Best Best Tanning Bed Lotion for Fair Skin

Lotion 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. B Tan Self Tan Mousse Weekend

B Tan Self Tan Mousse Weekend

You had me at "You're So Tanned", a 1 hour violet based dark tan mousse that knocks out orange tones. When you are ready to go to the dark side. Love at first tan is a dark, 1 hour self tan. I'm not going to make you purple. My violet base makes me perfect for first-time tanners and those who don't want orange in their tan game. Get naked first, it's easy and fast. You should be naked enough to tan your hot body. Make sure your skin is clean. Wait at least an hour and then shower after applying the tan mitt. If you want it to be crazy dark, double coat it. They love your body and the planet. There is no nasties here, just a whole lotta skin lovin' naturally derived ingredients that are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and lovingly bottled up in recycled & recyclable materials. They don't test on animals because they love them. The materials are recycled. It's free of paraben. 100% free of animal abuse. Palm oil is free. 100% vegetarian. Be you, B. Tan. It is more than just how you b.tan. What you do in your b.tan matters. They want to make your beauty choices enjoyable. Simple, not rocket science. Not full of nasty stuff. It's effective, not pointless. They want you to be who you are, without having to worry about them getting in the way. They've got you covered from tanning without the sun to protecting yourself from the sun. The only question is... how do you do it?

Brand: B.tan

👤An expert tanner has written a review. I've tried a variety of tanning products, from drug store tanners to high-end tanning products like Loving Tan. This stuff is gold. Some of the bad reviews might be from people who don't know what they're doing. Don't wait just an hour for self tanner. I don't care what the bottle says. I don't care if it's a $7 bottle or $100. You have to wait 8 hours for the results. Beauty is pain. I like to be 10 shades darker than the average person. Most tanners don't cut it for me because I like to be very dark. I apply for a tanning session every now and then. I wait for one application to dry before applying more. Some self tanners don't cut it for me. The dark tanner is a beautiful color. I was surprised that a bottle could achieve a dark color. It was 3 applications that achieved the results in the photo. I like the color. People have complained about the grey color coming off of sheets. It's amazing. That is silly to me. The dark color gave me a good feeling. The color was perfect by Tan AF. I don't have a golden tan. I have a dark brownish tan. Incredible. I wore it all night. It's great that there's little depositing of color on sheets or clothes. They use very little makeup. Two thumbs up from me. It dries very quickly. I have had so many self tanners that were sticky that I had to have them off for 8 hours. This stuff dries quickly and doesn't feel sticky. Amen to that! For the first time, there is no scent. No other tanner has done that. Impressive. The price is great. You can get this at Walmart. Even if I apply 3 times, that is amazing. The bottle is large. Not too small but not on the large side. I love this stuff. Give it a try. Make sure that you shower and apply your makeup the week before application, and wait the full 8 hours.

👤I am paper white. Some would say it was translucent. I get sunburnt. Here is my experience and questionable methodology after setting the scene. I followed the directions. I waited 9 minutes in my nude glory and held a ridiculous position after applying. And then washed off for a couple of minutes. I had a nice light golden tan even though I had over double the rinsing time. I can tell you that a 9 minute tan is possible if you read through the reviews. If you are looking for a shocking difference after first application, go with a product that has a longer sit/develop time. The shade of tan is not artificial. I don't mean a hint of cheeto dust orange. The guide colour is grey. There isn't any staining. You won't smell like a bag of chips.

👤As per the comments below, it comes out of the bottle and then onto your skin. If you wait 2 minutes or more, you will get the best fake tan you've ever had. I like how people gave it a star but said they washed it off immediately. ugh.

2. Beauty Earth Tanner Tanning Lotion

Beauty Earth Tanner Tanning Lotion

The skin is not orange. No orange color will be on your skin if you pick the right fake tan color. To use for fair or pale skin, use fair to medium. Medium to dark is the best color for olive skin that tans easily. You will have a glow. No junk, clean ingredients. Beauty by Earth has been in the Best Sellers category for a long time. It's made with organic shea butter and many botanical extracts that benefit and hydrate your skin without dyes or toxins. Body LOTION can be used on the face. The sunless tanning lotion can be used as a face tanner. If you are prone to breakouts, you should use the Face Self Tanner Lotion. They have sunless tanner in many formats. You will find the best self tanner. You can check out all of the other formats. If you love it or not, they're sure you'll be happy to stop tanning in the sun. Their promise to you is your satisfaction.

Brand: Beauty By Earth

👤I ordered this after reading good reviews on Amazon. I occasionally use a self-tanner which is liquid and messy. I wasn't sure if this would work because it looks like regular lotion, but I was surprised to see it was white. I used a mitt to put on my coat after I had done my skin research. I went to bed with it on and it didn't stain my sheets. I showered the next day and was surprised to see that the water wasn't brown like I was used to. After showering, I felt the tan was too subtle for me, so I put on another layer and went about my day. I didn't have any strange smells or streaks. I left it on all day and night before showering. I liked the tan when I dried off. It has been 4 days since I last used this. I can use touch-up on my face. It barely feels like I used any, but I thought it would go fast. If not more, I bet I get at least 10 uses from this bottle. I will recommend this to anyone looking for self-tanner.

👤This is the best self-tanner I have ever used. I discovered it because it rates the least toxic on the EWG website. There are some things I like about it. It's thick and white, so you can see where you put it. I like that it's not brown, since you have to worry about staining your clothes. It has a light coconut scent. After a couple hours, it will turn to a typical self tanner scent. The smell is caused by the DHA interacting with your skin. I've used self tanners and it's not as strong a smell as this one. There are 3 more The bronze color is not shiny. It looks really good, and I am very fair. I look tan with this stuff. You have to watch for ankle, hands, wrists, etc. I haven't tried it on my face, since I use retin A, so it would look weird. I use a bronzing powder on my face. My trick is to put coconut oil on my body first and then apply the self tanner. I apply the next day to get the best tan. It lasts for about 4-5 days before fading. There are four I like that I can put it on at night and sleep with it, and my sheets don't get stained. Things I don't like. It takes a bit to "dry" after you put it on. There are two more There's nothing you can do to avoid the smell of self-tanner. My boyfriend said it's not noticeable. I hope the review was helpful. I wrote it to support the company.

👤I have very fair skin and can't find a self tanning product that doesn't make me to dark or orange. I used it last night and it worked out great. When I run out, I will buy this again.

👤The product has a nice coconut scent. I like putting on the tan after my evening shower. It doesn't spread all over for as creamy as it is, that's my only critique. I blend it with extra virgin coconut oil to make it look like coconut oil. Once the tan develops, it looks more natural. Yes... I will order again.

3. Indoor Tanning Bronzing Intensifier Nourishing

Indoor Tanning Bronzing Intensifier Nourishing

The tanning lotion is indoors. After just one tanning session, enjoy your tan a few shades darker and deeper, because this tanning lotion for tanning beds works as a tan maximizer. The tanning lotion has bronzing ingredients such as Tyrosine and DHA that help you achieve a dark tan and an even color development. 2in1 tanning cream. This multitasking indoor tanning lotion provides your skin with an instant color and allows you to reach deeper tan levels thanks to the blend of bronzer and accelerator, for intense results use SHE regularly and enjoy its bronzing benefits for a long time. SHE is enhanced with an innovative B-Shape complex that improves the overall skin appearance making it elastic, soft, and young-looking. SHE bronzing tanning lotion is the only indoor tanning product that will keep your skin elastic, firm and tight while giving you a deep tan. The ultra-light formula of this indoor tanning lotion with bronzer makes it quick-absorbing, so you can finally forget about the streaks on your clothes. Their tan accelerator with bronzer is made of a unique skin hydrating blend that gives your skin a glow and protects your tattoos, so you can keep them bright and colorful.

Brand: Onyx

👤I like the smell of this tanning lotion, it goes on well after my workout. I am three shades darker with two uses of this lotion. I love it!

👤I like the smell of this lotion and it tans me quickly. After 2 uses, I was happy with my bronze. I was not happy with the price. I think I got 3-4 uses out of this bottle.

👤I was looking for an indoor tanning bed product. I used it for the first time and was hooked. My skin became darker in a 12 minute tan. The smell is nice but not strong and wears off quickly.

👤I have experience with many brands of makeup. I didn't notice a color change after applying the bronzer conservatively. My friends did not notice a change. It has a pleasant scent and helps in hydration.

👤The smell makes my skin very soft.

👤I like the scent. It is a pleasant scent. It's sheer and doesn't make you orange. I have not been able to get a lot of enhancement while tanning. I would say it's a nice starting lotion.

👤I love this product. There is a common and particular ingredient that gives me a terrible headaches, I have a hard time with the smell of some tanning lotion products. It does smell amazing. It is hydrating. Will purchase again and again.

👤Love it. I use the only product that gets tan quickly in my tanning bed. It doesn't go very far. I get 7 uses out of the tube.

👤Good scent, not greasy. Very happy with this purchase and will purchase again.

👤The Solariumcreme ist gut. Selbstbruner ist immer speziell. I positive Ergebnisse, so I am schon. Ich ist so schnell. Wow. Solariumfeeling ist halt by the Geruch der creme. Sie lsst, wie das gut verteilen und zieht. Ich ist die creme wrmstens empfehlen.

👤Ich ist das Produkt gern. Es riecht angenehm! Is it schnell? Man ist die leicht verteilen. Ergiebig ist es, dazu zieht es. ) schnell. Ich ist die Art Selbstbrunergeruch, so weshalb. Abzug was by Dafr etwas. Es ist kein Lichtschutzfahktor. Ein Sonnebad am Strand verwenden wollen. The cremes are in the studio. The Effekt is sprbar. Habe. Anwendungen schne, gleichemig gebrunte.

👤Pierre Brice ist vielleicht, aber es ist. Es riecht gut, lsst gut verreiben und es macht brauner. The ins Solarium ist die Kalknasen, weier rauskommen. Is the Alte braun und I? Im Geheimnis ist das bleibt. It's called Klare Kaufempfehlung.

👤Tube war beispielsweise und die ffnung war ebenfalls bei original verklebt. Habe es, weil es ausprobiert. Geruch ist angenehm. Im Problem ist, sofort, mein Problem ist, der Inhalt ist lange reichen! Wer die Krper bentigen! The orangen Finger is the Hinterlsst. Dieser ist so intensiv. Ich ist das erst benutzt.

4. Millenium Tanning Bronzer Lotion 13 5 Ounce

Millenium Tanning Bronzer Lotion 13 5 Ounce

It's easy to use, Rub the tanning lotion evenly, then step into a tanning bed to have that beautiful glow! Show off your tanned skin. 1 hour after the application of the bronzing lotion. You can use Millennium 100X indoor tanning lotion for a long time. Their tanning bed lotion is painless. Let your skin breathe while using an indoor tanning product.

Brand: Millennium Tanning Products

👤I'm no amateur when it comes to tanning products, even those with Bronzers. The product works as described. There's nothing else to say about that. There are a few things that should be discussed. I don't advise anyone who is fair-skinned or pasty white to use this product because they will be67531. This product has a 100X bronzing in it, and also an instant bronzing which gives you a little glow within an hour or two of using it in the tanning bed, for immediate results. If not applied correctly and thoroughly, streaks and orange spots are possible. You need to apply evenly over the areas you want to use it on. Rub it in completely. This is important. Rub it in until you don't feel wet anymore. Thin skin areas will be quicker to bronze than other areas. Arm Pits, knees, elbows, feet/ hands, and under your wrist are included. If you use a lesser amount over these areas, they will end up looking more orange than the rest. After applying this product, wash your hands. Failure to do so will result in orange palms and fingers. Use a mild hand soap to wash your hands. These are easy to avoid but you can't just use it on and get a tan. Make sure to apply it right. If you are fair skinny/pale, I would suggest using a tanning lotion with a developer to boost your tanning color first and once you start getting a little golden, then you can use a product like this with such a high bronzer. You will be left with orange skin if you use this much bronzer. I have never had any issues with using Designer Skin Products with bronzing. If this seems too much for you, I would suggest going to the Solid Black 50X Bronzer.

👤I went to the tanning bed for 6 days in a row and had 10 minutes each time. I could get from Snow White to a bronze beauty in less than a minute. It has a nice brown color and is great for someone who is pale like me. It has a pleasant smell. You should leave it on for at least 3 hours after you tan.

👤This product is very good and I have purchased it before at a salon. I know this is the real thing and not a fake. People give less 5 star reviews because they stained their hands, which is funny because it shows the product is doing its job, but the user didn't wash their hands so they give it less! Wow. I think that's correct. You are supposed to keep it on for more than 30 minutes. One reviewer said that they didn't notice any color because they washed it all off in the shower and didn't bother to apply any color to their skin after tanning. This is not a problem with the product. If not more, I leave my lotion on for 6 hours. If you can't take more than 3 seconds to rub it into your skin, then you'll get achy. You will get noticeably darker skin with one use of this product.

5. Jergens Natural Instant Sunless Tanning

Jergens Natural Instant Sunless Tanning

Flawless self tanner is a product that creates a flawless, quick tan with gradual, natural-looking color for gorgeous skin and blended color for fair to medium skin. INSTANT SUNLESS TANNING is a lightweight, airy tanning product that mimics the results from the sun. You can develop your tone instantly with Natural Body Bronze, and watch it deepen within hours of application. Next day is a good day for deeper color. Jergens Natural Glow Mousse has a tropical, fruity scent. Their self tanning mousse is easy to apply and dries in 60 seconds.

Brand: Jergens

👤I followed the reviews when buying this product and made sure to purchase it from Amazon to avoid getting a counterfeit product. I used this product for the first time at 11pm and by 5am my dog was vomiting and I was sick. I didn't eat anything that could have made me sick, so I didn't know what made me sick. I used the tanner for the first time that day. I thought about how a tanner could make my stomach sick. I will use the tanner for the second time when I am feeling better. I used it at 11pm and it took me 5am to get back to normal. At this point, I realize that this can't be a coincidence. I read that people with stomach issues can become sick from the self tan chemicals that are absorbed through the skin. I am both Lactose-Insensitive and I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome so this immediately went crazy in my head. I threw the bottle out. The product works great for most people. My fellow easily upset tummy friends should be aware of this warning.

👤I've never used a sunless tanner because I'm afraid of being orange or streaking. This was my first time using this product and it was great. My skin is fair. I buy a foundation labeled light or medium. I followed all the recommendations on this page, and it turned out great! Results were not instantaneous. I was going to take a comparison photo but forgot to do it below the knee. My results are here.

👤I love this product. I am olive skinned and meant to order the darker version, however I am so glad I ordered the lighter one because it is dark. It is build a tan, right? Relax. I already have a dry brush that I should use to get rid of dead skin. Use gloves. I tried to use the same thing as you do when you die your hair, but it wasn't very effective. If you are doing this straight out of the shower, you are completely dry. Everyone is complaining about streaking. I feel like the more open my pores were, the longer it lasted. It allows you to spread it more evenly. I did two coats over my entire body, except for the insides of my arms, which don't naturally tan anyways, the only issue I had was with the top of my feet. I was able to remove excess on the side after I saw it dried weird. There is a bonus! I have a white bed. All of it. It did not get a smudge on it. Even when I work out, I wear white shirts because it doesn't come off.

👤This product is very good. I used to go to Mexico and will be going again this summer. I have been using self tanning products for years because I don't want to get skin damage from too much natural tanning. You will get a very natural color and even tan. It has a nice smell and dries quickly. If you want to keep your hands from staining, you should spend more money on a self tanning mitt. The most natural looking tan is created by being careful over the areas that the tanner tends to become more saturated in. I apply a few minutes before the tanner is applied to prevent absorption and then take a damp towel and wipe the spots off. It left a bit of a sticky feeling. I suggest rinsing off in the shower in the morning.

6. Tanning Paradise Age Defying Protecting Hydrating

Tanning Paradise Age Defying Protecting Hydrating

The use of dark tanning agents does not use bronzing agents. Multiple Tan Intensifier + Melanin Stimulators are used to accelerate the tanning process. Ultra-tan Activator -Promotes even and long lasting color production. Skin tightening reduces the appearance of cellulite. Coconut Milk, Coconut Butter, and Cocoa Oil provide hydration. The tattoo and color fade protectors prolongs the life and radiance of your tattoos and tanning results.

Brand: Tanning Paradise

👤I've tried a number of products, but none of them come close to tanning Paradise Black Coconut. After one session, I could see a difference. You will be pleased with this product. You wouldn't know it, but it doesn't contain any makeup.

👤I like tanning lotion. I get a spray tan at my local tanning bed a few times a week because I have a monthly membership. I have used many diff products and am always looking for a new favorite. This is my favorite and go-to lotion right now. The quality cannot be beat by the price. I own Designer Skin products. I already have a nice base tan and dark color so I find it hard to get a new color. I notice a huge change after using it for a while. I never saw any results using the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses formula, as it was more diff formula, but it was the same ingredients and scent as the Ed Hardy one. After comparing the bottle, cap, and ingredients of the two, this one arrived. I was worried that I might have been tricked into buying the same thing. This one delivered results. I plan on ordering more because I am obsessed with this lotion. I was glad I tried this one.

👤This is my 3rd bottle of tanning lotion from this seller, I love it, good for hydration, and gives perfect bronze to my skin. I want to take it with me to Miami and get the best tan. I'll have pictures before and after.

👤A friend of mine is pale and has a hard time getting a tan. She has not given any complaints about using it. It smells great.

👤I am aware that it says that is free. It didn't do anything for my base tan. I was really disappointed. I used a different product for the first and second weeks. The first product worked well and I was getting lots of praise. I noticed slowly that I was getting lighter and lighter. This wasn't doing the trick and I kept tanning. My skin feels softer, the smell is nice, but I wasn't getting the results that I had hoped for. I wouldn't recommend this product. Maybe it's me, I like having a little bit of blush. It did nothing for my tan. There are many products that don't have a base tan. It might be worth looking a little deeper in order to get something like that. Please like the review if it has helped you. This is my opinion.

👤I used it twice after buying it for a trip to the beach. It gave me a nice tan in a short period of time. Really like the texture of the gel. The smell is not overwhelming. Your skin is hydrated and smooth.

👤I love the smell of tanning cream. I started tanning after my summer tan faded. It is already giving me color. My new favorite!

👤Great product. You like the scent and it tans you very well. I was very happy with my purchase.

7. Supre Snooki Ultra Bronzer Toning

Supre Snooki Ultra Bronzer Toning

The 70X Black bronzing blend of black walnuts, henna and DHA gives the skin the deepest, darkest tan imaginable. Your skin is prepared for deep, rich golden color with HyperDark tanning technology. The blend of vitamins helps the skin fight stress for a more glowing complexion. The Advanced Skin Firming blend helps to smooth and improve the texture of the skin.

Brand: Supre Tan

👤I was worried about ordering because of the fake reviews. My lotion was wrapped in plastic and had a number on it. The lotion has a nice consistency and smells great. It's just very hydrating, no sticky or greasy feeling. I like it. I ordered it and I am very happy with it.

👤This is not authentic. Sally's sells cheapie lotion that has that after scent. I bought the full price of the products and they didn't have the cheap cinnamon smell. I rubbed it in and it felt cheap on my skin. I don't think this is the real thing. There was little color left in the leg picture after it was scrubbed off. I didn't leave a nice color on my skin. BUST. There is a If it was the real thing, I would have liked it. This should not be marketed as a real product by Amazon. I can return and get my money back, but what about my time and effort wasted? It's one thing if the lotion is not right for my skin or something, but it's another thing if it's not what I expected. There are reviews that say this is great. Unless you have low standards, it is not possible.

👤What can I say? I fell in love with the smell of summer when I opened it. I didn't think I could fall in love with someone else until I experienced the smooth silky lotion that absorbed quickly and left no greasy mess. I am a pasty pale kind of gal and have only ever been able to envy the swimsuit model tans from a distance. No more! I am enjoying the tan. Don't give up if you've tried these types of products before and they don't work. This one is a big deal. It helps the feel and appearance of your skin. I can't sing it loud enough.

👤It smells like a strawberry hubba bubble. I put a before and after picture. It seems to have made my skin itch a bit. I didn't give 5 stars. Before and after tanning it does not transfer to clothing. I got a small rash both times. I've never experienced a lotion that wasn't tingler. This is not. I wouldn't recommend it if you have any skin sensitivities. You will see results if you don't go for it.

👤I've tried many things to make me browner faster, but nothing seems to work. Less sun is better, but who wants to fade out in 3 days? Are you looking for a tan? This stuff does it. There is a It cleans off your fingers with a damp towel after you grease down. There is a It seems to amplify the effect of the sun. The product is great. I have stopped looking for better things.

👤I am reading reviews that people had reactions to. If you have sensitive skin, that can happen to you. I didn't have a reaction to the lotion, it works great for me. It works after just one use. It is thick, but a little goes a long way. It still smells great after tanning, and masks the smell of tanning.

8. Organic Natural Ingredients Tanning Sunless

Organic Natural Ingredients Tanning Sunless

Light, dark, and gradual: There are 2 different color options. To get fair skin, use the fair to medium. Medium to Dark is the best way to determine olive undertones. Correct color selection will ensure you don't turn into an oompa-loompa. A quick self-tanner lotion. A natural bronze color is delivered in a few hours. The Beauty by Earth Self tanning mitt and application kit can be used for streak-free results. Even application is possible with the use of the gloves and tanning mats. Beauty by Earth self tanners are made in the USA with clean vegan ingredients, certified cruelty free, and are some of the best tan lotion options on the market. There are many formats available. Beauty by Earth SelfTanner comes in a variety of formats with the promise of clean ingredients: gradual tanning lotion, tanning mousse, spray tan tanning water, self tanning drops, face tanning spray, and face tanning serum. If you love it or not, they will let you know. They guarantee your satisfaction as a family owned business.

Brand: Beauty By Earth

👤Awesome! It can tell a huge difference when used this morning. No one can tell it is not real. Not stinky or sticky. There is a picture on 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 I mixed a small amount with my normal cream.

👤Over the years, I have tried almost every lotion on the market and thought that someone would eventually get it all right in one bottle. I was crazy happy. The first thing I noticed when I opened the tube was the smell, it took me back to sandy beaches and tropical drinks. It smells like coconuts and sugar. I like that the lotion is not colored, as it felt like silk when I applied it. I like to use my finger to apply, no mitt, and the reason is that it gives me a sense of the real quality and texture, as well as the smell that usually makes me toss it quickly. You will have no worries with this lotion. It did not stain my clothing, sheets, etc. No one would ever guess it was a sunless tanner. It sounds crazy, but I have noticed that it has softened the wrinkling on our neck. I don't have a lot of wrinkling, but I do have a few on my neck, and this is a miracle in a bottle. I will always leave a honest review, even if it is bad. I love everything about this.

👤I was so excited to try this face tanner since it had a best seller badge and the reviews were amazing. Oh my god! I've been using sunless tanners for over 13 years and this is the worst product I've ever tried. It turned my face orange and made my blond hair orange as well. I'm ashamed to leave the house because the orange color wears off. I've used their other beauty products for 13 years and this one is the worst self tanner I've ever used. Don't waste your money on this one. I don't know if I'm more sad or mad that I put this on my face.

👤The facial self tanner works. I wake up with a tan that is natural looking. I like the anti-aging ingredients. All self tanners have the typical self tanner smell. It is not extreme. It doesn't last very long and washes off quickly, so you have to reapply every couple of days. It has to be applied around the eyebrows and hair. I usually don't apply close enough to my hair, which leaves a section between my forehead and hair. I would buy this product again if I could. Make sure to wash your hands after applying something.

👤I don't like putting anything on my face. I wanted to try face cream tanners because I was impressed with the reviews and they're my favorite. It's not a strong tanning smell, the consistency of the cream feels nice, and I love how my face looks when I wake up. It's a nice tan. If you want to be darker, you just add more in the morning and wait an hour to apply make-up. It gives me a golden healthy glow.

9. Pale Perfecting Intensifier Silicone 13 5oz

Pale Perfecting Intensifier Silicone 13 5oz

The skin is perfect for tanning. White Birch skin is soothers. There areAntioxidants inPineapple & Dragon fruit. Melanin Stimulating Quad Tyrosine Blend is used.

Brand: Tanovations

👤I have been pale my whole life and the only time I got color was when I was sunburned. I have a tan for the first time in 23 years, and this lotion completely shocked me. I am so proud and amazed that it is a light tan. Definetly recommend this product.

👤It has helped me tan. Well, so well. I have fair skin with blue eyes and my hair color is dark blonde. I got my tanning bed time up to 12 minutes with this lotion. I was at 6 minutes because I was afraid I would burn myself. I have never been so pleased with my tan in my entire life, but I have been complimented on my tan more in the last two weeks than I have ever been. I have never tanned so well. It's not strong, but it's a nice smell.

👤I had a good base tan and hoped that this would help deepen it since I'm a fair-skinned redhead. I have not seen much of a difference. The after tan odor is still noticeable. I would recommend this for someone who doesn't have a base tan and doesn't want to use a tanning bed, as it will help the skin look better. I would go with an item that has a bronzer for someone with a base tan.

👤This is not the real product. It doesn't come sealed, which means it leaked in the packaging. The smell. The smell is terrible. It smells like a burnt perm solution. I don't want to walk around smelling like I've just been washed in a perm, so I didn't try to put it on my skin. I opened the package today, two days after it was received. I know where the smell is coming from, I've been trying to figure it out. Will be requesting a refund.

👤This helped me get a tan from the tanning booth. I am pale, but I got the lightest tan I have ever gotten. It keeps the tan longer.

👤Good smell and works better than a bronzing lotion.

👤My miracle tan is in a bottle. I have never been able to tan. I have always burnt myself to a crisp and then my tan to peel off. The "Oh Pale No" is a cute play on words, but the brand really means it. No more pale! I had a deep rich natural tan that even my friends and family who can get tan, were in awe at how wonderful this works and I had to get it too! I can't wait to get back to tanning once the weather warms up.

10. Ed Hardy Tanning Age Defying Protecting

Ed Hardy Tanning Age Defying Protecting

Coconut milk, coconut oil, and cocoa butter are ingredients in the Ultra-Darkening Skin hydrating intensifier. It has a golden tan without the use of bronzing agents. The Tattoo Fade protecting formula prolongs the life of your tattoos and tanning results. The tanning process is accelerated by the Quad Tyrosine Blend and Melano Bronze. A light coconut scent with a faint scent of vanilla will make you dream of a day in paradise. Ed Hardy tanning products are part of the Tanovations company. Tanovations has a palm tree and replaced the Ed Hardy logo. The use of dark tanning agents does not use bronzing agents. Multiple Tan Intensifier + Melanin Stimulators are used to accelerate the tanning process.

Brand: Ed Hardy Tanning

👤I bought the Black Coconut Love indoor tanning lotion for myself and a twin pack of the Coconut Kisses tanning lotion for my husband. It was very cheap to purchase that way. My husband likes the Coconut Kisses lotion because it is very hydrating, it soaks into the skin nicely, and the scent is nice. The Black Coconut Love is thick enough to go a long way when applied, and it has a nice scent, but it is not as good smelling as some other lotions I have used. The scent is not offensive in any way and still smells nice after tanning. If I can get the 2-pack, I will definitely buy again.

👤This stuff smells great. It's great for tanning inside or outside. My daughter suggested something for me. She worked at a tanning salon.

👤Both products were easy to apply. I could have used a regular lotion and gotten the same results.

👤I like the scent of coconut, but after using both bottles twice, I have not noticed a change in color. It seems like over priced lotion. Not impressed with a tanning product. I played too much. Very disappointed.

👤I would have been better off if I had been sent two different ones.

👤This stuff works well. It smells good too.

👤These creams glide over your skin. The scent of both of them is great and the value is great. Black Coconut Love is a good lotion.

11. COCOSOLIS Choco Suntan Body Oil

COCOSOLIS Choco Suntan Body Oil

ACHIEVE. A gorgeous tan. Any time, anywhere, for a deep, smooth tan. Before sunbathing or sunbed sessions, apply the dark tanning lotion. It's the best tanning cream. A basic tan or a gradual tan is what you should get. As part of your skincare routine, enjoy! CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: The organic cold-pressed oils, natural vitamins, minerals, bio-active ingredients, and antioxidants in the tan lotion help you tan quicker and prolong your glow. Coconut oil can solidify below 25C. The steam bath will melt the coconut oil. USE 10 minutes after you apply sunscreen, apply the tan lotion as a tanning lotion for indoor tanning beds or as an outdoor tanning lotion. Reducing time spent on the sunbed will help you avoid burning. The bronzing tanning lotion will help you tan faster. Cocoa butter, sweet Almond oil, and Voisin E are some of the ingredients in their tanning body oil. VITAMIN E has anti-aging properties. If you use the tanning lotion for tanning beds you will get a healthy and sun-kissed look. Use Cocoasolis sun tanning oil to get a chocolate tan and keep your skin hydrated.

Brand: Cocosolis

👤This is the best tanning oil. I like to tan. I have a brown skin tone because I am Filipino. This gave me a darker complexion. It was like I went on a tropical vacation and got a tan by laying on the beach. I have been using this for 2 weeks and it has given me a better tan than the oils I get at Target. It is worth it for the price. This doesn't have an SPF on it so make sure to wear sunscreen separately. It's not a big deal. It smells like chocolate. It will take you to the Carribean with the scent. I wear it after I shower and my skin is very smooth. You can see that my skin is very light.

👤Love! I will keep buying. I used it on the beach and got a very dark tan. I use it when I get out of the shower. The scent is better than the tropical scented oils. If it gets too cold, it will completely harden. It's easy to warm up if that happens. One of my favorites!

👤It only took 10 minutes to burn with this, I have fair skin. It is an oil no sunscreen added. After I used again, I started to tan, but I waited a day and used again. The smell is amazing and your skin stays moist.

👤I love it! It helps to get tan quicker. I have a fair complexion. After 30 min, I applied a sunblock. It smells great. Very hydrated. Will try other products from this line. I was able to put it on my face because I am not prone to breakouts. I don't recommend using it on the face if you have dark spots.

👤I have been using this product for a month now in the tanning bed, and I have no idea what to think about it. I give it 3 stars because it doesn't do much at the tanning bed. It makes your skin soft and the smell good, but as I was using it I was thinking of ways to make my own tanning lotion out of coconut oil. The problem with this is when you go to the tanning bed, you don't realize it, and it's still cold out, so you have to undressed, and heat it for 5 minutes. When I received it, it fit in the palm of my hand, and I was just amazed. I have big hands for a chick. I thought of the big jugs of coconut oil you can buy in the cooking section for 12 bucks and I could fit six of these in that jug, but I spent almost 40 bucks for this. If you could lay there for more than 20 minutes at a time, you could get a good tan. I think they should be advertised as something to use outside, not in a tanning bed. I think one should be specified more than the other, because some people don't go in the sun at all. Some people don't use the tanning bed. It didn't make me burn because I hadn't been in a bed in years. After a while, you actually want to get tan. I wouldn't coat myself with it, just do a light film, because it runs out quick! I am trying to save it until I can get out in the sun and see it for myself. This is perfect for someone who is just trying to get into tanning. It gives you a beautiful glow and beautiful skin. If it had been advertised as an outdoor lotion, I wouldn't have spent my money.


What is the best product for best tanning bed lotion for fair skin?

Best tanning bed lotion for fair skin products from B.tan. In this article about best tanning bed lotion for fair skin you can see why people choose the product. Beauty By Earth and Onyx are also good brands to look for when you are finding best tanning bed lotion for fair skin.

What are the best brands for best tanning bed lotion for fair skin?

B.tan, Beauty By Earth and Onyx are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best tanning bed lotion for fair skin. Find the detail in this article. Millennium Tanning Products, Jergens and Tanning Paradise are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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