Best Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Brain Development

Boys 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Autistic Children Developmental Birthday Montessori

Autistic Children Developmental Birthday Montessori

Colorful and cute animal wooden puzzles, exquisite gift boxes, and easy-to-store storage bags are included. It is the best easter christmas gifts for kids. The Shape-Sorter is part of the Kids line of toys. The plastic blocks and soft balls are in a cuboid made of elastic bands. Your baby will learn logic and problem-solving skills while having a fun shape- learning experience. Easter basket stuffers for kids. Babies around 1 year old can't play with ordinary shape toys. The baby boy toys are the best entry choice. The string around the box gives enough tension for the kid to strengthen their fine motor skills, and the six shape blocks are easy to grip. Babies push the shapes into the sensory bin through elastic bands. The elastic rope of the Band will not break, and will not scratch your baby's hands, even if you pull it in a different way. The kids like colorful design. Babies and toddlers can practice important areas of development with this baby learning toys, including but not limited to motor skills, coordination, spatial reasoning, color and shape identification, cause and effect reasoning, and problem solving. Help to improve the baby's hand eye coordination. The educational toys frame is made of high quality plastic and has rounded corners, which are soft and safe for children. There are sensory toys for toddlers and montessori toys for babies.

Brand: Tsomtto

👤My daughter is 18 months old and she loves it. It's easy for her to understand.

👤She likes to put the pieces back in before putting them in her toy box at the end of the day. She likes using the more challenging sides and putting her favorite smaller toys in it, which she thinks is very clever and funny.

👤I don't know why the review item mentions the suction factor. The bands have held up well, all 3 of my younger kids liked them. Simple to use and fun to play with. Simple fun without loud noises or batteries. I would buy it again.

👤A cute little toy is liked by an 18 month old. He likes putting stuff in.

👤My kids are 1-8 years old and like this toy.

👤I own in home care. It was not durable.

👤My grandson was a micro preemie. This was favorited because he is 16 months old. The best sensory and skill toy is colorful. I will have to buy one for my house as well.

2. STEAM Life Plush Bear Baby

STEAM Life Plush Bear Baby

The push and go cars underwent an ultimate strength test. The friction car toys could be used for a lifetime, even if the children smash them to the floor or wall. The musical toy is perfect for babies up to 36 months. The texture of the bear toy piano is short velvet fabric, which does not irritate the skin of the baby, does not shed, and will not fade. It's just super comfortable, safe and durable. If you want your baby to be the next Einstein, this is a great soft educational baby toy. Light Up Soothing Baby Toy plays 12 classic songs in addition to sounds of nature and funny sounds. The baby toy has sounds. Babies will enjoy the sounds of animals. The baby toys will provide a lot of healthy stimulation, and mom and baby will not be disappointed. The quality of fun is high. The newborn toys are made from non-toxic safe and durable materials, and at 7 inches, the perfect sized baby girl toys baby boy toy for infants, babies and toddlers. The STEAM Life baby and toddler music toy is portable and will become your child's new best friend. Need the perfect baby shower toy or birthday gift? You found it. A soft stuffed animal. This is a musical toy for toddlers and a light up toy for babies. It's a perfect gender neutral baby gift. Buy with confidence and get a 12 month guarantee. They will replace your baby boy toys at no charge if they break within the first year of ownership. Customer satisfaction is a priority for STEAM Life.

Brand: Steam Life

👤I thought it would be a little bigger than it is. I took a star off because the pictures made it look bigger than it was. I took the other star off because it could have batteries already in it. My screwdriver is too big to fit into the screw to put batteries in. I bought this for my daughter's 1st birthday and she doesn't play with it like she does her other toys. She will throw it in the middle of the floor and play with her other toys, she is very disinterested. It can be a good gift for other kids, it was just a miss for my baby. Hope this helps someone.

👤My 3 month old granddaughter loves playing with this toy. It has been helpful to occupy her. She stops to look when I turn it on. There are so many different tunes. The only negative is that it's a little loud. She doesn't mind, but I think if you are using it to put baby to sleep it might keep them awake.

👤Our 15-month-old girl loves it because it makes music and entertains her. Our three-year-old seems to like it as well. The moment they play with the five-year-old comes to mind. Everyone seems to be enjoying it. I think it is worth it for the price. Doesn't take up a lot of space.

👤My daughter seems to like this toy. I love how easy it is for her to click the buttons on most toys that have buttons on the inside. I have to click them to turn it on for her. She can change the settings on her own. The elephant part is soft and would be great for babies who are about one year old. This is a first toy that I would recommend.

👤The hardest part is that you couldn't put the batteries in. It is very difficult.

👤My 14 month old loves this thing. It only has one volume and it is less annoying than most other musical toys. The button placement and elephant trunk is a design flaw. The only button that lights up is covered by the trunk. If they put the light up button to the side or lower, it would have been a lot smarter. When it is switched on but not making noise, it makes a weird laughing sound that I would consider to be a baby laughing sound, we just laugh it off. If there was one toy that I wouldn't want to be haunted, it would be this one.

👤My baby loves this toy. The orange part is plushy. This is my daughter's first toy and she is very happy with it. I am happy I purchased this product.

👤I expected it to be bigger. It's about hand size. The packaging says 6 months and up, but the listing says 0-6 months. I bought them for my grandsons and I think they'll be fun. Takes 2 AA batteries.

3. XIAPIA Tricycle Thanksgiving Christmas Dalmatian

XIAPIA Tricycle Thanksgiving Christmas Dalmatian

Ages for 10 to 36 months. It takes 2 minutes to assemble. The god will give your kids the greatest gift. A unique gift to give is to teach your Princess or Knight to push with their feet and maintain their balance while sitting and moving. Gain coordination and confidence at an early age. Enhance leg strength. The design secrets are from XIAPIA Bee Baby Bike. The fully enclosed wheel does not allow pedals to be used. A 135 degree turning and pyramid base design is needed to prevent the baby side from falling down. The baby balance bike is made of carbon steel. The handle bar and wheel are made of EVA. XIAPIA bikes were used in all security effectiveness tests and performed well. They are continuously developing and creating green environmental protection type skin care technologies for you and your babies, so as to achieve your satisfaction and recognition. That will make your baby's face smile. Ages for 10 to 36 months. It takes 2 minutes to assemble. The god will give your kids the greatest gift.

Brand: Xiapia

👤A very cute birthday gift. It was perfect size and he immediately jumped on and began to move around the room. The stick on eyes are the only compliment so far, they are too easy to come off, and would be better if they were painted on eyes. He doesn't care either way. Does hold up to the weight of his big sister, who insists on riding it as well? Hopefully it will last until he is big as she hasn't had it yet, but a couple months. It seems like it is holding up to the abuse that can happen with children.

👤I assembled it within 10 minutes after it arrived. It was fairly easy. My one year old asked to play with it. It only took him a short time to learn how to ride it. He wants to play with it every day. A few mothers in our neighbourhood asked where to get it. A good purchase!

👤I have 2 grandsons. This is great for both of them. There is a lot of room for them in our basement, because we redid it to be "kid and pet friendly". It's very sturdy and easy to assemble. It seems pretty durable for a 1 and 3 year old. It gets a lot of use when they are around. Good product. Very happy with it.

👤The bike is adorable. My 1 year old loves dogs. We love it. The eyes are from the first day. They won't last long because of the part that bubble up. It is going to be a dog bike.

👤A great bike to teach your kids to ride. Although he is a little short, my son can fit on it. It takes a lot of effort to make the bike move. He is usually at the very tip of the seat. It is easy to move around. If you have a crazy ambitious boy like mines, when riding this bike at a fast pace, it can tip over when turning.

👤The quality of the tricycle is not good. When I received it, I thought it was used, so I exchanged it and got another one, and it was the same. I think they don't have a good finish. It is not painted and has a sticker on it. It is better than other tricycles. Others are small. It is good if you can ignore the not perfect finishing.

👤The first one was disappointing because of the seat holes. The exchange was easy and the replacement was great. My grandson is only 8 months old, but he seems to like it, but not as much as his brother. All the way around is a plus.

👤It is cute, great quality, and sturdy. I think my son is too young because he looses his balance and sometimes tips over. That is the whole purpose of this bike. It should be fun for him to teach them balance.

👤I bought this item for my 18 month old granddaughter after an evening of stress and being taken to the hospital. I have never left a negative review in my life, but I will not hesitate after what happened today. This bike is not stable. My granddaughter tipped over the handle bars, and as she faced the floor, she split her lip and lost her teeth. We witnessed it all, with 3 adults watching her, we could not get to her fast enough to prevent the fall, which left her with permanent facial damage. I am thankful that she is not in the hospital with a serious head injury or a broken lip. I wouldn't ever recommend this item. I will be looking at legal advice to take against the manufacturers of this item. Do not buy ours, it is in the bin.

4. MOBI ZIPPEE Activity Development Phthalate

MOBI ZIPPEE Activity Development Phthalate

Risk-free, fun, and ENGAGING! The batteries are for infants, babies, toddlers and early learners of ages 6 to 36 months. The Zippee is a multi-sensory toy for boys and girls. Recommended for children 18 months and older. Your kids will have a lot of fun while learning a lot. It's recommended for ages 18 months+. They design their products with a purpose. They took the time to design the Zippee with a team of doctor's, Therapist's, and Parents to encourage and support fine and gross motor skills, sensory exploration, midline play and cause and effect. Many young kids become overwhelmed by tv's and tablets. The bright colors of the educational toy help your baby see. Tactile response is promoted by the use of flexible and soft edges, textured cords and easy to hold grips. Pull the cords from side to side to hear and feel the different sounds of the cords. Zippee peaks and keeps a baby curious while narrowing in on play that creates connection within their brain. Zippee isn't a teether. For 18 months+, Zippee is a good activity toy. Food grade Silicone is free of the harmful chemicals thalate and bp. It's easy to clean (warm water or top rack of dishwasher). The standards for safety testing in North America are strict. This toy will help develop the way your baby will learn, laugh and have fun!

Brand: MÖbi

👤I have a dislike for this toy. It was advertised as a toy for 6 months. It was confusing since some of the description said 6 months+ and other parts said 18 months+. There was a picture of a baby that was younger than 18 months. I bought the toy thinking it was accurate. It is a well made colorful toy. When I gave it to our daughter, she tried to swallow one of the ends. I was able to pull it away. This would have been a huge hazard if I had not watched her so closely. The balls in the end are the right size to get stuck in. The seller was great to deal with. They said that they used to advertise it from 6 months to 18 months but changed it due to some buyers being concerned. The toy is intended to pull on strings, not teething. The picture of the small baby playing with the toy was removed by the seller. They offered to send our daughter an age appropriate toy, but it never arrived. We decided to keep the toy. Our daughter plays with the yellow string, but the rest of the time she just tries to mouth it. If she grows to like pulling the strings, the future will show that. It was a 1 star toy for what it is. If it can catch our daughter's attention, I will increase the rating, but only if it can be used as intended, and she will either throw it or start playing with it. I don't recommend buying it for a child that is still teething every toy and follow the recommended age for this toy. The company contacted me again and I was updated to 4 stars. I like how much they stand behind their product and how great their consumer service is, that makes up for the initial confusion about age appropriateness.

👤My baby shoved one of the balls down his throat. It's a toy for 6 months, but then I checked and there's a warning about the risk of choking, and not to be used under 3 years old. We will not be using this toy and will return it.

👤I bought this for my toddlers because I am an early childhood educator. This is very entertaining to them, it works well as a restaurant/car toy, and it is perfect for writing. This is a wonderful tool that can be used to strengthen hand muscles before a child can grasp a pencil. I can not say enough good things about it.

👤Our 15 month old is enjoying this toy. She liked looking at the colors. She was able to pull the yellow ring cord. The other cords were more difficult. It is not easy for her. It will give her something to work on. She liked watching the cords bounce around. The sensory toy will help strengthen motor skills and encourage language development. It was a perfect addition that kept our little one busy.

5. MAGIFIRE Montessori Preschool Educational Recognition

MAGIFIRE Montessori Preschool Educational Recognition

There is a happiness guarantee. Top Bright's mission is to make toddlers and parents happy. If you and your toddler are dissatisfied with the toy or the quality, please contact them and they will make it right. 12 eggs in a carton will help preschoolers learn to count, sort, and match. The plastic eggs have pegs and holes. It's the perfect Easter gift for your child. The durable case is included. The toddler toy is made with top quality materials. The sturdy plastic case is convenient for quick and easy storage when it's time to pack away. BASIC LIFE SKILLS. The right educational toys can help build smart minds. These bright, interactive eggs will improve hand dexterity, color recognition, and fine motor skills. The design is friendly. The shape of these smooth easter eggs makes them perfect for little hands. They'll be able to pull them apart easily, encouraging independent play. It's great for 2 and 3 year olds. 100% money back guarantee. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and life time replacement for faulty items if you're not 100% satisfied with their product.

Brand: Magifire

👤This is great if your baby loves throwing things. There are more objects they can throw. My son is a little young to figure out the whole puzzle factor to this toy but he loves taking the eggs apart and throwing them. These are fun to spin. My son loves watching the eggs spin. It might be more enjoyable for me. He has a lot of toys.

👤The toy looked like a cute one for a young child. The description says it's for a young child. It arrived. The eggs are small in the "egg" crate, which is a styrofoam type crate. There is a clear label on the bottom of the packaging that states that it is not suitable for children under 3. The possibility of poisonous dyes, paints, and other things is raised when the product is made in China. Returned in good condition. Save yourself from a lot of trouble.

👤The eggs help coordination for little kids. It could definitely be used in occupational therapy. The magnetic little eggs have different shapes and it is not as easy for little kids to pull apart as it looks, but that is fine because it is great to build those fine motor skills! The brand sells larger packs than the 12 pack. If you are an occupational therapist, you might want to have the larger pack. I got a small pack for my baby.

👤My grandson loved this. It is a small toy. When the crate clicks, the eggs are snug in it. Brightly colored, smooth pieces are perfect for a one year old. Great product.

👤I was excited when it arrived, I bought it for my baby. I opened the envelope in which this arrived. It was thrown in with a flimsy cardboard sleeve. The toy and cardboard had no brand name on them. It was made in China. I don't want my baby to play with this and put it in his mouth without more information. I will not buy toys from Amazon anymore.

👤My daughter loves these. They are teaching shapes and colors. They come in a cute carton which is very durable and doesn't pop open easily so my littles don't just dump them whenever they want. The price was more affordable than other brands because they were durable and great quality. They work well with my 5 year old. My kids like to open and pair the egg pieces over and over, so be aware that the pieces don't click together, which could bug some children. It has not been an issue for us.

👤My son loves them. He can match the colors inside with ease. He has been using them to stamp his playdough. Cute.

👤It is dirty and scratched up. I returned it because it looked used. The product would have been better if they used heavier material. The eggs are light and cheap. The box says not for children under 3.

6. Electronic Interactive Alphabet Educational Preschool

Electronic Interactive Alphabet Educational Preschool

You will get a baby mat toy, a gift box, and a user manual. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not happy with their baby stuff. The Interactive ABC wall is fun and educational. The poster will complement your child's room. Colorful attractive design will provide hours of fun exploration and learning for your little one. The alphabet poster helps your child develop new skills. There is an interactive poster with shapes, colors, word association, Spelling and Phonics, and Quiz games with encouragement and feedback. There is a double-sided alphaBET WALL CHART. The educational charts help boys and girls learn numbers from 1-10, Letters A-Z, learning animal, learning food, singing and dancing to popular kids songs. For children, preschoolers and early learners. It's a good idea to hang it on the wall or on the desk table. There are no messy toys to clean up. The back and sides of the product are wrapped with waterproof cloth to prevent fingers from scratching. The materials used to make the alphabet toys are green. The alphabet wall chart is the best birthday gift for kids because it keeps them busy and reduces screen time, it is easy to press buttons and gives parents a nice break.

Brand: Hony

👤I have been a 5 star teacher for 18 years and am a mother to 3 kids. I don't want to be rude, but the Asian accept spoken by the voice on this makes it impossible for kids or me to understand what it is saying, which means every question it asks is wrong. The back side of this doesn't seem to have buttons or talk, only the alphabet side which I didn't realize, maybe my computer is malfunctioning. The buttons are difficult to press and it's frustrating when you have kids. I don't like the choices used to represent letters like Hamburger and French fries. Kids don't need to be taught that junk food is boring. If your looking for something loud with buttons, but it can't be understood or work properly, all of the kids in my classroom stopped using it after the first day. I wanted to like this but I have to give an honest review.

👤I bought this for my sister's grand daughter on her birthday. She was excited to use it. It is convenient and child friendly.

👤The child and her siblings are happy.

👤The price was right and useful. This is a good way to teach my granddaughter.

👤Very user friendly. It's sensitive to the touch for little fingers.

👤My toddlers love it and all the songs as well.

👤A learning toy for our 3 year old.

7. Winning Stacking Learning Developmental Montessori

Winning Stacking Learning Developmental Montessori

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The toys are painted with multiple layers. They use premium beech from New Zealand to make transparent water-based paint which is safe and won't fade. Their goal is your child's safety and satisfaction. The wooden toy has a 12 month warranty. They will reply to your question within 24 hours. The fine motor promotion. The pound a ball is ideal for hammering practice and promotes dexterity, hand eye coordination, manipulation, arm movement, cause and effect. Kid friendly. The design of hammer and balls is suitable for little hands. Your child will love seeing the ball slide. Easy play. The smooth-sanded balls Drop down after being hammered and then roll down the ramp on the bottom tray. It's helpful to grow up your infant's mind with this particular pounding ball action toy. A great gift idea. A pound ball is a perfect birthday gift. They'll unwrap it at the party.

Brand: Playkidz

👤These balls are too small for this age group, they are not as big as they look in the picture. My 2 year old granddaughter almost died when she got a ball in her mouth. It almost necessitated an ER call. The thing was thrown in the trash.

👤Our grandson plays with this every time he's at our house. He likes to watch the ball and the hole roll down the track. A+ for learning and fun and B- for strength. He loves this toy and it could be made more sturdy, but he does.

👤My toddler and his playmates like this toy. Balls from other toys get stuck in the tubes when my son puts them inside. My son tends to pick the whole thing up and throw it down when this happens. He has been taught to bring it to me when he needs help. It had a fair amount of abuse before that. I put the toy away further away from the other toys so he wouldn't have to play with them again. I still have to fish out balls and other toys that are not fitting, but it's not a big deal and the toy continues to hold up. My son doesn't like the hammer part.

👤When our children were small, we had a toy similar to this, but it was only one level, and I searched hard to find one like it. I tried a cheaper one that was flimsy and not as good. I spent the extra few dollars to get this one and am happy I did. He loves to pound the hammer to make them go through, but sometimes he just pushes them through with his hand. He gets to watch them play down the ramps. It was bright colors that attracted his attention. He has been playing with this toy for the last two months and it still looks new.

👤Since it arrived, this has been one of our little one's favorite toys. The little air holes in the tubes allow the removal of objects that get jammed inside of the toy. This thing has been used as a toy, a ladder, a shot-put, and as a mallet to beat other toys, and shows no signs of wear so far. The top holds all of the balls and still works as new. The only way to improve this would be to make the base tilt a little so that gravity pulls the balls out. Our play room is carpeted and the balls don't usually end up in the tray without adult intervention. It's a small complaint.

👤Everything made in China is over my head. The product looks great. The idea is really good. It is not. It breaks easily. We get the cheap stuff when they get the good stuff from China. Purchase American made goods. This is one of many items I bought in the last few days or weeks where I know it won't last. I remember ordering from Amazon and having to haul the box inside, now it is as light as paper. I will be canceling my Amazon account because of this cheap garbage from China. No one wants to waste their money. This review is for everything in Amazon. I'm done with it. Going to mom and pop shops. If they are open. Doesn't anyone else feel the effect of this?

8. TOP BRIGHT Activity Educational Toddlers

TOP BRIGHT Activity Educational Toddlers

Buy with confidence and get a 12 month guarantee. They will replace your baby boy toys at no charge if they break within the first year of ownership. Customer satisfaction is a priority for STEAM Life. The classic todler play. The wooden cube toy is a good educational toy for toddlers. There are 7 sides of fun, bright and cheerful solid wooden activity cube, multi-functional design, no assembly required, no dangerous small parts. The baby's various abilities can be better exercised with a variety of ways. The baby activity cube is used by 1 year old boys and girls. It's the mom's priority gift for a one year old boy and girl. There is a multi-functional TREASURE CHEST. The baby activity cube has a rich cover on the top and is designed with a bead effect. There are different activities on each side, including a wooden bead maze, color counting beads, rainbow gear, recognition clock, shape sorter, digital animal flip board and fun maze. It's a great educational toy for 1 year olds that encourages them to recognize shapes, colors and develop fine movements. Process and material. The wooden activity cube is made of high quality wood. The activity cube has a smooth edge, round chamfer, and non-toxic water-based paint, which make it safe for your toddler, and it has passed the American ASTM and CPC tests. They know you want the best toy for your child, so let your baby play at will. It's the best toy for a girl and boy. More fun for kids. The activity cube toy for 1-year-olds is fun to play with. Their baby toys are bright with cute cartoon animal faces that attract babys attention quickly and make them want to play with them. The activity center for toddlers is stylish and offers hours of fun. It's the perfect gift for preschool education. The baby activity cube toy is a good gift for toddlers. This 1 year old gift has educational meanings, makes your child happy and brings you joy and laughter, which allows your baby to try out all the fun activities. The toy encourages creativity, develops thinking and coordination skills, and enhances cognitive ability. A baby gift is ideal.

Brand: Top Bright

👤My 18 month old son loves this cube. It has a lot of activities to keep him entertained. This is a great educational toy. The activity cube arrived in good condition. It is very safe for children to play with because the pieces are not broken or loose. The cube is light so my son can carry it. This item is very good.

👤I researched a few maze toys and this one seemed to have a good combination of activities, especially for the price. There are 6 sides instead of 4. He likes the side with the gear on the toys. My 10-month old can pick up the toy and place it on its side so it's not super sturdy and I have to constantly turn it back to the right side. The maze can be put on top or turned inward. The baby can easily knock it off the base but he plays with it on the carpet so it's not a big deal. The animals are cute and I think I trust the test reports.

👤My toddler has had this for a year and has not complained. I would compare this to stepping on Lego blocks as a parent. The little guy loves taking the top off and leaving it in random places. The maze wire doesn't make it to peripheral vision. We have stepped on this thing many times. It's called the "toe breaker" by his wife. You don't notice it on the floor. I would glue the top to the base on the first day if I had to do it all over again. He has finally removed the wooden gears after much use.

👤3 year old was immediately interested and one year old was also interested. Both wanted to play with it. Excellent quality item.

👤A great toy for a 1 year old. It is colorful and will catch the attention of the little girl who will receive it for Christmas. It has a lot of different activities for a toddler to do. The quality and appearance of this toy is very good. I am sure it will be a favorite toy.

👤I bought this for the baby to have a fun toy that would encourage him to stand and be sturdy enough to help hold him up. I returned it because it didn't fit the bill. The lid can be flipped upside down for easy storage. When my baby was playing with it, there was no way to secure the lid to the base, so he ripped the top off and hit himself. I was looking for minimal support, but it wasn't going to happen.

👤I'm looking for a medium activity cube to put on a table and this one is perfect for my baby. She can play with it for an hour.

👤I bought this for my grandson. The top is not attached to the base. I'm afraid he'll hurt himself. I will return it.

👤There are a lot of activities on this toy. It is age appropriate for my 1 year old and she enjoys it. I thought it would be bigger than it is, but it is not. It's not great for storing the shapes from the shape sorter because it doesn't have a bottom, but it's not a major issue. The wood is strudy enough to survive play, but not as strudy as most wooden toys. It's a good toy for the price, but you need to pay more for something better.

9. TOP BRIGHT Montessori Developmental Educational

TOP BRIGHT Montessori Developmental Educational

We will provide a fully satisfied service for you at any time. If there is an issue with carrot toys, please do not hesitate to contact them, they will try to make it right for you. Add your items to your cart. Let's harvest! 5 In one activity. The activity cube for 1 year old has 5 different activities. There is a bead maze, a Learning clock, a Shape sorter, Spinning gears and a zig zag sliding side. The development toy keeps children busy and entertained. The one year old boy girl toy wooden activity cube is designed to promote fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, shape color recognition and number counting. The wooden baby toys were made from natural solid wood with polished edges and non-toxic water-based paint. The highest toy safety standards were passed. It is a great toy for young children. If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift with educational learning and fun, this toddler toys is the best choice. Parents and teachers will love it. The top bead maze can be played separately, and also flips over and fits inside the box for easy storage. The wooden toy is portable and excellent for toddler travel. The cube is 6 x d and 6 x h.

Brand: Top Bright

👤The blocks that come with the toy are too small. My little got stuck in his mouth. Totally freaked him out. I put the blocks away. It's a fun cube. The cube is larger than a tissue box.

👤The pictures make it seem like this toy was going to be a lot bigger. I was imagining a doctor's office. Especially for the price. I bought this for my son. He is enjoying it. The quality is great, but the pictures are not true to the size of the product. I wish there was something to keep the top attached to it.

👤The toy is cute. I was expecting a bigger size but it was perfect for my toddler. He throws it all over and it is still holding up.

👤I thought it would be more sturdy, but it is cheap. The wooden pieces on the wire frame are difficult to push through. They didn't cut the hole large enough. It's difficult for a 1 year old to push them. That ruins the toy for me.

👤My toddler is still playing with this toy. It's small and doesn't take up much space, but has lots of activities to keep kids occupied. Definitely recommend! I have given this to many babies. It's strong and can take a toddler's abuse.

👤A 1 year old child will love this gift. I thought it would be bigger, but the shapes are small and hard to fit in a child's mouth. The shapes are not usable right now.

👤The toy is very cute. My daughter will like it. Some of the blocks are difficult to maneuver through the wires. The paint job was not good. My daughter won't care, so I'm keeping it, but it would have been very embarrassing if I'd bought it for someone else.

👤It's okay, but I wish the lid was secured better when my grandson moves the small pieces around.

10. CubicFun Adventure Engineering Vehicles Playsets

CubicFun Adventure Engineering Vehicles Playsets

This is a great gift idea for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, dinosaur themed party supplies, or party favors and will make you the favorite parent, aunt, uncle or grandma. There is hours of fun and skill development. The toy cars can be guided through an obstacle and pass 8 challenges, which are great for training and improving kids' motor skills. Kids learn cause and effect through the use of 6 buttons to guide the car. No batteries are required for the built-in mechanical linkage track. Kids can play in the mini cars that are included in the package. It is the perfect solution for when toddlers start throwing things around, because it is made of high quality and durable plastic. Smooth edges and corners are used for securely. The track table vehicle set is designed with a unique color matching to stimulation kids' color perception. It's a good option for kids aged 1-8 playing at home. They are great Christmas Birthday Gifts for Kids. If you have a concern about missing parts, broken parts, not working or any other concern, please contact them on Amazon. They will come up with a solution that is special for you. Hope their products will make you happy. You can contact them on Amazon. You can find the product listing on Amazon. 2. Under the cart, click the name of the game. 3. Click on the button to ask a question.

Brand: Cubicfun

👤The whole family will enjoy this game. A few minutes after we showed her how to play, she learned how to play this. It is a great way to develop kids' motor skills. It was packaged nicely, almost fully assembled, and can be done without any instruction. It is good quality and doesn't require batteries. There is a I really wanted to get one after seeing an ad for it online, it is now available on Amazon. My kids have been playing with this everyday, and my husband and I watch who gets the cars to go all around faster. We all like this toy. Thanks.

👤I saw this toy on a Facebook ad and knew my son would love it. It was so expensive, it was like $70bucks. I came up here and found this. My son has a lot of cars. It is special because it combines tracks and motor. I recommend this toy because you don't have to buy a track that takes up so much space at home.

👤The toy caught the attention of my nephew, right from the beginning. He played with it for 3 hours on the first day. The pieces fit well, the cars run smoothly on the track, and all the motion buttons work. I'm hoping it will last for a long time because he plays it nonstop. I love that he is so focused on it that he tries out different ideas to make the track work differently than it was designed to do, and that he is using his fine motor skills to test the different changes he wants to make. It's a great toy. I hope it can last so long.

👤The box states that this is a toddler toy. The box warns that it's not for children under 3 years old because of the small parts. That's a problem since the age definition for a toddler is 12 - 36 months. A toddler would not be allowed to access this. A young child may be 4 or 5 years old. I think they would get bored. It's very flimsy. The instructions are incomplete so it's hard to put it together. The helicopter that is supposed to pick up the car has no magnetic pull. I'm not sure if it would work because it doesn't go down low enough to connect to the car. It would run into the barrier if it were to get down that low. The stations that rotation the cars don't work because the cars aren't heavy enough to move on their own to the next station.

👤I love this! I gave this to my 4 and 6 year olds and they are 888-349-8884 He loves being able to drive a car without batteries. The toy gets them away from their tablets. I highly recommend!

👤The mail slip was put on the box and the tape was cut open, so it was sent to us. It would have looked horrible if we had given it. All of the pieces were packed so there was nothing missing. My three year old son liked it, it is a neat toy. He liked it because he could figure everything out. You can only use the three cars that are included if you have a helicopter. Since three year olds are great at not losing toys, this thing should be good for a day or two. I had to help him hold it while he played with it because it kept sliding. It is easy to assemble.

11. Rattles Toddlor Bracelet Activity Present

Rattles Toddlor Bracelet Activity Present

The alphabet wall chart is the best birthday gift for kids because it keeps them busy and reduces screen time, it is easy to press buttons and gives parents a nice break. The perfect baby gift is the Soft Baby Rattles toys. It's suitable for baby showers. Baby sprinkle, See gift, Newborn baby gift,Birthday gift,Registry gift, Christmas gift, Christening gift,'Just because-gift' The Baby Rattles set was suitable for babies less than a month old. The baby will not lose the toys or throw them on the ground. Babies can play with the best toys when they're in a stroller, car seat, baby chair, or baby carrier alone. Wrist Rattles and Foot finder socks have bells inside, they are easy to put on and off. Soft and safe for babies to use, it is made of high quality fabric. It's safe for baby to play and can be washed when dirty. Early development. The cute animals and bugs will make the baby want to look at them. It will help them to co-ordinate their hands, feet, and eyes. Strengthening hearing and voice development.

Brand: Bloobloomax

👤These toys are fun. The wrist rattles stay on well since infants wiggle their feet a lot. A great baby gift!

👤I ordered two pairs of little rattle socks. The wristlets are secured with velcro. I have a problem with them because they are too long for an infant's wrist and leave a longtail of fabric after securing the wrist rattle. There is a The sock portion of the set is too large for an infant's foot and would be hard to keep on. The stitching attaching the rattle to the sock appeared to be loose.

👤My only issue with this is that my daughter is 6mths and she doesn't like socks that stay on her feet. They are a big size for a young child.

👤I was not happy when I opened the package. I'm going to have to think of a way to package them as a gift because they look cute. They are in a bag. It's really bad.

👤I wanted a 25 lbs baby. The toys are small around her wrists. They aren't making them more tailored for fit.

👤I was excited for my baby girl to use these, as she is kicking her legs a lot, but I was disappointed in the way they were presented. The socks fell off when I pulled them up. The raddles are so weak that you can't hear them.

👤One did not make noise and the others were very quiet.

👤It's perfect for a baby's wrist. Something they can chew on.


What is the best product for best toys for 1 year old boys brain development?

Best toys for 1 year old boys brain development products from Tsomtto. In this article about best toys for 1 year old boys brain development you can see why people choose the product. Steam Life and Xiapia are also good brands to look for when you are finding best toys for 1 year old boys brain development.

What are the best brands for best toys for 1 year old boys brain development?

Tsomtto, Steam Life and Xiapia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best toys for 1 year old boys brain development. Find the detail in this article.

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