Best Best Teeth Whitening Products 5 Star

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1. Teeth Whitening Kit LED Light

Teeth Whitening Kit LED Light

The Whitening Kit is for Tiberius. The same technology used by dentists can be used to whiten teeth with the specially designed formula and patented PRO+ light. There are whitening GEL syringes. Dentists recommend gentle at home stain removal. Professional teeth lightening is delivered by 35% of the bicdamide peroxide. Their all-in-one kit will help you whiten your teeth at home. The treatment is done in 30 minutes. After using the teeth whitening kit, your teeth will be whiter. Attachable light device is used to speed up teeth Whitening. It's easy to use teeth whitener gel and the light for 30 minutes a day to achieve a brighter smile. Until desired results are achieved, use daily. Easy to follow do-it-yourself instructions are included in the tooth whitening kit. Their detailed directions show you how to get rid of teeth that are not white. It couldn't be harder.

Brand: Purean

👤It is amazing! The top picture was taken after 2 treatments. The picture was taken the next day.

👤I only found time to use this three times so far but I may save some of it and stop here because I can already tell a big difference. If you accidentally get it on you, it doesn't taste very good, but it tastes the same as any other strip. I was able to get the results I needed without spending a lot of money on other products.

👤My teeth are white. The picture is only taken after 3 days. I have sensitive teeth, so I was a little worried. I didn't see any increase in sensitivity with this kit. Highly recommended.

👤This kit is very easy to use. It is much easier to use it for the recommended period of time. I noticed a difference after using it for the first time. I'm looking forward to seeing how it does after a few uses. It is definitely worth the investment.

👤This product works. The picture is only after using 5 times. You have to buy it.

👤I bought it for myself and my husband. I couldn't use it as soon as I put it in my mouth, my mouth was burning and I couldn't use it. I've used every product I've been given and nothing has changed. My husband has used it 5 times and we are seeing a lot of change. Stephanie.

👤I used it for the first time and I could tell a difference.

👤I bought this for my husband. He has some stains because he is a big tea drinker. Whitening teeth at the dentist is expensive. I thought it was worth a shot. It really worked, much to my surprise. It was easy to use, the taste was good, and the mouth was comfortable. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their appearance.

2. Venus Visage Effective&Painless Sensitivity Travel Friendly

Venus Visage Effective%EF%BC%86Painless Sensitivity Travel Friendly

The Venus Visage Professional Teeth Whitening Pen contains a safe form of peroxide, which can effectively and quickly remove years of stains caused by 16+ reasons such as coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda and more. There are years of stains. The teeth Whitening Gel Pen is a high quality and effective product that only takes 30 seconds to use. The teeth white pen contains over 20 uses and can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades. Unlike other teeth Whitening products and kits, their instant teeth Whitening pens are travel-friendly and easy to use. The teeth pen can be used while traveling. The gel can be applied to targeted areas on your teeth with a fine and focused tip brush. Your smile should be whitened. If you don't like their teeth Whitening products, they offer a slove for you. Many people are stocking up on these pens to share with their family. Your group photos are going to look great. This is a great birthday gift, holiday gift, or anniversary gift.

Brand: Venus Visage

👤I didn't know how well it worked until I took the after picture. I felt bad that I hadn't done this before. I did not do this everyday. I used the two tubes that I purchased, but I am bad about starting something and not finishing it. I want to get my teeth whitened. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get their teeth whitened.

👤This worked quickly. I noticed a change in my teeth in 3 days. It's very easy to use. You can dry your teeth with a tissue and apply it. You can relax if you hold your mouth open for 30 seconds. Not a lot of taste. I love them!

👤I knew I wanted to try it after reading the reviews. I don't want to get my hopes up as I know how these things can be. I used the pen twice a day and it worked. My results were not white, but they did get a lot lighter in 10 days. I no longer have that ugly yellow tint in selfies and family photos. These pens have given me more confidence to smile because I had a horrible dentist who ripped off my teeth and discolored them after braces.

👤I was going to compare the before and after images. I realized I didn't have enough lighting for the before image so it didn't work out well. When I received this item, I thought it was broken. Some consumers had issues with nothing coming out of the tubes. It took about 5 minutes. I was unsure of the best method when I first applied the product. I learned that applying it to the top first and allowing 30 seconds before doing the bottom worked best. Before both applications, I have to dry my teeth. I have been using this product for a week and a half and am happy with the results. My teeth were not very dark when I first got them. My teeth are very sensitive and I did not experience any sensitivity while using this product. I only used it once and received the results I was hoping for.

👤I was skeptical about trying a pen for the first time, but it's been a few weeks. It's worked well! The instructions on how to use it were easy to follow and my teeth were noticeably brighter the next morning. I heard that people's teeth were a bit sensitive after the first application, but mine were a little less sensitive after the second application, and never again after that. Great product!

👤I was hesitant to try a new teeth Whitening product after using harsh strips that caused pain and sensitivity. As a coffee and red wine drinker, I wanted to find a solution. The teeth whitening pen is very good. It is easy to use, works well and does not have the drawbacks of either the strips or the $450 option at the dentist. I really like this product because it is the only way to whiten my front teeth. The two pens that are included will last a year. I will definitely buy it again and recommend it.

3. Colgate Renewal Whitening Toothpaste Strength

Colgate Renewal Whitening Toothpaste Strength

There are two 3 oz. Colgate Optic White Renewal Whitening Toothpaste has tubes. 10X whiter teeth. After 4 weeks of use as directed, a toothpaste without hydrogen peroxide. The toothpaste has a patented formula. It goes beyond surface stains removal to whiten deep. The stain removal toothpaste is safe for daily use. The mint toothpaste is a white paste with a refreshing mint flavor. Anticavity toothpaste strengthens the teeth.

Brand: Colgate

👤colgate white was always bought at walmart or rite aid. I thought I'd give this one a chance. The first day was great! It was clean and suckling. The second day was hurting the gums. 3rd day stopped because my ear was hurting and my teeth were hurting. Being a nurse for 20 years and a specialist of the body. Everything is connected in the body. My nerves in my teeth and ear were affected by my gum disease. Are you serious? This product should be stopped. Went back to my regular colgate. The mouth and ear are normal. There is a No! I don't recommend this product to anyone.

👤I recommend this stuff to anyone with yellow teeth who has been smoking. When I read that renewal guarantees, I decided to try it because I have stopped smoking and am so embarrassed by my teeth. Everyone has noticed that my teeth are not as dark as they were 30 years ago. I will buy Colgate white renewal 3 times a day. Everyone knows that if you put too much toothpaste on your toothbrush, it will cause an allergic reaction and you need to follow the instructions on the box or tube. Before using, read the entire information on the outer box. I shared that so that anyone who buys Colgate toothpaste will know that I have been using it for 25 years and I am set for life.

👤There is a warning! Don't use this product! I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and now have a huge patch in the back of my tetanus vaccine. All day long, dry mouth! And KILLED TASTE BUDS! I have seen testimonials online with people saying the same thing and worse symptoms. It was very dangerous and not worth it. Hydrogen perOXIDE is to blame. Colgate should be ashamed of themselves for selling this product.

👤I can't believe that the coffee tea and tobacco stains are gone for two weeks. I thought my teeth couldn't get any cleaner, I have them professionally cleaned twice a year, but they still have coffee and tea stain, and I can't believe they are white again.

👤I have been using this product for a month and I can see how white my teeth are. Baking soda is used in some other toothpastes.

👤This item was used. The toothpaste was on the tube. We have received used hygiene products before. The buyer should beware.

👤I received a tube of this in exchange for an honest review. I bought this two pack after the tube was gone. Because it is prophesied! I drink 3 cups of coffee a day and this toothpaste has whitened my teeth better than any product I have used before. The taste is pleasant, and I haven't experienced any tooth or gum sensitivity from using it. I have been using the stuff for about two months. I will use it as long as I can get my hands on it. It is so great!

4. Colgate Overnight Whitening Nightly Treatments

Colgate Overnight Whitening Nightly Treatments

The whitener pen has a brush to target the surface of each tooth and a clickable top to control the amount of gel. To use, follow your regular oral care routine, dry your teeth, click the whitening pen, apply a layer onto your teeth, sleep, and brush your teeth in the morning for a brighter smile. In a week, fifteen years of sins will be removed. Their technology is fast and effective. You can touch-up when you need to with the 35 nightly uses of each pen. There is a writing pen for sensitive people. Their formula is safe for sensitive teeth and is powered by hydrogen peroxide.

Brand: Colgate

👤Here is a quick list of positives and negatives of the pen. Positives: I whitened my teeth using the whitening pen. Negatives: -It didn't last as long as the box said it would, and you have to dry off your teeth and then paint. It just took a little while to do, but if you paint over wet teeth, it will ruin the brush. I have tried a lot of things on the market, but no results. I heard about this pen and wanted to try it out. I was a bit worried because I have sensitive gums, but I didn't feel any irritation. The pen lasted just a week and a half before I used it all up. I can honestly say that my teeth look better. I was surprised. The yellow on my teeth was stubborn. I might purchase a pen again to whiten my teeth. There are a few things about the pen that might be considered negatives. You have to dry your teeth before you use the pen to paint the solution. If the solution gets clumpy and dries up on the brush, it will ruin it. You should be aware that the pen paints a solution on your teeth and leaves a thin film over them. The solution doesn't have a taste or anything, but you will definitely want to brush your teeth in the morning to get it all off. The solution will clump up on your teeth when it dries. When I bought the pen, I didn't know that it worked like that, but I noticed that most of the negative reviews focused on the white clumpyness of the solution on your teeth. It was a bit of a hassle to get an even coating on my teeth, but I didn't care. You will only be able to paint the teeth at the back of the mouth if you whiten your front teeth. I was pleasantly surprised by this tool. This is the first thing that has worked for me. Purchase this product if you are okay with the few negatives. I would buy this again. I tried to take before and after pictures but they didn't turn out because of bad lighting. I saw a huge improvement in my teeth.

👤My teeth are white. It doesn't taste good, but it's not bad. The clumping brush makes it difficult to get the sticky product off before the next use. It's as difficult to clean old product if you wash it immediately after use. It sticks to the brushes. I would give 5 stars if that could be solved.

👤Absolutely amazing. People are already starting to notice a difference in my teeth after using the teeth Whitening overnight stick 3 times. I have sensitive teeth and tooth pain. This has not seemed to affect my pain at all. I highly recommend this product. I have always wanted white teeth.

👤This definitely works. Within 4-5 days, my teeth have never been white. After the first night of use, I found it difficult to use, but I got a bit of rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and cleaned the bristles to make it new again the next night.

5. Lumineux Whitening Strips Oral Essentials

Lumineux Whitening Strips Oral Essentials

Whitening without the harm is what it means. It's important to lift stains without taking the enamel. The use of harsh bleaches that damage your tooth structure can lead to sensitivity. There are 14 strips and 7 treatments. All the better-for-you ingredients are meaningless if they don't prove results. They set out to scientifically show that your smile could be achieved with Lumineux. With over 50 double-blind university studies backing them up, they can proudly say they clean, whiten, and refresh ourselves, without the harm. This one is unique. I bet that the only oral care company that can claim that they are safe is Lumineux. Their products work with your body to protect your good and bad oral flora. You can check out the ingredients lists on their products. They are packed with ingredients that can nourish and help improve your oral health. In their latest study, they had participants use their strips for 2 weeks without pain. They didn't get a single complaint of pain or damage to teeth or gums, even though they got incredible reviews from those who participated. There was an average of 14 shades that were white with this study.

Brand: Oral Essentials

👤Not impressed. I saw an ad for the company and thought I would give it a try. The only thing that happened was that after using each strip my teeth would have white spots but the next morning my teeth would be the same color. I used all 7 strips and didn't notice a difference. If you are going to try this brand, you will have to buy the whole system. I don't like the idea that you'll whiten your teeth by only using the strips.

👤My teeth were discolored and I was negligent in many areas. They are also sensitive. The product didn't remove all the stains, but it did improve the appearance. My teeth felt great. I got another product, this time with peroxide, and it worked better than the first one. I don't like the feeling of what it's doing to my teeth. I am using the two products together. Whitening pens and toothpaste are used every day. Works well this way.

👤Each time I used it, it was a little more white. If you have sensitive teeth, then I recommend Lumineux. When I get to my whiteness, I will stop using and use again. I will use it for maintenance.

👤I tried the 7-day treatment and it didn't work. After removing the strips, the teeth would be slightly white but not last long. I didn't use it with the toothpaste or mouthwash, so maybe that would have yielded better results. I won't be buying them again.

👤These suck. They don't do any Whitening at all, it's very difficult to apply, and they have a gummy feeling on your teeth. The money was wasted. The sensitive crest strips are a million times better than my non-sensitive teeth and the price is the same. I don't apply them every day, but I will do it every other day to avoid the extra sensitivity. This was another grab on social media. The strips are not the worst of the ones I have tried. You will taste them for 30 minutes plus the time you brush them after. These were going to be great. They were a failure. Better luck next time.

👤I had trouble with sensitivity in the past, even after removing the strips. I have never been given sensitivity issues by Lumineux. I have a white, bright smile that my dentist likes. I will never use another product again.

👤I used to use Crest strips a lot, but it got to a point where I couldn't use them because they hurt my teeth. I stopped using the strips because I thought they might be damaged. These were bought on a whim. Maybe I wouldn't get that pain. I used them for the first time. It felt a little cool, but no irritation. The difference after the first time was huge. I could see how much my teeth had been cleaned. There were more of the white spots with these, but they go away within a day or two. It is really gross and annoying to scrub off the film when you take them off, but it is worth it. If I could give one tip, it would be to dry your teeth before putting the strips on.

6. VieBeauti Whitening Carbamide Sensitivity Travel Friendly

VieBeauti Whitening Carbamide Sensitivity Travel Friendly

Years of stains can be removed with the help of their professional teeth Whitening pen. It has a mint flavor that will keep your mouth fresh. The teeth Whitening pen is safe and easy to use and provides fast results with just a minute of daily use. The teeth can become 8 shades whiter with the use of the pen. The perfect at- home solution for premium quality whitening, their pen is affordable and professional quality. There is no need to go to the dentist for chemical treatments. The teeth white pen has a twist mechanism with a soft brush tip that gently paints each tooth and its crevices for a complete whitening experience. You can see how much product is left with the transparent tube. The compact design makes it easy to whiten your teeth on the go, at any time and place.

Brand: Viebeauti

👤I read a lot of reviews for this and was hopeful. It was used for three days and no results. It's easy to get it on, but after it dries and I close my mouth, the taste is bad. I don't feel like I should be swallowing it. I amCONTROLLY drooling. I don't feel like this product works the way the reviews say it does, because I end up spitting into my sink, with just a bunch of spit and dried product. If I could keep my mouth open for 30m, I would try that, but I don't think I'll do that twice a day. It just doesn't seem to be working as described, so would probably not buy again. There is an update. The seller offered me money to remove the review. Wow. That says it all.

👤This product does not work at all. The idea may be simple, but it's not efficient because the paste doesn't stick long enough to create the effect. You ended up spitting it all because there was no way to stop the saliva. When you give a good review, the company will give you a $20 gift card or a free item. They want you to email them separately if you're not happy with it. I rely heavily on reviews and would like to know if the product I am buying works or not, so I don't like that approach.

👤My teeth were dingy. A mixture of yellow and gray with a hint of brown. Years of smoking and drinking left them terrible. I tried many different things to make them white. The last time I tried a whitenening tray, it made my teeth hurt so bad, that's why I didn't use any more whiteners. I wanted to cry. I thought "Why not?" when I found this pen for people with sensitive teeth. I didn't know how effective this would be. The browish color was gone by the third use. Even my family was shocked at how quickly my teeth had changed. On the eighth use of it, my teeth are two-toned and it's very noticeable in the mirror. I can't apply the gel on the back of my teeth because they are too white. Nobody will be able to see back there. It's the biggest proof of how fast this product works after only a few days of use. I've had bad teeth for a long time. The Father in Heaven found this product. The only downside is that it makes your throat hurt. It's not so bad that it's unbearable. For a few weeks, I'll get used to the slight pain, but by the time this review is done, my teeth will be as white as the page this review is written on.

👤This is very easy to use. I keep a pen at home and at work. No sensitivity... I have sensitive teeth. This is a big deal for me. I didn't take a before picture. I can tell a change from the darker stains on my teeth in front.

7. Active Wow Whitening Charcoal Natural

Active Wow Whitening Charcoal Natural

Activated charcoal is a natural way to whiten teeth. Made in the USA with organic ingredients. Their refined organic coconut charcoal powder is made from coconut and is used to whiten teeth and eliminate stains caused by coffee, wine, and other foods. Just like you, the complete package. Their charcoal powder is all you need to make your smile stand out. There are four simple steps to achieving a white smile. You must brush, rinse, and chill. Some people see the results they want in a few uses, so do this as often as necessary. Better ingredients, better experiences are what the best whitening product is. Share your smile with the world by using Active Wow charcoal powder. If you are unhappy with your purchase, just contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Active Wow

👤When I saw this product had 18,000 reviews, I thought it was a scam. Pffffff. Yes, right! I drink a lot of coffee and my teeth are yellow. I thought I would try it. I am blown away by the results after just one use. I love this.

👤The best teeth Whitening product. My family has been involved in the action. My teeth look great.

👤This stuff works well. After the first use, I noticed that my teeth were white. The results are dramatic, I convinced friends with yellower teeth to try it. I use it a few times a week and think it works well. This stuff is a big deal. I've found a few tips after using it. When you're done, you can rinse the shower. Make sure you brush with your mouth closed. It makes a difference. Designate. A toothbrush to carry. No matter how many times you rinse, it will turn your brush black. Don't worry about your molars if you focus on the front teeth. No one cares if your teeth are white. Then turn on the water. If you spit with the water running, it will spray black. Keep brushing after you spit. I usually spit after brushing. Carefully brush. My friend brushed her teeth too hard and got some charcoal in them. After use of mouthwash. It will help remove the tiny particles from your teeth. The before and after pictures are not used again.

👤I had high hopes for this product. When I bought this product, it had 15K reviews and 4 1/2 stars. I was excited to try this because it was said to be an amazing whitening agent and I had never had it before. I noticed a smooth appearance to my teeth after I followed the directions. I should have left after the first time. I need to give it more time. I stopped doing this two more times because I didn't feel right with the sensation. I started to have the most horrible gum pain I have ever had in my life a day after. I was in a constant state of pain. I woke up because of the pain and was on the verge of tears. I would want to cry if I ate or drank hot or cold because my gums would feel like they were about to explode. It was hard. I spent months dealing with gum sensitivity after using for three times. When I read the 1-star reviews of this product, I realized. Other comments complained of the same problems. Don't be fooled by the clean feeling on your teeth, they are stripped away. This product can cause a trip to the dentist and unwarranted pain. This is one of the products that I regret buying. I am confused by how highly rated this product is, but it is different for different people. Would I buy this product? It is not in a million years.

👤You and your wife are going on vacation to New York. Your family and friends tell you about this pizza place that is known for its pizzas that are some of the best in the world. You're all excited for the best pizza in the world. You can see the view from the restaurant. The sun was shining through the slightly tinted windows on a nice day with perfect weather. You can smell the delicious smell of pizza cooking in the oven as the flowers are starting to bloom. You order a pizza with cheese. As you eagerly sit on the edge of your chair and eagerly await your pizza you are entertained by the sound of jazz. The waiter brings you a pizza. You can taste the pizza by looking at it. Your eyes fill with tears when you take the first bite. You just bit raw dough and you notice a dirty leg sticking out of your mouth. You have faced nothing but disappointment and regret. You are rethinking your life as you realize that you have wasted time and money. If you buy this product, you will feel the same regret and disappointment. When you get your package, open it, and throw it on your toothbrush, you got just for this product, not something else. You brush and brush and you notice that you were lied to. You try again for a week and brush it twice a day, but you realize that you were lied to. The product does not work. Don't waste your time and money.

8. Oral Essentials Treatments Sensitivity Artificial

Oral Essentials Treatments Sensitivity Artificial

Whitening without the harm is what it means. It's important to lift stains without taking the enamel. The use of harsh bleaches that damage your tooth structure can lead to sensitivity. There are 42 strips and 21 treatments. All the better-for-you ingredients are meaningless if they don't prove results. They set out to scientifically show that your smile could be achieved with Lumineux. With over 50 double-blind university studies backing them up, they can proudly say they clean, whiten, and refresh ourselves, without the harm. This one is unique. I bet that the only oral care company that can claim that they are safe is Lumineux. Their products work with your body to protect your good and bad oral flora. You can check out the ingredients lists on their products. They are packed with ingredients that can nourish and help improve your oral health. In their latest study, they had participants use their strips for 2 weeks without pain. They didn't get a single complaint of pain or damage to teeth or gums, even though they got incredible reviews from those who participated. There was an average of 14 shades that were white with this study.

Brand: Oral Essentials

👤These strips are gross. They tend to turn to a liquid while wearing them. They taste good. These strips are for you if you are buying them for Whitening. I find it helpful to place the strip, then use my fingernails to gently shove the strip between my teeth, as they really do whiten, and I want the cracks to whiten as well. I noticed a difference after the first try. I started getting comments on my teeth after three. I would be begging for tooth relief on my knees by the third day of wearing a Crest strip.

👤I couldn't find a strip that didn't hurt my teeth after using them. They all left white spots on my teeth. These strips don't do any of those things. They are easy to use. I love them!

👤The box has 42 strips and 21 treatments. I received 6 strips, 3 treatments and the box was damaged. I am not sure if I would purchase these again, and I would urge people who are interested to be cautious.

👤I was a little skeptical of these since it was an IG ad but they are amazing! They do a great job of lightening your teeth, and they don't make your teeth sensitive. All. My teeth were whitened within a week. I used the toothpaste and the mouthwash, but you could just use the strips and see the results. I will be using these as my routine.

👤I can't believe it! I drink black coffee and red wine, and after two uses, my results were amazing. The bottom strip is hard to put on and could be an operator error. I use the product twice. Buy this product and bite the bullet. I have sensitive teeth and these give no sensitivity, don't taste bad, and give actual results.

👤After only three days of use my teeth are completely white. The top photo is the first one and the bottom is the last one.

👤When I was in the Bahamas, I met a woman who had the most beautiful teeth and she told me that she had washed her teeth with coconut oil her whole life. It's worth $50.

👤The teeth Whitening Strips work well. I was a big coffee drinker and thought nothing would work, but I was pleasantly surprised after my first use. I can see a big difference after 10 days.

👤The product was very disappointing. It hasn't made a difference after many uses.

👤I have sensitive teeth, but these strips haven't made them sensitive and my gums haven't reacted either. I applied them daily for the first week and now apply them three times a week as a maintenance dose. I also use their toothpaste. They have whitened my teeth.

👤I didn't see much of a difference between the two, but there was no sensitivity or damage. I don't think it's a good idea, especially considering the price. If you want to whiten your teeth that don't damage or sensitise them, I would recommend a kit with less than 1% hydrogen peroxide.

9. EZGO Whitening Carbamide Peroxide Sensitivity

EZGO Whitening Carbamide Peroxide Sensitivity

It is safe for sensitive teeth to use theEZgo Teeth Whitening Gels. After the first process, most people can see a difference. You are more attractive because of your smile. It is easy to use the teeth Whitening light and tray to achieve a better whitening at home. Their teeth Whitening Gel is safe for use at home. 15-30 minutes is the best time to get a better result. Whitening teeth can help you find a brighter smile, but it can take 888-353-1299 Professional grade tooth Whitening gel is the same technique you'll find at the dentist, but from the comfort and convenience of your home. No need to go to the dentist for a beautiful smile. You can get the best result with the help of 15-30 minutes per day and a 100% customer service. They have a 24 hour online customer service for any question and all customers.

Brand: Ezgo

👤I am very happy with the results and recommend the gel. Photos before and after treatments.

👤This product works the same as the more expensive one.

👤This stuff is good for teeth. It does not include a light or trays. If you don't purchase those in advance, you won't have a complete kit. It comes with 10 gel pens and I use half of them per treatment, so it's a pretty good deal. The treatment really works with the lightening and it is what matters. It took a lot of treatments to get my teeth white. Instructions and treatment pens are very easy to use. I really like it. RECOMMENDED!

👤It's not clear if many people know about this system. It really does whiten your teeth, just wish these were a little bit cheaper, but overall it's worth the money for brighter teeth.

👤My husband spent a fortune for the same type of products I got for a lot less when I got myEZ GO, after he had his whitening system done by the dentist. We used the same amount of whiteners so we could compare them. The results were great for both of us, only I paid more than he paid.

👤The product tastes terrible. Use very small amounts to avoid it getting into the trays. I can see the difference in a few uses.

👤It works, but it may take longer than other products. I used opalesence and it was much more effective. Several dentists told me to try the crest whitening. It takes more sessions to get the same results after trying this product. It doesn't irritate my gums like stronger formulas do, and that's one benefit of this.

👤This product is easy to use and convenient. It's working. You can't beat the price.

10. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Activated Charcoal Powder restores your best smile. Along with cigarette, tea, wine, and coffee stains, there are dark spots and plaque. The lowest abrasivity score is safe for your theeth and enamel. The powder is safe to use on teeth. Their powdered coconut teeth whitener has 100% active natural ingredients, including coconut charcoal, orange seed oil, coco oil, mint flavor, and walnuts. Sunatoria teeth Whitening charcoal powder is manufactured for a UK company using the highest purity ingredients and best manufacturing standards. You can use the activated charcoal teeth Whitening powder on your toothbrush. For 2 minutes, brush teeth. Then rinse with water. Water is used to remove residuals. The mint flavor has a fresh feeling. Enjoy your teeth!

Brand: Sunatoria

👤My daughter and I enjoy using this product. We began to see positive results when we stayed consistent with the product for a period of 10 days. It actually works and we are very happy that we can say that. Depending on their consistency or condition of their teeth, each person's process or length may vary. Pros - There is no taste, no smell, a little goes a long way, great price, helps remove plaque, and results are quick, within 10 days. The results last a long time. It's messy in the sink. After using the product, be sure to clean the sink. The color when brushing with the product is alarming, but can be easily removed after several rinses with mouth wash. Water doesn't remove all the stuff. The quality of the product is amazing. I would recommend this product to others. It is well worth the purchase, so give it a try.

👤I can tell from the visual effects that the activated charcoal whitens from micro abrasion, the same as toothpaste. The AC has more of the micro abrasion. You will be careful or your gums will be scratched. AC has been taken in pills and skin care before. AC is a good anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and absorbant. It would work on its own. It doesn't leave me with a greasy mouth. I brush with toothpaste afterwords to remedy that. It stains so be aware of that. If you don't look at yourself in the mirror after brushing and cleaning your skin, it can look like you are sucking on a pen. I think it is a 7 or 8. The price and lack of taste brought it down. I couldn't tell. I rate value and critical. Few products can achieve a 10 and price or quality can affect my rating.

👤I have been using this product for three days and I am already seeing results. After the first use, I saw a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I drink black coffee every day. I have whitened my teeth before but they hurt my sensitive teeth. This does not hurt my teeth. I was worried that it would taste bad, but it doesn't have a taste at all. The only tip I can give is to use a separate toothbrush for this product. Definitely recommend!

👤I thought I had done my research before buying this, but I didn't. I was told by my dentist that activated charcoal doesn't do much for your oral health. I threw it away when I stopped doing it. Since I started, my teeth have become more sensitive, so I know there has been damage caused by this stuff. This item is not good for your teeth, and it does nothing for you. There is no way this product has worked for other buyers. It is impossible.

👤I think it works. I saw a difference in his teeth after he used it for the first time. It is taking me a bit longer to see a difference in my teeth color. I have to floss extra good to remove the black from the base of the teeth because I have to brush with regular toothpaste afterwards. I only use it at night for this reason. It can make a mess and stain your toothbrush. I like the product. There isn't much of a taste for it.

11. Teeth Whitening Pen Sensitivity Travel Friendly

Teeth Whitening Pen Sensitivity Travel Friendly

The perfect at home solution for premium quality teeth Whitening without feeling any sensitivity is the effective teeth Whitening pen. There is no need to go to the dentist for expensive and harsh chemical teeth Whitening treatments with the help of their teeth Whitening pen. It's safe for sensitive teeth. The teeth whitening pen has pure natural ingredients that are safe for sensitive teeth and gums. After the first treatment, most people can see a difference. The teeth can become 4 to 8 shades whiter with consecutive use. A professional teeth Whitening pen can remove stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda and more. Their teeth Whitening has a mint flavor that will keep your mouth clean. The painless teeth Whitening pen is so easy to use that it is convenient for travel. The teeth whitening pen has a sleek tube design that fits in any purse, pocket or storage area. The pen device is easy to use, it has a soft brush tip that gently paints each tooth and its crevices for a complete whitening experience. You can see how much product is left with the transparent tube.

Brand: Ibaste

👤If I left a positive review, the seller would give me a $20 Amazon gift card and mail me a card to use. That really annoyed me. I don't like that sellers buy reviews. This is my real review. After many uses, I don't see any improvement in appearance. I left it on overnight and still no change. The taste is not very good, but it dries fairly well, and I use cotton rolls between lip and gum to keep the area dry until it does. It's easy to apply and it doesn't whiten.

👤I am a coffee drinker and a smoker. It is hard to keep my teeth white. I bought a $100 kit from my dentist, but he didn't give me the results I was hoping for. I heard about these pens and thought I would try them out. They work! It is very easy to use, just wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking. My teeth are very sensitive, so this did not bother them. This product is very good.

👤When I got this, I was a little hesitant in trying it. I will have the taste in my mouth. I was surprised that the taste was not as strong as I had feared, and that it was possible to apply them the first time. The instruction in applying it is very simple. I have experienced some dental treatments which are not very complicated. A simple pen is the third factor. It's perfect in my makeup bag so you can apply it while you put on your makeup. I have been using it for 3 days and I can tell the difference. I chose only one tooth to apply it to and compare it to the tooth next to it to see if it works. I was afraid of the sensitivity factor if I just applied it to all the teeth at once. I can't take a good picture of the difference, but I can assure you that the difference in shades already exist. I have a tooth that needs to be even out. My teeth are sensitive and that is a concern. The unknown has what ifs. After that, voila. There seems to be no reaction at all. It is surprisingly effective so far. Some people who reviewed this already had some shade comparisons or guides, and some are talking about batteries. I think this one is very easy to use and I like it that way.

👤I wasn't sure if I needed to purchase something else since there are other products that use light, but the instructions were more clear. It says that it only needs 90 seconds. I was unsure if I should brush it off or let it sit, mostly because I was comparing it to other products that had more detailed instructions. I didn't see a big difference in color, but it did remove some filmy spots on my front teeth after a couple of uses and it left my teeth feeling very smooth and clean. It was easy to use, but I would have preferred it if the gel was colored. I could see how it was distributed. It didn't bother my teeth, and I usually avoid tooth pastes because of their sensitivity.


What is the best product for best teeth whitening products 5 star?

Best teeth whitening products 5 star products from Purean. In this article about best teeth whitening products 5 star you can see why people choose the product. Venus Visage and Colgate are also good brands to look for when you are finding best teeth whitening products 5 star.

What are the best brands for best teeth whitening products 5 star?

Purean, Venus Visage and Colgate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best teeth whitening products 5 star. Find the detail in this article. Oral Essentials, Viebeauti and Active Wow are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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