Best Best Travel Accessories for Europe

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1. Adapter Worldwide Universal Adaptor Charging

Adapter Worldwide Universal Adaptor Charging

The Travel Adapter has 4 international plugs. The US/EU/UK/AU plugs cannot be used in South African, India, Swiss and Italy. Please pay attention to the situation. This plug does not convert electrical output current or voltage. The all-in-one accessory has a built-in safety shutter and a power indicator. There are two USB ports. It's ideal for the following: iPad, iPod, phones, 5V tablets, headphones, and speakers. Power rating: 220V/1300W. Only use small power electric appliances when traveling, such as mobile phone, digital products, computer with low power of small household appliances. High power appliances such as hair straightener, flat iron, hair curler, hair dryer, steam iron, coffee maker, and so on are not compatible with the travel adapter.

Brand: Mingtong

👤This was a great purchase. I bought 2 of them, but one was enough for my daughter and I to charge our devices in our hotel room in the UK. We used the front outlet to charge our tablets, and we used the back outlet to charge our phones. My other daughter charged her laptop and cell phone after purchasing one. When we returned to the states, she didn't have a US plug with her, so she used it.

👤The device is being used in Germany. Works as described. It was plugged in via a couple of devices. The European wall plug is the only place where this one stays. The luggage space is small because the adapter is not large. Exactly what a frequent traveler needs.

👤I will not travel without this again, because I am currently using it in Norway. It's convenient for us. The addition of two ports on the side makes a huge difference. I was able to charge my devices on the plane. I used it at a charging station in several airports, and it was great. When not in use, the plugs neatly tuck away. It is in my backpack when I need it.

👤It is very easy to use, and I love it! I don't have to worry about which device to bring when I travel overseas because this one device can be used in different countries. It's easier to charge cell phone and tablets at the same time if you have 2USB ports.

👤There is a little contraption with all the accessories. I was traveling for about 4 months and it was working great, but after about a month and a half the tip of the European adaptor broke. I was kind of SOL. I needed that one, the others didn't work for me.

👤There is a nice device here. It helped me out a lot when I was in Thailand. I like that it is universal. I will bring this little guy with me whenever I go to Europe or Australia. Sometimes it wouldn't hold my Macbook charge in, but that's the only thing I disliked. I use something to keep it in place. I understand that the macbook chargers are a little heavy so it isn't the fault. I would recommend this to anyone traveling. It tells you which one you should use so it's easy to use and the charging ports are great. The price is very reasonable. If that helps anyone, this is 4.5 stars.

👤The package is in the right size. The manual is easy to understand. Quality looks good. The functions are easy to use. It is a very convenient product to have. This product is a must purchase.

👤I had a great trip to London. It is easy to pop out the plugs. Then you have a bag. I put a surge protector in it and it worked great.

2. BESTEK Universal Converter Charging Worldwide

BESTEK Universal Converter Charging Worldwide

100% money back guarantee. Their top goal has always been to offer you the best products and serve you all your needs. In 12 months, they will give an unrestricted guarantee for the quality and craftsmanship of their products. Patented technology allows for the conversion of Australia's 100-240V to US/Japan's 120V, ideal for charging all kinds of devices. There are 7 devices that need to be charged at the same time, with 4 ports with a combined 6A output and 3 AC sockets supporting Max 250W power. All your devices are protected from being damaged by the isolatedusb outputs. You and your devices will be protected with a 24 month warranty and safety tested hardware. Comes with over-current, over-load, over-heat and short-circuit protections. There are more than 150 countries that use the EU power cable and 3 international plugs. The Travel Design is a small power transformer with a 5 foot power cable that is easy to pack and take anywhere you go.

Brand: Bestek

👤You don't need this for computers, cameras or smart phones. Here is the reason. Look at the pictures. If you bought a smart phone within the last 10 years, the electronics are made for international voltages. Why? They are all made in China and sold around the world. We no longer make things in the US. Unless you have an obscure piece of electronic that is more than 10 years old, this is useless. You can check the electronic for small writings. It operates on both 220 and 240 volts in the US. The exception is the appliance that needs the right voltage. The cheaper ones of these appliances need the correct voltage. These will be dual voltage. This low wattener will never run a hairdryer. The max power is 200 watt. 600 watt hairdryer. Don't even think about using this for a hair dryer. This thing is not needed for modern electronics. Things that need it are too small to handle. I want to know what good this thing is. Is it a waste of luggage space? I'm sad, but this is a good way to make you think you're doing something when you're not. One of our family members bought this accidentally. We didn't bother to take it with us. We bought the square adapters to change the shape of the outlet plug. The fan is loud. This is cheap. The electronics will turn off the fan if needed. You don't need a fan to charge smart phones at 2A. I stuck a popsicle stick into the fan to stop it from turning. We just use the 4 ports to charge our phones at home.

👤We ordered this product in advance of our trip to New Zealand, where we would be traveling all over the North and South Islands. The product was perfect. We had plenty of capacity at all times with 3 plug outlets and 4usb ports. The size of the product is important when traveling internationally. The box for the product is only 6 x 3 x 1.6 inches. The cord that goes into the wall is heavy duty and the product is built to last. The ease of use is very good. I saw a review that said the unit did not work, and that the purchaser said it wasn't easy to test it before a trip. We traveled to New Zealand to test the unit, but we did not need a foreign outlet to do it. Plug it into the wall in the US and turn it on. If the charging function works, you plug in the device. The only thing you can do in the US is test the single piece that plugs into the wall in the foreign country. The cooling fan came on immediately, according to one star reviewer. The fan is not a sign that something is wrong because it operates continuously. The reviewer reported that a loud pop came from the converter and sparks and smoke left the unit. Mark was careful to share exactly what was plugged into the converter so it was clear that he had not exceeded the stated capacity. Load testing the product with the devices you intend to us on the trip is one of the things we recommend. That should show any defects in the product in a timely fashion, so you can resolve the problem with Bestek.

3. Scratch Off World Map Poster

Scratch Off World Map Poster

There are important notes. This isn't a CONVERTER. If you want to use your hair dryer, straightener, electric toothbrush, or razor, you need a power voltage conversion, otherwise they are incompatible with this plug adapter. Remove the map of the world. Are you a traveler? The Earthabitats Scratchable World Map can be used to track your travels. The World Scratch Off Map features vibrant colors, accurate cartographic details, country flags and landmarks. Their map is printed on thick art paper and protected with laminated finishing. Perfect gift for travelers. Do you need a gift for a traveler? Their map is gift ready and will make a great gift for travelers. Give them a special moment scratching the map with their loved ones and then share stories and dreams together. The US states are out. US state lines are clearly outlined for you to track your adventures. State lines in Canada and Australia are marked. SCRATCH off the travel map. They bundled in a complete set of accessories to complete your scratching experience. A comfortable scratching tool, memory stickers to mark your travel memories, and a magnifying strip for the visually challenged are included. Your guest will be impressed by the Magnetic Hanger Frame and the map. LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. They will do everything they can to make sure you have a great experience with them or your product. All of their products are tested and loved by them and they love their customers.

Brand: Earthabitats

👤I thought the maps on Amazon would be the same, but I didn't do enough research on different options. I wouldn't want to give this as a gift to my friends who are well-traveled. They would never let this go to waste. Here are a few of my issues. These illustrations are weird. The white house goes all the way into Ohio. 2. The states are all the same color and the US initials are barely readable. 3. The colors seem random. There is a soccer ball on top of a Brazil. 4. The flags are all different in size. Why is the flag of Fiji bigger than the one in Ethiopia? There are many sloppy choices here. This is better for a young child to play with.

👤The product doesn't scratch off effectively after a year of owning it. Will have to buy another map from another company that has better reviews.

👤I paid $36 and it was not worth it. In Europe, the quality would probably be the same if you paid something less expensive, because the countries are hard to check, and some are different colors. I am not happy with the map. They end up being a little white.

👤The state boundaries in the US were incorrect on the map I received. The white lines and state abbreviations are not where they should be. Canada and the east coast states are both in the Atlantic. It's difficult to show where you've been with incorrect boundaries, as a product that is supposed to be used to do that.

👤Since there are so many maps on Amazon, I spent a long time figuring out which one to buy. Several of the other sellers have fake reviews. They have 10 reviews written on the same day by the same person. That is a big turn off. No thanks. The US has states labeled so I can track where I've been in my own country, and I liked the colors of this map. The map is large enough to see a lot of detail. I've been to 24 countries and seeing it all highlighted in this way is awesome. I feel like I've barely been in the big picture of how large the earth is. There is a The guitar pick has a scratcher tool. It was very easy to get the debris off the map. I was afraid to touch the map, but it seems very strong. The carrying pouch with the tools came in handy, and the magnifier was helpful to see some of the smaller countries. I will be able to keep the tools together. I bought a frame at Michael's. I was able to find an 18x 24 for $16 with a coupon, and I plan on hanging it in our living room. I'm very happy with my purchase. I wish a few of the countries were different colors. The UK is tan when you scratch it, which is very similar to the gold unscratched color. When you scratch the surface of the island, it becomes a dark purple. I'm weird like that.

4. Packs CDC Vaccination Protector Waterproof Transparent

Packs CDC Vaccination Protector Waterproof Transparent

The application is inches wide. It should be suitable for your record card. The regular version card is 4 inches wide and 3 inches deep, and the Large version card is 4 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep. This is the right size for you to put your vaccination card and other things. Premium Material has waterproof, wear-resistant, and corrosive-resistant properties. The waterproof zip on the card sleeve will help prevent it from getting wet and making it hard to store. The vaccine card protector has a transparent card and can be easily opened or closed. It is also possible to read barcodes with a reader through a clear window. It's suitable for business trips where you have to use a vaccine card. It is possible to carry this vaccination card protectors with you for easy checking. Use and reuse for special or promotional events, convention, concerts, festivals, retreats, family and school reunions, store tags, fundraisers, field trips, and more. If you have a question, please contact them within 24 hours.

Brand: Kgx

👤This worked well for what I wanted. I thought I could just cut it above the zip-lock feature, since I didn't need the loop holes for hanging it from a lanyard. I was wrong. The seal is broken when it is sealed and cut. This purchase included 3 and I only needed 2. I folded the excess and tucked it into my passport sleeve back pocket. When flipping through my passport wallet, both sides are protected. I was very pleased with the sleeve and the fact that it kept my vax card protected during my recent trip to Canada.

👤This was sturdy and did what I needed. You definitely need your vaccination card at all times, with our documentary world and trying to travel. It was better to have it protected in this. Definitely worth it! Would purchase again.

👤I am confused because it is not what a lot of people are talking about in the comments and reviews. This is not waterproof. Our cards fit perfectly, but this doesn't have a zip lock seal or anything like that. The end of the card has no seal, so the end remains open. I don't know how this can be called waterproof. I'm not sending them back because they're not terrible. On a daily basis, they will protect our cards. I wanted these to be waterproof for our trip, so it defeats the purpose of buying them. I'm not happy with the description.

👤It looked like a nametag you'd get at a convention to wear around your neck. And it is. The product is now called a vaccine card protection holder. It protects the card. I bought it because I wanted something cheap and temporary. They could have trimmed the top and kept the seal. I don't wear my vaccine card, and a trimmed top fits better in your wallet.

👤I thought it was big enough that I could put my card in so I could see the front and back, but it wasn't. I had to fold it. I'll have to show it to people. The only positive thing about this is that it is protected from water. I have nothing else but 2 extra that I was going to give to my sisters. I don't think they will find anything useful.

👤My daughter is traveling with her school. She will need to show her vaccine card. Her vaccine card is already showing wear, so putting it in this sleeve is a great idea. It looks like it will protect it well. It is larger than the vaccine card, so it is too large for my daughter to carry in her purse.

👤When you see an inexpensive solution to a problem that has been going on for almost a year and it just flips a switch in your head, you know it is a solution. I had it when I pulled out my wallet and it was already in my fingers. I was told that some cards are not supposed to be laminated. I didn't do it. I saw someone wearing a lanyard with a plastic slipcase. That wasn't for me. I have a solution with this item. These seem to be heavy duty, but still flexible. I only worry about ink transfer. If that happens, I will update this review.

5. SAUNORCH Universal International Worldwide Asia Blue

SAUNORCH Universal International Worldwide Asia Blue

LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. They will do everything they can to make sure you have a great experience with them or your product. All of their products are tested and loved by them and they love their customers. All in one International PowerAdapter with 4 xusb ports and 1 universal AC sockets, enough to simultaneously charge 5 devices. The travel accessory covers over 150 countries, including USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, China, Korea, India, Italy, Brazil, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and so on. All of the plug options are ready for you to use. It's compatible with almost all of the devices that come with the phone, including a power bank, digital cameras, and laptops. The SAUNORCH Universal Power Adapter is built in a smart IC chip, which makes it possible to charge your devices at high speeds. The multi protect safety system is made from fireproof material, built-in 6.3 Amp fuse and safety shutter design, and it is qualified with FCC ce and hcs. The input voltage is 100V - 120V, 660 Watt. max. 1320 Watt. max. max. Do not exceed the power limit. If you have a question about the product, please feel free to contact them, they offer full courteous customer service for all of your needs.

Brand: Saunorch

👤I was hesitant to order this as there were so many similar ones available on Amazon and it seemed unclear which actually worked. We took this with us on our trip to Europe. It worked great. It wasn't being weighed down by multiple heavy plugs, so it didn't fall out of the sockets in the Airbnb's that we stayed. We bought this version because we needed a higher power output for our MacBook Pro. It took me a lot of research to figure out that ausb-c wouldn't push enough wattage. It was nice to have the extra fuse in case. We didn't have to carry the directions with us. It is a huge plus when you are trying to pack light. It powers all the devices we need at the same time, so hopefully I won't need to buy it again.

👤The little guy was one of the best tools we brought with us on our trip to Ireland and Iceland. We put this guy with a small bag that holds electronics and cables. We did a lot of packing and unpacking after hitting 4 VRBOs. It can be difficult to do that much movement with a smart watch. It was a breeze because of this. The 4usb ports came in handy. My wife would plug her electronics into the extension strip on the other side of the bed, since most bedrooms only have an outlet on one side. Being blue helped one time. The guy pops out at you when you are trying to make sure you don't forget anything. When I bought it, I didn't think about it, but it saved us from buying another. We will probably buy at least one more for our next trip because I would love to pop them in several outlets around our next VRBO. I don't have to wait for another travel to use this because it is a US plug to US plug. I can use it in the office. It's a great value. Highly recommend for a product that will be bought once and never worry about it again.

👤This is a good universal accessory. The device is portable and can be plugged in at the same time in four different countries. It still gets the job done.

👤I was also hopeful after reading all the positive reviews. I plugged a single iPad into one of the "smart"usb ports and left it to charge. In 8 hours, it provided less than 50%. I found out why I hooked up the measurement tool. It advertises 3.4amps total for the output of the device. The actual output is.86amps, which is why it charges so slowly. This happens on all the ports.

👤The only part of the product that didn't fail was the charging ports. The AC ports did not work. My suggestion to anyone buying this is to buy it before you leave. We purchased this product about a month before we left, but it could not be returned or exchanged. I gave it 2 stars since the ports worked. The staff was very helpful in resolving my issue and sending me a replacement product. The initial experience with the product was not great, but the follow-up support from them was excellent. Thanks Saunorch...

6. Travelon Anti Theft Classic Messenger Size

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Messenger Size

One perfect passport holder with a CDC vaccine card is called "ACdream". They believe their passport holder is the best in the business. They offer a good satisfaction to each customer and they are confident that you will love their leather passport and vaccine card holder. The quality control is done rigorously so that it can bring a better product experience. The anti-theft system has five points. Two multi-organizational compartments have slip pockets. The flap is magnetic. There are pockets on each side for water bottles. There is a shoulder strap.

Brand: Travelon

👤I ordered the Travelon Crossbody and the Classic Messenger. I have been pick pocketed before traveling to Europe. I wanted something that was secure and functional. I did a lot of research after reading the reviews. The two that came up were the top choices. The fabric is easily wiped clean. It doesn't look like it's cupping your top weirdly because the strap is easy to change. Hold more than you think. The security features of the Classic Messenger are great, but the material falls off the shoulder easily, so must wear a crossbody. The back pocket has a hook that is difficult to maneuver, but I don't use it much. I chose the Classic Messenger because it held my wallet, phone, and other items comfortably. There was plenty of room in the purse. I use the front pocket for easy access to my phone, tissues, and small bills. It's a much safer option for day to day use because of the magnetic feature and large flap on the pocket. I was able to fit a 23.7 ounce bag with the mesh zip open pockets on both sides. The largest bottle I would carry is the Smart Water bottle. I have been using the Classic Messenger bag daily and the strap is very stiff, I am assuming it is because of the no cut security feature. I will be taking it to Europe soon and will try to post an update about how it wears and how I feel after the trip. I think I made the right decision so far. I think the photos would have helped me make a decision.

👤A Fodors travel book, map, sunglasses, camera, compact umbrella, my 5x8" tablet, phone, keys, pens, travelon hand soap sheets, wet ones packets, lipsticks, chapstick, folding hairbrush, small zip-wallet for cash, credit cards, and There is room for a larger camera bag in the side holders for the water bottles. I can't think of a better purse. It is sturdy and holds its shape.

👤I bought this bag for a trip to a big city. I wanted to make sure that my bag held everything I wanted it to hold, so I wore a cross-body bag. My sister-in-law has a Travelon bag and she was telling me about the anti-slash straps. I knew I wanted a bag like this for my trip. I started researching the different styles on Amazon and reading reviews to make sure I got the bag that was perfect for me. I settled on this bag even after reading that the purchaser thought the outer pocket was not large enough for a bottle of water, which I plan to take with me. I thought I could always refill my bottle. When the bag arrived, I was eager to take a look and see if I could use some of the items I plan to bring on my trip. I slipped in my iPad Air and it fit perfectly. I tried a bottle of water. It fits perfectly if you open the side pocket. See the pictures. I love that it has so many pockets. The front pocket has a lobster clasp that holds the zip up. The back pocket has a lobster clasp and also has a mini light, which can be seen from the back pocket. The inside has a pen pocket, a cell phone size open pocket, and a large zip up pocket. The lobster clasp on the top zip up is used for access to the main compartment. The only negative I can think of is the purse itself. The price of the Olive was lower than other colors. It would have been nice to have all the choices at the same price point. I was very happy with my purchase. I will give more information after I return from my trip.

7. Travelon Anti Theft Classic Essential Messenger

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Essential Messenger

The folded measure is approximately 6.3 by.4 by 5-Inch. The bag has a logo plaque at the front and a cut-proof strap. There are locking compartments. The strap length is 25 - 45. The strap drop length is 14 - 25.25. There are passport slots and a card.

Brand: Travelon

👤This purse is the perfect size for people who don't want to carry a huge bag but still want to carry a wallet and keys. I was able to fit a water bottle, my wallet, and my A5 size notebook in my main pocket. If I wasn't using it as a camera, it would have had plenty of room for my phone. I had some small items in the front pocket. The bag was fully closed and didn't look overstuffed, as you can see in the second picture. This is the first messenger bag I've found that can do that. The material is easy to clean. I tried to get the inside fabric of my Travellon purse stuck to check, because I didn't have that problem, when I was comparing different purses. I like that I can lock the zippers, even though I didn't buy it for the anti-theft features. If I were to travel with this, I would not put anything very valuable in the outer pocket because it is easier to get to and get undone when you are wearing the purse. I feel like "easy access" kind of goes against the idea of anti-theft because most of the slots are there for easy access. There is plenty of room in the main pocket, so I would recommend the purse.

👤This was bought for an upcoming trip. I hope it doesn't have anti theft properties. It seems like it should hold onto its claims. The bag is designed to not be taken. The size is large for me. I don't want to carry much. I put my paperwhite in the pics as a reference. It doesn't fit in the bag. My cell phone is in the pocket. There are two pen pockets. I did not count the credit card pockets. Two of the outer zippers are locked. There's a flashlight in the main compartment.

👤I was looking forward to receiving what I was looking for and was described as exactly what I was looking for. I ordered a purse that was black. The description is not accurate. The bag is 9-1/4" wide if you measure the width directly across the bottom of the purse. If you measure the width directly across the top, it's only 8-7/8" wide. If you measure the height without flattening it at the middle where the logo is, it is 10 high. When you state H x W x D, flattening the bag to measure is not accurate. The photo appears to be of an old design, as I discovered when I cross-checked with the Travelon website. The shoulder strap clasp on the purse I received is a different design than the one shown in the photo. I would just carry the bag with the shoulder strap clasp towards the front for better security, because of the design in the photo. The main and front wallet compartment zippers have been changed so that they lock on the other end from the shoulder strap clasp, making it much easier to open with one hand. The two-piece design shown in the photo is not the design of the new zipper tabs. The easy to undone pulls are behind you when the purse is closed if you carry the purse with the shoulder strap clasp to the front. The shoulder strap clasp is in the back if you carry the purse with the zip ups in front. The Pewter color photo is the only accurate photo of the new clasp and zip ties. This design is flawed. My other Travelon purses are great. I will return this one.

8. Kikkerland Travel Size Laundry Bag World

Kikkerland Travel Size Laundry Bag World

The design of the laundry bag is a world map. A built-in pouch, inner loop and carabineer. The max weight capacity is 6.6 pounds. It's easy to take on the go. The folded measure is approximately 6.3 by.4 by 5-Inch.

Brand: Kikkerland

👤Since I travel frequently for work and pleasure, I thought I'd give it a try. It made its debut during a trip back home, and was filled up after one night for my husband and myself, so if you're single, 3 or 4 if you're wearing summer clothes, you're in luck. I didn't bring it when I returned from a work trip. Before purchasing, it's a good idea to consider the amount of clothing you're going to take.

👤This bag is great for traveling. The smallest form is about 4in x 4in x 2in. I can fit around 3 to 5 days of clothes inside when it's filled with clothes. The bag is easy to carry. I don't like the fact that the top is not very well made and the white stiching was coming out of it. They should have put a plastic piece with holes in it so you don't have to tie the string at the top. The bag is cheap and flimsy so we will see how long it lasts. Full mine was about 6 lbs 6oz and it was dry. Adding dryer sheets or something to keep your stinky clothes from making other clothes or your luggage smell is something I suggest. It works well for the price.

👤I bought a few of these for my kids to use on short vacations. They are perfect for a day or two. It was difficult to find laundry bags that were small enough to fit in a laundry basket. They are smaller than traditional laundry bags, so take note of the dimensions. They are made of nylon and can be folded and stored in a pocket when not in use. I like the bright graphics and how easy it is to use the washing machine with dirty clothes. I wish there was a clip on the cinching string to keep the bag closed.

👤I was taking a weekend vacation and used this. The size was large enough to hold 4 days worth of clothes and still had room to spare. Since I didn't have the bag open that long, I was able to get it back into the little travel bag it came in. I wish it had something to keep it closed after pulling the strings, but it didn't stop me from using the bag. If you need a bag that can fit a decent amount of clothes but still fit into your suitcase, this is the bag for you.

👤The package arrived very quickly. This is not much bigger than I thought. You couldn't use this for anything more than a weekend away. The fabric is cheap. I am pretty sure that it will rip after the first few uses, the stitching is already ripping upon opening for the first time as shown in the photo. The ocean is more gray than blue due to the gold specks in the fabric.

👤The bag is very light and folds down to nothing. It will fit in the palm of your hand when it's completely collapsed and attached to a carrying case. I expected it to be bigger when unfolded. Had to pay closer attention to the dimensions. It's the same size and shape as a nylon grocery bag. The bag is exactly the same as before, except that it has a drawstring at the top. I keep it because it's cute, but I can't recommend it. You don't need this if you already have nylon grocery bags.

9. Travel Space Saver Bags Compression

Travel Space Saver Bags Compression

We hope you use it well. Feel free to contact them if you have an issue. 4 L seal packing bags - 28x20" (70x50 cm) and 4 M size travel vacuum bags for clothes - 24x16" (60x40 cm) are air tight clothes bags. They will buy back the packing bags if you don't like them. The bags are used for travel space saver. There are three times more clothes in your luggage. For your blankets. You don't need a pump or vacuum to use the space saver bags. The only thing you need to do is zip up the bags and roll them up to push air out. The travel compression bags protect your clothes from all sorts of things. The Chestnut space bags are great for storing clothing, towels, sheets and pillowcases at home. It can be used as a dirty clothes organizer.

Brand: The Chestnut

👤These bags are amazing. You can save a lot of room in your luggage by using these. I have pack cubes that are fine. I'll continue to use them, but for jeans and shirts, this is the way to go. In the pictures I have male clothing, 9 jeans, 15 shirts.

👤These were the things I didn't know I needed. They are useful when going on a trip. I don't like having to mix dirty and clean clothes at the end of a trip. A plastic bag or laundry bag never felt like a good separation. These bags keep the most stinky, wet clothes out of your clean clothes. They are going to be a necessity for my family when they travel.

👤I used them on my cruise. I love that I can zip my clothes in these bags. I could see what was in the bag when I got to my room. I had my spray in case. I just unpack and hang my clothes in the closet, I didn't need it for my suitcase. After ripping through my other suitcase, the TSA opened 2 of the bags. I had to use my spray on those clothes because they were thrown back into the suitcase. Buy these bags. If you use common sense and iron or put unwrinkled clothes in these bags and get all of the air out, they will work.

👤A waste of money. I ordered these bags thinking they would be useful in packing, but when they were delivered, I got 4 giant bags. I can't roll the air out of the bags because they don't have valves. The description says 8 bags, but I only received 4. A waste of money.

👤I was able to pack for 2 adults and an infant for a 4 day trip using only 2 carry-on bags because of the compression I got by using these bags. I put our rolled up clothes in the bags, pressed the storage bags down, and the air came out of the opposite side of the zipper. The bags helped to separate the dirty from the clean. I didn't think the bags would break or pop when compressed. The only complaint is that the tab comes off the bag, which is easy to misplace, but you can still zip the bag closed using your hands. I will keep the medium sized bags separate for travel but the large ones will work perfectly for storing winter clothing or throw pillows.

👤I wanted to organize my closet to store winter clothes and prepare for the spring and summer months, and I wanted to sort through my pre-pregnancy clothes that I want to keep for future use. The bags are so easy to use and fit a lot of clothes that you simply pack it flat and tight, seal and apply pressure as you roll out all of the air. The vacuum/pump bags are not as easy to use. These saved my life.

👤I tried all of their bags to make sure they worked after other reviews said some of theirs did not work. I had to push a few of them to release the air, but after that they seemed to work well. All my bags worked. I bought them to use for a vacation that is still months away so haven't used them yet for their intended purchase. The main issue I noticed was that when rolling them, the clothes would bunch at the end of the bag, making it more difficult to remove the air.

10. Passport Holder Blocking Travel Wallet

Passport Holder Blocking Travel Wallet

It is perfect for travel because it is lightweight, portable, and water resistant, and it is also a safe and secure location to store valuables. Your cards and personal information are kept private and confidential with the use of radio-frequency shielding material. You can feel safe from electronic pickpockets. The Travel Wallet has three storage cubbies to easily organize your documentation and valuables, and an ID window for boarding passes to make security checks easier. The Travel Pouch has a hook, strap and loop fastening. There is a standard for men and women. The VENTURE 4th RFID Passport holder can be worn around the neck to protect against pickpockets. It's so small that it's almost invisible under thin layers of clothing. The water resistant rip-stop nylon used in these Wallets will last a lifetime of attrition. The reinforced seams prevent tears and rips. The Travel Neck wallet is a great accessory.

Brand: Venture 4th

👤I waited until after I returned from Europe to give a real world review of this pouch. I wore it for two weeks and was very pleased with it. The pouch did not get funky even with the extended wear because of the mesh backing. The top pocket has two sections. I used one for my passport and the other for additional documents. There is a The side compartments were very useful for keeping my money straight. One side was for Euros and the other was for whatever country we were in. I was concerned that the side zippers could open up on their own, and I was disappointed that they did not. Everything was well secured and this was not the case. I don't travel very often. This pouch is the one I will need if I ever need another one. Several places I went to were known to have pickpockets and I felt very safe wearing this over a pocket wallet. I recommend this product to everyone. I used this pouch again on a Europe trip and it is holding up well. The straps and zippers on the pouch are holding up well despite the wear and tear.

👤I like it. It's not long enough to do a cross body and it's not comfortable on my neck. It was a bit disappointing. I use it the best. I can. The company was kind enough to give me a refund because I wasn't able to use it to its fullest potential due to the strap. This company is very well known and they take pride in their customers. My review was not to get my money back in order to let others know that it could be an issue, I am sure others love it. I wish I could use it more. The person who received the refund appreciated it.

👤This is a nice looking neck pouch for something that is going to be hidden a lot. I will be traveling to Europe this year and wanted to keep the money in my own hands, so I started looking for something secure. This is a nice looking neck wallet. It is a very pleasant pouch. The construction materials feel good. The stitching on the product is uniform. The nylon used in construction is soft and smooth. The nylon mesh on the back is soft and helps keep the body cool. There are 5 pockets in the pouch. There are one on each side. The pockets are seperate from the other pocket. Most common ID sizes can be seen in the clear ID window on the front. Two full length and width pockets are seperated by mesh under the flap. The flap is held together by a large amount of material. The strap is long enough for the pouch to rest on my side above my waist band. I'm 6'1" and 250 lbs so I want it for what it's worth. I like the OD green on this pouch. It was nicely subdued. Some of my pictures look a little too bright. It is not bright in any way. I haven't had a chance to use this yet, but I will update when my wanderings are complete.

11. European VINTAR International American Outlets

European VINTAR International American Outlets

The large travel backpack is made of water resistant lightweight polyester and has locking zips. It could be possible to survive in different temperatures. This backpack has decent stitching and sturdy zippers, so it won't show any defects when on the go. Does your partner travel? It's a great Father's Day gift. It's a practical Christmas and New Years gift for your family. The European travel plug adapter can turn one European type C sockets into 2 standard American outlets and 2 charging ports, with a max capacity of 3750 Watt. It's ideal for Cell Phone, Laptops, Camera, Power Bank, and more. ThePLUG is compatible with most European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Amsterdam. There is more country list that can be checked. Not work in the UK/Ireland/Scotland. The mini power adapter is ultra light and portable. It will be a great travel companion. Enjoy your travel time. The power can be on or off with a led indicator. Quality Assurance-- The european power adapter has a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service, and is certified by the FCC to ensure the quality, high quality Internal metal interface. Please contact them if you have a problem with it. There are important notes. This isn't a CONVERTER. If you want to use your hair dryer, straightener, electric toothbrush, or razor, you need a power voltage conversion, otherwise they are incompatible with this plug adapter.

Brand: Vintar

👤These little ones are great. They were used in Portugal and Switzerland. You can charge a few devices at the same time with multiple inlets. Good quality and durable are what they are. There are two ports on each. You can charge 2 phones at the same time. I was able to plug in my flat iron. American hairdryers overheated in European outlets, so my hairdryer worked fine on the low setting. These did not work when I visited London. I believe the UK needs something different.

👤You will need a plug in if you are traveling to Europe. They are small and portable and have a phone charging port. They worked well for me. You can buy Walmart's adapters for around $20, but they are much bigger and bulky and you only get one for around 25. The two pack is cheaper and smaller than Walmart. Also, note: Some parts of Europe and the UK use different versions of the same adapter. You will need both types if you are visiting different countries. You can buy them on Amazon.

👤They were used for our 2 machines. You can use the ports to charge phones and electronics. It's small and lightweight. It's perfect for traveling. Also, note: These aren't converters. They are. If you only need 115volts, you will blow it up. You can read the panel on your device. I would recommend them.

👤I ordered these for my trip to Italy. It was great that there were two of them. They did a great job. There are multiple ports to plug things into. It is very convenient that they have cell phone charging ports. Did what they were supposed to do.

👤Garbage! What is the purpose of making a European conversion that adjusts the plug but not the voltage?

👤I am traveling all over Europe and this is a big help. A lot of people as well. I allowed people from the US to use this at the airports. I helped at least 4 people in every airport with the 4 sockets on the adapter. This is a very strong and sturdy accessory. A little heavy. It worked for me. I think this is a great accessory. It worked well. It's definitely a life saver.

👤The first time I used it, the circuit breaker in the building blew, and my hair styling tool ended up smoking. I went to Germany for a family funeral and only returned home a short time ago. Do not buy this product!

👤These worked well for me. You'll love them as much as I do if your plugging into this is rated for 120v-240v. Be sure to check the country's voltages. There is a fine print on everything electrical. Everything made outside of the US should be fine. Make sure you plug it in. Don't burn the hotel down if you read the fine print on the electricity.

👤Un poco por el precio, pero estos 2 adaptadores fueron increbles en me viaje por Espaa.

👤Muy bueno no tienes convertidor de corriente.


What is the best product for best travel accessories for europe?

Best travel accessories for europe products from Mingtong. In this article about best travel accessories for europe you can see why people choose the product. Bestek and Earthabitats are also good brands to look for when you are finding best travel accessories for europe.

What are the best brands for best travel accessories for europe?

Mingtong, Bestek and Earthabitats are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best travel accessories for europe. Find the detail in this article. Kgx, Saunorch and Travelon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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