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1. Amazon Com Gift Card Blue Bow Tie

Amazon Com Gift Card Blue Bow Tie

A gift card is inside a box. There are no fees or expiration dates on the gift card. There are no refunds on gift cards. The gift card can be used to purchase millions of items at Amazon. You can redeem any gift card with the Amazon App. There is free one-day shipping available. If you choose a gift message at check-out, it will only appear on the packing slip, not the gift card or carrier.

Brand: Amazon

👤What a nightmare! I peel off the sticker on the gift card to check the balance and find it has no balance. Three customer service reps put me on terminal hold after they found out that one angry customer wouldn't want to hear about the situation. After hours on the phone with people I can't understand, their solution is to send me a new card, because they don't speak English very well. I needed it as a gift today. The new card has a zero balance. The customer service rep said they had a $200.00 balance on their systems, and I said to the person I was giving the money to that they should check the balance and discover it was zero. Amazon's systems are broken. What a disaster. Put one of your personal assistants on this and fix it.

👤I gave this gift card as a birthday present. The card has a zero balance and the recipient contacted me. I checked my bank account and they charged me 50 dollars but gave me an empty gift card. It's very embarrassing to give a gift that doesn't work. I'm starting the process to see if I can fix it.

👤It's horrible. The amount of the gift card was not printed on the cards. Had no idea how much the card was. To find the value, I had to download an app from Amazon or peel off the claim code sticker. Who made the decision to save money for Amazon should be fired. Let Amazon worry about it, I am returning these cards.

👤Someone will contact me within 24 hours after I received a gift card, but it could not be used. I received an email stating that I should call the Customer Support Team. Rep stated that the form needs to be filled out and that the issue needs to be looked into by a specialist. I would like someone to send me a new card. It's embarrassing to give someone a gift card that doesn't work. A. Irina F.

👤When I gave my son the card to cash out, it came out as $25, not $50 as I had ordered. Trying to get someone from Amazon to help.

👤It would seem that I have no recourse since the return window closed. I gave the card as a gift and it was not able to be redeemed. I was charged in December of 2016 I wonder if I got screwed out of $125.

👤I like the convenience of having it sent as a gift. The main reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of a gift card or something included in the package that lets the person getting the card know how much is on it. The only thing I've seen in the past is a poor slip that looks like it was copied from a cash register tape or paper. It doesn't tell you what it is. I have to talk with the person to clarify what it is. I would like to send a nice card or note with the gift.

2. Magnetic Levitation Floating Everything Boyfriend

Magnetic Levitation Floating Everything Boyfriend

It is a perfect gift for teacher appreciation week, christmas gifts for teachers, professor gifts, teacher retirement gifts or new teacher gifts. Energy-saving, low-carbon life is achieved through the use of magnetic levitation globe. Let your life be more interesting. The Globe is floating in the air by the magnetic force of the bottom and top of the frame. There are 3 light emitting beads in the frame. There is a person in a room. Its sleek design and trendy color options will match any home office décor. The perfect modern desk item has a unique design. A globe is 3.5 inches in diameter. The sphere of the levitating globe is easy to clean and is great for world lovers. It's perfect for a home office. A conversation starter at the office is working with your friends and colleagues to successfully levitate this cool desk gizmo. Let's do it! The globe will float if the ball is in the left hand and the suspension tool is in the right. Cool desk accessories for someone who has everything. It's perfect for a person who likes gadgets. Fun gifts for dad, husband, boss, colleagues, teachers, classmates, boyfriend, even your kids age over 14 years old. Amazon's excellent delivery service is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty. They try to provide the best possible service to their customers. If you have any questions about the installation or use of the Floating Magnetic Globe, please contact them.

Brand: Dcaut

👤I was skeptical about the levitating planet Earth globe lamp at first, but it turned out that my concerns were unwarranted. It works well and casts just the right amount of light to be suitable for a night light. The levitation feature is something that I am enchanted with. It's bigger role is that of a conversation piece, although I purchased it as a night light. A very special night light, a good buy. I used it every night. The spinning and floating are amazing. My granddaughters and I love it. It is a great adornment. It provides a lot of peace when it comes to looking at the world. It makes you feel like you're in space. Excellent quality, beautifully made, thank you very much. My husband has a favorite lamp.

👤The younger kids in the house asked how it was doing this. The were excited to learn how to do it their own. A small glove is spinning in a circle on a magnetic holder. It's a great way to get young kids interested in the world. It is a pull.

👤I was looking for ways to decorate my office. It's just as small as I expected it to be, and it's really cool looking, I've gotten many compliment on it. The piece that holds the globe in the air lights up at night when it's not plugged in, because it looks beautiful. The concept is simple and cool. This would be a great gift, even in a plain brown box.

👤It looks like the picture. It is a little flimsy trying to get it to float, but once it does it looks really cool. A great gift to give to a friend.

👤My adult son is a teacher. He shares his love for technology with his son. My son enjoyed receiving this gift and his son did the same. They talk about the physics that make the globe spin. The gift arrived a day early.

👤My son loves it. It is pretty creative and unique. It works the same.

👤My boyfriend loves globes and this looks perfect in his office.

👤So disappointed! I thought it was floating. It is stuck to the top. It does not float. Do not buy! There is false advertising. It is expensive for what it does. What a joke! If my one is broken, I'll send you a new one.

👤The power plug was not from Australia. The back lights are not completely covered on the half circle, we have another one and blacklights are brighter.

👤You can't use it since it's not for Australian switches. Completely useless item.

👤There are items on Amazon that have a non Australian plug. I had to buy a conversion. The globe is attached to the top for a fee. Absolutely useless!

👤If you are shipping this product to New Zealand, you should use a power adapter. Had to buy a US/NZ adapter to make the product work.

👤It hasn't been used as a plug on an item that isn't Australian standards. Need to purchase an accessory.

3. Creative Accessories Multipurpose Students Stationary

Creative Accessories Multipurpose Students Stationary

The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight. There is a metal man playing an electric guitar next to a barrel-shaped pencil holder. Your desk always looks organized and tidy because of the pens,pencils, notes,paperclip,staples,scissors,ruler etc. Many homes, schools,college students, teachers, executive and secretaries use stationary. Save space on your desktop so you don't have to work from home. It's very stable, yet light weighted, so it's a strict standard of safety for children, boys and girls. It's very stable, yet light weighted, so it's a strict standard of safety for children, boys and girls.

Brand: Lepohome

👤It looks neat but cheap. The coating isn't good and it's already scratched up. I opened the package. I am disappointed in it. I got it for my dad because it was cheap.

👤The first guitar pen holder was damaged and I sent it back. They sent me another one for good customer service. The delivery was on time. The second one was perfect. A very unique gift for a music lover. Pleased with the item.

👤A cute gift. The desk has a little pop of character. On a shelf, it works well to hold small silk flowers. Withstood a floor dive with no harm at all.

👤The item is of good quality and surprisingly well made. I gave it to my best friend and he loved it. I loved it too.

👤The pen holder is so cool. My son gave this to his teacher as a gift and it was a hit.

👤My grandson liked this pencil holder. It was very attractive and well made. It would have been nice if the barrel held more pencils, but it does hold enough.

👤It was a great gift for his teacher. Not to large or small. It's perfect for 5 pens or a maker and 3 pens.

👤This was a gift for my husband. He loved it! It was a great gift for a serious guitarist.

👤The attention to detail is poor and there are melted indents on the arm.

👤This item is very eye catching. Everyone who has seen it commented on how beautiful it is. I love it.

👤I love my pen holder.

👤Looks better than the photos. Came very fast.

4. Teacher Gifts Students Stemless Appreciation

Teacher Gifts Students Stemless Appreciation

There are unique gifts. Best Birthday Gift for Husband, wife, friends, kids, both men, women, doctors, mom, dad, sisters, couples, mr&mrs, his and Hers, gifts for him. If it is broken during the shipping way. Please contact them directly. They can give you the best solution. They are trying to improve the quality of their box. Thanks for your order and understanding! The best teacher appreciation gift is a stemless wine glass, which is inexpensive yet quality. It's easy to give a gift. Their wine glasses are packaged in a white box, which is great for gift wrapping and guaranteed to arrive safely, or they will replace them. Their wine glasses are kiln fired at 1200 degrees to assure they will last through years of dishwashing, and they are printed with high quality ceramic ink on top of that to make them dishwasher safe. Buy with conviction, Funny Bone Products is dedicated to your satisfaction. They will do everything they can to make you happy with your purchase. They are here to help so buy with confidence. It is a perfect gift for teacher appreciation week, christmas gifts for teachers, professor gifts, teacher retirement gifts or new teacher gifts.

Brand: Funny Bone Products

👤This is a great gift for the teachers in your life. It is a well made glass. The wording would come off after a few washes. That is a great purchase.

👤It was a gift. The recipient loved it. The design is great. After several washings, the print has held up well. Would recommend.

👤These are a great silly gift idea that are easy to open and close. I wish the sticker on the box had something else on it besides a crummy warehouse label.

👤The glasses are fun and look great on the teacher. My two favorite teachers were happy with these.

👤It was given to a teacher along with a bottle of wine. A great gift. Very funny.

👤A great gift. A little pricey. I don't think it's a great value. It made the person happy. It was worth it.

👤I bought this for my mother because she likes to relax with a glass of wine at the end of the day. The glass is clear. The material is sturdy and the lettering stays on after washing.

👤I bought a few for my teammates. They liked it.

5. Under Armour Athletic Shirt Academy

Under Armour Athletic Shirt Academy

The fabric of the University of Arkansas Tech has a more natural feel. The material dries fast. The generous zip front makes it easy to layer.

Brand: Under Armour

👤The two photos should be noted. One on the left is from the same men's tech medium that was purchased 3-4 years ago. I received the one I purchased for $40 on Amazon today. The product was not as good as it was a long time ago. This is consistent with other reviewers. The quality of the product has turned for the worse and will be the last one I purchase. Do better.

👤The quality has gone downhill. These are very clear. The shirt is not being backlit in my photo. If this was women's wear, it would be a big scandal because these shirts are more revealing than those pants. I thought the reviewer's chest hair could poke through, but it's not.

👤If you're looking for something to wear in the fall, don't buy this. The reviews that have been left about the material being paper-thin are accurate. I was hoping that I could get a different case, but when I got it, it was almost see-through. I bought this for a lightweight long-sleeve "warmer" that I could wear golfing in this cooler Fall weather, and there is nothing about this zip-up that's warm. At all. Why did I rate this 4 stars? This would be perfect if it were spring, because it's still a great mens' top. I chose the wrong style of clothing for the season so it wouldn't make sense to knock this down. The material is very thin compared to my Nike runner. It feels like they cut some corners in the fabric department, but still charge a premium. I don't like those people who sacrifice quality for profit.

👤THIN, Thin, Thin! You would think you'd be getting a "premium" piece of clothing if you paid the "premium" price for any of the clothing lines. That's not the case with this Zip top. I found it to be very thin. I didn't even bother to wrap it for my son because it was so thin and lightweight, I took it out of the AMZ box and felt it. I didn't want to insult him because he's a huge fan of the University of Arizona. I'm returning it.

👤I should have read the reviews but I am a long time customer of the company so I didn't need to. When I opened my package, I was disappointed to see a long sleeve shirt that was clearly visible. There are many five star reviews for this shirt. This shirt is not as good as any of my other clothing. I will be returning this item because I have lost my confidence in UA.

👤The cut is classic, not loose, but not fitted. I carry most of my weight in the middle section. My normal size does fit, but it's not as roomy as the athletic wear from other brands. I would say that the Under Armour brand is about 2 inches narrower than other athletic quarter zips I own.

👤I bought this for my husband. It looked great on him, but the material is a little thin. Is it better to wear a tank under it? You can see through it if you hold it up. I would be happy to pay more for better material.

6. HLJgift Creative Ceramic Musician Valentines

HLJgift Creative Ceramic Musician Valentines

Money Back or Exchange Guarantee is what Customer Service is about. You can contact them if you have any questions. May you have a pleasant shopping experience. Music Staves & Notes with a LID. They already use foam to protect the cup and lid, but it seems that the foam is not strong enough, some customers still receive damaged ones, they will try to improve their packaging to protect their product well. If there is a problem, please let them know. Please contact them immediately. The best service will be given to you by them. A high quality ceramic mug. It's dishwasher safe and holds a hot beverage. The bone china mug and lid set has a spiral keyboard on the lid and vertical music staves on the mug. The ceramic mug is about 3.15x3.15x4.15 inch. There are unique gifts. Best Birthday Gift for Husband, wife, friends, kids, both men, women, doctors, mom, dad, sisters, couples, mr&mrs, his and Hers, gifts for him. If it is broken during the shipping way. Please contact them directly. They can give you the best solution. They are trying to improve the quality of their box. Thanks for your order and understanding!

Brand: Hljgift

👤I thought it was small. I gave it to someone. He said it was the right size. The chip in the lid was a huge disappointment. Cute but small.

👤Poor paint job. A cup is much smaller than appears. Will return.

👤The lid and lip of the cup should have been protected more than the box. The box was in poor condition and had dents on all sides. The lip has a chip in more than one area, and a crack from lip to underside. It's a bit smaller than most mugs. I intended to give this to my husband for a special occasion. It is a pretty cup, but it is in a poor state.

👤A unique gift for a music lover. The top keeps it warm. You could put a snack on top. It's good to balance it. If you took the top off, it could still be your plate. Cute and sturdy. Good quality!

👤There was a lot of rain across it. The lid of the cup was not good. There is a If I want a damaged item, I will have to pay for shipping back. Not good. The picture does not look like it here. The white keys of the piano are muddied and look blackish, like the photo that shows a clean swatch of white PIANO KEYS.

👤It was a perfect gift for my child's piano teacher. They tried to play the music from the notes on the mug, but they didn't recognize the tune. It was undamaged when it arrived. I didn't use it because it was purchased for someone else, so I can't comment on use.

👤The same thing happened to me as one of the other reviewers. I put my mug in the dishwasher because it was dirty and dusty. The decor on it is ruined after being washed in the dishwasher, unlike the ad states. I'm pretty disappointed with the quality of the mug, it looked great when it arrived, but it was dirty.

👤It probably won't last long because it was from an assembly line, rough edges and put together fast.

7. Zmart Read Teacher Socks Funny Novelty

Zmart Read Teacher Socks Funny Novelty

The teacher is off the Duby Socks. If you can read the socks. You want to play with your friends. Let everyone know that you're not on duty with these funny teacher socks. There is a hidden message sewn into the bottom of the socks that says if you can read it, this teacher is off duty. Pack teacher socks. The mens shoe size is7-13. Each bag has 1 pair in it. Gifts for teachers men are quality material. Their funny socks for men with sayings are made with 80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Spandex and are soft, comfortable, stretchy and breathable. Hold up well in the laundry. Best teacher gifts are all style. The need to sort and pair-up is eliminated. Men's sandals, boots, sneakers, running shoes, dress or formal shoes are suitable. The funky teacher socks can be worn with school uniforms, casual jeans, weddings, dressier suits, and business formal outfits. There are teacher gifts. There are gifts for teachers. If you're looking for a gift for a loved one, funny socks with sayings could be the perfect choice. Birthday gifts for your teacher, schoolmates, friends, dad, grandpa, son, or any educators. Teacher gifts for men.

Brand: Zmart

👤A great gift idea. My husband had a good laugh when he opened the package. Excellent quality socks! The socks are the right thickness. The material is soft and bright. Highly recommended.

👤Just like the pic, it's nice, soft, good quality.

👤Excellent quality and fun idea.

👤We only received 2 socks and no "Bring ne a whiskey", this was a present for my boyfriend who is out of state, and it was very disappointing. I tried to return them for a replacement but they want me to send them back, that was a waste of money, I am not going to make my boyfriend deal with the return, that was a gift for him. Poor customer service! No one contacted me about this. So disappointing!

👤The socks I ordered were small. They were too small for my husband. The vendor denied the return.

👤I was sent two socks that said "if you can read this" and "no socks about whisky." It's a bit of a disappointment when opening on Christmas.

👤Every man's dream socks... If you can read this, I'll bring you a cold beer. The key word is "cold", according to the husband. He said that he's wearing it to the superbowl party. The thickness is right and the material is nice. He wears a US size 9.5 shoe and it fits him well with plenty of room to stretch.

👤Better in person and a bit better quality than expected. The purchase was a good one. "Cheap" in the title may not be a good idea and may turn people off from buying it. I bought a gift for my son-in-law because I don't like low-quality items, so I took a risk, having Prime is easier. If they weren't good, I would have come back. I was happy that I didn't have to do that.

👤My boyfriend liked the socks. I received it for a gift. It was ordered on the fourth of February. Fast delivery. I would recommend a gift.

8. Bookmark Coworker Employee Appreciation Christmas

Bookmark Coworker Employee Appreciation Christmas

Amazon's excellent delivery service is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty. They try to provide the best possible service to their customers. If you have any questions about the installation or use of the Floating Magnetic Globe, please contact them. It is universally acknowledged that a reader in possession of a sufficiently large library needs a bookmark. This beautiful bookmark has a cheerful and bright sun design and a sincere message, "Thank you for being part of my story". A wonderful end of term, back to school, thanksgiving day, farewell, moving away, goodbye gift to say thank you to your teacher, professor, mentor, teaching assistant, head-teacher, daughter sons kindergarten teachers to show how much you care Thank your employees, staff, coworkers, colleagues, workmates, leaders, boss, supervisor, superior, cubical buddy with a gorgeous bookmark and let them know how much you appreciated their support. A perfect addition for any reader, the Graduation Bookmark for Him Her is a perfect addition to any book. A wonderful graduation gift for your classmates, schoolmates, grads, seniors, master, nurse, medical students, middle high school, college students. A great friendship present for your best friends, buddies, bestie, pal, unbiological sister, brother, soul mate, fellow, bosom friend, best mate, companion, and amigo. Birthday, Christmas, new job, leave your internship, end of the contract, promotion, retirement, coworker going away, new year, end of the year, Boss Day Retirement Farewell Gifts for Women Men---A super grateful thank you gift that will bring delight and can be gifted for many occasions The sentiment on the bookmark makes it the perfect page marker for book nerds, literature lovers, bookish girls boys, and book-loving friends. A white tassel is fixed to an inspiring design on the STAINLESS STEEL WATCHDOG. This is a gift that goes beyond the flimsy bookmarks found in most bookstores. Customer service is guaranteed. You will not regret this purchase.

Brand: Delujouberst

👤It was a perfect gift for my teen daughter who loves reading.

👤It's a great gift idea for your readers.

👤My kids don't read books anymore. The saying was worth buying.

👤My husband knew it was for me when he saw it. There is a heart melting here.

👤A beautiful bookmark. She loved it, it was bought for her.

👤The picture and description show it the same way. A good quality bookmark for people like me.

👤I received a bookmark with a different saying than the one I purchased. I returned it, bought it again, and received a bookmark that said the wrong thing.

👤A nice gift. It was smaller than expected.

👤My retiring reading buddy appreciated this item as perfect.

👤I was expecting more for the price. I didn't want to give it because it was low quality. I would not recommend this item to anyone.

👤The metal is bendy and the white decoration is easy to remove. I would not buy this at the dollar store.

👤Un excelente regalo fue una original.

9. Hot Sox Mens Teachers Socks

Hot Sox Mens Teachers Socks

Cotton, nylon, and Polyester are some of the materials. The machine wash was cold inside. Only non-chlorine bleach can be used. It was tumble dry. Don't iron. Grab your apron and chef socks to start cooking. The men's shoe size is 6-12.50. The machine wash is cold. When needed, only non-chlorine bleach. It was tumble dry. Don't iron.

Brand: Hot Sox

👤I had to get them for the Doctor I work with. He loved them. The socks are not thin. He said they are warm, comfortable and the thickness is the same as other socks. Win, win!

👤A fun gift is to be the family chef. It's nice when you don't know what to get a guy.

👤I buy socks for my doctor at Christmas. He got them to hoot. I noticed that my last doctor was wearing them.

👤These were a gift for my husband. They are great quality. He has washed and worn them. The colors look great and the pattern is clear.

👤My in- home nurse received these as a Christmas gift. I assume the fit is good and the comfort is good because he wears them. The pattern was cute. The brand name, Hot Sox, was the best.

👤A dentist loves socks. These are the right amount of quirky and professional.

👤Businessmen wear their ties and socks. I bought this for the doctor I work for and he loved them. It's fun to give something out of the ordinary.

👤The design of these socks was very attractive to my husband. He has never seen a design that has so many tools on it. Score!

👤His phone didn't see your fun to work with Tyler at the third price.

👤Muy padres! Agradecer atenciones y esfuerzo de médicos.

👤They are perfect for my friend who is in college. He likes socks that are not boring. He loved them!

👤A gift for a new teacher. Good quality.

👤Excellent gift for medical personnel.

10. Marvel Avengers Classic Graphic T Shirt

Marvel Avengers Classic Graphic T Shirt

Solid colors are 100% Cotton, Heather Grey, and All Other Heathers. Machine wash cold and dry. Officially licensed apparel from the comic books. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Marvel

👤I bought a t-shirt for my daughter's teacher. This year was different in many ways. It's the first time any of my kids have had a teacher besides a PE Coach, and it's the first time they've ever had a guy teacher. I wanted to make sure he knew how much our family values him when I bought him something. He wore the t-shirt the next day. He says it's his new shirt. It's funny. I'm glad he liked it. The t-shirt was bright and colorful. The t-shirt is soft and comfortable.

👤There are cute images. The woman's cut is not a woman's cut and it is very small. Disappointed.

👤The school where I teach has a superhero theme this year, so I bought this shirt. It fits a typical t-shirt. I love the cute superhero and can't wait to wear it.

👤I was impressed with this shirt. Good quality material and print. I size up to a medium, which is a little big, so I think it would fit most people, even though I don't think it's necessary.

👤This shirt is great. My relative is a grade school teacher.

👤The shirt is vivid. A friend of mine is an art teacher. He and his students liked the shirt. That's right, it all says it all.

👤The colors are vibrant and jump off the shirt. It's good for a teacher of younger students. The shirt makes a statement.

👤I didn't want to fit. I ordered a large, which is what I usually wear. It was too tight for me. Not a lot of stretching at all. It wasn't very comfortable.

11. What Understand Funny Teacher T Shirt

What Understand Funny Teacher T Shirt

Solid colors are 100% Cotton, Heather Grey, and All Other Heathers. If you are a mathematician and a professor, please be a mechanical engineer. Men, women, dads and moms who are good at math can have this design at work. This can be used in class by boys, girls, kids and toddlers. This can be a birthday or Christmas present for electrical engineers, electronic engineers, civil engineers and chemical engineers. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Cool Mathematics Professor Student Engineer Art

👤My daughter really liked the shirt that was given to her. A lot of the words on the shirt are faded from being washed after two months of wearing it. Initial impression is 5 stars. 1 star for Durability.

👤The fabric of the shirt is thin and already warped, a product you don't want to trust. The sides of the tacky mix are sticking together. The print is not a solid one, there are lines and the printer is running out of ink. This was supposed to be a present and it was very disappointing. The returning hustle is a pain, and it wouldn't give me the item I wanted. I will not buy clothes on Amazon again.

👤The star rating should be enough for most products. I will stop the harassing emails if I write a review.

👤The shirt was a perfect gift for a math lover and I liked it so much that I ordered it again. The shirt I ordered was more like a small than an large. My math lover was happy to see the design on the shirt, but he found out that no one larger than a kindergartener could wear it.

👤This was a gift for my husband who teaches at the University level. He fell in love with it. Well made shirt with soft material.

👤My sister is a computer science and math graduate. I have bought her several funny shirts. She inspects them for correctness. She likes his one and thinks it is funny.

👤My son-in-law is having some problems with his online math course and needs some encouragement. He makes him laugh by wearing his T-shirt all the time.

👤It's a perfect gift for a kid who is interested in science. It was ordered big so it will fit longer. He is growing a lot lately. The fabric is thin. Excellent quality!


What is the best product for best teacher gifts man?

Best teacher gifts man products from Amazon. In this article about best teacher gifts man you can see why people choose the product. Dcaut and Lepohome are also good brands to look for when you are finding best teacher gifts man.

What are the best brands for best teacher gifts man?

Amazon, Dcaut and Lepohome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best teacher gifts man. Find the detail in this article. Funny Bone Products, Under Armour and Hljgift are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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