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1. Blissun Heavy Patio Market Umbrella

Blissun Heavy Patio Market Umbrella

The PFFY Compact Travel Umbrella is waterproof. The fabric made of pongee is thicker and more resistant than other fabrics. The umbrella base is made of waterproof, aging resistance, wear-resistant, anti ultraviolet strong and permanently not corroded. The umbrella stand has a classic decorative pattern and black finish that will last for many years. The patio umbrella base can be adjusted according to the thickness of the umbrella column. The diameter of the umbrella pole is 1.49". The umbrella base stand has a knob for securing the umbrella to the base. The overall size is 16.5" x 12.6 x"H. It is easy to assemble and store for home and commercial use. There are many places to apply for, including a villa, hotel, terrace, balcony, resort, water park, barbecue bar, western restaurant, beauty salon, outdoor leisure umbrella base, outdoor parasol base, market umbrella base, company rest area, etc.

Brand: Blissun

👤My first umbrella. I didn't know anything about umbrellas or the base they need to stand upon, so I relied on positive Amazon reviews to make my decision. This particular base had a lot of positive feedback. The base was easy to put together with each piece marked in the instruction manual. It was screwed together in about five minutes. There were no problems at all. At 22 lbs. The base has a lot of weight. It was difficult to tip the umbrella over. I feel very confident that my umbrella is safe in a closed position, while sitting in this base. It has a nice design which can be seen in one of my photos. The base needs to fit different sized poles and that's why there's aremovable piston on the mounting bar. I had to remove the umbrella part. I wasn't sure if I should be doing this as the piston looks like it protects water from getting inside. I have been reassured by other customers that removing this piece is fine, if it means fitting your umbrella into it. This base is a good one to recommend. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I was a bit leery of buying an umbrella stand online as you never really know what it will look like, but this was everything it was advertised as, it's heavy duty, easy to assemble, and it has an attractive not too-in-your face basket-weave pattern.

👤The base is heavy and holds our umbrella. We live in a coastal area that is windy and we have had no problems with our umbrella pulling away from this base. I would recommend this base to anyone.

👤Nice and heavy. Two people thread an umbrella post in. It looks great under a table.

👤The umbrella stand is strong. The umbrella is held in place by it. I would buy this item again.

👤Works well! I needed something to hold my umbrella.

👤This is a great umbrella base. It was easy to assemble, and it was pleasing to the eye. We had major storms that uprooted trees and had it at the base of our table and umbrella for a few weeks, but it held up just fine.

2. Sunnyglade Square Umbrella Cantilever Locking

Sunnyglade Square Umbrella Cantilever Locking

Also, note: Water and sand are not included in the umbrella base. Made of heavy-duty plastic with a UV protection coating. Convenient filling, cleaning, and storage can be done with the easy-to-fill spout. Sturdy 4 square plate construction supports your umbrella stand. Plates provide additional weight and keep your umbrella stable. It's perfect for all types of patio umbrellam. The dimensions are 39.7" L x 39.7" W x3" H.

Brand: Sunnyglade

👤There were 2 major problems with this set. The holes in the sand and water are different sizes. This is a manufacturing problem. Only one of the 4 has a large enough hole to fit in the opening of a bottle. The others were smaller. I ended up filling them up with water because I intended to fill them with sand. 2. The umbrella base is not compatible with the U locks. The base legs of my umbrella base were a little bigger than the pieces, so I couldn't connect them. The legs are higher than the bases. The U locks are not compatible with either of these issues.

👤We have had a bit of rain and wind, but my umbrella is still standing. My son dropped one of the sections off the ground at the most, and it cracked, and water leaks everywhere, all the time, when we were setting this up. I have to keep this section flipped upside down because it's not cute because it cracked from the underside. It takes a long time to drain water. It does its job, but I'm not too happy about that. grrrrrrrr

👤I bought the weights for my umbrella. Filled with water and the weights, the umbrella can be held. The connecting rods that hold the weights together are hard to keep in, that's my only complaint. Costing $85 way too much. I will be happy if I can get a few years out of it. You don't want to leave the water in there year round as expansion and subtracting can crack the plastic and so you should empty the water in the fall.

👤It is easy to use and does the job. It fits perfectly on the ABBA 11 foot umbrella, though it is a tad larger than the one they use.

👤Terrible! There is a hole in one of them. Can't use or get anyone on the phone at Amazon.

👤This was bought for a patio shade. The shade has a pedal in it's base that can be turned. There were no problems with the pedal being fully depressing. Works well. Sturdy thick plastic is easy to fill. Heavy duty pins fit well. It took five bags of sand to fill the weights. Use dry sand to fill the containers. We spread the sand out on the driveway in the sun for 15 minutes because it was moist at our store. We just shoveled the sand in after taping a plastic milk bottle with the bottom cut off. It took a few minutes to fill each one. It was easy peasey. If you really hate yourself, do not try this with wet sand. You will want to stab yourself in the eye after five minutes of ringing wet sand through a 1” hole. Don't be a Gumby.

👤These things are very expensive. I didn't think it would pop when put in water. Put water in it not even halfway full and it exploded! There are 3 big hands. It's a pain in the butt when I need it to hold my umbrella stand. I'm going to fill it with sand and patch it up.

3. Mind Reader Umbrella Walking Umbrellas

Mind Reader Umbrella Walking Umbrellas

The high quality umbrella holder is made of metal mesh and has a better usage experience for storing and drying your umbrellas. Multiple umbrellas can be stored without tipping over. The water is held. The bottom of the umbrella rack stand is large enough to keep water out of your carpets and keep spills out of your floor. It's perfect for entryway, hallways in your house, or outside your apartment. The metal mesh is designed to keep your umbrellas open and free of dirt. The large diameter allows for the umbrella to be completely open for drying. Large and small umbrellas can be stored well. The Multi-Purpose Storage Rack can be used in a variety of ways. It is used as a decor in entryways and doors of homes, offices, hotels, bars and so on. The dimensions are: L x W x H.

Brand: Mind Reader

👤I bought this to hold my son's light saber and weapon collection. It has a foam sword, foam axe, cat noir pole, and 6 lightsabers with some room to spare. It's fantastic and doesn't tip over. The stand has survived the wrath of a toddler, and we have had it for a year now. He stood on it while putting it on it's side. It popped back out from the inside, even though it was a little damaged from his bulk. It doesn't tip since it's now filled to capacity with various toy weapons. If you're in need of an umbrella stand, this is the one for you.

👤If you put a normal cane in it, it will fall over. It would work if you always have it half full and never have less than 2 items in the can. This is a garbage can.

👤I used 2 lbs dumbells to keep it from tipping, and they worked well.

👤The "umbrella holder" is not actually serving its stated purpose. I bought it for a disabled person I ordered a five-piece set for. I was worried that if the person fell over one of the gadgets, they would break a hip. I decided to give it a try because it's an intended purpose and it's too fancy for this one. We could use it that way, since all the gadgets fit comfortably and there's still room for several umbrellas.

👤I purchased this inexpensive umbrella stand and am not sure what to expect. It was in perfect condition when it arrived. It's nice for the tall umbrellas we own, but the compact ones were difficult to get from the bottom. The umbrellas are hung from the hooks on the outside of the stand. The stand is very lightweight and tips over if the weight is not distributed evenly. It was cheap and did the job.

👤I wanted this to help hold the paper. The quality of the bin was good. I think it's a good idea.

👤I wouldn't dry an umbrella in this stand. Umbrellas should not be closed to the elements. The canopy should be opened. If you have superstitions, dry your porch. The reason you don't open an umbrella in the house is because you will knock over things. If you add in a Walkingstick or other items, this Stan may tip over. Someone said to put a weight in the bottom. You can spray paint the weight to match its appearance.

👤It fits in the corner by my door so there is no chance of it getting wet. The wooden stand I brought was nice, but it didn't hold all the umbrellas well. My five year old can get to and place her own umbrella in or take it out when she needs it. I want to place my mini umbrellas on the outside, so I'm going to order some hooks. I couldn't do that with my old stand because it was shaped differently and I would have had more water mess to clean up. I don't miss my old one.

4. FRUITEAM Market Outdoor Umbrella Filled

FRUITEAM Market Outdoor Umbrella Filled

Only and special for the pear leaf patio umbrella. The bottom is made of high density polyethylene material, waterproof, aging resistance, wear resistance, UV resistance, permanent corrosion free. In all weather, prevent cracking and discoloration. The anti-rust coating on the steel pipe rod makes it appear as if it is not rusty. The umbrella base is elegant and stylish with an eye-catching wicker design. You can put it on the balcony, courtyard or next to the swimming pool to help you enjoy the umbrella. MultiDIMENSIONAL ACCESSORIES can be adjusted according to the thickness of the column and have two pistons for a wide range of applications. The umbrella rod's diameter range is 1.5"-1.9". The easy to transport and store handle design makes it easy to move. You fill the water base and the umbrella can be held in your garden, yard or elsewhere, bringing elegance to your home. It can hold up to 15 liters of water and weigh up to 50LBS. There is a need for a rough attachment for compatible umbrellas to prevent accidental damage due to falls and bad weather.

Brand: Fruiteam

👤The base is fine. To carry around water. The umbrella pole sleeve is not a snug fit. It comes with a second sleeve that should allow you to tighten it around the pole, so that it won't sway in the wind. It doesn't work. There is a design flaw. If you want a base for a freestanding umbrella, instead of one that goes down the middle of a table, I wouldn't buy it. The pole can be TIGHTENed around if you get one with a longer neck.

👤I would like to read reviews about these in the heat. The pool umbrella fell over a few times because the plastic got hot and flexible and made it lean. It would work if it was used in warm weather. The umbrella will most likely fall if the temperature is hotter. Buying 4 was a waste of money for me.

👤We had an umbrella stand that couldn't hold up to the winds. We have a heavy metal stand that keeps our other umbrella up, but we have to move it to hose the patio. I found a solution that I was looking for. I haven't had to pick up the umbrella since it was up for a couple months. I closed the umbrella because of the heavy winds. The umbrella has been open all summer. I picked up our umbrella at least two or three times a week before I got this stand. It is a piece of cake to drain and fill. No more flimsy stands. It was perfect!

👤Returned. The umbrella tippy is caused by the base bottom not sitting on the deck. The base pole rotates so that the umbrella can move in the stand without being tilted. The umbrella pole and the base pole are not stopped by the screw. The small rubbery feet are not enough to compensate for the fact that the plastic base slides easily. Too bad. It looks nice with our deck furniture. The water fill extends into the base making it impossible to drain the last inch of water. Will make the return interesting.

👤This stand is not for sale. It is supposed to be on a flat surface. The pole in the middle is not close to the base. The worst wobble is created by this. Who would design something like this? There is no way that rain can be piped in. How do you return something that is liquid? Any person that ships anything knows you can't ship liquids without special shipping requirements.

👤A+ for concept and D- for practicality. The base stand should be filled with water. The unit has rollers on one side to help move it around. The base stand material can't support an umbrella upright when exposed to sunlight because it gets soft as it warms. It's useless.

👤The umbrella stand is terrible. The pole is not attached to the base. The pole and umbrella are moving. The entire thing falls over in the breeze. We don't live in a windy area. It doesn't have wheels on the bottom so you can't move it around. Measure your space before buying this useless stand. There is an umbrella stand at a home on the Outer Banks. Even in high winds, it is better designed and never falls over. Save money. I missed the return window.

5. America UBP18181 BR Umbrella Composite Materials

America UBP18181 BR Umbrella Composite Materials

It is recommended that you have a stable internet connection for best performance. The plastic inserts on the base allow for a 1 1/2 pole. The plastic inserts will not hold the pole. The first ship was by ground.

Brand: D C America

👤These do work. They are heavy enough to keep an umbrella in place. The seller makes customers believe that it looks like something else. In the photo, the decorative part is not solid and the product is just one piece from a mold. I don't think it looks bad, but I don't like sellers doing this kind of thing and counting on customers not wanting to deal with the return process when they don't get what they expected. Here is what they looked like when I ordered them.

👤The stand was broken after a day and a half of use. I was surprised.

👤I bought this to hold an umbrella. It is not heavy enough to hold a patio umbrella. I closed the umbrella and the wind was small. The umbrella came out of the base and hit my car causing a lot of damage. I am not sure if this thing is allowed to be sold on Amazon. It is a joke.

👤This is a nice looking stand. It was easy to put together and I liked the fact that it had multiple attachment to accommodate different sized umbrellas. It is very unstable. I have a standard sized umbrella that tips over several times a day, both opened and closed, sometimes even when there is no wind at all. I held onto it, hoping we could adjust the bolts to make it more stable, but nothing has worked. I would return it if I were past my return window.

👤The manufacturing company does not have a quality control department. Garbage.

👤Light weight. I don't think you should get this. If you live in a place where there is never a wind, you should use an umbrella that weighs only a pound or two. I would buy a better quality one if I had to. This one is not worth much. My umbrella is on the ground.

👤The rating isn't a reflection of the material or looks of the product. There needs to be some compatibility with this base and the umbrellas Amazon sells. The umbrella that I bought on the same order does not fit in this base. Which was the recommended product when I purchased the umbrella... How is that possible?

👤I think that advertising is misleading. I've had three of them. They've stayed in the North Florida area. The base itself seems to be rust-proof, but the tube that that umbrella slides into has rusted at the base of all three of mine, leaving rust marks on the pool deck. Would not purchase again.

6. Sunnyglade 30 2 Lbs Outdoor Antiqued Umbrella

Sunnyglade 30 2 Lbs Outdoor Antiqued Umbrella

It is easy to assemble and store for home and commercial use. There are many places to apply for, including a villa, hotel, terrace, balcony, resort, water park, barbecue bar, western restaurant, beauty salon, outdoor leisure umbrella base, outdoor parasol base, market umbrella base, company rest area, etc. The umbrella base is made from a material that does not break or detach from it. This piece has an attractive decorative pattern and bronze finish. Assembly instructions have been standardized. The umbrella is secured to the base with a hand-turn knob. The package includes aumbrella base and two couplers to fit both 1.38" and 1.8" poles.

Brand: Sunnyglade

👤The worst product on the planet. It is beautiful at the beginning and works really well, but it fades into gray after 30 days. Don't buy. 35 days is when pictures are made. There is a lot of water below the color.

👤Design fail. The base is made of concrete and comes with chips, but my biggest advantage is that it comes in two parts. The base of the holder is almost flush with the screen at the bottom. The single screw is the most stressed part of the umbrella. If the pole went into a well in the base, it would have alleviated some of the stress. I have an umbrella on my patio that is sheltered by hedges and the base is rocking because of the wind. Maybe it will be sent back.

👤I bought an umbrella stand to hold my umbrella. I put the umbrella in the stand. The umbrella base was broken in half at the place where the bolt is located at the center of the umbrella pole as I went out to my pool. I didn't have a chance to open the umbrella. There was a weak defect in the base where the hole was drilled for the bolt.

👤Not impressed. The attached photos are attached. The stand is in a box that was shipped in another box, but when I opened the first box, it was already damaged, so they are trying to protect it. That is like breaking a piece of glass and then having to bubble wrap it. 2. The base was made of styrofoam. When I removed the bottom piece of styrofoam, I noticed that there were no rubber feet on the base. If you look at the next photo, they were stuck in styrofoam. 3. The screw that fits into the pole is not straight. The picture is called (Pic4) The last photo shows a crooked base pole. Sending back a big heavy thing is frightening. I would say buyer beware, not sure if this is just my bad luck or not, but based on what I received, I would say it was.

👤We have to wedge it under the deck railing for it to stay up in the lightest breeze because it works so well. There is a standard umbrella in there. I don't know what the problem is. If you have an umbrella in a heavy dining table, you can definitely do better. I would go for a heavier base from another vendor. Eh. It is difficult to get the base bolt in tightly, especially with the provided weapon. That is what makes it stable. The base is just ok, but it could be a hair heavier. I was not expecting this kind of faux antiqued bronze patina. It isn't a huge deal, but it won't go with whatever furniture I end up getting. Not worth the hassle of a return, but if I had it to do over, I would pick a different one.

👤The product is attractive. The heavy base will make sure that the umbrella won't blow over. The upright is easy to attach and detach, making it easy to transport. There is no water or sand to worry about.

7. Rhino Detachable Umbrella Cantilever Outdoor

Rhino Detachable Umbrella Cantilever Outdoor

It's perfect for all types of patio umbrellam. The dimensions are 39.7" L x 39.7" W x3" H. If you want to enjoy peace of mind in windy weather, fill this patio umbrella base weight bag with sand, wrap it around any umbrella pole, and enjoy more. Side opening that lets you easily position base on any patio umbrella stand is ergonomics, user-friendly. A larger opening for a simple filling. The new umbrella base won't crack or tear, unlike the old one. It is made of 900D Rip Stop, a military grade material with reinforced sides. The material is water resistant and sun and heat resistant. It is tough against freezing temperatures and frost. This is the base year round. They want you to love their product. They will make it right with a prompt replacement or refund if you are not happy with your purchase.

Brand: Rhino Basemate

👤This thing is great! We bought two large bags of sand. We did not need the scoop. It is strong and holds together. It is easier to maneuver than the traditional offset umbrellas stand bases. It was worth it and then some.

👤I love it! I tried everything. The bags connect when filled. I put the 4 bags in one of the black bags. There were eight filled bags. I don't want to deal with sand that is wet or frozen. I'm 105 lbs, 4'11" and could do this. The bags have handles. I had my grandson place the blocks around the umbrella. I love it!

👤The saying goes that the proof is in the pudding. I am not sure how well these will hold the umbrella stand on a windy day. The two bags were easy to load with sand and even an old person like me could carry them to the right location. It took a little bit of maneuvering to get them balanced on the umbrella stand, which was a square shape, and the right directions. I can't say that they're pretty, but they're functional. The zippers were strong. 25 pounds of sand was held in the two bags. Do you know how well I like these because I plan to order another set for another stand on my patio?

👤This is not a hard plastic item that you fill with water or sand, as you would think. These are fancy bags that you have to fill with sand, then water down the sand, to get to desired weight, and then maneuver around your umbrella base to hold it. It takes some effort to get it filled and together, but once you do it, it works. You will get sand and water in the yard because of the way it is.

👤We had to secure the umbrella before it hurt someone or flew away because we have a large umbrella that fell over. The base weight is very easy to put in place, we had a square base and it worked well with the weight. The base weight was assembled with the heavy duty sewn in place. We put scoops of sand in each side and closed them. The base weight material seems to have been coated with waterproof on the inside and is a densely woven canvas material. The umbrella base takes up more room.

👤I like the base. It was easy to use and the price was great. It is not as heavy as I was expecting. Quality is something I have concerns about in the long run. I opened it a few months ago to add sand and some of the sand inside was wet, but I thought it was waterproof. It's not sure if it's waterproof or not. I live in a place where it doesn't rain much. If it starts falling apart, it would be terrible.

👤I received these last week and just filled them as my new umbrella is going to be set up tomorrow. The bags seem to be of good quality. I believe the zipper will hold up. I would give more stars, but I am not sure how people got so much sand in them. I will come back after my son-in-law tries to get more sand in them. I need at least 200 pounds to hold the umbrella down.

8. Patio Living Concepts 00147 Umbrella

Patio Living Concepts 00147 Umbrella

Also, note: Water and sand are not included in the umbrella base. Totally Rust Free Construction. The Thumb Bolt Locks Umbrella Pole. The length is 6.25 Inches Tall. Accommodates umbrellas up to 1.5 inches in diameter. It is intended for use under patio dining tables.

Brand: Patio Living Concepts

👤I don't understand the reviews that say this base didn't hold an umbrella. It is meant to be used with a table as an additional support. I'm using mine under a bistro table with a light umbrella. This has been perfect, I didn't see the need to spend a lot of money on my set-up. It protects the umbrella from blowing away by keeping it upright. I was willing to pay the price. I took a star off because the picture makes it look like the holder is made of metal, which I think is misleading. For the money, I think this is a great item.

👤This was the cheapest option. I liked that it could be filled with sand or water, but it didn't support a standard 9ft umbrella.

👤I like the umbrella holder. It's just plastic. It seems rugged. I hold the umbrella well. I bought it because it is low. The stands are too high to support my patio table leg. I found no viable ones in stores. White patio furniture... I would have liked to have bought it in white.

👤I think filling it with water is easier than emptying it with sand. It was very easy to fill it. If the water spills, it will be no big deal because it holds the patio table umbrella securely. It is small enough that you don't have to kick it when you sit at the table. This works for me.

👤It was not heavy enough to hold an umbrella in the wind. The stem/tube for the pole broke when I weighed it down. This might help with a table that holds an umbrella, but it's not good on its own.

👤I can say that it does the job, because I have used it most of the summer. I thought I would put sand in it, but it was better to put water in it. It's pretty much not needed. That's right... Put it in the water and cap it off. The umbrella I placed through the patio table was taken care of by the wind gusts on my deck. This did the job.

👤There is nothing bronze about this base. I have a larger umbrella base that costs half the price, and I can't believe that it costs so much. I thought the price was justified. The description is not accurate. Save your money if you are ok with plastic.

👤I was expecting the umbrella base to hold the umbrella upright, but it didn't. Wrong. I filled it with water and installed it. I left the umbrella in a closed state. The umbrella fell over as I walked back into the house. I put it back up, and it fell over again. The water was drained and replaced with sand. The base was heavier. I put the umbrella pole back in place. It fell over again. This thing is useless. It is not wide enough to support an open umbrella. It would cost me more in diesel fuel to drive to a return place so I am just chalking it up to a bad experience. Don't spend your money on this.

9. Blissun Patio Market Umbrella Outdoor

Blissun Patio Market Umbrella Outdoor

The product is only advertised for use as an umbrella base. The umbrella base is made of waterproof, aging resistance, wear-resistant, anti ultraviolet strong and permanently not corroded. The umbrella stand has a bronze finish and classic decorative pattern that will last for years. The patio umbrella base can be adjusted according to the thickness of the umbrella column. The diameter of the umbrella pole is 1.49". The umbrella base stand has a knob for securing the umbrella to the base. The overall size is 16.5" x 12.6 x"H. It is easy to assemble and store for home and commercial use. There are many places to apply for, including a villa, hotel, terrace, balcony, resort, water park, barbecue bar, western restaurant, beauty salon, outdoor leisure umbrella base, outdoor parasol base, market umbrella base, company rest area, etc.

Brand: Blissun

👤The first big wind cracked it. Don't waste money or time. I contacted the seller to get a refund.

👤I'm very happy with the umbrella stand. The umbrella is held securely by it. It should fit almost any umbrella. The umbrella isn't going anywhere after a couple storms. This is holding it in place.

👤The design is pretty and the base is heavy, but it was not damaged when the umbrella fell down.

👤This works well for a clothesline stand. I wasn't sure if it would fit, but after using a screwdriver to open the inner plastic ring, it fits. There is a I'll have to be careful of the kids running around near it because it can't hold the weight of clothes. I'm sure it will be knocked over if shoved. It's better than the plastic that came with the clothesline. That one was cut to pieces by the lawn mower.

👤I was expecting it to be a lower quality item. I can easily double what this one is listed for on Amazon if I go to my local hardware store. This is gorgeous! The paint and pattern is more than that. It's pretty. It also comes with an accessory to fit umbrella poles of different sizes. It makes for a snug fit and helps prevent the umbrella from rotating. The assembly was very easy. One screw is assembled. happy with this item I definitely recommend it.

👤I bought it to go with an umbrella. It was very sturdy and heavy. I haven't had a windy day yet, but I have not had any issues.

👤The umbrella is a bit smaller than most I buy, but it holds it well in the wind. The cool thing about it is that it comes with a pole that holds the umbrella so that it can be held straight by the adapter. So far, so good.

👤My umbrella fit perfectly thanks to the bace. I can move my umbrella as I need it now that I have a base. All my outdoor furniture is in a nice color match.

10. Wondershade Ultimate Portable Shade Royal

Wondershade Ultimate Portable Shade Royal

It is intended for use under patio dining tables. It's important to be safe and comfortable. Wonder sun shade helps keep you cool by blocking 98% of harmful UV rays. The tripod base can be adjusted from 3' to 8' tall. The tilt feature helps block the sun while the gust flaps allow the wind to pass through. Cupholders and S-hooks keep your hands off the ground. It was easy to set up. It takes just seconds to get from packed to set up and back in the carry bag. The Wondershade is portable and can be carried into a carry bag. It is easy to carry around because it is about 10 lbs. The Wondershade includes a portable umbrella top, easy fold tripod base middle pole, 2 accessory collars, 2 cup holders, 2 S-Hooks, 3 ground stakes, and a cinch carry bag with an instruction sheet.

Brand: Wondershade

👤I needed an umbrella for swim meets. The product was suppose to be perfect. The tilt and height features are great. The price is more than what it is worth. The metal parts are thin, the hardware is cheap, and the rest is plastic. The cheap and thin umbrella material is the worst part of the product. The material has worn through and torn where it rubs against the ribs after only 5 setup at the pool. This is a design flaw. Either the ribs are too rough or the fabric is too thin. I don't recommend this product.

👤We were very excited to use this product. The hooks for hanging things from the pole were very nice. We have had it for less than 6 weeks and it has torn at the top. It's not very good. We used it one time and it started tearing. It was not cheap and I was really unhappy with it. The umbrella is cheap and the stand is a lifesaver. If I were you, I wouldn't buy this item.

👤I loved these umbrellas, but one has already broken down, as in the little plastic piece that is pushed against the umbrella post with the plastic lever to hold the umbrella to the height you want, it has popped out. The umbrella will only stay about 4 feet high, so you can't stand under it. I like them for their ease of set up, take down, and portableness, but they are not very well made. There is a The screws in the base are easy to remove.

👤I got as much information as possible from the reviews I read. The website offered spare and replacement parts for it. The bag they put on was worthless. It became a pile of threads. The finish of the canopy left something to be desired. That wasn't a big deal to me. I stood under it about 4 times since I bought it. A small wind blew it over, it landed on the grass, and one of the arms broke. I couldn't fix it because it broke when I inspected it. My coworker got a beach umbrella from Family Dollar. She has to change it. It's much cheaper than the Wondershade, and it's blow ups and blow overs often. I paid a lot for it to break like that. I hope I can get my money back. I don't want a replacement.

👤I bought the red one of these a decade ago, and it was perfect until last summer, when I had to tie it down on a windy beach. I went to find the replacement again. It is lightweight and easy to move around in my chair as the sun moves through the day. This umbrella has a nice layer of protection. The carrying bag is easy to put in, and it is perfect for easy transport. I would recommend anyone who needs portable protection from the sun.

👤I purchased 2 of these in the past and they lasted for a long time. There was no breaking of the poles. We used to play soccer and baseball on the beach. The other two saw the last leg after 4 years. I was expecting the same quality when I bought a new one. A pole broke the third time we used it, didn't get blown over, or anything like that. These umbrellas were great because of the 50$ waste.

11. US Weight Fillable Umbrella Designed

US Weight Fillable Umbrella Designed

The package includes aumbrella base and two couplers to fit both 1.38" and 1.8" poles. It is designed to be used only with a patio table. In any weather climate, the umbrella base is durable. The U.V. stabilizer is made in the United States. Do not add water to the empty base, it will be filled with sand or gravel. The umbrella base can be easily moved using the EZ grip. The product is only advertised for use as an umbrella base.

Brand: Us Weight

👤We ordered two of them. On the first day of the year when the temperatures hit the mid-90s, the plastic softened and caved in, causing our umbrella to tip over. It has become a new, ugly shape and is useless. We live on a mountain in upstate New York, where the temperature rarely gets this hot. I don't think this base did well in Phoenix, where it's hot and sunny all the time. I don't recommend this product.

👤It took about 1/3 of a bag of play sand to be filled and 30 minutes to be finished. I did this with my last one and it worked well. The handle is built into the base.

👤This arrived today. I was surprised that it was a huge box and it weighed less than 10 lbs. It is light and plastic. I think I bought it used. How will this hold up on an umbrella? I couldn't move it even with the handle if it was filled with water. I am happy for 16. Santa Ana winds are high in So Cal today so it is holding up. It's not moving. I fill with water because it never gets cold enough in So Cal.

👤I like the product. What is wrong with the attached picture? It's funny. I will have to cut out my own fill hole. Where was the quality control on this one?

👤I wondered if I should buy this base after reading reviews. I sold the Subrella base and market umbrella because they were too heavy to manage over time. Decided to use the Campari umbrella with this base. If it will be staying outdoors, it's a good idea to not fill with water. One reviewer said that installing sand is difficult for one person. I checked out birdseeds, but then noticed the kitty litter just down the aisle, and realized that a good clay based kitty litter would be the ideal weight and content. The Campari umbrella is an ideal base for it because it is made from a piece of cardboard and it is easy to install. The base is not heavy to be relocated. The weight of the plastic is excellent. There is a A good buy at a good price.

👤The base does not fit the recommended 60 lbs of sand. The hole for the pole is too small and the pole won't go to the bottom of the base, making it very unstable. We filled the base with sand and tried to put the pole in. Do not recommend it. It's full of sand and broke when we tried to put the pole in. The $20 was wasted on a cheap base.

👤We had a problem with the strong wind gusts falling over our umbrella. We have had several heavy stands, but this one seems to be working well. We are very pleased with this stand.

👤These were found online by my husband. My umbrellas would fall over when the wind was small. I was worried that these wouldn't be as nice as the metal stands. I couldn't be more happy! These stands look good. They held up in a 20 mile gust of wind. We bought 5 more for ourselves and 2 for my mom.


What is the best product for best umbrella stand?

Best umbrella stand products from Blissun. In this article about best umbrella stand you can see why people choose the product. Sunnyglade and Mind Reader are also good brands to look for when you are finding best umbrella stand.

What are the best brands for best umbrella stand?

Blissun, Sunnyglade and Mind Reader are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best umbrella stand. Find the detail in this article. Fruiteam, D C America and Rhino Basemate are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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