Best Best Toothbrush for Adults Gums

Adults 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pieces Toothbrush Bristles Fragile Children

Pieces Toothbrush Bristles Fragile Children

You can give the toothbrush as a gift or as a portable item for travel or camping. Soft bristles of the toothbrush help you prevent teeth recession from brushing, and also help with tongue-cleaning. More than 20,000 soft micro-nano bristles are used to penetrate the sulcus of the teeth and gum line, deep and smoothly clean the teeth, and remove the filthy without hurting the tooth enamel. It's suitable for people with fragile teeth and other teeth-related worries. The micro-nano manual toothbrush is 18 x 1.3 cm/ 7.1 x 0.5 inch and suitable for easy holding and deep cleaning, also allows for convenient taking.

Brand: Boao

👤I gave this 4 stars because it's so soft it will wear out fast and needs to be replaced monthly. I love this toothbrush. I have had good teeth my entire life, but I didn't get my first dental checkup until after I had my first child. I couldn't find a toothbrush that was soft enough for my teeth. I don't like brushing my teeth and I don't like using sensitive brand name toothbrushes. This toothbrush changed everything. It was so soft that I cried when I used it. I am not sure if there are any better ones out there, this is the first one I have ever tried. The bristle spread quickly since it is a soft brush. You get a shiny clean because of the tiny bristles. I want you to know how clean this toothbrush is. There was zero pain. Even if I have to buy this toothbrush twice as often as I used to, it's still worth it to me. You are supposed to replace your toothbrush every month. I didn't get that memo. The tooth brush will probably only last a month or so and need to be replaced. I bought one for our entire family. Our kids range in age from 2 years old to 5 years old and they all love these tooth brushes. It was worth it!

👤These are great for little teeth. Since they're learning how to brush their teeth, they can't hurt themselves, which is great. I'm using 1 to brush my retainer. These brushes are perfect for my orthodontist's order. They help with the cleaning of them, even though they don't scratch them. I'm able to keep them clean and smelling good. The handles on these are easy to hold onto. When it comes to using little kids toothpaste, it doesn't just go straight to the bottom, but lays on top because there are so many bristles. The toothbrushes don't shed, that's a great thing. I was afraid that this would happen because there are so many but nothing yet. We've been using them for about 2 weeks.

👤You would think that it would work, but it doesn't. It's like brushing your teeth with a sponge.

👤I am an aggressive brusher and have sensitive teeth. I will flatten my toothbrush because I feel like my teeth are not clean if I'm not aggressive. I bought this toothbrush to see if it was more gentle. I only tried wavy ones. I don't feel like I have to be aggressive with it. As someone with a permanent retainer, the bristles feel like they get in every part of the body. I brushed my teeth for a long time. My mouth feels fresh.

👤After 15 to 20 days, cleaning is useless and stoped. We used it for a long time. If you only use these brushes, your mouth will stink. Excellent brushes. The holding part and mouth piece need to be changed. The experience of brushing teeth with these brushes was not as nice. It was so gentle but clean. My kids love it.

2. V White Electric Toothbrush Adults Toothbrushes

V White Electric Toothbrush Adults Toothbrushes

The VPM Smart Toothbrush can speed up to 670 brush movements per second. The V-White Smart toothbrush is water tolerant and it removes 300 percentage more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual brush. 10 days battery timing with 30 minutes of charging is the largest battery capacity in the market. Forget cheapusb charging, ultra-fast wireless charging. IPX7 is waterproof to be used at bath and shower. The U-shape brush head is longer with end-rounded bristles and has a safe material to protect your teeth and gum. There are three high-performing rushing tendencies. You can choose from a variety of modes to suit different conditions of your teeth. U-shaPED design. The U-shaped toothbrush snap fit design is tailored to fit the mouth and clean the surface and internal orientation of the teeth. The toothbrush is made from food grade silicone and is water resistant. The V-White toothbrush handle, Silicone brush head, wireless charging dock, and instruction manual are in the box. The combination of brushing set will bring health, whitening and cleaning effect to your teeth.

Brand: Sol Strong

👤I waited until my son had his dental exam to review my review. My son is on the spectrum and has a lot of dental challenges. He doesn't have a problem using this device. I spent a lot of money searching for something that would help with his dental issues, but I believe this has helped a lot. His last two dental exams have shown less plaque and trouble spots. My son can finally have some control of his oral avoidance thanks to the addition of a hand held irrigation device. Thank you!

👤The idea does not replace regular brushing. The mouth piece should be longer so it can reach my back teeth. The mouth piece doesn't reach if I move it side to side. I only use it at night. Twice a day brushing does more damage to my gums and soft enamel, as my gums are very receded. This is very gentle on my teeth and gum line, so I can keep my healthy teeth. I can't give you an option if it does whiten the teeth because I haven't used it. I've used regular toothpaste and foam toothpaste. The foam works better than the regular. I floss as well. I changed my review to 5 stars. I contacted the seller because I needed a new charge. The seller simply told me to send them my address and they would send me a new one, even though I explained I needed a replacement. It is amazing. It is free of charge. I didn't care because it was free. The seller sent me a new one after I opened the delivery. I am very happy with this product and seller. Would recommend to friends and family.

👤This product is amazing. I bought the V-White pump-paste with my unit fully charged. I tried it. Don't bite down! When something is vibrating in your mouth, you should bite down and stop it. Relax. The microphone can do the work like in the movie "The King's Speech". I was amazed at how clean and fresh my mouth felt after my second use. The base unit's instructions state that it's possible to charge through ausb cord, but that's not true. Most travel kits use theusb to charge items and phones. The cord for my phone worked well. -- The back teeth were not extended in my case, so don't give them up.

👤I used the special toothpaste. It didn't clean my teeth. I had to brush it again. Total rip-off.

👤My son needs a toothbrush. I have tried every electric toothbrush and regular toothbrush. He refused to brush his teeth. I found this gem, you just have to put toothpaste on the brush and stick it in your mouth. It cleans your teeth. It's hands free. He is using this. I am a happy mom. He is 11 years old. His mouth is perfect. Easy to charge when used.

👤I have been using this product for about nine months. My dentist and I both love this product. The photo below shows the effect of the device on a 67-year old woman. It takes 45 seconds. I have bought 5 Christmas gifts this year. The price and value is excellent. I recommend this device for both cleaning and whitening.

3. Upgrade Version Toothbrush Effectively Sensitive

Upgrade Version Toothbrush Effectively Sensitive

Better design to brush teeth with the fine bristle,8 part of bristle composition is better to dry and wash after brush teeth,avoid the unhealthy thing to produce. Extra soft bristle toothbrush is good for sensitive gums and pregnant women, it is soft enough to gently care for your teeth. The silk toothbrush can be used deep into the gap to clean thoroughly. The toothbrush has a non-slip handle and is easy to hold. There are 4 count different colors of the micro nano 20000 bristle soft toothbrush.

Brand: Newrichbee

👤I bought these for my daughter who has sensory issues, and tried one myself, and her gums were sore after one use, and I felt like I had needles in my mouth. I ran my finger over the toothbrush and there were particles of plastic on the bristles. I repeated several times to make sure. Please don't buy them, they are not safe. They should not be on Amazon.

👤I over-brushed my teeth because the bristles were so soft. My teeth were raw. A little excited to find a toothbrush. I brushed longer. It took two days for my teeth to heal. The bristles are soft and clean well. They feel like cotton, so don't brush them harder. Every day my dentist cleans my teeth. I know he will be proud.

👤When I went back to buy more, they were gone. I found these when I looked around. I'm just as happy with them. I like the small head size and the gaps between the bristles that allow them to dry out better. I like this toothbrush. My sister recommended them. I like using a soft brush because it's better for my teeth. Soft brushes don't clean well and I often buy a medium brush. These bristles are so dense that they don't just lay over. I like brushing my teeth with these brushes. They feel good. My teeth are clean and smooth, right next to my gums. I had my teeth cleaned last time and they didn't find anything.

👤My dentist told me to use a soft toothbrush because of my receding gums. I have tried many brands but they were always soft. The brush is so soft that it feels like a cotton ball. It cleans the teeth and is gentle on the gums. I can tell that my teeth are clean after I brush them.

👤The bristles are soft. This brush is great. The handle is easy to hold and the brush is soft. The purchase was great for 4 brushes. A new favorite. Will definitely be ordering more in the future.

👤I can finally brush properly without hurting my gums because these are soft. I don't have any issues with it drying. I rinse the brush and then flick it a couple of times to get the water out of it. It is dry. Each brush head was packaged in its own travel case. I wish the bristles were staggered a bit more so that I could get the bristles in between my teeth.

👤I have a smaller mouth. I get cavities because I can't move regular brushes around my mouth easily. Most brushes are too harsh and cause pain. This brush is the first one I have been able to use to get into my mouth and brush my teeth properly. It gets in between the teeth. It might save you a lot of time and money.

👤I wish I had found them a long time ago. I want to thoroughly brush my toothbrush as I have sensitive gum. I use both electric and fine toothbrushes and this one does the job for both. The brush is gentle on my gum and effective in cleaning my teeth. I hope they never stop making them.

4. Colgate Advanced Floss Tip Vibrating Toothbrush

Colgate Advanced Floss Tip Vibrating Toothbrush

20,000 sonic toothbrush strokes per minute are activated by a battery powered toothbrush. The floss-tip bristles provide a 4x deeper clean below the gum line. The toothbrush helps remove plaque from hard to reach places. The toothbrush has a built in tongue and cheek cleaner. The toothbrush head is not replaceable. There is a toothbrush and batteries in it.

Brand: Colgate

👤This electric toothbrush might not be the most effective for a healthy mouth. There are a lot of higher end electric toothbrushes that come with a lot of different accessories. There are a lot of established brands out there, with all the bells and whistles that will do a great job of removing plaque. There is a place for this toothbrush. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal symptoms, or if your gum lines have begun to recede, this brush may be the one that fits your needs. I think it's important to know that there are different types of mouths in this world and that one should check with their dental hygienist for recommendations as to their individual needs. I like this brush because of its softer bristles and the fact that it can massage the gum line at 20,000 strokes, which is more than a regular brush can do. The most economical electric toothbrush you can find is this one, and it comes with a Energizer battery. You can replace the battery by twisting the clear cap on the end. The size of the toothbrush is similar to this one. The electric brush is small enough to fit in a slot next to my toothbrush, which makes it a really convenient brush to travel with. This is a basic electric toothbrush. There are no replacements for the head attachment. This is a disposable brush. When the brushes are old, you throw them away and buy another one. If you are a gardener, you should keep it. There was no joke. An electric toothbrush can help in pollination. Do your own research on it. The bee's wings have a similar sound. This brush works well for me and I use it for my electric toothbrush. I have not been compensated for the review.

👤I sat on the edge of my tub with a new realization after using this toothbrush for the first time. I have been brushing my teeth wrong. My mouth was always dirty. I felt like I had just had my teeth cleaned. I try to drink water first thing in the morning after brushing my teeth, but my water tastes different. I bought a cheap toothbrush before buying a expensive one. I am sold. I bought 2 more. I got one for my mom and my boyfriend. I don't think I can go back to using a manual toothbrush. I prefer a wide bristled brush, but I have a complaint about the tip.

👤When someone purchases more than one toothbrush, that should tell the seller that it was ordered for two people in a household and they were going to send two different color brushes. Technology can figure out everything else in your home, but can't figure out this simple thing!

👤I was sent a whole box, which I am not at all familiar with, but I will not need to buy a new tooth brush for years. I am pretty sure that this was an error or something like that. This toothbrush works great.

5. Toothbrush Bristles Toothbrushes Protect Sensitive

Toothbrush Bristles Toothbrushes Protect Sensitive

Ultra soft toothbrush is specially designed for sensitive teeth. 20,000 soft bristles can clean the teeth gaps and sensitive gum walls, eliminate the bad breath of plaque, and keep the mouth fresh. The Toothbrush design is unique. Soft bristles can be used to clean the dead corners of the mouth. The small particle design on the back has the function of cleaning the tongue. The flat handle is easy to hold and has a smooth surface. The toothbrush handle is marked with a separate letter for easy identification, which is suitable for family members. There are 6 toothbrushes in total, 3 white and 3 black. Each package contains two black and white toothbrushes marked with the same letter, easy to carry and very suitable for home travel. You can always contact them for a replacement if you are not happy with their products.

Brand: Vegols

👤When I saw the toothbrush photo and description, I was very interested. I wanted to try it. They only come in a pack of six, so I wanted to buy one at first. I tried to ignore the bristles in my mouth for the first two days. They felt like hairs between my teeth. The head of the toothbrush fell on me while I was brushing my teeth on the third day and it was a choking hazard. The best trick is that I have five more. You have me, guys! You definitely invented a great toothbrush. Thank you!

👤I don't know why this toothbrush turns into a neon pink overnight. It gets pinker and pinker. I don't have any dental or gum problems after four weeks of use.

👤My boyfriend bought these and had me try them out. I thought, oh my God. I turned to him and asked if this was really clean. This can't really clean. It feels like you are brushing your teeth with a cloud. I brush my teeth all the time. I love the feeling. It is soft and clean. I will never use another toothbrush because it cleans your teeth very well.

👤I love these! Four out of five people in this house have braces. We don't have to clean our wires with a tooth brush. Never going back to a toothbrush.

👤I was excited to get these because I need a soft toothbrush to clean my gum lines. There was more plaque build up after a little over two weeks of use. I took a closer look at my toothbrush and found that it wasn't clean after every use, it was growing a bunch of bugs at the base of the bristles. After two weeks, it doubled in size. I was very disappointed with these. After two weeks, I compare a used brush with one that was out of the box.

👤I brushed my teeth for less time than I do with my electric toothbrush, and they were as clean as when I scrub them hard and use a water pick on them. It has definitely cut down on the time I spend in my nightly routine. I end up with tonsil stones no matter how well I clean my teeth. They form and they stink to high hell, and they're very uncomfortable since I can feel them in my t-shirt. Normal toothbrushes feel like they're ripping at my tonsils if I try to remove them. It's been my only option up until now and I always feel like I'm gargled glass. These toothbrushes are soft and do not bother my t-bone when I use them. I recommend these to anyone who has any problems like this. Even if you don't have weird problems like I do, I still consider them magic just for how clean my teeth feel. I'm hoping that their soft skin will protect them from damage. I wish I'd known about these before I bought a toothbrush.

👤The toothbrush should be the gold standard. I feel like I just went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned. This is worth the price and has made me cringe every time I use a toothbrush. I want everyone I know to try it. It doesn't feel like a normal tooth brush but it doesn't hurt and the effect is what I thought tooth brushes were supposed to do.

6. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Rechargeable HX6850

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Rechargeable HX6850

A safe and gentle toothbrush is better for your gum health than a manual toothbrush. When you're brushing your teeth, use a pressure sensor to alert you if you're brushing too hard. When to replace your brush head is a reminder. The handle isSlim andErgonomic design. You can personalize your brushing experience with 3 modes: Clean, White and Gum Care. 2 minute Smartimer with QuadPacer helps ensure Dental Professional recommended brushing time and a consistent clean throughout your mouth.

Brand: Philips Sonicare

👤The 5100 model has the same difference as the 4100. There are three modes of cleaning, Whitening and Gum. The duration of the 3 programs is different. It is hard to argue that it is worth an extra $20 since there is no magic to the times. I would go for the 4100 and buy a few additional brush heads with the savings.

👤I switched from the Oral B to the Sonicare and have never looked back. I had the DiamondClean for about 5 years. The Series 2 was purchased by me because they were selling it for less than $100 at the time, and my wife needed a new one as well. The DiamondClean is much stronger than the technical specifications suggest. I forgot the Series 2 in a hotel and had to find a replacement. The performance of the Series 2 isn't as strong as it was before. The DiamondClean is 3-4 times the cost of the Series 2 so hard to justify. I took a chance on this new model. It is the same performance as the DiamondClean and it is awesome. The new pressure sensitive feedback is great, but there are a few modes that few will use. It is easy to put too much pressure on the brush and this feature will teach you how to correct that. This version has a lower grade case and a less fancy charger than the DiamondClean, but it is the same price. My wife will probably swap her Series 2 for this option. It is a great value and does not reduce the performance.

👤I can not use this product. My dentist said it was damaging my teeth. Money goes down the drain. There is a lot of false marketing on this product. Everything on the page makes it sound great. It is so painful when you use it that the vibration is so strong. If you open your mouth slightly, it will shoot toothpaste all over your mirror. This feature does not work on this item because I need something that will tell me if I am brushing too hard. I tried to push it on my tongue, but it didn't work.

👤I like how this cleans my teeth, and it looks a lot better than our older model. Our older model had the tooth brush on the handle, but this one doesn't. That was the main motivator for us to switch. There are two things I don't like. It's hard to keep clean despite being a relatively clean person, because the black color shows white toothpaste debris a lot more. It's like Sisyphus, there is white on the base. 2. You can't get any of the special features until you brush your teeth for two minutes. I know I have to brush for two minutes, but sometimes I can't. I never get my gum treatment if I turn it off. You can't remove it from your mouth when it's on to spit because it will splatter everywhere.

7. Technique Toothbrush Bristles 525 Professional

Technique Toothbrush Bristles 525 Professional

The handle is comfortable for precise maneuvering. The hard-to-reach areas above, below, and along the gum line and between the teeth are cleaned to remove dental plaque. Independent testing has shown that the tapered bristles reach several times deeper into places where plaque hides than normal round-ended bristles. The unique Quad-Grip handle helps you brush the most critical areas and allows the bristles to reach the plaque that other brushes leave behind. The bristles have a narrow tip that can't reach the crevices where plaque hides and normal bristles can't. The material is rubber.

Brand: Gum

👤I ordered this product because my dentist will no longer give me free stuff. I was happy to find it and order it from Amazon since they don't sell them in retail stores. I compared it to my last one when I got it. The Toothbrush head size is the same for both. The package is different. I got a label that said "deep clean." The one that was sent from Amazon was made in China. The color is a darker shade than my old one. The toothbrush I have is white and the rings around it are grey. There is a The bristles on the bottom of the toothbrush are the same color as the bristles in the middle. My current one is the same color. The bristles on the outside of the head are white. The bristles on mine are longer. The product is not the same as before. The size of the bristles is what makes the product better. There are different products with the same model number.

👤I've been ordering GUM 525 from Amazon for a long time. The latest batches from Amazon have "Made in China" on the label, but the quality has gone down. They are still decent, but not as good as before. My tax was $15+tax.

👤I have been using the GUM Deep Cleaning toothbrushes for years after being advised of the product by a stinky old girlfriend who always had the most amazing breath. There is a After spending $3500 to fix his choppers, my 13 year old son has reversed his gum inflammations and is now using a simple toothbrush to match his lazy lifestyle. He is too lazy to brush his teeth more than once a week until his gums become bloody and swollen.

👤I thought the description was referring to a compact head. This is a large head. My wife and I have been using the same toothbrush for years. This is a big change. We took a chance because the Shaha5 toothbrushes are not available on Amazon. The head is too big now that we've gotten used to the smaller heads, and these have very soft bristles. I would suggest that you state that this is a full-sized head in the description to make sure that you don't think this is a compact head. If you're used to having a full head, I would recommend this.

👤I have gum that is not straight. The best toothbrush I've ever used is from this brand and I was given it by my dentist a couple years ago. Some of the reviews said they weren't authentic, so I had doubts about buying them from Amazon. After trying brushes from another brand, I decided to buy them. The ones that I have seen feel like the ones from my dentist. I wasted money on the ones from other brands that were too rough for my gum and the recession started because I didn't buy these sooner. The toothbrushes from the swedish brand that claimed to be soft and fine but wouldn't clean effectively like the ones from this brand are not as effective because they don't get between the gum line. You can feel your gum line being touched by the toothbrushes. It was the best feeling ever. I vouch for this toothbrush because it's the only one that will allow me to keep my teeth clean while stopping my gum recession. Highly recommended. It is no longer available for sale in my location. What happened? The stars were dropped for the sudden end of supply.

8. Oral B Sensitive Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Sensitive Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

A travel case and 2 brush heads are included. A manual toothbrush can remove more plaque than a toothbrush with 100% more plaque. The Oral-B App can be used to monitor your brushing habits and connect to your electric toothbrush for personalized brushing routines. When to switch areas of your mouth is the subject of the in-handle brushing timer. The toothbrush handle has three modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care Mode and Sensitive Mode.

Brand: Oral-b

👤Poor battery life. Pressing buttons hard. Thepulse indicator is annoying when it is time to change mouth positions. I have had irritated my gums on a number of occasions. This thing is loud, coming from Sonicare. If sonicare is a stealth fighter all up in my mouth, this thing is an M1 Abrams tank. Disappointed. There is a real Amazon review for you. It's a rare thing these days.

👤I think I could have gotten the same quality and function with a cheaper electric toothbrush. The app only works half the time. They put the symbol and jacked the price up just because of it. Only half the time is if the app is pulled open on your phone and your toothbrush actually wants to connect that day. If you pressed hard, it only counts how long you did it. It doesn't show trends, no way to add whether you flossed or not. The app is really bad. I haven't been able to connect in a while. I'm ashamed I spent $80 on a teeth cleaning experience that was mediocre. I could have waited my brushing myself.

👤I've owned an Oral-B toothbrush for 20 years. They last a long time. The battery only lasts a few days now, but my last one lasted 12 years, and still works. I find it harder to hold onto this one than my others. I think it's a little more slender and it no longer has a rubber exterior on the backside, so it's a bit more slippery. I have never had a mold problem in the brush head after 20 years, even though some other people have said that. It's important to remove the head after each use to allow it to dry. I think I will stick with the brush head until I hear from the dentist about the plaque on my teeth and gums. I've found that my 220v electrical source is not compatible with a small, inexpensive, 220v transformer, so I've decided to use a small, inexpensive, 220v transformer.

👤I suffer from dry mouth due to an autoimmune condition that causes me to build up heavy plaque that is hard to remove. The electric toothbrush that I use is the first one that does not cause irritation to my gums. My dentist noticed immediate benefits when I used a pro-gum health toothpaste. I still need gum surgery, but it will be less intrusive than initially planned.

👤I have brushed my toothbrush with the Sonicare for many years and it would not have changed if the compact head brush had not been discontinued. The OralB brush is too deep. The placement of the power button is different than the Sonicare brush. The toothbrush we use is not the one we look for because it doesn't do a good job cleaning teeth and the circular movement of the brush is similar to the one used by a dentist.

👤My dentist told me that I must be using it too aggressively because I have been using a Sonicare for years. I didn't seem to ask for his recommendation. He uses a Sonicare, but he recommends the Oral-B as a good brush for flossing. I'm very happy with the way my teeth are cleaned. It was time for me to stop using my brush.

9. Extra Soft Toothbrush Soft Bristled Micro Nano

Extra Soft Toothbrush Soft Bristled Micro Nano

Ultra Soft More than 20,000 bristles, fine and soft, deep oral cleaning, designed for teeth sensitive, are still used. The hairs are soft and flexible, which can penetrate the teeth and sulcus to clean the teeth without damaging the surface protection layer. The Toothbrush Head Design is more suitable for tooth cleaning, without hygienic dead corner, and the comfortable handle design can better Adapt to the Finger Control. One-piece molded Fine-tip bristles have a high-density uniform Soft rubber teeth. Easy to carry and wear-resistant Tongue-cleaning with comprehensive cleaning function. You can give their Super Soft Toothbrush to your friends and family because it is a perfect gift.

Brand: Di Qiu Ren

👤These are soft. They are easy to clean and keep my teeth clean. It gets everything clean near my gumline. I use them with my toothpaste and it works great. I would recommend them to anyone. There is a pic for reference. If this review was helpful, please press the button below and let Amazon know. Thank you! There is a method for this.

👤Before you buy this brush, do an experiment. Wet and rub a cotton ball on your teeth. It might be a hazard, do not, do not, do not smother it. Please be careful! Do you enjoy the feeling? This toothbrush is for you if that's the case. It feels like a cotton ball is cleaning my teeth, and it definitely cleans and whitens. The brush got rid of coffee stains in the first use. I can clean the roof of my mouth. The roof of my mouth, the inside of my checks, all my teeth, and my gums, are what you read. I couldn't believe that there was so much white stuff in your mouth. Due to my clenching habit, I have sensitive teeth and gums. My mouth feels clean and my teeth are shiny. WORD OF ADVICE You will need a sledgehammer. You will need to clean the brush separately since it won't do a good job on your tongue. 2. Food can get stuck in between the bristles of the brush if you don't clean it thoroughly with a good rub and a pressure of water. 3. Allow it to dry completely. Since the bristles are so tight, it might stay wet for a long time. A closed bathroom can cause damage to your teeth and health.

👤I fell in love with these and they are junk. They are similar to brushing your teeth. They don't clean, the bristles get slippery, and they are worthless. The price of a tooth brush is absurd.

👤It doesn't feel like cotton balls on my teeth, but it does not hurt my gums, so I would be okay with it. My husband's gums are so sensitive that even when he gently brushes his teeth, his gums still bleed. These make my teeth feel clean. I use a toothbrush that cleans 80% of my teeth, but the other 10% comes from flossing and using a mouth rinse. The back of these aren't doing the job for me so I use a tongue scraper. When I'm done brushing my teeth, I usually run my thumb on the bristles and get as much water as I can out, by night time it's already dry and ready to go again. I leave my tooth brush in a small cup of mouth wash for 30 minutes just to make sure there isn't any extrabacteria floating around. This helps a great deal and I will buy again.

👤This is the best toothbrush I have ever used. It did a better job of cleaning my teeth than the electric toothbrush. I'm impressed. When I flossed after using this brush, there wasn't anything left to floss. Excellent product.

10. Micro Nano Toothbrush Bristles Fragile Children

Micro Nano Toothbrush Bristles Fragile Children

The package includes 4 x soft toothbrushes in blue, green, pink and beige, you can share them with your friends and family as a gift, also portable for outdoor activities like travel or camping. Soft bristles of the toothbrush help you prevent gum recession from aggressive brushing, and also help with tongue-cleaning. More than 20,000 soft micro-nano bristles are used to penetrate the sulcus of the teeth and gum line, deep and smoothly clean the teeth, and remove the filthy without hurting the tooth enamel. It's suitable for people with fragile teeth and other teeth-related worries. The micro-nano manual toothbrush is 18 x 1.3 cm/ 7.1 x 0.5 inch and suitable for easy holding and deep cleaning, also allows for convenient taking.

Brand: Boao

👤The item was five stars the first time I ordered it. I like this product. I will never order it again. Why? It showed up tampered with because it was my second purchase. I ordered four tooth brushes, but the bag was open and two of them were missing. There is nothing I can do about it. This company doesn't care if your order was messed up. I will remove my review if they ever resolve this issue.

👤So disappointed. It feels like you are trying to brush your teeth with a magic wand. My mouth does not feel clean.

👤All of his toothbrush is fine. It does feel weird when you brush your teeth, just like all of the other reviewers said. It feels like you are brushing your teeth. There is a My teeth felt pretty clean after that. I don't think they are as clean when I'm done with my toothbrush. It was still better than I anticipated. The toothbrush is soft and would be a good travel toothbrush for people with sensitive gums. There is a tongue scrubber on the back.

👤I got this toothbrush a month ago because it claimed to have 20000 bristles and I have sensitive gums. It doesn't work very well for me. It is like brushing my teeth with a sponge. The roots of the bristles seem to be easy to clean. The other side of the toothbrush is showing some red stains that I have never seen before on my other toothbrushes, only a couple of weeks of use. I tried to remove the red stains by dipping the toothbrush head in alcohol, but it did not work. I don't think I'll use it again.

👤I put more pressure on them because they feel like brushing with a sponge. They are not getting misshapen so far. I probably won't use regular brushes again because I am happy with them. My dentist recommended them because of their receding gums. If they had a bigger head, I would love them more. A tongue scraper. You can use the brush with stiff bristles, but it's not possible to use it as a tongue scraper.

👤My teeth are sensitive along the gum line. I thought this toothbrush was worth a try, but I'm not so sure. I can't clean around my wisdom teeth because of the shape of the head. I think it would work better if the head was smaller.

👤I bought these because I couldn't find a brush that was soft enough for my 10month old baby girl, the ones we had before made her gums bleed, she still hates brushing her teeth, but these have saved us because they don't hurt her or make her bleed. Since there were multiple in the pack, I tried one to see if it would help my sensitive teeth, and it was wonderful to be able to brush every single tooth without it being painful. My teeth are clean as well. They think they were polished. Some of the newer staining on the back of my teeth has been lifted by the brush. I know it's cleaning. There is a tongue cleaner on the other side. I like using the soft bristles on my tongue. I'm worried that it will be wet all the time. I haven't had any problems, but it's only a precautionary. I just give the bristles a couple gentle squeezes to get as much liquid out as possible.

11. Toothbrush Sensitive Micro Nano Bristle Cleaning

Toothbrush Sensitive Micro Nano Bristle Cleaning

Ultra Soft More than 20,000 bristles, fine and soft, deep oral cleaning, designed for teeth sensitive, are still used. The hairs are soft and flexible, which can penetrate the teeth and sulcus to clean the teeth without damaging the surface protection layer. The Toothbrush Head Design is more suitable for tooth cleaning, without hygienic dead corner, and the comfortable handle design can better Adapt to the Finger Control. One-piece molded Fine-tip bristles have a high-density uniform Soft rubber teeth. Easy to carry and wear-resistant Tongue-cleaning with comprehensive cleaning function. You can give their Super Soft Toothbrush to your friends and family because it is a perfect gift.

Brand: Di Qiu Ren

👤Just in time for me to brush after finishing coffee and breakfast, this was delivered 10 minutes ago. All can say after the first use, where the hell has this been all my life? My teeth are in horrible shape because I am in my late 50s and I am on all kinds of medication. They look good on the surface, but my gums are damaged and sore. I have been using baking soda and a rag to clean in the most tender spots because the brushes are too harsh. I will say that I haven't had a rigorous brushing in at least 2 years. The disease is bad enough, but the infusions I am on have added to the tooth damage. I am upset that no one has told me about this brush. I will spread the word. I was able to brush with baking soda and tea tree oil paste because of the gentle brush. I didn't mind that I had to brush for a longer period of time, but the brush felt great against my teeth. I can brush my teeth multiple times a day, instead of half-cleaning them with a soft rag, who knows, maybe I can fix some of the damage? I don't know how long these will last. The brushes seem to hold up well after being used, but the packaging was cheap. I am going to order more to be safe. I want to be able to tell others about this toothbrush and I can't wait to do that.

👤I have had this toothbrush for 20 days and I love it. It's so soft and plush that I feel like I'm polishing my teeth. I saw a new dentist about two weeks after I got it, and the dental hygienist said my teeth were clean. She said she couldn't believe she couldn't find anything to clean my teeth. I only took off one star because I am concerned about the growth ofbacteria. The bristles are so dense that it would be hard to rinse them out. I have been doing my best to rinse it, but I am going to look into ways to make it better. I have no complaints.

👤I have used these toothbrushes for 64 years. I discovered them after a good cleaning and they have kept my teeth clean. The bristles are packed and soft, and the tiny ones are not as strong as a child's toothbrush, but they do the work of floss between my teeth. I have a toothbrush and floss in one go. I can't believe how good my teeth feel after using one of these brushes. I will not use any other brush again.

👤The tooth brush is soft. It feels like it is not brushing. It really is. It is soft on the teeth. The bristles are packed close to each other. There is no air flow between the bristles to dry it out. The toothbrush has a lot of germ growth. To kill germs, I had to soak the brush in a mixture of half water and half hydrogen peroxide. I suppose you could use it as an oral rinse. If you love brushing your teeth with a germ growth magnet, you will love this brush. I thought it was repulsive.


What is the best product for best toothbrush for adults gums?

Best toothbrush for adults gums products from Boao. In this article about best toothbrush for adults gums you can see why people choose the product. Sol Strong and Newrichbee are also good brands to look for when you are finding best toothbrush for adults gums.

What are the best brands for best toothbrush for adults gums?

Boao, Sol Strong and Newrichbee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best toothbrush for adults gums. Find the detail in this article. Colgate, Vegols and Philips Sonicare are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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