after a quick search for others with the same problem, I found a video with a fix for it. The pressure switch is malfunctioning. This is not covered by a warranty so I had to either fix it or throw it away. I needed to purchase a set of security head bits and they needed to be extra long so this is a good one to purchase. I ripped apart the vacuum and then replaced it with a new one and put the wires back together. The roller brush will keep spinning even in the locked upright position if "Always on" is used. I would rather have the switch go bad again. This taints my whole review. This is happening more than a few times if there's a fix on the video. The review was bad.

👤I bought this to replace a Dyson. The one room I have with wall-to-wall carpet has a vacuum that does a good job. That is the only positive. It is top heavy. You need three hands to operate the attachment. The fill line is only an inch or two from the bottom of the canister, so you have to empty it constantly. I can't vacuum the length of my family room because the cord is short and mounted low. It can't pick up cat litter or pine needles on tile or hardwood. I am not sure how they were able to design this so poorly. I would have liked to have invested in another Dyson.


What is the best product for best vacuum cleaner for stairs?

Best vacuum cleaner for stairs products from Whall. In this article about best vacuum cleaner for stairs you can see why people choose the product. Bissell and Vaclife are also good brands to look for when you are finding best vacuum cleaner for stairs.

What are the best brands for best vacuum cleaner for stairs?

Whall, Bissell and Vaclife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best vacuum cleaner for stairs. Find the detail in this article. Kenmore, Hotor and Orfeld are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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