Best Best Teeth Whitening Products for Sensitive Teeth

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1. VieBeauti Premium Whitening Sensitivity Effectively

VieBeauti Premium Whitening Sensitivity Effectively

Their home teeth Whitening light kit is the best for teeth Whitening. The teeth whitener gel can be broken up by five powerful bulbs. The pre-mixed gel syringes are easy to use in the privacy of your home. The most powerful tooth whitener and light unit on the market, it has a dentist-grade gel whitener and a light unit with 5 of the most powerful light bulbs. It's time to stop spending money in a dental chair. For a fraction of the cost, you can regain your youthful, stain-free smile in the privacy of your home. The integrated 10-minute timer lets you relax with a book or tackle other tasks without looking at the clock. You will see brighter and whiter teeth in just 3 short sessions. The teeth bleaching kit includes a remineralizing gel to deter tooth decay and sensitivity to hot and cold foods. The universal mouth tray snaps on and off of the light unit for easy cleaning. You also receive a plastic storage case to keep your tray clean and protected between uses, and 3 syringes of whitening gel, 1 syringe of remineralizing gel, and 2 moldable whitening trays for friends or family to use. Quality control protocols are followed for your safety and peace of mind. The VieBeauti system is powered by 2 batteries. Remove the plastic shield from the battery compartment to use it.

Brand: Viebeauti

👤Zero stars! Why is this happening? Look at the picture. I put it on for a short time and it started burning. I took it off and washed my mouth. My gum turned white. What is happening? It is so painful. I used it as a guide, saying that it should be 1ml per tray and 1ml per treatment.

👤I only use a tiny dot per tooth and had results after the first 15 minutes. The toothpaste is nice. Bc bleach makes the tooth porous, and if you have any excess bleach solution on your gums, you should keep a swab ready to wipe it off.

👤Before I get my initial impressions for a partial, I used this product to lighten my front teeth. I noticed a nice result after 20 minutes with the first round. I only went 10 minutes with the 2nd round. I want my filling to be light so I'm trying to get as light as I can without it looking weird. The product is working well so far. The tray that is attached to the light is wide at the front, and nobody's teeth are as wide as the ones in the front. Since there is a huge gap between your teeth, the gel has more room to not be on them. You learn how to portion gel in a way that keeps it where you want it to be.

👤I have very healthy white teeth but they need a bit of maintenance to keep them looking their best as I get older. I used Crest Strips to get them back to their whitest but they caused some sensitivity. It has been a challenge to keep them white since I started drinking coffee recently. I feel like I'm ten years older when my teeth start to get dingy because I stay fit and have an otherwise youthful appearance. I got a GO Smile tooth brush that uses the same blue light technology as the toothpaste that accompanies it. The results are great but it needs to be used regularly and Sonicare is the best toothbrush for gum care. I still thought they could be a shade or two white. I had to try this system after reading the great reviews. Even though my teeth were pretty white, I saw results from one treatment. My teeth were back to their normal whiteness after 3 treatments. My dentist asked where I had my teeth whitened after I had a 6 month dental checkup. I think he thought I cheated on him. He said the ingredients are the same used in professional treatments when I showed him the product. The ease of application is the best part. I plan to do a treatment booster every 3-6 weeks.

👤I've only used this product three times, but I see a big difference. It's simple to use and it comes with a custom mouth to fit your teeth. It was easy to form and really neat to see. There isn't a lot of taste. Doesn't taste good. I only had a slight taste. Adding more of the blue vitamins in the kit would be the only change I would make. 5 out of 5 I love this stuff.

2. Crest Professional Whitestrips Whitening Treatments

Crest Professional Whitestrips Whitening Treatments

It lasts 12 months and beyond. For 30 minutes, use once a day. 14 years of teeth stains can be removed. If you have oral cancer, do not use this light device. Professional-level teeth Whitening results are delivered. Advanced Seal Technology. No slip grip stays put, so you can drink water and talk. The #1 Teeth Whitening Brand is in America. The sales data for August of this year was reported by the company.

Brand: Crest

👤A dental assistant friend told me that I should have a sensitive toothpaste on hand. Take a good quality paper towel and cut out a piece and fold it to make strips of cotton that you can put under your lip to absorb saliva as you Whitening your teeth. The less saliva, the less water the peroxide gets. These strips are about. A+... I noticed a difference after a few sessions. I'm on my third day. I did two sessions in a row on the first day and one on the second. My teeth are not very bad. I don't think I could do 10 days in a row. I took an alcoholic beverage before hand in order to put the kabosh on any serious pain. Very happy with the results. The white spots on your teeth are temporary.

👤I used to use these every 6 months or so to keep my teeth white, and they work. Some of my teeth have become "see through" after a few years of using them. I was told by my dentist that I have damage to my teeth. I switched to using it because I don't know if it's from the whitestrips, but I get the same effect. I don't understand why I would use chemicals on my mouth. You are dead to me.

👤These can be used to whiten your teeth. If you want to reduce the amount of sensitivity you have, you should get a pair of scissors, cut the strips out without peeling them, then trace the strips on your gums, and then cut the strips to where they only make contact with your teeth. If you can't stretch the strips, they won't adhere to your teeth. To get an idea of how to center the strips on your teeth, fold them in half and use a mirror to trace your gums with a sharpie pen. If you want to get even better results, purchase a blueLED teeth-whitening light, wear the strips as directed, then use the light for about 15 minutes, then take everything off. You should brush your toothpaste with a toothbrush immediately after you get your teeth white.

👤I go through spurts where I will whiten my teeth for 3 months at a time. I find that my teeth get a little sensitive. I have no sensitivity after using these crest white strips for a month and leaving them on for 30 minutes. My teeth are easy to clean. Before you put the white strip on your teeth, make sure you pull both ends of it, because I don't think I read the instructions right. This seems to make the ingredients work. I didn't do this the first three strips that I put on, and I didn't get the "whitening" sensation.

👤The difference between what just 4 treatments have done is crazy.

👤There's no denying that these work. Period. I can sip water while wearing these. No questions, these will whiten natural teeth. I have felt a little bit of sensitivity after an application or the next day. It fades quickly for me. There's not much for most applications. They are easy to use compared to the trays and other kits. I've never tried those, I've always used crest whitestrips. This box came with a bonus two 1 hour express packets, which is why I chose it most recently. The one hour express does provide a noticable whitening in one use, but not immediately removing them. It's as if the Whitening develops over a few hours. If you don't see the change using the one hour express, don't worry. It will be noticable a little later on. I've used the two hour express and the main ones here and there. crest toothpaste is used by me as well. I want to have plenty of strips left for touch ups. The benefits are by far worth every penny, and I am on a budget. My previous review was completely removed after I verified that I purchased these. I bought a sample of toothpaste and a one hour express after buying this box. I have no affiliation. I highly recommend these. I feel a bit sensitive while wearing the strips. It is very quick and sharp when it comes to pain on a tooth. These pains are called zingers. I took a few months off because I have never had this happen. The time in between prevented any zinger pain. I wanted to include this in case someone who has experienced the same issue is concerned and looking to see if anyone else has felt the same pain.

3. Crest White Whitestrips Whitening Strips

Crest White Whitestrips Whitening Strips

Crest has the best and fastest technology at home. A handheld device that weakens stains. Crest Whitestrips with Light whiten are better than strips alone. Whitening results can last up to 36 months. Light should be applied to upper and lower teeth. The results are complete in 10 days. There are 1 light and 10 teeth whitening strip treatments. For 60 minutes, apply once a day. The #1 Teeth Whitening Brand is in America. The sales data for August of this year was reported by the company.

Brand: Crest

👤I didn't give a full 5 star because I am having a bit of sensitivity and it's not possible to do 10 days in a row, I have to take a few day breaks between each. I am very happy with the results so far, as you can see from my pictures, it is definitely working. My husband wants to get it too. We are going to Florida in a few weeks and I am relieved that I don't have to worry about my yellow teeth.

👤The product was very effective and easy to use. The results were amazing.

👤Definitely works. It definitely has shown results when they are used once daily for 7 days. I hate the shape and color of my teeth, but this has helped. It has been fantastic, but only after some minor sensitivity.

👤I don't like dentists. I gave it a rest after a long time of painful cleanings. A rest for 8 years. I know. The white smile was gone. The dental assistant recommended the strips to me. I tried them a dozen years ago and didn't like them very much. I would give it a try. They work. Really well. After the first treatment, you will see results. You remove them the first time. I have sensitive teeth and gums, so I wasn't surprised that there was some pain. It's just sitting around with them on your teeth for a full hour that can drive you crazy. They aren't slipping, but they may feel that way. The active agents bubble up under the strips when saliva makes contact. The light should be applied after you've sat for 55 minutes. I noticed that it said it was lit for 6-7 minutes, not 5 minutes as stated in the instructions. Pull the strips off with a slow but deliberate tug, as a part of it is affixed to your gums. It is worth the money. I'm ordering another box of strips and will give them a break and then do a second treatment. I want pure white teeth, so I'm going to see how close I get. If you don't drink coffee or smoke and don't try this after skipping the dentist for a long period, chances are you'll get there.

👤The first time I used this product, it worked well. I liked how it whitened my teeth. I decided not to use it in a row. I couldn't keep the strips on my teeth for the full hour after using it, it hurt so bad. I decided to do some research on the safety of the strips and I will no longer be using them. There is a lot of research on how over the counter strips can damage your teeth. Whitening products from your dentist are much safer to use than using a toothpaste. I don't recommend this product.

👤Absolutely amazing. It was worth every penny.

👤The battery went out on the light and I threw it away because there was no way to open it.

4. Colgate Sensitive Strength Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate Sensitive Strength Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Twice-daily brushing with sensitive teeth toothpaste provides sensitivity protection. The FDA allowed the maximum strength of the antisensitivity active ingredient. The mouth uses Glycerin to help it stay hydrated. Whitening toothpaste with a formula for removing stains. It builds increasing protection against future sensitivity. Fresh breath with mint gel. It helps to restore teeth's natural whiteness with regular brushing.

Brand: Colgate

👤People ask me how I get my teeth white. This toothpaste is my secret. I bought this because I wanted to generally clean my teeth. My dentist thought I had my teeth bleached at another office. The picture is completely uncut. This stuff helps with sensitivity in the process.

👤I buy Sensodyne in a four-pack when it is on sale to save money. I thought I was paying more for the quality. The price was too high when I was ready to replenish. I searched for alternatives to Sensodyne. Colgate Sensitive was almost half the price. The taste and clean feel of the product made me write the review. I used Colgate Sensitive for the first time and found out how much I disliked brushing my teeth. The taste was pleasant and it glides over my teeth. I brush it longer than I need to because it feels good and doesn't bother my mouth. My teeth feel cleaner than Sensodyne. I have never written a review about toothpaste because I didn't know there was a difference.

👤My teeth have become sensitive to hot/cold and I no longer use ice in anything as I drink almost everything at room temperature. The only toothpaste that seems to help is this one. I was eating on one side of my mouth because the left side of my mouth felt like lightning when I ate something hot or cold. I've been eating normally after using this toothpaste for years, though I'm used to room temp. I like drinking most drinks that way, except for an occasional cup of coffee or can of Coke. I had a coupon for Sensodyne toothpaste and thought it was as good as another, but it wasn't. I was back to the same pain after two days and I hope they never stop making it.

👤I use toothpaste that is specifically made for people with sensitive teeth. I bought Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength Whitening Toothpaste because I didn't know why I switched. I am very happy that I did. Since I've been using Colgate, I can drink cold drinks or eat cold food without feeling like lightening was shooting through my jaw. The product is wonderful. I like the taste of the gel. It makes my mouth feel good. Thank you for buying this toothpaste from Colgate and Amazon.

👤Don't buy that product if you have sensitivity. It doesn't show that on the picture, but it does on the product. I came back as a result. It was kind of a oxymoron.

👤Absolutely angry. I received my package today and it was destroyed on the bottom. Not one of them was salvaged, hoping to get a new order.

👤I was using the Colgate sensitive with a dark blue stripe and noticed that it had a purple stripe. This feels very rough on my teeth. Oh my gosh. I called my dentist because I was in so much pain after 3 days of using Pain Free Colgate toothpaste.

👤I have seen reviews that mention short expiration dates as a concern. I received my three-pack order in September 2020, and the tubes will be gone in March 2022. I found this toothpaste at the local Target a few years back and I always thought it was better than Sensodyne. I can't find it at any local stores, so I prefer Amazon.

5. Crest Professional Effects Whitestrips Whitening

Crest Professional Effects Whitestrips Whitening

18 levels of whiter in 20 days. It is designed to whiten like a professional-level treatment. The dentist recommended a brand of teeth Whitening. The same ingredient is used by dentists. Safe and effective.

Brand: Crest

👤The strips have been a lifesaver for me. There is no damage to the teeth. It's recommended that you only do two of them a year. I've kept them on for an hour every night and they've completely changed my teeth.

👤Let's clear up the basic misunderstanding first. The strips are just better than your toothbrush. "Whitening" strips are designed to remove stains from your teeth and not enhance your natural teeth color. If you took good care of your teeth and don't have much staining on them, these strips won't help you much. They won't make your teeth brighter. They will help you to remove the stains from the teeth and restore the original color, but not brighter or whiter. That's why 'whitening' is not correct. This product is good for removing stains but not great for lightening your teeth. It is only good for restoring your natural color and not achieving brighter color. If that is what you are looking for, then these are for you.

👤I'm a big coffee and tea drinker, so my teeth were stained a little yellow, but nothing too bad. I decided to give these a try and was pleasantly surprised at their effectiveness after 5 applications. The price is steep but you can share or store the 20 strips if you don't need them all. It helps to dry your teeth with a paper towel before applying the strips. Make sure you cover the base of the tooth so that the whole tooth is whitened, and press the strip firmly to the tooth, using your fingernails. It's ok to swallow these because they're gross and bleachy tasting. Subsequent applications didn't make me salivate as much. The formula will foam up under the strip, but it won't come loose. I always have white spots on my teeth when I remove these. I panicked at first, but I was able to do these before bed, which is a good idea. The tooth is drying out, but as it heals, the splotches will disappear. I used to use these every other day and my teeth felt a little sensitive after one of the applications. After 5 applications, my teeth lightened up about 3 shades. I'm willing to suffer for getting results after wearing them 5 times for 30 minutes apiece, even though these strips are a pain in the neck.

👤I have used these for years and they have done wonders, but the latest ones have proven useless. I'll try one more order and post an update saying if the last one was a bad one or if Crest has changed their formula, rendering them useless. Stay informed.

👤I use crest white strips once a year. These are my favorite of the more expensive ones. I did the $60-$70 dollar strips last year thinking they would work the best, but they have always worked the best for me. I used these exact ones a few years ago and got the same results. The top picture is before a red wine drinker, the middle is after the times, and the bottom is half way through. These results are true. You will not be sorry if you get these. I don't brush my teeth until after I've had a meal. I leave them on for 35 minutes each time.

6. Colgate Overnight Whitening Nightly Treatments

Colgate Overnight Whitening Nightly Treatments

The whitener pen has a brush to target the surface of each tooth and a clickable top to control the amount of gel. To use, follow your regular oral care routine, dry your teeth, click the whitening pen, apply a layer onto your teeth, sleep, and brush your teeth in the morning for a brighter smile. In a week, fifteen years of sins will be removed. Their technology is fast and effective. You can touch-up when you need to with the 35 nightly uses of each pen. There is a writing pen for sensitive people. Their formula is safe for sensitive teeth and is powered by hydrogen peroxide.

Brand: Colgate

👤Here is a quick list of positives and negatives of the pen. Positives: I whitened my teeth using the whitening pen. Negatives: -It didn't last as long as the box said it would, and you have to dry off your teeth and then paint. It just took a little while to do, but if you paint over wet teeth, it will ruin the brush. I have tried a lot of things on the market, but no results. I heard about this pen and wanted to try it out. I was a bit worried because I have sensitive gums, but I didn't feel any irritation. The pen lasted just a week and a half before I used it all up. I can honestly say that my teeth look better. I was surprised. The yellow on my teeth was stubborn. I might purchase a pen again to whiten my teeth. There are a few things about the pen that might be considered negatives. You have to dry your teeth before you use the pen to paint the solution. If the solution gets clumpy and dries up on the brush, it will ruin it. You should be aware that the pen paints a solution on your teeth and leaves a thin film over them. The solution doesn't have a taste or anything, but you will definitely want to brush your teeth in the morning to get it all off. The solution will clump up on your teeth when it dries. When I bought the pen, I didn't know that it worked like that, but I noticed that most of the negative reviews focused on the white clumpyness of the solution on your teeth. It was a bit of a hassle to get an even coating on my teeth, but I didn't care. You will only be able to paint the teeth at the back of the mouth if you whiten your front teeth. I was pleasantly surprised by this tool. This is the first thing that has worked for me. Purchase this product if you are okay with the few negatives. I would buy this again. I tried to take before and after pictures but they didn't turn out because of bad lighting. I saw a huge improvement in my teeth.

👤My teeth are white. It doesn't taste good, but it's not bad. The clumping brush makes it difficult to get the sticky product off before the next use. It's as difficult to clean old product if you wash it immediately after use. It sticks to the brushes. I would give 5 stars if that could be solved.

👤Absolutely amazing. People are already starting to notice a difference in my teeth after using the teeth Whitening overnight stick 3 times. I have sensitive teeth and tooth pain. This has not seemed to affect my pain at all. I highly recommend this product. I have always wanted white teeth.

👤This definitely works. Within 4-5 days, my teeth have never been white. After the first night of use, I found it difficult to use, but I got a bit of rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and cleaned the bristles to make it new again the next night.

7. ISmile Teeth Whitening Syringe Refill

ISmile Teeth Whitening Syringe Refill

After use, use once a day for 10 minutes to remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and more. Many people experience a change in appearance after using iSmile. Their most powerful whitening gel can give you up to an 8 shade whiter smile in 7 days. The same formula is used at the dentist. Their innovative whitening kits were designed by a team of leading dental experts in a FDA registered facility to be gentle, yet effective. You will receive a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with your product.

Brand: Ismile Whitening

👤I have extremely sensitive teeth. I've had two poorly done braces treatments and my teeth are basically gone. Over the years, I've tried a lot of over-the-counter products and home made recipes to whiten my teeth and also get rid of a small stain on my front tooth, and they've been either extremely painful or just not good enough. I came across iSmile, and it has been a total success so far, and the stain on the front tooth is gone. I'm on my second treatment and the sensitivity is minimal. I love that there is a desensitizing gel as part of the treatment. I only use Sensodyne twice a day to help with my overall sensitivity, which I'm positive contributes to my tolerance to the treatment. If you can relate, I recommend you do the treatment for 10 minutes the first few times and then increase it to 15 minutes on the second one. You will see results in a few days if you do it. Happy Whitening!

👤The photo at the top is me. I use Crest 3D White and Crest in the morning and night. After using ismile and the fore mentioned products, my teeth became sensitive and I felt a burning sensation. I used crest deep cleaning and Cali Whitening toothpaste the next day. The picture was taken after 3 ismile processes. I have not felt any burning after 3 usages and my teeth are no longer sensitive. I whiten every other day this week. I will start Whitening every day until I get the color I want. I smoke and drink coffee, I am a smoker and a coffee drinker. I am very pleased with the results. If I used it everyday and didn't smoke or drink coffee within a hour, it would be better.

👤I purchased the refill kit because I am very pleased with the results I have seen with the iSmile system. I recommend experimenting with exposure times based on both rounds of whitening. I only allowed 10 minutes exposure time for 10 days, followed by the remineralizing gel, and I was pleased with the results. I increased exposure time to 15 minutes and there was a noticeable improvement over the 10 minute exposure time. I found that applying the gel to my teeth with a Q-tip resulted in better coverage of my teeth. I used the system before bed and didn't drink after it was done. I went about my day as usual in the morning. I am cautious with the number of applications and the length of time between them just to be safe. This product is amazing.

👤This product works. My teeth are five shades whiter in 5 days. The results are the same that I have had done several times. Tota.

👤I have tried a number of different products. Crest Whitestrips, HiSmile, and iSmile. I noticed the difference after 3 days. It gives you more coverage than Whitestrips. I would recommend it. The only problem I have is with the needles. It's hard to tell how much to use. Sometimes it shoots out a bunch at once. You have to develop a method to find the right amount. I wish it told you what to do. I have gotten 4 treatments out of one tube, but it says you should get at least 7. I would like to know more about that part, but I am happy with the product, and I hope to see my teeth get better as more treatments go on.

8. Crest Whitestrips Routine Whitening Treatments

Crest Whitestrips Routine Whitening Treatments

It was made in FDA regulated facilities. FDA-registered facilities make the Teeth Whitening Kit with Remineralizing Gel. Enjoy the at- home teeth Whitening Kit. For a whiter smile, gently removes years of stains. It's specially formulated for teeth that are sensitive to tooth Whitening. For 30 minutes, use once a day. The same ingredients used by dentists are used. A teeth Whitening experience at home.

Brand: Crest

👤There are some things you need to think about. 1. The box was not read by the dummy who left a review. The new strips are no slip. The classic is very similar to the different ones. The gel sticks to your teeth like glue. The strip holder is the same as it was in the old days. They don't move on purpose. The review was unfair. 2. They are gentle because they have lower levels of peroxide. They whiten less than original because of that. If you have sensitive teeth, that's the price you pay. You may have to use more than one box. These don't make me sad after. 3. They are not as painful. I barely had any irritation and it was gone after ten hours. I am sensitive to the original. If you are okay with this, buy these.

👤I switched to these strips because of their sensitivity. I have used 4 of the strips and they are working well.

👤I used to whiten my teeth all the time as a teenager, but now my lower teeth are so sensitive I can never make it more than two days with regular strips. I saw this advertised and decided to give it a try since I've been self conscious of my coffee teeth. I noticed a hair sensitivity while using the strips, but nothing to write home about, and although the end result is not as dramatic as normal strength, I can definitely tell a difference. Will be buying for my husband and myself when the coffee comes back.

👤These are the best! I fractured my teeth from grinding. So sensitive. I can use these strios where I have had sharp pain before. I leave these on longer than suggested. I've never done a full box in a while. I'll use a few in a week. You should do one strip every three weeks. One box lasts me for a long time. I am careful with my coffee drinking and have no yellow teeth to begin with. There is a If you have sensitive teeth, I suggest looking into natural toothpaste. I'll use one tube of sensodyne paste a year to make teeth stronger. It's not good for body health to use Flouride all the time. Water and hydrogen peroxide can be used as a mouth rinse.

👤The results of my 2 week Gentle Formula Crest Whitestrips use were better than the 4 week use. I think my teeth got a bit sensitive by the end of the 4th week, but not unbearable. Can you tell me how long the results will last? I tend to have sensitivity with the strips, but this formula gave me no problem at all. amd will be doing a second treatment to see if there is any more improvement, I'm happy with the results.

👤They worked with little to no added sensitivity. I have never been able to whiten my teeth without pain and these worked great.

👤I used to use regular Crest 3D White strips. I have sensitive teeth. I would only use those strips once a week. I stopped using them because I knew I'd be in pain the next day. I couldn't sleep that night because of the pain. I don't use aspirin or ibuprofen unless it's absolutely necessary. I don't like seeing off-white color on my teeth. I thought about getting my teeth professionally whitened, but I realized the cost of filling in my gums and the pain that would come after wasn't worth the effort. I knew they wouldn't be as effective when I heard about them. The ingredients aren't as harsh for sensitive teeth. It's too early to know if they work, as I've used them three times. I haven't noticed that the staining of my teeth gets worse. I drink coffee every morning and sometimes tea in the afternoon, which means I have a lot of opportunities to stain my teeth. I haven't noticed any more staining since using this product.

9. Oral Essentials Toothpaste Sensitivity Preservatives

Oral Essentials Toothpaste Sensitivity Preservatives

Whitening without the harm is what it means. It's important to lift stains without taking the enamel. The use of harsh bleaches that damage your tooth structure can lead to sensitivity. All the better-for-you ingredients are meaningless if they don't prove results. They set out to scientifically show that your smile could be achieved with Lumineux. With over 50 double-blind university studies backing them up, they can proudly say they clean, whiten, and refresh ourselves, without the harm. This one is unique. I bet that the only oral care company that can claim that they are safe is Lumineux. Their products work with your body to protect your good and bad oral flora. You can check out the ingredients lists on their products. They are packed with ingredients that can nourish and help improve your oral health. Most products use bleach to remove stains, but oils use peroxide to get rid of stains. lumineux uses essential oils that break up stains, so you don't have to worry about damaging your teeth. They are more delicious.

Brand: Oral Essentials

👤I think my picture speaks for itself, but if you're hesitant or back and forth because of reviews, go for it. I took a chance on a new toothpaste after years of using nothing but hammer and arm. This is after a month of consistent use. I am a believer, no looking back.

👤This is the third tube I have used. This one is the only one I have liked. I am not sure if the company selling it is selling the real product. The flavor is bad. The label is slightly off and it doesn't have the same cap. Amazon won't allow returns. I wouldn't buy from this seller at all costs.

👤I've tried a lot of toothpastes that are on the market, but none come close to this product. After one use, my teeth were not as bright. I am in love with it. I like the clove in it the most and it doesn't foam up a lot. It doesn't change the taste of everything consumed after that. Great value and flavor. Will purchase this again. It was recommended to me by my sister and niece who have tried a billion products for teeth Whitening, and they are not searching anymore. It was worth every penny.

👤Tired of empty promises from commercial toothpastes. It's just an improvement to have unnaturally white teeth. I liked the flavor. There is freshness and a difference. My teeth look better than when I first used them. Not white, but better appearance. Will order again.

👤I did not see a change or effect on my teeth when I was a dental hygienist. Don't waste your money.

👤I don't recommend the product because I used it for a couple of years and it didn't work out. It took me awhile but I finally realized it was making my cheeks blisters, not painful, but very annoying. I barely saw any improvement. It won't remove the stain, but it will make it look better. Within a week my coffee tea stain was gone after I switched to an over the counter brand. I threw a tube and a half and the same amount of mouthwash away. I believe that these tubes are not a natural product because of the black stripe code on them. You should check that for yourself.

👤I used the sensitivity formula first and it was out of stock when I needed to order it again. I was pleasantly surprised that my teeth are not sensitive. I have only used their toothpastes because my teeth are as white as if I had a professional treatment. I am hooked! I would like to add that it is not. Like other toothpastes, it's easy to use.

👤I love the products from luminex. Their toothpaste is a staple in my dental hygiene and their strips are a treat for the eyes. Both products do a great job of lightening up, the toothpaste is even better than the Crest products I've tried. The price is the only complaint I have. The cost of toothpaste is a lot and the strips are a lot more expensive than similar products from major brands. I like the fact that their products use all-natural ingredients, but I wish the costs were lower so more people could afford them.

10. Venus Visage Effective&Painless Sensitivity Travel Friendly

Venus Visage Effective%EF%BC%86Painless Sensitivity Travel Friendly

The Venus Visage Professional Teeth Whitening Pen contains a safe form of peroxide, which can effectively and quickly remove years of stains caused by 16+ reasons such as coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda and more. There are years of stains. The teeth Whitening Gel Pen is a high quality and effective product that only takes 30 seconds to use. The teeth white pen contains over 20 uses and can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades. Unlike other teeth Whitening products and kits, their instant teeth Whitening pens are travel-friendly and easy to use. The teeth pen can be used while traveling. The gel can be applied to targeted areas on your teeth with a fine and focused tip brush. Your smile should be whitened. If you don't like their teeth Whitening products, they offer a slove for you. Many people are stocking up on these pens to share with their family. Your group photos are going to look great. This is a great birthday gift, holiday gift, or anniversary gift.

Brand: Venus Visage

👤I didn't know how well it worked until I took the after picture. I felt bad that I hadn't done this before. I did not do this everyday. I used the two tubes that I purchased, but I am bad about starting something and not finishing it. I want to get my teeth whitened. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get their teeth whitened.

👤This worked quickly. I noticed a change in my teeth in 3 days. It's very easy to use. You can dry your teeth with a tissue and apply it. You can relax if you hold your mouth open for 30 seconds. Not a lot of taste. I love them!

👤I knew I wanted to try it after reading the reviews. I don't want to get my hopes up as I know how these things can be. I used the pen twice a day and it worked. My results were not white, but they did get a lot lighter in 10 days. I no longer have that ugly yellow tint in selfies and family photos. These pens have given me more confidence to smile because I had a horrible dentist who ripped off my teeth and discolored them after braces.

👤I was going to compare the before and after images. I realized I didn't have enough lighting for the before image so it didn't work out well. When I received this item, I thought it was broken. Some consumers had issues with nothing coming out of the tubes. It took about 5 minutes. I was unsure of the best method when I first applied the product. I learned that applying it to the top first and allowing 30 seconds before doing the bottom worked best. Before both applications, I have to dry my teeth. I have been using this product for a week and a half and am happy with the results. My teeth were not very dark when I first got them. My teeth are very sensitive and I did not experience any sensitivity while using this product. I only used it once and received the results I was hoping for.

👤I was skeptical about trying a pen for the first time, but it's been a few weeks. It's worked well! The instructions on how to use it were easy to follow and my teeth were noticeably brighter the next morning. I heard that people's teeth were a bit sensitive after the first application, but mine were a little less sensitive after the second application, and never again after that. Great product!

👤I was hesitant to try a new teeth Whitening product after using harsh strips that caused pain and sensitivity. As a coffee and red wine drinker, I wanted to find a solution. The teeth whitening pen is very good. It is easy to use, works well and does not have the drawbacks of either the strips or the $450 option at the dentist. I really like this product because it is the only way to whiten my front teeth. The two pens that are included will last a year. I will definitely buy it again and recommend it.

11. Smile EO Whitening Accelerator Syringes

Smile EO Whitening Accelerator Syringes

It's easy to make Leith Whitening at home. Whitening your teeth from the comfort of your home is less expensive than with the Smile EO Teeth Whitening Kit. Their teeth Whitening Gel is powerful enough to lighten your teeth just after you use it. The Smile EO uses a blue light technology to get rid of stains. Pair it with their Teeth Whitening Gel to get the best results. There are multiple kinds of straws. Get teeth up to 5 shades whiter by removing stains from coffee, soda, smoking, tea, wine, cigarettes and more. The SMILE EO Teeth Whitening Kit is easy to use, with a built-in timer that goes off after 10 minutes and a teeth Whitening tray that fits comfortably in your mouth.

Brand: Smile Eo

👤I saw ads for Snow and ordered the teeth lightening kit. I saw this kit for$15 while browsing and I couldn't justify spending $250. It was packaged in a nice way. It was easy to make, and the gel tasted better than several other gels that I've tried. It has a smooth mint taste. The device is awkward in the mouth, but I'm sure it's not more awkward than any other light going into a person's mouth. It will take some getting used to. I was surprised to learn that there is an automatic timer that lets you know when your session is over. I would have left it in much longer if I had set a timer. I've only used it once, so I can't comment on the results yet. I will let you know how it's working after using it for a while.

👤I want to say that my teeth are sensitive and I don't bite products without researching them first. I have high standards for what dental products I buy. I recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable, reliable method to get whiter teeth because it works and does not make my teeth sensitive. A + from me!

👤I absolutely love this product. The picture is used after 2 times. I am excited to use it to increase my results because I am blown away by the results. If you're looking for a cost effective way to whiten your teeth, look no further.

👤The mouth piece has a timer so you know how long to keep it on your teeth. You only need about 1ml per application, it came with 3 syringes with 3ml each. The application is easy and the mouth piece is comfortable. I only used it once. I'm hoping for white teeth after a few uses.

👤I used the same day after receiving my order. I saw results with the first use. The following steps can be used to improve results if you are planning on purchasing or already purchased. Make sure to use a good toothpaste and rinse your teeth with it before using it. Crest 3D Brilliance contains whitening. third I don't eat, drink or brush my teeth for an hour after treatment. Results will take longer to show if you are a smoker or drinker. The results of this product are amazing. The purchase was worth it. Happy customer!

👤I have used this product every day since I received it. I use it in my nightly routine. The apparatus was easy to use. The built in timer shuts it off after 10 minutes so that you don't have to keep track of the time. I am excited that the gel has not caused sensitivity to teeth. It is definitely worth the money.

👤Everyone needs this! You need this! The best kit I have ever tried is this one. It is very easy. I don't have to sacrifice anything to pay for this system, or take time off work to go to the dentist. I whiten my teeth on my own. It doesn't make my teeth sensitive, unlike others I've tried. I think it's because it's quick. 10 minutes is all. I can see that my teeth are getting more and more white. I wish I'd found this years ago. I would like to thank you for giving me whiter teeth at a great price. I will return for more.


What is the best product for best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth?

Best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth products from Viebeauti. In this article about best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth you can see why people choose the product. Crest and Colgate are also good brands to look for when you are finding best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth.

What are the best brands for best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth?

Viebeauti, Crest and Colgate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth. Find the detail in this article. Ismile Whitening, Oral Essentials and Venus Visage are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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