Best Best Toothbrush for Adults Manual

Adults 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Colgate Advanced Optic Toothbrush Medium

Colgate Advanced Optic Toothbrush Medium

The toothbrush has spiral polishing bristles. An ordinary flat trim toothbrush has an advanced multi-action bristle design. The cheek and tongue cleaner is innovative. Removes harmful organisms from teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums. The handle is comfortable for better maneuvering.

Brand: Colgate

👤My fiancĂ©e and I have been using the tooth brush for about 2 months now and we love it. They brush well and don't wear out fast. If you're looking for a stable tooth brush that works and comes from a trusted source, go with this one. If you are looking for a toothbrush that will change the brushing game, I can tell you that this is just a normal toothbrush game. Great to use, but not life changing.

👤5 stars. We are in the throes of a Pandemic so these were necessary. You have to scrub it out.

👤It felt like I was brushing my teeth with metal when I brushed my teeth with this. The rating of hardness is not accurate. The bristles do not bend. I don't think the medium tooth brushes are a good idea. I read a review that said the soft tooth brushes are a bit harder than the usual soft tooth brushes, so maybe if you buy the soft ones, you will get what the mediums are meant to feel like.

👤I've used Oral B tooth brushes for a long time. I decided to try them out. The reviews said the bristles were sharp and scratched. For some reason, I thought that wouldn't happen to me. They were correct. I had bad breath for 3 days after using it twice. I noticed that my teeth were hurting, like they had been scratched with steel, for 4 days. Never looked back after going back to Oral B.

👤I should have ordered soft. The product is still great.

👤I absolutely love them. These are my new favorite toothbrush and I don't think I'll be buying a different one anytime soon. They are very comfortable and reach all my hard to clean places.

👤I was looking for a manual toothbrush to replace an electric one. I would have been happy if my toothbrush had replacement brush heads, but that wasn't the case. The company stopped selling the brushes and I had the choice of getting a manual one or an electric one. I'm happy so far. The quality is excellent.

👤The toothbrush holder is too big for the firm grips. No loss of bristles after a year. They put a horse grooming brush to shame. I've used some old ones and the hardest brush I've ever used. It's not good if you have sensitive gums. I finally decided to go soft brush after mine bled and was sore for months. I can brush my mouth three times a day.

👤The cheek and tounge cleaner on the back does work, but the bristles are hard in the first few uses.

👤Toothbrushes do their job. I think they are a little weak. The first couple of uses made cracking noises. They are comfortable to hold and do their job cleaning teeth.

👤I feel very confident when I buy from Amazon because I know they won't compromise their name for any reason.

👤The small toothbrush is not soft as was described.

2. Colgate Manual Toothbrush Adults Floss Tip

Colgate Manual Toothbrush Adults Floss Tip

A toothbrush with a manual handle and 2 replaceable toothbrush heads reduces waste. When compared to similar sized Colgate toothbrushes, the reuseable, long- lasting, and lightweight aluminum handle helps reduce the use of plastic by 80%. A handle grip that doesn't slip. Soft toothbrush floss-tip bristles are not meant to replace flossing. The toothbrush has a tongue and cheek cleaner on it. The toothbrush handle is made from recycled packaging for a better brush.

Brand: Colgate

👤This is a good idea for a product. All the stores near me are out of stock or don't carry it, so I was very excited to finally find one. The brush is very rough. It feels like it's gone. I don't recommend. I hope they offer more types in the future.

👤Absolutely terrible design. I have been using the best toothbrush ever, the 360, for years and I was excited to see this alternative. It is awful. The toothbrush tip is plastic and the handle is metal. The metal handle hits your teeth when you brush your teeth with it, because the tip isn't long enough. The surface area of the scraper is smaller. It was not a good experience. Stick to the original.

👤There are 2 packs, 6 count, in the description. I received a starter kit. When I returned it, it said I ordered a starter kit that was not what I ordered. I looked at the order and it said it was the refill, like I was buying the item again. What you get compared to the description is not correct.

👤It's a toothbrush. But with a changeable brush. Those who don't like plastic parts and waste/create trash... This is a nice change.

👤I like the idea of just replacing the heads of the toothbrush and not using the main part. A little bit can help.

👤The toothbrush is the best I have ever used. The bristles on the brush are soft and gentle on sensitive teeth. The base has a little weight to it, which is nice, compared to a cheap plastic base. It is very convenient to change the heads at any time and keep your base as long as you want. I would recommend this toothbrush because it is better than regular plastic ones.

👤I don't fit in any holder and only have one option, which is the handle in hand. It's ten bucks for a stronger toothbrush, and it's sitting there.

👤I like the shape and feel of the metal handle. I use it for quick cleaning after a drink. I guess. It would be unfair to compare it to that level of cleanliness as I use an electric brush after meals and it would not do well after a meal. The box was made of paper and not plastic. If you can afford a few extra dollars to spare the planet some plastic garbage, then this is the brush for you.

👤After a lot of reviews, I bought this toothbrush. This is the best manual toothbrush I have ever used. Colgate did a great job with this product. It's easy to hold and brush. Time will tell if the build quality lasts. It is the best thing to replace the brush head. What more can you ask for?

👤I like the way the toothbrush feels. My teeth are clean after use. This is the second item I have. My daughter likes hers too.

👤Muy buen cepillo tiene un poco al impacto, pero aparte, quiere aqu.

3. Oral B Charcoal Toothbrush Whitening Therapy

Oral B Charcoal Toothbrush Whitening Therapy

The bristles are charcoal infused. Whitens teeth by removing stains. The power tip bristles are long to help clean hard to reach places. The outer bristles gently massage your teeth. Cleans your tongue and cheeks.

Brand: Oral-b

👤I have to confess that I didn't care about charcoal or anything else. I bought it because I wanted my wife and I to distinguish between my brush and hers. I am color blind. The colors on the bottom of the brush are meaningless. My wife and I have been using the oral-b pulsar and like them, but I am grabbing hers and she is grabbing the other because it is dry. I knew I had a winner when I saw the solid black. I realized how novel it was to have a black toothbrush when they came in. I have had the oral b blue brushes, but they are black. After using it, there was a big surprise. I liked the shape of the head, the soft bristles, and the color. I fee like my teeth are whitened after a week of use. I rarely have a toothbrush that isn't a tool. I am really pleased with this brush, but I have a problem if my wife likes it, we will be back where we started.

👤I don't want you to buy these, so there's more for me. I know my way around a toothbrush because my mom and dad worked in dentistry. As an adult, I became very picky when it came to my oral hygiene because we always had nice brushes. Over the years, I have tried almost every brand and I can say that the brushes are amazing. The brush head-size is a little bigger than normal, which I like. The bristles are firm enough to fight plaque. The color of the brush is the only thing I notice with the charcoal. The brush and bristles make the difference, I think. We will definitely be buying more in the future.

👤Game changing. It is where it is at. I stress brush. I take all my stress and put it into brushing. It's taking away my teeth. I had to use my left hand to brush left. It was handed to me. I can't do anything left handed. I don't know why I have a left hand. This brush is a game-changing change. It is very soft. It doesn't tear at my teeth. It cleans my teeth. My mouth feels fresh. There is a huge difference. The tooth brush is soft but the bristles are softer. How amazing is that? I don't have to buy one every time. The best place to buy them is here since they are never in the store.

👤I bought two packs. The product description states that colors may vary. I received one black, one dark blue, one dark purple, and one that seems to be light purple or dark pink from the two packages. I would like to receive all black. They're all pretty.

👤I think the jury is out. I have been using this product for 4 months and I don't see any difference. I don't notice that my teeth are discolored. Maybe it is keeping the status quo. I don't drink coffee or drinks that stain my teeth, but I was hoping to make them brighter by doing so. I will continue to use it. I like the black bristles.

4. Oral B Manual Toothbrush Replacement Magnetic

Oral B Manual Toothbrush Replacement Magnetic

The Oral-B Clock is a revolutionary toothbrush that combines modern design with excellent cleaning performance. The Oral-B Clic has a magnetic holder. Ex-filament technology is used in Next Gen criss-cross bristles. The Oral-B Clic toothbrush uses up to 60% less plastic over 2 years than the regular manual toothbrush. The bathroom wall is perfect for the storage of your brush.

Brand: Oral-b

👤You're going to think you're being silly if you don't hold one in your hand. Has a nice heft. The replaceable head has a ball bearing that clicks into place like a mechanical time piece. It is easy to swap the head. If you don't drop the toothbrush on the floor, it will still feel great. The finish on this thing is amazing, and wouldn't look out of place in an expensive bathroom. I came from a QUIP brush that bit the dust when it was wet. The size of this head is very large and feels like it is everywhere between your teeth and gums. The back portion of the brush head is very comfortable and smooth, it glides while you're brushing the teeth. You would think the brush was done by Apple. It has a magnetic holder. The portion that contacts the brush has a thin layer of rubber that is very smooth. The reason they do it is to make sure the brush doesn't get scratched when stuck with the magnet. The brush has a weird magnet on it. I am hesitant to keep the brush in an orientation because of the magnets that will eventually lose force. It's easy to misplace the brush and have it fall. The magnet would've been perfect if they had made it stronger. I ordered the chrome version that is blacked out, and the black version that is a bit more matt. I feel the idea of a magnet could be improved because the strength of each isn't equal. The thing just plows through everything and leaves teeth feeling glossy. The design of the brush head is amazing. Electric brushes like to mess around with small geometry. If you spend too much time around your teeth, you'll be more likely to be obsessive about it. The same results will be achieved if you floss prior to using this brush. If you're looking for a brush that performs well, you should look for it. You've found it.

👤Everyone says this tooth brush is perfect. It's sleek and the right level of firmness. The only reason the magnet doesn't work is if I replace the toothbrush while it is wet. The resolution is to dry the toothbrush before putting it on the magnet. I would suggest purchasing it from the Oral B website because the description states that you'll receive two replacement heads, but there is only one plus the complete toothbrush. You can purchase the complete toothbrush and two replacements at the same price. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase, even though I felt bamboozled out of a brush head.

👤The quality of the toothbrush is good but the reason I bought it was because it is magnetic to the wall. The toothbrush falls off the magnet. I found my toothbrush on the floor of the tub. I try to position it in a way that it doesn't slide down and fall.

👤I swapped out my wooden tooth brush because it wasn't doing the job. I've been using this for a couple of days now and my teeth are feeling fresh and I don't see a lot of missed food. I love the metal look, at least using less plastic, metal does not harm the environment. The metal holder looks nice in the bathroom and it does the job. I see some pictures and comments about the magnet, but it doesn't hold. I just pat it on the back, because I saw it slide slowly when the brush was wet.

5. Plotkas Mouthwatchers Antimicrobial Bristle Toothbrush

Plotkas Mouthwatchers Antimicrobial Bristle Toothbrush

Millions of micro-organisms can be found in your toothbrush. It can be harmful to your health to have this bacteria in your mouth. Doctor Plotka's silver- infused bristles eliminate 99% of the organisms within 6 hours. Clean bristles can be relied on during the day or night. Doctor Plotka's flossing bristles are as thin as a human hair at the tip. They reach places where other brushes don't reach. Customers rave about the clean feeling they get after just one use, and say it feels like they just had a professional cleaning. You will never go back to your old toothbrush with the comfort grip and long- lasting bristles. Dr. Plotka, a renowned Boston-area dentist, invented the Best.BRUSH.EVER. May colors vary.

Brand: Mouthwatchers

👤I don't like to leave negative reviews, but I have to. I agree with other reviewers that the toothbrushes hurt the teeth. There is something about these bristles that makes them sharp. I gave one from this pack to my dad. I felt like my teeth had been cut when I used it. I had a hard time believing it was true, so I tried it several times. I felt like I was hurting my teeth using this brush. I wonder if the company even tested the product before manufacturing it, because I have a hard time believing all the great reviews posted here. Absolutely awful. I've had good experiences with other "floss" toothbrushes and will keep using them. I'm done with Dr. Plotka's stuff.

👤You would think that working in an R&D department at a toothbrush company would be exciting. Does a toothbrush company need R&D? This is a huge development in brushing. I have given up my electric brush for these things. I have seen other brushes, but they look ordinary. The bristles are not white. There are no moving parts, no circular head, and no cheek scrubbers. You can feel the difference the first time you use it. After the first few brushes, my gums were a little sensitive because it did a great job of getting between my teeth and under the gum line. When I use another brush, my teeth don't feel clean because I'm used to it. It's amazing how you can get a straight-from-the-dentist feeling with a simple-seeming brush. It's a bonus that it's antimicrobial.

👤The whole family is in agreement that we love these toothbrushes. They are the best toothbrush I have ever tried. I have told my family about them, and they are just as enthusiastic. The PBT plastic used for the bristles contains phtalates and we try to avoid them. If the bristles could be made from a safer material, and they could be recycled, these would earn a five star review.

👤I've been using Nimbus for a while but decided to try these because of their antibacterial properties. They're good but not as strong as the Nimbus. I just ordered another pack of Nimbus and am still on my first 4 pack. The design of the Dr. Plotka brush head seems to be the same as the Nimbus. The Plotka bristles are stiff, like most soft brushes you buy from the store or the dentist. It was not soft enough for my needs. I need to do everything I can to protect what I have left. I don't want to outlive my teeth.

👤What is the reason for these toothbrushes? I was a bit disappointed when I opened them. They look like ordinary toothbrushes. They do not use sonic powers to get your teeth cleaned. I used mine for the first time. I understood the difference. I have to floss my teeth multiple times when I use my Sonicare brush. I have teeth with a lot of space for things to catch and they never feel great even when they are clean. Until now. I used the toothbrush for the first time and realized that my teeth were clean and free of food particles. I was trying to figure out if I was imagining things or not. I tried it again and it was the same result. I just went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and smooth. The things work like nothing I've seen before. I'm a huge fan of the game. It looks like my teeth are writing.

6. Oral B Indicator Contour Manual Toothbrush

Oral B Indicator Contour Manual Toothbrush

The blue indicators fade so you know when to replace your brush. The grooves between your teeth are curved. The Gentle End Rounded Bristles are designed to be gentle on the teeth. More dentists use the brand Oral-B.

Brand: Oral-b

👤The toothbrush is not soft. It's medium at best. I had wounds in my mouth after the first week of using it. I don't know if they test their products before they tag them as soft. I don't recommend it if you have sensitive teeth. The Oral-B toothbrush presentation I tried was the same as the one I tried before. I am really disappointed that I didn't like this brand of toothbrush. Never again.

👤I never tried soft bristle brushes because I thought they wouldn't do the job as well. I don't know if it's my old toothbrush or the way I brush it that's causing my enamel to suffer. I am very satisfied with this toothbrush, what I can say is that. There is no evidence of a plaque or any remnants from the bristles. I think the best part of this was that it didn't put any strain on my teeth. I think that this toothbrush was what I needed because of my weakened enamel. I know it is a toothbrush. I am really happy.

👤My dentist suggested Oral B in the 90s. If you tell me how much I like the product, I'll still use it.

👤Not anymore, Oral B puts out a top quality toothbrush. They are ok, what is the old saying if it broke, don't fix it... The quality of the toothbrush has gone down over the past few years and they have turned it into a joke. It's hard to pack a toothbrush for travel.

👤I've had Oral B toothbrushes for a long time. The soft one is the one that gets the job done without causing irritation. Two of these for about four bucks. It's hard to win.

👤I need soft toothbrushes because of my sensitive teeth. It doesn't last very long because it is very soft after a couple uses. My teeth don't feel as clean after a short time. The recommended 3 months is not enough for me to change brushes often. They work well, but not for three months.

👤The toothbrush I bought was praised in the reviews. That was a huge mistake. The tip of the bristles is not long enough to clean the back molars. It feels very heavy and hard to brush my teeth with. I wouldn't recommend this toothbrush.

👤People don't waste their money on electric toothbrushes because they will hurt themselves. You can get everything you need for less than 5 dollars. Incredible deal.

7. Oral B Pro Health Toothbrush Count Color

Oral B Pro Health Toothbrush Count Color

Up to 99% of plaque is removed by one brushing. The power tip bristles are long to help clean hard to reach places. The CrossAction bristles are in opposing directions to lift out and sweep away plaque. Blue Indicator toothbrush bristles fade halfway. You know when to replace your brush. There is a cleaner for tongue and cheek.

Brand: Oral-b

👤These are large toothbrushes. The heads are large and have over-engineered tooth brushiness. My wife can't use them because they are funny and clean. It works well for me.

👤Sometimes I will let go of my wallet when I see a product that has high reviews. Even knowing about the fake reviews on Amazon. Sometimes I think I'll find a gem. This wasn't it. I have a big mouth. Sometimes it is literally and sometimes it is metaphorically. The brushes are too large inside of my mouth. Which may be manageable. The dang things were soft. The size comparison of my electric tooth brush is shown in the attached photo. The inner brushes are soft, but surrounded by rubber'stubs' that smack against my teeth, it feels like there is one of those automatic 'car wash' brushes. I mean... It's audible! The softer inner bristles are starting to flatten after two uses. See the photo. This can happen after the second use. I can't imagine these things lasting more than a few weeks. I would like to have my 8 bucks back. Maybe I can save you a lot. The horse's mouth was the place where you heard it. Signed by Mr Ed.

👤They clean your teeth. You can feel a difference after using them. My family and I have tried a lot of different types of toothbrushes, but these are the ones we will go from store to store looking for when it's time to replace them. I'm happy I found them on Amazon.

👤The toothbrushes are very effective at cleaning the teeth. They hold up well. Since they should be changed monthly, they last a long time. Good quality at a good price. I would buy again.

👤Just get it. Trust me. This is the best tooth brush. It seems to do a great job of cleaning my teeth, but it doesn't last forever. It's not as good as my Brio, but it travels better.

👤After 5 - 6 brushes, the worn outness started to increase. I didn't scrub that hard with only normal brushing. The qaulity is not very good. It doesn't cost that much, but if you only want to use each toothbrush for 1 - 2 weeks, you'll have to throw it. The other Oral - B Soft Advance I bought was twice as expensive. I will return to that one.

👤I wouldn't think I'd ever review a toothbrush. Every year, the manufacturers make different types of toothbrushes and I assumed they were the same. Not this one. The angling of the bristles works. I have never had a thorough cleaning of my teeth. We're not talking about the electrics right now. The rubber gum nubs on the outside feel good when you're brushing. This brush is used to get your entire tooth. The base of my teeth started to lighten up. I ran my tongue over my teeth. It's not harsh, so there's no pain. You have to try it. They might keep it on the market for a while if enough of us buy it. We can only hope.

8. AquaSonic Black Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

AquaSonic Black Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

40,000 VPM Smart Toothbrush is a toothbrush. The Black Series is a modern electric toothbrush with the most up to date technology. It has an industry leading motor that can produce 40,000 vibrations per minute, a battery that can last up to 4 hours, and a travel case that is ultra- slim and lightweight. They put their money in your mouth. The ADA seal of approval has been earned by the Black Series. It helps to remove plaque and prevent gingivitis. Black Series provides complete oral care with unique modes that include one for Whitening and polishing teeth and one for improving gum health. Every Black Series toothbrush comes with a travel case and 8 brush heads engineered by the world's leader in quality and materials science. 8 brush heads will last over 2.5 years. A custom hard shell travel case with space for two brush heads is included. AquaSonic can last 4 weeks on a full charge, so it's perfect for on the go travel. Modern Tech for a healthy smile - Black Series brings toothbrushes into modern times with built in enhanced features. The sleek and waterproof black handle has been enhanced with features such as a smart vibrating notification timer, a smart battery, and an ultra fast wireless charging. The AquaSonic Black Series Smart Toothbrush is one of the things in the box.

Brand: Aquasonic

👤I have been using Sonicare for a long time. Sonicare claimed it couldn't find my registration, so it wouldn't honor its warranty. The Sonicare Diamond Clean is one-fifth of the price on Amazon. The Sonicare models have the same "motor" as the Diamond Clean. The brush fits on the Aqua Sonic. I don't know how long the Aqua Sonic will last, but it has a 13 month warranty, which is more than Sonicare's two and a half year warranty. The Aquasonic would still cost less if I replaced it. The Sonicare wand won't work if the battery dies or if you drop it on the floor. Sonicare's customer service has been exceptional, but it's not clear how you contact Beauty Imports if there is a problem. I have owned the Aqua Sonic for a few months and it seems to be as effective as a Sonicare. I have been getting 60 two-minute brushes per charge, more than twice my experience with Sonicare, which suggests that the battery will last longer. The timer stopped working after a week. Amazon eventually figured out how to fix the problem, but the rep doesn't specialize in AquaSonic, so she has to look up the answer. If you have the same problem, just press the "on" button for 20 seconds, the same solution that Sonicare has. The Aquacare has a battery that lasts twice as long as Sonicare and comes with eight brushes, which is more than Sonicare. Sonicare has a pressure sensor, which I think is a solution for a problem. The Sonicare 4100 has a 4.3 star review on Amazon, but the Aqua Sonic review is better with an average of 4.5 stars. The last two items are covered by a warranty. Amazon has good customer service if Beauty Imports isn't responsive.

👤I ordered 2 of these units several weeks ago at a much lower price. They were delivered to you by Amazon Prime. The unit is an excellent product. I have used both Oral-B and Sonicare sets, each with 2 handles. The batteries couldn't take a charge anymore, so I shared them with my spouse for a couple of years. Since then, I have purchased a "generic" set through the same company. NiCad batteries were in all of the toothbrushes. You have to go to the higher-end new models in Oral-B and Sonicare to get the latest and best battery technology. The AquaSonic has a battery. The handle is black and has a good grip. It looks nice. The various modes and 30-second timers with auto shut-off is a terrific feature. The Oral-B stutter-stepped to signal the 2-minute cycle but would keep running until it was shut off. The first brush head is still firm after a few weeks. The set of 9 will last a long time. I suggest waiting for the item to come back to Amazon Prime at a fifth of the price I see for the latest product posting. The brush set is gorgeous.

👤I went in for my periodontal checkup this week and waited to post this review. The best deal in the market is the electric toothbrush that the dental hygienist recommended to me, and I bought it because of that. After using a dental instrument to clean my teeth for 3 months, there was hardly any tartar build up, which is even better. She recommended that I come in 2x a year instead of 4x a year so that I could save more money for copays. I am very pleased with the results of this toothbrush. It will give the big guys a run for their money. The toothbrush is not holding its charge. Can the battery be replaced?

9. Oral B Health Soft Toothbrushes Count

Oral B Health Soft Toothbrushes Count

A single-use brushing study shows that it can remove up to 99% of plaque. Reducing gingivitis improves gum health in four weeks. A single-use brushing study shows that a manual toothbrush can provide up to 45% better cleaning along the gum line. Removes stains from teeth. The tongue has odor-causing germs.

Brand: Oral-b

👤Wow! What have I been doing with my teeth? GARBAGE! It was as effective as a tooth brush. I like these because they leave my teeth smooth and slick when I'm done. The bristles are soft and don't hurt your teeth while brushing. My gums are not bleeding anymore. I'm not going back because I don't know what I was doing before I got these. It works on the tongue as well.

👤I have sensitive teeth and am looking for a bigger toothbrush with soft bristles that will help me clean my mouth and remove plaque. If you have sensitive teeth or have dry mouth, these work well for you.

👤I am confused by the ratings. The thick plastic sticks that Oral B has inserted with the bristles are very uncomfortable, even painful, rounded ends, which is not an improvement over a simple toothbrush. They went back to Amazon after trying my best to use them gently, as they are not soft at all.

👤These are cat scratchers. The bristles on the edges help keep the cat from seeing them. She loves getting her face and joints brushed. The cat gets a massage and I can see if she has any sore spots or problems.

👤I have been using this toothbrush for many years and it gives me a cleaner feel than others. I wish they would remove brown from the colors. Who would choose a brown toothbrush?

👤The best brushes for cleaning. They have a useful life of about 5 to 10 days before you notice a difference. My wife and I have both seen this. The durability has gone down. Many brushes look worn when taken out of the package. I have bought brushes from many different sources. They are still better than the competition for cleaning, just replace your brush every 5 to 10 days. If you change every 3 months, you will get some quality time at the dentist.

👤I was happy to find a price that was ok and that they were soft. They wear quickly and need to be replaced quicker than other brands. My hand slips and I hit my gums a lot. I don't know if it's the grip on the handle or if it's a stronger handle.

👤I ordered soft brushes. They were soft at first, but hardened up over time. They don't last very long at their original level. They are designed to fail.

👤I didn't get what I ordered. I ordered 6 packs of Oral B pro health toothbrushes. There are bristles on the sides of the brush head. What did I get? 7 oral b toothbrushes were free from Spades Dental. It's seriously. The freebies you get from your dentist are called branded spades dental. See the picture for proof. A sample of toothpaste is needed to make that feeling complete. Not impressed.

👤No me percatĂ©. Afortunadamente, eran grado suave. No son para nada suaves, se siente de grado medio. Definitivamente los volvera.

👤One of the easiest places to find the Oral-B cross action toothbrushes is on Amazon, and they are one of the best manual toothbrushes. Delivery was quick and easy.

10. Oral B Charcoal Whitening Therapy Toothbrush

Oral B Charcoal Whitening Therapy Toothbrush

The bristles are infused with charcoal. Whitens teeth by removing stains. The Power Tip bristles are longer to help clean hard to reach places. The outer bristles gently massage your teeth. The tongue and cheeks are cleaned gently.

Brand: Oral-b

👤I bought charcoal toothpaste because I didn't see a difference and it works great.

👤The bristles are black. I think it looks cool.

👤These brushes are so pretty that I have fallen in love with them. I find my gums bleeding after brushing my teeth, not with these, it's so much nicer. A change in whiteness after a few uses. You'll be feeling great if you pair these with some charcoal toothpaste. I was so happy to try these. These are the only ones I want. In love.

👤I've been using the brush for a week. The brush is great so far. It cleans every tooth. I don't think there is a difference in whiteness yet. There is a Who designed the handle? It's too light and too heavy. It is difficult to hold while brushing. Really? You would think that an established company like Oral-B would do better. I've found something to wrap around while brushing. A lot of practice and talent is needed. It's funny. My hands are weak and painful from Rheumatoid arthritis. I'm picky about this. Still, c'mon. There was an update on Thursday. May 7th, still love the brush, not the handle. It's easier to hold when the bone is dry. It was a bit difficult to brush teeth. Hope they change the design soon. Then it will be perfect.

👤I am writing a review about a toothbrush because it is a simple thing to do. 1) The price is very competitive. I've seen toothbrushes that are expensive for what they do. This one checks the box. There are two more I used to use all the brushes in a month. The recommended amount of time the American Dental Association suggests you change your toothbrush is 3 months.

👤The packaging arrived perfect, as reviewers mentioned negatively. They are very strong. I liked the color. I thought one was black and the other was purple, but they were both different shades and we made a mark with silver marker to see the difference.

👤I love these tooth brushes. They make brushing with toothpaste even better. Will never buy any other toothbrush. They are medium and perfect.

👤These work well. I originally purchased these when they were on a sale at my local store, but now they don't seem to carry them. I went to my dentist after using them for a while. They said I had less plaque than I usually do and didn't have to clean it. The prices are considerably higher, but I purchased more of them since they don't seem to be carried anymore by Costco.

11. Toothbrush Sensitive Upgraded Toothbrushes Individual

Toothbrush Sensitive Upgraded Toothbrushes Individual

The toothbrush is designed to help people who have sensitive teeth and gum recession. The bristles of the super soft, dense and fine variety can be used to deep clean the sulcus of the teeth and gumline without damaging the enamel. The design of the toothbrush allows 10000 dense bristles to dry quickly and prevent things from getting trapped at the root, which helps maintain the toothbrush clean. The upgraded design makes it difficult to play with bristles. The brush head is a bit wider than the regular size. It can cover more tooth and improve the cleaning effectiveness. Each toothbrush has an individual travel case. The toothbrush case has a flip design, which is easy to open and close, and each case has holes, which can leak water and vent, keeping the portable toothbrush case clean and dry. The package includes 4 x toothbrush in 4 vivid colors, a travel toothbrush case, and a flashlight. The family pack is perfect for adults, pregnant women, and elders. It's suitable for people with braces. It's an ideal gift for friends who suffer gum recession or have aggressive toothbrushing habit.

Brand: Suree

👤The toothbrush at the retail stores was not as soft as the brand name one. I've used the extra soft Japanese brands in Asia. They're soft, cleans better and they don't hurt my gums. Most adult brushes here can't reach the small corners between my teeth, because I have a small mouth. They come with individual cases and nice colors. These are perfect!

👤My husband and son loved them. My son says that soft toothbrushed hurts his gums when brushing, but these are so soft they make him want to brush his teeth. As a 3 year old. It must be nice. My husband is fond of them. He likes soft toothbrushes, but he says the ones he has are really clean and soft. I liked it when I tried it. I am used to medium brissles. I tried brushing my teeth but it became a mess very quickly. I had some brissles between my teeth. Maybe don't brush them so hard. They left my teeth feeling clean. My 3 year old is easy to hold the handle for because it is an adult brush. It has been 25 days. Its gross. My husband's stayed wet even after 27 hours. We ordered him a new toothbrush because we thought it was the kids playing with it. The bed turned a weird dark color. The video shows something that is disgusting, but we thought the toothpaste was left behind. I didn't catch it before. I want you to be ware. We only use the cases when we travel because we only had 2 days this month. Maybe our bathroom gets too humid? This is the moment. Throw them away. I have classic colgate ones.

👤I am almost 60 years old and this is the best toothbrush I have ever had, and I am going to pass it on to everyone I know.

👤I don't usually review products unless I find a product that works well. These are the toothbrushes that I like the most. I hated brushing my teeth because they became sore and sensitive to regular toothbrushes. I have been using Oral-B products for a long time. I can't find the softer bristled brushes that they used to have. The brush heads are painful. The Colgate brushes caused pain and irritation. The light touch offered little relief. The brushes have soft bristles. The head is small and easy to reach between the places where teeth used to be. They're easy to carry in a travel case. I don't know if the product will last as long as it is yet. They're not used a lot. The pain and irritation in my gum tissue have stopped. I am most pleased that my gums have healed after a few days. A huge relief to anyone with sensitive teeth. If the brush holds up for a while. I will consider it a victory. Before anyone asks. Yes... They are made in China. Before using, rinse them off well in hot water. Haven't lost any of the bristles yet!


What is the best product for best toothbrush for adults manual?

Best toothbrush for adults manual products from Colgate. In this article about best toothbrush for adults manual you can see why people choose the product. Oral-b and Oral-b are also good brands to look for when you are finding best toothbrush for adults manual.

What are the best brands for best toothbrush for adults manual?

Colgate, Oral-b and Oral-b are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best toothbrush for adults manual. Find the detail in this article. Mouthwatchers, Oral-b and Oral-b are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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