Best Best Usb Charging Station 120w

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1. Charger Multi Port Charging Station, Wireless

Charger Multi Port Charging Station%EF%BC%8C Wireless

The current Intelligent Balance Tech Charger Station automatically distributes the matching current for connected devices, never violent charging, and no harm for battery. The Quick Charge 3.0 and thePD charger are designed to deliver the fastest charge to almost any device. Your phone must support wireless charging. The real high-quality charger uses fire-retardant material PC +ABS, stable quality and reliable, and has short-circuit protection, overload protection, temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-charge protection. A high-quality mobile phone charging station. If you have any quality problems after you receive the product, please send them a message and they will replace it for you.

Brand: Fuhaoxuan

👤The charging station is loud. Don't get me wrong, it's a great battery. The function on top is awesome. It has a lot of ports and quick charge. I use it at my work station to charge two phones and run a few accessories. It's clean. The display shows the output. It makes a lot of noise when charging. It sounds like an old computer. I'm used to it, since I was in the 90s. I would expect products to be quiet now. I would give it a 4 star and not a 5. It's been a few weeks now of using this. There is still a problem with the noise. The wireless charging is not consistent. Sometimes it will work and then stop. I'm not sure what's going on with it. It continues to serve it's purpose. The rating has been updated because of the issue of wireless charging.

👤This has everything I need in a charging station. QI charging, wireless charging, andPD charging. There are only two issues with it. 1. The charging stops when the phone is fully charged. It does not turn back on. If you put it on the charge at night, it will be an issue. After you turn off your phone, it will charge and discharge normally. In the morning, you will never have a 100% charge. 2. There is a bright light on the display. Next to my bed, I have this on my nightstand. The room is brighter than a normal nightlight. It turns off after a few minutes, but then restarts every night. I cut out a strip of cardboard to tape to the front of the house so we could sleep. I still enjoy it. I will probably use it on my desk. It is not near a bed. All the charging options work.

👤A well-built unit that can power a lot of devices. There are multiple high-speed charging ports and onePD port. The pros are 1. The display shows the charging power for each connected device. 2. The built-in wireless charging pad is a nice addition to the power station and performs as expected, just like my other charging pads. 3. The devices charge at a satisfactory rate. The lights on the unit will be triggered by sensitivity to touch. The unit powers on even when I tap the table. 2. The charging speed of my iPad Pro is slower than the charging speed of my power station, but all should be able to charge the device at the same speed. 3. When I connect a portable power bank to a bank that isn't capable of being re- charged at, it charges incredibly slow or doesn't charge at all. The same cables are used to charge the power station. I am not sure what the issue is. One of the big selling points for me was getting a unit with ausb-c port and this has been a let down.

👤The only thing that didn't work was the wireless charging part because it started heating up and wouldn't do anything anymore. I had it for 2 days. I assume it is faulty.

2. Charger 10 Port Multi Port Charging Desktop

Charger 10 Port Multi Port Charging Desktop

You can charge your power hungry devices at full speed with 120 watt and 24a total output. Each port has 2. It can power 10 sets. The iPad is charging at the same time. The smart technology and auto-detect is built with an intelligent chipset that will automatically detect yourusb devices and deliver a suitable and efficient charge. The 10-Port Hub is used worldwide. You can charge more than one device with this powerful multiple port AC charger. The 120 watt power source is powerful, but it also has safety protections for both you and your devices. You get a 120Wusb charging station, 5ft/1. The 5M AC power supply cord has been used for 2 years.

Brand: Kamera

👤I have a charging station in my house. This thing has different kinds of cables plugged into it that I use to charge the random things we accumulate with rechargable batteries. I don't charge high draw items like laptops, newer phones, or iPads, they get their own dedicated chargers. The other random stuff is charged with this.

👤It is recommended that you absolutely est. 10 minutes and 2 hours. For a crappy phone. Can't say how fast an iPad Pro is, but it charges quickly. Doesn't hesitate with others being plugged in. Most of the devices I plugged in were 3. There are no problems yet. I bought the first power brick. You can see half and half online with the usb 3.0- 3.1 version. I don't see why I should buy them. Spending money that isn't necessary.

👤It works well to power a group of Pi's.

👤It was perfect. I can't find a higher watt version of theusb charging device. I do a lot of on-location video work and often come back to my hotel with dead camera batteries, many of which can be charged via the internet. I often have dead power bricks. I can just plug in everything at once and forget about it until the next morning when I get up and do it all over again. This is perfect for my needs as it is able to charge hugeusb power bricks and tons of other things overnight with no issues. If you want to charge your phone or tablets overnight, there are simpler and cheaper devices that will do the same thing.

👤The power station is stable, compact, and nice looking, and it provides rapid charge to all 10 ports, as advertised. I have had multiple devices at the same time with rapid charge, and I have had 4 iPads, 2 Amazon Fires, and multiple other devices at the same time. I have not found anything like it elsewhere.

👤I was excited to have this for my needs. It worked well for two months, but now it is dead. The return window was closed a month ago. Get something else if you save your money.

👤I ordered two of them because I thought the first one might have gone bad after only a few uses. I swapped power cords, tried at least a dozen different cables, tried different outlets, and even took it off of the surge protectors. All with the same results, either regular cable charging or faulting down to a slow charge at times. I know it's the product that's fast charging on my simple to Port cigarette lighter charger.

👤When I needed a lot of ports to charge my camping gear, this device worked great because I only had one outlet at the hotel. It is heavy, but having 10 cables with one wall plug makes it easier to use. It's good for tech nerds like me who like to have a lot of devices firing at the same time.

👤Next day, arrived. This was bought in December of 2019. March is in the future. The ports are still charging fast. I use it every day. Nothing wrong with it! It was the best purchase.

3. ORICO Charging Multiple Smartphones Compatible

ORICO Charging Multiple Smartphones Compatible

There is a smart fan for heat dispersal. The Charging Station is designed with a cooling fan and holes in the sides to make sure it is working in a cool environment. The fireproof industrial PC can be resistant to 750C and the fan radiating system is activated when the temperature goes to 45C. When the temperature is over 100C, power will be cut off. The Fast Charging Station for 10 electronics devices charging at full speed simultaneously has built-in surge protection against overcharging, surge and overheating, short circuit protection, overload protection, and a smart chip that automatically recognizes and adjusts. There is a vending station for donating money. All types of charging cables, such as the ones for the iPad, the ones for the phone, the ones for the power bank, and the ones for the headsets, are compatible with this multiple docking station. This 10 ports Fast Charging Dock is perfect for multiple devices, perfect for school, Digital Store, Conference Room, waiting hall, reception, restaurant, and other public place. You don't have to plug in a bunch of chargers for every phone and tablet because the Fast Charging Station is able to charge 10 electronics at the same time. Everything should be kept in one place. Saving more time and money, no longer wasting your time to wait so you can spend more time with your family and friends, is a great family or business gift. Their worry-free 18-month and 24h friendly customer service is what you get.

Brand: Orico

👤There is a new date of 08-27-2020. I like the size, number of ports, and other things. The power cord isn't coming back on. Any movement pulls the cord out. I twisted the rubber band around the cord and put a large loop around the body. It works well. The photo does not make sense, and the power cord ends do not look like the photo. The opening in the body of the charger clearly shows that there are two batteries in it. The end of the power cord has to have a connection. The end of the cord that connects to the power is the only one that shows the wires. I would give this 3.5 stars because I really like it, except for the cord. Four stars is too high because of the cord falling out. I like this one. It charged two devices quickly. It is attractive for a charging device. It doesn't take up a lot of room on the table. I like that the dividers are not made from plastic, so it is more sturdy than other brands. It has the type of thing I need. The on/off button lets me turn it off. I recommend this review right now, even if something negative happens.

👤It is a bit expensive. It is well worth it. I have not regretted this purchase for a minute. It is well thought out and powerful with sophisticated electronics that adapt to anything plugged into it. I can tell it knows what is plugged in and provides the best charging rate when the charge is complete. It seems like it can charge anything at full capacity at once. The design has superior safety features. It is important to use cables that can support high rates of charging, or you won't get the full benefits. It is best to use short cables. There is a The built-in holding slots make the unit sturdy and easy to transport. The only complaint I can think of is that the slots are tight for Ipads with certain covers. I can't even take off one star because this unit is so superior.

👤I wanted to be able to take care of all of the things I use for work and the iPad, but the product is not thick enough to hold the iPad. If you want to charge anything larger than a phone, you might want to consider something else. I had a different multi port charger and the dividers are wide enough to hold it. They didn't mold it in. You can buy new dividers with this model molded in. I don't have to worry about it breaking.

👤A real problemsolver! I work in app development and have a lot of phones and tablets laying around for testing, so I always need a charging dock. My kitten has started to break as she explores my desk top, which is why I only found docks with plastic dividers. I had to get new docks because she broke enough dividers. I was sold because I didn't have the plastic dividers, but I saw that these fit up to ten devices each. I was more impressed when I saw that they plug in. These docks do not need a huge, clunky multi cable system. The low profile design is something I like. It doesn't take up as much room as the old docks, yet holds more devices. If you don't have a thick case on your phone, it will fit. I was worried that my device wouldn't fit, but I found a case for it that fit the Pop Socket closed. A product for my needs.

4. Charger KOVOL Compact Charging Delivery

Charger KOVOL Compact Charging Delivery

You get a 120Wusb charging station, 5ft/1. The 5M AC power supply cord has been used for 2 years. The power output of the USB-C is capable of delivering 100W in 1.7 hours, or 60W in 2 hours, and can be used to power up to 2 MacBooks. 120W total output. The 4-in-1 USB-CPD GaN charger has 4 charging ports and allocates optimal power to each device for maximized charging efficiency. Fast charging to virtually all phones, tablets, laptops, speakers, and switches is possible with the high-speed charging station. The output is 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/6A, 100W Max. The output was 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/ 1.5A, 18W Max. Kovol's Q-Pulse technology ensures safe charging features such as surge, over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, over-charge, and high-temperature protection. The Kovol 120W is certified by cTUVus/CE/RoHS. The portable multiport desktop charger station is 37% smaller than typical 100W chargers and takes up less space. The compact 4-port charger station is travel-friendly because of its 110-240 voltage compatibility. The Kovol 120Wusb-C Charger, user guide, and 24 month warranty are what you get.

Brand: Kovol

👤It works! I have an entire drawer full of charging devices. Most have not met my expectations. I always charge several devices at once and inevitably something doesn't get charged as expected. I had low expectations when I received this charger, they don't offer many products, and reviews were scarce. The settings on my MacBook pro said I was charging at 100W, which was better than the stock Apple charge. I plugged in my iPad Pro and it charged at 40W while my Macbook only charged at 60W. The best part is that when I unplugged my Macbook, I heard the charging sound again from my laptop and it immediately went back up to 100W without any user intervention. I like this charger. It's heavy. It's billed as a desktop power source. It is possible to bring it with you on a trip, but it is likely to be the same weight or lighter than you have on hand. It's a lot of extra weight for a just in case scenario, if you're thinking, hey, maybe I'll just use this instead of my one or two port charger just in case. It's perfect if you're going to travel with a lot of devices as I do. It's convenient. I think I'll buy another one. This is a really great charging device.

👤I suppose you should use the charger at your own risk since it doesn't have a certification for the USA. It is easier to keep in place in outlets which are not brand new if you use the cabled design. The unit I got seems to be faulty, as I get the charging chime going on/off every 1min or so. I will look elsewhere.

👤20220123 The device has a nice look. The power supply can be removed from the desk and the power cord can be removed from the desk. The power supply has a number of ports, two of which areusb c andusb 3.0. Performance is the problem. I'm using it to power my MacBook, but only the top port powers my Mac. The power goes off if I use the other port. There is nothing on the device that can tell you which port is which.

👤The unit is the right form factor for me. The second port causes my MacBook to not charge. The company should be able to ensure that all of its products have the same quality. I returned it and went with another brand.

👤The Quick Charge is doing its job. The reason to buy this is to charge my laptop. I am able to charge my HP Spectre X360 Laptop and the Pixel 6 Pro at a rapid charging rate without any issues with this 2 Port USB-CPD charger. This is an upgrade to my 4-year-old PowerPort+ 5. I compared the two of them and the one I had was better. There are pros and cons. If you don't have one attached, you can put this on your desk. 2. There are 2 Quick Charge ports and 2PD ports. 3. Excellent quality build and heavy core. 4. I have been using GaN Technology with all of the ports and there are no heating issues. 5. The output is 5V3A, 9V3A, 15V3A, 20V5A, 100W Max. Each port. 6. The output is 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V- 1.5A, 18W Max. Each port. The cons are 1. It is little costly. 2. There are less charging ports. I am one of the happiest users of this power brick.

5. Alxum Charging Station Docking Organizer

Alxum Charging Station Docking Organizer

The Quick Charge 3.0 charging ports are compatible with the following devices: Apple's iPad Air 2, Apple's Macbook Pro, the One Plus 5, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, the Note 8, Please use authentic certified cables for optimum performance if you have a charging cable in the package. The Charging Station can charge up to 10 devices at the same time. BC 1.2 technology provides up to 5V 2.4A of power per port. You can keep your device organized by holding it all in one place. You can adjust the width of the separator to any size you need, hold your device in the cases and prevent it from being scratched. High-quality dividers of varying heights are available for larger devices like iPad and tablets. Protection over charging, over-heating, over-voltage, and short circuit is what Certified Safety is about. Surge protection keeps your appliances safe. The lifespan of the devices is further protected with the auto-detect and adjust power output function. Alxum is a professional full of patient customer services.

Brand: Alxum

👤Would you fly an airplane if you knew it was wings breaking off frequently? That is what will happen after you purchase this device. The cradle is made of the cheapest plastic in the world, and it holds your phone, iPad, etc. They will snap-off at the base, rendering the device useless for its purpose. There is a very simple solution; the manufacturer should offer replacements, but will not, in spite of many asking for it. Shame on you. Not enough fins to correct your manufacturing deficiency?

👤I did a lot of research on docking stations. This is the first one that I could find that had good reviews and would hold a family's worth of devices of all shapes and sizes. Two of my kids have the Amazon Fire tablets with a kid-friendly foam case, and we have three more, all in a thick otterbox case. The dividers are easy to fit all sizes. My only complaint is that the dividers fall out of place. I suppose to make them easy to move, there is no "click" or locking, and when we grab our devices the dividers fall out. Not a big deal. The station is silent. It doesn't seem to get hot. Everything works out perfectly.

👤This uses a single outlet and charges 10 items with it. This one has enough power to power all the ports. Some of the other options don't output enough watt to make all the ports usable at once. The only downside is that the dividers don't support a full size iPad, but they are fine for the two small tablets and the rugged cases. Definitely recommend, seriously considering purchasing a second one since most of the items that are charged with ausb are not powered by power blocks.

👤I bought this for our multi device home. It worked so well at home that I decided to get another one for our conference room at work so that all our employees and clients would have access to a charging station for their tablets and phones to top off while in meetings. I keep a drawer full of charging cables at home, and then I use it at the office to make sure all the cables are ready to use. We got the whole office fitbits as Christmas gifts, so I will put an extra fitbit charging cable in the office drawer. It's been great to have the charging station in the living room for everyone to have access to, and it works out well for our younger kids since they need to bring up their tablets and eReaders when I tell them to go to bed. It works well for the older kids because they don't have to argue over who is going to charge their devices, they all have access, and all can charge their devices at the same time. The kids put their headphones on their tablets as a stand and charged them at the same time. Can you tell me how many arguments will be prevented in the future since it has plenty of charging ports for all their electronic devices? The ability to change the space partition is a huge plus since some devices need more space. This helps with keeping air flowing between devices and allows for better cooling since we all know how charging devices can cause them to get hot. The charging station has enough power to charge multiple devices at fast charging speeds. I would recommend getting one for your home or office. It is best to purchase a bunch of extra shorter cables for easy cable management, the only con I can think of is that. I bought a pack of 1 foot microusb cables that were white to go with the white station so they are less noticeable than black ones, and those were much easier to tuck in the slots with the charging and were much easier. I plan on purchasing a few more shorter cables and just leave them plugged in the unit ready for each charging slot. The charging station has a power cable that detaches from the power brick, 10 separate brackets, some labeling stickers, and a paper documentation about the device. It has rubber feet on the bottom of the station so as to not scratch or move around while you put in and take out your devices.

6. Charger Station WOTOBEUS Adapter MacBook

Charger Station WOTOBEUS Adapter MacBook

If an incident occurs, the NTONPOWER charging station organizers comes with an 18-month warranty and $300,000 liability insurance for connected devices and property damage. If the device is malfunctioning, please contact them. They will answer in 24 hours. The AC extension cord will be offered as a premium. The 4-port charger can be used for both laptop and mobile devices, and can be switched between different types. The C3/C2 have triple USBC ports with one 30W port and the other having a max of 100W. The maximum 130 Watt output is supported by this charger. The Power Delivery 3.0, Quick Charge 3.0, and Super Fast Charge 2.0 technology protocols are compatible with all of theusb C ports. This box is compatible with a lot of systems such as Apple products, Windows, as well asAndroid, and it also supports a lot of accessories. It work well with a variety of things, including the power line, the cable, and the cord. Safe & Reliable GaN 2 Pro generation strengthen solution achieve low heat temperature, smaller size but higher charging efficiency, which is more powerful and durable. The PC(V0) is a fire retardant material that protects against over current, short circuit and over voltage. It is easy to carry with the 90 degree folding plug. You can use it on a table or wall. It can be used as a travel charging cube. When traveling abroad, adaptive 110-240 voltage can be used. OTOBEUS will provide after-sales support to offer perfect assistance for each customer. If you have an issue, please contact them.

Brand: Wotobeus

👤I was forced to leave this review because I couldn't get ahold of anyone about the issue, but I did get a new charging cable for my new watch, and it worked. I thought these had smart chips to prevent this sort of thing. What should I do now?

👤It's perfect for a traveling photographer. I used to travel with two bulky inverters, one for staying at hotels and one for car camping. I decided to convert everything to theusb-c for simplicity and weight because I would always be able to plug in and charge my gear. This is a much lighter and compact kit. The AC cable is the best part of this charger because it adds a little extra reach and it keeps the weight off the outlet, which is important if you want to use the airport outlets. Without the extra AC cord, it stays in good shape. My new travel kit includes: 130W wotobeus wall charger, 95W wotobeus car charger, Big Blue 24W solar charge for camping, and Kastar battery charger. Most power systems on airplanes are limited to 75 watt per seat, so make sure you don't pull more than 75 watt. I'm noticing that some cables don't charge when you pair them with the charger. I'm also getting the 'plugged in, not charging' issue. Trying to find the culprit, but the charger might be doing bad things to the cables. The rating should be left as is, but be careful.

👤It is the best. A super compact. It is much smaller than you think. There are two more It has high enough power to charge a high powered laptop like a MacBook Pro at full speed. You can charge two laptops at the same time if you have a 65 watt laptop. The faster the device is charged, the quicker it will charge. If you have an Apple device, you should use a lightning cable to charge it. There are four You are getting three power delivery ports in one device. This is very rare and small. It is half the size of an AnkerPD4 which is Amazon's Choice and it has 30 less Watts. This is superior in every way. I know I have a pair. There are five The block with the ports close to your devices can be brought with the power cord, so you can plug it into the wall and use shorter cables. You can use it without the dagger. If you travel with it, you can plug it into the wall by popping out the metal pins. The power cord is required by the AnkerPD4. The WOTOBEUS is the best of both worlds as you can use it either way. 6) If you want the best, you should wait a week or two for this charger, but the only downside is that you have to wait. The 130 watt WOTOBEUS is larger than the 100 watt AnkerPD4. The electric pins pop out in the next picture so you can plug it into an AC outlet. It is not possible for the AnkerPD4 to do that. The third picture is a comparison between a MacBook Pro and a 100 watt power source. The MacBook Pro has a single port. Plug it into the wall and you may need a crazy long cable to get to your laptop, and you can accidentally pull it from the wall. You can use the power cord and put the charging block next to your laptop on the table if you want to charge your iPad Pro and your phone at full power. The WOTOBEUS is half the size, more powerful, and less expensive than the AnkerPD4 and is the final pick.

7. Unitek Charging Compatible Multiple Simultaneously

Unitek Charging Compatible Multiple Simultaneously

The power accessory is certified safety and comes with a multi- protect safety system. Protection again over-charging, over-heating, over-voltage and short circuit. Surge protection keeps your appliances safe. There is a display status. The Charging Station for Multiple Devices can charge up to 10 devices at the same time. BC1.2 technology provides up to 5V2.4A of power per port. You can keep your device organized by holding it all in one place. The Quick Charge 3.0 docking station has 2 charging ports that will fast charge compatible devices. Quick Charge 3.0 charges devices up to 80% in 35 minutes, 4 times quicker than a conventional charge. It's compatible with Quick Charge 1.0 and 2.0. You can adjust the width to any size you need, hold your device in the cases and prevent it from being scratched. High-quality dividers of varying heights are available for larger devices like iPad and tablets. You get a 10-Port Charging Station with Quick Charge 3.0, a User Manual, and 24h technology support. Also, note: The charging cables are not included.

Brand: Unitek

👤I wanted more ports in case I needed them, so I bought this product to help charge multiple devices in our family room. The unit stopped working about three months after purchase, and my daughter didn't have an iPad. They contacted me immediately after I posted a review about this. They stood by their product and offered to pay to have the unit sent back to them so they could identify the issue and make sure it doesn't happen again. I replaced the iPad at their expense. I had a backup of the device and was able to restore it when the new one arrived. I will continue to use their products because of their excellent customer service. Any company willing to resolve any issues or defects and fix them in the future is a great company to work for. It's rare to find companies that will stick by their products even if things go wrong.

👤I was hesitant to purchase because of the price and other reviews about the dividers not staying in securely. Very happy with the product. They made improvements to fix the loose fitting issue after reading the headline and that is exactly what they did. The dividers fit in nicely, even with large kindles with thick rubber covers for the kids, and the dividers stay firmly in place even when my 6 year old tries to grab for his book. They provide both large and small dividers. The 2 quick charge 3.0 ports are great. When you need to charge quickly, having 2 of them is very convenient, because I don't need to quick charge most of the time. Unitek paid attention to the details with this one and while I think it is a bit on the expensive side, I am willing to pay that price when there is no other charging base like this one.

👤The Unitek Charging Station for Multiple Devices is a good product. You will break tall dividers with iPad and similar. The plastic that is used to make the dividers is not strong enough to hold up to the weight of iPad weight devices and the plastic feet of the dividers that fit into place are made of metal. They're happy to sell you more divider sets for fourteen dollars. The flimsy dividers and the high pitched sound that comes from charging from certain ports are off. It would be great to fix these issues.

👤It was as described. I have three of them in my classroom. It's neat and free of stuff. I only need one power strip for 30 Ipads that are charged every night.

👤I have about 6 or 7 devices plugged in, and it always charges fast. When my kids are ready to put their devices away, I like to use this as a device station. This is a great item.

👤You need to make this product work for you. All your products have short charging cords. There are cord organizers. This item left a lot to be desired. Our cords are all in boxes and are long everywhere. It makes things look worse. We both have our own tablets and laptops. The dividers wouldn't hold up anything if they fell over. I thought I would get better quality after spending more money. Marshalls has a frying pan separator. You can save your money.

8. Baseus Charging Extender Compatible Included

Baseus Charging Extender Compatible Included

The Baseus GaN charger enables intelligently deliver power for up to 6 devices. 65WPD Fast Charging: dual ports, which allow simultaneous high-speed charging of your MacBook Air and iPhone. A single laptop can be charged in just 2 hours at full 65W, or an iPhone 13 can be charged in 30 minutes at 0–54%. Universal Compatibility: Novel compact usb c wall charger supports all of the above and more to ensure flawless compatibility charging speeds for virtually allusb powered devices. The charging station is in one desktop. Portable design GaN Charger: 3.82*1.6* 1.5 inches compact body and travel-friendly design ensures maximum portability wherever you go. The flat plug power strip has a power-head that can fit in tight spaces and a 45 plug design that won't block your duplex wall outlet. The GaNIII Pro Tech makes their latest charger smaller without sacrificing a drop of power, and provides better low-temperature fast charging experience than GaN II. The safety design for the AC port is certified-safe by RoHs, FCC and ETL. Baseususb c wall Charger has a thicker wire core for low heat and higher safety. The Baseus PowerCombo has a 65Wusb c charging cable, 100W type-c charging cable and a user guide. Their 12-month warranty is worry-free. A 100WUSB-C toUSB-C cable is included for fast charging. The Lightning Cable is not included.

Brand: Baseus

👤Don't buy! I bought two of these, each has one or two badusb contacts, one with ausb C and the other with twousb B outputs I bought many GaN chargers and confirmed all of these. To start charging your phone, you have to push theusb plug in the sideway. It looks like the manufacturer is trying to cheap out by using a low qualityusb port. I was lucky that I only had one unit having the same problem. They have a quality problem. I returned both of them. The second return is not refunds after 2 months.

👤This brick is a decent way to charge up. It's one less thing to buy since it came with a cable. My testing on an Elitebook 745 G6 showed the ports can charge a low-to-mid end laptop without a problem, and having one brick to handle multiple items is nice for traveling. The title of the listing is misleading. The output of the twousb c ports is 45 watt + 20 watt for a total of 65 watt when used together. This is not a 65 watt charger, and any device that requires a 65 watt charge will not receive the expected power. It's fine for smaller laptops with up to 45 watt of power. The laptops that need a 100 watt charger won't charge quickly due to only 45 watt being pushed. This is a good option for traveling in a car with only one power outlet, or if you want to use a one-size-fits-all charge in your bag, but in all honesty, there are better options on the market. I can't recommend this item.

👤This is another thing from them that has worked out better than expected. I usually carry a power strip with me when I travel. The short travel power strip makes it difficult to reach a plug next to the bed in the hotel. I have to keep a lot of cords and cubes with me. When I opened the package, I was amazed at how long the power cord was. I realized that it has a strap on it. I was able to use the strap to bundle up the unneeded cable because I only needed the length I needed. I wanted it on the nightstand. The two power outlets on the sides allow me to plug in my laptop, as well as the two phone ports and theusb port for my phone. I still had the two ports to use for charging my earbuds, but I could swap them out for something else. Being able to leave all those extra cubes at home was nice. I have less to manage and this thing charged my phones and devices very quickly. I mentioned this to the other people on my team, and they are also looking at this, just for the convenience of having everything you need charging while not carrying a lot of attachments. If you want to get rid of a lot of plugs and power supplies, this is a great place to start. To make it easier to travel.

9. Charging Multiple Chargers Suitable Certification

Charging Multiple Chargers Suitable Certification

You get a 10-Port Charging Station with Quick Charge 3.0, a User Manual, and 24h technology support. Also, note: The charging cables are not included. The 24 ports are compatible with the iPad Pro/ Air 2/Mini and enable simultaneous multi- device charging. An intelligent chip was built to protect against overload. The cooling holes can help prevent over- temperature. When these devices are fully charged, they automatically convert to a small trickle charge, which can extend the lifespan of your phone battery by more than two years. The multi-port adapter will allow you to charge more than one device. You can charge your devices with ausb cord. The Family-Sized Desktop USB Rapid Charger can charge 24 devices at the same time. Extension of phone usage time to more than 2 years. TheMIXILIN brand joined the 10 million+ powered by America's leading USB Charging Brand. Their worry-free 2-year warranty and friendly customer service are included in the list.

Brand: Mixilin

👤I use this as a battery tender for all my devices. There are everything from earbuds to a battery bank. It is working well so far. It is expected that cable management is a challenge. The rate this will charge is worth mentioning. It says it will deliver up to 2.4 Amps per port, which is great. You need to keep in mind that you are sharing 100 Watts or 20 Watts across all the ports you are using. If you use up to 8 ports, you'll get the max of 2.4 Amp, but as you add more devices, that will drop. If you use all the ports, you will get an average of 0.8 Amps. It's not knocking this unit, it's the way the chargers work. If you think you're going to connect 24 phones and have them charge in a few hours, that's not going to happen with this or any other chargers with this port count. The review asked about using this for travel, so here are my thoughts on that, it seems to me to be overkill. If you're traveling with more than one device, then you can justify this as a travel charging point, but there are better solutions available.

👤I was unsure if that was powerful enough to charge the students phones. I used a cell phone, four iPad, and an old-fashioned Kindle with a keyboard to practice. It worked. I recommend this product to teachers, I have no problem with it.

👤This is what the doctor ordered. Pros- I have 10 of the plugs. Everything is charged quickly. When family comes over and charges their phones, it fills up, but they all get charged. It's an awesome device. It's not a huge con but when walking late at night the buzz is there. I'm not used to having any noises in this hallway. I would recommend this.

👤I bought this charge to give my students an incentive to put their phones in the charging station during class time. They love it and stop using their phones. They have a full charge at the end of the period because they pay more attention in class.

👤The fan is buzzing rather loudly, and we tried to review warranty information on the manufacturer's site, but found nothing. Garbage is typical of many Amazon sellers.

👤I used this to keep students off their phones. It took me about 3 weeks to get two of my students cables to work again, but it melted the inside of theusb port. I sent in a request to replace a device that I think is malfunctioning.

👤It is exactly like the picture. It is easy to travel anywhere with it. The cord is long and fast to charge. It has a fan so you won't have to worry about it heating or getting hot. I needed this because I have so many different devices and they can all charge at the same time.

👤Loud. You add more and it becomes louder. Even if they are not charging anything. It was loud enough to be heard in the next room when I had 4 devices charging with 3 extrausb plugged in. I attached it to the back of the desk with heavy duty glue hangers, so I was seriously thinking of returning it. I think I'll have to return it.

10. Ports Charging Station Multiple Devices

Ports Charging Station Multiple Devices

The fast charging station for 10 electronics devices charging at full speed simultaneously, built-in smart chip automatically recognize, adjusting and distributing the optimal output, each device can, is not like other charging stations with short, unstable and fragile plastic/wood dividers. The Charging Station has holes on the back and sides to make sure it's working in a safe and cool environment. The fireproof industrial PC can be resistant to 750C and the fan radiating system is activated when the temperature goes to 45C. When the temperature is over 100C, power will be cut off. The 10-Slot charging station neatly stores and charges up to 10 mobile phone, tablets and other devices at the same time. Avoid cable chaos by charging your devices at one place. Keep your computer clean. There is less need for wall chargers and outlets in your offices, kitchens, bedrooms, counters, tables or bedside tables with a single multi-port charging station. The covers may not fit. The NTONPOWER ipad docking station is certified safety. NTONPOWER's Multi-Protection safety system ensures complete protection against over-charging, over-heating, over-circuiting and other dangers. Surge protection keeps your devices safe. If an incident occurs, the NTONPOWER charging station organizers comes with an 18-month warranty and $300,000 liability insurance for connected devices and property damage. If the device is malfunctioning, please contact them. They will answer in 24 hours.

Brand: Ntonpower

👤It works. It charges at a regulated rate. The bays on top are a bit deceiving. Yes, it will do many devices. If they aren't in cases. We put cases on top of the devices because they don't fit. It's not much for space savings. I would like the slots to be bigger. The thing is very expensive. There were no issues with its function.

👤We have a lot of devices to charge. It's easy to keep them all together with the help of the NTonPower. I like being able to change the cord type. The unit is sturdy and holds our devices. The slots are stationary and have advantages and disadvantages. The slots are not the best if your device is in a case or not a typical phone or pad. The separators should not be easily broken or lost if the device holders are present. I used different colors of cables for Apple products. There were no problems after a month.

👤I have a lot of devices and this charger has been able to charge them all in a decent time. There is a The power for each port is not measurable, but I have had many other chargers that promise 2.4A for each port but never deliver since the devices either never charge or charging takes forever. This one seems to be doing a good job of charging all the devices in a few hours.

👤A space saver. I wish they had the option to purchase short cables directly from them.

👤This has been used for a while now and it does its job well. It doesn't say fast charging on your device, but I've compared times against original devices fast charging and it's not an issue. I think that the device only charges at 5V dc instead of 9V that my factory block can charge at, and that's probably why it only states cable charging. How healthy is it to fast charge at 5v all the time? Time will tell, I'm not sure. If you need a lot of charging that doesn't slow down with more devices then this is the way to go.

👤I like the stationary slots, my 2 Ipads, and my cell phone. Prior to purchasing this one, I had a larger charging station. It was more of a hassle to put the plastic panels back in because the stations were separated by them. My wife hated it, so I researched and found this one, and now she loves it. The stationary panels work well. Everything I put on is charged by it.

👤It will show on your device if you are lucky. As it sits there, it will lose power. I don't think it charges at all. I tried to charge multiple devices with this. Didn't charge them. I woke up to 8%. I went to bed with it at 9%. Not worth a purchase.

👤This isn't my first charging station, but it's the best yet. The dividers are so strong that they are almost impossible to break. It doesn't fit my kid's iPad case, but that's fine. It charges quickly and is strong.

11. Alxum Charging Multiple Delivery Compatible

Alxum Charging Multiple Delivery Compatible

The Alxum Charging Station has a dual type C power delivery port for MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and Nintendo Switch. You can charge your compatible devices from zero to 80% in 35 minutes. It is compatible with Quick Charger 2.0/ Quick Charger 3.0 intelligent identification equipment. For optimum performance, use original authentic certified cables. The Revolutionary Design is a Dividers that can be adjusted to any size you need. There are high quality 14 dividers, 6 of which are short and 7 of which are tall. 45 aim to the slots and press firmly down to the slots. Protection over charging, over-heating, over-voltage, and short circuit is what Certified Safety is about. Surge protection keeps your appliances safe. The battery lifespan is further protected with the auto-detect and adjust power output function based on devices. Alxum's customer has a 24 month warranty with professional customer services to eliminate their worries. You can ask a question in the top right corner of the new page if you reach out to them.

Brand: Alxum

👤On the first day of owning this, we plugged in a number of devices. There are 9 total objects. All of them needed some money. My son heard a sound like a tea kettle. We all heard it when we put our ear close to the charge. My son doesn't want to use the charger because it will fry his phone. The sound went down when the devices were unplugged one at a time. I chatted with an Amazon customer service person and they said that when there are too many chargers, they sometimes make this sound. The iPads charge very quickly. I think I should have bought the higher wattage version. I'm willing to trust the manufacturer and order a higher wattage version if they're willing to give me one.

👤I have it for 5 months and I'm happy with it. I use the charging station occasionally to charge my older devices. The charging station doesn't take much space, so you need to allocate your room as your largest devices need on the shelf, in my case that's an old 2nd generation iPad. It's nice to have a port for my current phones, so that when they retire, I can keep them there. I like the fact that you can fold the charging station and use it as a wall-mounted charger, which is exactly what I plan to do after my collection of older devices expires. It's a small issue that I don't care much about, but it may become an annoyance for someone who wants to place this on a bedside table because of the high pitched sound that the power brick makes when you plug in a few power hungry devices.

👤I didn't think I'd need one until I tried it. The design is well thought out and accommodates several electronic devices in a nice and organized manner. It's a given that electronic devices don't last forever, but what shortens the life of most of them is the heat build up, especially when left charging for long periods of time. The power supply being separate from the actual ports is a plus, as it keeps the heat away from the devices themselves when charging, which I believe enhances the life of the gadgets. The design of the rack is good for when I have a toddler in the house and need to fit bulky cases for tablets/phones. Make sure you get short-length cables to limit the amount of space you have. We will see more devices that are only compatible with the new standard, but it will be a loooong time before we see any micro-usb tousb-c devices. Is it time to thank you for reading?

👤I like the charging station. I had a bunch and just ordered more, it didn't come with cables. It is convenient and compact. It has a lot of ports, but there is a nice port. Sometimes the little dividers come out. Most of our devices have cases and they cling to the divider to pull them out. It would be great if they snapped in. Maybe use a little glue.


What is the best product for best usb charging station 120w?

Best usb charging station 120w products from Fuhaoxuan. In this article about best usb charging station 120w you can see why people choose the product. Kamera and Orico are also good brands to look for when you are finding best usb charging station 120w.

What are the best brands for best usb charging station 120w?

Fuhaoxuan, Kamera and Orico are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best usb charging station 120w. Find the detail in this article. Kovol, Alxum and Wotobeus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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