Best Best Travel Pillow for Neck

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1. Airplane Neck Pillow Traveling Adjustable

Airplane Neck Pillow Traveling Adjustable

The adaptive TEMPUR material never loses its shape and is reliable. This travel neck pillow is made of premium memory foam and a silky soft cover, which makes it the ultimate solution to your neck pain. Sleep peacefully with this neck rest. It is great as a neck pillow, a head pillow, or even a recliner pillow. Size doesn't matter here. The memory foam neck pillow can be used to fit any shape, no matter how you sit. The cover can be rearranged. Did your plane pillow get damaged from a spill? It's not necessary to lose sleep over it. Their neck pillows come with a cover that can be washed. Customer satisfaction - Got any questions about the pillow? Their customer service team is available to help you find the perfect flight pillow.

Brand: Crafty World

👤I now have two of them. This is the best neck support pillow I have tried. The ones that failed the test were either too stiff or bulky, causing my neck to hyper-extend, or they didn't provide enough support. The memory foam is of the highest quality. After a year of daily use, the foam has held up and continues to give comfortable support. I wash the cover weekly and it has held up well. I just bought a second one, and I can't tell the difference between the brand-new and the year-old pillow. The extra few dollars are worth it.

👤The pillow is very supportive of my neck. It supports one's neck. The cover of the neck pillow is so soft that it's hard to wash. I have three other U-pillows, as I always look for the perfect support for my neck. The search ends with the Crafty World neck support travel pillow. The pillow arrived in two days. It is very well-made and its quality surpasses my expectations. Customer service is amazing. I inquired how I liked the pillow after I had it. The company's representative was praised in my return email, but I found out they are a small, family-owned and operated company. I learned that it is an American company and that I can support the economy of my country by buying American-made products. This pillow is perfect.

👤I received my pillow today. I have had neck, back, shoulder and arm pain for months. This little pillow is very comfortable and fits perfectly in my neck and upper head. When I put it around my neck and lay in my recliner, I felt supported and stable. The microfiber cover is soft and supple. I love the way this feels on my skin. This little neck pillow is cushiony and supports just enough to feel good to me. If you are a recliner person, the back of most recliners don't offer much head support unless you have an electric recliner with fancy head support. The only negative about this neck pillow is that I wish it came in a slightly longer version for people like me with bigger necks so that it could be a bit more versatile. It should be fine for average sized people. The pillow doesn't touch the tips on me, but I can turn my head in it and still have support. I hope the review helps people with neck and back pain.

👤I decided to hold off on reviewing this product until I had a chance to use it. I did not regret my purchase after using the pillow for multiple flights. The pillows you can buy at the airport have beads in them. This pillow provides more support for my head and neck and is more comfortable. It stays cool and I don't wake up sweating. It looks and feels the same as it did on the first day. If you want to get more sleep while flying, this travel pillow is for you.

2. Travel Pillow Essentials Traveling Accessories

Travel Pillow Essentials Traveling Accessories

Everyone needs a high quality travel neck pillow. This travel pillow can help protect the neck from pain when sitting in a plane, train, car or bus. It's a good idea for both the home and office. You can make your lunch break more relaxing by watching TV. You can buy for your family, friends and colleagues. It's a perfect gift. Their bendable travel pillow adjusts to any shape and position to give a comfortable and snug fit. The firm memory foam is better for your neck, it prevents head from falling forward, and it relieves neck pain. The ideal airplane pillow is for support and comfort. The memory foam neck pillow is covered with a super soft fabric. You will always get a fresh and clean flight pillow with the machine-washable pillowcase. The bendable travel pillow is versatile. It can be used to support your head, back, shoulder, or neck during sleep, reading, or watching TV. A flight pillow that doubles as a neck pillow for a recliner chair. Point2Points plane pillows come with the most important travel necessities: earplugs, sleep eye mask and a luxury pillow bag. All-in-one travel kit for your trip. This airplane pillow can be easily attached to your carry-on luggage, backpack or car headrest without taking up extra space. It has a portable travel bag that allows the neck pillow to be adjusted. Point2Points Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like the plane pillow in any way, please contact them and they can give you a solution in 24 hours.

Brand: Point2points

👤I liked how this was shaped to your needs. Wrap it around your neck for general neck support and you could lean your head on it. I was concerned about feeling the rod that bends inside, but I didn't feel it through the memory foam. I used the rod as a pillow and it didn't bother me. It's perfect for a window seat where you can tilt your head to rest against the window. It's a great neck pillow for when you're in the middle seat and want to keep your head from bobbing when sleeping. It is comfortable, well made and has an eye mask. It's a must for long car rides or airplane travel. I am glad I chose this one because it is cheaper than the regular neck pillows.

👤We go on a lot of roadtrips. We discovered this pillow, which is the most comfortable situation for anyone in a car. It's a game-changing change. It's flexible and can be used in any position. It helps us get a good night's sleep during our road trips. I don't feel any neck or back pain. We like it so much that we use it at home to watch TV or read a book. We recommend this to anyone who is traveling or not. It's a must have. It comes with a sleep mask as well. The sleep mask feels like a bra for my face. It's funny. The material doesn't make my face sweaty, so that's a plus.

👤I love this pillow. I would have liked to have found it sooner. In 1974 my Ex broke my neck and left me for dead. I've tried every Pillow I could find and nothing helped my neck pain. This supports me where I want it to be. I'm sure it would help me sleep better if it wasn't for the other pain. At 70, my neck is so much more comfortable than it was when I was younger. God bless you guys.

👤The pillow is comfortable, but not tall enough to support my head. My neck was strained despite multiple attempts to adjust it. If you pack it in a bag, it takes up quite a bit of space, but it has a case that you can hang from a carry-on. It's definitely better than no pillow at all, but I would've preferred one with taller side walls and a more firm grasp around the neck to prevent my head from moving around.

👤It is flexible and I like it. You can bend, twist, and curl it any way you want. Around your neck, on your shoulders, under your armpits, on your side, or anywhere else that needs cushion. I have been using it on long flights and bus trips recently. The first time I used it was on a 16 hour flight to Korea. I have a pillow with me on the flight. I missed the food service because I was so sleepy. Did I mention how soft it was? It doesn't have to be blow up with air like other pillows. The eye mask was a bonus and a factor to the trip. I will recommend it to anyone who needs a pillow. I will probably buy more for my family in the future.

3. Airplane Traveling Lightweight Portable Headrest

Airplane Traveling Lightweight Portable Headrest

PreCAUTIONS are in place. The inner core of the travel pillow cannot be exposed to the sun. The neck pillow's inner core doesn't need to be washed or stirred in a washing machine. In aventilated place the inner core of the pillow can be placed. Premium memory foam provides high rebound and comforts, and the perfect balance of softness and support makes your neck and head easier. Their pillows are designed to support your head and neck. The pillow is light weight and compact and you can attach it to your luggage, purses or anything you carry using an easy loop on strap. You should maximize your time at home or in the office. This pillow is perfect for those who don't travel. The neck pillow can be used for extra support when sleeping at night, relaxing at home or working in the office. The plush cover is easy to clean. A cover that is easy to clean and remove germs easily. The perfect gift. Birthdays,valentine's day, mother's day, father's day, weddings,graduations, are all excellent travel accessories gifts. Experience love at first sight. Sleep peacefully during your flight or journey. The perfect companion for those traveling in multiple modes of transportation. It gives you optimal neck and shoulder support.

Brand: Gluck Plants

👤The pillow is soft and attractive to touch. I have neck pain and this pillow did not help. I had no support and it was too soft. I don't think memory foam is an appropriate choice for my neck problem. I am not faulting the pillow, I knew it was not a good choice for my problem. I need firm. It could be a 5 for many. I used the 1 as a signal to other people who were looking for firm support. I was looking for a second pillow that was similar to the one I have, so my comparison is to a pillow that has a cotton cover for washing. I can't find one like it so I might need to make my own.

👤The neck pillow is too stiff. Very disappointed. I will be back. I don't see how anyone would be able to use this without being uncomfortable.

👤The gray is almost white. I should have bought a color that held up better while traveling. The plastic snap is cheap and I expect it to break. It is a good option if you don't need this to last a long time.

👤For a 7 hour ride, this worked well. There were no complaints here. It has a cover that can be removed.

👤Every time I have a headaches, I use my headaches pillow in my bed. When it gets dirty, you can take the cover off and throw it in the wash.

👤This was soft and comfortable. Good support for my neck. I was not able to sleep on the other person's shoulder.

👤Sleeping in a sling after rotator cuff surgery is difficult. I use a travel pillow to support my neck at night. I really wanted to love this pillow because of the memory foam, but it was so inflexible and hard that I felt like I was sleeping on a rock. Returned the item.

👤I don't use the snap attached because I don't want to feel like I'm suffocating, but I do use this pillow to support my head and neck if I should fall asleep in my easy chair. I had a stiff neck, but never before with this neck pillow. I really appreciate it. It arrived quickly and matches the cushions in my glider rocker.

👤I ordered a grey colour and it is not good, it is supposed to be foam inside, but one side has sharp pieces poking out of it, which eventually will rip out.

4. Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

This cushion can be attached to your luggage or backpack. It allows you to keep the pillow around your neck. Made in the USA. The Best Pillow For Travel has a built-in insert that can be used to adjust the thickness of the pillow based on your sitting position, preventing your head from being pushed forward. Even if you are sitting on an airline seat, this pillow will help you sleep soundly. The U.S. has a patent. It is made of soft memory foam which can be molded to your neck. The plush cover is machine-washable. They have never offered free or discounted products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The built-in elastic strap makes it easy to attach the pillow to a carry-on luggage. It's great for travel or use for neck support.

Brand: Travelmate

👤The pillow works well on my flight. I have tried many different types of pillows while traveling. This one works better than all of them. It feels soft, supportive, and can be removed to adjust the thickness behind your neck to provide the right amount of support without pushing your head forward. This pillow makes seating in a coach class much more comfortable than using regular pillows. I have a few memory foam pillows that I got from airport shops, but they don't allow you to change its thickness.

👤I bought this pillow after I got home from a trip. I found that it works well for me when I'm sitting down. It never got put away. There is a section to keep your head from being pushed too far forward. My 6 year old grandson used it in his car seat and also removed the section to make it feel right. I thought I wouldn't be able to get it back from him. Good buy, super soft memory foam.

👤I wore the last one out because it was so supportive. It took me years of using it, but I finally enjoyed the old one and had to buy another. It would be impossible to overstate how comfortable I find this, or how supportive it is when I sleep. I have to sleep in a recliner because I can't lie down. I hope the company stays in business, but with the way these things last so long, I'm afraid they'll put themselves out of business with the quality of their product.

👤I love the pillow. I was a passenger in the car on our recent family vacation and it was a Godsend. It's lightweight, soft, and sturdy, but it's not as comfortable as it could be. I don't think it's too constraining or uncomfortable. We washed the cover a few times and it came out soft and looked new. It would be a good gift.

👤This is not a good neck pillow for me. It doesn't offer any support. The description says that the foam is high quality. I have to respectfully question that claim. I used a sweatshirt to cradle my head after I brought it on a long train trip. The thing gets pancaked. I would have returned it if I hadn't already used it. I am 5'7', have a slender neck and an average head.

👤I work from home and bought this for it. I need to be laying down to rest because of my back pain. This pillow does not prop my back up. It is perfect for what I need.

👤I keep my neck comfortable while I browse the internet.

👤I was disappointed in the comfort of the pillow. I thought it would support my neck. It feels too narrow behind my neck, so I feel uncomfortable when I raise my front and back. The navy cover is very nice and seems to be of good quality. I would give it a 1 star for comfort and support. I will be looking for something else. It has an unpleasant chemical odor which has not dissipated over the course of several days.

5. Traveling Upgraded Airplane Accessories 120 200LB

Traveling Upgraded Airplane Accessories 120 200LB

WARRANTY A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered by TallGo. If you are not satisfied with their product or service, please contact them. They can either give you a new product or a refund. The perfect Chinese support travel pillow can help you with neck pain, and it can prevent the head from falling forward. The flight pillow is the best one for travel because it provides perfect support to protect the neck. Premium memory foam with 5 seconds return technology was used in the NapFUN travel pillow. The headrest pillow was designed to be portable. It has a portable bag that allows the travel pillow to be smaller. LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. They will give you a full refund if you have any problems.

Brand: Napfun

👤I bought it and it should be enough. Getting asked to review every purchase is too much.

👤I was very disappointed when I ordered it. The memory foam was filthy. Returning it.

👤This is my newest travel pillow and I have to say it covers any concerns I might have had about travel pillows. It gives some support where many of the competitors are so soft that they can hurt your neck, and it also gives a bit of support. The cords clip together so you can keep them in place. It has an extra set of earplugs and eyeshades so you can share it with one other person without sharing your genetic information.

👤This pillow is great. The shape is perfect for travel. It strikes the right balance between soft and supportive. I'm not sure why another reviewer thought the travel pouch was too small. It is not. I can put the pillow in the pouch in about 15 seconds. It's large enough to minimize packing space.

👤It had black mold on the pillow.

👤During our 10 hour car trip, my husband and I did not keep our heads in a comfortable position, despite the fact that I felt like a pool floatie was wrapped around my neck. The fabric is very soft. The hassle of packing up and sending back a refund is not something that the dog would like.

👤This is the perfect density for memory foam. It could be very comfortable, but some parts are thin. It's nice to be able to rest my neck in different positions to prevent pain, because I have neck and spine injuries. The memory foam is thin in some areas and it is not as good as resting my head on my shoulder. It looks nice and packs well. I will keep it for short trips. It is packaged tightly, it might feel like it won't expand properly out of the package, but give it an hour or so and it will blow up!

👤I have a different one than this one. The silk material one is so soft and comfy that I like it, it's nice that they provide different accessories like the earplugs and sleep mask, I really like them, they don't feel weird when I have it on for sleeping. The travel pillow is portable, soft and comfy. The travel pillow is foldable to a small bag, which I really like. It makes traveling stress free. If you need a product for traveling, this is a great gift for a family member who is going to be traveling in the next 2 months. This is a great gift to give to your family or friends before they go on a trip.

6. Trtl Pillow Scientifically Support Washable

Trtl Pillow Scientifically Support Washable

Over one million travel pillows were sold. The TRTL PILLOW is a scientifically proven travel pillow that can be used to keep your head in a better position when sleeping upright. No more nodding heads! A comfortable resting place for your head and neck can be created with the help of a super soft fleece and hidden internal support. You can find a colour that suits your style by selecting from RED, GREY, CORAL and BLACK. Their unique design will allow you to sleep wherever you are. The Trtl Pillow can be adjusted to fit your comfort. Only half a pound of the Trtl Pillow is needed to attach to the handle of your backpack or luggage. It's time to say goodbye to the bulky neck pillows that take up precious space in your carry on or weigh you down at duty free. The Trtl Pillow is machine washable and always fresh.

Brand: Trtl

👤In the last three months, my wife and I have each ordered one of these neck braces. The same brand of neck brace was given to us. The two braces have different characteristics. They look almost identical on the surface, with slightly different fabrics visible. The plastic spines are different on the inside. The spine is the most important part of the brace, as it holds your head up while you sleep. The brace on the right has a more full body structure and is a better support to your head. When you wear them, this is a clear difference. The left version is not stiff enough to support my head, and I feel uncomfortable because of it. My neck is not strained and my head is held up better with the stiffened spine on the right. My wife can see the difference. Maybe the two different spines were designed at different times. The more recent design will be supported well by future users. Someone may have decided to use less plastic if the spine is weaker. This would be a mistake, as sleeping with your head leaning into a brace is a matter of health and safety. I haven't tried to sleep with this yet. We'll do that within a month, and I'll add to this review. I think the stiffer version is more comfortable for me, and provides more support than my inflatable neck pillow. I hope the brace works better than the inflatable pillow because it will take up more room in my carry-on.

👤I lost the first Trtl Pillow I got, but I loved it. I recommended it to many friends and family members because I loved it so much. My sister bought 2 for her family after I bought another one. The first one was different than the others. The plastic piece inside was different from the first one and didn't provide the same support. The pillows were useless. The 3 star is the average of 5 stars from the first purchase and 1 star from the additional 3 purchases. Reviewers were making comments about getting fake products. I think the quality control issue is the reason for the lack of other sellers for this product. I hope they get this resolved.

👤The products were completely different when I purchased 2 of them. One amazing and the other horrible. They sent you the correct item. The one on the right works. The one on the left is garbage.

👤I was worried about receiving the old model or receiving a fake pillow. I decided to go with the real thing after reading a lot of reviews, even though it is a pricey product and an off-brand. I wanted a good quality pillow for the long trip since the old school Donut pillows are very uncomfortable. When I received my package, I was very annoyed to see that there were two different packages, one advertised the new model and the other the old model. I bought two at the same time. I decided to take a closer look before I went crazy. The new model of pillows were the ones pictured on the package. I haven't used them yet, but they seem to be comfortable, as comfortable as you can be while sleeping. If you are not in a rush to get these pillows, I recommend you buy them directly from the trtl website. The price is the same but the shipping time is a little longer. I bought these off of Amazon because I waited last minute to purchase them and I needed two day shipping, which I didn't want to spend an extra $30 on it. If you have time, buy them directly from the source to make sure they are legit.

7. NeckSnug Luxury Travel Pillow Memory

NeckSnug Luxury Travel Pillow Memory

It becomes all fresh and fluffy again if you toss it in the washer. Everything you need to travel to guarantee sleep rest is included in the complete package. If you want a really firm travel neck pillow or a really soft plane pillow, this is not the one for you. They have tested hundreds of different travel pillows to make sure they provide the best mix of support and comfort. There is nothing more annoying than your neck pillows for travel slip off your shoulder when you sleep, so they have added an adjusted buckle. You can get the perfect fit around your nexk. 3D CONTO SLEEP MASK. Special bulges around your nose and face provide a 100% light block. If you want to take your small travel pillow set with you on airplanes, train, plane or car, you can use a bag the size of a football.

Brand: Travelsnugs

👤The NeckSnug Luxury Travel Pillow is the most comfortable travel pillow I have ever used. With this pillow, I was able to fall asleep on an airplane, even though it was hard to get comfortable. The memory foam is great and the back insert can be removed, which makes a huge difference when sitting up. It comes with a carrying case as well. I don't like being that person that walks around the airport with a pillow around their neck. Overall a great purchase!

👤I live in Aruba and order a lot of goods from the USA. I am going to travel to Europe and then to Asia. I ordered two pillows. I read the reviews from travel sites. Two pillows were delivered in Miami. I received the pillows after 3 weeks, because I use a postbox in Miami, which then sends the goods to me in Aruba. There is a One of the pillows did not have a travel bag. The pillows were comfortable. After 3 weeks, I e-mailed the Travel snug with a small problem and asked for a travel pouch with a logo and rope. There is a And then it happened. Travel snugs understood my situation and sent me a travel pouch and a complete pillow. There is a They needed the complete set without freight expenses. Customer relations and customer satisfaction were still not enough. The freight expenses from Miami to Aruba are more than enough to cover the entire first order of two pillows. WAAAAAUUUUUWWW! This is the first time in hundreds of orders that I have encountered this. TravelSnug is getting an "AAA"rating from me, which is the highest rating in the financial world.

👤My friend is recovering from a coma and I bought this for him. He loves it and it adds instant relief for him to rest his neck- the best part is that there is a piece in the back that can be removed if he wants to use the neck pillow against a chair.

👤I can't upright for more than 5 minutes because of a lack of neck support. I tried this one, and it's been great, my head and neck have support for hours. If you don't have a window seat, this is the pillow you want. If you have neck pinching, this is the one you want. It is firm at first, but adjusts to your body heat. You can sit against it for a while when it's cold. You can adjust the amount of support you want with a clever strap that keeps your head upright and you can ease to the side. About packing... We are seasoned travelers and ultimate micro-packers. I've tried a lot of different types of neck pillows before, but I wouldn't do any of them. The bag can't be compressed more than 10% by using it, but they designed a discreet elastic handle so you can easily grip it while managing 5 other things. I love this and recommend giving it a try.

8. Proglobe Travel Blanket Luxury Set

Proglobe Travel Blanket Luxury Set

The Ultimate 4-in-1 Premium Airplane Travel Set is a must have for travelers. This has everything you need to sleep peacefully and get ready for your trip. All items are manufactured to the highest standards. This set is a favorite among travelers. A soft blanket keeps you warm in the car, train, bus, and plane. This blanket transforms into a carry bag that holds the entire set. It's the efficient design that saves space. The PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM NECK PILLOW has a new design that makes it easier to dream. It was a long night on the plane so no more sore muscles when you arrive. It has a cover that is machine washable. Enjoy every trip for a long time. Other travelers will want to know where they can get their own. All light and glare is blocked by 3D cupped eyes. Everyone likes this design. You can fall to sleep in any environment. It's great for catching a few Z's at the airport, at work, or anywhere you have a few moments to yourself. The bullet style earplugs are made of foam. It blocks out noise and conversation. There is an eye mask and earplugs in the carry bag. This will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase because of the 100% money back guarantee. Many people are buying things to share. It's just right for upcoming vacations. They have a very popular value set in plentiful supply so hurry and buy now. This is a great birthday gift, holiday gift, anniversary gift, or Father's Day gift.

Brand: Proglobe

👤This is a good deal. The blanket is very warm. I don't use eye masks, but this one is nice enough to start. The travel pillow is much smaller than an adult's. It works for people who are small, but may not work for a larger person. The pillow needs time to "inflate" after being in a bag. The memory foam has to be compressed in order for it to fit.

👤This is a good value for the quality. That is included. We got this for my daughter's trip to Europe, where she spent the night in a plane and many bus rides. This has been a great campanion. The photos don't do it justice, the blanket surprised us. It is one of the lightest travel blankets around, and it transforms into a small travel bag. It has a nice silky feel to it. My daughter loves it! The pillow fits into a travel bag. She found it easier to keep the pillows separate and attach them with a D hook clip. There is a pouch for the ear plugs. She doesn't use those anyways, so we noticed they tended to slip out.

👤This has all the comforts of a plane ride. I'm going on a plane for about 12 hours. I can be comfortable. I haven't used it yet, but it is very soft and right in size for two people. The neck pillow looked weird when I first opened it. The neck pillow is soft which is great for me. I don't need ear plugs. The eye mask is not tight. It fits very well.

👤It was perfect for a 19 day holiday in Africa. The blanket is very soft and easy to close. The neck pillow is the best one I have ever bought and it quickly regains its shape after being taken out of the bag. The eye mask forms well around the nose and you can adjust the tightness. Great purchase.

👤After a 4 1/2 hour flight from Vegas, there is a 5 1/2 hour stop in Florida. The bees knees was what this thing was. Right back up. The pillow is comfortable. We will spend all of the money. Adding a clip to it would be the only different thing. The snap doesn't stay in place. It kept falling off. I added a loop to the caribiner clip to grab it from my carry on. It worked out well and stayed put.

👤I can't sleep on planes because I travel a lot for business. Red Eye flights are always a challenge. I used a neck pillow and eye mask on a cross country flight and it helped me sleep. I have a red eye and am excited to use this. The blanket is very comfortable. There is a strap with a button that you can use to clip the blanket to your bag, but I have a small gripe about that. The button isn't strong enough for me to use. I put it in my backpack. The product is great and the quality is great.

9. Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow

Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow

The original Microbead travel pillow was created by Cludz. Why take a chance on an imitation? Millions of happy travelers have used their pillows in airports around the globe. FILLED WITH EXCLUSIVE, ULTRA-PREMIUM Comforlite MICROBEADS. Their beads are small enough to conform to your position and give you the support you need. They won't crush like other pillows on the market who use inferior quality beads. Buy the pillow that lasts. There is a dual COMFORT! There is a plush on one side and spandex on the other. Everyone knows how important it is to have flexibility during travel. There is a way to snap CLOSURE. It is possible to prevent your head from falling forward by securing the pillow around your neck. There are a lot of asparagus to grow. You can snap around the handle of your luggage. During your travels, there is a hand feature. Use it as a LUMBAR SUPPORT! Their pillow supports the back of the neck. It's soft and versatile, like a massage table. Close the snap and rest your face on the pillow. You can use on-the-go or at home. Their pillow is just as comfortable on the bed as it is on the couch.

Brand: Cloudz

👤Flimsy. Floppy. No support, zero. Completely collapses. Doesn't support the head, neck, chin. The neck opening is large. The head completely falls forward, chin to chest, as if there is no support pillow. It was useless. Do not recommend. Returned.

👤The Spanish Inquisition board of directors designed this product. I was expecting support, not a neck ache. The pillow is terrible. It ripped a hole when it got caught in the door latch. Do you want to know what came out? There are little balls of styrofoam. The bean bag chairs have "Microbeads" of polystyrene. The little dog came out to greet us. It was covered with styrofoam and its noise was all over it. We were able to handle it without her going to the emergency vet. It got all over us, the inside of the car, and our broken souls. Sailors across the sea blushed with the words coming out of my mouth. I don't know what to say. This marketing is deceptive. Microbeads will be phased out by 2020. Different types of microbeads. I didn't think those would be used in this pillow. I saw black spots. Is it heavier than average, that explains why it wouldn't hold up? I don't know. My hat was light and small. I am having some blood pressure issues because I am typing this out. I'm still finding those white balls of death all over the house, but it didn't happen here. My therapist tells me to let it go, but it's hard to do when you find out there are fifteen of those fast food cup seeds hidden in the toe. You can buy a friendly ferret who likes to cuddle and use the weasel instead. It's still a better choice if he chews on your ear and poops down your shirt collar.

👤My wife was forced to sleep in a recliner for 6 months after her shoulder surgery. I would have become an alcoholic without this pillow. She would have been angry. We tried a lot of neck pillows. This one is the best. We live in a cold climate and the memory foam ones are not available in cars here. When it's cold, turn into a rock. This pillow has little beads that move when you want them to, but hold their form and support you perfectly when you don't want them to move. It's nice that you can have a pillow behind your neck. Most are too heavy. This pillow is very good. It's the best we've ever purchased and the cheapest as well.

👤I lost this pillow at the airport before I left for home. I was excited to find it for another trip. The item brand, description, etc are not the same. There aren't as many beads in the pillow which makes it limp. I would rather pay $16.99) for a quality pillow at the airport than spend a few dollars on a subpar item. I have begun the return process.

👤This pillow will be used every night as a comfort mechanism because of the use of a CPAP system. It made a huge difference in the world. The small beads are comfortable for my head, mask and tubing. I can sleep on my side without the tubing moving as it sinks into the pillow and the air keeps flowing. A regular bed pillow doesn't have enough height so it provides extra support. The foam pillows are hard and the beads are consistent. It's an adult size for me. I only use my Cloudz travel pillow occasionally, but I realized that if it worked well for one night on a plane, it would be great for every night with this machine. The plush side is warm and the spandex side is cool while sleeping, which is a plus. I don't want to be with these pillows again. I can't rate high enough.

10. Huzi Infinity Pillow Support Washable

Huzi Infinity Pillow Support Washable

The Bamboo fabric is soft and absorbent. The Invention Pillow is a travel pillow with full adjustability and support for all resting positions. The portable neck pillow can be adjusted to find your perfect sleep position anywhere, whether you are in the window or middle seat, at the office or on your commute. This unique design has neck support, chin support, desk pillow, and noise canceling pillow. The Airy Comfort is the perfect balance of support and softness. Relax as you rest on this plushy cloud. It is made of high quality super soft bamboo fabric and luxurious layers of microfiber, which are more absorbent than cotton, so you are always sleeping cool. It becomes all fresh and fluffy again if you toss it in the washer.

Brand: Huzi

👤Cool but warm and versatile in so many ways. I love this pillow. I used it for two five and a half hour flights, just got home and don't want to sleep without it. It is the first travel pillow I have purchased. If I needed it that way, I could fold my chin over and hold it against the window to block the light and noise of the people sneezing and coughing behind me. My cocker spaniel went to sleep after I left it on my bed. I immediately ordered another for him and a cover case to keep it clean without taking up room in your carryon that slips over the handle of your suitcase! How happy am I? Just ordered a second carrying case. How wonderful! I finally slept for more than 20 minutes on my flight thanks to Amazon. I told everyone about the Hugo Exfinity Pillow and Carrying Case.

👤Be careful. I thought it was going to be different. Thepillow is a scarf with a light layer in between. It doesn't provide neck support in the forward, left or right position. It's not meant to hold your neck in position. It is not comfortable enough to fall asleep with as it wraps around my neck in the middle of summer. It does not hold your neck. It provides a bit of warmth and a bit of sound. If you are a light sleeper, it's not worth the price. I feel cheated.

👤I bought this pillow for a 2.5 hour plane ride and 5 night hotel stay to ward off neck pains caused by flat pillows. I use it every night while watching TV. It does fit on a carryon, but it is not a low key one. It is huge. But great. It works well for light blocking, but I don't use it for noise cancellation. If you need to lasso your significant other, it is also useful. I have been through five different pillows because of my neck pain, and this one has been the only one that has been effective. Highly recommended.

👤If you want a versatile product that will help keep you warm and provide neck support for sleeping in an upright position, then carry a thin travel blanket. Use it as a thick scarf for neck support while sleeping. This item can do the same thing, but it will feel like it is suffocating you or if you loosen it, it won't provide neck support. The reason why I am returning it.

👤So comforting! I like to bundle up on the plane and I also like the gravity blanket. It is nice to wrap this like a scarf. If you wrap it tightly around the neck, it will support your head. Can't wait to travel with it.

👤I bought this for a trip to Asia and regretted having to carry it around for a couple weeks. It's larger than most travel pillows. It works well in a stuff sack or pillow case as a substitute for a normal pillow. I used it that way in a few hotels. It's terrible as a travel pillow. It's very difficult to put it into a shape that's comfortable, and I'm not a fan of the idea of being able to tuck my arms into the loop for sleeping on planes. The stuffing isn't firm enough to support the neck, so it's just as useful as a scarf on a plane.

11. Comfortable Breathable Airplane Organizer Washable

Comfortable Breathable Airplane Organizer Washable

Experience love at first sight. Sleep peacefully during your flight or journey. The perfect companion for those traveling in multiple modes of transportation. It gives you optimal neck and shoulder support. Microzo memory foam neck pillow is the right support for your neck and head when traveling, because there is no place to rest your head on a plane or train. You can get good sleep with this travel pillow and airplane traveling kit. The travel neck pillow is filled with 100% premium memory foam and has a design that reduces the pressure against the spine. The shape of the memory foam neck pillow is not designed for cool appearance, but for the perfect fit for your neck and head in order to protect your spine and reduce fatigue. Microzo travel neck pillows for airplane come with a cover made of high-quality technology cooling fabric that is soft and smooth to the touch. The cover is sweatproof and Breathable, making it friendly to all skin types. If it is dirty, just throw it in a washing machine and run a gentle cycle. There is a complete gear kit for travelers. The airplane pillow is a must have for frequent travelers. The travel kit package includes a neck support pillow with an easy storage bag, a 3D eye mask that creates peaceful darkness for a good sleep, and a pair of earplugs that block noises. The practical gears help you rest on a plane. This memory foam travel neck pillow for airplanes with complete travel kit is perfect for you if you travel a lot or are planning a good vacation in a foreign country. It's also a great gift for a loved one. If you have a question about the product, please contact them, they are always ready to help!

Brand: Microzo

👤It's convenient to wash the cover instead of the entire foam because it has a zipper.

👤I bought this for a long flight. It feels comfortable around the neck. It didn't feel right when I used it for the flight. It was too heavy. I didn't feel comfortable with the product. The product needs to be smaller. It is disappointing since it is well made. I discarded the product when I got to my destination. My neck felt better on my return flight. I would go with a smaller neck support.

👤I ordered two pillows that were green and blue. The blue arrived in a sealed package. The front snaps were pulled tight as the tag was attached. The green arrived two days later on Saturday and was not in a clear sealed package, the tag was torn off and the snaps were extended as if to go around your neck. The cover is in the wash because it had a slight odor. I am flying out today so I don't have time to return it. I really like the blue. The green is not as green as it could be. I would have bought a similar pillow from someone else if I knew there was a chance of them sending me a used or returned pillow.

👤I bought two of these for my husband and I to use on our upcoming international plane trip, but didn't try them until after the window had closed. It is like laying your head on a rock, it is apparently defects. I wouldn't know if I had another to compare to. The other one has a lot of cushion.

👤This is a very comfortable compact. It is butter soft smooth fabric. Excellent purchase.

👤I used this for my trip to Iceland and I am very happy that I bought it. I had about 20 hours of flying time and I was so happy to have this pillow. It's soft and comfortable. It's convenient to put it on my bag and not have to worry about it getting dirty because it can be rolled up and stored in the bag. I liked the eye mask and ear plugs. The eye mask has a strap that you don't have to pull over your face. It covers your eyes, rather than laying on top of them. It was nice to not worry about ruining my make-up. Absolutely worth the purchase!

👤I love this pillow. I was excited to try the new shape of the pillows. It makes you feel better to rest your neck. I really like the blue color. Definitely recommend this one.

👤I bought one for my husband, so I know it's a good product. I am not sure why that was asked. I think it was a return. I would have returned it if it looked like it was being used. There was a napkin from United Airlines.

👤The pillow was packed in a very small package and was completely crumpled. Since it is memory foam, it won't get back it's original shape.


What is the best product for best travel pillow for neck?

Best travel pillow for neck products from Crafty World. In this article about best travel pillow for neck you can see why people choose the product. Point2points and Gluck Plants are also good brands to look for when you are finding best travel pillow for neck.

What are the best brands for best travel pillow for neck?

Crafty World, Point2points and Gluck Plants are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best travel pillow for neck. Find the detail in this article. Travelmate, Napfun and Trtl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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