Best Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Guns

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1. Commercial Ultrasonic Tranducers Professional ACMESONIC

Commercial Ultrasonic Tranducers Professional ACMESONIC

It's widely used: portable jewelry cleaner. It is suitable for jewelry, laboratory, circuit board, dental equipment, tableware, industrial and other washing supplies. The inner tank is 20x12x8in and is made of 0.15mm thick 304SUS material. 1/2in is the drain. The power of all transducers will add up instead of being undermined thanks to the latest electronic component, which keeps them in the same trough and crest. The product they use is made from 304stainless steel, which is known for its anti-corrosive qualities. The deep cleaning cycle is provided by the 10 powerful 60w transducers. The setting of the heating temperature varies from 30 to 100 C. When it reaches setting temperature, it will maintain the temperature and the knob won't be null until you change it. The advantage of using an instrument is that it can reach hidden areas which can't be cleaned by manual methods. It is easy to take out stuffs with the included basket. It does a good job of cleaning scale on kitchen utensils. The service is in good shape. It's tested and packed with protection to make sure you'll receive. One year of free replacement after one month of purchase. Replacement will be sent in 7 days if you contact them with an image or video. Suggestions and complaints are welcome.

Brand: Acmesonic

👤I went on a cleaning spree after I received the cleaner and am pleased with its performance so far. I wanted the larger model of the 15L, but it was too large for my weed eater, generator, and rototiller. The three carbs wouldn't run because they were gunked up with old varnish. After spraying them with gummout, I put them in a solution of Dawn dish soap for an hour each. They all worked fine when they were reinstalled. I think it went a long way in paying for those three projects, but I am not sure if I am just lucky or not. I cleaned jewelry for my sister. Most items were sparkling except for one ring. It was gold plated. The copper ring was revealed by the cleaner who stripped off the gold plating. Oops! I found a good tip on the internet. Put the parts to be cleaned in a glass jar or ziploc baggie, then fill the jar with cleaning solution. You don't have to fill the tank with water to float the jar or baggie. The waves will travel through the container to clean the parts. They said glass jars work better than plastic containers. The only thing I am not happy about is that the heater isn't on a timer. After you set the temperature, it will stay on as long as the unit remains plugged in, or you turn the temperature knob off. It seems like a fire hazard to me. I decided to keep it in the box after each use. I hope this will keep me from leaving the heater on.

👤My rating would be 4.5 if I could. Read on to find out why. This was the right type for use with motorcycle parts. I have been happy with the results of using it. It's better than the chemical dips you get now. I found that even if you've sat and neglected for a long time, you can still use the chemical dips. The basket that comes with it is the best thing about this. I have room to spare and can put 4 carbs in with the bits and pieces. I use a small basket that came with an old chemical dip product. I didn't rate this at 5 stars because of the dial controls. Setting the temperature dial is an approximation, and there is no way to know what the actual temperature is. Without the read-out, you can't tell when the temperature is right. I got a five-buck food thermometer.

👤The unit was used 3 times. The last time I adjusted the knob it died. It was after the can not return date. $400. Gone.

👤I was very impressed with the Ultrasonic cleaner. The machine was able to get the cleaning solution hot. The waves were strong. I use this machine for 3-4 hours a day. After 6 months, the machine stopped working. I reached out to the seller but he didn't have anything to say. I said yes. The seller responded with more useless questions after a week. Buy at your own risk or purchase an extended warranty. You're on your own when it breaks because the seller has no customer service.

2. OLenyer Ultrasonic Professional Carburetor Commercial

OLenyer Ultrasonic Professional Carburetor Commercial

10 industrial strengthened transducers strengthen the Ultrasonic power and make better cleaning results. The integrated basket is perfect to hold items in place. The material is resistant to rust and can last a long time. Time can be set in the range of 30 minutes to 1 hour and temperature can be set in the range of 0 to 80 degrees Celsius. Powerful power and reliability make it easy to clean tiny stain particles. It's portable and easy to store. It is suitable for jewelry, laboratory, circuit board, dental equipment, tableware, industrial and other washing supplies. They will answer your questions in the first time, they are committed to giving every seller the best shopping experience. You can get the perfect maintenance of jewelry and silver with the help of a professional Ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Brand: Olenyer

👤After many years of cleaning the carbs by hand. I pulled the gun on the cleaner. On July 20 I put in a four-stroke setup. It did a great job. A large steel basket and a small steel basket are in the box. It has a fitting and hose for the drain. The cleaner took over an hour to hit 65c or 149F. Would I buy this again? I would. I would get the next size up to the 30L tank. The deeper the 30L, the deeper it is. Do not empty the tank until the solution is cold, and do not turn on until you fill the tank. I cleaned it the next day. The green was strained back into the jugs. The warranty is one year.

👤I used to use a splash of purple degreaser mixed into the water to clean up the dirt on some of the motorcycle parts and they came out looking brand new. The plated bodies looked brand new, and the float bowl was discolored due to purple degreaser reacting with aluminum. I used a stuck needle and jets to clean up my car after it had been varnished. It was a little noisy, but still able to have a conversation with friends. The noise was reduced by placing a heavy blanket over the top, I think the blanket helps reduce the noise. I have never used any other brands to compare against these, but I am impressed.

👤I used it for the first time and I think it will work for most of my cleaning projects. It would be nice if it was a little deeper. The touch pad feels cheap and675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 It would be nice if you could hold the button down and adjust the time and temp at will. I know it has a 30 min timer, but it would be nice if it had a longer time duration setting as well. I think it will work well for my needs, but I hope it lasts longer than the last one I bought. We will see.

👤I bought this. The dirt is vibrated off of your jewelry. Everything looks brand new with warm water and soap. You might not need the soap at all. It is a cool product.

👤The jewelry cleaner worked well, but it took a little longer to run, and it was an easy clean up.

👤It works great and gets super hot so be careful, but it's loud. It's hard to be in the same room with it.

👤A leak from a cabinet. I will try to contact customer service and update my review later. A simple test of putting water into a tank is a minimum for quality control. I never had a chance to turn on the power.

3. VEVOR Ultrasonic Eyeglass Commercial Industrial

VEVOR Ultrasonic Eyeglass Commercial Industrial

The Ultrasonic cleaner is widely used for cleaning jewelry, eyeglasses, watch, circuit board, dental equipment, and other small parts. The machine has a cleaning power of 200W and a cleaning Frequency of 40kHz, which is the most fitable Frequency. The technology is advanced. The cleaning machine is able to clean 4 advanced transducers. Cleaning efficiency can be improved by using the latest technology. The capcity 10L is made of high quality 304stainless steel, which is more durable and sturdy to last for many years, coming with matching basket and ball-shaped basket. The cleaning machine has a digital control panel. The setting was available and it was time:0 30 minutes. The digital panel is easy to use and satisfying to the customers. This Ultrasonic cleaner is widely used for cleaning jewelry,eyeglasses,watch,circuit board, dental equipment,tableware and other small parts.

Brand: Vevor

👤I got to play with it after unboxing it. I took many tips from the videos I watched. I bought this unit for a motorcycle project. The motorcycle requires a lot of rust removal and cleaning. I bought some inexpensive plastic ware with lids as a way to test out different cleaning agents without the need to drain and clean the tank after each use. The tank was partially filled with hot water. There were old bolts, gas cap and screws that were covered in rust. I put the pieces in the plastic container, submerged them, sealed the lid, and put the Ultrasonic cleaner in the container. Set for 5 minutes and walk away. They came out clean. The second test was Test 2. I put them in the next container filled with Rust Remover and then walked away after 10 minutes. Holy cow! They looked brand new. I plan to test different agents on different items to see how they work. If you fill the unit with hot water, place items to be cleaned in a bag or jar filled with cleaning agent and place in a water bath until pieces are submerged below the water line. The rack and tea decanter ball make draining easier and the reviews were not as loud as I had thought. The 10 L unit was not as big as I had thought.

👤Review and demonstrate the volume in the video.

👤I ordered this to be used in my workshop to clean engines. I looked at the online reviews and demos and chose this as the make, model, size I wanted. The ability to drain the tank was of particular interest to me since I use some of the cleaner that are reuseable. When the product arrived, I was surprised at how small the box was, I had never heard of a Made, 3L Cleaner. The seller asked for pictures of the unit and its packing after I called Amazon. I determined that I was not the right item. I was told I could keep the incorrect one. They went out of their way to correct the mistake. Good job. As for the unit itself. It's a great addition to my tool collection. The controls are easy to use and the tank is easy to fill. Will hold large parts for cleaning. The directions have been translated from another language into English by someone who doesn't know English. The front label is not correct. The temperature is in degrees Celsius, so you have to convert. After the first use, the rubber feet that came with the included basked fell off. The wire that the rack is made out of is not very snug. The rack vibrating in the tank is very noticeable without the feet. I used a few bits of heat shrink tubing to replace them. I am happy with the product and the customer service.

👤It was fine until it stopped vibrating for less than two hours. The manufacturer's warranty time frame is 60 days. The email I sent to the address they listed in the warranty info PDF file bounced. Not looking good. If they respond and stand by their product, I'll upgrade the review. I spent about $50 per hour on this thing, but no longer have a functioning cleaner, and the bouncing email from the manufacturer is not looking like a good sign. Let's see if the company answers their phone. It worked well until it didn't, on a positive note.

4. Lyman Turbo Cleaning Solution Ounce

Lyman Turbo Cleaning Solution Ounce

No fabric, unable to choose. It is specially formulated for brass cases. It can be used in any Ultrasonic cleaner. 16 ounces of solution. Add distilled water or tap water to the mix.

Brand: Lyman

👤I thought I didn't need this. I know it's a type of acid called citric acid. The cases come out amazing if there is one cap full for each batches. They are clean and shiny. I've only used 4 ounces of 10000 cases I've run. I have checked the cases for several months and they still look good. It might have some protection from oxidation.

👤The product works well but there is still powder in the casings after several rounds of cleaning. Not enough to cause fowling. I had to brush through the inside of the shell before reloading.

👤It's not the best way to clean fired bullets. My tests were done in a Lyman TurboSonic 2500 with the heater on and the solution degassed for 8 minutes before cleaning. I preferred the Citranox cleaner over the Lyman product, but not much. When heated, the Lyman product put off more fumes than the Citranox. The results were very close, but my opinion is that the Citranox was more effective.

👤You are wasting time if you tumble your brass. Get a vibro cleaner and use it. You will be amazed at how clean your cases are.

👤I used to be a jeweler and used to clean brass with a product. It works with gold and silver, but it attacks and discolored brass. I bought some of this stuff and it works great. The brass is looking new. This is what you need and a little goes a long way.

👤Better than Dawn? By a long shot! A cap full of white distilled vinegar is needed. The tumble was with steel media. Your brass will look brand new.

👤I have never used a sonic cleaner or solution before. I don't have anything to compare it to. The primer pockets were very dirty and it took three applications of solution and distilled water to get them to be clean. Sonic cleaning doesn't give the cartridge a bright shiny brass look. It cleans the inside of the cases that tumbling does not.

👤I use this on a steel media tumbler to clean brass. I use two capfuls on a loaded drum to keep the brass clean. The brass is new and has never been fired.

5. Large Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Heated

Large Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Heated

The best way to make liposomal vitamins is to suspend beaker with beaker holder. Heavy duty and lustrous-proof, the inner tank,ultrasonic casing,cleaning basket,drainage,lid are made of SUS 304, keeping the cleaner away from the corrosive elements. There are convenience settings and safe use. If you press and hold theTemperature, theUltrasonic cleaner will stop automatically when there is no water. The cleaning performance is amazing, with both 28 and 40KHz being professional for surface cleaning and intensive rinse. The cleaning effect of oil and wax can be improved by Degas and heating function. There is a user-friendly display. The time and temperature can be reviewed clearly with the help of the auto stand-by and sleep mode, high precision with digital display, memory function and auto power off. The strength of the transducers makes them stronger and cleaner. The integrated basket is perfect to hold items in place.

Brand: Dk Sonic

👤The machine you pay for here is a quality machine. The 10L Ultrasonic cleaner is a minimum size and perfect for the square basket, which is a nice size. It will be used for bicycle chains, chain saw chain, and other parts. The unit has a ball valve, degassing, dual Frequency, 300 watt heater, and big handles. I used distilled water in freezer zip-Lok bags. There is a Put the bags in a basket, add water to the tank, plug the machine in, and let the water heat up. After Degassed for 30 minutes, the temperature came out clean. The machine is not loud and stays stationary. The only change I would make is to use a clear lens instead of the plastic one in front of the digital readouts. I like the green digits. Happy customer.

👤There is a Honda ATV Carburetor. I used 8 ounces of Lemon Pinesol. The results of 5 minutes in the Ultrasonic cleaner with a water temp of 43 degrees Celsius are shown before and after. The model is quiet compared with other brands, as seen by reviews with videos of the cleaners in operation. I run a small motorcycle shop. I am happy that this cleaner is in the shop. The true test and evaluation will be time and use.

👤Even if your delivery guy hates your guts, it should survive. rusty bolts and electronic devices are cleaned very well by the Vega option. I put my boots into some oil or my electronics into alcohol and it turned out to be amazing. The heating feature works well. The power and size of the cost is amazing. I am very confident in the company because of the fast and good customer support. I used customer support to get the manual for the DKsonic I lost, and they responded right away, without the difficulty I have with other customer service. Good product, good value.

👤The size, cleaning power, and warming up time are all positives. Apparently, shipping damage is common. Poorly packed. It has worked well for me. It's better than Harbor Freight models.

👤This is quieter and has more cleaning modes than others. The heater is not clear. If I fill it with cold water, the water will warm up in about 20 minutes. If I add hot water, it won't get any hotter than 50c, but it will decrease in temperature. I don't know if I'm confusing it or not. The water should not be cold while the heater is on. I set the thermostat to 80 to see if it would get hotter, but I never tried heating the water from cold to hot. There are stains on the bottom. It is possible that there are metal bits falling off of tools and staining the bottom. The stains seem to be in the same spot each time. I can't be certain that the tank is functioning. I didn't use any bleach because I heard that it would destroy the steel. While the basket has well covered feet areas, there is no way to add another layer of protection like you can on cheaper models. I'll have to tie it on a hose if it wears through. It works better without the basket. The foil was destroyed within a min. It took twice as long with the basket. The basket is too large in the corners, and that is where the sonic things are. High and low frequencies are the modes. The high has a blue light while the low has a red one. The high is not loud. You don't hear it from 10 feet. The low is loud, so some reviews mention loud, that's probably the mode they had it in. What are the differences between modes? The high is the best for cleaning. It enters the nooks. It works better for rust. You can feel it fighting you as you open and close the pliers in the water. I found a degreaser that works well to remove rust from joints. If you can, place this near a sink, it will be easier to move a bucket back and forth. I removed the drain plug because it made the draining take forever. It prevents stuff from falling into the drain. Would I buy it again? I got this on sale, but it was only for an hour, and there was a 15 minute timer. I looked at other models over the week and I think it triggered. I got it for the same price as the 6 version when it was on sale. The insulation in the 10l model is pretty good, but it only holds 6l of water, which is not remotely accurate. I can't call it 10l. It would overflow. If you fill it with 6l or so, you can put in jars of stuff to clean, otherwise 7 might be better. How clean is it? It depends on the cleaner. It takes a few passes best on low and fresh. So it is quicker than 24 hours. I don't think Rust911 works well in the sonic. Simple green HD and LA Awesome cleaner are great for degreasing grease. Simple at full seems to work best for LA. The oil eater smells terrible. It makes working on my tools easier because I can degrease it before I blast it off. All my tools are clean with this. If you don't apply oil right after, it will rust very fast. This has a feature that turns it on and off over time. You have to set that time. Like the other modes, the heater shuts off.

6. ROVSUN Ultrasonic Professional Mechanical Eyeglasses

ROVSUN Ultrasonic Professional Mechanical Eyeglasses

It's very suitable for cleaning watches, jewelry, glasses, and so on, and can be used for commerce, industry and home. If you don't like the bath, you can contact them at any time and they will give you the best customer service. The sonic cleaner works with a 60W high-power transducer which provides more stable performance, higher conversion rate, and better cleaning. You can add detergent to the water to make it look better when you need it. The Ultrasonic parts cleaner is FCC, CE and ROHS approved, secure quality and reliable, it is perfect for home, lab, dentist, jewelry shop, office and other commercial use. The design panel with timer and heater is easy to operate, it has more user-friendly and spand long-life. The timer can be set from 0 to 20 minutes or 2 hours normally open. If you want to spand long-life, please don't use the Ultrasonic cleaner for more than 2 hours. NOISE REDUCTION1.Super high quality industrial transducer with strengthen shocks which decrease the noise; 2.Rubber coated basket handles, decrease the shaking noise as well. Their machine features anti-fingerprint housing, corrosion-resistant inner tank, and anti-fall packaging.

Brand: Rovsun

👤It was purchased for cleaning small engine parts. It cleaned all the items very well. I used a product called Awesome. A mixture of water and 16oz of Awesome. For 20 minutes, set the temperature at 140F. The parts were covered with grease and dirt. The tank size was the most important factor in my decision to buy this product. This cleaner is recommended to others.

👤This item was bought to clean pistol brass. The mesh size of the parts basket is too large to hold even 45acp, the foil test failed, and the solution leaked out the bottom of the unit like a sieve. The model has a drain. The "ripples" on the surface of the cleaning solution looked like only one transducer was working. I have owned sonic cleaners that "sizzle", but not this one. On the plus side, the heater seemed to work well, and I like the mechanical control knobs. I don't know, maybe I got a return or just a lemon. We'll see on the replacement because Amazon is great about returns/exchanges. I will update this review after I receive the replacement unit.

👤I killed my 3L VWR Aquasonic professional model by running it continuously for 3 hours. I over heated it because it didn't have a thermostatically controlled heater. The Rovsun I received was in perfect condition and had many nice features. 1. A timer. 2. The thermostat is an analogue one. 3. The handles are flush mounted. The drain valve is called the ballcock. 5. The main board has an internal fan. I don't use electronic controls when possible. The unit is not as powerful but still does a good job cleaning jewelry, small carboraters, bearings, and shop related jobs. I did the basic aluminum foil test because I couldn't find a frosted microscope slide to do a test with. Excellent results in 10 seconds. The Rovsun produces more noise. It has a rattling sound that is somewhat annoying, but I am used to the high frequencies. It's not that big of a deal because I only use it in my shop. I have noticed that it doesn't scramble cell phone signals. I don't know if this means anything other than I don't have to go 20 yards away to use my phone. I'm giving it 4 stars so far.

👤I have issues with electronic keypads that don't last long before the pads wear through, so this manually controlled cleaner was something I was looking forward to. I took it out of the packing and read through the manual to see how it was imported. It has a 6 foot power cord and a metal basket with hooks that fold out to hang it over the sides. There is an eighth inch gap under the lid when the basket is in use. There is no indication of when it will be full. The instruction manual says that it cleans better when it's half full, but it also says that it must be full to prevent damage to the transducers. It's very loud when it's on and even louder when it's on top of the basket. I moved the cleaner to the bathroom next to the kitchen after about 15 minutes so he could try it out on the counter. I let the heating system warm up for an hour before I used it, and the water temperature was barely warm. After the cleaning cycle ends, the heater will stay on. If I get a replacement cleaner like this one, I'll put it in an external timer so I can leave it. I tried it out with a 1940s HO scale lead steam engine and only half of it was clean after three fifteen minute cycles. I let the cleaner cool off. I think one of the two three liter model transducers isn't working. The lower frame and wheel section were put in the basket for two cycles. Only half of it was cleaned. I could see the water moving above the right transducer when the machine was operating. There was no movement above the left side. I'm going to return the cleaner because it was expensive to not work correctly. I will attach some pictures.

7. Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner Necessaries Equipment

Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner Necessaries Equipment

The preset is 149F/65C. The cooling fan and Overheat protector are made of plastic. There is stucco and anti-corrosion. The tank and basket keep the cleaner away from the unit. Cleaning time is 130 minutes. The tank size of the cleaner is 6.6in. The user-friendly features of the display are: auto stand-by and sleep mode, high precision, and time can be reviewed clearly. 24 hour after-sale service, free exchange if the unit is faulty, and a 12 months warranty.

Brand: Dk Sonic

👤Shipping took one day for me to be an Amazon Prime member. I bought this Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean my glasses. I have cleaned 3 pairs so far. They were cleaned well. I used hot tap water and some soap. The water was hot after the glasses were cleaned. The timer was set for 18 minutes each. I cleaned the aerator in my kitchen. It gets blocked by small rocks, dirt and calcium deposits. Set the timer for 18 minutes and use hot water and dishwashing soap. It cleaned it well. The water is coming out with good pressure. The pictures show the size comparison between a dollar and eye glasses. A picture of glasses was added.

👤It works well at cleaning the residual resin from my prints. I love using 99%IPA in it and it's better than my older containers with strainers. I just drop the print in and it does the work for me.

👤A bath for jewelery. It would be hard to find a better performing item at this price point. The cleaning action can remove thinner parts of the plated jewelery. The cleaning action can remove the film from the sunglasses. It works well for all solid metals and hard stones, and items come out sparkling in a few minutes. This is what the machine is supposed to do, and it does it perfectly. I've used it to clean small circuit boards. Water won't work with a cleaning solution, so make sure you buy one.

👤Don't look back, run, I bought this product to clean my spray tips. I only used water and ran it four times. I received it the next day and it was ready for the funeral. I will be boxing it back up and sending it back to Amazon, which is a waste of time. I would have given this product zero stars, but it doesn't give me that option.

👤I get rusty bolts when I work on my cars. I found mixing 1/3 of the max fluid level of the cleaner and adding a small amount of a liquid called hydrogen peroxide and running it for 30 minutes to an hour to get the parts to come out. I was very impressed.

👤I bought this to clean my sewing machines. I've used it many times. The singer featherweight has a dingy faceplate that now sparkles like new. The sonic cleaner I bought was large enough to fit a Featherweight.

👤I bought this for the purpose of cleaning the output of a small 3D printer. It does an amazing job, so much better than putting it in a container. The prints come out clear and sharp, and are ready for UV curing. I took off one star because the button has cracked and broken away even with only a few months of use. It's disappointing that it would be brittle and break so quickly.

8. ISonic CSGJ01 8OZx1 Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate

ISonic CSGJ01 8OZx1 Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate

All-Purpose Jewelry Cleansing Foam is non-toxic to people, pets, and the environment. Removes smudges and finger prints. It brings back the sparkle in the jewelry. It makes eyeglasses clear. It is necessary to concentrate. The ratio with water is 1: 20 to 1: 140.

Brand: Isonic

👤I can't be certain, but this stuff looks and smells like Dawn Dishwashing liquid that has been partially evaporated. This is a very expensive way to buy Dawn. The product seemed to work on some things, but not all. Either straight orDiluted, try Dawn first. Before purchasing this product.

👤I thought buying a cleaner would be great. I usually use dawn dish liquid and wanted to switch it up but they don't tell you it's a form of Dawn. It smells like it. I dropped the bottle and it stayed clean for 15 minutes. If you want to buy this, I can save you money by telling you to go to your local store and buy a big bottle of Dawn.

👤This is a good product. It only requires one capful to 2 cups of water. This should last a long time. I help out in a personal care home. They can't get out to do things. If you are younger, you can stop in and get your glasses cleaned and adjusted. Not much when you get older. I would like to bring cleaning and adjustments to them. Someone gave me an Ultrasonic cleaner that I used at the home. This solution was ordered by me. I tried it at home. It works well. I need a set of the little plier thingys, some extra nose pads, and a large cloth to host a glasses workshop for my friends. I give what I can to the residents at the home, but I am not wealthy. They need help with small things, and they need friends. I give what I can. Give the gift of your time to volunteers.

👤I purchased a machine on Amazon that works miracles, and I use this in conjunction with it. I don't know which is more effective, the solution or the machine. I use a capful of this solution, which appears to be a concentrated detergent rather than a harsh chemical, in my ultra sonic machine and have gotten some pretty amazing results in cleaning my tarnished sterling silver jewelry. It's gentle enough to clean my jewelry as well. The pictures below show the result of using this cleaner in my machine for a few cycles, followed by hand polishing. I have used this solution to clean my machines. The large size gives you many cycles of cleaning. The results have led to a cleaning of my jewelry pieces, something I would have never done before, and my machine has cut down on the work and time involved.

👤I thought my detergent had spilled when I opened this. The blue Dawn has a pesticide component added, and this is the same as it was. The scent of Dawn is indiscernible, so it is very unlikely that this isn't just a substitution for Dawn. Isn't this against the law?

👤I thought it smelled like dawn dish soap when I opened it. I couldn't find the ingredients listed on the bottle to compare to my bottle of dawn. I used the cleaner with my jewelry cleaner and it didn't clean my jewelry. Add a few drops of dawn to water and you will get exactly what these people are selling.

9. ISonic® Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner P4820 WPB

ISonic%C2%AE Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner P4820 WPB

Their machine features anti-fingerprint housing, corrosion-resistant inner tank, and anti-fall packaging. 180, 280,380, 480 and 90 seconds are the time periods. The large tank size is 8.6 x 5.9 x 3. There is a tank capacity of 2.6 quarts. The power is 160W and includes the heater. There is an extra charge for 220V. The Ultrasonic Frequency is 35,000 Hz. A full size plastic basket is needed. Do not use liquid bleach in the tank.

Brand: Isonic

👤This was bought for cleaning brass. My son just started reloading and we wanted a quick way to clean the brass. We decided to try Ultrasonic cleaners because tmallows can take hours to work effectively. There are models that are made for the major manufacturers. I've learned that in a lot of cases you end up paying a premium for a sheet of plastic film with the name on it and the colored injection molded plastic in the company colors. Thanks to everyone who reviewed this cleaner, I was able to make a decision on this machine. I was happy with the purchase. The cleaner did a great job. The case was cleaned out. The brass was clean after I ran it for 10 minutes. The unit is very hot and helps in the cleaning. I didn't like paying high prices for the cleaning solution. I'm glad I did. There are many articles about homemade cleaning formulas. I used 1 quart of hot water, 1 cup of white vinegar, 1 tbsp of table salt, and 1 tbsp of dish soap. I had about 200 pieces of mixed brass. The solution was at the max fill level. I used hot tap water to help the heater warm up. The instructions say that the unit will heat up to 145 degrees, but it wasn't sure if that was true. The.380,.40 S&W and 300 AAC cases were able to fit into one another and interfered with the cleaning of some of the cases. Our mistake. This unit is recommended to reloaders. Don't use the recipe for a do-it-yourself cleaning solution for nickel plated brass. It tarnishes the nickel plating that won't ever come back to it's original state. Still does a great job.

👤One of the best Ultrasonic cleaners we have purchased in 34 years of doing business is used in this jewelry store.

👤I would have liked an instruction manual that told me how to set the timers. If you want to call it a manual, it doesn't tell you how to set a timer. I have to do it again every 3 minutes because I don't know how to set it for longer. I think I can handle that. I will try to find a manual online, but if I hit the start buttons every 3 minutes it will be a problem. I use it to clean my shears and blades. I love the job it does. The liquid that I dump out after my blades are new is gross. This is after manually cleaning my blades and shears, so all the stuff that didn't get cleaned off manually is in the liquid. I cleaned them with the iSonic cleaner. I have saved a lot of money on blade sharpening and repair bills. Is it a good idea to recommend it to others? Yes!

👤Excellent Ultrasonic! The size is perfect. There are so many state large. They are not! I had to send one back that was small. I like the way the basket fits in this one, so you can use glass beakers in it. I am buying a second unit for my family because I am very happy with the first one, and I use it to make Liposomal C and Liposomal Glutathione. The batches were very well done. I think it is a good price.

10. CO Z Professional Ultrasonic Instrument Commercial

CO Z Professional Ultrasonic Instrument Commercial

It was built to meet U.S. requirements. Only in the U.S., it is certified, safety-tested, and warrantied. 1 Superpower Industrial Grade Ultrasonic Transducer. The digital cleaning machine is designed with the latest technologies, so it can easily and thoroughly clean your valuables and small items. The 0.04 inch tank is extra thick. The volume is 2L. The integrated 5.9 x 5.5 x 3.9 in. is durable and sturdy to last for years to come. Keeping your jewels, glasses, watches, razors, contact lens, or dentures in place is a cinch with the cleaning basket. 104-140F Cleaning Temperature is Recommended for Improved Cleaning Performance. The pre-set cleaning time options give you convenience. There is a protection to prevent burn-out. If the machine is damaged in the event of a switch fault, please change the machine's switch to a different one. It is backed by a one-year limited warranty. If the item is faulty, you can exchange it for a new one. It comes with louder noises, which are better used for objects with flat surfaces. Higher frequencies have lower noises and weaker effects that are great for cleaning small objects. Cleaning machines with higher frequencies are recommended.

Brand: Creworks

👤The egg shaped peer I bought was functionally worthless. It would run for 3 minutes, and after many hours of kicking it off, it didn't do anything. It scratched the paint off my boyz. Weird boyz, Mek boyz, Nobz, Shoota boyz, and Slugga boyz are some of the names. It will even cause a commotion. The paint on the boyz will be damaged by this thing. Drop the boyz and drink in the basin. Run about four 30 minute sessions when the temp is 50C. You should wash your boyz with some warm water. There is a Throw some green in next and make sure your boyz are in the same amount. Simple green can remove primer. This won't remove glues or plastic cement if some git gobbed on way more than needed.

👤I'm happy with it, even though it's not a refined device. It is easy to use and does the job. The basket was removed to make the lid fit nicely. The lid is loosened when the basket is installed. The effectiveness of the cleaning is not affected by this, but it makes the device considerably less robust than it needs to be because the lid rattles when the basket is installed. During the cleaning cycle, the temperature will rise because of the added energy from the ultrasound. This doesn't affect the ability of the device to do the job, it's just something you need to know about and deal with, you can't just set the temperature to 40C and expect the cleaning to take place at 40C. This is a good little Ultrasonic cleaner. I would buy it again.

👤I got a faulty model but the part broke after 3 uses. It's just a water heating unit. The first few cleans did a great job. Hopefully the seller will resolve the problem after I sent a message to them. The seller sent a new board. It was easy to install but it didn't last long. I got a new one after getting a refund. It looks like my first had a fault, so it's still alive.

👤My review is being updated. Banyan Imports reached out to me after I fairly conveyed a negative issue in my review. This unit does a great job. The temperature of the heater goes from 24C to 50C in 10 minutes. Put in rings which needed cleaning and run Ultrasonic for 5 minutes and they look new. I am very glad Banyan was able to resolve the issue with this unit. Banyan Imports cares about their customer base more than most companies. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this unit again and I would recommend Banyan Imports to anyone.

👤I used the unit for a few months and it worked well, but then it died and I had to cover my dirty item with peanut butter and have my dog clean it. The vibration plate that started out great failed, but the heater worked fine. I have owned different types of Ultrasonic cleaners over 30 years and know how to keep using them, but this was one of the worst units I have owned and I had a difficult time trying to resolve issues with the middle-man seller. I won't purchase from this seller again. You can go to their website and see for yourself. I keep hearing good old Dah... You get what you pay for.

11. JOMWECL Professional Ultrasonic Heater,Deep Automotive

JOMWECL Professional Ultrasonic Heater%EF%BC%8CDeep Automotive

We promise to replace damaged parts for free within 3 years. They will get back to you quickly if you contact them. The cleaning power is strong. This professional Ultrasonic cleaner is designed with latest technologies and is expert in cleaning, maintenance and more, which makes the cleaning machine accommodate users' different needs. You can see the operation panel directly while standing up, and the faucet on the side with silicone pipe is more convenient to drain water from. The temperature range is 20 to 80 degrees Celsius, Independently controlled. It is widely used to clean many different types of objects, including jewelry, lens and other optical parts, watches, dental and surgical instruments, tools, coins, fountain pens, golf clubs, fishing reels, window blinds, firearms, industrial parts and electronic equipment. They are used in many places. FCC,CE and RoHS approved, perfect for home, lab and commercial use, secure quality and reliable, and you should not use the machine without water.

Brand: Jomwecl

👤I don't want to make fun of the private. I was hoping for more not very impressed with what I was seeing, maybe the stuff I am trying to clean is too dirty. I've tried to clean the gun bolts. I don't know if it's a cleaner or not, but I feel like there's no results.

👤I can't speak enough of this equipment. This machine will clean your parts even after years of carbon build up.

👤That is not a good thing. I have used smaller machines that did not clean this one, but made waves in the water. Don't buy this product.

👤I don't have to say anything bad about it.


What is the best product for best ultrasonic cleaner for guns?

Best ultrasonic cleaner for guns products from Acmesonic. In this article about best ultrasonic cleaner for guns you can see why people choose the product. Olenyer and Vevor are also good brands to look for when you are finding best ultrasonic cleaner for guns.

What are the best brands for best ultrasonic cleaner for guns?

Acmesonic, Olenyer and Vevor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best ultrasonic cleaner for guns. Find the detail in this article. Lyman, Dk Sonic and Rovsun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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