Best Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Montessori

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1. LOOIKOOS Instruments Percussion Preschool Educational

LOOIKOOS Instruments Percussion Preschool Educational

TOY LIFE GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence. They will replace your toy at no charge if it gets damaged within the first year of ownership. You can contact Toy Life through the Amazon message system. The Natural Kids Musical Instruments set includes shaking, tapping, beating and blowing instruments. Birthday gifts for kids, Christmas gifts for boys and girls. All of the musical instruments are made of non-toxic and 100% high quality natural wood, the natural wooden toys are not painted or sculpted. They are perfect for toddlers or young children. Musical educational toys are a great way to add fun to your family and help develop your child's musical sensitivity, creativity, hand and eye coordination. Spending time playing music toys together will help kids to develop collaborative and problem solving skills. LOOIKOOS kids musical instruments are packaged with a bag and a box that are easy to clean and store. Fit for both genders. Their musical toys are a great Christmas gift for young children. The ideal toys for your little ones are safe toys for kids.

Brand: Looikoos

👤This set is awesome. Each instrument was packed individually. Everything fits nicely in the bag that comes with it and there is plenty of room to spare. Why are you three stars? The items are not well made. The hand drum was made for my grand daughter. She pulled on the string and it popped off. It is held on with a gun. She could have been hurt or worse if she swallowed it. The ball fell off when the knot on the string came out. I had to tie it up again. She could have swallowed it. This isn't from rough play. She was learning how to hold the handle in her hands. The hand bells are not useful. They make very little noise. She lost interest in them as they didn't make a sound. The rest of the instruments are fun. She loves to march around her playroom with her kids playing music. I would not recommend these to others. See the pictures.

👤My son brought his daughter to my house. He and his wife went out and I was babysitting her. I brought some of her toys with me because she was not in a good mood when she got up. She could play with them. She wasn't interested. I bought a Christmas present for her for the Looikoos Musical Instruments Set. I was hoping the set would change her mood. I took the musical instruments out of the box and she looked at them. Her mood changed as soon as she heard the different sounds of each instrument. She was playing with the instruments and listening to the kids songs. I will always remember the fun we had together. The instruments are made of wood. A storage bag is included with the set. The best thing about toys like this is that they allow kids to be creative.

👤These are the prettiest natural wooden instruments. My 13 year old daughter wants a set of her own. The sound is great and the product is good. Each piece is wrapped separately. It also has a bag for storing instruments. Highly recommended.

👤Comes in a box. There was nothing positive or negative there. Each piece was wrapped in plastic and there was no damage to it. The toys are more sturdy than they are thought to be. They are still thriving after a Christmas party with all the cousins and playing around with each other. The draw string style back sack is fun to play with because as your kids run with it, it makes their own noises. It's easier to keep track of them in the airport.

👤The box warns that there are small parts and a choking hazard for kids under 3 years old, but I purchased it because it said "Manufacturer recommended age 6 months and up".

👤These were purchased for Christmas. It's the best gift. It was bought for our toddler and baby. Both of them love them. They are toys, but nice quality and feel. I think they'll last quite a while, we only had them for a few months. Our littlest one will sit in the middle of a pile of instruments and bang on them for 30 minutes. I'm glad to say we're very happy with this purchase, because there were so many instrument packages to choose from.

2. Exorany Montessori Preschool Activities Educational

Exorany Montessori Preschool Activities Educational

The top bead maze can be played separately, and also flips over and fits inside the box for easy storage. The wooden toy is portable and excellent for toddler travel. The cube is 6 x d and 6 x h. Montessori is an educational method that is based on hands on learning. Busy board is a great Montessori toy for toddlers. Busy boards for toddlers can help develop fine motor skills and basic life skills. It is a fun and effective learning toy to help young children learn to dress. The sensory learning activity on the busy board is suitable for a wide range of levels. There is a light and portable option. The board is 118 in and weighs 0.45 lbs. Kids can carry and use the busy board in cars and airplanes with the lightweight handbag design. The Montessori busy board is a great choice for toddler and travel activities. There are gift certificates for toddlers. Are you still hesitant to give a birthday or Christmas gift to a child? This busy board is the perfect choice for toddler activities. If you have a problem with this board, please contact them.

Brand: Exorany

👤I wish I had spent a little more on a better one, because my 11 month old daughter could care less, and I would recommend not going cheap like I did.

👤I was excited about this toy, my daughter seemed to love it at first, but after a few uses it fell apart and we had to throw it away. Unfortunately, we wasted $25. This is a great idea, but the quality was not there.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. My grandson is learning to tie shoes from playing with the shoe tie. The kids will love this learning item. It would be great for an elderly parent to zip, tie and Buckle.

👤Our 20 month old granddaughter loves learning. She will not be able to escape once she learns how they work on this toy.

👤I bought this for my daughter and she was playing with it while sitting in her dad's lap and when I put it up there was a loose button in her lap. She wasn't even messing with the button the whole time she was playing with it, because the button on the front of the busy board had fallen off. This is a huge hazard. I'm happy I found the button. I see the board as a safety hazard and will no longer use it.

👤This is an alternative to a new puzzle. It gets my 2yo thinking. She watches us and tries to do most of the clasps. I think it will be a sort of toy for her. It is an easy, fun, non- electronic entertainer for the car. A cute little case with no small pieces. It will be a go for gifts for other kids as well.

👤My daughter is 15 months old and she is very fast learners. I decided to get this busy board because I knew I had to get creative with her daily activities. It is great for long car rides because she plays with it for hours. I would buy again.

👤I bought this for my 33 month old to do. The snaps are challenging and durable. It's good to space out and colorful. The case is fun to carry. It was in a carryon bag.

3. WOOD CITY Toddler Montessori Toddlers

WOOD CITY Toddler Montessori Toddlers

The ideal toys for your little ones are safe toys for kids. 7 bright mini cars set off from the top starting point. The toddlers will be able to see and enjoy the rainbow race tracks and the thrill of racing as if they were racing drivers. Choose a car, release it at the top of the ramp and start racing! Each car goes out at the end of the track and goes on to the next track. The race track will keep boys and girls busy while you are busy with other chores. WOOD City toddler race track is a simple but well-built toy. It can be used as a craft decoration in children's rooms and also as a toy to play with partners, which will encourage the development of your toddler's hand-eye coordination and improve visuals tracking ability. A great Montessori toy gift for a boy and girl's birthday is suitable for toddlers playing at home or outside. There are enough mini-cars for 4 or more kids to play together. The toy is fully tested to the highest U.S. standards and European standards. The package is about 2 pounds. There is only one parking lot that needs to be assembled and that is at the bottom.

Brand: Wood City

👤If you're looking for a race track, this is it. I saw this gift a long time ago and knew I needed it for my son's birthday present. I am surprised at how well this product is made. My son has been playing with it since he got it. It's light enough that my son can carry it around and it won't hurt him if it falls on him, but strong enough that it won't blow it over. My son is two years old and we don't have a problem with him trying to put it in his mouth because we are watching him while he is using it. I found that some of the options had small cars, poorly made tracks, and unmatching car sets. This is the one you want, savesay

👤I have nothing bad to say about this toy. I gave it to my son when he was 2 years old. I was going to wait to write a review because he had been playing with it for 2 weeks. It fell onto the unfinished concrete. It's as sturdy as can be, and it's not a scratch on it. The cars are small. I wouldn't recommend for under 2 years old, I'm concerned about them with my 3 month old when he gets mobile. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤The kids enjoy playing with the toy and hold their attention for a long time. They laugh as they watch the cars glide down the ramp. The bright colored toy cars and ramps are a great learning tool for children. It strengthens fine motor skills. The cars are perfect for little hands, but for children that put things in their mouth the parent has to be present. The sound of cars racing draws the attention of the kids. The toy is ready to play and you don't have to assemble it, just place the parking board at the bottom of the track. The cars can either go down or up. It would be great for a gift.

👤I'm going to send it back. The out side of the toy has a thin wood panel painted on it. I took it out of the box and it was peeling and breaking. I worry about my son eating it. The ramps are made of plastic. I thought the whole toy was made from wood, even though I didn't read the description very closely.

👤He is obsessed with cars and trucks, so we bought this for his birthday. It was a hit. He likes to watch the cars go down. The track is sturdy and the colors are vibrant. An adorable toy. The grey car pad doesn't stay connected. My toddler is a bit clumsy and every time he bumps the track he moves it all over so it is pointless. It is an amazing toy for little ones who love racing cars.

4. Rolimate Learning Hammering Xylophone Recognition

Rolimate Learning Hammering Xylophone Recognition

The 4 animal wooden toddler puzzles are packed in a cute carrying pouch bag and are perfect for boys and girls. And wrapped in a gorgeous Skyfield gift box. Perfect gifts for toddlers. The puzzles can be played at home by toddlers. The hammering and pounding toy has an xylophone that can emit different tones, which will help the development of toddler's hearing. The shape sorter with different colors design can teach the baby to recognize different shapes and colors, the pounding colorful balls can exercise children's sense of touch, and the patterns and numbers on wooden blocks can inspire imagination and creativity. Pre-school learning toys can make children smarter and it plays an important role in the development of children's imagination and creativity. They design montessori toys to improve the knowledge and skills of 1 2 3 year old boys and girls and to develop their interest in learning. Early educational toys help children learn and improve their life skills. Children's Christmas gifts can be found in curbless hammered toys. Safe & Durable ToyRolimate toddler toy is made of natural wood and stained with non-toxic water-based paint and have been fully tested to pass the highest standards of the US. All of their learning toys are free of harmful substances. It's a sensory toy for a boy and a girl. The wooden toy is made from sturdy materials that will ensure the safety of the toy for young children. The hammering and pounding toy includes a tap table, 3 colorful wooden balls, 1 wooden hammer, 6 colorful shape blocks, 1 x xylophone and 2 xylophone sticks. The toy is easy to store. A hammer toy will be a wonderful birthday gift for a boy and a girl. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The toys are painted with multiple layers. They use premium beech from New Zealand to make transparent water-based paint which is safe and won't fade. Their goal is your child's safety and satisfaction. The wooden toy has a 12 month warranty. They will reply to your question within 24 hours.

Brand: Rolimate

👤This is the best present for a toddler. My daughter likes it! She likes putting the shapes into the balls. 10/10 recommend! It feels smooth and well made. I love it! We love it!

👤I liked this toy. It was a great toy. My baby almost died when she put one of the balls in her mouth. I took the balls away quickly. The wood blocks are too small and I took them away. There is a danger on the shaped blocks and wood balls. Not good. She is old enough according to the age suggested on the box. It's useless once I have removed the balls and blocks. Not good at all.

👤A toy for a small child. I bought this for my niece. This is going to be a great birthday gift. The size is perfect for a young child. I wanted to make it clear that my niece got a room full of presents and she kept coming back to this xylophone and wooden blocks to put in the holes. The sound was very impressive and the colors were vibrant. My nephew is a musician and he was able to play several songs on the xylophone. It was a hit.

👤The xylophone had a wooden peg on it. I had to smooth it down so my baby didn't get a splinter. The peg on the pink part snapped completely off less than a week later. I was next to my baby so he didn't choke on it. I am very disappointed in this product.

👤This xylophone is malfunctioning. C,D,E,A,B and C are all good in my ears. F and G are off. Do I want my child to be exposed to a musical instrument? Absolutely not. Returning it.

👤My sons first Christmas present was this. He loves them, but the little pegs on the xylophone keep coming off and we've lost one of them. It's a great buy.

👤The toy came with balls, but they didn't fit through the holes because of the plastic stoppers inside of them. I knew that if we tampered with the product we wouldn't be able to return it, because the balls wouldn't stay in place after my husband cut them out. The xylophone is one of the prettiest sounding xylophones we have ever had for our girls, and I was really impressed by the overall quality of the toy. The wooden blocks balls and toys are very sturdy and are not likely to break.

👤I bought it for my grandson. My 3 year old granddaughter also loves it. The xylophone has a great sound. It is very authentic. The quality is very good. This gift is perfect.

👤Ho acquistato questo giocattolo per regalarlo. I colori, le formine. Tutto perfettamente impacchettato. L'unica pecca ha notato riguarda le palline con il mattarello. La palla.

👤Im Produkt ist das schn und hochwertig. Viele Spielelemente is in kleinen. There is a Artikel. The Farben ist schn knallig. Leider ist das darin enthaltene Xylophon. Sehr schade!

👤There is a Spielzeug zum ersten Geburtstag. Unsere kleine ist mega begeistert. Geschenke ist die Anmerksamkeit. Preis ist top. Ihren super Zufrieden ist.

5. Toddler Montessori Preschool Educational Developing

Toddler Montessori Preschool Educational Developing

Silicone is safe and non-toxic. The busy book has 16 different kinds of sensory toys, including soft-mirror, zipper, and shoe tie. Sensory experiences are provided by observing and touching. Their hand-eye coordination is developed by pulling, poking and spinning. The variety of items make them easy to notice. Toddler toys are ideal for toddler activities. The preschool learning toys are an ideal toy to improve kid's fine motor skills, basic skills and develop logical thinking. Dinosaur jigsaw board exercises kid's logical ability; different buckles promote toddler's fine motor skills and build the fingers' strength; zippers, shoelaces, and clothes buttons allow preschool to learn and practise essential dressing skills at their own pace while playing. Dressing toys for kids is a good way to learn. Montessori sensory toys can help develop basic life skills like getting dressed and self-confidence, which can be learned through playing. This busy board toddler toys age 2-4 is an ideal bag to improve fine motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination and develop creative and critical thinking. The toddler learning toys are portable to put in a backpack. It's only 0.36 pound in weight, which is very light for a toddler to carry. Sewing tight and firm accessories prevent small pieces from being lost. There is a hidden pocket for toys. The car seat toys keep young kids busy and quiet in the car. The perfect travel boards for road trips for kids. The ideal gift for a toddler is a sensory book, preschool toys, and home educational toys. A truly wow-worthy gift for toddlers and children with special needs for birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving day, and Children's day.

Brand: Opqjbk

👤My 1 year old was somewhat entertained. It's still a great item. It was ok to travel with it.

👤The 18 month old twins and their 4 year old brother loved it. Lots to do!

👤It was a good toy to get but it was very cheap. The pieces are falling off and being used very minimally. There are small pieces that could cause a choking hazard if this falls apart.

👤The toddler loves using it. A great toy for travel as well.

👤A nice activity book keeps my child busy. It's nice to have time to travel.

👤The puzzle in the back pieces is not sticking well and it has only been a few weeks.

👤The book is cheap and dull, not appealing to children or adults. Not worth a single star. That is as low as I could go.

👤My 3 year old loves it.

6. Learning Resources Spike Hedgehog Sensory

Learning Resources Spike Hedgehog Sensory

There are fine motor games for kids. The back of this friendly hedgehog has pieces that fit to the back of fine motor skills. Spike can be used for occupational therapy exercises. DEVELOP: Fine motor skill games help kids build their skills. Spike is a great toy for children who are blind. ToDDLER TOYS come with easy to grasp pieces that are just the right size for little toddler and preschool hands to hold. A fine motor set includes a 6-piece hedgehog. It's easy to steal. When playing over the quills. Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school.

Brand: Learning Resources

👤I love this product. It says 18 months. It was enjoyable for my kids. It is meant to help with fine motor skills. The spikes are rubber with different colors and you can take them out of the holes in the hedgehog. You can store all the spikes in there so they don't get lost when they're done playing the hedgehog. Definitely recommend this product.

👤This is a great toy. My kids and their kids played with it in different ways. The oldest made color patterns, the middle pulled out the holes, and the youngest was able to grab thequills. It is easy to store when the pieces fit inside. Learning Resources toys are designed thoughtfully and are well made.

👤I bought this because I was looking for another toy from Learning Resources. My baby was 6 months old when I had her, and she loved it immediately, and it's still a favorite almost a year later. I don't know what makes it so attractive, but any baby who comes over wants to play with it and becomes obsessed with the pegs. The pegs are numbered so babies can learn numbers and work on their fine motor skills, and they fit it for neat storage and easy travel. Highly recommend! If they ever bring back the Learning Resources heart box of chocolates, buy it!

👤I was unsure when I ordered this toy, but I love it for my kids. Well made, for 3 and under, is a plus.

👤It's perfect for little hands. My 20 month old is obsessed with this toy. Great for fine motor skills, direction following, color and number recognition.

👤It's entertaining and great for motor skills. My son loves putting his toys in containers. I had to keep an eye on him as he would love to color my walls and furniture and he has been obsessed with putting his crayons through holes. I found this toy while looking for a toy and thought I would be perfect, but he loves it. It is a great travel toy as you can store the quills inside the shell. We take it with us to keep him entertained.

👤This toy is very well made. My kids were fighting over toys. It is portable and can be taken on trips or on the go to grandma's house. It builds fine motor skills for my three year old. The colors are beautiful. Won't regret buying it!

👤My child loves this. He loves chewing on spikes. Fine motor skills can eventually be put in by us. He keeps his attention for a while. He likes the feel of the spikes on his teeth.

👤I was excited to get this for my kids. The reviews were great, but they are not. 3 year old had no interest. 2 year old bit them and squash them so they wouldn't fit in the holes. It's used for opening and throwing. She almost had the whole peg down her neck if I hadn't turned my back with this toy. It's something to be very cautious about.

7. Ancaixin Montessori Sorting Carrots Developmental

Ancaixin Montessori Sorting Carrots Developmental

We made a great effort to research the elements that kids love, and created a board that contains many elements that children like, making it a great gift idea. Dinosaurs, whales, mermaids, sea turtles and other elements that children love are only to arouse their interest. It's a perfect gift because of the pattern and workmanship. Surprise your kids with a board. New Zealand pine wood has a water based paint. The surface is non-toxic. It's 100% safe for your baby. To clean the toy, please use mild detergent and a damp cloth. Water can make the paint peel if it is put into it. Sun exposure is not advisable. The baby needs to know the size of carrots to put them back in the slot. The wooden toy is a good way to develop your child's dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. The best gift for preschool toddlers is their birthday present. The cute design will catch the eye of babies. It was tested according to requests. There is no choking hazard. If you would like to check the test results, please contact them. The educational wooden toy is designed to encourage early age kids to be independent and pragmatic explorers in the world around them.

Brand: Ancaixin

👤The paint at home is peeling. Before giving it to the baby, it was washed. I don't know if I want my child to eat that. I expect more from the company that makes baby toys.

👤We love carrots. My son was 7 months old when I bought this and he loves them! He can't put them in the correct holes but he has started putting the smallest one in the biggest hole. He likes to get them out of the holes as quickly as possible. I was worried about the strength of the felt on the tops as my child just started teething. I was afraid he would destroy his teeth. I hope this will give someone ease of mind when buying this product, so please judge my parenting here. You could never tell if he tried to tear the tops off his teeth. He chews on the carrots a lot and there is not even a piece of the coating left. This has been a great toy for him to play with and we still have a lot more to learn.

👤This little toy is adorable. The baby is only 6.5 months old. She doesn't put them back in. She liked pulling out pegs in a different toy. I was excited to see this because I wanted something with more stuff to pull out. I like that it can be used for imaginative play in the kitchen and garden, and it can also be used as fake wooden veggies.

👤This toy is a favorite of mine. Even though it is a simple thing, it is fun to play with. I want my child to pick their carrot harvest. The carrots are hard to find, so there is some mental work to be done. I would buy it again.

👤The toy is peeling off after being opened. How is my baby supposed to play with this and not put paint chips in his mouth? The quality was bad. Not worth the money.

👤My son likes this toy. He has spent hours taking the wooden carrots out of their holes, trying to fit them back in, rolling them around, hitting them together, etc. The toy has grown with him until he figured out the puzzle and became disinterested. The felt "leaves" come off fairly easily, which creates a choking hazard. If you're going to keep constant watch over your little one, I still recommend it. We cut the tops to a length just long enough to grab on to.

👤I love this! I opened this for my son, who was 10 months, and he played with it for almost an hour. He still likes to take out the carrots and put them in the holes. This is a great toy if you don't mind finding carrots all over the place. I love that they are made of wood and that they look realistic, which is perfect to use in a play kitchen when the baby is older. They feel good. I found a fun toy.

8. WOOD CITY Montessori Recognition Educational

WOOD CITY Montessori Recognition Educational

The baby musical toy is a great preschool learning toy, which will be a great gift idea, such as holidays, birthdays and children's New Year. It's good to be your first toys. Education and entertainment are included. There are 5 colors and 5 geometric shapes in this wooden shape puzzle. You can ask your child questions about numbers, colors and shapes. It helps to give your child a work out. There are great toddler toys for boys and girls. The child's mind is the ExERCISE CHILD'S MIND. The little minds are eager to grow. The toddler shape puzzle is a great way to teach shape and geometry, build color recognition, and exercise the kid's space concept. A great toy for toddlers. Perfectly sized for toddlers' hands, great choice as travel toys. The bright colors, geometric shapes, and engaging design will make your child happy. The stacking block fits nicely into their small hands. There are puzzles for 2 year olds. Sometimes you need to get a wooden educational preschool shape color recognition board. You might get tired of the loud toys as a parent. It is nice to have a wooden puzzle educational toy that allows imagination. As a parent, you want the best for your child. Made of 100% non-toxic wood with food-grade water paint, child-safe, as well as eco-friendly. The ideal gifts are for boys and girls.

Brand: Wood City

👤He likes to stack and sort after a year. At about 14 months, this toy becomes his favorite. He plays it all the time. I'm concerned that if he falls on the wood shelf, it might be harmful. I move it out of his way when he walks.

👤The wooden toy has 5 different shapes. The number of sides of the shape is related to the hole in the peg. I bought it for my 3 year old granddaughter, who knows the names of the shapes and can count the holes. She likes to dump them all off and then scramble them up to put it back together. Her 6 year old brother likes to do that. It's a fun little toy and doesn't take up a lot of room so you can't ask for more.

👤I bought this for my nephew who likes to stack things. He's having a lot of fun with this one, but it's not always in the right way. The older kids have fun with it too. A winner all around!

👤The wooden sticks that go in the holes are a little odd and you have to fix quite a few for the little blocks to go in and out of smoothly. My son is 16 months old and he loves this toy.

👤Our son has a lot of fun. When we don't want him on technology, we wanted something that would keep him occupied. He's close to 3 years old, but not the type of kid that typically eats small items. Sometimes he needs help. Kids are exposed to shapes and numbers through the number of holes in wood.

👤None have missing paint or chips. The edges and surfaces are smooth. When received, nothing was broken. All pieces fit on pegs. The daughter loves them. They are good for numbers, shapes, and colors.

👤My child loves this toy. He was fascinated by all the shapes and colors and immediately had to figure out how to take them off. The product is great.

👤My son is two and a half years old. I give him challenges where I ask him to stack shapes. He asks if he can do another challenge when he finishes one. A simple toy is effective.

9. Hamsoo Montessori Toddlers Matching Preschool

Hamsoo Montessori Toddlers Matching Preschool

If anything goes wrong with carrot harvest, please do not hesitate to contact them immediately, they will try their best to make it right for you! Add your items to your cart. The wooden carrot toys are safe for kids. Keep your children safe with non-toxic water-based paint and smooth surface. The game is shaped and size. The wooden toys have different sizes of carrots and different holes to match them. Your child needs to know the size of carrots to put them back in the slot. This looks simple but it is a challenge for them. Toddler will develop fine motor skills, hand-eye cooperation, size and shape recognition on this Montessori wooden toys. It is a great toy for learning. The Carrot shape game is suitable for toddlers. Kids will love it and it will always be attractive to them. The best gift for preschool is also the best gift for kindergarten. They will provide a fully satisfied service for you at any time. If there is an issue with carrot toys, please do not hesitate to contact them, they will try to make it right for you. Add your items to your cart. Let's harvest!

Brand: Hamsoo

👤This is small and sturdy, like a picture, but smaller. The green leaves could be chewed or sucked off, which is a safety issue. The age to play with is correct but needs to be bigger with painted leaves. Don't play on the phone. It's a Christmas gift, but I think it will keep my granddaughter entertained.

👤I thought the product looked fun when I first saw it. I wanted to get it for my grandson immediately when I realized it was a Montessori toy. I raised my kids in a Montessori school. After 20 years, my daughter picked up in its value and as soon as we opened the box for home, he enjoyed playing with it.

👤I returned the product because it was missing a carrot. Re ordered it and never received it.

👤This is small. It looked bigger in the picture. I was surprised at how small it was. If I had known, I wouldn't have bought it.

👤An alternative to a traditional peg board activity. My toddler has limited interest in it at the moment, but I am hoping that will change. I am hoping to use it to help her improve her hand-eye coordination skills and to engage her in pretend play.

👤Heavy Duty is the best way to describe the puzzle. They will not choke if they put in mouth. There are a lot of carrots. A child can learn how to place carrots in the correct spot by playing with the puzzle.

👤The paint was thick and bubbled and it presented a risk for our baby who would put the toy parts in her mouth. The brochure said that the baby will get it wet. I did not recommend this toy.

👤My 16 month old is playing with this toy.

10. KIDWILL Hammering Pounding Educational Xylophone

KIDWILL Hammering Pounding Educational Xylophone

The 3rd generation plush fabric is pill-free and stain- resistant. Baking soda powder can be used to remove stains. The PP cotton is soft in the summer. Solid wood and Medium Density Fiber are not heavy to rock. The material used for toys safety standards is strict. It's a good rocking horse nursery or rocking chair for a kid. A multifunctional toy set includes a pounding bench, musical xylophone, and number maze puzzle. Hit the pegs on the bench and the hamsters will show their naughty smiles. Two hammers &mallets with number maze puzzles in the other side allows two or more kids to share joy together. The pounding act strengthens arm muscles. The 8-note xylophone playing encourages musical development. Number maze puzzles help with number recognition. Made with high quality wood, it is sturdy and smooth. Water-based paint was used. Children are protected when babies play. This unique learning toy is fully tested to meet the highest standards and will be an excellent toy for preschool baby toddler boys and girls. A great gift idea for kids birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more is the Perfectly designed for small hands to grasp and touch. What do you get? The toy is heavy. 2*Hammer; 2*Mallet.

Brand: Kidwill

👤The toy was disappointing. I got it for my son and I wouldn't give it to him. The first thing I noticed when I opened the shipping box was that there was a warning not to give it to anyone under 3 years old, as some pieces may be a choking hazard. I found many other problems when I looked at the toy. There was a piece of glue on one of the hammers that had dried. The glue on the toy was indicative of the quality, but it wasn't a problem. The frame of the plywood had a long hole that could cause splinters. I picked up a mallet to go up the scale, but the notes were wrong. It was a bunch of random noises. He will learn from that that he hates music. It will cost me more to return it than I paid, but there is no value here. It is going to the trash. The seller went out of his way to reply to my review. He is willing to give us a refund and he appears to be very sincere, as he says he has changed the manufacturer to ensure better quality. I have raised the rating here from 1 star to 2 and will add more details as they arise. The seller offered me a partial refund if I took down the review. I explained in several emails that I would leave the review up but add details of the customer service I received. I thought the review would be positive because of my overall experience, even though I still have some issues with the product. They tried to bribe me to not review the toy. I have changed the rating back to 1 star.

👤I was not expecting this toy to be so cool. It has 2 hammers and 2 mallets. Two kids can use it at the same time. The maze is a challenge for the kids. Overall, it's a nice design.

👤A sturdy toy. I have a hammer toy that is a little more expensive, but I prefer this one because of the multiple fidget plays that keep my LO busy. My 2.5 year old toddler loves the xylophone more than the hammer, as shown in the video. She doesn't like the numbered buttons. It's good to have multiple things to do in a single toy.

👤My grandson loves playing whack-a-mole. The moving numbers are a challenge for his fine motor skills, so we play them together, which is fun for me. He thinks the xylophone is a symphony and uses a mallet in each hand to play it. I like the smooth edges and fine crafting of this toy. I like that this toy is made of wood, and that it is a good solid toy for him.

👤We love this toy. One of the toys the baby plays with all day long. The sticks were used to play the xylophone. She is too old for that. When she is more coordinated and less likely to put her own eye out, they will most likely be given to her. One of the sliding counting wood disks came cracked in half, but she has a wooden kitchen spoon that does the job for now. It is possible to glue and tighten it. Not a big deal for me to return it. I would have returned for another one if I had given it to me.

11. Keyboard Xylophone Instrument Learning Developmental

Keyboard Xylophone Instrument Learning Developmental

The toy is fully tested to the highest U.S. standards and European standards. The package is about 2 pounds. There is only one parking lot that needs to be assembled and that is at the bottom. Toddler toys can be used as baby piano, kids drum set or xylophone. When kids are playing, they will hear pleasant sounds and see flashing lights. Easter gift for kids, Easter basket stuffers, a great toddler boy girl toys. Learning and education toys for babies help them learn numbers, colors, and animals. By hitting drums or xylophone or playing piano keyboard will help baby's eye-hand coordination and develop good motor skills. The cute appearance and touch-sensitive button design make it easier to attract your children to play. The volume adjustment button can be used without making noise. This is a great sensory toy for toddlers. Their baby girl boy toys are made of high-quality plastic and are lead-free. Babies and toddlers can enjoy the soft lights and music. There are great baby toys. The baby musical toy is a great preschool learning toy, which will be a great gift idea, such as holidays, birthdays and children's New Year. It's good to be your first toys.

Brand: Augtoy

👤My 18 month old granddaughter loves it. See for yourself. I think it's a good idea. If you forget to turn the switch off, it will turn off automatically.

👤Our daughter received two "talking" toys at Christmas, one of which is her favorite. I like that it has a kid's voice. It has different modes. There is a yellow button between the piano, guitar, solmization, and trumpet. I forget. She doesn't know the difference between the right and the left, but there's a switch on the right. It varies between xylophone, animals, and colors. Some of the words can sound dirty, but it's a kid's toy, like one of the video reviews demonstrated. I've heard one do that before. "four" and "horse" sound a bit like "whores." When not interacting with her for a while, the "bye-bye" it says is a nickname we use for her, so it usually draws her attention back to it. There are also five additional modes, including one where you smack the drums that light up. Our nearly 8-month-old is too young to follow that, but she loves hitting/chewing the cymbals and watching the flashing lights. It also has legs that can be used for sitting and tummy play. Because it does. drumsticks can be stored on the bottom of the unit to prevent them from getting lost. This item has been great, especially since the price was paid. It's one of her favorite toys to play with, so much so that the more expensive Fisher Price interactive toy she got from her grandparents barely gets any attention!

👤I was surprised to find that my child learned to say "bye" after playing the toy for a day and a half. It happened this morning. After my baby stopped playing with this toy, he heard it say "bye bye" and he repeated it. This made my day. I realized that there are more functions than I thought, like the animal mode, which is fun and educational. When my little one is older, I will give him the drumsticks and let him explore the music toy in a different way, because he likes playing the electronic piano/xylophone/drums by using his little hands and fingers.

👤My baby was interested in xylophone. I decided to buy one for my 1st birthday. I ordered one because it looks like it has a lot to offer and the package arrived quickly. It is so good. It is packed with many modes to play, even a mode of whack-a-mole. I am still learning how to play. The baby likes to hit on the drums and xylophone and listen to the animal sounds. We will play with it over the years. A few 5 year olds visited us last weekend and love to play it. It is plastic and looks stable. The assembly is very easy. I am glad we bought it.

👤The toy clearly says whore, not horse. I can't imagine how this would havePukiWikiPukiWikid past any testing, it had to be a bad joke.


What is the best product for best toys for 1 year old boys montessori?

Best toys for 1 year old boys montessori products from Looikoos. In this article about best toys for 1 year old boys montessori you can see why people choose the product. Exorany and Wood City are also good brands to look for when you are finding best toys for 1 year old boys montessori.

What are the best brands for best toys for 1 year old boys montessori?

Looikoos, Exorany and Wood City are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best toys for 1 year old boys montessori. Find the detail in this article. Rolimate, Opqjbk and Learning Resources are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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