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1. Charger Ssouwao Desktop Charging Wireless

Charger Ssouwao Desktop Charging Wireless

The charging station is enough to charge several devices at the highest possible speed. There are 8 connections, 6 of which are a type-C and one of which is a fast charge. This smartusb charging device is compatible with a lot of digital devices. When you charge your devices in this intelligent charging station, the LCD display technology automatically senses the current and voltage of each port on the screen, and displays the charging status in real time. All equipment should be protected in all directions. ULTRA POWERFUL8 ports desktop USB charging Hub pump out total 60W of power 12A output at quick full speed, much faster than they did on a regular USB wall charger. The multi port charging station is your best travel companion. Her Dad's parents give nice packaging as gifts for him. The Universalusb charger has built-in safeguards against overcharging, over-current and over-voltage protection and is fire resistant. COMFORTABLE LIFE13.3CM You can attach it to the desk with Silicone because it is non-slip at the bottom. All electronic devices can be charged with the eight ports and wireless charging. The multiport charger is convenient for the whole family to charge their phones and tablets.

Brand: Ssouwao

👤I had high hopes that this charger could be used as a power supply for a cluster of 4 pis. It would have been great to be able to monitor the power consumption of the individual Pi nodes.

👤It's a good product. I have given it a rating, but what it can do does not justify the price tag. It doesn't fast charge my device, it struggles to charge my friend's Ijoy, and it doesn't fast charge my oculus quest 2. It's lightweight, it doesn't require multiple boxes for charging, and it removes a lot of desk space. I would rate it much higher if I had to pay 35 for a regular charging station.

👤I would have given it 5 stars, except that the wirelesss charger got really hot on the first use, and has not done it again. There are no instructions in the box. I thought their might be a display settings function, that is, display on/off, display type. I can do that math on my own, but Watts would be nice. Watts is W. The wireless charging display alternates between the two batteries, but the current display only shows A. The product description states that the charging status of the device can be monitored in real time by the display on the screen. The photo in the ad shows port 7 with the current displayed in A and V. I don't have to remove the cover on my other wireless chargers because it won't charge with Incipio cover. The display reads 90% when the wireless charging is used.

👤The reason I like this one so much is that it has a display that lets you know when the charge is over and it's the same type of technology that I've used before in other types of chargers. I have multiple needs forusb charging, for instance I have battery operated lights that go into my cabinets and I wanted something that would charge all of them at once, so I plugged them all in and they all got charged within a reasonable amount of time. The phone is pro 6. I love the way charged. I wouldn't travel with this because it doesn't come with a travel bag and it has a wireless charging port, but if you lay it on top it has a wireless charging port. It's not something you want to pack to travel on long distances unless you're going to take your laptop along and travel with it.

👤If you have more than one controller, headphones, and gaming peripherals that need to be charged, you may have a problem with the limited number of ports on the PS5. The issues are alleviated by this charger. I can now use this charger to charge my headphones, motion controllers, 2 game pad controllers, and a couple of tablets, since I have my expansion drive, headset, and headphones in my gaming console. Would buy again if we could have one for our entryway table where we charge our cellphones.

2. Desktop Charging Portable Smartphone Extension

Desktop Charging Portable Smartphone Extension

The design of the charging station enables simultaneous charging of multiple devices. You can apply to all of your devices that are plugged in. The small design of the tower hub makes it a good travel companion for you, and it's easy to fit into your backpack or pocket. 6ft cord saves your desk space. Each port of the charger desktop provides optimal current for each port, 2.4A Max for single port and 5A Max overall. Does not support the Quick Charge. FCC and DOE6 certificated, Certified Safety. The Flame-resistant PC material protects your devices from short circuit, over current, over voltage or static. The Bull 4-Port charging station comes with a user manual, a money back guarantee, and a friendly customer service.

Brand: Bull

👤This is a really nice charging device. I can charge my devices without using any of my outlets. It charges very fast. It has a small white light on top, which is not ideal for use as a small night light, but for some it may be nice. It may be an issue for people who like complete darkness at night. The problem was solved by tuning in upside down.

👤We love it. It works well for 4-5 months now. It's not a problem to charge 4 at a time. It saves us a lot of cords and requires a lot of outlets in a hotel room. We bought a pack of white cords and they work great, nice tight connection on everything we've charged This contraption is called "The Squid".

👤This is a good choice if you're looking for a cheap connection. It's small and looks like it charges four things at once. The power cord is stiff and not flexible. It's light and will move around. The bottom is not made to keep it from sliding. Good, not great.

👤I use this device to charge my devices. The device with the lowest battery percentage seems to charge faster than the device with the highest battery percentage.

👤I like it a lot. I used a command strip to put it on my side table. Works well.

👤I need to charge multiple devices at once and this is exactly what I need. It was reery cheap. I wanted it. I purchased it and plugged it in and charged my phone. If you have a vehicle with an outlet plug line at home, you can take this with you on long drives so you can play games, listen to music, or message friends when life gets boring.

👤I bought this for my trip home to Cali because I wanted to charge my apple devices from one outlet rather than several. This thing was amazing because my mom's house is old and limited on outlets. It fit perfectly in my travel bag and kept everything charged when I needed it. I highly recommend this product.

👤I can charge up to 4 items at once. We keep this on the table in the living room so we can charge up at night. When it is plugged in, there is a light that shows. When we travel, I take it with me.

3. Seenda Wireless Charging Station Multiple

Seenda Wireless Charging Station Multiple

The ICH-66 charging station has a built-in 9V/2.7A AC adapter, a smartusb-a port, and a charging holder for Apple and AirPods. The charging distance can reach up to 8mm with better function and dual coils design, the wireless charging stand is compatible with all wireless charging devices. The wireless stand has a support angle that can be adjusted. This charging stand is built with an intelligent chip that will help you find the optimal charging current for your device. The efficiency of the charging stations is improved by the fact that they have 5 fast charging ports, which can deliver up to 5V/2.4 A Max current at full speed. In addition to regular safety measures, seenda ICH-66 charger station also implements a smart chip to regulate current and voltage in the safe range, with over-current protection, over-voltage protection and over-temperature protection as well as foreign object. The charging station organizers can charge multiple devices at the same time, without the need for a bunch of charging cables. The strong baffle is made of strengthenedABS material to protect your devices from falling. The charging base has an anti-slip design so that it won't move or flip, to make sure that your phone is protected.

Brand: Seenda

👤Just arrived 5/1. This is a good buy for the money. It was easy to set up and organize my device charging. I have had an iPad Air, an Apple Watch, and an Apple AirPods at the same time. I switched out one of the iPhones with a fire tablet and still all of them charge at the same time. If you have a child cover on the fire tablet, it will have to come off so you can put the phone on the charge. If you have a bulky Air Pod Case, you can just pull the cord up and push it down as you rest it back on the AirPods spot. I have not heard any buzzing or seen any hotspots. I wish they had included more Apple cords. I chose to use the cords that they supplied for the outside ports, I think it makes it look better from a cable management perspective. You have to use your own charging cord. I used my own Air Pod cord. There is plenty of space underneath the compartment to hold all the cords. The Air Pod spot is supposed to be the one where the supplied cords are supposed to be. They also supplied a cord for the computer.

👤I like it. My soon to be 13 year old needed this to be organized. The pieces are strong. You can add your own charging cords. My niece will be going to college in the fall and I will be purchasing another one for her.

👤The product is made from cheap plastic. The cheap plastic makes assembling not much fun. I would recommend selling this item for $9.99. This is two weeks later. The Apple Watch is no longer charged at the charging station. I had to wait an hour for the Apple Watch to charge on a different charge because it was dead. My hammer was grabbed off the wall by this hunk of plastic junk. I hit this good for nothing piece of shit with a mighty swing. There are zero stars.

👤Thank you for including the charging cables. You can pick which of the 3 spots on the side you use most. Wireless charging and Apple Watch make 6. There is a hack that excludes Apple Watch/ Air Pods cables. If you don't want to use this to charge your Apple Watch/Air Pods, you can feed the cables through the stand for the watch/airpods. It is a little small. It works. I attached the stand piece backwards to make it less hinky looking until I buy a watch and a pair of headphones. The unit is flat and requires some basic assembly. I didn't need the directions.

👤The best charging hub you can buy is this one. I've owned a few other ones that I liked, but I've never found one that could charge my iPad Pro 12.9. I don't think I want to pay for the ones that I have found which are about a hundred dollars. This thing works well. I like the way the watch charges on the ground, instead of hanging in the air like some of the other ones. Sometimes it wouldn't sit right and didn't charge, which made waking up to a dead watch even worse. I can put my iPad Pro, keyboard, and mouse in the dividers. All at once. It comes with three cables to charge your devices, but I don't like that. I had to use my own type c to charge the keyboard. That was the only thing I didn't like about this hub. I love this charging hub. I would recommend this to anyone with multiple devices.

4. Charging Station Products Removable AirPods

Charging Station Products Removable AirPods

You will get a Yuwiss wireless phone charging station, built in 5 feet ofusb cable. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution that is satisfactory. 3 in 1 charity station Only one cable is needed to charge your Apple products in one place. 3 in 1 charging station is equal to one wireless charging station for iWatch, one phone charging stand, and one charging dock for AirPods. Get rid of the mess and easy-charming. The charging stand hides the charging cables. One cable to charge the whole stand eliminates extra cables. Consolidate your devices and use less space in your space. It's suitable for both home and office use. Charging time is fast, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge. You can adjust the phone holder by adjusting the screw and lightning port. It's suitable for different thickness of the phone case. Your case fits perfectly into the design and will charge with or without it. It's easy to ascend and descend. Ultra easy to assemble with detailed instructions. It's convenient to fit it in the backpack because of the design and size. It is a great gift for a Christmas gift, a Thanksgiving gift or a birthday gift. There is unrestricted companybility. For most apple devices, the charging station is perfect. It is compatible with the Apple iWatch 7/6/6/2/1/SE and the AirPods 1/2/3/Pro. Plus/SE.

Brand: Movay

👤The charging stand is amazing. I was surprised to see that it charged my phone in 30 seconds. It has a single cable. Fast charging! It charges any Apple device, including the Apple Watch. It can charge most phones. The case I have on my phone is a defender from OtterBox. The charging stand is not too heavy. It has four pads on the bottom so it won't get bumped. The main reason I like this charging stand is that it performs very well and it feels very high-quality. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I like this one more than the other one I bought. The other brands require you to fish the charge cord up in the maze in the base, but this one has the cord made into the base. This one has an option to adjust the back rest for the phone so you can fit different cases with out removing the phone from the case. There is a charge port for your earbuds and a charge stand for the Apple Watch. It is easy to assembly. I will be buying more of this brand for Christmas gifts because I am really satisfied with it.

👤I gave it a few days before I reviewed to make sure I was not excited about something new. It was easy to put together and was delivered quickly. It is built with strong material and looks very sturdy. All my devices have been charged at the same time. The built in charge is great. There are no more multi cord issues. All devices on the dock will be charged evenly and quickly. This is definitely worth the price.

👤I was offered a replacement in the 1/7/22 update. The newer model seems to have solved the problem of losing constant charging. After a few weeks, stopped working. Old review is related to old review. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing If the Apple Watch battery is not charging, move it. At first I only got 40% charging, but I was able to move the watch to more squarley and it started charging again. The charging stations try to get your phone into the charging port. I have a case for my phone that throws the phone's port off when I insert it. I don't think this will last over time. I wish the cord was longer. I want the designers to make a desk that is height appropriate and put the product on it with several computer monitors. The cord is too short for my situation, as the phone hits the bottom of my monitors.

👤I have a pop sockets on my phone that doesn't allow it to charge on a wireless chargers, so I love the idea of this. I decided to give the watch a try even though it wouldn't fully charge. Nope! The phone and AirPods work, but the watch won't. It would never charge it more than a few percent by the morning even though it is charging when I put it on. I don't know if it has to do with size or not, I use a 38mm watch, so I don't know if the bigger sizes stay more in place and Charge fine. They didn't consider the smaller size, but I really wanted this to work and gave it a week, and even tried to set things under the watch to lift it up, but it wouldn't charge it all the way. I use an extension cord and it worked fine for me.

5. LENUMB QC Charging Station Certified

LENUMB QC Charging Station Certified

The fastest charging station with two 20W ports is the one used for the iPhone 13 and 12 series. Apple and other Apple devices support the use of theusb-c power delivery technology that delivers higher levels of power than standard charging. If you need a quick battery boost, a 10-minute charge with theusb-c-PD might be all you need. Qualcomm QC 3.0 Fast ChargingQC 3.0 Rapidly charge your compatible devices from zero to 80% in 35 minutes, 50% faster than traditional chargers. It is compatible with Quick Charger 2.0/ Quick Charger 3.0 intelligent identification equipment. For optimum performance, use original authentic certified cables. There are 7 mixedusb cables, 9in short, that come with 2usb-c to lphone cables, 1usb-c to usb-c cable, 1usb-a to lphone cable, and 2usb-a to micro cable. You don't need to plug a bunch of wall chargers into your power outlet for every phone and tablet you have because there are no more cluttered cables. Keep everything in one place and it's nice and clean. The charging station can meet the needs of different electronic devices. The base and baffles can be separated. You have enough space to fiddle with your devices if you choose which baffles are left. The station is easy to carry and can save a lot of space. If you don't use the charging station, you can turn it off. It's suitable for home use on kitchen counter, desk, nightstand or classroom. Certified Safety & Universal CompatibilityLENUMB multi usb charger has cutting-edge circuitry and Protection again over charging, over-heating, over-voltage, and short circuit. Surge protection keeps your appliances safe. The charging station for multiple devices is manufactured under strict quality standards. Contact them if you have a problem. Excellent customer service and a warranty free after-sale for Lenumb customers. They are happy to help you solve it, so please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Lenumb

👤I've been trying to find a new charging station for almost a year. The biggest issue I'm finding is the size of the spacing. If you have kids, you need a bulky case for your phone or tablets. My previous station was able to hold up to 5 devices. When removing half of the dividers, the newer ones only allow for up to 3 devices. I wish the dividers weren't so close together because they are not enough room. The plug in the back prevents it from being moved against a wall. It looks less streamlined now that it sticks out about 2 inches. The space divider for ear buds is useless unless you have an apple watch. The stand for the galaxy watch is useless because it's larger. I'll show the differences when I can.

👤It was great at first. One of the charging ports stopped working one week after the return window. I would look for something else. This product has broken a brand new Ipad 9th generation and a set of Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. The ipad never charged after being plugged in and sitting overnight. The iPad wouldn't charge after I tried another charge. Returned thinking it was faulty. The same thing happened a week later with a brand new set of headphones. Once the headphones were plugged in, they stopped working. The headphones won't work with any other chargers. Don't buy this product and buy a legit brand.

👤I am happy to announce that this charging station is just perfect, I had looked high and low for a good multi-charging station. I have had no problems with it for a couple of months. It comes with more than enough quick charging ports plus the regular ones, a plus that was missed when reading the details about this product, it comes with multiple different sizedusb cables that are about six inches long, so if you're like me, you're not going to like looking It's easy to assemble holds my iPad and keyboard upright without any wiggle room, my devices are held in place firmly. It was worth every penny. I would buy this one again if I needed a second one.

👤I was amazed to find this when I was trying to find a charging station for my needs. The price was in the range I was looking for and it was one of the best purchases I have ever gotten. It comes with extra cables that you can use for more than one device, and the charging ports are really handy when you want to charge your device. There is a power switch in the back which I am happy about because I can always switch it off if I need to, and they also give you an extra baffle which you can use if you need it. Depending on the size of your case, the baffle can be removed and reinstalled once you're done. The fast charging ports help out when you need to work on things on your tablets without the battery draining at the same time. I use this station when I travel and it is one of my go to charging stations. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good charging station and needs something handy to use.

6. GLANA Portable Charging Compatible Multiple

GLANA Portable Charging Compatible Multiple

The Charging Tower has 6 protections. Short circuit protection, over charge protection, over temperature protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, over charge protection, over temperature protection, over current protection, over charge protection, over temperature protection, over charge protection, over charge protection, over charge protection, over charge 3 in 1 Charging Station with Wide Compatibility 3 in 1 charging station compatible with Apple Watch Series 7/6/SE/6/2/1 and iWatch Nike+/Herms. Plus and an Apple device 7/7. Plus/6S/6S Plus. All charging cables are built-in. There are two built-in charging plugs for the iWatch and two built-in charging plugs for the Apple products. It's small to make your desk look neat. A single cable charges all 3 devices at the same time, no more messing and avoiding charging cables knotting and twining. Follow the user manual to turn on the built-in charger. Plug in multiple devices and connect the included cable. This charging station is compatible with Apple devices with only one outlet on the back, so you don't have to re-wire them yourself. It looks better than having a lot of cords. The Ultra Slim &Foldable Design is 160x66x9mm/6.3x 2.6x0.35in. The charging stand is portable and lightweight. It's perfect for your home, kitchen, bedroom, office, business trips, holidays, travels and so on. A charging station for multiple devices is a good choice for a gift. 3 in One Charging Stand, 10W Adapter, Padding, and Type-C Cable. 10W or above is recommended. Brand new and high quality. Fast Delivery and reliable after-sale service, and a free replacement for damaged or wrong item shipped. If you have a question, please contact them. They will try to provide the most sincere service they can.

Brand: Glana

👤I love this stand. I have a similar one in rose gold that I liked but it did not have built in cables for each device so I have 3 separate cords dangling in the back of the dock which is annoying. This one has a single cord in the back that powers the whole dock. I usually have to take my AirPods out of the case for it to charge on my other dock, but it works just fine on this one. You will love this if you need to charge multiple things at the same time.

👤I thought it wasn't big enough to support my phone watch. I was wrong. This is my favorite charging station. I put it on my desk or on my bed. I put some sticky stuff on the corner so it won't move. I love it! It is a must buy.

👤Wouldn't charge the apple series. I bought another one from somewhere else. Will come back.

👤This is amazing! It's perfect for home/work space and travel. The use of unnecessary cords is eliminated. It is a one stop shop for your charging needs. We love it.

👤I think it was produced well and even with the ability to break down and back up again with solid moving parts. The biggest plus for me was that it was only one. I used to have an Apple charge for my phone, watch, and airbuds. It's not that big of a deal when you have a low profile charger and a cord that you can use, and you don't have to worry about cords. Other apple cords are a great buy.

👤I received a product for free in return for a review. I love the item's function. I tried to make sure that the phone and watch combo worked, my husband will get the AirPods for Christmas, so he will be able to add those on to the phone and watch combo. He had a lot of wires and stuff on his night stand. If you're looking for a simple way to organize your electronics, this is a great product.

👤The aipods and watch have a charging port. The one for the phone is questionable. It charges when the phone is plugged in, but it seems like the part that holds the phone upright is a little flimsy, and the weight of the phone can cause it to disengage from the charging port a little. To be safe, place your phone in a safe place and double check that it's charging. It could be the case on my phone. Most people use a case on their phones for protection, so not taking that into consideration during the design process seems like a problem.

👤I'm Hi. I really wanted to dislike this product, but I can. Here is the reason why. My wife gave me a charging hub as a birthday present and I really like it. I like the idea that I can charge all my devices at the same hub. One of the lighting ports broke off while I was using this charging hub. I wouldn't say that I was careless or abusing it. I bought another unit because it was convenient, but after just two days of regular use, the lighting port broke off and I had to use another unit. The quality of this unit is not good and reliable.

7. Unitek Charging Adjustable Organizer Compatible

Unitek Charging Adjustable Organizer Compatible

The Charging Dock Station has 10 ports, every port has a built-in BC1.2 protocol, and supports Apple devices with a 5V/2.4A fast charge. The total output power is 60W. It is perfectly compatible with your devices. The design of the Detachable Baffle is similar to the design of the Removable Dividers. You can assemble theremovable bezel according to your needs. The width of the baffle can be adjusted. Safety can prevent overcharging. The battery will stop working if it reaches 100%. The smart IC can detect the best charging speed. The perfect charge should be given to each device. Stable and safe charging is what you can provide. The power supply is listed on the FCC and is certified by the RoHS organization. The charging station device will allow you to place your mobile phone, tablets and other devices in a neat and orderly manner. There are no wires on the table. It's a great charging station for offices, kitchens, bedrooms, counters, tables and bedside tables. 24h friendly customer service and email support is what they offer. Also, note: The charging cables are not included.

Brand: Unitek

👤This can hold a lot of electronic devices. The only thing I don't like is that the dividers don't snap in, they fall out whenever a device is removed.

👤I was curious to see if this item came with charging cords. It comes with ten cables, but not a single one. I can see that there is no charging cords included in the description. You should be prepared to buy short charging cables. I don't understand why this product would want you to use your normal long cords instead of putting a huge bird nest of wires in one spot.

👤If I didn't buy a pack of extra cables, I would be really angry. I noticed that the puppy didn't have any cables when I set it up. I ordered a back of type c cables in case I needed more. This should have come with at least one of each type. There is a The price and what you get isn't worth it. Go buy one that has cables already. There is a You might have some laying around. I wanted short ones for cable management. The unit charges well. There is plenty of ports and slot trays.

👤It's convenient to have everything at my fingertips and all charged, I have 2 IPad pro, 1 mini IPad, 1 I Pod, 1 Iphone, 1 iPhone, and 2 Microsoft Surfaces plugged in and ready to go.

👤The charging station does not have a power cord. The price I paid for everything was not what I had expected. I should have read the fine print.

👤The charging station is perfect for charging multiple devices. I wish the outlet was on the other side of the device. It is working well so far.

👤After less than a month, the product stopped charging more than one device at a time.

👤The pictures look better. If you look at them too hard, the dividers will fall out. It is annoying. It is convenient to charge a lot at once.

👤The dock works with many devices. I don't feel like buying short cords for all my devices, so I wrapped my cords shorter. The only issue I found was the loose divider tabs. If you don't put your devices in a gentle way, they will pop out of their sockets. It's great for organization.


👤If you have a large family with a lot of electronic devices, you will have trouble keeping a track of the respective cables and chargers, and most likely don't have an easy way of keeping everyones devices topped up. The mass device charger has 10xusb. Each port provides 5v 2.4a of charging power. It allows you to stack devices neatly across it. You would like it. It does not come with any cables shown in the pictures, so you will need to supply your own. The unit comes with a small power supply which is the same size as a laptop supply, but it also comes two figure 8 plugs to the US and UK. The power supply has multi-stage protection with built-in surge protection so it won't damage devices it's charging. The power supply and charging plate didn't get warm even with 10 devices plugged in. It seems efficient that there are lots of fins on the charger to allow heat to be dissipated. Depending on what you plug in, it will adjust the charging rate. The noise output is not built in and the power source was silent, so there is no fan. The charging plate where your devices plug in feels a little cheap. The charging plate only has basic circuitry because the power supply does most of the work and is external. The design has multiple slots where you can fit a divider in order to rest any size device. There is a blue light on the side. All my devices started charging instantly after plugging in 10 different devices of varying power requirements. I can neatly arrange my devices with the help of the spacers. The external power supply looks and feels high-quality, and I am confident that the charging plate will do a good job for years of use. If you found my review helpful, please let me know.

8. Charger Multi Port Charging Station´╝î Wireless

Charger Multi Port Charging Station%EF%BC%8C Wireless

The current Intelligent Balance Tech Charger Station automatically distributes the matching current for connected devices, never violent charging, and no harm for battery. The Quick Charge 3.0 and thePD charger are designed to deliver the fastest charge to almost any device. Your phone must support wireless charging. The real high-quality charger uses fire-retardant material PC +ABS, stable quality and reliable, and has short-circuit protection, overload protection, temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-charge protection. A high-quality mobile phone charging station. If you have any quality problems after you receive the product, please send them a message and they will replace it for you.

Brand: Fuhaoxuan

👤The charging station is loud. Don't get me wrong, it's a great battery. The function on top is awesome. It has a lot of ports and quick charge. I use it at my work station to charge two phones and run a few accessories. It's clean. The display shows the output. It makes a lot of noise when charging. It sounds like an old computer. I'm used to it, since I was in the 90s. I would expect products to be quiet now. I would give it a 4 star and not a 5. It's been a few weeks now of using this. There is still a problem with the noise. The wireless charging is not consistent. Sometimes it will work and then stop. I'm not sure what's going on with it. It continues to serve it's purpose. The rating has been updated because of the issue of wireless charging.

👤This has everything I need in a charging station. QI charging, wireless charging, andPD charging. There are only two issues with it. 1. The charging stops when the phone is fully charged. It does not turn back on. If you put it on the charge at night, it will be an issue. After you turn off your phone, it will charge and discharge normally. In the morning, you will never have a 100% charge. 2. There is a bright light on the display. Next to my bed, I have this on my nightstand. The room is brighter than a normal nightlight. It turns off after a few minutes, but then restarts every night. I cut out a strip of cardboard to tape to the front of the house so we could sleep. I still enjoy it. I will probably use it on my desk. It is not near a bed. All the charging options work.

👤A well-built unit that can power a lot of devices. There are multiple high-speed charging ports and onePD port. The pros are 1. The display shows the charging power for each connected device. 2. The built-in wireless charging pad is a nice addition to the power station and performs as expected, just like my other charging pads. 3. The devices charge at a satisfactory rate. The lights on the unit will be triggered by sensitivity to touch. The unit powers on even when I tap the table. 2. The charging speed of my iPad Pro is slower than the charging speed of my power station, but all should be able to charge the device at the same speed. 3. When I connect a portable power bank to a bank that isn't capable of being re- charged at, it charges incredibly slow or doesn't charge at all. The same cables are used to charge the power station. I am not sure what the issue is. One of the big selling points for me was getting a unit with ausb-c port and this has been a let down.

👤The only thing that didn't work was the wireless charging part because it started heating up and wouldn't do anything anymore. I had it for 2 days. I assume it is faulty.

9. JACKYLED Portable Charging Compatible Nightstand

JACKYLED Portable Charging Compatible Nightstand

The maximum output is 36W and it will detect your devices automatically. You can charge your devices at the same time. The Quick Charge 3.0 port is 4 times faster than a normal port. All-round safety protection is provided by the JACKYLED USB charging station, which can protect your valuable devices in all dimensions. This hub is perfect for home office charging, as well as essentials like dorm room, travel hotel, etc. The palm-sized hub is easy to carry and portable. Travel accessories for phones and other devices are excellent. It is recommended that you do not use it near places with low ignition point. Always check the status of the indicator. It will blink when the ports are full, please plug in connected devices to restore the ports.

Brand: Jackyled

👤I bought this device in September. It stopped working today. Plugging into multiple outlets. Can't find a way to contact the company.

👤It is easy to connect. One port is faster than the others. I am satisfied with the product. It is easy to connect because you can push down.

👤I stopped working after 30 days. Returned for a different device.

👤The charging stopped after the second day.

👤The brand that had aremovable cord was replaced with this. The old one would come unplugged from the back when I plugged it into the front. I like that the plugs are not just front facing, they are angle up. I leave it plugged in all the time and have not seen any heating problems.

👤I wanted to like this product. Its small, light weight to it. It took 8 hours to charge a cellphone. You do the math.

👤The charging cord is attached to a charger that emits a faint but very annoying high pitched frequency whenever there is a charging device attached to it. Plug the cord. The noise stops. Plug it in and the screeching begins again. I can't sit next to it all day because I bought it to sit on my desk. I feel like my ears are bleeding. It is not loud but it is terrible. I thought I could ignore it, but I couldn't make it through a day before I stopped charging my phone. I could stop it. I mean the noise. My advice? Look somewhere else.

👤Terrible. We had this for a couple of weeks and it charged nicely. My son picked it up and the bottom fell off. Not recommended!

10. COSOOS Charging Electronics Organizer Multiple

COSOOS Charging Electronics Organizer Multiple

The Easter Gift, Docking Station, and 6 Phone Charging Stations are must-haves for Dad, mum, students, family, hotel or company. COSOOS multiusb charging station is a one-stop charging solution for multiple devices, it works smoothly with mostusb powered device but not iPad Pro. The cables are compatible with the following: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, 12 Pro, 12 mini, 11 Pro, Xs, Xs Max, Xr, X. There are 5, 5s, 5c, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, iWatch, and AirPods Pro. Don't buy charging cords again. No more cables that are cluttered. You don't have to plug in a bunch of chargers for your phone and tablets. The COSOOS electronics charging station is nice and clean. TheRemovable Baffle Design can be easily separated. You have enough space to charge your devices, lying flat or sideways, if you choose to leave one of the baffles. It's easy to carry a charging dock on the go. There are 7 baffles, 1 iWatch stand, 7 short usb charging cables. COSOOS Charging stations own cutting-edge circuitry and protect against short-circuit, over-voltage, over current, over-charge and travels friendly input voltage range of 100 - 240 volts. The premium copper wire has high quality control. You can give a memorable gift.

Brand: Cosoos

👤When the charging station arrived, I was very happy. It worked well for our family of five, four of which were on the iPad and one on the iPhone. After four months, one of the iPhone cables stopped working. The cables were immediately sent by the company, and they are back to normal. That is great customer service. It is a nicely made product and doesn't take up a lot of space. It is not a fast charge, but it is right for when we put the phones on.

👤The first lightning cable failed within a day of being put in service, but I would have rated this station a 5. The charging station is good. Even with their cases on, my family's iPad and iPhones fit well in the slots. If you buy it, you may need more reliable charging cables. When I posted my original review, the company reached out to me and immediately sent me replacement cables. Excellent customer service. I would buy from them again.

👤3 of the ports do not charge any devices, now after a few months of work. A new one was sent within 2 days. It works as it should. It was a nice experience with them. They have a one-year warranty and you should definitely contact them if you need to.

👤Problems were solved in my house. I didn't like hanging cords and devices in the house. Everyone puts their devices at the station at the end of the day, and it has a charging station for all of them. I don't use it for my iWatch, but it has a place for it. I charge it in another place. Even with cases on each device, it's great. It's now well organized and I'm happy.

👤The charging stand came with the cords I needed. We have a lot of Apple products, but only one phone, so the one Lightning Cables and the oneUSB-C is perfect. The stand is useful for the watch. It works for us because it comes with two watch stands for more options. It makes a lot of noise when phones are on because the stand vibrates.

👤I received the charging station the same day I ordered it. I can charge 5 phones and an Apple watch at the same time on a self contained unit. It has 5 lightning cables, 1 microusb, and 1 usb-c. The dividers are very easy to use and will fit phones of different sizes. There is a mount for the Apple Watch. The mounting piece for the Apple Watch magnetic charging cable has a channel molded into it that fits the charging cable. The setup was easy and the cables seem to be of good quality. I only had it set up for 10 minutes, but so far everything is as advertised. I would recommend this product.

👤A family of 5 has a lot of electronic devices and power cords. The docking station is small and can fit the phones in the slots. The counter is so neat because of the rapid charge. It's wonderful that it has extra connections. A great purchase, lots of space. Definitely recommend.

11. Adjustable Dividers Charging Multiple Organizer

Adjustable Dividers Charging Multiple Organizer

10 Fast 2.4A Charging Ports can charge up to 10 devices at the same time. Up to 5V2.4A of power per port is provided by BC1.2 technology. You can keep your devices on your counter or desktop. The power supply is certified safety. Each charging station is equipped with a safety system that protects against over-charging, over-heating, over-voltage and short-circuiting. Surge protection keeps your devices safe and the display indicates charging status. You can adjust the width of theremovable divider to any size you need, hold your devices in the thick cases, and prevent them from being scratched. The Kid-Proof Case is perfect for the Fire Kids Edition Tablet. It works for all iPad generations, even in protective cases. Smart IC can distribute the perfect charge to each charging device individually and simultaneously. When the battery is full, charging will stop. Surge protection keeps your appliances safe. 24h friendly customer service and email support is what they offer. Also, note: The charging cables are not included.

Brand: Unitek

👤I got this because I was tired of seeing all the gadgets lined up on the table and occupying the space. The big problem was solved after this station. There are 3 ipods in the house. Everyone has their own smart watches or gadgets. Everyone is fighting for the space on the table or corner. I decided to get this to see if it resolves the issues in the house, but I was a bit worried that this station would not be able to hold the iPad pro 13 The rubber grip on the bottom of the station makes it hold well. I think the long station is better because I can put a lot of stuff on the top, not just phones, and we need the space to arrange them as well. I clean up a corner to charge the watch. I was annoyed that the station didn't have charging cords. It would be difficult for them to include all the different types of charging cables for you because all the gadgets come with different types of charging cables. I went ahead and bought those short cables but found out that I don't need all of them, so I advise you to try it and see if you really need the long cords. We are very happy that we found a solution to the crowded situation.

👤I lend out the iPad to children in the hospital. The charging station's dividers are flimsy and can break or pop out at any time. The iPads I'm charging are heavier than the ones without a case, because they are in an Otterbox case. Sometimes the dividers collapse, causing my iPad to fall off the shelf on which I have the charging station, and other times the dividers collapse, causing my iPad to domino effect. It was disappointing. I wanted a charging station that I could use quickly and easily to charge a lot of iPad. This isn't the product for me.

👤I like this thing. There is a special time of the day when all the kids' phones are required to be docked. Each device has its own slot and the owner's name is marked using a label maker. It is easy to know who hasn't turned in their device when "no screen time" begins. You can set your own phone to do not disturb mode and enjoy dinner with your kids or a board game. They will be bored enough to hang out with their parents. I think it's a funny word.

👤It arrived on time and helped to clean up the desktop. I have a lot of different things, and they are arranged nicely for charging. It uses a DC adaptor instead of a direct 110V input, which is not bad. It's 9 inches wide and it makes a dense charging station when you have thick cases. The Apple watch is taking more charging area. I'm glad to buy it before the school starts.

👤My class is using the charging station in order to use the Amazon books. I am very impressed so far. You can change the dividers to fit the kindle in a way that's perfect. It's easy for my 2nd graders to charge their own books. We are very pleased with this product.


What is the best product for best usb charging station iphone?

Best usb charging station iphone products from Ssouwao. In this article about best usb charging station iphone you can see why people choose the product. Bull and Seenda are also good brands to look for when you are finding best usb charging station iphone.

What are the best brands for best usb charging station iphone?

Ssouwao, Bull and Seenda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best usb charging station iphone. Find the detail in this article. Movay, Lenumb and Glana are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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