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1. Key Power Charging Qualcomm Certified

Key Power Charging Qualcomm Certified

If you are not satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund or replacement. You can change the way you charge with the dual-ports of the Quick Charge 3.0. The design is portable, well-organized and space-saving. The input range of AC 100V-240V is compatible with all 5V devices. With the built-in multi-protection system and premium microchips, no worry to the event of over-voltage, over-current, overheating or short circuits, perfectly protect your device. The package includes a 6-ports charging station, a power cord and straps. 30-day money-back guarantee or 1-year warranty.

Brand: Key Power

👤The purpose of this was to setup our desk in our guest room. This worked out great. This one has a cord so it can be at table height, which is great for people with physical disabilities, and we put it right on the desk because nobody has to go down to the floor to plug things in. The quick charge works well. Unlike most charging hubs, this one doesn't have a cumulative or shared total. You can plug in 2 tables, 2 phones, and 2 phones at the same time. You can only plug in one device at a time, not every slot can be used at high speed, and it's not a hub where you can use every slot at high speed. In 20 minutes, the entire company was completely empty. There is enough power to use the device and charge it. The guests didn't have to pack and unpack all their equipment, which was nice. I sent everyone the link because they love it. This did everything it should and I have nothing bad to say. If I asked for a feature, it would be to have some lights to find the Plugins at night and something to tell us it is working. Some people will disagree that it is nice to have no lights for sleeping.

👤I usually charge random electronics during my night sleep by plugging in 2 differentusb cards. The smell of burning plastic from theusb charging device woke me up in the middle of the night. I noticed that the charge began to burn. The desk had an explosion on it. It started smoking and melted electronics. The room was ablaze. My pets were injured by not having smoke from the fire. The apartment was burned down by theusb charging device. The fire was large. I contacted the company last week. I was told that theusb charging device will burn up occasionally. The smell of overheating electronics was so strong that it could be smelled from the house. Customer support is useless.

👤When it arrived, I had my voltage testers with me, so I thought about taking an accuracy reading on this thing. The charging station is more compact and sturdy than it looks on the seller's page. It's charging capability is accurate. It is capable of being a bit more generous. I got a max total wattage reading of 67. The 3.0 ports can basically do what any 3amp 12-15W charger can do, and the 2.4 ports had the same readings I got from my fast charger.

👤Is it possible to charge my phone from the QC 3.0 ports? The Accu Bat application shows that it is over 2 Amps at max or over 10 Amps. This is the same as the fast charge that comes with the phone. There are only two ports that can charge quickly. The other 3 ports have a slower charge of just a few watt. The charging rate never seems to happen. I'm happy with that. I'm giving it 5 stars because it does a good job. If it dies early, I will change it to a 1 star review. It's a good thing that fingers crossed. On April 7th, 2001 The overall review was lowered to 2 stars because of the cheap AC andusb connections. I'm going to throw this thing away as the connections got loose and fell out. It was good when it was new, but it quickly got loose. The hardware is junk.

2. Powstick Charging Organizer Smartphones Electronics

Powstick Charging Organizer Smartphones Electronics

Alxum is a professional full of patient customer services. The Powstick Charging station for multiple devices, 6 in 1USB Charger station, and an organized one are all part of the NEAT & ORGANIZED. There are 3 cables for phone products, 2 microusb and 1 type C for other electronics. There is a charger station organizer. Everything should be powered and organized. You can find extra charging cables on Amazon. Plug and charge does not require assembly or installation. Kids can't misplace the Pads if they don't keep track of them. The multiple device charging organizer is for lost wall charging cables. The Charging Station is great for family, kids and guests. The ideal case for this would be the owastick multi port charger Station with 2 wider divers, support tablets with keyboard covers, power bank and most bulky cases. The cover has an anti-slip rubber base. You can organize your electronics on the charging stand. The ideal station is for kids devices. The lower slot on the first line is a good place to hold your phone or tablets as it docks and charges. A Pads, phones and Tabs holder is also included. When you are working or cooking, keep your hands off the kitchen counter. There is a great show mode charging dock. 60W power is enough to charge 6 tablets at the same time, each port up to 2.4A, which is more than enough for most low power charging stations.

Brand: Powstick

👤There are multiple mobile devices in our house hold. The charging station has a lot of space for multiple devices. There is a big slot for holding my iPad. The charging power is good. In under 20 minutes, my phone went from 40% to 100%. This is a must have for every house hold. We keep one charging station in each bedroom. I have uploaded an unboxing video to show everyone what the product looks like.

👤I set up the charging station after I purchased it. I loved it! The space between the slots was wide enough to hold my plugs at a nice angle, the dividers were permanent, the charging was fast and reliable, and it was nice to have everything in one small area. Disaster! I noticed that my plug-ins were not charging. I moved the station to a different plug, but it wasn't charging. I removed the power cords from the devices. None of the ports were working. I read about this happening in the reviews of the charging station and other brands being offered for sale, but decided to take my chances for the convenience of having everything charging in one place while only taking up one household plug. I should have listened to the warnings. Less than two months is all it takes for it to stop working. The stand with its fixed dividers is great, but I have removed the electrical cord from it, plugged all my devices into the multi-plug, and positioned the charging station beside the multiplug. The no longer working Powstick Charging Station is keeping everything organized. It works, I'm happy, but you need to be aware that the reviews are correct. Many of the reviews have reported that some of the stations don't work past two months.

👤I bought a charging station for my cell and tablets. The cell phone does not charge my tablets, but the adapters fit perfectly.

👤I like the design of the product, it has plenty of room if you have a case. I had a problem with one of the charging ports after the return date with Amazon. I contacted the seller on Amazon. The customer service asked a few questions and then ordered a replacement. I have used this product since June and I am still completely satisfied. I am convinced that I made the right choice.

👤I was excited for this to come in because my kids are going to get Chromebooks for Christmas, and this was going to be used for all of our electronics. The box was damaged, but that wasn't a problem. The unit was scratched all over, the cords were used, and the typical clear plastic tape wasn't present. I've already requested a replacement, but now I have to go out of my way to return this when I'm a mom and work 2 jobs, and I'm not able to stop by the store during their operating hours. I shop on Amazon because I don't have much time and I don't want to return a product that should've been sent correctly the first time.

3. Alxum Charging Station Docking Organizer

Alxum Charging Station Docking Organizer

The Quick Charge 3.0 charging ports are compatible with the following devices: Apple's iPad Air 2, Apple's Macbook Pro, the One Plus 5, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, Please use authentic certified cables for optimum performance if you have a charging cable in the package. The Charging Station can charge up to 10 devices at the same time. BC 1.2 technology provides up to 5V 2.4A of power per port. You can keep your device organized by holding it all in one place. You can adjust the width of the separator to any size you need, hold your device in the cases and prevent it from being scratched. High-quality dividers of varying heights are available for larger devices like iPad and tablets. Protection over charging, over-heating, over-voltage, and short circuit is what Certified Safety is about. Surge protection keeps your appliances safe. The lifespan of the devices is further protected with the auto-detect and adjust power output function. Alxum is a professional full of patient customer services.

Brand: Alxum

👤Would you fly an airplane if you knew it was wings breaking off frequently? That is what will happen after you purchase this device. The cradle is made of the cheapest plastic in the world, and it holds your phone, iPad, etc. They will snap-off at the base, rendering the device useless for its purpose. There is a very simple solution; the manufacturer should offer replacements, but will not, in spite of many asking for it. Shame on you. Not enough fins to correct your manufacturing deficiency?

👤I did a lot of research on docking stations. This is the first one that I could find that had good reviews and would hold a family's worth of devices of all shapes and sizes. Two of my kids have the Amazon Fire tablets with a kid-friendly foam case, and we have three more, all in a thick otterbox case. The dividers are easy to fit all sizes. My only complaint is that the dividers fall out of place. I suppose to make them easy to move, there is no "click" or locking, and when we grab our devices the dividers fall out. Not a big deal. The station is silent. It doesn't seem to get hot. Everything works out perfectly.

👤This uses a single outlet and charges 10 items with it. This one has enough power to power all the ports. Some of the other options don't output enough watt to make all the ports usable at once. The only downside is that the dividers don't support a full size iPad, but they are fine for the two small tablets and the rugged cases. Definitely recommend, seriously considering purchasing a second one since most of the items that are charged with ausb are not powered by power blocks.

👤I bought this for our multi device home. It worked so well at home that I decided to get another one for our conference room at work so that all our employees and clients would have access to a charging station for their tablets and phones to top off while in meetings. I keep a drawer full of charging cables at home, and then I use it at the office to make sure all the cables are ready to use. We got the whole office fitbits as Christmas gifts, so I will put an extra fitbit charging cable in the office drawer. It's been great to have the charging station in the living room for everyone to have access to, and it works out well for our younger kids since they need to bring up their tablets and eReaders when I tell them to go to bed. It works well for the older kids because they don't have to argue over who is going to charge their devices, they all have access, and all can charge their devices at the same time. The kids put their headphones on their tablets as a stand and charged them at the same time. Can you tell me how many arguments will be prevented in the future since it has plenty of charging ports for all their electronic devices? The ability to change the space partition is a huge plus since some devices need more space. This helps with keeping air flowing between devices and allows for better cooling since we all know how charging devices can cause them to get hot. The charging station has enough power to charge multiple devices at fast charging speeds. I would recommend getting one for your home or office. It is best to purchase a bunch of extra shorter cables for easy cable management, the only con I can think of is that. I bought a pack of 1 foot microusb cables that were white to go with the white station so they are less noticeable than black ones, and those were much easier to tuck in the slots with the charging and were much easier. I plan on purchasing a few more shorter cables and just leave them plugged in the unit ready for each charging slot. The charging station has a power cable that detaches from the power brick, 10 separate brackets, some labeling stickers, and a paper documentation about the device. It has rubber feet on the bottom of the station so as to not scratch or move around while you put in and take out your devices.

4. Unitek Charging Multiple Kindle Black Certified

Unitek Charging Multiple Kindle Black Certified

60W power is enough to charge 6 tablets at the same time, each port up to 2.4A, which is more than enough for most low power charging stations. 24h lifetime technology support, 1 x 15V/4A DC Power Adapter, and 1 x 10 Ports USB Charging Station are what they offer. Any confusion or details inquiries are welcome. Also, note: The charging cables are not included. The 10 Port Charger is a stand that can charge up to 10 devices. The Smart IC and BC1.2 technology provides up to 5V/2.4A each port. The Quick Charging Station works with the following phones: It's 4 times faster than a conventional charging station and the built-in Quick Charge 3.0 port allows multi QC devices to charge up to 80% in 35 minutes. The design is portable, well-organized and space-saving. The power supply is certified safety. The Multi-Protection System protects your devices against over-charging, over-heating, over-voltage, surge and short circuit. The AC 100-240V input voltage has a DOE level 6 for energy efficiency. You can set the width of the Dividers, so you can hold your tablets in bulky cases. The Unitek electronics charging station is nice and clean. If you lost a divider the first time, they can replace it.

Brand: Unitek

👤We have been using this for a while. The charging station was very nice to look at. Each night, we charge 3 iPads, 2 iPhones, and 4 Kindles. It was convenient to do all of them at the same time. We bought a lot of 12” charging cords to make this easy to use. There are a few simple design improvements that would make this a better device. The blue light on the front was the first thing we noticed. It was very bright. The bright blue light was a little annoying because we had this set up in our bedroom, but most people don't have this in a bedroom, so this may not be a problem for most. We used a small piece of black tape. After using it for several weeks, we noticed that the plastic dividers pop out easily when you remove a device. We put them back in. We tried to hold them in place with tape. It would be nice if they slid to the side to lock in place. The main charging brick is an improvement that I think they made. The one we received had a cord that was 36” from the brick to the unit. I would give them 4 stars. If the dividers stayed in place, it would get 5 stars.

👤This was bought for the same reason as everyone else. It's nice to have everything in one place and ready to go when I need it. I no longer have to wonder where I left it. I got microusb, lightning cables, andusb c for my gadgets. The connection between the dock and theusb is loose. It makes a connection, but it just feels not very tight. I like the fact that I can adjust where gadgets lean. I'm kinda unhappy here. The brick and cord for the dock is large and hard to hide, it's good to know. Today's cell phones will only be charged by one fast charger. It's a slow charge at the other ports. I keep anything I might need sooner on end Port, but be aware there is only one. The iPad pros will only be charged by the fast charge. The other ports don't have enough juice to do the job. I have two iPad pros and this is a bit disappointing. The only upgrade to this dock is a 2 fast charger port version, which costs 75 dollars and only has one more port. I decided it wasn't worth the exchange and I would make it work. I am happy with my phones being constantly charged, my switch, hearing assist buds, psp, and other things. The short cords don't look as messy as the ones with this model. I would probably buy again.

👤Four children are learning at home. I have had a charging dock for a few months and it has made it much easier to charge my iPad. There is room for our cell phones. We bought short cables to make it more presentable. I think they are about 7. I wouldn't suggest anything shorter than that. I read reviews on similar products and chose this one. So far, so good. I wouldn't regret my purchase even if it doesn't last until next year. The fast charge outlet is useful if someone needs a quick charge for some reason, but school tech support doesn't recommend it. I was told by the school tech support that I should only use apple charging cables. The long term battery life of the device may be affected by this. Hope this helps. I highly recommend.

5. Charger Desktop Charging Compatible Smartphones

Charger Desktop Charging Compatible Smartphones

You can save time and make your device charges faster by using the...................... Universal compatible is able to support 6 devices at the same time for most tablets, cell phones and other devices. It's ideal for international travel and it has 6 ports and a lightweight design. Smart Charging Technology makes charging fast and reliable. A combination of 10 safety features that work together to provide ultimate protection for your devices, your chargers and most importantly. If you are not satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Wyness

👤4 out of 6 of the charging ports on this are only for Apple devices. Very disappointed. I had no idea what the numbers meant. I thought the charging ports were for my phone.

👤Like the size of the battery. The color isn't black and red. It is black and pink. The pink color title might constitute returns for those who expected red.

👤I can quickly charge up. It took 43 minutes to get to 100 percent for my Note 8. The phone temperature is 27.1 C, I checked the Ampere App for the voltage rate. The Min charge is less than 1 watt. The max is 1240 mA. The phone's health is good. The price of 16.00 is reasonable and there are 6 ports on a quick charge. I have a variety of headphones from Panasonic noise cancelling headphones with wireless and a voice assistant to the headphones from Focal Listen wireless. The phone and headphones can be charged with this charger. Only one complaint is chick charge 3 and 2. I wish the base had more weight. These are not big issues. I'm glad I added this to my collection because I think it's a good purchase for most people. It is small and compact and would be a good travel charge.

👤It is less than a year old because it was bought back in May of last year. It just pooped. When will Americans wake up? There is just more junk. Fed up with poor quality and with Amazon as well. I will be looking for an American maker to make these items. Critics from both sides of the political spectrum were correct. Quality of products is not as promised and mass retailers are not good for our country. I am jumping off of the consumer. Enough is enough.

👤The material looks exactly as advertised. It's perfect for a family with all the charging requirements. The Quick Charge works great for new phones and the lower 2.0 and 1.0 outlets are perfect for smart watches. This is a good product and I recommend it to a friend or family member.

👤My fiancée has no less than 15 things on his nightstand and I got this for him. He smokes Vuse and has a lot of stupid battery things around, including a phone, an iPad, and a baby monitor cord. He already has a block with 6 ports that works well, but the cord was short and he needed another one. I got him this one for Christmas. He reports that it isn't charging enough. The tower won't charge the things because they are tiny and charge quickly in other chargers. He is having a problem with the AirPods in general and they don't charge them very well. He had to change the devices between the two towers to make it work. He wants it back. I got a black and blue model, but I did not order a black and blue model. I was pretty sure I ordered the white. I'm surprised we aren't having as positive a experience as this one, but I guess it happens.

6. Wyness Universal Charging Identification Technology

Wyness Universal Charging Identification Technology

The COSOOS multi usb charger has cutting-edge circuitry and protects against short-circuit, over-voltage, over current, over-charge and travels friendly input voltage range of 100 - 240 volts. The premium copper wire has high quality control. Support 6 devices at the same time charge, according to charging equipment, automatically adjust the output power, support for all kinds of mobile phones, MP3s, camera, and more. The charging station hub is a neat place to charge up. The bottom of theusb is made of rubber in order to make it stable even when using all 6usb ports 30 Watts and 6 Amps is the total of the electrical line. The ports dynamically change charge output for the most efficient times. protocols.3 D+/D-1.2V pattern The Tower Charger is a great option for travel charging as it can handle either 120v or 220v. It is portable due to its small size - 4.18" x 2.12" x 2.12". 100% money back guarantee. Let them know if you're not happy with their product and they'll give you a full refund or replacement. They canceled this function because many customers said the led light was too bright to affect sleep.

Brand: Wyness

👤This is the charging device that I received. The power light on the bottom of the charging port doesn't work, but all charging ports are functioning correctly. The power light does not affect how it works. * The light function is no longer available after the original review. It is in perfect working order. Sometimes it will tip over. It's not an issue, just letting you know.

👤For me it needs to be wider at the base. It topples over with a little tug. I leave it on it's side. It looks terrible and I am annoyed by it. The product works.

👤I received a unit in a box. There was no Power indicator light, it appeared undamaged and worked fine. The manual said there was a blue light for power. I didn't see anything. It might light the bottom or even inside theUSB ports as many others do. I sent the unit back. I got the replacement quickly and it was well packed. Alas! There was no power light. The device had a light and the manual is from that time. I carefully read the listing. The feature was removed as some people complained it was too bright. The solution should have been a dimmer light or a switch to turn it on. I am disappointed. I found it on eBay with the light at the bottom. The unit seems to work well and charge quickly. It would be great to know the maximum current per port. I think it is 2.1 Amp, but the tottal can not exceed 6 Amp. They did not mention the ports, but emphasized the max power for the unit.

👤When opening the package, one might think it was a speaker, but as far as function goes, it's not. If you plug in anything into it, it becomes heavy and falls over all the time, so you should put a simple pedestal in the front so that it doesn't lean forward and fall over.

👤I love that I can plug all my chargers in one place, instead of having to change them all the time. Great product. It falls off my desk if it topples over easily. If you know for sure that you're not going to move it later, I would suggest using double sided tape to secure it. The bottom would stand up better if it had some weight on it.

👤It does charge in a reasonable time, but it does not do a really fast charge. My son and I both have one. It does not stand up easily because of its light weight. I keep it laying down because if not it will fall. A round flat one would have been better. I have charged my Note8 at one time, but I wanted to let you know. They charge at a reasonable time. You don't mind that it falls over easily. You can see how leaning it is in the picture, but it tipped over after the picture was taken.

👤We thought we would take a chance on this item. We have multiple devices that need to be charged at the same time, and this item advertised could handle the job. Not true. When we received the low battery notification, my husband and I had the experience of plugging our iPad in to this charger. The screen went black due to no battery as we continued to use the iPad. We had a plugged in e-tailer overnight and it was only 27% in the morning. When reading the description, we were not surprised. I can't recommend this item.

7. Unitek Charging Adjustable Organizer Compatible

Unitek Charging Adjustable Organizer Compatible

The Charging Dock Station has 10 ports, every port has a built-in BC1.2 protocol, and supports Apple devices with a 5V/2.4A fast charge. The total output power is 60W. It is perfectly compatible with your devices. The design of the Detachable Baffle is similar to the design of the Removable Dividers. You can assemble theremovable bezel according to your needs. The width of the baffle can be adjusted. Safety can prevent overcharging. The battery will stop working if it reaches 100%. The smart IC can detect the best charging speed. The perfect charge should be given to each device. Stable and safe charging is what you can provide. The power supply is listed on the FCC and is certified by the RoHS organization. The charging station device will allow you to place your mobile phone, tablets and other devices in a neat and orderly manner. There are no wires on the table. It's a great charging station for offices, kitchens, bedrooms, counters, tables and bedside tables. 24h friendly customer service and email support is what they offer. Also, note: The charging cables are not included.

Brand: Unitek

👤This can hold a lot of electronic devices. The only thing I don't like is that the dividers don't snap in, they fall out whenever a device is removed.

👤I was curious to see if this item came with charging cords. It comes with ten cables, but not a single one. I can see that there is no charging cords included in the description. You should be prepared to buy short charging cables. I don't understand why this product would want you to use your normal long cords instead of putting a huge bird nest of wires in one spot.

👤If I didn't buy a pack of extra cables, I would be really angry. I noticed that the puppy didn't have any cables when I set it up. I ordered a back of type c cables in case I needed more. This should have come with at least one of each type. There is a The price and what you get isn't worth it. Go buy one that has cables already. There is a You might have some laying around. I wanted short ones for cable management. The unit charges well. There is plenty of ports and slot trays.

👤It's convenient to have everything at my fingertips and all charged, I have 2 IPad pro, 1 mini IPad, 1 I Pod, 1 Iphone, 1 iPhone, and 2 Microsoft Surfaces plugged in and ready to go.

👤The charging station does not have a power cord. The price I paid for everything was not what I had expected. I should have read the fine print.

👤The charging station is perfect for charging multiple devices. I wish the outlet was on the other side of the device. It is working well so far.

👤After less than a month, the product stopped charging more than one device at a time.

👤The pictures look better. If you look at them too hard, the dividers will fall out. It is annoying. It is convenient to charge a lot at once.

👤The dock works with many devices. I don't feel like buying short cords for all my devices, so I wrapped my cords shorter. The only issue I found was the loose divider tabs. If you don't put your devices in a gentle way, they will pop out of their sockets. It's great for organization.


👤If you have a large family with a lot of electronic devices, you will have trouble keeping a track of the respective cables and chargers, and most likely don't have an easy way of keeping everyones devices topped up. The mass device charger has 10xusb. Each port provides 5v 2.4a of charging power. It allows you to stack devices neatly across it. You would like it. It does not come with any cables shown in the pictures, so you will need to supply your own. The unit comes with a small power supply which is the same size as a laptop supply, but it also comes two figure 8 plugs to the US and UK. The power supply has multi-stage protection with built-in surge protection so it won't damage devices it's charging. The power supply and charging plate didn't get warm even with 10 devices plugged in. It seems efficient that there are lots of fins on the charger to allow heat to be dissipated. Depending on what you plug in, it will adjust the charging rate. The noise output is not built in and the power source was silent, so there is no fan. The charging plate where your devices plug in feels a little cheap. The charging plate only has basic circuitry because the power supply does most of the work and is external. The design has multiple slots where you can fit a divider in order to rest any size device. There is a blue light on the side. All my devices started charging instantly after plugging in 10 different devices of varying power requirements. I can neatly arrange my devices with the help of the spacers. The external power supply looks and feels high-quality, and I am confident that the charging plate will do a good job for years of use. If you found my review helpful, please let me know.

8. Charger Charging Station Compatible Wireless

Charger Charging Station Compatible Wireless

The package includes a 6-ports charging station, a power cord and straps. 30-day money-back guarantee or 1-year warranty. The Quick Charge 3.0 and thePD charger are designed to deliver the fastest charge to almost any device. Your phone must support wireless charging. The real high-quality charger uses fire-retardant material PC +ABS, stable quality and reliable, and has short-circuit protection, overload protection, temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-charge protection. A high-quality mobile phone charging station. If you have any quality problems after you receive the product, please send them a message. All characters on the screen will light up when the product'susb charging port is connected to a power source. This will not affect future use. The total power of the device should not exceed 90W in order to protect the life of the device.

Brand: Fuhaoxuan

👤The overall design is very convenient and easy to integrate with my equipment. I have two devices that I use with the 2.4a 'fast charge' for, neither of them get charged near that rate according to the unit's screen, at most they peak at 1.5a instead. Either the display is wrong or the controlled charge rate is reading wrong. The built in screen display is nice, but it goes blank after a while, so you have no idea what's going on unless you plug the device in. I was going to buy a second one. I will probably get a different unit. The wireless charging on the top of the unit is terrible. After removing the phone's case, the phone would start charging and then stop. My review title was changed from "not very impressed" to "do not buy" and one star. The overall design fails in its primary task of charging.

👤I bought this device with my own money. This review is not solicited. This is a good charging device. It's not overly heavy, but still nice. The plastic outer shell should resist fingerprints. The power cord has 2 prongs. Many devices come with a wall wart, but the AC to DC convertor is contained within the case. The power cable takes up a single standard plug. I like the charging indicator panel. It gives you a sense of how much power is being sent to your devices. It's rated for 100 watt, which is much higher than any of my other chargers. The port has a rating of 18W. You can use the wireless charging on the top of the unit. It is a ring that is raised from the top of the charging port. This makes it possible for the charger to stay on top of it. It is less likely to be bumped off. Adding a switch to keep the information panel on would be the only change I would make. The panel can be turned back on by tapping the top ring or device if it is charging. Can't say how long this will last as I only just received it, but I love the feedback the charger gives while it is charging your device. If you have multiple devices that support wireless charging, this is a must have.

👤This is a great charging hub. It doesn't get scary hot to touch, or shut-down from overheating, even after several hours, because of the fantastic power delivery. It works very well. This should be a five-star product. The screen is very bright and visible all night long. Every thing lights up making it even brighter when it isn't being used. The device is wonderful. Until the screen blanks when not in use, and the screen is dimmed a little, this device is not suitable for use in residences or offices.

👤The idea of the charging port is good. 10W charge was shown in the charging. I couldn't say if the output is 10W. We'll assume. The fast 3.0 port is slower than the rest. The MacBook Air was able to be charged with the help of theusb-c. I was not able to measure charging amperage because my device did not work on the port. If all the ports are loaded, it could probably output 100W. The display is bright when not in use, but it's just blank and dark when it is. It looks weird. The vampire uses 5 Watts. The ports are mounted upside down. If you have a cable and it has to be reversed, this is not bad. If you connect an Amp measuring device with a digital display, you have to flip the whole charge in order to see what is being put into the charged devices. The real amperage with which a given device is being charged is not shown on the display. That may be normal because other charging stations show similar results. Since they are all cheap China made, we don't know which of them is not properly calibrate. I'm returning it because of the weird display and the upside down ports. The design is flawless and it charges ok.

9. LENUMB QC Charging Station Certified

LENUMB QC Charging Station Certified

The fastest charging station with two 20W ports is the one used for the iPhone 13 and 12 series. Apple and other Apple devices support the use of theusb-c power delivery technology that delivers higher levels of power than standard charging. If you need a quick battery boost, a 10-minute charge with theusb-c-PD might be all you need. Qualcomm QC 3.0 Fast ChargingQC 3.0 Rapidly charge your compatible devices from zero to 80% in 35 minutes, 50% faster than traditional chargers. It is compatible with Quick Charger 2.0/ Quick Charger 3.0 intelligent identification equipment. For optimum performance, use original authentic certified cables. There are 7 mixedusb cables, 9in short, that come with 2usb-c to lphone cables, 1usb-c to usb-c cable, 1usb-a to lphone cable, and 2usb-a to micro cable. You don't need to plug a bunch of wall chargers into your power outlet for every phone and tablet you have because there are no more cluttered cables. Keep everything in one place and it's nice and clean. The charging station can meet the needs of different electronic devices. The base and baffles can be separated. You have enough space to fiddle with your devices if you choose which baffles are left. The station is easy to carry and can save a lot of space. If you don't use the charging station, you can turn it off. It's suitable for home use on kitchen counter, desk, nightstand or classroom. Certified Safety & Universal CompatibilityLENUMB multi usb charger has cutting-edge circuitry and Protection again over charging, over-heating, over-voltage, and short circuit. Surge protection keeps your appliances safe. The charging station for multiple devices is manufactured under strict quality standards. Contact them if you have a problem. Excellent customer service and a warranty free after-sale for Lenumb customers. They are happy to help you solve it, so please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Lenumb

👤I've been trying to find a new charging station for almost a year. The biggest issue I'm finding is the size of the spacing. If you have kids, you need a bulky case for your phone or tablets. My previous station was able to hold up to 5 devices. When removing half of the dividers, the newer ones only allow for up to 3 devices. I wish the dividers weren't so close together because they are not enough room. The plug in the back prevents it from being moved against a wall. It looks less streamlined now that it sticks out about 2 inches. The space divider for ear buds is useless unless you have an apple watch. The stand for the galaxy watch is useless because it's larger. I'll show the differences when I can.

👤It was great at first. One of the charging ports stopped working one week after the return window. I would look for something else. This product has broken a brand new Ipad 9th generation and a set of Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. The ipad never charged after being plugged in and sitting overnight. The iPad wouldn't charge after I tried another charge. Returned thinking it was faulty. The same thing happened a week later with a brand new set of headphones. Once the headphones were plugged in, they stopped working. The headphones won't work with any other chargers. Don't buy this product and buy a legit brand.

👤I am happy to announce that this charging station is just perfect, I had looked high and low for a good multi-charging station. I have had no problems with it for a couple of months. It comes with more than enough quick charging ports plus the regular ones, a plus that was missed when reading the details about this product, it comes with multiple different sizedusb cables that are about six inches long, so if you're like me, you're not going to like looking It's easy to assemble holds my iPad and keyboard upright without any wiggle room, my devices are held in place firmly. It was worth every penny. I would buy this one again if I needed a second one.

👤I was amazed to find this when I was trying to find a charging station for my needs. The price was in the range I was looking for and it was one of the best purchases I have ever gotten. It comes with extra cables that you can use for more than one device, and the charging ports are really handy when you want to charge your device. There is a power switch in the back which I am happy about because I can always switch it off if I need to, and they also give you an extra baffle which you can use if you need it. Depending on the size of your case, the baffle can be removed and reinstalled once you're done. The fast charging ports help out when you need to work on things on your tablets without the battery draining at the same time. I use this station when I travel and it is one of my go to charging stations. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good charging station and needs something handy to use.

10. Charger ASOMETECH Multiple Charging Wireless

Charger ASOMETECH Multiple Charging Wireless

The PowerPort 5 has a 75-W 5-Port Charging Hub and a 120 cm power cord. Their 12-month warranty is worry-free. The high powerusb charging station has three fast charging output ports, one for Quick Charge 3.0, one for c port and one for smart wireless charging. TheUSB C port has a fast charging protocol that is 4 times faster than a original 5W wall charger. The Quick Charge 3.0 port can provide 5V 3.4A / 9V 2.3A / 12V 1.5A fast charging, and the regularusb ports can provide up to 5V / 2.4A charging speed. The smart QI Wireless Fast Charging station output power is 2.5 / 5 / 7.5 / 10 watt, and the intelligent identification function will help you equip your devices with the best power to achieve the fastest charging speed. The smart screen displays the current and voltage of each charging port in real time, and it will automatically rest after 60 seconds. The things you will get are 8 ports of a fast Wireless charging station, user manual, 1.2m ultra long power cord, 1pcs cable management, and friendly customer service. Your shopping experience is very important to Asometech. If you have a question during the purchase process, you can contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Asometech

👤This product is great for those of us who use the ports for multiple gadgets. You can place your cell phone on top of the unit for wireless charging. There are 9 individual ports that can handle the needs of the charging needs. Many of my electrical outlets were taken up with theusb charges. I can charge up to 9 items at once using a single standard outlet and at the same time charge my cell phone by placing it on top of the charging device. Plugs or other ports are not needed to fully charge your phone. It's ideal for travel, you don't have to worry about your phone dying for lack of power or any of up to 9 units charging easily at once. Like most people, I have a lot of electronics, tools and other items that can be fully charged very quickly using this efficient and well designed unit that is small and lightweight. I keep it in my home office, but pack it when I travel. The people that sell this item have been very helpful.

👤I bought this for the first week or two after I got it. I told my friends about it. The charging ports became intermittant after the inductive charging stopped working. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't. I've been trying to get it to charge my phone. After a while, finally switched to another one. I would recommend this if it worked.

👤When I put my phone on the top, the wireless charge doesn't respond until I jiggle and jog the phone. The display blinking is annoying and I wish there was a program sequence to keep it on. It is difficult to correlate the charge symbols with the jack. Maybe next iteration they can add a tiny light source next to the display.

👤This is my second unit. The first unit was great until I took a trip and it stopped charging at the hotel. I paid for a wireless charge. I got a new one three hours later, when wireless charging stopped again. The rest of the unit is great, there are multiple plugs for items that are wired. The unit is worthless because the wireless top section isn't working. I could have gotten a bunch of blocks to do what the bottom section does.

👤We wanted to be able to charge everything we needed for travel. Each of us tried our various devices and had an interest in the effectiveness of the top contact charger. We like to lay our phone on it at night. It worked. We threw the packing materials. It stopped working two days later. None of our phones charge while resting. We already had another one, but with fewer charging ports. A big disappointment.

👤Love, love, love this thing! Everything is charged at once. The display on each device has the same information. A "bump" feature kicks the display on to check the status of the devices. I have a gripe with this thing, it's the little rubber that comes off when you're wireless charging, I can't seem to find it anywhere. The WIRELESS CHARGING PAD has more calories on it.

11. COSOOS Fastest Charging Multiple Certified

COSOOS Fastest Charging Multiple Certified

The gift of a docking station and 6 phone charging points is a popular Easter gift. The 63W fastusb charging station is compatible with the following devices: iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 mini, 12/11/Xs/Xr/7/6, iWatch, and more. One Quick Charge 3.0 is built into the multi-charging station, which will charge your cell phone up to 80% faster than the previous Quick Charge, saving you time and never letting your devices power off. There are 5 ports with high-power 2.4A quick charging ports for power-hungry devices. The charging base can deliver up to 12A from all 6 ports with the installation of a smart chipset. The included 6usb charging cables are 23 cm (9 inch) in length. There are no more cables that are cluttered. You don't have to plug in a bunch of chargers for your phone and tablets. The COSOOS charging station is nice and clean. TheRemovable Baffle Design can be easily separated. You have enough space to charge your devices, lying flat or sideways, if you choose to leave one of the baffles. A charging station is easy to carry and can save a lot of space. There are 7 baffles and 1 watch holder. The COSOOS multi usb charger has cutting-edge circuitry and protects against short-circuit, over-voltage, over current, over-charge and travels friendly input voltage range of 100 - 240 volts. The premium copper wire has high quality control.

Brand: Cosoos

👤The compact size, the different types of cords that they send and the entire charging station seem to be quality. It consolidates my charging in to one location with easy cable management. I hear a high-pitched whine from the charging station when there are more than two phones plugged in. The sound of the phones is a little annoying, but they seem to charge and are not getting cold. Has anyone else heard this noise from the charging station? Cosoos contacted me within 24 hours of writing the initial 3 star review and was eager to give me a new device at a lower price. The first one made a high-pitched whine when more than one device was plugged in, but no need to return it. It was kind of annoying to hear that whine in my kitchen. It could be a single faulty device since I don't see other reviewers having this issue. I will be looking for an Amazon retailer to sell electronic devices from now on because of the ease of doing business with Cosoos.

👤I was excited to try my new charging station after reading reviews. I opened it, plugged it in and waited for the magic to happen. The device started to charge and my numbers started to light up. It seems like there is a password cracker built in. It is going back to Amazon in the morning because I don't trust it. Very disappointing.

👤I like this unit a lot. The design is thought out and works well. I have two tablets and an phone. Very pleased with the results. Also: They sent me an extra iWatch holder for free. This company's customer service is the best I have ever seen.

👤A great space saver. My husband and I both own watches. I also own an iPad. All of these take up a lot of plugs. I didn't have enough receptacles for my toaster because of all the electronics being plugged in, and I got tired of all the cables and plugs. I ordered the Charging Station. Only one plug is needed, but can hold all my devices at once. The cables are short and nice. I like it so far. It was bad for him to plug in a cable to his phone and not notice that it wasn't plugged into the wall. No more. If we travel, we'll just take this station with us, and only need one plug in the hotel. It's hard to find outlets in a hotel to charge our electronics. Win or lose.

👤I wanted to use this product for a while. Since setting it up, I have used it for about a month. I like it! I love it! It does what I need it to do. I keep my desktop and devices organized. I used to have a lot of things plugged into a power strip with wires and wall charging everywhere, but now it brings order to the chaos that is my desktop workspace. I need to charge about 8 devices a day. Phone 1 and Phone 2 are from the Note8 and S7 respectively. This has always been a nightmare because of the amount of surface space it required. This charge dock makes this much more manageable. I bought this from an open box special at Amazon. I was skeptical about buying a return. It works just as well as any other warehouse item that I have bought. Amazon sent me a new Hoover Floor-MATE vacuum cleaner within 48 hours after I received it. The warehouse deals are often a good buy if you are looking to save money. I mistook the listing for more FastCharge ports, but that's my mistake. There are five regular charge ports and one fast charge port. The one Fast-Charge port works well on my Note8. The other ports are charging everything correctly when all devices are at the same time. Assembly took 10 seconds, just snap in the dividers you want to use. I didn't use the SmartWatch holder. I just left it off, it looks good. I was expecting a heavier base and was worried that it would get hot under use because of cheap internals. It is working perfectly and once you add your devices, it doesn't move around, the rubber feet help to keep it stationary. I don't think it would be good in a commercial setting. The braided short cables are a bonus, I wish there was an additonal pack. The desk is organized and has a Fast Charge port, but it is not very big or heavy. The watch holder is cool. I don't use it. The logo on the front is annoying, and it does not get overly warm. If I had to do it again, I would buy a bigger one with more ports. I tried to take a photo of everything that was charging at the same time.


What is the best product for best usb charging station fast charge?

Best usb charging station fast charge products from Key Power. In this article about best usb charging station fast charge you can see why people choose the product. Powstick and Alxum are also good brands to look for when you are finding best usb charging station fast charge.

What are the best brands for best usb charging station fast charge?

Key Power, Powstick and Alxum are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best usb charging station fast charge. Find the detail in this article. Unitek, Wyness and Fuhaoxuan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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