Best Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Vtech

Boys 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. LeapFrog 80 600900 2 In 1 LeapTop Touch

LeapFrog 80 600900 2 In 1 LeapTop Touch

Babies and toddlers can imitate what their parents are doing with Scout's Learning Lights remote. Through this play, the toy introduces children to numbers and shapes. The screen on the 2-in-1 laptop can be used in both keyboard and tablet mode. The laptop has a keyboard with letters A-Z and numbers 1-10, or it can be turned into a touch tablet. Kids can pretend to be their parents with role-play activities. There are five learning modes - ABCs, numbers, games, music and messages. The laptop can be changed to help the child spell their name.

Brand: Leapfrog

👤I have to change the name of my oldest son to the one of my little one because the company discontinued the software. The company doesn't care if. A lot of people still have the old Leaptop and want to use it. I am very disappointed that I bought the new version. The old one is not compatible with this version. I can say the name, but it's never said by the Leaptop. My little one likes to play with the older version even though it doesn't say his name.

👤When you flip the screen to laptop mode, the screen falls backwards so you can't see the screen. I've seen reviews with the same issue. This was a Christmas gift that was extremely disappointing. Terrible quality!

👤My 3 year old will get this for Christmas. This fit the bill perfectly because she wanted a laptop like hers. The full keyboard is in alphabetical order and I don't mind that it's not the same as the usual QWERTY keyboard setup. She likes to pretend to type like I do, and it doesn't hurt that there are some educational games and songs as well. She likes the fact that it flips over into a device. This was a good deal for the purpose that it has served. She got the best Christmas purchase for her, aside from her first bike. It's a good thing.

👤My grandson and son were given this device. It was a gift for them. They love playing with it. They can carry it with them. Scout is a puppy dog. There are lots of cute songs and they can learn their ABCs. This was a great purchase.

👤The screen doesn't stay in the white brackets and just flops around. The product was never tested beyond this. Allow me to return the unit and pay back the charges. Many thanks!

👤I don't write reviews on products because I don't have the time, but I want to say something about this one. It does not last long. My baby loved it after it broke. I had to buy another one. The feature does not work well. The screen doesn't stay put in the white edges so it's difficult for the baby to interact with it

👤We bought this item because we saw the old LeapFrog AlphaPet in daycare and all of the kids seemed to like it. LeapFrog AlphaPet has been used in daycare for a long time. The item - LeapFrog 2-in-1 Leapfrog Touch broke after a few minutes of use. Our toddler was just starting to explore the alphabet buttons when it was sitting on the table. The screen lights up and there is a sound coming from it, but it doesn't respond to input. Would not buy again.

👤Dead after 2 weeks. The toy was dead by the 13th after being delivered on the 29th. I replaced the batteries and it worked for a while, but there was a shortage of wiring. It won't even turn on now. The toy is educational. It's pointless when it doesn't work. It arrived with marks on the screen as if it had been used. The rotating screen can be difficult to handle for a 19 month old. Will be returning it.

2. VTech Touch Teach Frustration Packaging

VTech Touch Teach Frustration Packaging

The learning toy is designed for 3-6 month olds. There is a Certified Frustration-Free packaging on the ship. The educational toy book for toddlers has 12 pages that teach children over 100 words. The Pre-K toy has four modes of play, including what's that word, letter fun, music time and find it. The early learning center teaches fine motor skills along with words and ABCs, and pages react to your toddlers touch with sounds, music and words. The Tech Smart Cubs, who are calledCody and cora, guide your child through interactive play and introduce ABCs and new words. The baby book toy is designed for kids 18 months to 4 years old and has 2 AA batteries included for a demo.

Brand: Vtech

👤The recommended age is young. The choice of words is perfect for a two year old, but not for an older toddler. For a younger toddler, it is too complicated to use. Don't use more than one finger to touch a picture on the page according to the user's manual. You should not rest your hand on the page. The toddler is supposed to open it and let it rest on a flat surface, don't touch anything except for the picture he is interested in, and he should do it with enough but not too much energy and without resting his finger on the picture. It was very frustrating.

👤My son is grabbing this every day. He has learned a number of new words. The pages are completely flat and you can touch the picture on the page to make it talk. It's pretty cool. There are lots of words to learn. Words are categorized under different flaps depending on their category. It's great that size is great. When traveling with my kids, I pack this in my hand bag tote. There are two volume levels, but they're both too loud. The softer one isn't quiet enough to be able to go to a restaurant. To use on an airplane. Those around them would be disturbed by it. I didn't knock a star off for noise level because my son loves this and how well it teaches him words.

👤My son has a V-Tech book that he has had since he was about 8 months old. He's 17 months old and he still plays with it, so I bought him a new one to keep him occupied during a long car ride. I was excited about this toy because he loves books and always points to the pictures. I'll tell him what it is. I showed him how to use the book, but it wasn't very useful. I wish there were actual buttons, and not just pushing on a picture, because it doesn't always work and it frustrates both of us. I thought the pages were hard, but they are flexible, like plastic coated paper. I'm wondering if they can handle the rough handling of a toddler. He plays with this a little bit. He likes to use the slider to change the modes a million times and then flip through the pages. I'm hoping he can press the pictures. It's a pretty good toy for the price, and about as techy as I like to get with his toys. It's small enough to fit in his toy bag for the babysitter's house, so that gave him something new to play with while he's there. It isn't very user-friendly, and still isn't what I expected. It's loud. It's loud even on the lowest volume settings.

👤This is the best toy book we have for our toddler. Since we gave it to him, he loves it. The educational toy book has sensitive pages that help teach children over 100 words in six categories: Your home, food, clothes, toys, The Park and the Zoo. What's That Word, Letter Fun, Music Time and Find It are the models of play. The "what's that word" mode gives three different descriptions of the word. For the first time, press the button and it will say "SoFA". Press it for the second time. It says "cozy sofa" three times. When you look at the page of food, it says "food keeps me healthy", if you press the picture of watermelon for the second time, it says W is for watermelon. "Let's find something that begins with letter B" is what it will say in the mode of "Find It". The picture of the broom says "WOW, Great Job!". If the picture of plate is pressed instead of the picture of broom, it will say "plate begins with letter P." The pages respond to the toddler's touch with sounds, music and words. The toy book is a great way to help the toddlers develop fine motor skills. Words in the category of your home are: sofa, lamp, vase, quilt,rug, chair, curtains, clock, oven, sink, trash can, broom, pot, plate, fork and spoon. There are words in the category of food that include cheese, bread, milk, juice, yogurt, ice cream, strawberry, nuts, watermelon, carrot, corn, broccoli, grapes, banana, apple and orange. Words in the category of clothes are raincoat, scarf, jacket, boots, shoes, T-shirt, pants, hat, tie, skirt, dress, gloves, shorts, sweater and overalls. There are words in the category of toys: unicycle, bowling set, xylophone, drum, puzzle, yo-yo, top, rocking horse, telescope, crayons, doll, dinosaur, blocks, truck, rocket and train. There are words in the park that include: tunnel, ladder, teeter-totter, grass, jump rope, ladybug, bench, ball, kite, fountain, swing, slide, butterfly, flowers and tree. The words in the category of zoo are: snake, yak, giraffe, turtle, tiger, monkey, fox, penguin, panda, alligator, elephant, camel, kangaroo, zebra, lion and owl. It's a great educational toy. I recommend this book for toddlers and babies. It's a great investment with the great price on Amazon Prime. I bought it at a local store for 25 bucks. I will give an update later on how durable this toy book is. The pictures are becoming non-responsive after a year of playing by my little one. I replaced the batteries with new ones and they are good again. My little one has been enjoying playing with the book and learning a lot. A wonderful investment. There was a new version of 10 20 2016

3. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop Green

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop Green

The recommended age for this pal is 6 to 36 months. A pretend play computer built for kids will teach you about the alphabet, spell your name and more. There are 4 learning modes, and you can learn along to 16 songs and melodies. Be small and big at the same time. Pretend to be like Mom and Dad with fun computer role-play, such as email with Scout or Violet, and a take-along handle. Send and receive pretend emails, learn letters and animal names, and sing along with 16 songs and melodies. The batteries are for demo purposes only and new batteries are recommended for regular use.

Brand: Leapfrog

👤The item wasn't as described and didn't have the features they claimed to have. I don't keep toys unless they are good ones because I don't like toycluttering, which is when your kids pick up a toy and put it down quickly. I will send this back. That was my original review. I didn't get around to sending it back so it was wrapped and put under the tree. I can eat my words because my son loves them. When he saw the leap top he was excited. He is 3 and a half years old and is starting to understand. He likes to play with it. We traveled a lot after Christmas and he played with it for almost 3 hours in a car. He grabs his phone and plays with them. His cousins were also fond of messing with the thing. I'm talking to kids who are 5, 9, and 11 years old. My son doesn't care that some of the features aren't as impressive as they were described. He likes it. A great toy for chill time. The lower level is not annoying in the car. We travel a lot and I'm tempted to buy another for my almost two year old. I'm not ready for zombie children with a DVD player in the car yet, so this is a good alternative. I would recommend it to a friend. It is small, has staying power, and it doesn't annoy me, so you can buy it. The best toy phone on the market right now is the leap frog phone. The leap top covers the alphabet, the phone covers numbers and counting, and is surprisingly more impressive than expected.

👤Our two year old son is enamored with the computer. It has helped his speech a lot. He can identify several letters and their sounds. It's great for independent play time when Daddy and Mommy are working on their computers, or when we work from home.

👤I can't tell you how happy I am. I decided to buy this item after it was on my list for months. My daughter is young. She is constantly busy and moving. She's on the go if she's awake. She likes music and is able to get a hand on every button. I wanted something that she could interact with and learn from. The laptop is the solution. She doesn't get access to it all the time, but she loves it when she does. It has a bunch of great songs she can listen to, the alphabet setting is child friendly, and it's very easy to use. She is repeating the letters of the alphabet after hitting the button. It's great in the car because it keeps her occupied for a good amount of time, but not bulky or large.

👤I got this for my toddler a year ago. This is a great introduction to ABCs. My son has been playing this since he was 12 months old. There are simple buttons. Not much happening. The sound and animal of the ABCs are simple. This is where he learned his ABCs. He knew his ABCs before he was 2 years old. It is fairly durable. He has thrown it around a lot. The sound went out after a year. I think he spilled something on it. I put a coin on the circuit to make it sound better. When I pressed on it, the sound came back on. I put a quarter on it and fixed it. I wish the screen/visuals was better. The screen is colored but the graphics are still bad. Highly recommended, about $6 more than this... This is a good laptop for babies. They don't need smart phones or tablets at this age. When needed, be a very limited time. It has a negative effect on them. I've seen it with my own eyes. There is a Also, I might add something. I would buy this first if you were wondering about the difference between this and the VTech laptop, which I just recently acquired for my now 2 year old. The VTech version is more advanced. For 2.5 ot 3 yo. It's a good thing.

4. VTech 3 In 1 Race and Learn

VTech 3 In 1 Race and Learn

Premium quality and service made with 100% safe Abs plastic. Please contact them if you have a quality issue. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. There are three ways to play: car, jet and motorcycle. There are nine courses to explore. The gear shifter is playing real racing sounds. Spelling, numbers, shapes, and letters are taught. A vibrating controller enhances pretend play.

Brand: Vtech

👤My grandson is a big fan of this. It's cool to switch to different vehicles with the steering wheel. You can hear the growling noise in the video, but it's random. It is louder than the video shows. Whether he is playing with it or sitting there, it happens. He quits playing with it after getting frustated. It started the second time he used it. The screen is not bright. My fault is not returning in a timely manner.

👤Genial, a nio de 3 aos. Tiene 3 opciones, es de buen material, es sper divertido.

👤I usually purchase VTech products. Very disappointed in this one. The screen that engages the user to play is too small, and it is a strain to use. The screen is not clear. This could be a fun toy if the screen was large and modern like the toys of the 80's. There are too many toys on the market to choose from and purchase that will engage children. Don't spend your money on a toy.

👤I got this today and am returning it for a number of reasons. The idea of this toy is great for toddlers who can understand what is on the screen. I think 4 would be the right age to use it. It is too late for someone who just turned 3. My tot likes the sound effect and maneuvering the steering wheel and horn, but after 8 minutes he got bored and never looked at it again because he doesn't know how the screen works. It's not worth the money at this age. Maybe later. The small screen is not bright. There is no way to adjust the brightness. It would be great if they made it bigger and brighter. So returning it.

👤It is not bad, I just wish the screen was a color screen, more graphic, and it is hard to see after 10 minutes.

👤I love this almost 3 years. It's enjoyable. I didn't give it 5 stars because the image is not in color and the screen is hard to see. Overall, it's a great toy. My son likes to switch between cars, jets, and motorcycles. I love that it has volume control. I recommend that anyone has a child who likes to pretend to drive. It's portable and has wheels in case your little one wants to roll across the living room floor with it.

👤This is the best toy I've ever bought for my son. I bought this for my son when he was 4 years old. It's been nearly a year since he got it and he still loves it. He loves telling me that he knows how to spell. He spells out the words to me with pride. It makes me happy. My daughter is starting to play with it when he isn't in the car. She is only 2 years old. She's figuring it out. I would recommend this to anyone with a young child.

👤When I bought this, I didn't know it had so many capabilities. My son is obsessed. It was fun and made well. I catch my husband playing with it. I would buy for my sons and nephews again.

5. VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker Blue

VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker Blue

The baby bandana bibs are made from the newest techniques. There is a 24 hour service support. They will give you a full refund if you don't like it. The walker has a play panel that can be used for floor play or on-the-run fun. The walker has piano keys that play music. The walker has colorful spinning rollers, three shape sorters and three light-up buttons that help develop fine motor skills. A phone enhances role-play. The control switch on the wheels allows the walker to grow with your child. It is easier to open in a brown box.

Brand: Vtech

👤The toy is a good alternative to walkers. My grandson liked it. He pulled himself up. He graduated to pushing. He's learned some problem solving skills. To see his skills, watch the video.

👤The sit to stand function of this walker is great as it grows with the baby. The wheels lock to slow the baby down and roll on the carpet. It is a little light and my daughter is not able to pull up without it tipping, so far she hasn't fallen! She loves the phone part of the music.

👤Let me start by saying the obvious. My LO really likes this walker. I want to clear up any confusion about why my LO likes this walker. My LO loves the music and sounds of this toy. Also, loves opening and closing the small door, as well as pressing the buttons on the toy. The package contains the walker, batteries, and pieces connecting together. The musical unit which has the batteries already installed is a good buy. There are two settings on the musical unit. The handle is the perfect height for a baby to learn to walk. A baby can do a lot of things. My LO was fond of opening and closing the door. I liked to hit the cow and hear the moo moo sounds. - The rattle on the bottom is great for small babies. - When your baby is able to sit up all the way up to the baby learning to stand and walk, this toy can be used. We have used this walker on hardwood floors and it is possible to use the faster setting if you want to. The grip on the tires could be improved. We have had a few falls, not really bad ones, and while I understand that kids fall and hurt themselves, it's not fun when your LO is trying to help the walker and it falls and runs away. The manufacturer could add a band on the tires to help with the use of hardwood flooring, even at the slowest settings. The babies are a little difficult to play with. The phone is asking to be lost. The walker is cool, but it could be better. The older version of this toy may have provided a few different things than the newer version. The older model had numbers from 1 to 5 on the keyboard, but the newer model has musical sounds. There were fruits on the triangle, circle and square buttons, but they have been replaced by numbers 1. 2 and 3. The door on the farm was different. The rattles on the bottom are different. The older version had 3 rattles, the newer one has two, and the one in the middle has been replaced by a sticker. When I brought this product, I was hoping for the older model, but I settled for the newer version. Since my LO liked to play with it so much, I never returned it. LO is almost 17 months old and no longer plays with the walker, but it was definitely one of the things that held her interest for a long time. This was better than the other walkers we tried. The other name brand walker was not as good as this walker. If you are constantly watching over your LO, you should not use a walker. This is the safest walker and the most fun walker out there, minus the differences in the older and newer models. If you want to help with traction, you can probably get a couple of thicker rubber bands and put them on the rear wheels.

6. XIAPIA Tricycle Thanksgiving Christmas Dalmatian

XIAPIA Tricycle Thanksgiving Christmas Dalmatian

Ages for 10 to 36 months. It takes 2 minutes to assemble. The god will give your kids the greatest gift. A unique gift to give is to teach your Princess or Knight to push with their feet and maintain their balance while sitting and moving. Gain coordination and confidence at an early age. Enhance leg strength. The design secrets are from XIAPIA Bee Baby Bike. The fully enclosed wheel does not allow pedals to be used. A 135 degree turning and pyramid base design is needed to prevent the baby side from falling down. The baby balance bike is made of carbon steel. The handle bar and wheel are made of EVA. XIAPIA bikes were used in all security effectiveness tests and performed well. They are continuously developing and creating green environmental protection type skin care technologies for you and your babies, so as to achieve your satisfaction and recognition. That will make your baby's face smile. Ages for 10 to 36 months. It takes 2 minutes to assemble. The god will give your kids the greatest gift.

Brand: Xiapia

👤A very cute birthday gift. It was perfect size and he immediately jumped on and began to move around the room. The stick on eyes are the only compliment so far, they are too easy to come off, and would be better if they were painted on eyes. He doesn't care either way. Does hold up to the weight of his big sister, who insists on riding it as well? Hopefully it will last until he is big as she hasn't had it yet, but a couple months. It seems like it is holding up to the abuse that can happen with children.

👤I assembled it within 10 minutes after it arrived. It was fairly easy. My one year old asked to play with it. It only took him a short time to learn how to ride it. He wants to play with it every day. A few mothers in our neighbourhood asked where to get it. A good purchase!

👤I have 2 grandsons. This is great for both of them. There is a lot of room for them in our basement, because we redid it to be "kid and pet friendly". It's very sturdy and easy to assemble. It seems pretty durable for a 1 and 3 year old. It gets a lot of use when they are around. Good product. Very happy with it.

👤The bike is adorable. My 1 year old loves dogs. We love it. The eyes are from the first day. They won't last long because of the part that bubble up. It is going to be a dog bike.

👤A great bike to teach your kids to ride. Although he is a little short, my son can fit on it. It takes a lot of effort to make the bike move. He is usually at the very tip of the seat. It is easy to move around. If you have a crazy ambitious boy like mines, when riding this bike at a fast pace, it can tip over when turning.

👤The quality of the tricycle is not good. When I received it, I thought it was used, so I exchanged it and got another one, and it was the same. I think they don't have a good finish. It is not painted and has a sticker on it. It is better than other tricycles. Others are small. It is good if you can ignore the not perfect finishing.

👤The first one was disappointing because of the seat holes. The exchange was easy and the replacement was great. My grandson is only 8 months old, but he seems to like it, but not as much as his brother. All the way around is a plus.

👤It is cute, great quality, and sturdy. I think my son is too young because he looses his balance and sometimes tips over. That is the whole purpose of this bike. It should be fun for him to teach them balance.

👤I bought this item for my 18 month old granddaughter after an evening of stress and being taken to the hospital. I have never left a negative review in my life, but I will not hesitate after what happened today. This bike is not stable. My granddaughter tipped over the handle bars, and as she faced the floor, she split her lip and lost her teeth. We witnessed it all, with 3 adults watching her, we could not get to her fast enough to prevent the fall, which left her with permanent facial damage. I am thankful that she is not in the hospital with a serious head injury or a broken lip. I wouldn't ever recommend this item. I will be looking at legal advice to take against the manufacturers of this item. Do not buy ours, it is in the bin.

7. VTech Learn Discover Pretty Playset

VTech Learn Discover Pretty Playset

The musical stuffed animal is for babies 0 to 24 months old and has 2AAA batteries included for demo. Toddler kitchen play-set gives interactive responses and encourages imaginative play by putting pieces in their place to see them light up. Toddler pretend play-set has 70+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases; Infant learning toy teaches shapes and colors with cakes and cookies. The baby playset has a pitcher of lemonade, cups and treats. 6 sing-along songs are included with the electronic learning toy. The toddler tea set toy requires 2 AA batteries to operate and is intended for kids 6 months to 3 years of age.

Brand: Vtech

👤Our 13 year old loves it too, so we bought this for our 1 year old. High tea brings the girls together. The brothers don't care for fancy tea, but it's something for the ladies to bond over. Highly recommend this toy.

👤My baby loved this toy. There are buttons on the tray that will sing a song when you place the sweets in their appropriate spot. There is a button to turn the toy off. Thelemonade inside is my favorite part because it lights up and is made of ice cubes. It gives a realistic feeling. The toy is very sturdy and can take a beating from an active toddler. I recommend it to parents of children who are not ready for a real play set.

👤My friend's daughter is 2 years old. She loved it! She was pouring herself tea as soon as they opened the gift. If it stayed lit on its own, it would have been cool. This is a nod to my friend and I working at the same cafe. 3 It is a great gift for a young child.

👤The toy was very cute. I returned the item because of two big issues with my purchase. 1. I didn't feel like any of the audio was educational and the songs were very annoying. 2. The toy began to make a strange noise, like a Morse code, at random, very loudly and clearly, and more than once, but it was not the audio glitching, it was a completely different sound.

👤Perfect! Perfect! It was perfect. I can't say it enough. It's a good thing! I got this set for my 1.5 year old so she could have her own tea set. This is a big hit in our house. It gets played with everyday after a week. The older kids like it. The tea pot is cute. It does play music, but it's not too annoying and my little likes it without the music. Just trust me if you're on the fence. Get it.

👤I bought this for my niece when she was a baby. I thought my niece could put the clothes away until she was older. My niece told me a couple of months ago that she was playing with it. She told me that she holds the cup in her hands and mimics drinking because she loves the different songs the tea kettle plays. The tea kettle lights up when the little pastries come out. She will be 10 months old in a few days and I think she will get a lot of play time before she grows up.

👤A lot of toys like this are neutral. We thought this would be a fun gift for a girl because we are enjoying the first grandchild-daughter experience. It has a few shapes and plays music. It seems like it has enough for a small child to handle. We are going to give it to her.

👤My niece lived it when I gave her this for her 1st birthday. It's a cute toy. There are a lot of interactive plays.

8. VTech Chomp and Count Dino

VTech Chomp and Count Dino

The handle should be grabbed to encourage motor skill development. As you feed the dinosaur toy, it recognizes eight brightly colored food pieces and provides fun responses. Baby learning toy dinosaur introduces colors, foods, shapes and counting. The early learning center has over 130 songs, sounds and phrases, and kids can answer questions with the correct food pieces. 5 shape buttons teach shapes and numbers, or spin a spinning disc to play sing-along songs, and pull toy interacts as it is pulled or pushed along. The baby toy comes with volume control and auto shut-off and is for toddlers 1 to 3 years old.

Brand: Vtech

👤I bought this because it was cute. It is useless and not entertaining. The coins were stuck in the mouths of my grandsons. Since day one, it has not been touched. VTech sucks you in because it looks cute, but all of their toys are the same. Music, shapes, colors and ABCs are annoying. They are geared for a period of 12 to 36 months. ABCs? What colors? Really? This is not special. If you pay a little more, you can get something that kids want to play with. I will not buy Vtech again. If you have to sell it at a garage sale for $1, it's not economical.

👤I bought this and similar items for my granddaughter. The disks can't be dropped easily into the slot. It is hard to push the whole way in if the child gets it aligned in an awkward angle. Getting the disks out of the trap door is difficult. The sound is not interesting. They also make a coin bank which is sold by Amazon and works great, but has no issues. I think that version is very good. Skip this one.

👤My pastor's grandson is 2 years old. He loves dinosaurs. I bought some small individual dinosaurs that came in a box and they were also by VTECH. I have been completely satisfied with the quality of their toys. The Chomp and Count is very difficult. It does letters. There are different pictures on the chips that represent what you want him to eat. When you pick up a banana chip, he will tell you its nutrition value. The chips are big enough that they are safe and don't hurt when you step on them. You can turn off the volume when you get tired of him singing. I think they should make the string around his neck longer. I would have to be older than this little boy to pull him around as he has little wheels on the bottom. He had trouble holding onto the short string. This toy is good.

👤The toy is great and our daughter loves playing with it, but it keeps making noise for 20 minutes after she's finished. It's the most annoying toy we've ever bought. It's like the thing is in motion. VTech toys do annoying things, but this takes the cake.

👤When you put the orange carrot coin in the Dino's mouth, he will say brown potato. It was more than one time thing. It said the wrong name on the coins. I tried to figure it out. I disconnected the batteries when I changed them out three times. It is a great idea, but it is complete trash. A good review here will most likely not be used by anyone. It doesn't mean it's good just because it turns on. I own a daycare and bought this for my kids. I was glad I didn't give this as a gift as planned and bought one for daycare as well because it was bad first.

9. VTech Rhyme Discover Frustration Packaging

VTech Rhyme Discover Frustration Packaging

The baby book toy is designed for kids 18 months to 4 years old and has 2 AA batteries included for a demo. This is a great early learning center because of the 6 colorful pages and the light-up character buttons on the tabs. There are 7 popular nursery rhymes in this book, and over 20 different songs, phrases, and sounds. As your baby or toddler plays, lights, sounds, and questions encourage thinking and learning. The educational toy is easy to clean and safe to play with, as it is easy to wipe down all of the pages, buttons, and sounds. It's recommended for kids 6 months to 3 years old because of Frustration Free Packaging.

Brand: Vtech

👤This toy is great. It has been with us for 5 years. It still looks new. I didn't have to change the batteries. My 6 year old received this as a first birthday present and my 8 month old loves it! This is a great toy. There are buttons on each page. The buttons are on the music note. There are lights and different songs on each page if you push them. There are characters that make noises when moved. When you turn the page, it makes a chiming noise and goes into either a song or a nursery rhyme. The song will play if the music note is pushed with a page open. The volume controls are low and high. The low setting is perfect and the high setting is loud for me. I am very happy that we received this toy and that it is still going strong. If you find my review helpful, please vote my click helpful below. There is a reason for this.

👤I bought the VTech musical rhymes book for my baby, and he seems to like it. I wanted to buy another VTech book. This is a total disappointment. The price is lower for Musical Rhymes Book. The content is better and it sounds clearer. The book is kind of static and animal sounds don't cut it. The voice in the book doesn't sing the whole song when the pages are turned. It only sings half of it in order for the baby to sing the rest, which is awkward and not effective. VTech Musical Rhymes Book is better than this one.

👤My baby boy has been playing with this book for the last three months. I am happy to see that he enjoys playing with it. Like all toys, this one has good and missing points. I'm describing all here to help future buyers. I bought this for full price because I am not associated with any company. My son is throwing this book like a ball because the joints are strong and the quality is good. The book cover rhyme is Ring around the roses. Mary had a lamb. There is a on/off switch with two volume choices and both are comfortable in different places. I don't know what the music note button is for because it is playing random music or not doing anything. When you turn the page, it starts playing the rhymes of the page you are on. There are buttons on the right side of the page. It makes random sounds like animal sounds. The only thing I don't like about it is playing the first two lines of rhymes. My son looks at me to finish the rhyme when rhymes start. He is not playing alone with this. I'm looking for other musical books to buy and keep because of this one missing point.

👤This is a good book for babies. My child started playing with this at 10 months old. This was an excellent way to start reading to her because she loved singing and light up things. I could also say the word to the songs. The toy has two volume controls, which is a blessing. She liked flipping the pages and playing the songs, as well as hearing the bonus noises from the levers on the pages. The toy is strong. It works perfectly after being tossed around. She'll pull it out again when I think she's outgrown it. The songs include Mary Had a Little Lamb, Hey Diddle Diddle, Three Little Kittens, and B-I-N-G-O.

10. VTech Sports Center Frustration Packaging

VTech Sports Center Frustration Packaging

Toddler toy Truck has buttons that play phrases and teach tools and colors. The toddler soccer net can be used to score goals or play on a basketball goal. The Scoreboard Count plays animated lights up and the purple lever restarts it. The early learning center has 50 songs, sounds and phrases. The toddler basketball hoop develops motor skills with the sports toy. The educational toy operates on 3 AA batteries.

Brand: Vtech

👤For his birthday, I bought this for him. At the moment, he is enjoying it. I'm sure he will learn not to score goals and play basketball when he does walk.

👤My son loves this toy. We got it for him as a Christmas gift and he plays with it every time he sees it. We wanted something that wouldn't take a lot of space and wouldn't have a million pieces. This accomplishes that! The grooves on the legs of the base keep the balls neatly put away when not in use. You can play and turn on the sound. The sports center, soccer ball, and basket ball are in the box. This is not a toy you can just take apart and put together on demand, so you need to use a screwdriver to fix the score board. It is very small. Most VTech toys snap in place. The sports balls are a good size for little hands, but after a while need some air because they get soft. If your toddler steps on them, they can lose their balance. AA batteries are not included. The sports center can be used in many different ways. We wanted a basketball net that wouldn't fall on the little guy. It has held up despite my rambunctious toddler throwing toys into the net and slam dunking the balls. Not to mention basketball and soccer battles between my husband and I. The ball counts up to ten when you shoot it into the basket. It just cheers when you score. There are also upbeat songs. The gears allow for sitting. When you turn the flip tabs, they make noise. The monkey is my son's favorite. Even if he doesn't play with the rest of the sports center, he will still tug on that thing. I will definitely buy this toy. My son loves to play soccer and it is a win for us.

👤My son is turning two and I got this for him. We played with it for the first time today. It is a very nice size, colorful, lots of buttons, and portable. It really doesn't act as advertised. The purpose of the game is to count dunks so if your little makes a clean basket they don't score. The scoring for the goal doesn't work either. The effects are all random. It will be counting baskets and suddenly sing a song. The buttons make a lot of noise and are not related to the pictures, which is more distraction for my child than useful. This is not a teaching toy, it is just an annoying toy that lights up. It is just okay. My little loves the lights, but gets distracted by the noise. I would pay a max of $20 for this. It makes a lot of noise and doesn't teach anything because it's effects don't match with what the child does, and other than being colorful, it's just another toy we will take the batteries out of and use that way. Purchase something else if you want to save money. I would have sent it back if we had not shown it to him. We won't be buying anymore from this brand because they have gone downhill in their products.

11. LeapFrog Dinos Delightful Alphabet Green

LeapFrog Dinos Delightful Alphabet Green

A charming tale with letters and words woven into it in alphabetical order will introduce ABCs to your little one. You can either listen to the story read aloud or enjoy musical play by jamming to a melody with fun sounds and musical notes. The light-up button can be pressed to hear letter names, letter sounds and words. The number buttons on Dino's back introduce counting and recognizing numbers. Your child will be exposed to early reading skills with this complete story. 2 AA batteries are included for demo purposes. The product is 12.3" wide and 12.5" tall.

Brand: Leapfrog

👤I would give this 10 stars if I could. One of the things my youngest son likes to do is flip books on the ground. We lost a lot of hardback and board books when we purchased them. Not a toy. We purchased it a few months ago. The lights and sounds are still working. He gets a lot of sensory input from turning the pages. If my son can enjoy it, you will definitely buy it.

👤My grandson loves this book. I was pleasantly surprised at how big the book is. The pages are thick, so they stand up well to his toddler's fingers. I'd recommend this toy to anyone, I'm keeping it in mind to buy it again when another toddler is in the family. I can't say enough good things about my purchase. It's cute!

👤This is a great learning toy. The sound of the letter and the word are what it says. Helped my toddler a lot.

👤The toy does a good job of getting my child's attention. He is not quite ready to learn how to read yet, but he likes the colors and sounds. It has held up well so far and he tends to step on it. I don't know if this happened to me or if it is a design flaw, but the sound for "l" comes out sounding more like "ol" and this was what happened straight out of the box. I know it's not happening because he damaged it. I like that this book teaches numbers as well and that everything else functions correctly.

👤The product was used. There were scratches on the item when the box was opened.

👤It didn't work from the beginning. I replaced the batteries and didn't make a difference. Very disappointed and dissatisfied. It should have been checked to make sure it works.

👤The toy is colorful and fun. There are so many learning opportunities that can be played alone. The parents loved it when we gave it as a first birthday present. I would buy this toy again. It is a learning tool.

👤A great toy for learning. There are numbers, letters, sounds and music. Turn the pages and read the story. The three year old loves it. It is very sturdy and durable. The pages are easy to clean. A great gift idea.

👤The speaker quality is bad.




What is the best product for best toys for 1 year old boys vtech?

Best toys for 1 year old boys vtech products from Leapfrog. In this article about best toys for 1 year old boys vtech you can see why people choose the product. Vtech and Leapfrog are also good brands to look for when you are finding best toys for 1 year old boys vtech.

What are the best brands for best toys for 1 year old boys vtech?

Leapfrog, Vtech and Leapfrog are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best toys for 1 year old boys vtech. Find the detail in this article. Vtech, Vtech and Xiapia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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