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1. Afuly Rustic Picture Distressed Wedding

Afuly Rustic Picture Distressed Wedding

UNIQUE DESIGN: A frame with a white heart and a lace mat is a great way to decorate pictures. You can personalize your photos to be a beautiful reminder of your special day. There is a guarantee on the sale. If the item is damaged or shattered, immediate after-sales and replacement service will be provided. There are pictures on a table top. Excellent quality is made of top quality wood and glass.

Brand: Afuly

👤I bought this as a 13th anniversary gift. I looked at the item when it arrived but never took it out. I saw the thin frame and cheap cardboard back and stand when I took the photo. Had I seen the back, I wouldn't have bought it. The vendor agreed to replace the stand if it broke. I was afraid to open the stand fully because it looked like it was going to tear the frame apart. There was no time to replace the gift. I was embarrassed. It looks like something you would find at a dollar store. The back of the frame should be changed in order to make it look better.

👤The frame is really cute. It was packaged well. The fabric border around the picture is a bit crooked and there was some stringy glue hanging from it. Some parts of the wood are a little rougher than others and look a little worn. The bow in the corner doesn't look like a bow at all, it's just mushed up fabric. The opening in the back of the frame is not good for a picture larger than 4x6 We had to tape the picture to the glass in order to see it in the front, and the front opening isn't as big as 4x6 I had to make the picture smaller so you could see it all.

👤The materials are sturdy and the frame is cute. The glass was broken in one corner and the frame corners weren't perfect, so I wouldn't have given this 5 stars. I would have returned it if it was a gift for my daughter. I bought a personalized item to fit inside the frame as a Mother's Day gift for her.

👤I thought the wood part was going to be a bit thicker then it is, I have other 4x6 frames that are bigger then this one. The heart is adorable and adds a little extra.

👤I gave my sister the frame because I wanted to put a picture of my grandma in it. She broke down and cried. The frame was in perfect condition.

👤Carefully heated the glue holding the ribbon with a glue gun and removed it from the other side, I wanted this for a horizontal photo. The frame is very cute.

👤The frame looks better than the photo. I will be giving it as a gift. I might order another to use me. Very happy.

👤I'm not sure if the clasp on the stand was meant to come off or if it was broken. It slid in and stood up, but any movement or trying to adjust it over a little would flop it over. I have to put the stand back on. The frame was nice.

👤It's a piece of garbage. It's not sure if it's even real wood. The glass is much smaller than the frame, so it moves around in the frame. You can't tape your photo on the glass to fit the border because it's too small. It was a cheap job to maximize profits. It's not worth a pound.

2. Haysom Interiors Beautiful Picture Thoughtful

Haysom Interiors Beautiful Picture Thoughtful

A picture frame with a clear glass cover and double hearts design. A beautiful and thoughtful gift is a black engraved auntie lettering. A photo is held in a 4 x 6 photo holder. The lacquer is tarnish resistant. The total frame size is measured in inches. It's not suitable for wall hanging.

Brand: Haysom Interiors

👤This was a gift for my mom, who has been wanting a school picture of my kids. I got her a frame. We gave her one of his pictures. She loved it. The frame was better quality and more beautiful than the ones. You can find these frames at hobby lobbies. My son loved giving it to grandma.

👤These frames are beautiful. I will be doing a reading at the wedding, so I bought them. I only received two of the three I ordered, so I am not sure if someone is getting a gift as I intended. They will make a nice gift.

👤I will give the frame as a gift. It was a little bit pricey at $19.99, but it is not really worth that much, and I could not find one similar anywhere. I wanted to get a "Grandson" frame. I would buy it again as it is good quality. It is good to know that they have a "Grandaughter". I will check around for alternatives that are more reasonable, as I am sure the recipient will not think it's that expensive, so you might have to add another gift to compensate.

👤Very pretty! I gave it as a gift and it was a hit. The quality is good. I would buy again.

👤It was given as a gift to new grandparents. She liked it.

👤I liked the picture frame a lot. I framed a picture of my great-grandfather and I. It looks great. Would buy again.

👤The frame is cute. The brushed silver has 2 hearts at the bottom and a Granddaughter etched into the top. The two tones of silver make it stand out. I took this out of the box because it is nicer than the picture shows. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤My new granddaughter's picture is sitting on the piano with all the other family pictures in this frame.

👤Excellent photo frame.

👤The picture doesn't do this frame justice. My mum was thrilled to receive a picture of her new granddaughter in it for mother's day.

👤A nice photo frame. Has a vintage look. Very good quality, arrived quickly and nicely packaged. My friends were delighted with the gift.

👤A nice frame for displaying pictures.

👤Excellent product and efficient service. It is attractive.

3. Malden International Designs 3319 46 Expressions

Malden International Designs 3319 46 Expressions

A wooden plaque frame holds a photo. You can protect your picture with a clear protective sheet. The boys have a mat and silver attachment. It holds a picture of 4x6 or 5x7. An easel is on the table or shelf.

Brand: Malden International Designs

👤Gave to a friend that had two boys and died. I put the fixture of the boys in the frame as a remembrance.

👤I gave this to a co-worker who was going to retire. She loved it! It was perfect for her.

👤If it wasn't for the fact that the picture frame came damaged, I would have given it 5 stars.

👤A friend gave birth to twins and I bought this frame for her. She liked it.

👤A frame was needed to hold a picture of my boys. This was perfect.

👤A cute frame is a great gift. It would have been better if it was made with more sturdy materials.

👤The frame was a gift and it looked great.

👤A shower gift to the mom of a boy expecting twins.

4. VILIGHT Picture Frame Gifts Nephew

VILIGHT Picture Frame Gifts Nephew

Solid colors are 100% cotton, other are cotton/polyester or cotton/viscose blend. The best gift for an aunt is from her niece and nephew. A unique aunt and uncle gift for a baby is possible. I am not just an aunt, I am a big cup of wonderful covered in awesome sauce with a splash of fun dash of crazy. Good decor for the room, wall and table can be found in the Sweet Heart patterns. This adorable handmade string art frame holds pictures. Good size for hanging on the wall, also able to stand on the table, is a cute and fine quality decoration. VILIGHT offers the best value and they have great confidence in it. Drop them an email if you run into an issue. They want their customer to be happy.

Brand: Vilight

👤My kids gave this to their aunty. She liked it. The quality is excellent. It looks the same.

👤My sister loved the unique frame. It was a nice design. It adds a little humor.

👤The frame is cute, but the glass was ruined. There was a scratch on the front of the glass. I had no time to return. Very disappointed.

👤The frame was a cute gift. She loved it and I loved it. It was perfect.

👤It's not expensive. I think it's worth every penny. It arrived in a timely manner. It was a gift for someone new. She was completely shocked when I put a picture of the newborn twins in it. The quality is better than I expected. I want to thank you for making her birthday a good one.

👤The frame is even more cute in person. I love it! A few ways to hang as well as great quality and well packaged.

👤The frame is very nice. The space was too small to fit my photo. I had to cut the photo down to make it work, which was inconvenient, but not a big deal.

5. VILIGHT Stepmom Stepdad Gifts Bride

VILIGHT Stepmom Stepdad Gifts Bride

An easel is on the table or shelf. There is a time of the year when they should thank the special men in their lives, like the bonus dad or father in law. The light picture frame is perfect for spacial dads. It helps you express your feelings for him. Best Gifts for Dads or Mom. It is a great present for step dads and mom on any occasion. There is a farmhouse style string art that can be used for a room, wall and table. The pictures of the two of them made it even better. The picture frame is made with lines and nails. It's a good size for hanging on the wall and can stand on the table, which is a 888-609- VILIGHT offers the best value and they have great confidence in it. Drop them an email if you run into an issue. They want their customer to be happy.

Brand: Vilight

👤The back flap that holds it up broke after a while, but it wasn't a big deal because it was easy to hide. I knocked two stars off because of those two reasons.

👤I love it! Just as pictured. I bought this for a good friend. I happen to be younger than them. She is my best friend and also a mother to me. My friend is like a bonus mom to me because I am very close to my mother. I can go to her for anything. I will gift this to her on Mother's Day.

👤When my neighbor lost her dad, I gave this to her. She loved it! It made me happy that I got that gift.

👤It was a perfect gift for my boyfriend. Best step ever!

👤This was a gift from our exchange student and we absolutely loved it. One of my favorite gifts.

👤Not worth $30... I was expecting a bigger and stronger frame but this one is very light weight and smaller than any other frame. It will be a good gift for my mother in law. If it was for my home, I would return it.

👤My wife received this from my daughter. Cute and meaningful. The pictures of the two of them made it even better.

👤It is the same as pictured. I gave this gift to my mother in law, and she loved it more than anything. This gift is very good. Excellent quality and a great purchase!

6. Pavilion Worlds Uncle Metal Picture

Pavilion Worlds Uncle Metal Picture

It's a great gift for your manager. They will appreciate this for a long time. Premium quality. A 4x6 photo frame is made from metal and wood and is packaged in a plain box. "World's Best Uncle" text is printed on the metal section of the frame. It's a perfect gift for an uncle. Care instructions. Dust with a dry cloth. There are more products. The same style of bowls, mugs, and plaques are also available.

Brand: Pavilion Gift Company

👤Brother likes it! He is hard to give a gift to. I got it for his birthday because he adores his neice. The picture frame is manly. There is nothing feminine about it.

👤The back is uncomplicated and the frame is sturdy. I ordered five frames at once, and all five were the same. If I needed it, I would order it again.

👤It looks like the picture and it's great quality. It was a great gift.

👤I am very happy with this frame. It was a gift for my brother and he loved it.

👤I liked it a lot. It was similar to the picture.

👤He loves his gift. Very nice frame.

7. Between Engraved Tabletop 4x6 Inch Horizontal

Between Engraved Tabletop 4x6 Inch Horizontal

A picture frame is a classic gift. The frame is large enough to fit a 4x6 INCH picture. Birthday, Christmas, and Valentines are great gifts. The wood surface has a design engraved into it. The design will not fall off like printed products. The frame has a folding easel on the back that can be hung on the wall.

Brand: Customgiftsnow

👤My brother cried with this gift that had a picture of him and my daughter. He received other gifts from me as well as simple things.

👤It was a nice item with a great message, but I felt the price was too high and the hard to find message led to the supply/demand costs.

👤This was given to my niece by me for her birthday, and she loves it. Definitely recommend!

👤It was a great gift to my brother. He loved it!

👤I got it for my uncle and he loved it.

👤I like this frame. The box brought tears to my eyes when I opened it. I gave it to my uncle when I was a baby because I wanted a picture of him with me. He cried. It did its job.

👤I was impressed with the quality of this frame. It was a great gift for my brother who is going out of state to college and misses his niece.

👤My uncle received this gift. He is a loving person. I think he liked it.

8. Pearhead Keepsake Rustic Picture Distressed

Pearhead Keepsake Rustic Picture Distressed

Pearhead "Me and my uncle" sentiment frame is a great way to celebrate the special bond between baby and uncle. There is a frame, one easel and one triangle hanger. "Me and my uncle" is printed on a white mat. The frame is white and rustic. An adorable addition for your baby's room. It's perfect for your baby shower so make sure to add it to your registry. The dimensions are 8 W x 6 H x.5 D. The dimensions are 8 W x 6 H x.5 D.

Brand: Pearhead

👤The picture should be taken in a horizontal manner. It did the job. Simple and not expensive. What I was looking for.

👤The inside is not accurate. There is a section of the picture that is left out of the picture that is displayed. The biggest complaint I have is how it took away from the 4x6 picture I wanted it all to fit in.

👤This is a great mug. It's a good size to hold a lot of beverage and is cute, but being subtle you could take it to work.

👤If you don't touch it, more chips will be off. It was total let down and cheap.

👤It is cute. They were a Christmas gift. If it said "My aunt and I", I would give it 5 stars.

👤It seems to be quality so far. I haven't uploaded the picture yet. I hope it works the way I need it to. It seems like a good frame so far.

👤The recipient loved the quality.

👤Despite the high price tag for a mug, I was excited to find it. It took about a week for delivery. I was very disappointed when I saw it. There are small dents in the mug and the writing is not very sleek. It's not worth it. Returned and will look for something else.

👤The mug turned out to be a gem. I got it for my aunt as a gift and she loved it as much as I did. I debated keeping it for myself because I am an auntie.

👤The product is well-made and our aunties loved it with the kids' pictures.

👤I will be getting a refund because the mug was cracked when I opened it. When you lightly tap the mug it is cheap and fragile and likely won't last more than a few uses.

👤We were very pleased with the product. It was in perfect condition very quickly.

9. Eosglac Rustic Picture Handcrafted Natural

Eosglac Rustic Picture Handcrafted Natural

The wooden picture frame is made from hand-glued Birch Bark. Every frame is a work of art. The bark pieces are from different natural Birch trees, so a little color difference and bark peel off are normal. The Backing board with Easel can display pictures vertically or horizontally. The frame is made durable to keep your precious memories many years. Meaningful Gift is aRustic design wooden picture frame that fits many home. They provide a 7 days money back policy and 3-steps of packaging protection. Glass is fragile. If you still have questions about their frame, please contact them for a free replacement. Add to Cart is worry-free.

Brand: Eosglac

👤The frames were ordered for a photo display. They are nice frames, but there are a couple of points to mention. The photos 2 show them in a lighter color. They are flat and don't have any raised aspects like you would expect with real Birch bark. Hope this helps!

👤I bought this frame for a picture I took thirty years ago on my last trip to my homeland. It is owned by one of my mom's uncle's. In the photo he is smiling wide and riding his horse, doing exactly what he most enjoyed. Pinto was killed by the Cuban military because they were hungry. Tio cried for days. The frame fits that photo perfectly because it is rustic and the aged bark matches the weathered look of tio's face and clothing. I need a new frame for a picture that I have always cherished, but this is the perfect one.

👤The frame that I received was very nice. The stuff inside the frame falls out when you hang it because there is no way to hold it in the back. Maybe it was a mistake, or are they all like that? Not sure?

👤The frame was smaller than a 8X11. The glass cover makes a difference. The glass is beautiful. The size of the wood is defined and it is lovely. The frame above 8X11 will come with PLEXIGLASS. The description is confusing, so read carefully: 100% handcrafted, high definition Plexiglass cover, and then it says "Glass Front Cover"

👤A basic function of a picture frame would be allowing the placement of a photo and securing it in place. It takes 200 lbs of Torque to snap the frame back in place. If you don't crack the thing in two, there is only one flimsy latch to hold it. The frame has a nice appeal to it. Another option would be to use a graphic page that comes with the frame and forget about a family picture. The photo is attached. My wife says that would be stupid.

👤I was very happy with the frames. I'm buying them as gifts for my parents and they're going to look great at their mountain house, fitting in with the rustic theme perfectly. They're really unique. The frames seem sturdy and the attached hardware makes them easy to hang on the wall. I was surprised and disappointed that two of the pieces were scratched out of the box or before I put the pictures in, despite the care I took with the glass. I was very careful with the glass in the process of putting the photos on the bubble wrap that they came in and wiping the dust off them only with a soft cloth, but it was still somewhat disappointing to wrap a picture that was already scratched up. I positioned the scratched areas so that they're not noticeable on the pictures, but it was a disappointment that they were damaged before my parents could see them.

👤I love this frame. I like the look of it and it fits my first painting. I like that it can either hang or sit on a shelf. It was carefully wrapped and shipped. It is interesting to look at, but it doesn't detract from the artwork. My mother loved how it turned out, and she was the only outsider that had seen it.

10. Picture Frame Genuine Letter Board

Picture Frame Genuine Letter Board

A custom gift is a picture frame with a unique quote for Dad. It's sentimental for everyone to have a picture frame for Dad on Father's Day. A canvas bag for storage is included with the Exhaustive Character Set. Get creative! You can personalize your memories with a unique message, date, or quote. A picture frame is a beautiful gift. Made with Genuine Wood has quality materials including a genuine wooden frame and backing, polished glass to preserve pictures, and genuine grey felt. Da de la madre! Easy to display is easy hanging hardware for a flat display. Hang your message board on the wall. Marco Madre! Supporting a small family business is important. It makes a huge difference to them.

Brand: Oak Letters

👤You have to separate the symbol on the letter board from the one on it's own. I am very happy with the gift I received. I didn't realize that the frame came with all the extra letters, numbers, symbols and even emoji faces. It's even cute now that we know the kids auntie can change the wording on it. Sturdy and doesn't feel cheap so I recommend it!

👤I got this frame as a surprise for my son's dorm room because I'm a college freshman mom. Put the pets on one side and the humans of the family on the other side to express my love in the middle. I knew that my message would be changed and I was glad he had fun with it. The frame is sturdy and easy to set up. I think that's correct.

👤I bought this for an 8 year old boy who just lost his mother so he could put a picture of him and her together and write a different message to his mom. He loves it! When I saw this, I knew I had to get him. love it!

👤I got it for my husband. After fathersday, we put the pictures in the frame for our first baby. The wording has been changed but it's still good. I don't like that there isn't enough numbers. We didn't have enough 2's to add 2022.

👤This is a photo frame and letter board combo. I put pictures of the baby on a board and gave it to my husband so he could put it in his office because he loves it. It was packaged well and is good quality. It is not heavy, but it still looks nice, and it is sturdy enough. This would be a great gift.

👤I don't often write reviews. This is a great buy, a little pricey for a frame, but I still took a chance and am happy I did! Father's Day is when I bought theRustic Brown frame for my dad. I love that I can personalize it however I want, and the great thing is that I didn't have to wait 2 weeks to get it, like I normally have to with personalized items. I can either put it on a table or hang it. The description was accurate about all the different letters and emojis that come with it. There is a cute little bag to hold the tiles. Oh! It has a white border that can be removed or used. If you remove it, it will fit a larger photo. If you keep the border, it will fit a 6x4 photo. I said it was a great buy. I might get another one for myself.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this gift. The felt board is sturdy and well made. There are many letters, numbers, and symbols on the board. It comes with a bag for the extras and is easy to cut out. The photos are large. You can hang it on a table or stand it on an easel.

11. Isaac Jacobs Sentiments Picture Tabletop

Isaac Jacobs Sentiments Picture Tabletop

Frame a special moment. This frame is a great way to show off your photos. The wooden cutout letters give the frame an emotional punch as they emphasize your pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this photo sentiment frame goes above and beyond the standard worth. It's a good thing. Frame design. The frame has a clean black wooden border that is 1.5 inches thick. The letters on the top are painted in a natural wood stain that spells "I Papa" The frame is sure to emphasize character and love. This touching sentiment frame is used to express your love and respect for a million names for Papa. Take a deep breath and see yourself with metaphysics. You can turn memories into framed art to make your home look better. Adding framed photos of your loved ones will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The frame fills the space with personal touches. If you remove the mat, the photo will fit a 5 by 7 photo and a 4x6 photo. The easel back makes it easy to display on any table, desk, counter or shelf. The hanging tab is included. Picking out a gift for Papa can be difficult, but he will appreciate this frame that keeps memories alive and timeless. It is a great gift for a birthday, Father's Day, Christmas or holiday/ family event if you fill the frame photos of hugs and kisses from the kids and grandkids. They have a collection of wood sentiment frames that can be used for any occasion. You have the picture covered, and they have the sentiment.

Brand: Isaac Jacobs International

👤I bought it for my father because our kids call him Papa and they are not available at local gift stores. I thought the words were metallic gold, but they are actually a light wood color that looks great with the frame. He loved it!

👤I like this frame. I bought it for my husband on Father's Day. I thought the words were gold in color. I like this to hold metal. Thank you, I got this quickly.

👤The frame is perfect for a new grandpa and the price is unbeatable. Good quality.

👤It's nice quality and I bought it for my dad. The Papa frames are hard to find, but this one is worth the money.

👤My Dad loves his granddaughters and I got this for him. It is difficult to find a frame that says Papa. I was very happy to find this one. It is very good quality.

👤I love this frame. It looks very attractive. The light wood really pops off of the black and makes a nice backdrop for a photo. Love!

👤So pretty! It will be the perfect gift for grandpa.

👤It's a little pricey but still nice.


What is the best product for best uncle frame?

Best uncle frame products from Afuly. In this article about best uncle frame you can see why people choose the product. Haysom Interiors and Malden International Designs are also good brands to look for when you are finding best uncle frame.

What are the best brands for best uncle frame?

Afuly, Haysom Interiors and Malden International Designs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best uncle frame. Find the detail in this article. Vilight, Vilight and Pavilion Gift Company are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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