Best Best Vaccumm-cordless Carpet and Hard Floor Shark

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1. Shark Rocket Lightweight Cordless IX141

Shark Rocket Lightweight Cordless IX141

There is a hydrogen exchanger scheme. Provides amazing cleaning performance for high-traffic areas. Up to 40 minutes of running time. The hand vacuum is in standard mode. The low-profile design is something to be proud of. This vacuum is perfect for cleaning under furniture. The hand vending machine can be moved. It can be used to clean above-floor cleaning. The dust cup has a CleanTouch Dirt Ejector. There are spotlights. There are hidden debris around the home.

Brand: Shark

👤I was very excited to get a Shark vacuum. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids and 3 dogs. We have dark floors that show everything and dogs and kids are constantly in and out of messes. I vacuum once a day. I have been using a Dyson vacuum for the last 5 years but recently it gave out and I decided to try Shark. My Dyson: PROS: 1 has a review here. It is very easy to put together. It snaps together just as easily as my Dyson. The canister holds a lot. It allows me to vacuum larger areas. The Dyson's battery life is shorter. 40 minutes is only if you use the hand held vacuum. For regular vacuuming on carpets and hard floors it is 25 minutes and 10 for boost mode. 4. The suction is amazing. It cleaned my master bedroom carpet, which my dogs like to sleep in. It sucked up the fluff from the toy that my Dyson wouldn't touch. 5. The front of the vacuum has a light on it. 6. It is much quieter than my Dyson. My Dyson came with a holder for all the things that were attached, but it has nothing. I would like it to have something to help keep everything together. You have to remove the long wand attachment to empty the canister. It adds an extra step to emptying it out that I never had to do with my Dyson, and it's great with just a few pet peeves. It will definitely be used a lot.

👤I got it after giving in. I have the plug in version and love it, but I wanted a corded version for the quick sweeps to get the excess dog hair. It is terrible. Keeping the brush roller going on the hard floor will pull the debris up into the canister. It collects along the wheels. The dexterity is on par with the corded version. Not as heavy as top heavy. The main reason to buy a vacuum is the amount of air that comes out and this one doesn't come close to acceptable. I own a Hoover and a Makita that are past their prime and both are far superior in that regard, so I don't expect it to be as powerful as corded. I regret my purchase.

👤It is great for cleaning up small particles. It works well for cleaning cob webs up high with a handheld function. If you have a large mess or are vacuuming after not doing for a while, you may have a hard time. This can be easily cleaned for bigger messes. You might find yourself sweeping. I don't think it's worth much, but I'm not upset with it. I don't think I'd buy this vacuum again.

👤I bought this based on the reviews and brand. It performs well and feels strong. I was surprised that it was able to capture so much from my carpets. Thank you for your purchase.

2. Shark Navigator Freestyle Brushroll SV1106

Shark Navigator Freestyle Brushroll SV1106

The lightweight vacuum can meet various household cleaning demands on stairs and windowsills, sofa and bed, desk and curtain, cars, rv, etc. Light weight collapsible conveyor is portable, powerful and versatile at only 7.5 lbs. There is a two-speed buggy. Premium pet hair pickup is available throughout the home. There is a deflation CUP CAPACITY. The.64 quart dust cup is easy to empty. The charge doubles as a storage block and can be charged in 4 hours. What's included: The shark has a vacuum and a precision charge.

Brand: Shark

👤I waited a long time to write this review. The best vacuum cleaner in the universe is this one. The design is thoughtful. It's convenient to take apart and empty, put it back together, and clean the filter. Light weight and rotating head make it easy to use. This little machine takes away most of the aggravation from vacuuming, and I still don't like it. Does the floor have carpet or bare floor. I have 3 hair-shed pets and they take care of everything. It does not stink, it is not noisy, and it has a friendly vibe.

👤I loved this little vac, but it died yesterday. I've used it on my bare floors about a dozen times since I got it two months ago. You can't use the vacuum without the other, but I think it's the charger. You pay for shipping to have it fixed. I'll probably just see if I can purchase the only accessory I need. It's not worth it when I have to be without it for weeks and weeks. Why is everything so shoddily made? I bought the Hoover Linx at the same time as our shop and the charging port on that one died in about a month. I have a Dyson that I use for the deep cleaning, but it's not very convenient for the quick clean ups after the major cleans. It's just another piece of junk right now.

👤The vac worked great until a few weeks ago, when the brush would spin for a few seconds and then stop, and I had to replace it. When I put the brush head back in it would spin for a few seconds and then stop, because I took the entire brush head out of the bottom. I read through the reviews and saw that a lot of other people had the same problem and couldn't solve it, so I was about to throw my vac away. I took one more stab at it and fixed the problem. Here's what you have to do. The brush needs to be removed from the bottom. Remove the white end caps from the brush with a slim pick tool or knife. There is a small white washer under them that you don't want to lose. Take the caps and washers out of the brush. You can find a lot of hair and gross stuff in the crevices of the brush where you removed the white caps. Put it back together how it was before. There was a boom. Done. Your vac is back in action.

👤The first Shark Navigator freestyle died a year ago after a couple of years of use. I will buy another one. It worked well. I have long hair and a dog, and it cleans my hard floors and one small carpet well. I don't use it that often as I also have a roomba, and my house is not that big. The brush won't spin, so it doesn't pick up anything. This is my 4th vacuum that has died in the last 5 years. When they are not abused or overused, I have to keep replacing them. I will not buy another Shark or Hoover product in the future.

3. Shark Navigator Professional Anti Allergy NV360

Shark Navigator Professional Anti Allergy NV360

The power source is corded electric. The powerFUL SUCTION: Deep- clean carpets and tackle bare floors. Lift-a-way functions. The nozzle can be removed to clean under furniture or above the floor. The anti-allerg complete seal technology is used. The vacuum cleaner can be used with a HEPA filter. It's perfect for pets. The upholstery tool has powerful pet hair pickup attachment. SWIVEL STEERING allows you to maneuver your vacuum in and out of tight spaces. The Rush Roll is shutting down. You can switch from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning with the feature. The large-CAPACITY DUST CUP has a capacity for longer cleaning sessions. The dust cup can be easily removed.

Brand: Shark

👤I bought this vacuum to replace an older vacuum that had lost its power. The vacuum has been great so far. When it arrived. I was a little worried when I saw how narrow the vacuum was. I thought I would have to do a lot more work to get my floors clean. I used the manual to assemble the vacuum after it arrived in several large pieces. It only took a few minutes. I read through the features and how to use them after I put it all together. The canister can be removed from the roller base to clean stairs. It's helpful on the stairs. I had to use my knee to make sure the canister didn't fall down the stairs because the carpeted stairs didn't sit well with the detached canister. There is an upholstery attachment that spins when the vacuum is on. This is good for the stairs. A thin wand is meant to help clean under couches and large furniture. There is also a tool that can be used in a pinch. The vacuum is very light and pivots and turns very quickly. This vacuum has a powerful amount of vacuum, and it seems like it is self propelled. If you are vacuuming a thick carpet or an area rug, you can adjust the vacuum's position to keep it from grabbing onto your carpet. The first time I used this vacuum, it was only a couple days after I had vacuumed my house, but I filled an entire canister just to clean my living room and dining room area rugs. I can handle emptying it a little more frequently if the canister does a better job than my old one. I am very pleased with my purchase so far. If you found my review helpful, I would love to have you read it.

👤The vacuum works great. It's light and easy to maneuver. I would give it 5 stars because it met my expectations. The roller brush stopped spinning after a couple of months, but you knew it was coming. Thank goodness for the internet because after a quick search for others with the same problem, I found a video with a fix for it. The pressure switch is malfunctioning. This is not covered by a warranty so I had to either fix it or throw it away. I needed to purchase a set of security head bits and they needed to be extra long so this is a good one to purchase. I ripped apart the vacuum and then replaced it with a new one and put the wires back together. The roller brush will keep spinning even in the locked upright position if "Always on" is used. I would rather have the switch go bad again. This taints my whole review. This is happening more than a few times if there's a fix on the video. The review was bad.

👤I bought this to replace a Dyson. The one room I have with wall-to-wall carpet has a vacuum that does a good job. That is the only positive. It is top heavy. You need three hands to operate the attachment. The fill line is only an inch or two from the bottom of the canister, so you have to empty it constantly. I can't vacuum the length of my family room because the cord is short and mounted low. It can't pick up cat litter or pine needles on tile or hardwood. I am not sure how they were able to design this so poorly. I would have liked to have invested in another Dyson.

4. Shark Navigator Lift Away Anti Allergy NV352

Shark Navigator Lift Away Anti Allergy NV352

The 5.1 version of the wireless earbuds have a longer range, better connection stability, and faster transmission speed, making them an unparalleled audio experience with no more worries about signal loss or music drop outs. You don't need to worry about compatibility because their headphones are compatible with many phones and tablets. Lift-Away is a method of lifting away the Pod and cleaning the above floor areas. The vacuum has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. Powerful, lightweight, and versatile at 14 lbs. You can switch from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning with the brushroll shutoff. Excellent control to maneuver around furniture is achieved with the use of a steering wheel. Two lengths of Crevice tool are included for cleaning.

Brand: Shark

👤I bought a Shark Navigator vacuum. The next day, it was assembled. It didn't work. The motor was found to be malfunctioning after contact with the manufacturer. They told me that the only way to fix it was to buy another motor. The warranty did not cover the motor, despite being a brand new product. Buyers should be wary of this company.

👤I will take some blame as I should have read more into the reviews. There is a The vacuum is heavy. The cat could tip it over. That is really bad. There is a 2- There is a plastic elbow on the back side that is waiting to break. That is the weakest direction. There is another engineering leak. There is a If you have a couch or coffee table, the intake head is so narrow that it doesn't even get close to the furniture. From the top, it looks like the intake head is wider than the body, but when you turn the head upside down, you see the roller is only from each side. Engineering flow. There is a The intake head is not as wide as a standard vacuum. The total is 9. If you have a larger work zone, you will see a 20% increase in working time as this is 20% narrower than a standard vacuum. Not really a flop, but inefficient. All the tools are not compatible with each other. We all know what happens to those small items in a year. I can't see the ones that stay there once pulled in and put back. The holding tank has tons of stuff in it that the old vacuum didn't pick up, so I'm guessing that the new SHARP bristles on the roller are the reason this thing has awesome suction. That would be your carpet being shaved. It's not hard to figure that out. Will see 6 months from now. I think price is positive. You can buy 3 of these for the price of some of the fancy names, but will the hassle and down time of when it breaks be worth it? I'm sorry, but how could anyone be proud of this vacuum? I will update the review as time goes on.

👤I came to Amazon to write a review after buying this vacuum. The reviews for this product were locked down due to suspicious review activity, so my review couldn't be submitted. I probably wouldn't have bought the vacuum if I'd known that. I think that Amazon should let their customers know if reviews for a specific product have been locked down due to suspicious activity. The cord is too short. I use this in a two bedroom apartment and have to plug it into three different outlets to reach all of the areas. The power button is in an odd place, the canister method should be easier, and the power cord enters the vacuum at the bottom. You'll always step on the cord unless you loop it over the top arm. The edge to edge cleaning is great anduction is great. I've had a Dyson DC07 for about five years. The vacuum cleaner works better with regular filter replacements. I bought the Shark because we didn't want to bring the Dyson with us. The Dyson does about 75% of what I have experienced. The Shark is not as friendly as the Dyson is. If you have a bigger budget, I would recommend this vacuum cleaner, but you should look for something better.

5. Shark HV322 Headlights Lightweight Attachments

Shark HV322 Headlights Lightweight Attachments

X-protECTOR is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK. Their customers will get 100% satisfaction with their datememe pads. They will return your money if you don't like their protectors. It should be ordered. Press the button to add to the cart. Right now! The powerFUL SUCTION: Powerful pet hair pickup is done on all surfaces. There is a light weight quotient. It's lightweight and can be used for floor-to-ceiling cleaning. Pet tools that capture embedded pet hair on all surfaces and extend reach into hard-to-access areas are perfect for pets. There is a deflation CUP CAPACITY. The 0.68-quart dust cup can be used for extended cleaning. There are spotlights. Hidden debris and pet hair can be seen on the handheld vacuum and nozzle. The Shark Rocket Pet Plus includes a vacuum, multi-tool, and pet Crevice tool.

Brand: Shark

👤The product description was very disappointing. Had standard attachments, not motorized pet attachment, no hard floor duster, and it was bought at the same price as the advertised attachment.

👤I still love this vacuum! Cleaning the filters every month is easy and it functions as well as it did on day one. I love that you don't have to keep buying things. I was a little worried that the reviews on the rug site would cause problems with this vacuum, but I haven't had any problems with it! I use the first setting and don't stay long in one spot. I use a motorized pet attachment when I want to get dog hair off the rugs, it works well and I don't have to worry about getting the rug. This vacuum is going to be great. The one thing that is annoying is that the crevice tool can fall off if you get too close to the vacuum, so make sure to stick it on when you put it back. I like how easy it is for new attachments to slide on. It feels sturdy and glides and fits well. It has stood the test of time because I vacuum once or twice a day because my dog has a double coat. If I had to, I would buy this vacuum again. I didn't think it was possible. I love my vacuum cleaner. I'm the type of person who studies all of my purchases before I buy them, and this vacuum was no exception. The reviews were good, but this vacuum was better than I expected. It is light enough to be able to vacuum, but it has some serious sucking power. Before I got my American Eskimo Dog, I used to have an inexpensive handheld, but it was not good enough for him. I was stressed out because a lot of models had negative reviews about the hair getting caught and having to stop and remove it several times each vacuuming session. I have never had a problem with this product, especially hair getting caught. I also have long hair that goes up everywhere. I wonder how I have left anything on my head. The vacuum picks up everything. I clean the roller after every session to make sure there aren't any problems, but it really isn't necessary. I have a 650 square foot apartment with tile in the kitchen and bathroom, and several area rugs that my dog loves to lounge on. The True Pet motorized attachment cleans them in a matter of minutes. You will be amazed at what it picks up. I empty the canister twice a session when I vacuum the whole apartment, which is great because it picks up a lot. I can't tell you how nice it is to use this vacuum. It's a dream to move it, swap out attachment, and even detach the handheld top portion. Everything glides in and out. I had to struggle with my previous vacuum to attach the various pieces, which was really frustrating and led to chipping nails. I couldn't clean the whole apartment with it at the same time because it overheated and shut itself off. The model never loses power. You don't realize how much you matter until you have something better. Powerful and tornado are the settings for the vacuum. It is not loud, which is great. You don't have to replace these items if you use the bagless canister. The price tag seemed high to me at first, but after looking at other models and seeing how good this one is, I can't imagine myself using anything else. It makes it a pleasure to clean. You can either put it on the floor or on the wall. It takes up very little floor space and it looks nice, so you won't mind if it is visible. The handheld attachment and the main floor attachment have lights on them. If you want to, you can even vacuum in the dark because of how well these lights work, especially at angles. The vacuum will not leave you disappointed.

6. Shark NV752 Lift Away Headlights Upholstery

Shark NV752 Lift Away Headlights Upholstery

The powered lift-away technology allows you to lift the Pod away from the hard to reach areas. You can easily maneuver your vacuum to get in and out of tight spaces. An anti-allerg complete seal. The vacuum cleaner will trap 99% of dust and allergens with a HEPA filter. Based on the size of the particles. The large-CAPACITY DUST CUP has a capacity of 0.88-quart. The dust cup can be easily removed. There are spotlights. There are powerful lights on the nozzle that illuminate debris and pet hair. There is multi-SURFACE cleaning. The controls allow you to switch from Hard Floor to Carpet mode. The Pet Power Brush is designed to remove pet hair and dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.

Brand: Shark

👤January 9, 2020 is when I will be raising my rating to four stars. I would give it 4 stars. I had to return the first vacuum I bought because it died on me in less than 5 months, so this vacuum wouldn't have received a five star rating. I would recommend this vacuum now. I use it on the carpeting in my home every day, and also on my sofa and chairs. My cat has fur all over the place, but the Shark Rotator True Pet vacuum can clean it up in no time. The replacement Shark vacuum that I was sent by Amazon is still working. I haven't had any issues with it. I no longer regret buying it. There was an update on April 29, 2018: I ordered the vacuum at After my shark rotator vac stopped working less than 5 months after I bought it, a shark ninja customer service rep wanted me to pay for a new motor housing part. I contacted Amazon and they sent me another Shark Rotator and arranged for me to return my vacuum for free. If it wasn't for AMAZON, I would be out more money. I am grateful that AMAZON.COM stands by the products they sell. The customer service at AMAZON.COM deserves a 5 star rating. The vacuum stopped working after 4 months. I bought it on Amazon for $262.34 and it died on April 26. I have a small apartment and a medium hair cat so I didn't use the Shark vacuum a lot. This was supposed to be a replacement for a vacuum that I had for over a decade and was still working when I gave it away. The only problem with the Bissell was that it was too big to fit under some of my furniture. I called the Shark customer service and was told that I would have to pay to replace the motor housing part. The customer should not have to pay for a vacuum that won't work. The company does not support its vacuums. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone.

👤I don't usually write reviews because I don't feel strong enough about a product to rave about it or complain about it. The best thing about this vacuum is that it is really good at deep carpet cleaning. I killed my old shark by trying to use it as a shop-vac on spilled birdseed in the garage. The new one cleans like a champ, but that is where I stop liking it. It is difficult to maneuver. My old shark was easy to use. It is difficult to propel it on carpet because it does not move as quickly as the old one and on hard floors. There are some things that are not good. The little notch that is supposed to keep the cord off the floor is useless. If the cord brushes my knee or gets around a piece of furniture, the cord will pop out of the holder and have to be reset. It took me an hour to clean the house this morning and I had to hook it back up many times. The clip that is supposed to hold the hose is useless. It needs to be reattached regularly and it doesn't stay attached. The dust cup is smaller than the old one. Maybe it fills more often because the vacuum is pulling more dirt or it looks smaller being square. I used to empty it twice but now I need to do 3 even with one fewer pet in the house. I will learn to live with it. It is a disappointment after a Shark.

7. Shark HV343AMZ Self Cleaning Lightweight Upholstery

Shark HV343AMZ Self Cleaning Lightweight Upholstery

The volume has a capacity of 1.8 quart. Do not charge the battery at a low temperature. There is no hair wrap. The brushroll is self-cleaning and does not have hair wrap. Powerful and light. Powerful pet hair pickup and deep carpet cleaning on all surfaces is a lightweight design. CONVERTS TO A VACUUM. With the touch of a button, the stick vacuum cleaner transforms into a portable handheld vacuum that can be used to clean above the floor, tackle stubborn pet hair, and access hard-to-reach areas. There is an advanced sewer steering. The low-profile design for under-furniture reach makes it an excellent choice. There are spotlights. Hidden debris and pet hair can be seen on the handheld vacuum and nozzle. The dust cup is easy to empty.

Brand: Shark

👤This is my 3rd shark. The navigator was Shark Rocket. The self cleaning beater bar is the Shark Rocket. This one is my all time favorite. They made them better. I use it every day. We have 5 dogs that live inside. It is a hairy situation around here. The attachment is light weight, easy to maneuver, easy to clean, and empty. The lights are on. I couldn't believe I wasn't able to see it. It is easy to add attachment to clean behind furniture. I had a Kirby Heritage 2 for 34 years and I still wish it stood up by itself. I wouldn't go back to heavy vacuums. I have 2 more sharks. They are still working. I use them in different parts of the house. The newest one is awesome. I am looking forward to not having to clean the brush.

👤I have never had anything like this in my life. I can't believe how bad this shark vac is. It sucks and I have to love it. I have nothing else to say about that.

👤The suction is great! My carpet is 20 years old and it looks brand new. It is easy to use. I like that it comes apart. I don't like that it doesn't stand up without detaching the top piece, I hate the screaming high pitched noise it makes, and it does send dust outside the unit and you are breathing it in. It isn't sealed even though it is in. The power and pick up is amazing again. The other issues are not that important.

👤The top portion feels like it is two or three times heavier than the base making it hard to maneuver and uncomfortable to use. It was very heavy. It took me two minutes to realize that I wouldn't be able to vacuum the entire house with this machine. And loud. There are two loud motors. One from the handle and one from the base. I have been a fan of sharks for a long time. This was the worst design I have ever used.

👤It does vacuum stuff. The hair is stuck around the rollers. The carpets look clean. Sick. I will probably lose them.

👤We own an apartment and two houses. I have one for each and one that we used to clean out the cars. The newer cats are great at getting up the hair.

👤I have had a vacuum for a few days and I am very impressed. I decided to go back to a corded vacuum since my last two were both corded. I was reading reviews for every vacuum on Amazon and settled for this one. I have a few long haired cats who shed a lot and this does an awesome job of picking up their hair and even my own hair. They do a good job of picking up litter. One star was deducted because it doesn't do the greatest on my shag rug and also a little tall to go under my 70's cabinets in my kitchen.

8. Shark Ultra Light Cleaning Steering HV302

Shark Ultra Light Cleaning Steering HV302

There is a chip vampire in the sky. corded cleaning on carpets and hard floors It's perfect for pets. Powerful pet hair pickup tools make it easy to clean pet hair. SWIVEL STEERING. The low-profile design for under-furniture reach makes it an excellent choice. CONVERTS TO A VACUUM. With the touch of a button, the stick vacuum cleaner transforms into a portable handheld vacuum that can be used to clean above the floor, tackle stubborn pet hair, and access hard-to-reach areas. The cargo storage is CONVENIENT. The vacuum can be hung from the hook on the wand. There is multi-SURFACE cleaning. The controls allow you to switch from Hard Floor to Carpet mode. There is a light weight quotient. At under 9 lbs. The handheld vacuum converts to a corded vacuum for floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

Brand: Shark

👤This was a good and convenient product until the flexible tube on the base broke, as can be seen by other reviews, and even though someone on here said that rocket replaced the entire vacuum for them. I was told by the customer service rep that my 5 year warranty will replace parts if they don't have the part, but they will replace the whole thing if it isn't covered by the warranty. This makes no sense. They will replace the entire thing for free if the part is not replaceable, but they won't replace it for me because of one part that is not under warranty. I am not happy. This is year 2 and it is supposed to last longer. Stay away from this company. They don't support their product. This part should be covered by their limited warranty. What is not covered by this warranty? 1. The proper functioning of your unit is not covered by this warranty because of the normal wear and tear of your parts. There are replacement parts for sale. 2. Any unit that has been used for commercial purposes has been tampered with. 3. Damage due to misuse, abuse, negligent handling, failure to perform required maintenance, and damage due to mishandled in transit are some of the causes of damage. 4. There arequential and consequential damages. 5. Defects are caused by repair persons not authorized by SharkNinja. When a repair person is not authorized by SharkNinja, there are damages caused in the process of shipping, altering, or repairing the SharkNinja product. 6. Products were purchased, used, or operated outside of North America.

👤This device has a cord. I'm not spending $400 on a stick vac that may or may not have as much power as this one or a run time of 15 minutes per 4 hour charge - I'm taking a break. I've had this for a couple months and I love it. We bought it because we got a puppy and she's not that bad yet, but we use it on our hardwood floors and carpeted living room area because she tracks in grass anddebris when she's outside. I'm very happy with the purchase of this product. It's easy to put away. It's a nice job on the carpeted areas. This is a great purchase and I will recommend it to anyone who asks. * The boy is still kicking and the dog is growing up. The device does its job over and over again.

👤The product was great until the motor stopped working, and customer service wouldn't address the issue after contacting three times. We will never buy another Shark product.

👤The product was purchased on June 10. I was using the vacuum today. The power head is malfunctioning. Called Shark to inquire about warranty coverage. The power head is not covered by the warranty and the vacuum is not warrantied. He said that they offered to sell me a new power head for half price. I paid $150 for the while thing. I told him this was not acceptable. He agreed to send me a new power head. I think I'm better than nothing. The buyer should beware.

9. Shark Ultra Light Bagless Cleaning Steering

Shark Ultra Light Bagless Cleaning Steering

There is a strong prediction. The cyclonic technology separates dirt from the air, preventing dirt from getting into the filters and keeping the power strong over time. The controls allow you to easily switch from hard floor to carpet. Light weight: The vacuum is portable and easy to carry around your home. Excellent control for maneuvering around furniture with the steering wheel. You can choose the best option for your home with the multiple storage options. Any place that needs to be cleaned. The two-speed power setting is designed to clean all floor types. The first speed setting is the best for bare floors. The second speed deep cleans carpets. It'sTILE: Use the hand held on its own, with the wand, or just with the floor nozzle for maximum flexibility for all your cleaning needs with the release button. Fix the dust cup to the wall mount with dual storage options. Also included: There is a wide pet upholstery tool, hard floor attachment, microfiber pad, dusting brush, and two foam filters. The cleaning path width is 10-inches and the dimensions are LxWxH.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I needed a vacuum that was better suited to hardwood floors. The vacuum can be lifted onto the stairs. It has a small head that can maneuver into tight corners, and it comes with a good variety of tools such as an upholstery hose, which is ideal to clean out baseboard heating grills. The head can run on hardwood floors or deep carpet. It's important to move it slowly over surfaces or it's more likely to miss things than a larger vacuum. The head and cord are needed when emptying the cup because the dust cup is small and cannot be removed from the motor base. If you want to empty the cup outside the house, this can be rather annoying. I would recommend purchasing the next model up for another $30 or so since the dust cup detaches separately, the wand can be removed with your foot, and the head and wand are lit up, it's an excellent little vacuum, but I would recommend purchasing the next model up for another This is a good choice. It won't replace a big vacuum if you have a lot of space to clean, but if you don't mind emptying the dust cup several times, it will serve you well.

👤This is the third rocket I have bought for my parents, and it's the same one I bought for each of my homes. The wokrs were great. There were some small tools that you can use to clean your refrigerator coil. I kept these for my two homes because I couldn't get all the dust out of the fridges. It's very light and easy to use. My mom can use it to clean the stairs. The weight is powerful. It was perfect.

👤The vacuum has great power, great attachments, and a new long cord, but it does not stand up, and the motor air blows right into your face when you are using it. It's ridiculous. It is too heavy to handle. I use it every day and I am so disappointed.

👤It's easy to use and picks up cat hair, and it has a great cleaning attachment that makes it easier to clean the dust of my windows and blinds.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed after buying it for our camper. It had to be slim and easy to store. It is easy to use the extra tools. I can't comment on how it will hold up, but it's a perfect vacuum for our camper.

👤The unit is heavy and I have no complaints about it. It will not stand upright. The heat coming from the motor blows out of the upper part of the unit, which is close to where you hold it. You'll feel it when you use it. It is easy to empty and clean. I like the fact that the roller bar can be removed for cleaning. Good value too.

👤This vacuum is awesome! This is the second shark rocket we have purchased. It's easy to use and has great suction. We have a dog with lots of hair. This is a lifesaver. It works great. This product is very good.

10. Shark Pet Perfect Cordless Rechargeable SV75Z

Shark Pet Perfect Cordless Rechargeable SV75Z

A powerful vacuum. Cleaning for all surfaces is convenient. Twister is a cyclonic technology. Strong cleans with consistency. Includes a battery. A motorized brush picks up debris. The dust cup is easy to empty. No bag is needed. The weight is 3.6 lbs. The volume has a capacity of 1.8 quart. Do not charge the battery at a low temperature.

Brand: Shark

👤This item was used a lot at our summer cottage. The battery is dead and the green indicator light only stays on for a few minutes. It cost more than 30 dollars new. A replacement battery costs more than $40.00. The "warranty" is still valid for a few weeks, but the item must be sent pre-paid and Shark charges $21.00 for return shipping. The "warranty" is useless because it costs so much to return it and then throw it away. It's a shame that this product can't be repaired and has to be dumped in a landfill. The product is very nicely put together. It doesn't work and can't be repaired.

👤The battery would only last 10 minutes. It died after being used four times over a 3 week period. Don't buy this junk, save your money. If you do, you will be sorry.

👤I bought it because it had the rotary brush, it appeared to be economical and it had good reviews. It never worked out well. The battery discharged in a very short time. I could smell something hot coming from the motor area. Even though the battery was fully charged, it wouldn't turn on. I saw that people had reported the same problems as I had. I found a chip that had burned out when I disassembled the vacuum. The chip that controls the power that is delivered to the motor could not do the job that was designed. It eventually stopped working. I looked for a hand vacuum that had the features I wanted, but it was not worth repairing. The vacuum is working well even though it is more expensive.

👤My wife had a shark that lasted 3-4 years, but the battery died. We received this one in October of 2015. The battery died in about 8 weeks. We received a replacement unit just around Christmas time 2015, after we contacted Shark support. The second one is no longer alive as of February 2nd, only about 6 or 7 weeks after receiving the new one. I contacted Shark support again and they are sending me a new battery, which I will try. My wife is very upset with the company and is going to buy another brand if they don't change. I told her to wait and see if the replacement battery works. I'll write a follow up review if that's the case. If my wife doesn't kill me first, that is!

👤I apologize for not getting this reviewed sooner. It never worked for my son/daughter in law. It stopped charging after a week. They should have sent it back. They did not get around to it. They tried to plug it in again and again and finally threw it away, which reminded me of this. I have another Shark that works well, but it only runs for a few minutes before it needs to be plugged in. What is the use of these handhelds? Dyson doesn't get a lot of reviews. I was looking for a replacement for the one that got tossed and the highest rated one only had a five star rating. The delivery time is a problem.

11. Shark Rotator Lift Away Anti Allergy Navigator

Shark Rotator Lift Away Anti Allergy Navigator

It becomes a hand vacuum for cleaning in hard-to-reach places, above the floor, and in the car. Clean every single thing. This refurbished upright vacuum is certified to clean messes, dirt, and crumbs in your house. You should clean your whole home. A multi-surface vacuum works on hard floors, rugs, and carpet and can reach under beds and couches. The Navigator vacuum has a small dust cup capacity, but it has an extended cleaning reach. Includes upholstery tool, crevice tool, and flexible hose. There is an anti-allergic seal. The complete seal technology seals away the allergens during and after vacuuming.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I own dogs and anyone who owns them knows they shed. The vacuum is so powerful that it makes cleaning up after my pups easy.

👤It's perfect for pet hair, carpeting and upholstery.


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