Best Best Uv 400 Protection Sunglasses

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1. SOJOS Sunglasses Polarized Protection Gradient

SOJOS Sunglasses Polarized Protection Gradient

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 57 millimeters. The lens height is 42 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters. SojoS's HD TAC polarized lens can block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and filters out sunlight reflected glare.

Brand: Sojos

👤I wear a lot of sunglasses in a year. I try not to spend too much money on sunglasses because my housekeys inevitably scratch them right in my line of vision, so I throw them in my purse or get my dog to get them off the table. I was in need of a couple of new pairs, and I found them for less than $20, with a microfiber bag and a cleaning cloth. They seem to be very durable and made well. I will update the review if I find they don't hold up well. I have taken good care of these glasses, but they still broke. Disappointed. The stars were taken away.

👤I misplace or scratch my sunglasses. These are a medium size and have good sun protection. The sun protection I can buy in the store is not as good as the quality of the product. They are packaged nicely with a pouch to hold them in and a glass cloth cleaner. I have one in my purse and one in our RV. I don't forget them. Hopefully they will last longer with less wear and tear.

👤I love the sunglasses! I love that they came with a cleaning towel and pouch to put them in, and I would buy them again. They look great on me, and the clarity is very good. I am very happy with this purchase so far.

👤I rarely leave product reviews, but I had to because I was so impressed with these sunglasses. They were packaged in a nice box and each pair had their own plastic pouch. They also had 2 microfiber cleaning cloths. They fit nicely on my face. I am very pleased with my purchase and can't imagine finding a better deal.

👤Medium weight glasses. Good quality. The bag and cleaning cloth is nice. They are tight on my head. I have a narrow face, but they are still tight. In the picture I attached, I show how I stretched my glasses on the side of the box. I stretched my glasses for a few days and now they are more comfortable. Good glasses for a good price.

👤The glasses were perfect for what I needed. I was looking for a pair of sunglasses that were comfortable and stylish to wear on trips. I wanted a cheap pair that I wouldn't be upset if I lost. I am reaching for these more than my designer sunglasses. The dark lens look more expensive than they were. Very impressed! If you're looking for a cheap replacement for your high end sunglasses, I recommend these.

👤The glasses fit well and look cute. Would buy again.

👤The quality is great for the price. It is convenient for driving with the lens. The black and grey are both nice colors. Needed a casual one for driving and work, so wanted a low cost sunglasses for casual use. The sunglasses are good for what I need.

👤I took a chance and bought sunglasses on line instead of trying them on in store, and am so happy I did. I can't believe that they are so nice. They are stylish, comfortable, do not hurt behind the ears, and block the light without being too dark. I had surgery on my eyes and need to wear sin glasses outside even if it's not sunny. These work well. The lens are just perfect and aren't too big. Highly recommend them.

2. BUTABY Rectangle Sunglasses Protection Tortoise

BUTABY Rectangle Sunglasses Protection Tortoise

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens is 2.10 inches wide. The lens is 1.57 inches.

Brand: Butaby

👤This style is trendy right now. I got a set of two black and one tortoise shells. They look chic and I love them.

👤I like this sunglasses. They look great! The quality is amazing.

👤I think I have an average face. These don't look small on your face. I love them so much.

👤I bought this set for a fashion statement but they are so well made that I wear them every day. The packaging was very nice, I love having both color options, it's an amazing price for the value of sunglasses. Highly recommend you get them. All my friends have tried them on and they look great. Get them!

👤These are great for the price. Can't beat it. I bought these, similar style, because I didn't want to wear pricier ones for a trip. I think they are very similar. They are stylish and have great sun protection. I wore them again.

👤Cute and thick. I don't think they would break easily.

👤These glasses are very affordable. They are perfect to wear with a hat as they don't push up into the brim or are forced down leaving marks on your nose. My dog is flying in them.

👤Two sunglasses for fifteen dollars feel nice and look nice. I am impressed. $60 sunglasses can compete head to head with the more expensive brands.

👤One of the glasses had a defect. Due to the fact that I had no car, I was unable to return the item. I couldn't get my money back. I paid for an item that was not good. Do not recommend.

👤I was a bit cautious because of the price, but they are sturdy. They are just the right size, quality material and sturdy, my only complaint is that the tint isn't that good but other than that they are amazing.

👤I don't know how other people reviewed them because they're huge. I will never wear them, it is kind of a shame.

👤Currently wear for driving in the snow. Hopefully will be saying it soon. Nice modern style and like both frames a lot.

👤I received 2 tortoise shell glasses instead of the black ones I ordered. I was able to give a pair of tortoise shell ones to a friend, but it was still a total annoyance since I wanted the black ones.

3. Carfia Polarized Sunglasses Men丨Vintage Protection

Carfia Polarized Sunglasses Men%E4%B8%A8Vintage Protection

100% UV sunglasses for women offer top UV protection, with all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. Carfia sunglasses cut 99% of glare from paths and pavement. Premium polarization restores true color, making the scenery more clear and soft, that help reduce eye strain outdoors. The ultimate in performance and comfort is provided by the Ultralight Comfy TR90 Frame. Light and don't hurt your nose, stylish and don't squeeze your head, won't slip down on nose even when you sweat. These sunglasses have a big round shape with a full-rim design. Enhancements to the coverage of the lens for protection against the sun, wind and impact are offered. It's good for outdoor activities such as biking, fishing, hiking, holiday and other. A gift for mom, families and friends. The package includes a nice leather sunglasses case, a hard protection box, and a warranty card.

Brand: Carfia

👤These are very nice. They look like high end. It felt like I was opening up $200 sunglasses when I opened the box. The gray ones are perfect. It's easy to see through them. I included a photo because I wasn't sure how they would look on my face. They are big but cute. When I look down, they don't slip off. I have only had these for a week so I can't say for sure. I have already been praised for them. I would definitely recommend them.

👤These glasses are of great quality. The glasses that don't have the gradient on the lens are the ones that I would recommend. You can see things in either light tan or dark brown when you put your head up or down. It can give you a bad headaches. The solid lens are great. The frames are of great quality.

👤I put the sunglasses to use yesterday. They're very comfortable. I can't say they look great on me, but that's not their purpose. I got them because I wanted to drive during the sunny days. I noticed something that I've never dealt with other sunglasses, but they definitely do their job with protecting. The blame isn't completely on the glasses, but it is part of it. I see a colorful world when I look right or left. It makes it difficult to drive because of the glasses and tint on the side windows. It's great to see colors, but it's dangerous. The roads through my side mirrors have a violet blue tint. They blend in with the road when there's a black or dark gray vehicle behind or next to me. The sun's violet color reflects through the areas of the sun that are not blue, and for all other vehicles their windshields are plain blue. You can see the colors I'm talking about in the picture I'm posting. It's suppose to be black like the black from the inside. If I want to use them while driving, I'm going to have to keep my side windows down. They're a great purchase. They're not working for the purpose I bought them for. I'll most likely use them when I'm the passenger. They sent me a replacement after I messaged them. Customer service is great and worth buying from.

👤Wow! Finally sunglasses that last. I bought these over 6 months ago and they are still strong. Love them.

👤The glasses are light and beautiful. They come with a nice case and a towel to clean the lens. The quality of the lens is not good. I tried to drive. I was only able to handle it for 15 minutes and then I started getting dizzy and took the glasses out. The simptoms were gone. I'm returning it. If we had to pay a little more, I would like the lens to be better quality to match the rest of the product.

👤I was going to ruin my Ray-Bans when I bought the colored ones. These were cheap and did the trick. Since introducing them to this brand, I've had multiple friends purchase them. Maybe I should get back at them. Maybe a fifth pair for free? It's funny. You wont be disappointed if you buy these. I've come back to buy backup pairs and all the different colors because they're super cute and light weight, and they're decent constructed, so anyone can look great in them. These shades are for sale.

4. ROCKNIGHT Polarized Sunglasses Protection Lightweight

ROCKNIGHT Polarized Sunglasses Protection Lightweight

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 2.36 inches. The lens is 1.57 inches.

Brand: Rocknight

👤These glasses are amazing. The glasses are the best for this price point. I own a landscape company and a pest control company and I give my employees glasses that they think I gave to them.

👤Great for driving, bad for cycling. The sun glasses look nice, but are primarily for driving. I would give them 5 stars for their value. I spent half my ride with one eye closed trying to get the bugs out, because they are advertised for cycling use. The problem is that the nose pad arms are too close to your face, creating a small gap around the nose bridge. Any bugs that hit the bridge of your nose are funneled under the lens into your eyes. When cycling through areas with small insects or pollen, you should look for wraparound sunglasses with a closed nose bridge that sits directly on our nose. Look at some of the other Rocknight products.

👤I got these for my man and he says they're great. They come with a testing strip. The nose price feels amazing. He was outside at night looking at them. These are a good value for money. He is picky about his sunglasses and these definitely met with his approval.

👤These glasses are technically not misleading because they are a part of the picture. I buy for glare reduction, and these fail at it, like most people who do. Why? They aren't like every other pair of glasses on the planet. They are not straight. The result is that glare off glass or water is virtually unaffected, and that it appears as a bright yellow gleam which is even more distracting than without the glasses. I'd be like, "What makes you so sure?" It's easy to test for glare cutting linear polarization, which can be used to make the glare "disappear" and then come back. After wearing these glasses, you can see the glare is still there and it is bright neon yellow. Nothing happens to the glare when you rotation your head. The test pattern on the card they sent is not as clear as with the other types. Bleh. It's a decent pair of glasses. The frame is lightweight and has a good feel to it. The lens appear to be made of high quality material. They are comfortable. They need to change the coating. I'm giving 3 stars. Don't buy with the expectation that the polarization will help cut glare.

👤It's not bad at all. I needed a quick replacement for the glasses I lost and couldn't find anything I liked in my area, so I paid for it. I assumed that they would be just as cheap as I had expected, so I took them out of the box. They feel like cheap plastic. I found them to be better than I thought. They block an amazing amount of light, and the fit is easy to change even without the tool that comes with them. I would have paid more for something like this, but 23 was a bargain. If you want a high quality item for half its cost, it's highly recommended.

5. SOJOS Polarized Sunglasses Mirrored Tortoise

SOJOS Polarized Sunglasses Mirrored Tortoise

The Tri Acetate Cellulose lens is made of Cellulose. The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 53 millimeters. The lens height is 44 millimeters. The bridge is 22 millimeters.

Brand: Sojos

👤I am still shocked that these sunglasses were so nice. I bought them for the style and look and figured the label was a joke, since they have been over 200 dollars in the past. If I didn't return with my sunglasses, I would cry over, but I wouldn't. The sunglasses were packaged well. They had a tester. I thought it only worked with these sunglasses and they passed the test as well as my ray bans, but the thing is, I kept changing between these and my ray bans, and I was pretty. Maybe because they were new. I was impressed. They are cute and stylish, but also comfortable with a lens. These are for sale. You will not be disappointed by the deal. I am hoping they will last me a while. I was never paid to say anything above. With that being said. I still have these sunglasses. The only issue I have had with them is the lens glue melting. I left them out alone in the desert in the heat of the day. Still look amazing. I have sat on them many times and they are still alive. I will never buy expensive sunglasses again.

👤My original review... These glasses are really nice. They're great at blocking out the sun. They're so big. The measurements are not accurate. If you have a small face, you might want to rethink. I think they would be great on a beach day. I was contacted by Sojos after writing the review to say how sorry they were for not being satisfied with my purchase. They could either give a refund or try another pair of glasses. I was surprised. Customer service is great. Can't wait to try them out! The sunglasses are made well and have great customer service, but for the price, you cannot beat them. A very happy customer!

👤I love these! The frame is in perfect condition. A nice warm rose color. The gold earpieces make them look more expensive. The brown lens on your eyes is very nice. I have to have glasses with a different style of lens. They are comfortable and stay on your head. They are a little bit bigger than a Ray Ban. Not too large of a frame.

👤I absolutely love these glasses. They flatter every head shape and aren't overpowering. They fit perfectly around my ears and they don't get stuck in my hair. They block out the sun better than most stylish sunglasses. These glasses are perfect for keeping in the car or wearing everyday. My favorite sunglasses.

👤The fit of the glasses is what I love about them. They are very wide and can fall off your head easily. The style is cute and it's always a plus. The size is terrible. The company contacted me directly asking if I would like a different style. Customer service is amazing. I want to find a pair that fits my head better. I recommend ordering from this company.

👤I used to religiously use these. I preferred them over my designer frames. The arm broke after a long time of use. Immediately purchased again. I love the shape, it can be used for any face shape. My face is round and hard to find flattering frame shapes, I am loyal to these frames all the way. Sun protection is great, but that is ok with me. I have to be careful with the big eyes of the raccoon if they are out in the sun too long. I would purchase the whole lot if there were more color options.

6. TAOTAOQI Oversized Sunglasses Designer Protection

TAOTAOQI Oversized Sunglasses Designer Protection

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 51 millimeters. The lens height is 58 millimeters. The bridge is 21 millimeters.

Brand: Taotaoqi

👤These are great for a vacation. Very strong. The person is stylish. A good value. I don't like traveling with my frames. These are perfect.

👤These are very cute and good quality.

👤I was expecting them to be delivered a lot sooner. It was packaged in a secure way. It only came with one dust bag and no case for glasses, which was disappointing. They look like the sunglasses from the film, so it's a huge bonus that they are hundreds of dollars less than the designer glasses. I love them! It works great on my face. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to feel wealthy in the sun. It's true! I will buy these again.

👤A gift for my mom. For the correct size. It's a great buy and I was expecting it. Gave it 4 stars because it seems not to be luxury for a solid 5 and packaging was cheap.

👤The value is great. The black ones are great for blocking the sun, and the tortoise shell sunglasses are a different color. Both are very stylish. The seller responded quickly to my questions. The black ones fit better. The tortoise shell is not perfect. The company seems to care about their customers and I would recommend doing business with them.

👤The black pair is fine. There is a The black and white spots are larger. These are the same sunglasses. How big are they? I don't understand it. The black size fits perfectly to my head and I can't get the white pair to sit on my nose because they're so large.

👤Do they look like $200 sunglasses? No. You won't care if your toddler covers them with sticky fingers because they look really good.

👤The sunglasses are very stylish. They go with everything if you are going out in the evening or just sitting by the pool. I like the pattern of the tortoise shell. They come with a cloth case and a cleaning cloth, which is an added plus because I always put my sunglasses in my purse and then they are scratched in a couple of days.

👤I love the size of these glasses and will recommend them to my friends.

7. SOJOS Polarized Sunglasses Mirrored Glasses

SOJOS Polarized Sunglasses Mirrored Glasses

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 51 millimeters. The lens height is 46 millimeters. The bridge is 19 millimeters.

Brand: Sojos

👤Sally does not have Sojos. Sally is not smiling because of that. Sally will buy Sojos.

👤I'm in love. I am a person who doesn't look good in about 98% of sunglasses, but I'm so happy with these, I'm not sure if it's because of the shape of my face or something. I like getting smaller sunglasses that look good on me, because big sunglasses don't look good on me. I think these glasses still look cute, even though they seem to look big on me. I recommend the pink colored glasses. I'm not sure yet if they will wear and tear or not. They don't feel like they're bullet proof, but I think they'll be fine if you don't take care of them. It has been quite a few months since I bought these, and they are as perfect as the day they arrived! I have dropped them many times and they are completely undamaged. The side pieces are not bending at all, the only thing that has popped out when I have dropped them is the lens. It is easy to get finger prints on them, but they are mirror reflected, so there is not anything any other brand could do better. I don't have to wash them often. I love these!

👤I need to wear sunglasses every time I go outside because of my eye surgeries, but I love Sojos sunglasses, and they're the only sunglasses I need. Sojos are my favorite pair of sunglasses. I prefer them over brands that cost $300 and up. I love pink, but I prefer the aviator style of sunglasses. I have a small face, so this style looks good on me. If you're a big person or have a large face, this style isn't going to suit you. I own every pair of Sojos that seem to last and last. Many of the frames are made of steel. Even though sunglasses block harmful rays, they still allow us to see well out of them, especially when driving. I really appreciate that I have been able to see out of Sojos. I coordinate my clothes with my sunglasses. I'll be wearing these sunglasses and Sojos will be my go to brand as long as I can find the styles I want in the colors I want.

👤I love these glasses! Exactly what I was looking for. No one can see my eyes from the outside.

👤The forest green ray-bans are cute, but I was looking for a cheaper alternative. I was stuck between buying them from SOJOS or the other way around. Both are the same price and have pros and cons, but in all honesty, they're very similar. The frames are APPEAR metal but don't have the same cool factor as metals even after popping it in the fridge and they have the same engravings running along the lens. Maybe my expectations were too high for the glasses. They have metal arms that don't open and close smoothly. Is it resistant? It almost felt like they were straining to close because of the thin frames. The nose nubs are tighter, the arms are more circular, and the lens is nicer. I didn't reply and they tried again and again. No thanks.

8. FIMILU Oversized Sunglasses Polarized Protection

FIMILU Oversized Sunglasses Polarized Protection

ReTRO SUNGLASSES FOR WOMEN are sunglasses that protect your eyes. The cats on the sides are pretty. You can match these womens sunglasses to your wardrobe with ease with traditional frame colors and variou lens color options. No matter your face shape, sunglasses big frames look great. There are oversized sunglasses that are collapsible. These womens sunglasses have a plastic frame and are comfortable to wear. The bridge of the nose is a sensitive area and one-piece nose pads prevent pressure on it. When they wear them, they don't slip off. FIMILU sunglasses are the way to go if you're looking for a big pair. The women's sunglasses have a Polarized UV400 protect that goes beyond shielding your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays by enhancing colors to reveal the true beauty of the world around you. You can't go wrong with big sunglasses. Classic Large SUNGLASSES. You look elegant with retro oversized womens sunglasses. Large frame lady's sunglasses give you more protection for your eyes and make you look more charming. Most celebrities wear big jackie o sunglasses. If you had a pair of designer vintage sunglasses, you could show your high-end taste while driving, hiking, fishing, cycling, boating, sunbathing. 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE Their customer service representatives will be happy to help you.


👤I love the sunglasses. These sunglasses are perfect for me. I am light sensitive and these don't affect me. Excellent quality for a good price.

👤I tried to buy a very expensive pair of sunglasses that were similar to these but they were too heavy on my nose and hurt too much to wear. I found these on Amazon and though I don't know if they are the best protection against UVB without going to an eye doctor, they feel great on my eyes and nose. The weight does not hurt my ears or nose. I can see the difference in the Polarized version. They are the largest sunglasses I have ever worn. I love protecting my eyes and the skin around them, and I also love keeping Wrinkles at bay.

👤You can see how well the sunglasses work by looking at a little square of cardboard and seeing the image of a car, but you can't see how well they work because they arrive with a cool graphic. The glasses are packaged nicely in a black box, and inside you will find a soft fabric case and a cleaning cloth. The glasses sit on your nose and cover your face to keep out glare from the sides, top, and bottom. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤I noticed that I was squinting when I wore my sunglasses. I realized after a bit of research that the glasses were not made with a lens that was made with a piece of paper. The FIMILU sunglasses that I found have cool mirrored lens. The floral are a subtle pink/blue tortoise shell pattern. Some reviewers think that the cats are on the sides, but they aren't cats unless you take them off and hold them upright. The cats look like gold on each temple. The arms are 140cc long and fit my face well. I've only been wearing them for a few days, but I've already received a couple of nice comments on them. Excellent quality for a good price.

👤These are good for the price. They are comfortable, attractive and inexpensive to keep in my car.

👤These glasses are very good. Well made and very nice looking. They have a fabric case. Each time I take them off, I put them in there. They have held up well so far. I have had them for a while now. I took care to put them in the case, but the left side broke off, so there was no way to fix it. They should be put in a hard case. I had them for a few months. I really liked them and it's disappointing.

👤I have 3rd and 4th pairs of this brand. I would like to stop losing them. I bought 2 different styles. You can't do better for the price. They fit me well and are stylish.

👤These work well at blocking out bright sunlight while driving. The glasses make my phone screen hard to see. They look stylish and are good quality.

9. SUNGAIT Lightweight Rectangular Sunglasses Protection

SUNGAIT Lightweight Rectangular Sunglasses Protection

The frame is lightweight. The HD Polarized lens blocks harmful rays. It is a coating. The lens width is 62 millimeters. The bridge is 16 millimeters. 100% Protection against harmful UVA/ UVB and UVC rays. The Fashion Metal Frame has strong rectangular sunglasses.


👤These are the best glasses I've ever gotten for my money, and I buy a lot because I lose or crush them all the time. What do you like? - The arm springs are firm. - The form is symmetrical so the lens don't angle on my face. The tint is dark, but not unreasonable. They fit in my car's overhead glasses enclosure because they fold up compactly. The nose piece is well placed and comfortable, and the glasses sit close to my long eyelashes, so they don't bother me. The metal frame is strong. I have had these for a few months and they still have the lens. - The weight is not bad. They are light enough to not give you a problem after a 500 mile trip, but they don't feel so lightweight as to make you think they are cheap. What could be better? The nose piece is very hard to manipulate. The tint is too dark. Has Sasquatch helped you make a decision? Feel free to mark this review as helpful if you so choose.

👤If you are like me, you don't want to spend more than $10-$20 on sunglasses. The reason for this is because you are certain you will lose or ruin your sunglasses and few people will want to spend a lot of time or energy worrying about it. Life is too short to worry about sunglasses that are too expensive. Spending upwards of $250 on a pair of sunglasses is one of the most annoying things in life because you end up sitting on them, stepping on them, or losing them altogether. Good quality sunglasses are important for eye health. The sun's most damaging rays can cause damage to one's eyes, and proper glasses can help protect them. That can help in the prevention of cataracts. Enter Sungait. The feel, quality, style, and comfort of $100-plus eyewear can be found in Sungait's glasses. Many of their glasses go for under $20, and they are well worth it. I've been wearing my Sungait glasses for 7 weeks now and have worn them on a daily basis. I wore them for several hours and they were still comfortable. They fell out of my pocket, out of a case, and off a table but did not sustain any damage. I have had similar sunglasses in the same price range, but they are much more durable. People have asked where I got them and what brand they were. In the tropics, where the UV index is frequently above 10, the sun's rays block the glare perfectly. They block the surface glare on the ocean so I can see underwater features. I love my Sungaits for all of the reasons. The reason I will be buying these glasses is because they are a superior quality product for a very affordable price.

👤I was worried about buying sunglasses online. When you put on the right pair, you get that vibe. How could it not work out? These steel framed gems fit the bill. The quality is better than I expected. The packaging was top-notch. I know. My experience was amazing. The good news is here. The company stands behind their product like no other. I accidentally stepped on my shoes and ordered them.

10. SOJOS Sunglasses Mirrored SJ2057 Tortoise

SOJOS Sunglasses Mirrored SJ2057 Tortoise

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 60 millimeters. The lens height is 56 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters.

Brand: Sojos

👤I have long lashes. I can't wear most sunglasses because they touch the lens. The pair is perfect. It will not get to the lashes and light weight. It's fit and comfortable. I like it.

👤I was hoping for a bigger one to cover my eyebrows because I have one that is a tad higher than the other. It was difficult to tell if they would. I thought I would try them. I was so glad I did. I like them. If I pull them down a bit, they still look good to me, but I wouldn't wear them that way. I wish the tortoise color showed up more because the negatives are only on flash sale for $3 less. Maybe it will be brighter.

👤I have three pairs of these and just ordered another pair because they aren't holding up well. I keep losing them. I'm lost without them. These are my favorite sunglasses. The pink mirror lens are in all of my frames. I'll probably get a pair in every color. I love these so much that I get tons of praise for them. The price is reasonable and they seem to be well built. They have a cloth bag for storing and a cleaning cloth that I use often. I'll keep buying this pair of Sojos until I die.

👤I am digging them. I love them because they are big sunglasses. They seem to be sturdy. The bridge of my nose is higher than I would prefer, but this will be different for every buyer. There is a These are my top choice when I have to run to the market without makeup. They are packaged in a nice way with a soft cloth and a bag. The bag broke within the first day, and if they sold it with a hard shell case it would be awesome. I am happy in the long run. There is some internal glare back, which is the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5. I can see a reflection in the side of the glasses. They are low in price and high in fashion. I will update in a couple months to see how they hold up. I had to order a second pair after sitting on my first pair. They are cheap. I had no problem with this because they held up well. There is a fake gold plate on the earpieces. You can't tell if those fell off within the first week. Still liking them!

👤These are great. My favorite sunglasses are large. The ends of the arms are like normal sunglasses for those who are concerned with the sharp metal pieces on the ends. They are comfortable with the metal tabs on, but they are not necessary, and they are fine without them. I did a UV flashlight/money UV-strip test with these and they passed, so they offer some UV protection for sure. They are more like a smoke lens than a dark one. oversized sunglasses are the best for me because I have a bigger head than most people. Highly recommended. On the first two, the metal tabs came out without a problem, but on my third pair, they are not coming out by hand. I still love these, so if you're worried about that then reconsider.

11. Polarized Wrap Around Sport Sunglasses

Polarized Wrap Around Sport Sunglasses

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 66 millimeters. Their wrap around sports sunglasses for men and women are 1.1 million square feet. The Nitrogen lens protects your eyes from sun glare and enhances visual clarity. Keep an eye on the ball all day long and not worry about the sun's harmful UV rays. The UV400 filter is used to protect against the harmful rays of the sun. The high performance foam design is designed to go higher, faster, stronger. Their wraparound shades are lightweight and comfortable, and help you stay focused on your favorite activity, such as baseball, golf, tennis, running, fishing, hiking, cycling, or riding a motorcycle.

Brand: Nitrogen

👤I bought these in October of last year. These sunglasses are cheap. I was expecting them to be ok. I live in Florida so I frequently go kayaking and biking there. Eye protection is important. The first thing I noticed was that the glasses fit perfectly, with no light bleed from the nose area or above. I have taken them on over 1,000 miles of biking and kayaking and they have not failed. The temple end piece had a small insignia on it. This does not affect function. The lens are not handled gently and are still scratch free. I am writing this review because I am buying another pair for when and if the original pair fails, and I will break them. These are one of the best value purchases I've made.

👤These are the worst sunglasses. I've owned before. I've had a lot of cheap sunglasses, but never this close to these. There are disagreements over the LENSES. It looks like a funhouse mirror. I felt unwell after a few minutes when I put them on. I told my husband what I thought. He put them on. What is wrong with these? It's hard to get an image of a distorted glasses lens, but if you look at the photo, you can see the reflection of my phone. The color is cool. The polorization is ok. I didn't expect that they would be as good as my husband's. They do a good job of allowing me to spot fish in the water. I wish the lens were better. They would be great for fishing. I can't wear these because of my head spinning. I think I got a bad pair with all the glowing reviews.

👤I've worn these many times while hiking, driving, at the beach, and at sporting events. They fit well and are lightweight on my narrow face. They feel flimsy and the lenses pop out with little pressure but go back in easily. My eyes burn when I use them. If I'm out in the sun for more than 30 minutes, blinking can be a problem. I'm pretty sure they don't offer UV protection. What's the point of sunglasses if they don't protect your eyes from the sun? I have never been so disappointed with sunglasses. Wear at your own risk.

👤I love them! I don't like most sunglasses, but I really like these! I have a small head and these don't fall off or look too big on my face, which is even better! My boyfriend has used them and they look good on him. Don't pull on my hair, don't give me a headaches, and don't pinch me anywhere.

👤I thought these sunglasses would be worth a try, but they exceed my expectations. They are an excellent buy for the price. I feel like they are comfortable enough to keep on for a long period of time and they have the right amount of darkening for me. They came with a small bag that is appropriate for lightly cleaning them as well. My wife thinks they look great on me because they aren't flashy but still seem trendy. They fit close to my face and eyes, which keeps side glare and light out, but not so close as to be uncomfortable. I have a big head. If it helps you assess comfort. I'm very happy with this purchase and will order another pair to keep because I tend to loose a lot of them. I think I will take better care of these because they look and function more expensive. Most people would be happy with these unless you have expensive brands and labels to show off.


What is the best product for best uv 400 protection sunglasses?

Best uv 400 protection sunglasses products from Sojos. In this article about best uv 400 protection sunglasses you can see why people choose the product. Butaby and Carfia are also good brands to look for when you are finding best uv 400 protection sunglasses.

What are the best brands for best uv 400 protection sunglasses?

Sojos, Butaby and Carfia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best uv 400 protection sunglasses. Find the detail in this article. Rocknight, Sojos and Taotaoqi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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