Best Best Travel Umbrella for Wind and Rain

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1. Samsonite Compact Auto Close Umbrella

Samsonite Compact Auto Close Umbrella

The wind guard canopy is Teflon coated. The round handle is branded by Samsonite.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I was almost relieved of the umbrella when I bought it. It fits in her purse. It is small and convenient to carry around. It is ready to get back into the purse as soon as it dries off. At some point, I will get another one, but it will be small. The sturdiness has not been in a wind situation. This isn't an umbrella one is likely to have out there for an extended period. It is small and will keep the head and neck dry in a rain. I think the price point is based on the brand. I bought a very sturdy umbrella that is much more affordable. There is no question about the quality. It's in keeping with the brand.

👤We received this as a gift and immediately purchased a second one. We've traveled through the world, visiting North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. A rib broke in one of the umbrellas because of my fault. They do a good job of protecting one person, the reason we have two. The open/close function has never been a problem for us. Heavy rains and strong winds have been encountered. They did a good job of keeping us dry. I don't think they would do well in strong winds because they weren't manufactured for that purpose. Being light weight and small make them great for travelling.

👤I bought this umbrella to replace a cheap one I bought in a pinch. I decided to look into an umbrella to keep me dry and not be too large to stick in a coat pocket when closed because I live in the NYC area and frequently get rain/snow. I did some research and found that the only one with Teflon coating on the fabric was Samsonite and I thought it would help it last longer and repel rain better. I've used it a few times and it has done its job. My only complaint would be 1. The canopy is on the smaller side when it is open, I believe it is 36-38", the cheap one it replaced was 42". Being a larger guy, it doesn't always cover my shoulders that well. I was expecting a bigger handle. It feels awkward in your hand if you are walking in the rain for a long time. It took a few good gusts of wind without flipping inside out, but I was careful. Hopefully this one will last a while.

👤These are the best umbrellas I've ever found when you're limited on space and weight. They are not as rugged as those that weigh more, but they have lasted for many trips. They don't weigh you down.

👤A great performance. It closes with a button. There are great knitting needles and gear. For a small child.

👤The umbrella has held up well in moderate wind. The two tiers of canopy allow air to flow through without the umbrella being pulled away from you. I had no tricks. It is a little heavy for a compact umbrella, and the auto close only starts the process, but you have to apply a lot of effort to actually close it.

2. Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

The white non-stick protection powder is in this umbrella. Before use, clean/ wipe with a damp cloth. There is a clear linguistic abnormality. The canopy is waterproof for maximum rain coverage. The 51” canopy protects you from the wind and the rain, so your hair and clothes stay dry. When open, the Arc is 51 inches long. Light weight construction: The aluminum shaft has a comfortable handle. It is easy and long. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth. The white non-stick protection powder is in this umbrella. Before use, clean/ wipe with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤The umbrella is cute, but it has a few flaws. It was coated in white powder on the inside and outside. I don't understand why people would give a one star review just because of this. It looked clear and glass after 10 minutes with a facecloth. Do I expect my umbrellas to be clean? I rolled with the punches. I think I understand why it was coated in powder after cleaning it. The umbrella is made of thick plastic sticks that make it hard to open when it is folded. The flaps were likely prevented from sticking together by the powder. It's difficult to wrap around the umbrella because it's made of the same material as the rest of the umbrella and doesn't slide against it. If the company wanted, I'm sure they could just give the umbrella a coating and make the strip out of a different material, but for the price. It is a great looking umbrella that can hold up to rain and wind.

👤This is a good umbrella for a big woman like me. I use a walker. I decided to use a bubble umbrella because I didn't want to hold it while I use the walker. The clear bubble was not found in any stores. After reading the dimensions, I decided it was big enough. It is. I have used it many times. I use both hands for my walker when I tuck the handle in between coat buttons. One of the great things about Totes is the lifetime guarantee. You have to wipe the plastic every now and then because of the spots from the water drying. It works for what I want.

👤The umbrellas were great. They come dusty, but being wiped off with a rag made them clear. They were used on our wedding day because it rained. It is a very good umbrella.

👤Our wedding pictures were made from these umbrella's. Highly recommended.

👤It was easy to wipe off the white dust on the plastic with a dry rag, but all the other reviews are true. I didn't know that it has a lifetime warranty, so it's definitely worth the price you pay.

👤I made the best costume ever.

👤The big umbrella has a long handle and a clear view. It feels strong. I haven't used it yet. I'm waiting for rain in Southern California. I used this in the rain and wind. Yesterday, El Nio arrived in So Cal. We haven't seen this much rain in a long time. This held up well. The bubble shade protects me. I like this idea. I feel like a horrible person because I can't protect anyone else from the rain.

👤There is a very cute UMBRELLA. It's worthy. Many people are complaining about the white powder on the outside. It's true. I spent a lot of time wiping it off with wet paper towels, but realized that it was there to prevent the sides from sticking to each other. The sides of the umbrella make it difficult to open. People need to stop giving bad reviews for having the powder on the umbrella. It's there. For. There is a reason. It's nearly impossible to open a car door without getting rained on, which is the biggest "con" for me. The nature of how this umbrella opens makes it impossible to open it without stepping out into the rain. I only use it when I walk.

3. SY COMPACT Automatic Windproof Umbrellas

SY COMPACT Automatic Windproof Umbrellas

This item is important. The big umbrellas are designed to stand the test of time. The ribs and tips are made from fiberglass. The goods they sell are durable. If you have a question, please contact them. Premium quality, chrome plated metal shaft and fiberglass flex clip, travel umbrella with easy open and close, 8-rib fortified frame. The frame is wind- resistant up to 55 mph, and it has been tested 5000 times. The umbrella canopy is made with a coating that won't leak or soak through rain, and the grip on the handle is slip-free. One handed operation is possible with the auto open/close function. Measures just 13 feet long and weighs less than 12 ounces for easy storage in purses, briefcases, backpacks, luggage and more. The quality of the umbrella can be guaranteed by them. You can get a good quality umbrella for a good price. If it doesn't meet your expectations, or if it goes wrong with your umbrella, just contact them. They will replace your repair for free.

Brand: Sy Compact

👤A dad has three young kids. I bought this for them just in time for the rains. I was pleasantly surprised by the initial compactness. It is easy to fit in my kids backpacks. The umbrella opens when you press the button. When you press the button again, the umbrella snaps from the rigid open position. This is to make it easy for the umbrella to close. That is cool. I have never seen an umbrella do that. I took the time to write this review because I want to give recognition to the company for their product that is a great value.

👤I was thrown off the umbrella. I'm used to the style of umbrella where you slide a collar on the umbrella's shaft up which opens the umbrella until the collar clicks into place, locking the umbrella open. To close the umbrella, you would have to press a lever on the collar. Not this case with this one! The handle has two buttons on it. One button has an arrow pointing down, and the other button has an arrow pointing up. I'm sure you know which button does what. I enjoy opening and closing my umbrella at the press of a button now that I'm used to it. I hope the mechanism's components last a long time. I've only used this umbrella a few times, so I can't speak to its longevity. That's all I can say. I think the umbrella is overpriced, but I think it's worth it because of its fancy mechanism. I received an umbrella as a "on the spot award" at my job, and it's smaller, lighter, and easier to use than my reward umbrella, and I also recently received an umbrella as a "on the spot award" at my job.

👤When we got caught without an umbrella, we bought one from a store at the door of a lot of grocery stores, but it didn't last two weeks. The difference is obvious after I got this one. The automatic mechanism is responsive and quick, but it is not strong enough to protect a child from collapsing it. It has rained this week and it has served us well. It's my favorite thing about it because it's so small when folded. I can put it in the side pocket of the car. It is much better than what you can find in the area.

👤I bought this umbrella for its design and color. I bought it for shade when walking in the sun. It's perfect for that, but it has a very thick handle and it weighs more than my other umbrella. I have arthritis in my hands and wrists so it's hard for me to handle. I took off one star for the weight and thickness of the handle. There is an umbrella.

👤I received the umbrella and it looked great, but I didn't use it until a month after it arrived. There is no other way to open it because the button wasn't working. I contacted the seller because I was past the review period. They sent a new umbrella for free. I tested it out immediately after I received it, and it works great! Light and compact.

4. Rain Mate Compact Travel Umbrella Reinforced

Rain Mate Compact Travel Umbrella Reinforced

The white non-stick protection powder is in this umbrella. Before use, clean/ wipe with a damp cloth. Their umbrella is built to resist the worst Mother Nature has to offer. It has a sturdy all metal shaft and frame for rigidity in high gusts. The ribs have flip technology that will ensure your umbrella stays protected. Fail Safe flip technology and weatherproof canopy are meant to survive strong gusts of wind. The fiberglass ribs have fail safe technology that will allow the canopy to be torn apart by a gust of wind. The fail safe design means you get a heavy duty umbrella. Their umbrella has a telescopic shaft that is 12 inches in length yet opens to form a 42 inch canopy, perfect for travel. The portable umbrella is ideal for carrying things in your purse, backpack, luggage, or briefcase. It has a travel sleeve to keep your bag dry. The mini and foldable design is perfect for a lot of people. One Button Automatic Open and Close makes it easy to open and close a button. The umbrella has an auto open and auto close design. The canopy can be expanded and collapsed by touching a button on the handle, making it easy to walk through the rain and out of doors. Who says you can't have a really cool travel umbrella? Their umbrella is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Brand: Rain-mate

👤The umbrella has reinforcements to hold it in strong winds. The snap opens.

👤I took this in the middle of a winter storm in the UK. It did. Not. BUDGE. I didn't open it and have it with me because it would have Mary Poppins with it before I collapsed. It's not enough to take away from the quality, but it is important to know that it can be difficult to close. Highly recommend.

👤I have an umbrella that has stood up to the elements for almost 2 years. I have had good luck with this umbrella in the wind. The buttons are easy to use. If you push the button to collapse the canopy, you will need to push the umbrella back down into the handle to close it. I find that this actually takes a bit more muscle than you might think, but overall it feels sturdy for its size, so no complaints. The seller was quick to honor their replacement guarantee after one of the metal spokes that holds up the umbrella broke. I would definitely buy this product.

👤Excellent service and product!

👤This little umbrella has withstood the rain and winds, and has been withstood for the past couple of days. There is a The canopy is large enough to fit in my backpack and folds up small enough to fit in my frame. It's a great umbrella with a better warranty. I highly recommend it.

👤I like this umbrella better than others I have had, because it has been raining here a lot, and I have only had this umbrella for a short time. I see cheap umbrellas in stores, but it feels more substantial. When I push the button to open the umbrella, it stays extended up the shaft, making it less likely that I will get sprayed with water when it closes.

👤The umbrella is very well built. Great price! Not the standard umbrella. It is better than most if it holds up. I break things that are not of a superior build. We will see if it holds up after the summer.

👤It opens and closes quickly. The umbrella is large enough to take anywhere, even when it's closed-up. It could be put in a purse or tote. The umbrella is really nice.

👤After my last umbrella died, I decided to invest in a decent model. I placed my order after finding this umbrella and thought that if I didn't like it, I could always return it. This umbrella is the best I have bought so far. I used it during a rainstorm a couple of weeks ago. The umbrella opens and closes by pressing either the up or down buttons. It is a sturdy and good-sized canopy. It held up in the wind and the rain. I would highly recommend this umbrella.

👤Spending a few extra pounds would make a difference. I walk to and from work and this umbrella is sturdy, well made and does not blow inside out when it is crazy windy. It is a little heavier but worth it.

5. Yoobure Umbrella Lightweight Portable Umbrellas

Yoobure Umbrella Lightweight Portable Umbrellas

The small umbrella with the waterproof case is perfect for your bags. You can carry the Yoobure travel umbrella. The umbrellas for boys are designed to protect against harmful UV rays. The folding umbrella is lightweight yet durable to endure rain and wind. If you need an umbrella small for daily use, it is a great choice. An extra layer was added to form this umbrella in order to block 99% of UV rays. When it is sunny and hot, the extra layer of UV protection will help you feel cooler than other umbrellas. The waterproof case and invention gift are related. The mini kids umbrella has a waterproof case that is only 7 inches long. Convenient to carry and easy to store. It's a perfect gift for men, women, kids, parents, friends, colleagues or lovers. They value customers' shopping experience here. If you don't like your umbrella for any reason, just return it and get a full refund. If you have any problems, they'll replace it.

Brand: Yoobure

👤The mini umbrella is easy to carry. It's small and it's in my pocket. The mini umbrella comes with a case, which is really nice. The umbrella is good quality and it is definitely worth it.

👤This is a small umbrella. It's small and convenient for storing in my vehicle. I leave it in there so I'm not caught off guard. I'm not sure if it will work in the rain yet, but I'm sure it will when it's time.

👤I received my umbrella but have not been able to use it to see if it is true. I like the color blue and the fact that it is in a case for protection when not in use. I will let you know if it works out.

👤So cute! I love this umbrella. It is the right size to carry around and not take up a lot of space. The umbrella has a pretty floral design. It will loosen up after a while, but it is hard to open up for the first few times. It's easy to fold it back up, it has a cover. It is strong. Definitely met my expectations.

👤The umbrella color looks exactly like the picture and the case is small enough to fit in my purse, car glove box or console.

👤This umbrella is much more sturdy than expected, and it is only $10! It comes with a case. I can put the wet umbrella in my bag while I'm at the doctor's office, shopping, etc., and not have to worry about my bag getting wet. The umbrella and case needed to be dried out after I got home, but it was much nicer than having to carry a wet umbrella around with me. The portable is great. Being able to grab this from my bag in the parking lot saves me from having to take a shower. I haven't been able to use it in strong winds yet, but it feels sturdy and opens and closes easily. I got a purple one with a black one on the inside and a purple one on the outside. This is wonderful. Especially for the price.

👤It was perfect for my son. He needed something small and lightweight to carry to school.

👤The company worked with me and sent me a gift card so I could apply for a new umbrella. Customer service is good. It's broken after being used 3 times. It seems to be cheap.

👤It's small and not very sturdy. It's nice. It is an excellent idea to hold a thin case. It was slightly over priced.

👤Realmente, es una sombrilla china, that tienes una sombrilla de chucherias. No lo compren porque esto, por mucho 80 pesos.

👤hubiera preferido para un paraguas, pero costado $100 pesos.

👤Cute, small and light. Not very strong. It was so flimsy that it was not possible to turn it back. It doesn't open up completely after that one incident. It's hard to lock into place.

👤Es pequeo de lo, pero lo comprende para tenerlo. As, el taco is convenient, pero para tenerlo de emergencia.

6. Totes Automatic Vented Canopy Umbrella

Totes Automatic Vented Canopy Umbrella

The folded length is 12 inches. The golf umbrella has a maximum strength of maximum strength. The double-canopy design and hardened steel frame make your umbrella very strong. One push of the button opens the umbrella. A rubber coated stick handle with a wide tie strap and neat storage is a must. The stands are 40-inches. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤I want this purchase to be the last one I ever buy. I got into a fight with my wife when I tried to buy an umbrella. I am thankful that she won. The ultimate umbrella doesn't exist, so you should buy this one. It's pretty good. Think again if you think I'm wrong. I've read over a hundred reviews and articles. I've researched a lot of things, including shedrains, weathermans, gustbusters, daveks, sunmoutains, and blunt umbrellas. I believe that I am an umbrella expert. I do not say that with pride. The design is flawed. Think about it: Dozens of tiny moving parts crammed into a small space, connected only by thin fabric and used exclusively in harsh weather. It's a recipe for failure. You can't hunt fish with a water pistol, you can't offroad with a toy truck, and an umbrella can't be a permanent shelter from the rain. The best decision you can make is to buy this totes umbrella. Trust me.

👤The large canopy umbrella has pros and cons. The canopy is large and easy to carry, it opens with a push of a button, the handle is comfortable, and it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. It doesn't auto- close, and it's relatively expensive, compared to other brands. I like that Tote's umbrellas mean it when they advertise "lifetime guarantee." My wife bought a large umbrella several years ago. It was used a lot before one of the metal ribs broke. I was told to cut a portion of the strap off and send the attached label with the umbrella model number. I received a replacement umbrella that was much smaller than the one I was going to replace. I received a larger replacement umbrella from Tote's at no additional cost. That is a great lifetime guarantee. Let me know if my review makes you feel useful.

👤My previous review has been updated. Several of the plastic caps that hold the fabric onto the ends of the ribs broke off after just a few weeks of use. The fabric doesn't hold on to the ribs anymore and it's less functional. The issue was not misuse of the product but the caps were made of cheap plastic and broke easily. I need to buy another umbrella because I was very disappointed in this purchase. Would not recommend it. It feels sturdy and not heavy. It is a push to open, but you have to manually close it because it is large.

👤The golf canopy that I have used for the past eight years was purchased to be replaced. The rubber hand grip has fallen and the canopy has torn off the spokes and repaired them many times. They looked high and low to find an exact replacement and settled on this one. The umbrella tip was metal with a rubber tip, now it is plastic, and the handle is rubber, which is def less grip.

👤The beige/black option looks really nice in person. The umbrella is sturdy and easy to hold. On windy rainy days, the vented canopy helps cut down on resistance. I've had every Totes stick umbrella and it's been great. My last umbrella was left on a shuttle, so I only needed another.

7. ShedRain WindPro Vented Compact Umbrella

ShedRain WindPro Vented Compact Umbrella

Water rationing. The special fabric treatment repels water. The water just beads and rolls. Their double canopy has superior wind resistance. It's big enough to cover two people and folds down to just 15. A sturdy fiberglass frame and ribs, auto open/ auto close, and a comfort-driven EVA cushion grip handle. The case has a belt loop and a snap-on hook. It's ideal for travel. ShedRain has a Lifetime Warranty. The umbrellas are constructed using the finest components. The umbrella is designed to hold up in adverse weather conditions.

Brand: Shedrain

👤I'm not happy with the quality of this brand. It went down the hill. Most of the time an umbrella won't blow up with a little wind when I pay $35 for it. It is already broken after being used with some wind. They claim to have a life time guarantee, but who has time to package and return something to the post office? It's really bad. The brand used to be great. This umbrella is large. I want top quality for the money. They claim that the umbrella is wind proof. An umbrella that doesn't blow up and break with the first sign of wind is what someone could invent. I will not be buying this brand again. Not worth the money.

👤15 years ago, I received a Shedrain as a gift. After a decade or so, fabric ripped off one spoke. I bought another one in September/ October of last year. I thought the build quality was diffrerent because of the lower rigidity. It works well in difficult conditions, but the fabric ripped off a spoke on this one barely a year after purchase. They have a lifetime warranty, so I'm sure they'll stand up. The company immediately replaced the umbrella. I upgraded from 3 to 4 stars because of that good customer service and the umbrella is a very good umbrella. It's larger (48 inch diameter). Almost any other umbrella.

👤Over the years, I have purchased umbrellas from this company. They have held up well. I have had some mild issues with heavy wind and rain. I decided to buy a new umbrella from this company and keep the other in case of an emergency after my last umbrella had some issues. The new one arrived a few weeks ago, so I didn't need it. I needed it today. It was raining heavily after I exited my train. Right away, the umbrella opened. I was happy for the larger diameter. I pressed the button to close it when I got home. So far, so good. I am very happy with the umbrella. I want to open it up again so it can dry. I pressed the button in the semi-opened phase. Nothing. I looked at the instructions to close the umbrella. I am told to push and handle the umbrella. I can't push them together. I have used the umbrella one time and it won't open or close, so I can't use it anymore. The slap in the face? The window for returning via Amazon has closed. I would have to buy a poster tube to return it. There is no way to contact the company on the company's Amazon page. If you see this, help!

👤I've used this umbrella for myself and my employees for the last 10 years. They hold up better than any other umbrella we've tried, they are very large for how small they are, and they get a lot of use. Even the best umbrellas will eventually wear out, and usually get replaced every 3 or 4 years. These umbrellas have a LIFETIME warranty. I sent 2 of them because we were having problems with ShedRain. Two brand new umbrellas showed up about 2 weeks later. I will continue to use and recommend ShedRain products.

8. Lejorain 54inch Umbrella Folding Windproof

Lejorain 54inch Umbrella Folding Windproof

It is easy to store. The canopy is 31 inches when closed. Leave to dry. Clean with damp cloth. The extra large umbrella folds to only 15.25in, despite being able to protect at least 2 people. It is less heavy than other golf umbrellas with a similar canopy. It can be taken while walking the dog, watching sports, or picking up your children. This 54in umbrella has a strong build and is protected from the wind by its ventilating Double canopy. Their premium frame system cries out no rust, no breaking. The auto store is open and closed. The push-button open and close mechanism works quickly in sudden rain, making it easy to open this auto umbrella in a car, building, or tent. This large umbrella is made of a special fabric with a Teflon coating that makes it water resistant and fast-drying. The wood handle has finger-notches that make it easy to hold and grip. A perfect umbrella for golf, travel, and business. UseFUL COVER AND ENSURE: Your family and friends will appreciate this gift. The quality zip of the cover makes it easy to take out the umbrella. If you don't like the large folding umbrella, just return it within 30 days for a full refund and they will replace it for free.

Brand: Lejorain

👤Update 12/2020. Used replacement many times. Overall, very pleased. When I need another umbrella, I would buy again. A replacement umbrella was received. It looks and feels similar to the previous one. Very happy that they replaced it. The seller has agreed to send a replacement umbrella to me. Once replacement arrives, this will be updated again. I used it about a dozen times before it broke after I pressed the button to use it in a rainstorm. It was a great umbrella and it was disappointing. It would have lasted longer if I had paid more.

👤This is the best umbrella I have ever owned. It is easy to fit in a bag or purse and can easily cover two people. The framework is strong. The open/close button is awesome. It's easy to get in and out of the car. The cover is made from high quality materials and has a convenient zip to make it easier to put it on. The umbrella is turned inside out by the double canopy that lets the wind through. If it does turn inside out, you simply push the button and the umbrella will close. I tried it and it works. Buy this umbrella.

👤It is large when open and small when folded. This feature is important to me. I have had a couple of umbrella that are too long and take too much space in the car. The open button is also good. One push to open.

👤This umbrella is portable and open up wide to provide shade against rain coming down sideways. I don't know why other umbrellas only cover your head, but this keeps me and my backpack covered during my commute, so I don't end up at work with my pants drenched. The auto open/close feature is a bonus. The handle is sturdy and has a good size of a guy's hand. The sleeve is re-usable because it has a zip unlike others that you take off and then you can never get the umbrella back in the sleeve again. Hopefully this umbrella lasts.

👤The size of the canopy is great for a portable umbrella. It's small but big enough to cover two people. The handle is made of premium wood and has a notch for your fingers. I expect that it will do well, despite the fact that it is under heavy rain and strong winds.

👤My previous umbrella broke down due to the heavy winds. I was looking for an umbrella that would last for a long time. It can handle heavy winds. I am satisfied with the quality and size of the umbrella. It has an open and close button. I don't have to worry about it because it comes with its cover. Two people can easily accommodate my family if needed, which is a huge advantage compared to my last small one. I will update my review when I have a better experience. I am satisfied with my purchase so far.

👤Wow. This umbrella is really good. It's one of the biggest ones I've found with a collapsible handle, it's larger than my giant golf umbrella, and it will survive being blown inside out. My only quibble is that the mechanism is housed inside a large wooden handle at the base. It's total collapsed length is a bit longer than I wanted, and the total weight is double what I expected, because it only fits at an angle. It's very high quality and I'm happy with my purchase.

9. Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella Coating

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella Coating

We built their travel umbrella with an automatic operation system, opening and closing with just the touch of a button. The hassle of manual rain umbrellas is over, and it's easy to get into cars and buildings. Unlike cane umbrellas, their high quality umbrella comes with a wrist strap. Use the wrist strap on their travel umbrella to provide extra security during heavy winds and rain, or simply to hang up when not in use. Their rain umbrella is large enough to share with up to 2 people, and it protects you on all sides. The Repel Easy Touch Umbrella is featured on TV and is known for their size and practicality. The heavy duty umbrella is designed for battle. Mother Nature can't take away the strength of this unbreakable travel umbrella's 9 reinforced fiberglass ribs. Most umbrellas can't stand up to high winds, but theirs does, because single canopy umbrellas are not built to resist strong gusts of wind. Their umbrella has a double canopy that allows winds to pass through without giving or breaking to keep you dry.

Brand: Repel Umbrella

👤I ordered three umbrellas because I was looking for ones that were strong and good quality. When they arrived they seemed to be great quality but I noticed that one of the 3 was a bit smaller and lighter when stored than the other two colors. The company told me that the Umbrellas with patterns are thicker and heavier because they use 2 pieces of fabric instead of one on the solid color versions. It would have been nice to know that in advance. The quality of the umbrellas is the same as before, but I decided to go for lighter solid color versions as they are going to be in. I can still choose a solid color. Wrong! I received a dark black umbrella in a package that said gray, which is a light gray in the picture above. There is no umbrella on this page that looks like the one I received. I haven't seen the black on this page yet, but I have seen it on a different page. If you look at the insert that comes with the umbrellas, it says "contact us directly before contacting Amazon for all your customer service needs!" If your unit is damaged or broken, we will give you a new one free. You don't need to return it. I drove an hour round trip to get the 2 different umbrellas they didn't say were on here. Email them about it first. They didn't offer anything. I sent them an email about the package that was wrong. Not a shipping error. Even though the package was black, who ever shipped it chose the gray one. Even though I contacted the company multiple times, I have to drive an hour round trip to exchange this. They offer a lifetime warranty, which is one of the best out there. But do they? I don't believe it anymore after my experience. These seem like good umbrellas.

👤There are 1 positives. The Teflon coating works well. 2. A travel umbrella with a red color has a nice "pop" of color without being too strange. 3. The actuation of opening and closing works well. The push button was not too difficult to push when desired and it wasn't overly sensitive while carrying. There are 1. "Windproof" is not easy to define. It was almost closed multiple times in the week I've used it. This is typical with Texas rainstorms, but there were some strong gusts. I would advertise as "wind resistant" but it is not. 2. It is difficult to get on the bag/cover after the first time you open it. I don't understand why companies insist on making bags barely fit things. Conclusions: It's perfect for a commuter or frequent traveler who needs to be prepared for average rain conditions, but should not use it in high winds.

👤This umbrella is odd. There is no vent in the traditional sense where you can see a physical gap in the fabric of the umbrella through which wind can escape. I'm not sure how the canopy is supposed to vent any wind that gets under it, since it's just two layers of fabric. It seems well built and sturdy, but the failure points of all umbrellas are usually where the ribs are jointed and where they attach to the canopy. This umbrella seems to be no better than most. Time will tell. The double fabric canopy and extra thick ribs make this an umbrella that can be folded and used for a travel umbrella. Unless you have a lot of space in your travel bag, it's more of a general purpose umbrella.

10. EEZ Y Compact Umbrella Windproof Construction

EEZ Y Compact Umbrella Windproof Construction

It can be made in the USA or imported. Have your brollys been defeated by strong gusts of wind? This umbrella isn't going anywhere because of EEZ-Y's resilient design. It is small, sturdy and wind resistant. You won't be let down with this umbrella. Their umbrella has a double canopy that allows air to pass through without letting the rain in, and a non-slip handle that prevents it from flying out of your hands. Large size The umbrella can protect up to 2 people. You will be covered front to back at 42 inches. Heavy umbrellas weighing you down while you travel? The umbrella folds down to 11 inches for optimal portability and is light as a feather at only 0.9 lbs. Stay dry while you are stylish and functional. The umbrella has a carrying case and waterproof fabric.

Brand: Eez-y

👤I wrote a review about how it broke the first time I took it out. I received an email from a random address that said they would give me $30 if I deleted the comment. I told them via email. I tried to email them again, but the email address was no longer valid. The sales team will waste your time if you believe that this umbrella will protect you against anything.

👤I was very excited about the umbrella. I was dismayed to see that my hands were stained in blue dye and my dress shirt was ruined when I was walking outside in the rain. Who builds or sells an umbrella with dye that runs from water?

👤This is the second one that I have purchased in the last year and I like the compactness of it for travelling. It's small and compact, but sturdy, and it secures my laptop bag with a carabiner. I don't know if I'd call it "windproof", but it's pretty good if it's windy in the city. The one-button open and close feature is what I love the most. While many umbrellas open with the press of a button, this one closes as well, but the fabric hood contracts easily. Once done, you need to re-compress the mast. It makes getting in and out of a car a lot easier. The first one has been in use for a year. This is a great umbrella.

👤The Umbrella is a great size for most of the time. I wanted to review it a bit before I did. The umbrella is sturdy and well built. Some people say the mechanical operation of pushing the umbrella down is hard, but I find that laughable, as it's not a problem for my younger nieces and nephews. I have no doubt that it will last a while. The handle is small on the bottom of the pole, but it's not bad. The umbrella material is good and the mechanical catch and extend capabilities are put together. I don't think this will fail unless it's abused. This is not entirely true as it is supposedly windproof. I needed a compact umbrella that could stand the wind that sweeps through the streets and the buildings often in storms, so I bought this. I have had this umbrella flip inside out several times, so I am careful when I use it. It's pretty good, but it's a stretch. This thing is good for a woman but small for a man. I'm about 6ft 250 and there is barely enough to cover me. It keeps the main part of my head and body dry when I get wet under this. It folds down into a small size that can fit in my messenger bag or briefcase.

👤I have never had an umbrella blow inside out on me from the force of the wind, but when I needed to buy a new one, I owned three small umbrellas and they were never around when I needed them to be. The reviews were good and I thought the windproof-ness would be an extra bonus. My clothes are still wet hours later after the wind blew it inside out on the 100 yard walk from my car to my work building. I don't recommend purchasing it because it's being returned and it's a perfectly fine umbrella. I'm still looking for an umbrella.

11. 2 Pack Nautica Umbrella Travel Lightweight

2 Pack Nautica Umbrella Travel Lightweight

The umbrella can be tossed in a purse or backpack. The button on the handle is accessible. Superior Repellency. The instantly drying material repels water. Their travel umbrella has a comfortable grip thanks to a smooth handle. Over the course of nearly 40 years, Nautica has been known for its high-class quality.

Brand: Nautica

👤If you like the idea of using an umbrella, this is a great product. It was wet from head to toe. The umbrella has water droplets on it. You can use a piece of carboard on the sidewalk. Weak and poorly made. I made a special exception for this product and rarely write reviews for my purchases.

👤I have used this umbrella 3 times. Look at the rust. My 30 has passed. Do not buy it.

👤Poor quality and finishes. I will return them.

👤I am happy to see that many people are warning other people about the faulty product. I had to return because the frame was so weak that it broke in the rain. It wasn't right when you folded it. One arm loses a hinge when it is folded in one way. It happened to me again after I used my replacement order. I have been looking for a new umbrella for about 3 months. Total waste of time and money.

👤I bought several sets of these as graduation gifts and they were the worst buy ever. At least two of the sets I bought had broken umbrellas. Since it is outside of the window, I can't come back. Terrible disappointment! Don't waste your money.

👤These were pretty disappointing. The handles are very weak and the arms are not much better. They are not very close to each other. Within 3 days, there were two separate incidents. It was necessary to secure them on my own. It was the first time that I was disappointed with the name.

👤If you are alone and it is not too windy, these things will keep you dry. They are small and look nice.

👤It appeared sturdy, but after a few uses, it became faulty. The metal frame is bent. It's disappointing to have spent money on something that broke so quickly.

👤In two months, it was broken. Not strong at all. I was very disappointed with Nautica.


What is the best product for best travel umbrella for wind and rain?

Best travel umbrella for wind and rain products from Samsonite. In this article about best travel umbrella for wind and rain you can see why people choose the product. Totes and Sy Compact are also good brands to look for when you are finding best travel umbrella for wind and rain.

What are the best brands for best travel umbrella for wind and rain?

Samsonite, Totes and Sy Compact are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best travel umbrella for wind and rain. Find the detail in this article. Rain-mate, Yoobure and Totes are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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