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1. Plotkas Mouthwatchers Antimicrobial Bristle Toothbrush

Plotkas Mouthwatchers Antimicrobial Bristle Toothbrush

Millions of other micro-organisms can be found in your toothbrush. It can be harmful to your health to have this bacteria in your mouth. Doctor Plotka's flossing bristles are as thin as a human hair at the tip. They reach places where other brushes don't reach. Customers rave about the clean feeling they get after just one use, and say it feels like they just had a professional cleaning. You will never go back to your old toothbrush with the comfort grip and long- lasting bristles. Dr. Plotka, a renowned Boston-area dentist, invented the Best.BRUSH.EVER. May colors vary.

Brand: Mouthwatchers

👤I bought them for myself and my brother. He is a heavy smoker and takes medications that cause dry mouth. His gum health has been damaged by the combination. He has been diagnosed with periodontal disease and has unrecoverable bone loss. Within 4 months of using these toothbrushes, his deep pockets were reduced to less than 2mm. His dental hygienist said his teeth were healthy. I saw how quickly this product made a difference and I am a believer in it. Will be a loyal customer. I did not get any type of compensation or promotional product to write this review. It is becoming more and more common. I thought I would make people aware of the fact that this is a genuine review on an amazing toothbrush.

👤The thin bristles do work in between the teeth, but they are very sharp. The toothbrush hurts my teeth and leaves them bleeding. The bristles are not soft. The dingy yellow color of the bristles is not attractive. I don't recommend these to anyone with sensitive gums.

👤You have to have healthy gums to avoid the pain and blood that have been said about these brushes. There were no negatives. I was surprised that my teeth are brighter and whiter since I have used them. I'm 80 years old and still have all my teeth and gums in good shape, but I'm aware that they've had a dull look for a long time, and that's normal. I don't drink tea, coffee, or smoke because I believe they are the top three stainers. Whitening tooth pastes and other aids caused my lips to swell so I didn't use them. The brushes are a great help for my smile. The price? I would spend twice as much for the quality care and moral boosting these brushes give me.

👤These are amazing. My teeth were scaled every 6 weeks to prevent gum disease, I am the daughter of a dentist. My teeth bled when I brushed them. I have gotten used to going to the hygienist every quarter to have my teeth deep cleaned to remove the build up. I bled when I brushed with the softer brushes. The hygentist says that there is very little since I began to use this toothbrush. She thinks I am doing a good job. I don't floss because the floss cuts my teeth. This brush is great.

👤You will either love it or you will not, so for the price, why not try it? I've been using the electric toothbrush for a long time. I didn't think I would want another manual, but this brush made my teeth feel clean, and I used it for the first time. I use this and my electric. Why don't you like it? Some reviewers say it was too tough on their teeth and that the bristles are longer than others, and that the brush can feel stiff when it's new. If you don't like it, it's not the brush for you, and if it makes your gums bleed, it's not for you. I love how clean it makes my teeth.

2. Oral B Healthy Toothbrushes Medium Bristles

Oral B Healthy Toothbrushes Medium Bristles

There are 6 healthy clean medium bristle toothbrushes. The end is gentle. Rounded bristles are designed to clean teeth. The basic plaque removal you expect from a toothbrush is provided by Oral-B Healthy Clean. Promotes good dental health. More dentists use the brand Oral-B.

Brand: Oral-b

👤I go through them quickly. We are supposed to replace a toothbrush every 3 months. It doesn't last that long for mine. Do you know how many things you can clean with a toothbrush? I use the one I'm using to clean the dishwasher door, the exhaust vent filter, the sink faucet, or the car grooves. There are lots of good uses for a toothbrush. At this price point, they are not a stain on the budget. Anyone who needs a toothbrush can always find one. You don't know who might need a toothbrush. These toothbrushes are a good value. Amazon delivered as scheduled. I have time to go to the store, but I get my purchases before I do. Since covid, I avoid shopping as much as possible. I now buy dog food, vitamins, cleaning supplies, and personal supplies from Amazon. I didn't like shopping for needed things. I prefer to shop for shoes.

👤I found out that Oral-B engages in animal testing for some of their products. Do not use this brand in the future.

👤I thought these would be cheap, but they are really good quality, and just the right amount of firmness, because I am picky about my toothbrush.

👤These are better than expected. They are comfortable to use while brushing and don't loook great in the packaging. I will be buying them again. It is a great value.

👤I use aPhillips electric toothbrush, but sometimes I want to brush my teeth manually. This is a great brand and a great value. The price of toothpaste and toothbrush has gone up a lot. These are a good price. These will last 1 person a long time because I use a clip sanitizer on my toothbrush.

👤The toothbrushes work well and the value is outstanding. They are medium and not overly soft. The brand Oral-B has a good reputation as a good dental products company and I like it. I would buy this toothbrush at my drugstore.

👤The first thing I saw was that they looked cheap. These brushes are very nice. The handle is stiff and nice. The brush is firm and nice. I have bought brushes that felt soft. Not these. It was a bargain!

👤I have been looking for this type of toothbrush. I don't like the new styles of Oral B Toothbrushes. The price is perfect for my needs. The medium is perfect. Not harsh or soft. They seem to be well made. I am happy with the purchase.

3. Triple Bristle Travel Sonic Toothbrush

Triple Bristle Travel Sonic Toothbrush

TRIPLE BRISTLE GO: The patented 3-sided brush head of their sonic toothbrush gets the job done in 1/3 the time. Triple bristles have been designed with over 30,000 sonic strokes per minute to give your teeth the best possible clean in 1/3 the time of an ordinary sonic toothbrush. The blue indicator bristles will fade to white, reminding you to replace your brush head. The levels of phlegm, gout, and bile are correlated. The 3 bristle head is easy to use and will get you in those hard to reach places. The design has 3 cleaning modes that will help remove stains while promoting a white plaque-free smile and fresh breath. As a travel alternative to a toothbrush, take your Triple Bristle GO on-the-go. The handle has a compartment that holds two batteries. Convenient and easy to swap out during trips. TheDENTIST was created and theDENTIST was approved. Dentists across the United States recommend their unique brush design because it is revolutionizing the way they clean teeth. They have created a toothbrush that makes oral care easier, faster, and more effective than the leading brand. The Triple Bristle Go has a 1 year warranty. Everyone should have a toothbrush. The brush head and handle were made for everyone. Maybe brushing has become more difficult due to arthritis or swollen hands, because Triple Bristle can speed up the process and make brushing more comfortable. Triple Bristle is a brush that you can use to provide the best oral care. Their toothbrush can help people with special needs brush their teeth.

Brand: Triple Bristle

👤I was drawn to the Triple Bristle toothbrush because it cleans the gumline automatically. I found that people who use the three-sided brush come to their recall appointment with huge improvements in their gum health. I tried the main unit with rechargeable batteries but it was more expensive than the one I found here and it did a great job, but it was more affordable for people on a tight budget. Since batteries are not rechargeable, you will have to replace them when you feel the strength of the vibration going down. It is a completely different way to brush. If you are trying it for the first time, I recommend that you approach it with an open mind, and be prepared for some tickling and sensitivity for the first few days. If the plastic touches your tooth, you may feel a little sleepy. As you learn to use it, this goes away. It is not uncommon to experience some bleeding and sensitivity because it cleans more thoroughly and goes right into the gum line. This is usually gone after a few days. Bleeding is a sign of inflammation and if you continue to use the brush, you will notice that the bleeding stops and your gum health will improve dramatically. The batteries have to be inserted into the handle of the unit. This part can be difficult. It closes tightly so water doesn't enter the handle and it can be hard to open. When I called customer service, they told me to use a quarter to open and close the bottom. I have had a lot of patients ask me about this. I'm attaching a video about how to assemble this brush. You don't need to move the handle a lot. Press it down on top of your teeth until it reaches the gums and the sonic vibration will do its job. A gentle up and down motion is all you should do. The toothbrush will help you brush faster. It covers all of your teeth. The gum line is where gum disease starts and can make a big difference in your oral health. If you struggle with dental disease, I highly recommend trying this brush. Inna C. RDH is a doctor.

👤We have many people with sensory issues in our household who have trouble brushing their teeth. We have tried various types of toothbrushes, but they have not worked out. We tried another type of electric triple headed toothbrush, which was a huge improvement over every other electric toothrush out there, but it was still an imperfect solution because the product came from China and took forever to arrive, which meant getting replacement parts was going to be a huge hassle. I was so excited when I saw this brand hit the market, and waited to try it, since the reviews claimed it was quiet and very effective. I felt like the vibration tickled me only for the first 2 days, which was a fast adjustment period for me. The first couple of days, I felt like I was doing something wrong because it was so gentle, but my teeth were clean. The toothbrush has been great for us both and my kid adjusted very quickly. The travel version made it more affordable for us to try it out since we have our own batteries. The tongue cleaner that came with the kit is very easy to keep clean and I love it; I disliked every other tongue cleaner I've ever tried. The toothbrush heads come with a hard case for travel, which makes sense since there is a huge bulky case for the entire toothbrush. I love this product.

4. DR PEFECT Extra Toothbrush Whitening Teeth

DR PEFECT Extra Toothbrush Whitening Teeth

It wasn't easy to fall out of the toothbrush because of its firm and extra hard bristles. If you have smoking or coffee problems, Hugeheads is the best choice to clean and whiten your teeth. The newest version of their hard toothbrush is the Huge Head Toothbrush. Whitening with Teeth Charcoal Powder is the best way to whiten your teeth. Individual packing is made from recycled organic paper so you can do your part in reducing waste.

Brand: Dr.perfect

👤I have never bought a tooth brush before. I was so frustrated that I couldn't find a brush. I ordered this one today and am only buying this tooth brush now. It's hard and very long, but after I brush it, it feels clean. I would highly recommend it. It! If you're looking for a harder tooth brush, this is the best.

👤This toothbrush is for people who want to get their teeth cleaned. I was able to improve my receding gums by brushing them and massaging them, and I did it by repeatedly doing this. The bonus was when my girlfriend said that my teeth had become white over the course of two weeks. This brush is meant to scrub to an extreme level and if that is what you are looking for, this product is great. Let's put it that way. I gave up my sonic care diamond clean HX9903-11 model that retails for $170. Couldn't be happier.

👤Absolutely love this necklace.

👤The brush is amazing, I was fed up with those big name products that were too fancy and over-engineering. The brush is very large and hard to cover, it is very good for deep cleaning and Whitening of the teeth, it is very simple and easy to use. I am happy that I found a hard brush. I usually don't give 5* unless I am absolutely happy, but this one takes the cake!

👤The bristles are very hard. It really cleans my teeth. I like the toothbrush.

👤My teeth have never been this clean and I love this brush.

👤I've been changing my toothbrush and toothpaste a lot. I always used Medium brushes because they didn't seem to work well, but soft brushes didn't work for me, so I chose them. I thought my food was bad. The brush looks hard and feels harsh. I thought I wasted money again. There is a I tried my current toothpaste and it was very gentle. My teeth felt fresh all day after I washed them. I haven't felt fresh in a long time. Maybe this brush is only used once or twice a week. I have to read it again. I like to try again.

👤I finally found a toothbrush that cleans my teeth to the fullest. I will purchase again.

5. Oral B Indicator Contour Manual Toothbrush

Oral B Indicator Contour Manual Toothbrush

The blue indicators fade so you know when to replace your brush. The grooves between your teeth are curved. The Gentle End Rounded Bristles are designed to be gentle on the teeth. More dentists use the brand Oral-B.

Brand: Oral-b

👤The toothbrush is not soft. It's medium at best. I had wounds in my mouth after the first week of using it. I don't know if they test their products before they tag them as soft. I don't recommend it if you have sensitive teeth. The Oral-B toothbrush presentation I tried was the same as the one I tried before. I am really disappointed that I didn't like this brand of toothbrush. Never again.

👤I never tried soft bristle brushes because I thought they wouldn't do the job as well. I don't know if it's my old toothbrush or the way I brush it that's causing my enamel to suffer. I am very satisfied with this toothbrush, what I can say is that. There is no evidence of a plaque or any remnants from the bristles. I think the best part of this was that it didn't put any strain on my teeth. I think that this toothbrush was what I needed because of my weakened enamel. I know it is a toothbrush. I am really happy.

👤My dentist suggested Oral B in the 90s. If you tell me how much I like the product, I'll still use it.

👤Not anymore, Oral B puts out a top quality toothbrush. They are ok, what is the old saying if it broke, don't fix it... The quality of the toothbrush has gone down over the past few years and they have turned it into a joke. It's hard to pack a toothbrush for travel.

👤I've had Oral B toothbrushes for a long time. The soft one is the one that gets the job done without causing irritation. Two of these for about four bucks. It's hard to win.

👤I need soft toothbrushes because of my sensitive teeth. It doesn't last very long because it is very soft after a couple uses. My teeth don't feel as clean after a short time. The recommended 3 months is not enough for me to change brushes often. They work well, but not for three months.

👤The toothbrush I bought was praised in the reviews. That was a huge mistake. The tip of the bristles is not long enough to clean the back molars. It feels very heavy and hard to brush my teeth with. I wouldn't recommend this toothbrush.

👤People don't waste their money on electric toothbrushes because they will hurt themselves. You can get everything you need for less than 5 dollars. Incredible deal.

6. HAMMER Spinbrush Ultra Toothbrush Medium

HAMMER Spinbrush Ultra Toothbrush Medium

The Spinbrush PRO Whiten battery powered toothbrush has a rotating whitening cup and bristles. The DUAL ACTION BRUSH HEAD has an oscillating circle and sliding plate that can move up to 3,900 sweeps per minute. Soft SWITCH power buttons help prevent water from leaking inside the brush. You can remind yourself to replace your brush head every 3 months with the fading of color wear spandex. The Spinbrush ProWhite was formerly known as the ARM & HAMMER.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤This is my third brush. I like the brand of toothbrush. The one I bought recently had issues very quickly. When I open the battery area, it's soaking wet and now the area is starting to rust. I don't think water and batteries are supposed to come out, but someone designed it so that water pours into the battery chamber. Maybe I'm wrong. I tried to get a replacement but it isn't eligible for return. Go figure.

👤I like these things. I have been using them for a long time. They don't like to have the batteries changed out. I tried to get the batteries to work again. It doesn't like batteries that are rechargeable. Rechargeables are larger than a standard AA, so they don't fit right. If you use ordinary batteries, the O ring on the battery compartment will eventually fail, forcing you to buy a new brush. I can get through at least 3 extra brush heads before the brush needs to be replaced. It doesn't bother me because they're cheap. The way they work is that the round section of the brush spins about a quarter turn to the left, then back to 3 o clock in the right and back to the left. The bottom section is moving. The tips are soft, medium and firm. I like either medium or soft. The dentist told me to stop using firm tips. The soft ones are gentle on your teeth. Since I started using these, the hygienist at the dentist's office always tells me that my teeth are clean and she doesn't have to clean them. I brush my teeth the right amount of time. If you are in a hurry to get it over with, your results may vary. I like these. I can not complain about the price. The results speak for themselves.

👤The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro Series is one of my favorites. It makes my teeth feel clean. I prefer the medium brush over the soft. My only request is that it costs less. I usually have to replace it every 2 months, so it would help if it cost less. I think you would like this toothbrush. The toothbrush only lasts about 6 weeks. When I bought another one, I saw the last one I had bought. The toothbrush bristles are useless by about 6 weeks for me, even though the battery still goes. I just keep that in mind if I use ur brush the same way. Hope this was helpful.

👤I am not sure if I got a faulty product or not, but I have to hold down the power button to use the brush, making it very uncomfortable to use. I assumed that it was on and off, but as soon as I press the big top button, it will turn on for a second, then shut off. I have tried pressing down hard and just tapping it, but it doesn't work. I don't recommend it because it is not pleasant to use.

7. Colgate Advanced Optic Toothbrush Medium

Colgate Advanced Optic Toothbrush Medium

The toothbrush has spiral polishing bristles. An ordinary flat trim toothbrush has an advanced multi-action bristle design. The cheek and tongue cleaner is innovative. Removes harmful organisms from teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums. The handle is comfortable for better maneuvering.

Brand: Colgate

👤My fiancée and I have been using the tooth brush for about 2 months now and we love it. They brush well and don't wear out fast. If you're looking for a stable tooth brush that works and comes from a trusted source, go with this one. If you are looking for a toothbrush that will change the brushing game, I can tell you that this is just a normal toothbrush game. Great to use, but not life changing.

👤5 stars. We are in the throes of a Pandemic so these were necessary. You have to scrub it out.

👤It felt like I was brushing my teeth with metal when I brushed my teeth with this. The rating of hardness is not accurate. The bristles do not bend. I don't think the medium tooth brushes are a good idea. I read a review that said the soft tooth brushes are a bit harder than the usual soft tooth brushes, so maybe if you buy the soft ones, you will get what the mediums are meant to feel like.

👤I've used Oral B tooth brushes for a long time. I decided to try them out. The reviews said the bristles were sharp and scratched. For some reason, I thought that wouldn't happen to me. They were correct. I had bad breath for 3 days after using it twice. I noticed that my teeth were hurting, like they had been scratched with steel, for 4 days. Never looked back after going back to Oral B.

👤I should have ordered soft. The product is still great.

👤I absolutely love them. These are my new favorite toothbrush and I don't think I'll be buying a different one anytime soon. They are very comfortable and reach all my hard to clean places.

👤I was looking for a manual toothbrush to replace an electric one. I would have been happy if my toothbrush had replacement brush heads, but that wasn't the case. The company stopped selling the brushes and I had the choice of getting a manual one or an electric one. I'm happy so far. The quality is excellent.

👤The toothbrush holder is too big for the firm grips. No loss of bristles after a year. They put a horse grooming brush to shame. I've used some old ones and the hardest brush I've ever used. It's not good if you have sensitive gums. I finally decided to go soft brush after mine bled and was sore for months. I can brush my mouth three times a day.

👤The cheek and tounge cleaner on the back does work, but the bristles are hard in the first few uses.

👤Toothbrushes do their job. I think they are a little weak. The first couple of uses made cracking noises. They are comfortable to hold and do their job cleaning teeth.

👤I feel very confident when I buy from Amazon because I know they won't compromise their name for any reason.

👤The small toothbrush is not soft as was described.

8. Oral B Pulsar Vibrating Bristles Toothbrush

Oral B Pulsar Vibrating Bristles Toothbrush

brushing for a healthier smile with a battery-operated toothbrush. The bristles of the Pulsar Pro-Health gently cleans teeth. Micropulse bristles vibrate between teeth, breaking up plaque. Penetrates between teeth. Food and plaque are removed from the tooth surface.

Brand: Oral-b

👤Since I usually buy them in Costco, I was happy to see this package on Amazon. Online shopping is the new norm. I took stars away because the battery or vibrate button stopped working after 3 weeks after I received them. When I buy these in person, the battery life lasts more than two months, and that's when I change it. This was a let down.

👤I like these toothbrushes. I have been buying them for a long time. Amazon will sometimes send a fake, but for the most part they are genuine. I brush at least twice a day. Sometimes the battery lasts 2 months, sometimes it lasts only a couple of months, and sometimes it lasts only a couple of months. I prefer this toothbrush over others.

👤We don't get a chance to use these batteries before they wear out. I found a dead toothbrush for the second time. So disappointing. If we wantedmanual toothbrushes, I can buy them for less.

👤I still have my teeth, and I have been using the Oral B vibrating toothbrushes since they came out. I have never had gum problems, I brush my gums along with my teeth, and the stimulation probably increases blood flow, which is beneficial. I use one for three months and throw it away. My favorite toothbruses!

👤I didn't like this product. It doesn't do anything but move. A waste of money. I will toss them because I don't want them but won't give them away.

👤They stopped carrying them when they used to buy them from Costco. Found them here. I am so happy. I will never use anything else with these brushes. My battery life is past the length of a toothbrush. I use them to clean my jewelry and shoes. The battery life lasts after they are trashed.

👤The type of toothbrushes that my dental hygienist recommended cut down on plaque and gum disease. You push the button and the toothbrush moves along your teeth. I gave my husband one and he has already commented on it. You don't have to have another device on your bathroom counter top for travel.

👤This toothbrush can be used anywhere. Does not need to plug in. You can't change the batteries, but the toothbrush bristles are worn out by the time the battery dies.

👤The battery lasts a long time.

9. Colgate Advanced Floss Tip Vibrating Toothbrush

Colgate Advanced Floss Tip Vibrating Toothbrush

20,000 sonic toothbrush strokes per minute are activated by a battery powered toothbrush. The floss-tip bristles provide a 4x deeper clean below the gum line. The toothbrush helps remove plaque from hard to reach places. The toothbrush has a built in tongue and cheek cleaner. The toothbrush head is not replaceable. There is a toothbrush and batteries in it.

Brand: Colgate

👤This electric toothbrush might not be the most effective for a healthy mouth. There are a lot of higher end electric toothbrushes that come with a lot of different accessories. There are a lot of established brands out there, with all the bells and whistles that will do a great job of removing plaque. There is a place for this toothbrush. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal symptoms, or if your gum lines have begun to recede, this brush may be the one that fits your needs. I think it's important to know that there are different types of mouths in this world and that one should check with their dental hygienist for recommendations as to their individual needs. I like this brush because of its softer bristles and the fact that it can massage the gum line at 20,000 strokes, which is more than a regular brush can do. The most economical electric toothbrush you can find is this one, and it comes with a Energizer battery. You can replace the battery by twisting the clear cap on the end. The size of the toothbrush is similar to this one. The electric brush is small enough to fit in a slot next to my toothbrush, which makes it a really convenient brush to travel with. This is a basic electric toothbrush. There are no replacements for the head attachment. This is a disposable brush. When the brushes are old, you throw them away and buy another one. If you are a gardener, you should keep it. There was no joke. An electric toothbrush can help in pollination. Do your own research on it. The bee's wings have a similar sound. This brush works well for me and I use it for my electric toothbrush. I have not been compensated for the review.

👤I sat on the edge of my tub with a new realization after using this toothbrush for the first time. I have been brushing my teeth wrong. My mouth was always dirty. I felt like I had just had my teeth cleaned. I try to drink water first thing in the morning after brushing my teeth, but my water tastes different. I bought a cheap toothbrush before buying a expensive one. I am sold. I bought 2 more. I got one for my mom and my boyfriend. I don't think I can go back to using a manual toothbrush. I prefer a wide bristled brush, but I have a complaint about the tip.

👤When someone purchases more than one toothbrush, that should tell the seller that it was ordered for two people in a household and they were going to send two different color brushes. Technology can figure out everything else in your home, but can't figure out this simple thing!

👤I was sent a whole box, which I am not at all familiar with, but I will not need to buy a new tooth brush for years. I am pretty sure that this was an error or something like that. This toothbrush works great.

10. Oral B Charcoal Whitening Therapy Toothbrush

Oral B Charcoal Whitening Therapy Toothbrush

The bristles are infused with charcoal. Whitens teeth by removing stains. The Power Tip bristles are longer to help clean hard to reach places. The outer bristles gently massage your teeth. The tongue and cheeks are cleaned gently.

Brand: Oral-b

👤I bought charcoal toothpaste because I didn't see a difference and it works great.

👤The bristles are black. I think it looks cool.

👤These brushes are so pretty that I have fallen in love with them. I find my gums bleeding after brushing my teeth, not with these, it's so much nicer. A change in whiteness after a few uses. You'll be feeling great if you pair these with some charcoal toothpaste. I was so happy to try these. These are the only ones I want. In love.

👤I've been using the brush for a week. The brush is great so far. It cleans every tooth. I don't think there is a difference in whiteness yet. There is a Who designed the handle? It's too light and too heavy. It is difficult to hold while brushing. Really? You would think that an established company like Oral-B would do better. I've found something to wrap around while brushing. A lot of practice and talent is needed. It's funny. My hands are weak and painful from Rheumatoid arthritis. I'm picky about this. Still, c'mon. There was an update on Thursday. May 7th, still love the brush, not the handle. It's easier to hold when the bone is dry. It was a bit difficult to brush teeth. Hope they change the design soon. Then it will be perfect.

👤I am writing a review about a toothbrush because it is a simple thing to do. 1) The price is very competitive. I've seen toothbrushes that are expensive for what they do. This one checks the box. There are two more I used to use all the brushes in a month. The recommended amount of time the American Dental Association suggests you change your toothbrush is 3 months.

👤The packaging arrived perfect, as reviewers mentioned negatively. They are very strong. I liked the color. I thought one was black and the other was purple, but they were both different shades and we made a mark with silver marker to see the difference.

👤I love these tooth brushes. They make brushing with toothpaste even better. Will never buy any other toothbrush. They are medium and perfect.

👤These work well. I originally purchased these when they were on a sale at my local store, but now they don't seem to carry them. I went to my dentist after using them for a while. They said I had less plaque than I usually do and didn't have to clean it. The prices are considerably higher, but I purchased more of them since they don't seem to be carried anymore by Costco.

11. Top Med Ets Smokers Toothbrush

Top Med Ets Smokers Toothbrush

Smokers Toothbrush has an anti-slip grip and Cross over bristles for effective removal of tobacco and food stains. The anti-slip handle is made from premium material for comfort and ease of use. The neck has an anti-slip grip.

Brand: Topmed Ets

👤I like a hard toothbrush, but I accidentally brushed away my soul when I tried to use it. I don't exist anymore. It is as soft as a brick. If you need witness protection, this may be the toothbrush for you. I think this earns an entire star due to the fact that I've wanted to clean something small and needed a toothbrush sized brush many times. The military is researching it for use in war. Good luck.

👤This will destroy your teeth and gum tissue. Don't waste your money if you have giant horse teeth covered in mud. Get a hard bristle toothbrush. It is as hard as a wire brush. I use it for cleaning.

👤This toothbrush is hard to use. I didn't realize I ordered a smoker's toothbrush. I am not a smoker. It was hard at first. I love it now. My teeth are shiny. Since I don't smoke cigarettes, I feel like it really cleans them up.

👤Look for it. I have been using them for almost two years and this one is one of the better ones. After the toothbrush started having issues, it started to part like the red sea. I still use it and it works. My dentist tells me that my teeth are great.

👤This is similar to using a grill brush. I had wounds on my gums and threw it away after two uses. The rest of your mouth will hate you, but it will get your teeth clean. While brushing my teeth, bristles came off and I had to spit them out for 5 minutes. I think I swallowed it. I swallowed gum when I was 5.

👤I decided to tone it down for the sake of saving people from making the same mistake that I did. The bristles of this product are so stiff that they are unbendable. It is so hard that I could not use it as a grill brush. If you need something to clean a grill, buy this. I feel like this was a joke made by someone. I can move the bristles with my fingers.

👤The super sleuth. It is amazing to use for the first time. I think I will use them. Even though I stopped smoking, I never knew what to do with the build up. Can cause bleeding. They should fight harder. I think it's worth it.

👤These are difficult for me, even though I thought I needed a strong toothbrush. I wanted a deep clean because it does the job. If you have sensitive gum, don't brush your teeth with a regular Colgate brush. I like it.

👤The toothbrush was worn out about 2 weeks after use. Don't waste your money on this brush, it's only for £4.65. Very disappointed.

👤Only this toothbrush has it. bristles have curled after 2 weeks Very disappointing.

👤The bristles bent all directions and were very bad for my teeth.

👤The first time I used this toothbrush, it felt perfect. I was thrilled because I thought I had found the one after a long search which yielded mostly medium or soft toothbrushes. I almost ordered more. After the first use, I noticed the bristles were looking worn and bending outward, which was a first for me. I tried to use it a few more times, but it was not comfortable. The search is on.


What is the best product for best toothbrush for adults firm?

Best toothbrush for adults firm products from Mouthwatchers. In this article about best toothbrush for adults firm you can see why people choose the product. Oral-b and Triple Bristle are also good brands to look for when you are finding best toothbrush for adults firm.

What are the best brands for best toothbrush for adults firm?

Mouthwatchers, Oral-b and Triple Bristle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best toothbrush for adults firm. Find the detail in this article. Dr.perfect, Oral-b and Arm & Hammer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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